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Sandhir FF - Survival of the Fittest - Epilogue pg 68 (Page 60)

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awesome update
& I love this ff

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Read all parts once...loved it soon much...
Sandhir is awesm n gangs friendship is soo NYC pls continue
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Part 41

It was way past midnight when Sanyukta gained consciousness. The doctor checked her and informed that she was stable but should always lie down. Since the cuts were deep, the stitches would take quite a while to heal. Maya and Ankit were the first people to visit her.

"Tia?" she asked softly.

"She's ok." Replied Maya, while Ankit kept staring at her.

"Dada, aap." she swallowed her saliva and asked "Aap teek ho?"

He nodded and came out not having the courage to see his sister so fragile. Vardhan squeezed his shoulders to give him some assurance and went in to meet her. Slowly everyone went to meet her. Randhir on the other hand had gone out of the hospital a while ago and had not yet returned. Sanyukta who was awake had asked for him to everyone but since no one knew they could not give her an answer. Since the medicines were of heave dosage she drifted off to sleep in sometime.

She felt someone caressing her hair and so she blinked open her eyes. It took a while for her to adjust to the light, to see who was sitting beside her.

"Ma."  She said and instantly Anju started crying.

"Kya kar rahi thi? Kya milta hai tumhe mujhe aise darake? Ab khush? Dekho mein dar gayi. Ya aur kuch baaki hai?" she shouted and Sanyukta's eyes welled up seeing her mother in distress.

Suddenly Harsh and Randhir entered at that time to control Anju. Harsh held Anju's hands and immediately she hugged him and cried her heart out Sanyukta could not understand the relationship between Harsh and her mom, but nonetheless she was happy that someone was taking care of her. Randhir meanwhile was about to follow his dad, but Sanyukta called him.

"Kuch chahiye?" he asked.

"Sab mujhse gussa kyun hai?" she asked him in a whisper.

"Yeh tum pooch rahi ho?" he questioned her in a controlled voice.

"tum bhi gussa ho?" she asked him with tiny tears forming in her eyes.

"Mein sirf gussa nahi hoon." He said.

"I tried to.." she said starting to get up and sit but winced as it hurt her.

"Just lie down Sanyukta, at least listen this once." He ordered her.

"I tried to reach there before, par woh log pehle hi Tia ko maarne shuru kardia. Am so sorry, meri waje se sab ko kitna problem hua. Mein tia ko kuch hone nahi deti. Dada, dad aur tum usse bahut pyaar karte ho na, isiliye I didn't want her to get hurt. Samir warned me not to tell anyone." She confessed very softly finding it difficult to speak as her stomach hurt her a lot.

"Aur khud chali gayi. Agar karate pata tha, toh pehle hi mukka kyun nahi mara. Stupid girl. Frumpy ki frumpy hi rahogi. Ek baar bhi nahi socha ki sir ki kya haalat hoga, aur mere baarein mein bhi nahi socha." He said. He started in anger but ended up being hurt. He felt that she didn't trust him to tell about his sister.

"Tumhare barein mein soch kar hi mein waha gayi." She told him.

"Agar tumhe kuch hua toh?" he asked him like a child sitting beside her.

"Agar Tia ko kuch hua toh?" she asked him back and he had no answer to that.

"Par mein tumhe maaf nahi karunga." He said taking her hand in his.

"Pata hai. Par mana lungi." She answered with a small smile.

"Kaise?" he asked.

"Aise." She said and kissed his hand softly.

"Mein bahut dar gaya tha Sanyu." He told her and tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Am sorry." She said and kissed his palm again.

"Agar tumhe kuch bhi hua na mein apne aap ko kuch karne keliye ready tha." He told her in a low voice.

"Matlab?" she asked him bewildered.

"Matlab, I cannot live in the world where you are not there." He confessed looking directly in her eyes.

"Yeh kya bol rahe ho?" she asked him confused. But mentally she was almost dancing.

"Tum sach mein Frumpy ho ya act karti ho. Anyway, I don't know how to lead a life in which you are not present. I need you as I need air to breathe Sanyukta. It might sound clich but you've changed me, the way I see things and people. I was against love Sanyukta. It never existed in my life. I only loved one person - dad. After him I knew I was responsible for my sister even though she is older than me. But it was not her choice when she left us, so technically I never hated her. I just disliked women. Then you came along changed my perspective. I hated you for guts, confidence and beauty." He said and moved to sit on the bed closer to her.

He gently rubbed his thumb on her knuckles as he continued to speak "Pata hai, the first day I saw you in class in my place and we fought?" while she nodded her head in a daze. "I was literally dazzled by you. I had never seen anyone so simple in my life till then. All the girls I had met until then were high class girls. They all thought they were some amazing model and flaunted their body. Many times they've tried seducing me and the other two too. That's another reason why I hate girls. But you, even in salwar looked sexy that day. I remember you were wearing a green dress and you named Jiggy as Makeout." He chuckled at the memory and Sanyukta smiled at him. "And you called me Richbrat. Why may I ask?"

"You were acting like one." She said smiling at him.

"Yes I was. It was just to cover up for what I actually felt. I was confused. Am so sorry Sanyukta. I've treated you so badly in the past one year. I misunderstood that you had an affair with one of the professors to enter into DT and become captain and stuff. Don't get me wrong but I didn't you're your relationship with Sir. That was one of the reasons for me behaving like what I did. I didn't know I was jealous until I saw you flirting with Jiggy. That was too much to take in. but I felt so stupid and when I got to know that it was a plan. I started falling for you from the beginning, but I always masked it with my rudeness and anger. But seeing you suffer from your nightmare and the innocent look in your eyes, made my mind change instantly. I was ready to accept my feelings. Am not sure if you are ready to hear me out, but I really want you to know." He said and stopped.

He got off the bed and knelt down, still holding her hands "I know this is probably not the right time, but I feel I would burst if I don't tell it you now." He said and took a huge breath and continued "Sanyukta, I may not be the super romantic guy you read in various novels or see in in movies. This is me rude arrogant and as you say richbrat. I've never bowed my head to anyone in my life so far nor will I in the future, but to me, you will be my queen and I your servant. I love you and want to spend rest of my life with you. Please don't expect another proposal from me, I really am not that kinda guy. So let me ask the question now, will you marry me when the right time comes?" he asked.

Sanyukta was overwhelmed with his confession. She tried getting up but he held her back "No no no. don't get up." He pleaded with her.

"But I want to stand up now. And you said am your queen." She told him sternly and he had no other choice but to help her. He held her by her waist as she could not bear her own weight.

"Am sorry." She said and waited for his reaction and as expected his face fell.

"Am sorry I troubled you a lot before, but you asked for it. I always knew deep down you had a child's heart and would never do anything to hurt me in the long run. Parth did give me a small glimpse as to why you were like this and I figured out the rest. I'd be a fool if I don't tell you now that, I find it extremely difficult to survive without you. When Samir slashed me with his knife, I didn't know if I would make it and I just imagined your face at that time before I passed out. Am sorry you had to go through so much because of me. If you are ready to change yourself for me, then so should i. lets not change totally, but try to understand each other in a better way. And to answer your question." She said and leaned in close to him and found his ear and said "Yes. But I'd like to date you till then."

He pulled her away from him so that he could see her face and asked "Tell me looking at me."

"Yes." She said and blushed.

"And?" he asked

"And what?" she asked him confusedly.

"Why are you saying yes?"he asked trying not to lose his patience with her.

"Because you asked." She said.

"Alright, be it your way." He said and made her lie down and came on top of her, being careful that none of his wait was on her.

"What are you doing?" she asked him nervously.

"Something should be done to make you answer," he paused and said "Baby" softly near her ears and she felt tingly.

"Repeat after me." He ordered her and said "I"

"I" she replied while he kissed her ears and went to her eyes and placed a soft kiss on them. "Love" he said

"Love" she continued and he kissed her nose and kissed the side of her mouth. "You" he said.

"You" she replied softly while he pecked her mouth lightly and got up.

"Huh?" she said completely angry on his behavior that he just lured her and never intended to kiss her.

"Good, I got what I want. Now you rest, will see you later." He said

"But?" she said dejectedly.

"Get well soon baby, you will get it then. Maybe more." He said and winked at her while she blushed.

"I promise to make your face look like an apple or tomato." He replied and walked out.

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Part 42

It was a week after the incident and Sanyukta and Tia were discharged. They were still in Mumbai, as the doctors had strictly told Sanyukta to not travel. But, they were planning to go back home by flight the next day. Ankit was slowly reconciling with Tia but he was still angry with Sanyukta. Randhir tried to talk to him and made him understand that what she did was for him and Tiasha. Everyone spoke to him and encouraged him to have a talk with Sanyukta.

He knocked the door of the room where Sanyukta was staying in the hotel and waited for her to answer.

"Come in." she said and sat on the couch. Now she was able to walk, but very slowly. She was to take ample rest and not strain much.

"Lets talk." Said Ankit in a very professor like voice

"I don't want professor Ankit talking to me. I want my Dada to talk." She said. She was very sad that her brother had ignored her throughout the week. She had cried about this to Randhir and he had promised that Ankit would come and talk to her soon. Meanwhile everyone got to know what happened between them and were happy for them. Harsh was on top of the clouds and was excited that he got two daughters - Tia and Sanyukta. Tia had left her mother and decided to stay with her father and brother.

"Look, am sorry ok. I didn't realize at that time how dangerous this could be. All I wanted was Tia to be safe." She said when Ankit didn't say anything to her.

"You can never stop loving her dada. She was blackmailed. I told you from the beginning that something was wrong. If only you could have listened to me, we could have avoided all this hassle." She said frustrated.

"Aap baat karenge ya nahi." She asked him finally.

"Ek hi shart pe maaf karunga. Nahi do." He said after a while.

"Kya?" she asked him.

"One, help me make Di realize her feelings for Vardhan sir and two, get engaged to Randhir." He said.

"What? Engaged? Dada, am just 18. I don't want to get engaged now. Yuck." She said disgusted at the thought.

"Ok, then you don't have the permission to go out with him." He said coolly and started going out.

"Dada, this is cheating." She whined.

"Not to me choti." He said and walked out.

She was sulking when Randhir entered the room and hugged her from behind.

"Gussa ho?" he asked her and she nodded her head in yes.

"On me?" he asked her and she said nodded a no.

"Sir?" he asked her and she nodded a yes again.

"Why?" he asked her turning her to face him.

"He wants us to get engaged. Or else he wont let us go out." She pouted.

"Itni si baat? Ismein kya hai?" he asked placing his hands on her waist.

"What? Engagement Randhir. It's nothing less than marriage. Just one step less." She fretted.

"So what?" he asked her casually.

"You don't understand. Dekho, you will be tied with me forever. I mean you will lose all the freebies a guy enjoys - no flirting, no sighting, no bachelor life, no.." she could not continue as he had shut her with his mouth on hers. He held her gently and kissed her softly.

"Mujhe nahi chahiye woh sab." He murmured on her lips and continued to kiss her, "In fact, hame license milega yeh sab karneka. Aur agar tum chaho isse zyada." He said and winked at her after pulling out.

She slapped him on his chest and buried her face on his shoulders. He hugged her closer and said "I don't want to flirt, check out anyone apart from you. Its just a ritual baby. You already own my heart and soul. And if we make it official you don't have to bother about the other girls, while I don't have to worry about the guys who want to pursue you."

"Who even wants to pursue a girl like me?" she asked him innocently.

"Oh, you don't know sweetheart. If looks could kill, I have killed a 100 guys at the fest." He said.

"Fest se yaad aaya? Ab hamare DT competition ka kya hoga?" she asked him breaking the hug and sitting on the bed.

"Sir said he was just trying to boost us up with that kind of a threat. We've already been selected for DT." He said sitting beside her.

"Already selected? How?" she asked him.

"Remember Vardhan sir asked us to make a presentation on various topics?" he asked and she nodded her head.

"Well, all those were sent to the organizers and they felt that we were eligible to participate. The competition starts next year. Each year from next year there will be one level. In short, we have two levels until the finals which will be international level and conducted in London." He told her and she was beaming with happiness. She hugged him tightly and kissed his cheeks.

"I've taught you better baby." He said and pressed his lips on hers. He knew she would not be able to withstand this pressure so he slowly pushed her on the bed and made her lie down. He carefully came on top of her and kissed her hardly. Once they were out of breath he broke the kiss and rested his forehead on hers. "Lets get engaged." He said and she replied "Hmmm."

"Matlab?" he asked her.

"If you don't stop me from everything and let me be me, I don't mind." She said and smiled at him.

"Never." He promised and got up.

"Ruko." She said "Ek aur problem hai."

"And what is that?" he asked

"Dada said, he would forgive me only if I help him in making Di realize her feelings for Vardhan sir." She said.

"We'll figure out something. Now you rest. I will come back with dinner after a while." He said and went out while she drifted off to sleep in a few minutes.

All of them reached Delhi the following day and halted for a while before they could get back to Rourkee. At that time, Randhir decided that he would gather up everyone and discuss about Vardhan Sir and Maya Di at his house. All of them agreed to it and soon departed to Rourkee.

Everyone resumed college the next day except Sanyukta. She was given medical leave and that she could join only when she was completely alright. Anju and Harsh caught up with each other. They found solace in them, finally they faced their grievances and cried their hearts out. So long, both had held themselves together for their children, and now when they found their friend, it was like pricking a bubble. Just an assured touch was all that took Anju to break down to Harsh. Meanwhile, Randhir kept texting her every one hour during college time and called her up once college was done.

It was more than a week since their return from Mumbai and now Sanyukta could walk without any pain in her tummy, however she was still healing. All the DT members had come to her house to discuss about Vardhan and Maya. Anju was in the kitchen getting them some snacks when Randhir came to help her.

"Aunty, aap rehne do, mein karti hoon." He said

"AUr mujhe paap mile?" she asked him with a smile.

"Paap? What are you saying?" he asked confusedly.

"Jamayi se kaam karne ka paap." She teased him while he blushed and looked away.

"Go and sit with them or help Sanyu come down." She said and winked at him.

"Woh karunga par usse pehle aapki help karna hai." He said and helped her.

As he was coming out of the kitchen with the trays, Tia came out of nowhere and grabbed one form him while Ankit took the other.

"Arey, mein kar raha than a? agar gir gaya toh?" he asked them.

"Aap beith jaiye, hum yeh sab karenge" said Ankit while Randhir was surprised.

"Par.." he started

"Par war kuch nahi, aap iss ghar ki daamad ho aapse kaam kaise karwayenge?" asked Tia.

"Aap? Di are you mad?" he asked her.

"Jao beta, tum Sanyu ko le aao." Said Anju patting his back. He glared at everyone and stormed to sanyukta's room and sat on the bed with a thud.

"Kya?" she asked him

"I don't like the way your family is treating me. Upar se dib hi," he spat at her.

"Tia? And what did my family do to you?" she asked him confused.

"Beta, tum is ghar ki damad ho toh kuch mat karna." He mimicked her mom.

"Aap beit jaiye." He mimicked his brother and Sanyukta started giggling. "Seriously?"

"Arey, mein gusse mein hoon aur tum has rahi ho?" he asked her and she started laughing hard.

"Haan haan haso na. pura khandan pagal hai." He said walking towards the window with his arms crossed on his chest.

Sanyukta went near him and poked his right arm. Initially he didn't respond, but when she continued to poke him he unlocked his hands and pulled her to his side while she rested her head on his shoulder and hugged his waist.

"I don't like being treated as some third person Sanyu. Agar tum dad ki beti ho toh mein kyun iss ghar ka damad?" he asked her innocently.

"Hmmm... I think..." she started but left it mid sentence.

"What?" he asked

"Tum ma ko abhi tak aunty keh rahe ho na." she said.

He took a deep breath and said "How did I not think of this?" he asked her.

"Because you are mad?" she asked and giggled.

"Mad? Ab dekho ki yeh mad man kya karta hai." He said and moved swiftly so that she was pressed against the wall and he had caged her waist as well. There was no way she could escape his grip. He was way stronger than she was. He moved his face slowly towards her by blowing cool air on her face. Just as he was about to kiss her they heard Ankit's voice "Oye, chod meri behen ko. Abhi tak sagayi nahi hui aur yeh sab shuru."

"As if aap Di ke saath kuch nahi karte." Randhir challenged him raising his eye brows.

"Mere bhai se argue mat karna. Haar jaaoge." Said Tia entering the room.

"Yeh sirf ek student hai, dada toh professor hai." Said Sanyukta trying to get away from his grip.

Ankit smiled at Sanyukta but glared at Randhir. "Jab tak sagayi nahi hoti, tab tak tum dono ek dusre se nahi miloge." He said.

"Aapko bhi yeh rule applicable hai." Randhir said freeing Sanyukta. "Hum toh waise hi college mein milenge. Aap kya karenge Sssiiirrr'" asked Randhir while Sanyukta winked at him.

"Uff, tum bacho yahan kya kar rahe ho? Kuch decide karne ke liye hum mile hai. Niche chalo." Anju scolded them.

They were all discussing when Randhir's hands slowly crept on Sanyukta's waist and stopped there. Sanyukta immediately straightened her back on his touch while he smirked at her. She lowered her duppatta so that it covered his hands and she continued talking.

"Di toh aaj tak shaadi nahi kia because she still likes Vardhan sir." Said Sanyukta.

"We should just lock them up in a room and make them talk. What say?" said Jiggy suddenly.

"Not a bad idea." Said Anju and Vidhusi nodded her head appreciating the idea.

"Where?" asked Kastuki.

"I've never seen Sir out of college." Said Parth

"Nor will Di come to college." Said Ankit.

"So why not make them meet here or at my house?" asked Randhir.

"Brilliant." Said Sanyukta and smiled at him while he too smiled at her lovingly.

"Maybe we can set the outhouse for them." Said Vidushi and Randhir nodded his head.

"But on what occasion are we going to make them come together?" asked Kastuki.

"Engagement." Said Anju.

"What?" asked everyone.

"Haan hum ladki de bhi rahe hain aur le bhi, toh baat pakki karni haina?" asked Anju and wiggled her eye brows at her children.

"About that." Said Randhir and got up "I don't want to get engaged."

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Part 43

"Why?" asked Jiggy sanding up.

"You love her." Pointed Parth.

"So do you love Vidushi. Are you getting engaged now?" he asked him "or are you?" he asked Jiggy while both of them shook their heads in negative.

"Toh bas, hum bhi nahi karenge." Said Randhir sternly.

"Then even I wont get engaged." Said Ankit and glared at Randhir.

Tia took in a sharp breath and was about to cry. Randhir looked at his sister and felt pained. "Kyun, aap meri behen ke saath aisa nahi kar sakte." He said trying to console his sister.

"Back at you." Gritted Ankit.

Randhir turned to see the place Sanyukta was sitting to be empty and he immediately rushed to her room.

"Ruko. Tell us why you don't want to get engaged now." Said Ankit holding his wrists tightly.

"Too many reasons. One we are just 18, two we have things to achieve before this, three you both are older and not yet engaged. Four, Vardhan sir and Di are also not married. So you cant force us. And five I don't like the way am being treated like some third person." Said Randhir scowling.

"Fine, first lets talk about di and sir's relationship." Said Ankit slowly.

"No, them and you both." He pointed at Ankit and Tia "should get engaged first." He said loudly.

"Alright alright, but Sanyu?" asked Ankit

"Usse kya?" asked Randhir confused.

"You will get engaged?" he questioned

"Ya ya, we will but not now, maybe after we finish studying. And anyway shaadi toh hum 28 se kam nahi karenge." He answered.

"Finally, I was scared that my daughter would get married soon." Sighed Anju while rest giggled.

"Ek aur shart hai." Said Randhir.

"What?" asked Anju.

"Mein iss ghar ka pehle beta hoon, phir damad, so I don't want any special treatment." He stated.

"Uskeliye tumhe kuch karna hai." Said Anju silently.

"Pata hai." He paused and said "Ma."

Anju walked upto him and wrapped her hands around him to embrace him while he wholeheartedly accepted it. Tia crushed Ankit's hands and happy tears spilled out of her eyes while the others were grinning widely.

"Ab jao manalo meri behen ko." Said Ankit.

"Koi Zaroorat nahi." Said Randhir and called out to her. She came out and smiled broadly at them.

"Yeh sab plan tha?" asked Kastuki.

"Of course." Said Sanyukta and Randhir together and held their hands.

"So, tomorrow we meet at your house to talk about Ankit and Tia's engagement." Said Anju and all nodded.

Soon after this everyone left Aggarwal house and went their separate ways. Anju informed Maya about this development who was extremely happy for her brother. Ankit meanwhile informed Vardhan and asked him to accompany him tomorrow for the talk which he gladly agreed. Randhir on the other hand had briefed about the whole thing to Harsh who was jumping with excitement about the wedding.

Randhir, Jiggy and Kastuki had taken the day off from college to arrange for the evening. Randhir and Ramu kaka had made a lot of delicacies for the guests while Tia, Jiggy and Kastuki arranged the outhouse for Vardhan and Maya's meet. The outhouse was lightly decorated with artificial lights and exotic variety of flowers.

The others after college, went to Randhir's house. It was the first time Anju was coming to her friend's house and she was elated about that. She had made some sweets with less sugar for Harsh and also for Randhir. Parth and Vidushi came with Anju and Ankit. Vardhan came after a little while and Maya was yet to arrive.

"Anju!!!!" said Harsh as she entered and hugged her while she patted his back to comfort him.

"Ab hum samdhan hai." She said and winked at him. "aur ladke wale bhi." She said with authority while everyone chuckled.

"Haan haan. Aao beta." He said to Ankit and they entered the house. Randhir was meanwhile searching for Sanyukta who had not yet come.

"Sanyu kahan hai?" asked Harsh after all settled.

"Woh toh kab ka aa chuki hai. She's helping Tia." Replied Anju.

"Meine usse nahi dekha." Said Randhir frowning.

"Agar dekhoge toh behosh ho jaaoge." Said Anju.

"Why? Khatarnak lag rahi hai?" he asked

"Bilkul patake ki tarah." She said and winked at him while he blushed and started to leave.

"Arey, aajayegi. Tum betho." Said Harsh while other laughed.

Soon they started talking and within a few minutes Tia came down in a simple lemon yellow lehenga. But Randhir's eyes were busy gawking at Sanyukta who was clad in a very elegant black and red salwar. Her hair was open and she had lined her eye with the khol. That was her only make up along with a small silver bindi. Her gaze met with his and she smiled sweetly at him. Randhir indeed lost his balance and had to hold the table to stand properly. She winked at him and took her place beside her brother who was lost in Tia's eyes.

Someone cleared their throat and all of them snapped out of their dreamlands. "Toh aage ki baat karein?" asked Harsh.

"Haan haan, kyun nahi." Said Anju.

"Umm Randhir beta, outhouse mein ek book hai jismein saare arrangements ke baarein meine note kia hai, who leke aaoge?" asked Harsh. But Randhir was again lost in Sanyukta so he hardly replied.

"I'll get it." Said Vardhan and chuckled at his love struck students while Harsh smiled at him.

As soon as Vardhan left, Maya came. "Zyada miss kiya kya?" she asked.

"Nahi toh, we were waiting for you." Replied Anju.

"Tia, tum aaj bahu ki roop mein bahut achi lag rahi ho." Said Maya and winked at her while Tia blushed hard.

"Ramu??" called Harsh.

"Ji saab?" he said entering the hall.

"In logon ko shagun den eke liye kuch envelopes diye the na, kahan hai?" enquired Harsh.

"Wo saab, mujhe laga aap outhouse mein baat karenge isliye wahi chod diya." He said shrugging.

"Jab ghar hai, outhouse mein kyun baat karenge. Aap bhi na. Maya beta, tum wo le aaoge please? Yeh saare bache toh apne apne la la lands mein hai." Requested Harsh.

Maya chuckled lightly and said "Sure uncle." She got up and left to the outhouse. As soon as she left, Jiggy sprinted behind her without a noise and locked the outhouse doors once she was inside. He showed a thumbs up sign and instantly the lights went off.

"Yeh kya musibat hai." She said and started taking steps cautiously trying to feel anything and everything on her way as her eyes adjusted to the dark. As she was walking, she suddenly tripped over something and was about to fall down but she never touched the ground.

"AAA" she shouted.

"Chilla kyun rahi ho." Came another voice and she recognized it immediately and lightly shuddered. He made her stand properly and left her on her own.

"There is a couch two steps away from here. Go and sit there while I go and check what's wrong." He said moving towards the door. He tried opening the door but it was all in vain.

"Looks like we are stuck here." Said Maya.

"Yeah!" replied Vardhan sitting beside her.

"Hmmm, I think this was a set up." Said Vardhan after an awkward silence.

"Why? And who would do it?" she asked bewildered.

He chuckled and said "Your family and my students."

She widened her eyes and somehow Vardhan found it very cute. He shifted closer to her while she involuntarily moved towards the other end of the couch.

He sighed and said "I know what is going on."

When she didn't answer he continued "We missed you a lot. DT was incomplete without you and we had a tough time. I was so angry on you. I never wanted to see you again."

She let out a light sob and he took her hands in his to comfort her. "Am so sorry I was not there to help you out then. One word Maya. Just one word and I would have made those guys pay for it. Didn't you trust your Vardhan then, if not me atleast you could have told it to Niha." He said. By now she was weeping silently and he put his hand around her and brought her closer to him.

"Ssshhh. It's over now. They will pay for their deeds." He said and kissed her hair.

She pulled away from him suddenly realizing that going closer to him will only break her heart again. She had a crush on him since the first day of their college but when he and Niharika were in a relationship, she respected that and continued to be their friend. Things had not changed now. Neither had he stopped loving Niharika, nor did she stop loving him.

Vardhan saw the confusion and fear in her eyes. Her nose was red because of her weeping session and he had a sudden urge to touch. So he did that. he moved closer eying her lips and this scared Maya to the core.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

He sighed at the stubborn girl in front of him and said "Stop fighting your feelings for me Maya. I think am still shrewd enough to know what's going on in your mind."

"Nothing is going on in my mind." She retorted angrily.

"Oh yeah?" he said and pulled her even more close that they were just an inch away. "Shall we check that?" he asked and was about to place his lips on hers.

"But Niha.." she shivered.

"Am sure Niha would be happy seeing me moving on again. Am not saying I love you Maya, maybe with time that'll happen. But I do like you. And honestly, I think I need you more than you think." He said and his sincerity could be seen in his eyes.

"I guess my love would be enough for both of us." She replied and he didn't wait for any further to kiss her.

PS: Epilogue on Sunday

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Love it
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he is so besharamWink

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