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Sandhir FF - Survival of the Fittest - Epilogue pg 68 (Page 60)

.scarlet. Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2015 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Resva... Will unres by saturday
Btw plz update the index..

samyukthakrish Goldie

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Part 34

"I was in class 4 when Nirmal tauji passed away and so Maya di came to stay with us. Mr. Aggarwal never like tauji and so there was this inherent hatred for Maya di too. But since taijee was not alive, mom adopted di and she continued to stay with us. Slowly Mr. Aggarwal's hatred for di reduced and we all became a happy family. A few years later, I think I was in 8th then, dada in 12th and di was in her final year of engineering. It was the beginning of the academic year. I think there were some problems in Mr. Aggarwal's business so he went to help. Prakash Mittal agreed to help him after Sameer his son requested him. Sameer was di's boyfriend. After a few months, business started to pick up and things were normal. One day, February 21, when I returned from school, I saw everything smashed in our house. I kept calling out for mom and dada, as I knew they would be home and di would be in college. Dada had board exams so he was at home. But that day, both had gone somewhere. I thought someone broke in and tried to run away and that's when I heard her voice." She stopped and started sobbing more while Harsh comforted her.

"Di was screaming for help and I heard some people laugh at her. I dashed up to her room to find 3..." she could not continue as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Its ok Sanyu, you don't have to go further." Said Harsh softly and pulled her into his embrace to give her some strength and support. Meanwhile Randhir had turned white listening to what had happened. He slowly entered and sat far away from them. At the moment he was sure she would not have heard him come in.

After a few minutes she continued "Di was shouting for them to leave her. But they were so merciless. One held her hands other her legs and Sameer..." she had so much vengeance in her voice that if by chance he was before her eyes right now, he would be turned into ashes.

"I quickly realized what was happening and threw a few heavy books on them. One fell down unconscious, while the other was hit at his well you know." She shrugged. Harsh chuckled while Randhir smiled a little.

"But Sameer was unharmed. He left di and came for me and that's when I saw di's appearance. Its still in my mind. Even beggars were dressed more better. There was instant relief when Sameer left her and attacked me. He came so close to me that I realized he was drunk and not in his senses. He tried to.." she started hyperventilating and Harsh held her tightly. Randhir hands were intertwined and he crushed it such an extent that his knuckles were turning white. Harsh knew what was coming next and eyed Randhir to keep his cool.

"He tried to mol... molest me too." She said the words finally and broke down. But soon controlled herself "Di saw what was happening. She covered herself with a blanket and attacked him from behind. Together we took him down. Di tied his hands with something and gagged him too. The other guy who was in pain started to move so I took a vase and hit him on his head. He fell down unconscious. I hugged di so tightly that we didn't move until dada came to our room. He was beyond shocked and furious. Mom broke down and kept cuddling us. We handed them to police after dada called them." She said and hugged Harsh even more.

"Mr. Aggarwal was furious when he came home. Funny part is he was not furious to what happened to his daughters, but that his funding was withdrawn by Prakash. He bashed di and sent her out. I kept wailing that it was not di's fault. He called her all names. But di had already gone out and I was restrained by him. He held my hand so tight that my hands were fractured. Dada pushed him away and helped me. Finally mom mustered her courage and slapped him hard. She kicked him out of the house and thank god the house was in her name. one sensible thing which he had done in his entire life I think. Then mom lodged complaint with the police for di. After so many months we found her. By then dada had finished his boards and joined college. He was in his second or third year when we found her. She had dropped out from college and pursued MBA. Meanwhile mom had started working too. Those few years were so tough. I was in depression and would always get these nightmares with varied stuff, maybe my imaginations. Dada had just joined college. Di was missing. Mom was so stressed. But once di came back everything fell in place. She had earned a name in just a year by setting up hotels. It was small but now she is doing fine." She finished her story and looked up at Harsh who had tears running down his eyes.

His best friend's family had suffered so much and he was totally unable to help them then. But now he resolved that he would take best care of everyone. Randhir on the other hand had gone out the second she finished her story.

"So what does your brother do now?" he asked gently

"Dada professor hai hamare college mein. Ankit Aggarwal. Only Kastu knows. No one else." She said and asked him to keep it a secret.

"Now I understand why you didn't want to call me dad the first time. But what made you call me like that now?" he asked out of curiosity.

"I don't know. You are everything how a dad should be, I sometimes envy Randhir that he has you." She confessed

"And he envies that you have your mom." He said smiling at her. "So, now that most of your weight has been lifted tell me why you have become quiet all of a sudden" he told her.

"I don't know if I should tell you. You wont understand." She mumbled

"Its ok. Try me." He urged her.

"I I think I like your son." She said blushing and Harsh was in cloud 9.

"But am not sure if he likes me. Am not worth it anyway." She said sadly.

"One thing sweetheart, I know my son. He has also gone through a lot, but not as much as this. In these tough times he has become the person who he is now to the outside world. I've seen him gradually change once he met you. I mean you all. He has a child's heart just guarded by high walls." He said without giving away his son.

"You wont tell him na that I told you." She asked him childishly.

"Your secret is with me." He said and reassured her. She quickly kissed his cheeks and went away to find her friends and Randhir. As she entered the study room, she saw only the girls sitting there with a helpless face.

"What happened?" she asked in her croaky voice.

"No idea. Suddenly Randhir crossed this room in rage. His face was red. Jiggy and Parth have gone to search him." Said Vidushi

"But what happened to you. Did you cry?" asked Kastuki

"I was just talking to dad." She said and went in search of Randhir.

She searched in his room, gym, terrace and everywhere in the house. Jiggy and Parth came back after a while and upon questioning them, she came to know that he was in the outhouse killing his punching bag with all swear words. She immediately rushed to him. She was so worried about him, that she didn't care about the warning given by the other two. She knew he didn't have dinner and so she quickly made some Maggi at outhouse and left it on the dining table there. She slowly went up to his room here and opened the door.

She saw red everywhere near him. He was that furious and his knuckles were dripping with blood. Her eyes without her knowledge teared up and as she approached him. She laid her hands on his shoulders to stop him, but she was instantly pinned to the wall with one hand and the other hand was ready to punch her right on her face.

Seeing her teary face he dropped his hands instantly and turned away from her. He was angry to such an extent that he would hunt Sameer right now and show him his place for meddling with women and his woman too. It would be no big thing to find him, since his dad was still a big shot business man. But who cares how rich he is. One should know how to treat a woman and this definitely was not the right way. How much ever he hated his mother, he had never disrespected her at any point. He was angry on himself for always nagging Sanyukta to tell him about her past and nightmares when he himself has not confessed about his past to her. Now that he knew her past, he felt that she had every right to know his past as well.

She walked slowly towards him and held his hands and pulled him out of the room. She made him sit on the chair and started cleaning his hands which were covered in blood. He saw her eyes had unshed tears and he knew that it was because of his behavior right now. He being hurt, hurt her a lot. He was happy seeing that someone other than his dad showed him care and love. He wanted to test it and so he said "I heard what you told dad."

Her hands froze and his hands slipped from hers. He saw her expressions turn from confusion to fear to sadness. She masked it and held his hands tenderly and continued her work.

"Tumhe gussa nahi aaya?" he asked her

"Nahi. I promised to tell you after fest. Of course I would have been happy if you waited, but.. its ok, I don't have to repeat it again." She said completely hiding the urge to cry with a sad smile. It took all his self control to not kiss away her pain and sorrow. She placed his hands back on his lap and started feeding him maggi which she had made before.

"Sorry." He said realizing that she truly was not angry and cared for him. This simple gesture of feeding him made him emotional and a few tears rolled down his eyes. She wiped his tears and stood to clear the plate. He pulled her close and hugged her tightly. She didn't cry, but she could feel her shoulders become wet. She pulled apart and wiped his tears. "Don't cry for me Randhir." She said

"I was 5 when mom left me." He said and recounted his past to her. By the time he finished, she was sitting on the couch and he was lying on her lap comfortably with her stroking his hair lovingly. She bent down to kiss his forehead and said "Sleep Randhir." This was all he needed when he was 5 and yearned for it since then, the warmth, care and love. Till now he was unsure if she loved him, but after this he was confident that she indeed loved him. He closed his eyes and decided that he would propose to her once the fest was over in his grand style. Though he was rank one and knew everything, love was something he was weak at. So he had to consult his dad and others as well.

PS: too dramatical past? LOL but i recently came to know that many family men abuse their children. so just a small insight how inconsiderate some people can be.

PPS: have almost finished writing the story, so will be ending soon. 

thank youSmileEmbarrassed

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anu_anya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 8:47am | IP Logged
emotional update
poor Maya and sanyu
Mr aggarwal was so cruel
thanx for pm
continue asap
newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 8:57am | IP Logged
awsme updte
loved it to the core
it was worth waiting 

finally the past revealed
omg sanyu suffered alot

harsh is a real sweetheart

rd so angry he want to kill that sameer

rd too shared his past

now hes playing to propose

u r planning to end it

will surely going to miss it

keep smiling
CrazyKupKakes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Ohh u just nailed this part
Perfectly penned
Shit sanyu & maya , damn this sameer -_-
Ohh Mr.Shekhawat is so caring :))
Randhir ^_^ <333
Now i wanna see their love story !!
Continue soonish !!
CrazyOeuvrer IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 10:24am | IP Logged
first thanks for the pm
you have written really well and make sure those bastrds shall het worst punishment of their lifes.
keep writing.
nice updateSmile
StarBull IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 11:15am | IP Logged
one of the most emotional updt
Sanyu and Maya goes through a lot
wish Rd listen to her confession to Harsh
Love sanyu's care for rd
sanyugracy27 Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
amazing beautiful update

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