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Sandhir FF - Survival of the Fittest - Epilogue pg 68 (Page 67)

CrazyKupKakes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2015 at 12:48am | IP Logged
Awesome updates!!
Everything is settled :D
Waiting for Sunday :D

sakura_otaku Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2015 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Sammy diHugHug
Ur awesomeClapClap

Loved SOTF
So sad its endingCry
But enjoyed it to the coreBig smileBig smile
CrazyOeuvrer IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2015 at 5:42am | IP Logged
thank you soo much for pm.
lovely updates and waiting for epilogue...
simaj Groupbie

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Posted: 03 October 2015 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Thank You Thumbs Up
sanyugracy27 Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2015 at 6:37am | IP Logged
awesome update
& precape
what it was epilogue
itna jaldi khatam
plz aisa mat karo
it was my favorite one
I loved this ff
plz epilogue nahi
next part me
plz ...
ikshu Groupbie

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Posted: 04 October 2015 at 4:15am | IP Logged
Updates were awesome 
And this is one of my fav fiction 
But unfortunately it is going to end and I m sad  because of it
But since every story has an ending 
So its okk 
But we are gonna miss. This ff 
You are an amazing writer keep it up
One more thing don't end it this early plzz its a request 

twni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 October 2015 at 9:59am | IP Logged
lovely updateee
samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 04 October 2015 at 12:32pm | IP Logged


3 years later

"Come on guys, it's the presentation ceremony. Aren't you guys excited." Beamed Vardhan at his students.

"Uff, jij, can you relax? Its only in the evening. Go spend time with Di and Niha." Said Sanyukta in a dismissing tone from her bed and pulled the duvet over her.

Randhir chuckled and said "aap jao, I'll bring her in a bit."

"Be quick" winked Vardhan and went away closing the door behind him, while he scratched his nape and smiled at him.

He crept slowly on the bed and lay beside her. He moved the duvet that covered her face to see her sleeping soundly. He brushed the hair that was on her face and kept his hand on her cheek. She snuggled closer to him while he smiled at her.

It was four years since he met her and in this time, Randhir had transformed hugely from what he was. She always brought out the best in him and her methods were always funny and different. He was so much in love with her that he forgot his responsibility of DT. It was she who made him realize that by taking a vote appeal about change in captaincy. He was hell angry on her about this and was hurt when she never came to console him. Only when he overheard her talking to Ankit did he realize that she had done this for him. From then on, he became focused, but never did his romantic side see a dip.

Whenever they found time, they would meet up in the library, canteen or hostel terrace and spend sometime together. They never went on dates, except when they were forced on a double date with their siblings and it was hell awkward for all four of them. Since then, they had decided to never do double dates. Only during Vardhan and Maya's wedding they went on an actual date which was arranged by Randhir. That was the night when they got engaged which was exactly a year ago from today.

"Baby, utho na." he whispered to her.

"Please, 5 more minutes." She said and hugged him.

He was still the same rich brat person for others, but a mellowed one. However, to Sanyukta he was totally different. He would do anything she says, give her anything she asks. But now, they had to attend the presentation ceremony for the DT competition.

"Don't you want to receive the award for best competitor? He asked her sliding his arms around her waist and brought her on top of him. It was only then did he realize that something was wrong with her. Her body was burning.

"Are you having fever?" he asked her and she slowly nodded her head. He sighed and asked "Since when?"

"Gussa nahi koroge." She said in a small voice and he knew he was not going to like what she was about to tell.

"Bolo Sanyukta." He said releasing her and making her face him.

"For about 4 days." She answered and hugged him worrying about his reaction.

She knew that he would not scold her at the moment as he would be more concerned of her health. Once she got better, she would have to convince him and plead with him. This was what happened in the past 3 years. He pulled her closer and kissed her hair. "It's not fair baby."

"I could not miss the competition for a stupid fever." She pouted at him. He chuckled and said "Yes you could not. Par bata na chaiye tha na. we could have arranged something."

"Kya? All of you would have said take rest. Zyada stress mat lo.' While all of you would be happily winning the tasks." She snorted.

"Alright, last time. Next time bataogi." He said.

"Pakka." She replied and got up.

"Ab jao, I need to get ready." She said.

"If you need to get ready why should I go out?" he asked her.

"I cant change in front of you." She said with a straight face.

"As if I've not seen anything before." He said and smirked at her.

Her jaw dropped open and dashed to the washroom. She came out after 20 minutes with a white towel wrapped on her head and a bathrobe that was loosely tied around her.

She heard a whistle and turned around to see that Randhir was looking at her from top to bottom and in reverse.

Her face heated up and she asked "tum gaye nahi?"

"Nahi." He said and walked towards her.

"Kyun?" she asked taking steps backwards.

He smirked his best at her and caged her in one step and pressed her at the wall.

"You want an answer?" he asked her.

She was getting weak with every breath of his falling on her and she could just nod her head. He took her face in his hands and slowly kissed her. He first kissed her throat, then her neck, her chin, her jaw line and finally pecked her lips. He was about to pull out when she said "Oh, no you are not going away with this." He chuckled while she pressed her lips on his and kissed him hard to which he responded equally. Her hands knotted in his hair, while his roamed about on her entire back. He groaned when he realized that she was wearing nothing beneath the robe and this turned him on pretty high.

"Damn woman, are you trying to kill me?" He asked her and kissed her again while she moaned at his attack. His hands rested on the knot of her robe and he was debating with himself if he could go ahead. Sanyukta slowly brought her hands to the knot and was about to open it but he held it tightly and said "No."

"What?" she asked confused.

"Am not doing it now Sanyukta." He said and put some distance between them. He had to control his hormones else he would never get what he wanted.

"How can you leave me like this now?" she asked irritated.

"Just like you've left me hanging. You've not answered my question yet." He pointed it to her.

"It's always the guys who want it more and woman stops it. Yahan toh ulta ho raha hai." She said in frustration and sat on the bed.

Suddenly he heard her cry silently. Alarmed, he went to her and made her sit on his lap. "Ro kyun rahi ho?" he asked.

"You don't like me that way." She whispered.

He sighed and said "Am pretty sure something is poking you on your thighs right now and am finding it extremely difficult to sit properly now. Am turned on that much." He told her softly.

"Then why stop?" she asked pouting.

"Because I promised someone that I would love and make love only to my wife." He told and she groaned.

"Ok fine. I'll marry you. There, I've answered your question. Now make love to me." She ordered.

"I'd love to baby. But if I start now, we will not make it to the award function. It will raise suspicions. Your brother would come to check on you. And if he finds you in the middle of something..." he could not complete as she had sealed his lips with hers. He smirked lightly and kissed her passionately.  They pulled out when they were out of breath. She rested her forehead on his and said "Ab jao tum. Warna mujhe blame mat karna that I robbed your virtue." She said and he chuckled.

"I don't mind if you rob it." He said winking at her while she blushed deep red. He kissed her forehead and went out while she got ready for the award function.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, am glad to invite you to the Dream Team 2015 Presentation Ceremony. The Chief Guests and other guests were already introduced so am not going into that now and waste our time. Lets get to the main part.

Dream Team winner 2015 - FITE

Best Innovator - Jignesh, FITE

Calm Competitor - Parth, FITE

Best Motivator - Vidushi, FITE

Best Captain - Randhir, FITE

Best Competitor - Sanyukta, FITE

Best Crisis Manager - Kastuki, FITE

Best Guide - Ankit, FITE

Best Mentor - Vardhan, FITE

And finally the Best Team - FITE."

There was a huge round of applause as the awards were announced. Every person's face had the smile and pride for these people. As the noise died down the organizer continued, "No wonder all the awards have been bagged by this team. I request the captain and vice captain to come up here to address the press."

"Congratulations Randhir, Sanyukta." Said the organizer.

"Thank you Sir. It's an honor for us to win this competition." Replied Randhir.

"How do you think you managed your team?" asked the first journalist

"There was nothing to manage. All suggestions were taken and analyzed before any decision was taken. In that way, all of us were given equal chances. Sometimes, my individual decisions could have actually backfired if I had not taken others' suggestion into account." Said Randhir.

"To whom do you owe this victory?" was the second question.

"Definitely to the team, nothing was done individually. Everything was a team work including the individual tasks. We had decided what was to be done and how earlier. Next I would probably dedicate this to our mentor and our guide. If not for them, I don't think we would be standing here with the cup." Said Sanyukta with utter adoration.

"Do you think that it was because you were the captain that the team was able to win?" Asked another person.

"Personally, I feel all of us lack in something. None of us are perfect. We learn from our mistakes and rectify them. As I told earlier, it was always team decision rather than my own decision." He replied calmly.

"Alright, last question please." Said the organizer.

"Now that your education is completed and so has this competition. What are your further plans?" asked a young woman.

"Errr, would it be too bad if I say that I've not decided on anything?" laughed Randhir.

"How is it possible for you to not decide?" she pressed.

"We are planning to set up a start up company. The details for the same will be made available later since its still under discussions." Answered Sanyukta proudly.

 "And two, I'm getting married. Pretty soon. My girlfriend just consented my proposal." He said and winked at Sanyukta while everyone else congratulated them.

"That was not required." Said Sanyukta softly to him.

"Oh it definitely was. I could not tolerate those guys eye raping you." He said in disgust.

"Jealous much?" she teased.

"Absolutely." He replied and pulled her to his chest

"I can't believe college is over." She said and stood by his side and his hand automatically went around her shoulders.

"Yes, but we are all going to stay together. Only then will we be able to survive." He said and they saw Tia and Ankit smiling at each other, Kastuki cuddled with Jiggy, Vidushi fighting with Parth and Vardhan playing with his daughter Niha along with Maya.

PS: I know bakwas tha... par... i had to end soon... 

A/N : Alright thats another wrap. am not sure how far you all have enjoyed the work, but i did enjoy writing it. am sorry for not replying to your comments individually. i was pretty held up and didnt have much time. all said and done, yet it was wrong on my part, so am thanking all of you who have read this commented or not. 

So now, i need to concentrate on my exams which start next month hence i will not be able to update the other two stories (Homemaker and DWTS). am pretty lazy to give A/N there, thats why giving it here. moreover after my exams, my best freind is getting engaged and my sister is getting married too. so i will be held up then as well. am not saying i wont update, but it will be delayed. kindly bear with me.

Thank you in advance.



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