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Sandhir FF - Survival of the Fittest - Epilogue pg 68 (Page 61)

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
Mind blowing !!!! Really liked the bonding of Harsh and Sanyu.Pls update ur other ff and this one ASAP

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Posted: 10 September 2015 at 12:34am | IP Logged
awesome ... rd shud beat sameer...
ritikaagrawal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 September 2015 at 12:13am | IP Logged
wow..such a lovely chapter by you dearClapClapClap
amazingly writtenWink
thanks alot for pm
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please wanna see their growing bond
update. ASAP

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Part 34

"I was in class 4 when Nirmal tauji passed away and so Maya di came to stay with us. Mr. Aggarwal never like tauji and so there was this inherent hatred for Maya di too. But since taijee was not alive, mom adopted di and she continued to stay with us. Slowly Mr. Aggarwal's hatred for di reduced and we all became a happy family. A few years later, I think I was in 8th then, dada in 12th and di was in her final year of engineering. It was the beginning of the academic year. I think there were some problems in Mr. Aggarwal's business so he went to help. Prakash Mittal agreed to help him after Sameer his son requested him. Sameer was di's boyfriend. After a few months, business started to pick up and things were normal. One day, February 21, when I returned from school, I saw everything smashed in our house. I kept calling out for mom and dada, as I knew they would be home and di would be in college. Dada had board exams so he was at home. But that day, both had gone somewhere. I thought someone broke in and tried to run away and that's when I heard her voice." She stopped and started sobbing more while Harsh comforted her.

"Di was screaming for help and I heard some people laugh at her. I dashed up to her room to find 3..." she could not continue as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Its ok Sanyu, you don't have to go further." Said Harsh softly and pulled her into his embrace to give her some strength and support. Meanwhile Randhir had turned white listening to what had happened. He slowly entered and sat far away from them. At the moment he was sure she would not have heard him come in.

After a few minutes she continued "Di was shouting for them to leave her. But they were so merciless. One held her hands other her legs and Sameer..." she had so much vengeance in her voice that if by chance he was before her eyes right now, he would be turned into ashes.

"I quickly realized what was happening and threw a few heavy books on them. One fell down unconscious, while the other was hit at his well you know." She shrugged. Harsh chuckled while Randhir smiled a little.

"But Sameer was unharmed. He left di and came for me and that's when I saw di's appearance. Its still in my mind. Even beggars were dressed more better. There was instant relief when Sameer left her and attacked me. He came so close to me that I realized he was drunk and not in his senses. He tried to.." she started hyperventilating and Harsh held her tightly. Randhir hands were intertwined and he crushed it such an extent that his knuckles were turning white. Harsh knew what was coming next and eyed Randhir to keep his cool.

"He tried to mol... molest me too." She said the words finally and broke down. But soon controlled herself "Di saw what was happening. She covered herself with a blanket and attacked him from behind. Together we took him down. Di tied his hands with something and gagged him too. The other guy who was in pain started to move so I took a vase and hit him on his head. He fell down unconscious. I hugged di so tightly that we didn't move until dada came to our room. He was beyond shocked and furious. Mom broke down and kept cuddling us. We handed them to police after dada called them." She said and hugged Harsh even more.

"Mr. Aggarwal was furious when he came home. Funny part is he was not furious to what happened to his daughters, but that his funding was withdrawn by Prakash. He bashed di and sent her out. I kept wailing that it was not di's fault. He called her all names. But di had already gone out and I was restrained by him. He held my hand so tight that my hands were fractured. Dada pushed him away and helped me. Finally mom mustered her courage and slapped him hard. She kicked him out of the house and thank god the house was in her name. one sensible thing which he had done in his entire life I think. Then mom lodged complaint with the police for di. After so many months we found her. By then dada had finished his boards and joined college. He was in his second or third year when we found her. She had dropped out from college and pursued MBA. Meanwhile mom had started working too. Those few years were so tough. I was in depression and would always get these nightmares with varied stuff, maybe my imaginations. Dada had just joined college. Di was missing. Mom was so stressed. But once di came back everything fell in place. She had earned a name in just a year by setting up hotels. It was small but now she is doing fine." She finished her story and looked up at Harsh who had tears running down his eyes.

His best friend's family had suffered so much and he was totally unable to help them then. But now he resolved that he would take best care of everyone. Randhir on the other hand had gone out the second she finished her story.

"So what does your brother do now?" he asked gently

"Dada professor hai hamare college mein. Ankit Aggarwal. Only Kastu knows. No one else." She said and asked him to keep it a secret.

"Now I understand why you didn't want to call me dad the first time. But what made you call me like that now?" he asked out of curiosity.

"I don't know. You are everything how a dad should be, I sometimes envy Randhir that he has you." She confessed

"And he envies that you have your mom." He said smiling at her. "So, now that most of your weight has been lifted tell me why you have become quiet all of a sudden" he told her.

"I don't know if I should tell you. You wont understand." She mumbled

"Its ok. Try me." He urged her.

"I I think I like your son." She said blushing and Harsh was in cloud 9.

"But am not sure if he likes me. Am not worth it anyway." She said sadly.

"One thing sweetheart, I know my son. He has also gone through a lot, but not as much as this. In these tough times he has become the person who he is now to the outside world. I've seen him gradually change once he met you. I mean you all. He has a child's heart just guarded by high walls." He said without giving away his son.

"You wont tell him na that I told you." She asked him childishly.

"Your secret is with me." He said and reassured her. She quickly kissed his cheeks and went away to find her friends and Randhir. As she entered the study room, she saw only the girls sitting there with a helpless face.

"What happened?" she asked in her croaky voice.

"No idea. Suddenly Randhir crossed this room in rage. His face was red. Jiggy and Parth have gone to search him." Said Vidushi

"But what happened to you. Did you cry?" asked Kastuki

"I was just talking to dad." She said and went in search of Randhir.

She searched in his room, gym, terrace and everywhere in the house. Jiggy and Parth came back after a while and upon questioning them, she came to know that he was in the outhouse killing his punching bag with all swear words. She immediately rushed to him. She was so worried about him, that she didn't care about the warning given by the other two. She knew he didn't have dinner and so she quickly made some Maggi at outhouse and left it on the dining table there. She slowly went up to his room here and opened the door.

She saw red everywhere near him. He was that furious and his knuckles were dripping with blood. Her eyes without her knowledge teared up and as she approached him. She laid her hands on his shoulders to stop him, but she was instantly pinned to the wall with one hand and the other hand was ready to punch her right on her face.

Seeing her teary face he dropped his hands instantly and turned away from her. He was angry to such an extent that he would hunt Sameer right now and show him his place for meddling with women and his woman too. It would be no big thing to find him, since his dad was still a big shot business man. But who cares how rich he is. One should know how to treat a woman and this definitely was not the right way. How much ever he hated his mother, he had never disrespected her at any point. He was angry on himself for always nagging Sanyukta to tell him about her past and nightmares when he himself has not confessed about his past to her. Now that he knew her past, he felt that she had every right to know his past as well.

She walked slowly towards him and held his hands and pulled him out of the room. She made him sit on the chair and started cleaning his hands which were covered in blood. He saw her eyes had unshed tears and he knew that it was because of his behavior right now. He being hurt, hurt her a lot. He was happy seeing that someone other than his dad showed him care and love. He wanted to test it and so he said "I heard what you told dad."

Her hands froze and his hands slipped from hers. He saw her expressions turn from confusion to fear to sadness. She masked it and held his hands tenderly and continued her work.

"Tumhe gussa nahi aaya?" he asked her

"Nahi. I promised to tell you after fest. Of course I would have been happy if you waited, but.. its ok, I don't have to repeat it again." She said completely hiding the urge to cry with a sad smile. It took all his self control to not kiss away her pain and sorrow. She placed his hands back on his lap and started feeding him maggi which she had made before.

"Sorry." He said realizing that she truly was not angry and cared for him. This simple gesture of feeding him made him emotional and a few tears rolled down his eyes. She wiped his tears and stood to clear the plate. He pulled her close and hugged her tightly. She didn't cry, but she could feel her shoulders become wet. She pulled apart and wiped his tears. "Don't cry for me Randhir." She said

"I was 5 when mom left me." He said and recounted his past to her. By the time he finished, she was sitting on the couch and he was lying on her lap comfortably with her stroking his hair lovingly. She bent down to kiss his forehead and said "Sleep Randhir." This was all he needed when he was 5 and yearned for it since then, the warmth, care and love. Till now he was unsure if she loved him, but after this he was confident that she indeed loved him. He closed his eyes and decided that he would propose to her once the fest was over in his grand style. Though he was rank one and knew everything, love was something he was weak at. So he had to consult his dad and others as well.

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Part 35

When Harsh came to check on them in the morning, the sight left him dumbstruck for a while. Randhir was still on her lap curled up like a baby, while she was resting on top of him. Harsh smiled his best and then smirked. He pulled out his cell and clicked their picture. Both of them woke up to the flash sound and looked towards their dad.

"Good morning kids. Slept well?" he asked them innocently.

"Yeah dad." Randhir said rubbing his eyes, while Sanyukta was still sleepy so she fell back on his lap and dozed of instantly. Randhir chuckled and removed her hair that covered her face.

"Why is she so sleepy, raat ko sone nahi diya? Oh... I get it.. couch pe? Uncomfortable nahi tha? Oye baap re, protection use kiya na?" he kept ranting questions, while Randhir rolled his eyes and said "Dad, you will be the first to know, if am having a child. Now shoo."

"Shoo? Hmmm.. biwi aaya toh baap ko bhulgaya. Kalyug hai, gor kalyug." Harsh said and went out.

"Dad, please close the doors." Randhir said and bent to kiss her forehead. He didn't have the heart to wake her up, but they had to report to college today.

"Sanyukta utho." He softly called to her and stroked her hair. He kept admiring her, while she opened her eyes and looked at him with baby eyes. "5 minutes" she said and turned to press her face in his stomach and hugged his waist. He could not deny those innocent cute baby eyes, but the actions she did later was not at all acceptable. He gulped hard and counted the seconds till the end of her extra sleep.

"Up Sanyukta, we will be late." He told her in a pleading voice. He was sure that if she does not get up now, then they were definitely going to be late. "Hmmm" she nuzzled her nose on his stomach and turned to look at him. Suddenly she realized what she had done now and got up instantly. She blushed red and rushed out, while he sat there with his erection at all its glory.

"The things this girl does to me." He sighed and got up. He ran around the outhouse for a while till he calmed down his nerves. Then he went in to get ready and leave. All of them hugged Harsh and asked him to take care of himself and left for college. Before Sanyukta could leave, Randhir caught her arm and pulled her, such that her back was pressed hard against his chest.

"Next time you do something like what you did this morning, you will have to pay for it." He hushed it in her ears in his husky sexy voice and kissed her just behind her ear, thus inhaling her hair scent. He left her and came before her, picked up his luggage and walked backwards facing her "Oh, when I definitely approve orange, I do expect some peach and strawberries too." He winked at her and turned around to walk to his room. Most of the girls who were present at that time gave her surprising looks while a few seniors gave her disgusted looks. She shrugged and went to her room in a daze with what he had told now.

As she entered her room, she blushed seeing her bed remembering the morning scene.

"Oye hoye, isse dekho toh sahi. Blushing and all eh?" teased Vidushi knowing very well the reason for it.

"Kya hua Sanyu? Bolo na?" continued Kastuki as they saw the entire scene from their room right now.

"Randhir kissed me and winked too." She said in a daze.

"Ooo..." They chorused.

"Attention DT, please assemble in the Lab within half an hour." Came the usual gruff voice of Vardhan. They immediately unpacked and left to the lab. As they entered, they saw the boys already present there talking with Ankit. Just as Sanyukta reached near them, Randhir again winked at her while she widened her eyes. Well, Ankit also had the same reaction while Kastuki looked everywhere other than Ankit. Soon she was saved by Vardhan as he entered grumbling something on his phone. He looked up to scan every person's face and stopped at Randhir. "Don't you look different?" he observed.

"I feel different." He said confidently and smirked at Sanyukta who just shook her head left to right.

"Interesting. Very interesting." He eyed Sanyukta then Ankit and gave him a knowing smile. Ankit looked bewildered seeing Vardhan smile without any reason.

"So I hope you spent your break usefully. The fest is no joke. Am sure you have prepared for the best. There is nothing less than the best which will be accepted. We have to win at any cost and this will be our ticket to DT. Are we in?" he asked giving his pep talk

"Yes sir." They said with full energy.

"Brilliant. Although I don't care about the awards you get in culturals, I do want you guys to win that as well. Ankit, will go through your project materials and other things and give you suggestions where required. Good luck guys." He said and left while they all set to work.

Only a week was left before they could leave to Mumbai where the fest was arranged in one of the star hotels. Everyone slogged hard for their projects. When they were not working on the projects, they would either practice for cultural and sports activities. Just two days prior to their departure Vardhan had asked them to stop all their work and just leave it as it is. He had told them that too much of practice would exhaust them and they would be overconfident. So they all went shopping, went to their homes and finally met at airport.

Soon they reached the venue where the fest was held. Vardhan and Ankit had already arrived and hence the team reported to them. They were allotted a huge cottage which had 4 rooms. So, girls and boys took one room each, while Ankit and Vardhan had their own rooms. The fest was to begin from the next day, but today they would be having their orientation. Everyone had to meet at the conference hall at 6 in the evening for the same, followed by the welcome party.

Dress code for the party was Indian and also the same was sponsored by Ritu Kumar and obviously they looked glamorous yet had the Indian touch. While the guys opted for kurta pyjama, the girls chose salwar suits. Naturally, the guys didn't take much time to get ready, but the girls also didn't take a lot of time as well. Within a few minutes of Jiggy's arrival, the girls stepped out of their room.

Vidushi was in light blue, Sanyukta in dark purple and Kastuki in bottle green. All of them looked beautiful and the guys could not keep their eyes off them. The guys were also not less dashing with Randhir in gold, Jiggy in cream and Parth in maroon. What surprised everyone was that even Vardhan and Ankit were wearing the same attire in black and grey respectively. Sanyukta winked at Ankit when others were not looking while he too approved her dress.

Soon all of them assembled in the conference room and waited for the organizers to start their welcome address. At exactly 6, the doors were closed and lights were dimmed, and finally the fest had begun with an invocation to almighty followed by the welcome address.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Am extremely glad to invite you to the Annual National Tech Fest. Am sure you all are ready to rise up to all the challenges that will be thrown at you. You all are young and bright and have jumped into a deep swimming pool. Which is definitely not a mistake. You have jumped right and we will provide you with the life saving boards if you fail to struggle, but to only the ones who deserve it. So what does that mean? Simple, am sure you all are aware that the final level will be judged based on your projects, but if the jury feels that you deserve to win, then an immunity round will be held as well. The reason for winning this competition might be different for everyone, but the goal to win is the same. All you people are intelligent until proved dunce. So I hope you strive and do it hard. I do see a few familiar faces and am glad that you have decided to return. Before I forget, overall performance is what will be judged. So you guys just need to be equipped in all areas. So all the best and have fun. Now, enjoy the party and make new friends. That's the main motive of this fest." Said the chief organizer who was a young and a charming man.

As soon as he stepped down, the entire hall broke into a round of applause and soon everyone started to mingle with the rest of the teams. The girls were mesmerized by the organizer's charm, while the guys were irritated with this reaction. Vardhan chuckled seeing this and called them.

"So, how was the speech guys?" he smirked at them and they cringed at his question.

"It was ok." Said Parth shrugging.

"Interesting, very interesting. The girls find it interesting I guess." he added furl to their fire.

"Sir." Said Randhir

"Yes?" he asked with his eyebrows raised.

"Rule 1, you should always let your girls dream about anything. Never restrain them even if it bothers you. Once they've finished, they will always come back to you. Theory of trust." He said and walked away without a glance at them while the guys looked at him with their jaws dropped down.

"Boys, we know we are hot. Please close your mouths." Said Vidushi winking, snapping the guys out of their trance, while the other two girls giggled.

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Part 36

The party was on in full swing. Everyone were dancing around to the music played, ate and had lots of fun. The guys had a tough time in protecting their girls as many people had tried flirting with them. For a long while Randhir didn't understand why the guys were particularly looking at Sanyukta as if she was some sweet dish to gobble. On closer observation he understood what the reason was, or rather the reasons.

One, her back was pretty low thus exposing a major part and the second was that the dori of her top was almost undone. He was angry, not on her but on them. It was natural that these things could happen, but that didn't mean people could ogle as though they are some objects. It was not something to do with his feeling for her, but true humanitarian concern.

He walked up to her and stood casually beside her. "Hi Randhir, nice party na?" she asked him. This was when he looked at her properly. It was the first time she had put some make up upon Vidushi's insistence. She had applied a glittery purple khol, which made her eyes twinkle even more. Other than that, she had applied light blush and pale pink lipstick. She had even put a small white stone bindi which increased her beauty 100 times than what she was sans all that. Her waist length hair was in her usual messy bun and left on one side of her shoulder.

Upon getting no answer she tried turning towards him, but he held her shoulder and stopped her. "Yes, the party is nice. But I think we should leave now." He said slowly knowing that she was going to defy him.

"Why? Its just 8, we can stay here for another hour. I've not even had pani puri. Come, lets go." She said taking his hand and started walking.

"Ruko Sanyukta." He said pulling her towards his chest. He slowly removed her hair tie and covered her exposed back. "Kya kar rahe ho?" she asked him.

"Why don't you walk with me until we find Kastu or Vidu?" he asked and took her hands in his and started walking.

"What? Why? Wait. They are busy spending time with each other. We cant go disturb them." She protested.

He was losing his patience with the way those eyes were prying on her even after his continuous glare on them. "I didn't want to do it like this, but you leave no choice." He took a deep breathe and said "Your dori is untied. And you have not realized it. Fool. The looks those idiots were giving." He said through his clenched teeth and closed eyes.

She took a sharp breath and panicked. Realising her situation, he said "Lets find the girls. Come." He said and pulled her along with him.

"You can tie it as well." She said innocently causing him to come to a standstill.

He looked at her blankly and said "I don't know to do all these." He continued to walk with her. She chuckled lightly to which he turned to her and asked "What?"

"Something you don't know how to do." She stated and giggled. "Are you challenging me Aggarwal?" he asked amusedly. "I think so." She smiled at him.

"You are in for big trouble. Don't blame me for the consequences." He said and pulled her aside to a dark corner. He pushed her hair aside and was awestruck looking at it. Their breathing quickened. Sanyukta didn't know what came over her to ask him to tie it and Randhir didn't know why he accepted the challenge he was going to lose.

"What should I do?" he asked finally calming his breath.

"Its just like tying shoe lace." She whispered.

"Ok" he said and slowly picked up the strings on his hand and started tying it. It took him more than half a minute to tie it as he was very careful not to touch her. But just as he dropped the strings, his fingers brushed a small area of her exposed back. Though it was an innocent touch, it was enough to create a short circuit in their bodies. "Sorry" he said and stepped back while she set her hair properly. "Lets go" she chipped softly and they left to join their friends.

Both of them didn't exchange a word after that as they didn't trust their voices at the moment. Soon they all had dinner and left to rest, while most of the teams were still partying. However, they had got strict orders from Ankit that they could stay only till 9. As they entered their cottage, they saw a huge envelope welcoming them. Randhir tore open it and read it out.

"Welcome FITE team, hope you guys had a warm welcome party. This is the schedule for the next three days.

Day 1

Sports - Table Tennis, Soccer

Science - Doubles

Culturals - Dance -solo, music - duet

Day 2

Sports - Carrom, Hockey

Science - Solo

Culturals - Dance -duet, music - solo

Day 3

Sports - Chess, Golf

Science - Group Work

Culturals - Instruments and Arts

Hope you plan accordingly and give your best in all. Good luck.

"Alright guys. So tomorrow who are gonna participate?" asked Randhir.

"Parth and Jiggy for TT and soccer respectively." Said Sanyukta while Randhir nodded his head.

"Then Kastu, Vidu and you have dance solos." Continued Sanyukta.

"What are our teams for doubles though?" asked Parth

"We can have lots." Came a voice from behind them.

"Yup, here girls pick up the chits." Said Ankit.

The girls picked up a chit each and opened it. "So?" asked Vardhan

"Jiggy" said Sanyukta

"Parth" said Kastuki

"Randhir" answered Vidushi.

"Alright, so here are the teams. Decide what you want to do. Please don't be mediocre, think out of the box." Said Vardhan cringing his eyebrows and left to his room.

"Do you want to run through me your projects?" asked Ankit

"Can we discuss for a while?" asked Randhir

"Inform me at 6 tomorrow. Good night." He said and left too.

"So what do we do?" asked Vidushi

"As far as I know there are 15 colleges participating in the total fest. I talked to about 7 teams and of that I come to understand that there are 20 participants for tomorrow's schedule and in the solo round it would be around 15." Said Parth.

"So I had a talk with a few more teams about 3 or 4 I guess. but their team as such is big 8 to 10 member team. So you can easily expect another 20 for tomorrow. And in solo round about 35." Said Jiggy

"Alright roughly about 50 for tomorrow and 50 for solo as well. So there are chances that the topics we do might get repeated. That's ok. Our just has to be the best among all. Three groups from our team, so atleast 2 groups have to win if not all of us. But lets aim for the highest." Said Randhir seriously.

The girls were gaping at the guys without blinking. "Kya?" asked Randhir irritatedly.

"How did you guys manage to speak to all?" asked Kastuki

"It was Randhir's idea. Only when we interact we get to know what the others ideas are." Said Parth.

"Yeah. He asked us to talk to them when we find time." Said Jiggy

"But even you would have to give out details right?" asked Vidushi

"Yes, it's a healthy competition. Ok, freshen up, we will meet in 20 minutes to finalize our topics and projects" said Randhir and left quickly and so did the rest of them.

After about 20 minutes everyone assembled at the common room and started discussing various topics based on which they could do their projects. Finally it was decided that, Vidushi and Randhir would do solar powered helicopter prototype, Sanyukta and Jiggy would build a prototype for soil testing in the most environment friendly manner and Parth and Kastuki would keep it simple by building a cost effective windmill. They were well aware of what were the things required by them. One of the team members in each team put up the project in writing, while the other had the design ready. By midnight, their projects were ready which would be reviewed by Ankit in the morning.

The next morning, as usual Sanyukta was the last to come, but anyway meanwhile, Ankit had approved all the projects and now it was showtime.

Sanyukta was so busy enjoying the welcome party the previous night, that she was oblivious to the fact that, many girls had tried flirting with Randhir and the other two guys as well. But now, as he entered the hall, every girl was staring at them, while the guys were scowling at them. Sanyukta literally fought the urge to kick a girl, when she purposely fell on the way, just to gain his attention.

Randhir meanwhile who had noticed this distress, chuckled silently to only gulp down his fear when his gaze met her glare. He enjoyed the fact that she was possessive about him, but he still wanted to irk her. That feeling never disappeared even though he was in love with her. So naturally, he bent down to help the girl who had fallen down. He knew she was flirting and his one smile was enough for her to go weak on her legs. While all this was happening, he found a soft but firm grip on his shoulders.

He turned around to see Sanyukta standing glaring at him. He was sure that if looks could kill, he would be dead by now. She pushed him behind her and smiled sweetly to the other girl.

"Are you hurt?" she asked her.

"No, um, I ," she fumbled upon the sudden interference.

"Am Sanyukta from FITE, and you?" she asked

"Raksha." She said and extended her hands for a handshake, while her eyes never left Randhir's.

Sanyukta knew she had to something, "Um, Randhir, I think your girlfriend is waiting." She said.

Raksha's eyes widened, while Randhir smirked at Sanyukta. He was totally loving her protective and possessive nature. But he knew, if he played more, he would have to face demoness Sanyukta. He quickly decided, if she was keeping all the girls away from him, he could keep the guys away from her.

"Oh, don't worry baby. I cant stay away from her." He said and pulled her by her waist. She sighed when she was near him. "See you later Raksha. All the best." He smiled and walked with his hand still on her waist.

"Its peach today!" he exclaimed and smiled at her when they went to their respective tables. She blushed and started checking the things on her table. The other four were ecstatic seeing Randhir in a happy mood and Sanyukta was mirroring the same. They winked at him when Sanyukta was not seeing and he too did it, exactly when Sanyukta looked at him.

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MeenuCrazyPanda 562 70643 29 November 2015 at 10:40am by Dhrenu
SanDhir OS: The Need (My gift to all frustrated SanDhir shippers)

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Author: federized2210   Replies: 147   Views: 43325

federized2210 147 43325 06 August 2015 at 3:31pm by federized2210
FF~ Survival 4/15 pg11/pt6 Reunions and New friend

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Author: dilkeroshni   Replies: 92   Views: 7400

dilkeroshni 92 7400 23 May 2009 at 1:38am by premsONLYmine

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