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ArShi TS: Dating Senoritas ~ COMPLETED

Naina7 Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 10:53am | IP Logged

Dating Senoritas

Part One

Arnav stared at the tempting angel in front of him who was trying to control her breathing. He could still feel her silky skin under his lips. He could still feel the way her gentle hands held on to him. Or how aroused she was. Just like him.

He leaned closer, gently tugging her closer to him and he could feel her heaving bosoms against his chest, teasing him. He hungrily pulled her closer, tasting her sweetness with his lips. He could no longer be gentle, he was losing it. His hands stroked her back, her uncovered arms and went to her waist as he explored every inch of her mouth. Not feeling satisfied enough his hands reached down, and caressed her uncovered legs, hearing a moan erupt from her.

He placed her legs around his waist as he moved back, not tearing his lips from her, taking his own time. It felt hot, fiery, exotic. She turned his world into a dream, taking him to places unseen. Arnav moved her towards the conference table and hurriedly threw the objects that lay there on to the floor. He placed her on top of the table, and gently moved on top of her. She was responding to him equally, her hands hurriedly had made their way to his back and digging nails on his skin as she let out various moans. He felt her explore his own mouth, her gentle lips against his rough ones. Desire shot through his body as he uncontrollably caressed every curve of her body. He could feel his body begging for mercy.

However, the moment was ruined and he was jolted out of his dream when a light flashed and claps echoed around him. It felt as if he was pushed down from the edge of the cliff, down to the ground, while his mind was flipping between now and then, the present and the past.

Upon hearing the excited voices from his colleagues sitting around him, he got alert, and sat straight in his chair, moving towards the table and hiding his lower body as much as possible. He was glad that no one noticed him.

They ruined his passionate dream.


He was sitting in a conference room with bunch of people where a new project plan was presented. In fact that was his idea where the higher officials were quite impressed. But after discussing & demonstrating the proof of concept multiple times before the new project kick off started, he felt pretty bored listening to the repeated version of talks. On top of it, it's running annoyingly from past three hours, where he lost focus and slowly drifted to his dream land. 

Fantasizing about his sweetheart.

His sweetheart, the one he was madly in love with, who mercilessly left him three years back taking up an onsite opportunity. But her thoughts never left him. Before falling in love with your best friend.. have this in the back of your mind: from friends to lovers is possible, but there is no way back.. lovers to friends? Forget it !!

Focusing back to the meeting, he added his views concluding the meeting after few minutes. 

His fellow colleagues gathered around all the way chanting Happy Friday, and ecstatic about the party plans bringing a smile on his face. Sometimes the best thing one can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. And he would do just that. And now, all he wanted to do was to go out with his friends, party hard, blowing up the speakers and laugh endlessly. 

However his smile lasted only for a fraction of seconds. He groaned lowly, remembering what's in store for him, picking up his ringing phone.

"Chotey, are you still in office. Who will work on a Friday like this..", he listened to his Di's disappointed voice.

He would laugh out loud, if someone presumes this as her concern towards him for working so hard. He waited for her to continue, as he was sure she would come to the point directly.

"You have to get ready for Dinner Date", she continued making him twitch his face though he was aware of it.

He wanted to deny it, yet again, but imagining the waterworks she would turn on which he would have to deal with, he signed dejectedly. "Cut it, Di. I am on my way home", he said irritatedly not hiding his disinterest.

Arnav's elder sister, Anjali, his everything, but her interfering in his life was getting on his nerves. Just because she found Mr. Perfect', Shyam Jha, and married him right after college, didn't mean that he had to be married too. He was just 26 years old, a software engineer by Profession, with great bank balance. 

However, she was constantly setting him up on blind date after blind date. He was amazed to see the circle of people she meets, all credit to her social gatherings. Each girl was worse than the one before, and from different professions unlike him. He knew this wouldn't work, he tried all the possible ways to stop her, but she would pout and cry buckets, saying she only wanted to see him happy. As if he wasn't. So he gave in since he hated to see her cry. Instead he decided to reverse the tables on these women, and make them run in other direction. Soon he would be having a blast finding new ways to scare the women off.

Senorita, let the Fun begin..

His first Victim... uhhh... Date:

Sheetal / Doctor

Engineer and Doctor what a combination, for the entire neck & back spraining job he does, she needs treating him more than her patients, he thought amusedly. 

They arrived at The Zuri, a fairly classy Multi-cuisine restaurant in Mumbai. Sheetal, his date, was fairly short, probably about five feet or so. She was thin and flat with no curves. Her brown hair was pulled back into a tight smooth bun and she was dressed in all white, looking pristine.

As soon as they sat down, she made the hostess stay as she inspected the glass and other cutlery on her side. Ah, so a neatness freak, he thought already coming up with ideas to scare her.

"This glass has a stain on the stem, replace it, please." She held out the glass as if one tiny stain was offensive, it was barely noticeable to the naked eye.
"Right away, Miss," the hostess smile was tightlipped. She walked away, and then grabbed a waiter's elbow to talk to him. After a few short words he seemed to nod in understanding. 

Arnav turned back to Sheetal who was meticulously arranging things in front of her so that she had a large clear spot, before opening her menu. She laid the menu down, being careful that it didn't touch anything. He opened his with a loud thump and let it hit anything in front of him. She looked up, twitched, then looked back at her menu. She gingerly flipped the page with the tip of one finger barely touching the page.

While they waited for the waiter Arnav started fidgeting every once in a while. He ran his fingers in his hair, tugging it until it looked freakish. He could feel her eyes on him so started to scratch his ear and even wiggled his finger in it, and brought his finger to his face to inspect it before brushing it on the tablecloth.

A moment later, he saw a waiter approaching their table who placed the glass in front of Sheetal and a basket of crispy Bread sticks between them. She immediately narrowed her eyes as she inspected the glass closely. 

"Good evening, my name is Aman and I'll be your waiter this evening. Would you like some water?" He asked, looking at her, first.

"Yes, please, but no ice," She asked politely. Aman poured her water before turning to Arnav.

"Yes, please, in fact, could I get three glasses, if it's not too much to ask?" Arnav asked with a big grin. 

Aman raised an eyebrow but nodded. He placed the jug down on the stand and removed two glasses from an empty table and placed them in front of him. After he filled the first one, Arnav stopped him. "If it's not too much trouble, could you fill the second one half way, and the third one a third?" he asked. He gave him another strange look, but shrugged. "Yes, sir" He filled the water then took their orders.

Once Aman was gone there was a moment of silence, so he picked up the butter knife and started tapping away at the glasses making some music and swinging his entire body along with it. Though this was awkward even for him, he was the one who would live in the spur of the moment, and was enjoying the terrifying expressions from the woman opposite him.

After a minute, he took the crunchy Bread stick and started eating deliberately making noise.

"Could you, stop making noise," Sheetal spoke up. 

"Sure", he said and dipped the stick in his water glass and continued eating.

She was cringing and looked thoroughly embarrassed.

He went to put the knife down hastily, knocking the basket off the table. "Shit, sorry. I'll get them." He fell dramatically and purposely out of his seat to get them. He tossed them back into the basket, placed it back on the table, brushed his hands off on his thighs before taking his seat.

She was just looking at him wide-eyed. He would swear her right eye twitched when he smiled at her. Aman came back with their order and left. She grabbed her purse and pulled out her phone. 

"I'm sorry that's the hospital. I have to go." She pushed her chair back and stood up with a jolt.

"That's too bad. We should do this again." He forced a frown and held back his laughter.

"I don't know if that will work. I have multiple appointments lined up. But I'll call you." She nodded backing away from the table fast. He started to chuckle in amusement, glanced around at the surrounding tables. An older couple from a few tables away was staring at him. He nodded his head, and the gentleman started to laugh, the lady with him shot a dirty look before she scolded him for encouraging.

Geeta / Lawyer

Dinner date again was at The Zuri. She wore formal Trousers and a cream coloured blouse with black jacket.

Right after Aman took their orders, she started asking him questions as if  cross-examining the witness.

"So you're a software engineer?" she had her hands folded in front of her.

"Yes, am working on a rewarding project," he answered honestly. "Do you enjoy lawyering?" Her eyes turned bright. 

"Yes. I pride myself in putting criminals behind bars so that justice is served," She answered with a sniff.

Spontaneously a thought popped up in his mind, as he ran his hand through his hair and said while pretending to look nervous. "So I guess that it's a good thing that I don't smoke pot in public or office anymore".

"You take drugs and go to work?" She hissed in a low voice. She gave him an incredulous look.

"Whoa, slow your roll. I keep it behind closed doors, along with my friends" He held up his hands in surrender.

She blinked a few times before looking thoroughly pissed off. "You encourage your friends to do drugs?" He felt he had to change directions before she had him investigated and get arrested for real.

"No, of course, not. Why would you think that?" he said acting offended by her question.

"You just said.." She leaned back in her seat looking frustrated.

"I did? Huh... Don't believe me, I'm a chronic liar." He shrugged.

"So you lied then?" she gave him a skeptical look.

"No. What would I lie about?", he gave her a confused look.

"Did you lie about lying? Or are you lying about lying about lying?" She started to look confused herself.

"Does that even make sense?" He asked, furrowing eyebrows. She sat back and started to rub her forehead like it was hurting her.

Aman chose that moment to return to the table with the order. He placed a beer bottle in front of Arnav.

"Are you sure you don't want a glass, sir?" he asked skeptically.

"Nope, tastes the best right out of the bottle.", he answered with a smile. Aman left, and Geeta frowned in distaste.

"I have to be careful, not to get caught with drunken driving case again", he whispered to her.

"You were caught with drunken driving?" She took a sip of water.

"No. No one can catch me", he winked at her. 

"Ohh.. I have to use restroom, I'll be right back." She hurriedly stood up and left, heading for the front of the restaurant instead of the restroom. Controlling his laughter, he looked over and saw the same couple again. The man still seemed to find it funny, the lady not so much.

"Hello Hi Bye Bye, what's going on" she said. "Do you think I should go after her and tell her the restrooms are the other way?" Arnav said, tipping the beer bottle back taking a long drink. He laughed harder while she rolled her eyes and shook her head, but a small smile formed on her face.

Lavanya / Model

Now Lavanya was different than the first two. She had been after Anjali for a while to set them up. He had always refused in the past. Most men would think he was crazy to refuse someone like her. Who would refuse a six foot tall Model with long legs, silky hair, bright eyes and with full curves?

She had made him wait twenty minutes, after he arrived to pick her up so it already started in a bad mood. 

They were seated and looking at a menu that he was becoming very familiar with. He kept glancing to his right, tapping fingernails annoyingly on the table. When Aman came to their table, she didn't even wait for him to start speaking.

"Can you change the table to a different one?" She demanded pointing at a table a little away from them. She thought he was looking at the group of girls seated towards their right, and Arnav understood that.

"I'm sorry, but I'm failing to see the problem." Aman turned back looking perplexed. He glanced Arnav but he shrugged. 

"We need more privacy", she said loudly. Arnav raised one eyebrow, Aman obliged and changed the table, took the order and left.

Now seated at the furthest corner of the restaurant, Arnav wondered if his plan would work or not, while she pulled her chair closer to him, holding his hand on the table, and wetting her lips with the peak of her tongue and trying her ways to seduce him. He prayed the almighty or who ever it is, to save him, as it would be difficult to handle his Di as Lavanya was so close to her. He will deal with his Di later, but now he need to chase this woman away.

"Arnav Singh Raizada..", she whispered huskily, ".. you have a Sexy name".

"Yeah, I know.. My buddy Nikhil keep saying that", he whispered back.

"And thanks for changing the table, I get a better view now", he continued eyeing a group of guys sitting in his direct view, when he saw her confused face.

After a couple of minute's silence, he saw Aman approaching with their orders. Cheekily smiling, he gave a pat on Aman's bum, and said "Missed you Buddy, we should catch up sometime".

Astonished Aman ran from there muttering an Excuse Me, controlling his laughter till he was out of sight to them, fully aware of what Arnav was trying to do. He himself was embarrassed now, and hoped she gets the clue. He saw her confused face, slowing turning into realization. But she surprised him. 

She couldn't believe what she was seeing. From long time, she was trying to persuade him but he never noticed her. She wondered if she wasn't sexy enough for him to watch her, but this side of him said something else altogether. She wanted to believe that it's fishy, but her heart wouldn't give up so soon. 

"Looks like you hardly meet Sexy girls like me.. Am sure everything will change", she said smiling brightly making him scratch his brain to get some ideas.

"We should meet more often" she offered.

"Sure, we can meet coming Sunday as there is a Special occasion", he smirked.

"Is it?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes, there is a Funeral of my neighbour. I love such gatherings. We should go together", he said trying very hard to stop rolling on the floor and laugh seeing her expression and wide open mouth.

"Arnav!" Lavanya gasped.

"Take me home, right now.." Lavanya ordered, standing up with hands on her hips.

"Lavanya, if you want to leave go ahead and get a cab. I'm going to have some fun time here". He refused and started looking around. By the time he looked ahead, he saw Lavanya missing.

A clearing of a throat got his attention. He looked up to see Aman standing there, and both started laughing holding their stomach.

He was having a blast by reversing the tables by being their worst date ever. 

What happens if the tables are reversed right back at him?

Please do COMMENT if you like this story. It will motivate me to write many more !!

Appreciation costs so little yet but always means so much!

Love ya !!! Smile Smile

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Awesome part 
pls update next part soon 

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Awesome update 
I love this  arnav 

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Heheeh hilarious

la one so funny continue soon

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Good one

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