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ArShi TS: Dating Senoritas ~ COMPLETED (Page 10)

deepa.e IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 March 2012
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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Kushi and arnav are just  friends?? what the heck??
To bad to bad!!
Cont soon!

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MDTharun IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 June 2013
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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Is Alia brought by  Arnav to set up for Aman ?

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arohi. Senior Member

Joined: 01 December 2013
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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Hmm.. Interesting !!

After meeting Khushi he went on a Date with Alia. Arnav might be teasing for the act she did openly in the hotel or Alia might be related to him some how.
Would love to see her reaction for this.
Waiting for the update.

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barunaya Senior Member

Joined: 21 June 2012
Posts: 224

Posted: 08 January 2015 at 12:31am | IP Logged
So Alia is either his daughter with Khushi or his niece right?
Since Aman is now manager...this looks like a huge time lapse!

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_bs_ Senior Member

Joined: 26 September 2013
Posts: 198

Posted: 08 January 2015 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Nice one Smile

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Naina7 Goldie

Joined: 06 December 2014
Posts: 1423

Posted: 09 January 2015 at 12:25am | IP Logged
Nice speculation folks.. n someone got it right.
Coming soon with last part !!
arohi. Senior Member

Joined: 01 December 2013
Posts: 846

Posted: 09 January 2015 at 12:45am | IP Logged
Waiting dear !!

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Naina7 Goldie

Joined: 06 December 2014
Posts: 1423

Posted: 09 January 2015 at 5:14am | IP Logged

Dating Senoritas - Part 3 (Last)

"Khushi Kumari Gupta... It has been a long time." 

Arnav shook his head, giving her a crooked smile that always made her insides melt. His chocolate brown eyes twinkled in amusement, she knew he wouldn't be mad.

"Arnav, I've missed you." She smiled softly and told him honestly. He was still as handsome as the day she had left. There wasn't a day she hadn't thought of him, or night for that matter.

"I've missed you too, sweetheart. But why not just let me know you were back in Mumbai and instead of playing games?" He stepped closer, one hand came up and he moved a strand of her hair behind her ear with his long fingers. She felt the wig brush her legs as he dropped it.

"I wasn't sure if you missed me. You were going on all these dates, though it does seem that you were taking them as a joke. According to Anjali, you needed to be taught a lesson and I was the one to do it." She rambled, feeling slightly jealous that he was dating all these women, which she knew was silly since he had tried to scare them off.

"I didn't want to date, Anjali was forcing me. So I tried scaring them off by being their worst date ever, because I wasn't interested." He explained, looking at her adoringly. She felt herself blush. She was glad for the confirmation, but she still wanted to know why he wasn't interested. She didn't want to be too hopeful, he certainly reacted to Nisha.

"Why not?" She bit her lip, asking barely above a whisper.

"None of them were you. I've missed you so much, Khushi." He whispered back. She glanced down then up at him through her eyelashes. He was so close that they were practically touching. His eyes were hooded and she could feel his body was reacting to their closeness; she knew hers was.

"You seemed interested in Nisha" she pouted playfully.

"Perhaps, but maybe that was because Nisha was still you. Just a more friskier side.." His hand slid down her arm and to her waist.

"How long are you back for?" He asked, his hand slipped and holding her waist tightly.

"I'm staying. Project will be continued from here", she rested her hands on his chest, his eyes glowed with happiness and he smiled dopily at me.

"Good, because now that you're back, I don't think I could let you go again.." He leaned down to kiss her, the kiss was filled with fire and longing. It was like they were trying to make up for three years in this one kiss and she wasn't ready for it to stop. He stepped closer causing her to step back, she felt him trip into her, sending them both tumbling into the wall behind her. She hit her head against the wall with a small thud.

"Oh ow..." She giggled, breaking the kiss.

"Love, I'm sorry" he apologized rubbing the back of her head, however he couldn't stop smiling either. "Me and my big feet.."

"You know what they say about big feet is true." She giggled with a hint of mischief. It was only moments ago she had a reminder under her toes. He smirked back at her.

"When did my shy Khushi get like this? Not that I'm complaining," he kissed just below her ear, "or about your wandering foot.."

Her cheeks burned slightly, rubbing his legs with her foot wasn't originally in the cards. Flirting with him and pulling a mock scene was. She ended up getting carried away seeing him for the first time after three years. That and her own sexual frustration for going without for that long, pushed her resolve.

"That was Nisha. Not me. I was in character and it was all an act." She blushed biting her lip.

"I think you're wrong and Nisha has always been a part of you." He wiggled his eyebrows. She blushed more.

"So where were we?" Arnav started to kiss her heatedly again, she pulled back when she felt his long fingers on the hem of her dress.

"Not here." She stopped him before they got carried away, in a hallway of a restaurant.

"You're right, let's get out of here. My place is the closest." He stooped and grabbed the wig. "You're definitely wearing this for me again." He grabbed her hand lacing their fingers together. She giggled at him as he started to pull her through the restaurant.

He paused at their table to place a bunch of bills on it. Aman approached them just as Arnav was putting his wallet back in his pocket, and gave her a strange look. She smiled sheepishly back. Arnav didn't seem to like that too much and stood slightly in front of her.

"Did either of you want dessert or after dinner drinks" Aman asked.

"No alcohol..." Arnav said mischievously, "..she's pregnant" and her cheeks turned red.

"That was fast," Aman raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

"What can I say, I'm that good", Arnav said with a shrug on his shoulder and a smile not leaving his face. She slapped his arm trying to get him to stop.

"Have a good night," she told Aman and walked towards the door and started to laugh.

The tension between them was high as he drove them to his apartment. He drove with one hand, using the other hand to travel up her legs sending shivers to her. She squirmed in her seat while he looked pleased with himself.

Luckily, the elevator at his building was empty as they started making out heavily on the way up, then down the empty hallway, pausing only long enough for him to open his door.

She kicked off her heels as he walked her backwards and they started to undress each other. She hit the back of the couch unexpectedly and fell backwards over it, taking Arnav with her. He unzipped her dress by the side zipper and he pushed it down exposing her bare body. She tore his shirt. She was up in his arms before she could realize. He carried her across the room and entered his bedroom. He laid her down on his bed, she watched as he removed the rest of his clothes. He crawled over the bed and over her. Without losing eye contact, he entered her with a thrust. She gasped slightly, feeling complete with him throbbing in her. They moaned in pleasure. He grinned crookedly before capturing her lips and started thrusting, going deeper and hitting the right spot. He swallowed her scream as she came hard, she felt him come within her. He collapsed on top of her and rolled them over. He pulled up the covers and she nestled into his chest like how she used to lay with him. He held her tight to him as if he was afraid to let go.

He awoke to his bedroom filled with bright sunlight, he glanced down at his angel, who lay in his arms, and he couldn't help the wide grin on his face. He hasn't been this happy in a long time. He thought many times in these three years that he would never talk to her, for leaving him alone. Though she initiated some friendly conversation through emails, he hardly responded. But seeing her just before him, with the longing in her face, and the minute she said she was missing him, his heart melted like ice. He still couldn't believe his luck that Khushi was in his arms. It still felt like a dream that she came as Nisha. Who knew his shy girl, had it in her for such a public act. It still made him hard thinking about it. They had awoken several times over the night to make love over and over. And, to think that she's all his. He wasn't going to waste time, he would propose sooner than later to her. Screw it that they just got back together last night, hoping that nothing would go wrong this time.

He started kissing her, she woke up and sprinted out of the bed saying "Not again", and started running away laughingly.

"That's it," he caught her, rolled over her and started tickling. The tickling soon changed over to caresses and her laugher to moans of pleasure. He was just about to enter her when he heard something from the living room.

"Arnav!" he deflated quickly, hearing his sister scream his name. His head shot up and towards the door. Luckily he didn't miss to lock. What was she doing here? She started knocking the door.

"Wait a minute.." both of them shouted loudly. 

"Arnav, what the hell. Who is that?", she screamed back. After a silence of few seconds, they heard her back. "Wait. Oh, my god! Khushi, is that you? Are you two having.. Oh my !!" She yelled and Shyam started laughing loudly, indicating he was here too. Khushi started laughing too. Arnav yelled "Just Go!".

They could hear Anjali swearing him, and how she would punish him for all acts he did. Arnav knew he needs lot of convincing to do with his Di, which he was very good at, he thought wickedly.

"We're leaving. Are you happy now?" Anjali yelled, a moment later they heard the door slam.

"Yes, I am very happy. Where were we?" he leaned down to kiss her and continued where he stopped. 

Seven years later...
Another date night...

Arnav was back at The Zuri at what had become his regular table. His date sat across from him, wearing a hot pink tulle skirt with purple sequin top. Her dark brown hair was neatly braided, her dazzlingly beautiful sterling grey colour eyes mesmerizing every human around the place and her smile lit up the room.

He picked up a bread stick and held it below his nose. "What do you think, should I grow a moustache?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows at her. She giggled and shook her head no.

"Arnav, good to see you. Who is this pretty girl that you have got with you?" Aman appeared at the table.

"This is my date, Alia. Alia, this is Aman my good friend."

"Please to meet you," she smiled charmingly at him. Aman winked at her causing her to giggle.

"I thought managers didn't wait on tables." Arnav said greeting his old friend, Aman who had been promoted to manager a few years ago.

"I only wait on the special customer's tables. Especially one's with the beautiful young ladies." His date giggled and blushed.

"Stop, flirting with my date," he scowled. "We will both have an order of chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate milk. Sounds good?" He looked over at his girl.

"Strawberry milk, please." She bit her lip asking politely.

"Anything for you, beautiful. So two orders of chicken nuggets both with fries, one boring chocolate and one sweet strawberry milk." Aman repeated smiling widely.

"Yes, please." She spoke up, blushing to the roots of her hair.

"I hope you save room for the chocolate cake, it's delicious." Aman suggested with a smile.

"May we get that?" Alia looked at Arnav with pleading eyes that were hard to resist.

"How about we share a slice," he winked at her. She nodded looking happy.

About an hour and a half later, after an awesome date, he pulled up to the house. His date had fallen asleep in her seat. He chuckled and went to her side of the car. He unbuckled her and scooped her up in his arms.

The door opened as he approached and he was greeted at the door.

"I think this is the first time I had a date fall asleep on me. I must be losing my touch." He laughed as he leaned in to kiss his wife. Khushi and Arnav got married about 6 months after that night in the restaurant. A few months later, she became pregnant with Alia. Alia Singh Raizada.

Khushi laughed and stepped aside so he could come in. She helped him take their 5 year old daughter's shoes off, then her jacket. Alia barely stirred as she curled into him. She looked like a tiny replica of her beautiful mom.

"How did it go?" Khushi asked kissing Alia's cheek.

"It went well. Although the waiter kept flirting with our daughter.." He scowled, he knew Aman was just goofing around to make his daughter giggle. 

"Did Aarav give you a hard time?" he asked Khushi as she followed him up the steps.

"No more than any other 2 year old would." Khushi answered. They worked in sync as she pulled down the covers and he placed Alia on her bed. 

They tipped-toed out of the room and closed the door behind them. He pulled Khushi close and kissed her deeply and placed a hand on her round belly. Their baby kicked against his hand making him smile goofily.

"How's the newest edition doing?" He pulled back and knelt to kiss where she was growing their baby.

"Kicking up a storm.. It was very sweet of you to take Alia on a date. She was so excited all day. The flowers were a sweet touch." She kissed his cheek sweetly.

He kissed her lips lightly before picking her up into his arms.


Please do COMMENT if you like this Three Shot. It will motivate me to write many more !!

Appreciation costs so little yet but always means so much!

See ya !!! Smile Smile

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