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FF: A New Beginning (Part 1, Page 1: The Escape)

ArbaazHayat Groupbie

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
Hi all, this is my new FF, entitled A New Beginning, It is carried on from my Ehsaas FF ( and Raman realise their new found love and enjoy some fun times! Suddenly Shagun comes to the Bhalla house being chucked out by Ashok with Aditya and because Aditya is there they welcome her in. Mihir, Raman and Romi severly beat up Ashok and Suraj and Shagun kills Ashok. Raman and Ishita leave with Aditya and Ruhi heading to the airport. Shagun begins her game to get Raman and Ishita punished.
A little insight to me: I am 13 a young writer, love YHM and live in United Kingdom far overseas from Asia (in Europe) so I only speak English. Please like and comment as they boost my confidence! Thanks guys and I hope to keep you all entertained with this FF. Buddy me for PMs.

Please enjoy this and comment with suggestions of how to improve and/or comments of nice contents! Enjoy and thanks for reading.
 Below is the first part entitled THE ESCAPE.

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ArbaazHayat Groupbie

Joined: 04 July 2014
Posts: 142

Posted: 23 December 2014 at 2:48pm | IP Logged

FF: A New Beginning (Part 1, Page 1: The Escape)

Reluctantly, Shagun got into the police car. Her game had just started, her plan was complex and she had thought this out thoroughly from the beginning - ever since Suraj entered her house. She had planned her leave, and her entry into the Bhalla house. Raman, Mihir and Romi thrashing Suraj and Ashok was just the icing on the cake. With each punch Shagun's grin edged wider, she recalled how she mercilessly murdered Ashok and finally, gained the sympathy of the Bhallas. She would take them down brutally, not leaving a single soul unpunished. They would dance to her tunes.

"Sir!" Shagun emitted fake tears. "They kidnapped my son, Aditya," Shagun grinned to the side where the police could not see her smile. She again but on the sad face and the policeman replied.

"Look Madam, are you telling the truth? If so this is becoming a child case, which we will not take as a joke," the policeman replied sternly.

"I am not joking! This family is horrible! I was their daughter-in-law. Until one day, someone came along and treated me well and didn't hurt me at all. So I married him, Ashok. And divorced Raman Kumar Bhalla. But his mother wouldn't leave me, she missed thrashing me and insulting me. I decided I would officially call police to their house. But I was outside and wanted to call in front of the Bhallas. Then, I went upstairs and they pushed me to the ground and took my son. Raman and his new wife burnt his arm and made him cry a lot before Raman's mother came and murdered Ashok. Ashok was trying to help me without hurting them at all, but she burned him alive and he died in front of me. Then the police arrived and they put this drama on. But by then Raman and his new wife had escaped with my son Aditya and their daughter Ruhi!" Shagun kept on crying vigorously.

"Madam, who is Raman's new wife?" The policeman inquired. Shagun was relieved that the policeman bought her story and she was about to finish her turn of this game.

"Ishita Iyer, now Ishita Raman Bhalla..." Shagun replied angrily, she recalls seeing the plane tickets edging out of Raman's pocket.

"Oh $#*%! They are leaving the country with my child!" Shagun finished her turn and now it was up to the policeman.

"Madam, please tell us quick, what airport and where are they going, also full name description and genders," the policeman spoke quickly, time was of the essence!

"Rajkot International! And I didn't see the destination..." Shagun informed the man and gave full descriptions of the four.

The policeman spoke to the driver and they diverted their route towards the airport. Shagun smiled, knowing that her revenge was prompt. The Bhallas looked from the van behind and saw the car going in the airport direction. They knew that Shagun found out where they were going and started a new drama, but all they could do was sit and wait. They weren't allowed to communicate so they could not make up a story.


Ishita closed her eyes and rested her head against the back of the seat. Raman saw her in distress and asked Aditya nicely.

"Beta, look Ishita is much tensed, you are a big boy and who needs to handle these women?" Raman laughed.

"Us..." Aditya's mood lightened and he nodded. Raman patted his back and helped Ruhi and Aditya belt up for the ride. Ishita looked at Raman, she knew he had asked Aditya to swap with her.

"What? He wanted to sit with Ruhi..." Raman smiled.

Ishita smiled back at him and he held her hand tight as the plane started to move. The children fell asleep with their heads resting on each other after the captain announced the safety measurements and requirements. Raman tried to distract Ishita.

"Ishita, listen... I know this is weird. We are leaving everything behind. You leaving the clinic, I am leaving my work behind. But we have to, we have to in order to live happily!" Raman tried to lighten her up. She looked into his eyes and spoke.

"Raman, I am going to miss everyone, and they need us... How could we do this to them. Also I found love in them and they treated me well. They - along with Ruhi- completed me..." Ishita spoke softly.

"But Ishita you complete me! You make me smile when I think nothing can. You make me laugh when everything else has made me upset. You look after me, even though I thought no-one could ever be so nice to a man like me. And most importantly, you taught me that even though I was in solid belief I could never, ever love again. I can, I love you Ishita," he smiled so happily and held her hand. She was in the clouds, he found someone to love again, just like she did. They had both been betrayed and broken, a match made in hell, but worked like heaven.

"I love you too Raman, to the moon and back. You are my hero, you create my world and keep me happy, as well as solving all of my problems and I will always love you, I promise! She took the ring out of her pocket and he placed it again on her finger and they hugged. They strapped their belts and held each other's hands as the captain finished speaking and the air hosts began to sit in their seats.

The police reached there and ran inside with a hand-cuffed Shagun.

"Madam please identify them!" The policeman yelled.

They ran around the flights that were departing soon and tried to find the one leaving soonest. Shagun ran with the police and her eye caught sight of a board with departure time. The time was 7:21 and the plane soonest to leave was at... Shagun was shocked, the next plane was to Dubai and at 7:22! She showed the police and they ran towards the hanger shouting the attendants to stop the flight. 



The police approached the gate shouting for the flight to stop. The attendants stopped the police and asked for a warrant.


Shagun's heart raced, she shouted for Aditya and the attendant checked and verified the warrant.  She gave the policeman the warrant back and they again were stopped at security. Shagun had kept calm enough.


Shagun barged past shouting Aditya's name! The security chased her down the long corridor. The police saw that the flight was mid-launch and realised that they couldn't stop it. The ran over to the desk.


They sent a message into the plane as an emergency stating that there were criminals on the plane.

Shagun reached the closed door, and not knowing that the plane had left; knocked hard and banged on the door yelling to stop.


The message was received in the plane and the captain is shocked but continues the take-off for the safety of passengers. Security dragged Shagun away from the door and took her to the ground. She yelled hysterically realising her plan had failed and she had truly lost Aditya. She caught sight of another exit and ran out and down the stairs.


Shagun was outside and the security didn't dare to chase her as planes could land and start driving anytime, she was crazy. She continued yelling Aditya's name. Raman looked out of his window with Ishita on his shoulder trying to sleep and saw a woman running, unaware that it was Shagun. He then looked at his Ishita and thanked his god, that she was his.


The plane shot in to the sky and everyone awoke from their slumbers and were pushed against their seat from the force but soon the plane was at an altitude of 2000m within no time and everyone relaxed knowing that they were safe now. The flight was quite empty and so they all moved in to a four-seater row in the middle (left to right was: Ishita, Ruhi, Aditya and Raman. They looked like such a happy family and the children began to sleep while Raman and Ishita laid awake talking silently to each other so they didn't disturb the children.

Shagun fell to the ground and got escorted back in the airport by armed security. She went with the police back to the station. Shagun sat in a seat and started to ignore the police. She requested 5 minutes to think. She thought deeply about Aditya. Aditya was hers... But was he safe? He wouldn't be safe in Rajkot so she decided that for Aditya she should let him start a new life with Raman and Ishita, where he had a loving mother, father and sister. She gave up and decided she had lost. She lost her motivation to fight.

She called the police back in to the room and spoke.

"I am sorry, I was lying, I did this for revenge... I lost and I concede. They are fine and Ruhi and Aditya are their children. Also I killed Ashok, the Bhallas are innocent, I lied and tried to play a game with everyone. But I failed and now I concede. I admit defeat. Take me officer," she had the hand-cuffs placed back on her brittle hands.

She went back to the police station and the police told the Bhallas that Shagun had dropped all charges and that they could leave. The Bhallas celebrated and hugged. They all walked out without glancing at Shagun again. They were free from her. But now they had lost the life of their house and the children. Also how could they re-enter the society? They travelled home to see the rest of the society standing outside, awaiting them. Mrs Bhalla looked at them, and directed her eyes to the ground shamefully. She feared the questions she would have to face from the society' women. Pammi came over to Mrs Bhalla, with an angry look on her face.

"What have you done?" Pammi questioned her. Mrs Bhalla looked sad.

"You didn't call me? I would have came and slapped those policemen!" Pammi laughed. Mrs Bhalla smiled and wiped her tears.

"Don't cry! Come on... It is okay! It is fine! We know that your life is hard, always someone after you...  But it is okay, we are still together and that is all that matters! Now you go in and sleep we stopped the fire before it got serious so everything has been saved. Don't worry please go sleep, we will handle it!" Pammi went in with Mrs Bhalla and everyone walked in alongside the rest, showing their support.

The Bhallas went to sleep in their home and everyone slept soundly through the night. But Mrs Bhalla was still tensed. The life of the house was gone, now what would she do. But at least they were safe, the message had been returned that was sent to the plane against Ishita and Raman so everything fine, for now and the rest of the problems were little. Everyone had the support they needed right now and it was all up to the Bhallas prayers to bring this family back together.

PRECAP: Raman and the rest land in Dubai after a restful flight and they check in to their lodge. Aditya starts to warm up to them all slowly, and everything seems peaceful until a mystery figure approaches Shagun, reigniting her hatred for Ishita and Raman.      

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Dilshika Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Gr8 update dear! U r still a kid but u r doing amazing writing! Good job! Write more, tnx 4 d pm! 
pri12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
Awsome...cntinue soon
shravani_2311 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 October 2012
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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
gr8 strt...
loving it...

pm me fr nxt...
SuryaIshraholic IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 March 2012
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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 1:04am | IP Logged
its superb.. Thumbs Up
thnx 4 pm..
cntiue sun.. Wink
swathin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 February 2012
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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 2:14am | IP Logged
superb update 
loved it 
continue soon 
ankita_sidana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Promising start
just loved the frst one
looking forward to next one
cont soon
and thnks 4 d pm

By the way I must say..just 13 and you have amazing writing skills
a fan outside india
are u NRI or non indian?
Can I know your name??

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