Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

#2 Ashlok Dark FF - My Ransacked Heart/UPDATED/ Chapter 24 /(Pg-127) (Page 33)

mahirmukhtar IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by hp_2006

The teaser is intriguing ..Avdhoot remembers him but doesn't know the name..I am more eager to read PART 15 nowSmile

Going to update tommorrow! Wink

mahirmukhtar IF-Rockerz

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Ashlokians Big smile  

Updated the chapter 15 of Ashlok Dark FF. 
Now in the upcoming chapters Avdhoot's character will start to come into the light...

It's been a great experience for me to write for you dearies and now i am enjoying writing Wink and ofcourse addicting you dearies too! Evil SmileLOL 

I was thinking about what title to give chapter 15 when that poem came into my mind that i had written a year ago. It's completely my own Wink and nope it's not a copy paste LOL   

It's name is my exiled memories so i posted it too,because i found out to my surprise ShockedLOL that it is very apt for Shlok's painful memories...

And so i named the chapter exiled memories too... 

Here it is the poem abot painful memories that you have erased from your mind in order to live without pain, a punishment for your mind for thinking about them...   

Hope you'll like it too! Wink      

I dedicate it to the gal who is very close to my heart, if she reads it then she'll know...Wink                  

                                        The pain owns my body

                                        Making everything bloody

                                        It twists daggers inside me

                                        Shredding all the organs inside me

                                       They screamed to have mercy from pain

                                        But there pleading had gone in vain

                                       The heart weeps bloody tears

                                        It's blood mingling with the organ's tears

                                        My memories got exiled from my mind

                                        As the grey matter erodes away with time

                                       The soul had already blown away

                                        With it the innocence had too flown away

                                        Death's monster doesn't want me now

                                        Because it had no soul to take now

                                       The empty shell is now filled with concrete

                                       The blood in the veins had too congealed

                                       The heart screamed it's last as it turned to stone

                                       Now I've completely turned into a gargoyle of stone

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mahirmukhtar IF-Rockerz

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           Ashlok Dark FF
        My Ransacked Heart

                                                Chapter 15
                                           Exiled Memories
                                       Withered Screams Choked In Silence

      Lay Bleeding From Your Mouth

      Fractured Visions Frantically

       Lacerate Bulbs Where Eyes Once Were

       Drenched In Venom

        This Gargoyle Once Dormant Inside

          Resurrected By Rage

           Fueled By Animosity

       Ruptures Forth From Its Mortal Tomb

          Craving Atonement

          Prowling Through Your Soul

           Devouring The Iniquity

            That Has Been Dealt 

Occasionally I wished I could walk through a picture window and have the sharp~broken shards slash me to ribbons so I would finally look like I felt~

"Baba what will you bring me, when you'll come home, it's my birthday today", the boy cried with suppressed glee...

"I remember my dear heart", the man said, with a twinkle in his eyes, their color the same dark brown just like his own...

 "And no son, that's a secret I won't tell you, will only show you", the man continued with laughter in his eyes now...

"Baba plz tell na", Shlok pouted...

"Shlok don't tease your father, let him go, if he won't go he won't be able to bring you your gift", a woman admonished, who was sitting on a chair nearby, embroidering a piece of cloth...

"Bye son", the man whispered and kissed his forehead...

He closed his eyes, feeling peace seeping through his heart...

A woman screamed in his consciousness, he opened his startled eyes and saw her lying on the floor in a dead faint...

A bloody sack was lying in the middle of the verandah...

He watched with horror, there was something bloody scattered across the floor, in pieces...

One of the pieces was lying near his left foot, he crouched down to see it and fell back on his haunches, his scream, never leaving his throat...

It was a human eye, it's color the same dark brown just like his own...

Astha was still lying on the cold floor, staring at the ceiling with shock and trying to control her chattering teeth and trembling body...

After sometime when her senses were brought under her control, she turned her head to gaze around the room and found him lying on the floor in a fetal shape, his legs drawn to his chest and his whole body shaking...

She got up on her knees still gazing at him transfixed he was still lying like a fetus in the womb off the cold dark room completely lost to the world...

She felt something spark in her already burning heart and in a trance put a trembling hand forward to touch his shoulder. She felt later that it was a very bad move by her. But the damage was done...

He was not a child, but a grown man, and a male who was feeling frustrated with incomplete satisfaction...


Kirloskar Residence: Five Days After Abduction

Avdhoot was drinking. Kalindi had never seen him drinking so much in her life. Although they had a bar in their home but the wine stock was reserved only for special occasions...

She was sitting near him on the settee, with her inhaler in her hand, which she was spraying in her mouth from time to time. Her Asthma had worsened beacuse of crying continuously...

It was night time and the police had already left, leaving three guards on the front gate...

They were trying their best, but still no information about the kidnapper had been found out, even no one had come forward with a ransom demand. Even the mail was sent from someone's hacked account. It seemed that the kidnapper's boss was too manipulative and too sharp-minded for them to find any clue about him...

The police chief had asked from Avdhoot that if he had some personal vendetta with anyone in his company or with some rival company. To which Avdhoot had answered that he was a very simple and humble man and had never tried to hurt anyone in his entire life...

Avdhoot had also told him that the kidnapper's boss had threatened to never  return his daughter, but he had omitted that part of speech where one of the kidnapper had said that your past has come back to haunt you...

It seemed that the police officer had grown more suspicious of him, because Avdhoot was avoiding his eyes, while answering to him. And because of his vast experience of cross-questioning criminals and the eye witnesses, he had known it to be the sign of an ultimate liar...

He had tried to put more pressure on Avdhoot, to which Avdhoot's patience had snapped. The officer had then left tight-lipped and with a disapproving frown on his face...

After he had gone Avdhoot had started drinking straight from the bottle...

Kalindi was unable to stop weeping. She was taking big gulps of air, but there were no tears left now to fall from her burning eyes...

So lost in her misery she was, that she didn't notice Avdhoot drinking... 

He gave a laugh as he fell down from the stool, trying to open it. The bottle fell down on the floor, with a resounding crash. The sound of crash , brought kalindi out of her daze...

She at once rushed towards Avdhoot and tried to lift him up on his feet...

But she was unable to do that as Avdhoot picked that time to start fighting with something invisible in the air...

"Leave my daughter alone, take me but leave my daughter alone," He was screaming and shaking his fists in the air...

One of his flailing hands caught the side of Kalindi's face and she fell on the floor. Now Avdhoot noticed her, but his eyes were still showing a faraway look...

He scrambled forward and grabbed kalindi's arm...

Kalindi gave a horrified shriek and tried to prise his fingers loose from around her arm, but his grip was too strong...

"Please I beg of you leave my daughter alone, don't drag her in this, she is innocent in this matter", he pleaded with Kalindi, his eyes glittering with a crazy expression...

Kalindi who was struggling to free himself from his grip, froze at his words...

"Whom are you talking to Avdhoot? ", kalindi whispered with a feeling of dread.

"Who have taken our daughter Avdhoot", she asked, frightened to her wits and grabbed his collar...

He was staring at her dazed, still under the influence of wine...

"Tell me which matter, what have you done, so as to which, that man has kidnapped our daughter", she shrieked, shaking him...

"I dunno what are you talking about ", he mumbled, still in a haze.

"Tell me, at once Avdhoot Kirlosakar, she shouted and her hand cracked across his cheek, the sound of slap deafening in the silence...

Avdhoot came out of his daze and stared at Kalindi with an agonizing expression, his eyes filled with unshed tears...

 "You knew all along about him and you never once spoke his name during the investigation, she whispered shakily.

"Avdhoot hung his head in guilt, his shoulders hunched, a defeated expression on his face...

""I beg of you tell me who he is, what's his name", she whispered pleadingly, her hand going to his shoulder to pull him towards her.

Avdhoot raised his head. His face was leached of all color. Dark circles had formed around his eyes and harsh lines of worry bracketed his mouth...

 "I thought he was dead", he whispered, his eyes staring in the space, a faraway look in them...

"Who was dead Avdhoot? I don't understand who are you talking about", Kalindia said fearfully, her hands shaking at the sleeve of his arm, an unknown and chilling fear pervading her senses...

"I don't know, if he is the one who kidnapped our daughter", he shouted then seeing Kalindi's hurt expression lowered his voice, "Okay I know who he is, rather I've got an idea who would do this", he said in a defeated voice...

Kalindi gasped, her hand left his sleeve to cover her mouth with shock...

"But I don't know his name", he said, his voice trembling with desperation...


Those monsters were back again, one of them grabbed his shoulder...

Shlok scrambled to his feet suddenly startling Astha out of her trance and then turned on her with a snarl like an enraged bull, dragging her whole body upwards with him, her feet dangling.  He grabbed her jaw in his brutal clasp, squeezing it so painfully, that helpless tears began to fall heedlessly from her eyes...

His eyes were feverish, unfocused and haunting...

He gazed at her what seemed like many hours, with no recognition in his empty eyes, then something sparked in his blank eyes as he realized who she was...

"You have his eyes, the monster's eyes", he said venomously, his eyes conveying an expression of extreme hatred...

                            P.S: Do Like And Comment dearies! Big smile

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Subhashiniiiii Goldie

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i am First
wonderful poem dear It explain the pain of his which made a devil now he is Confused
That for Pinky LOL
I wonder Astha quickly recovered n try to console him but again back fired
Astha got Avadhoot eyes
Avadhoot deeds still mystery does he real villian
Title is very apt
The Devil is back again u r killing us bit by bit

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vj3072 IF-Dazzler

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beautiful peom mahi...Astha brave and have a bit of kindness in her heart beside torturing animal and her pet... Brave move to go near Shlok...I felt hurt for Shlok ...all the pain he is going thru all this years. Cry mahi waiting...hope weekend you can give us more longer write up Big smile thanks dear

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Priya_ShrAvi IF-Rockerz

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First thing I did today mrng.6o' my daily dose.. my choco fudge...its awesome dearu. Embarrassed and today u served it so chilling and cold... that all my senses went completely numb Stern Smile

What's wrong with avdhooth or shlokies monsters... they literally chopped shlokie's dad /NA into pieces.. eww Dead that eyeball line... Ouch I snuggled into my blankie...mentally picturizing those scenes Confused

I think avdhooth need at least a dozen slaps to spill the beans LOL and deserves more Dead Angry

And the's just wow!! One can't describe the pain... better than this! And on second thoughts... am worried for u choco chip...without going through such pain can never ever write such lines...hope am wrong bcos I want my choco chip always happy Big smile

Coming to ashlok Stern Smile

*Now pls remove ur footwear and place it far away my choco chip.. before reading rest of the comment*

You're so mean choco chip...I want "M-O-R-E" of insatiable when it comes to ashlok...Stern Smile I think now you can understand our CVS stateROFL i want to know what's next in ashlok life asap and you can't blame me!you're the one who addicted me Confused LOL

Love ya choco chip Hug

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mahirmukhtar IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by vj3072

beautiful peom mahi...Astha brave and have a bit of kindness in her heart beside torturing animal and her pet... Brave move to go near Shlok...I felt hurt for Shlok ...all the pain he is going thru all this years. Cry mahi waiting...hope weekend you can give us more longer write up Big smile thanks dear

Thanks VJ! Big smile And yep only Astha can heal him! Wink

Will do Vj my pleasure! Wink

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