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Sandhir FF - Survival of the Fittest - Epilogue pg 68 (Page 58)

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awesome lovely update thanx for double dhamaka thanx for pm continue asap

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awesome update
waiting for next
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Part 37

Upon a whistle from the organizer, gone was the joyful Randhir to be replaced by the serious don't mess with me Randhir. Everyone at the hall were busy in their projects. Randhir and Vidushi were way ahead of time and had almost completed the project. So an idea struck Randhir that he immediately went to the backyard of the hotel, which had been temporarily converted into a scrap yard. He went through the items present and let out a whistle when he found what he was looking for.

As he turned to go, he was mobbed by around 5 girls. Instantly he fell down as one after the other pounced on him. He knew he looked smart and sexy as hell, but this behavior was intolerable. Before he could do anything, one girl attacked him by smashing her lips on his. He tried pushing her away, but a few other girls had restrained him. He gave up and laid still as he knew that once he does not respond, the girls would leave him and as anticipated, they left him.

He got up, dusted himself, washed his mouth thoroughly with some water and started to walk when the girl who kissed him called him out. "Randhir!!!! I love you." She said.

"I don't have my heart, its with someone else." He answered and left from there. He was disgusted at the girl's advancement and also that he had lost some precious time. When he returned, his gaze locked with Sanyukta's who looked troubled and concerned. She raised her eyebrows in turn asking what happened, while he smiled back at her assuring that everything is fine. This exchange was seen by the girl who kissed him and she seethed in anger.

"Where have you been? Aur yeh ladki Sanyu ko aise kyun dekh rahi hai?" asked Vidushi as she finally assembled the parts of helicopter. He glared at the girl and got back to work.

"Girls are so irritating." He said and set to work.

"Hey!" exclaimed Vidushi loudly and caught his hands.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to generalize" he quickly said correcting his mistake and also avoided the questions from the rest of the teams.

"Good, now tell me what happened?" she asked to which he replied that he would tell her later and that they had much important work to do.

There was another whistle marking the end of this round. Soon the panel of judges came to judge each project. The hall had been divided into 5 rows with 10 teams in each row. There were three judges who took turns in inspecting various projects and noted down their opinions.

It was decided that results would be declared along with cultural and sports events, so now, everyone went for lunch. Once they finished their lunch, all of them moved to their respective cottages and suites respectively since they had about two hours before the next event started.

Once they were comfortably seated, Vidushi started "What happened back then?"

Randhir let out a sigh and said a few girls mobbed him and because of that he lost a lot of time which he could have otherwise used in completing the project well before time. Everyone were laughing including Sanyukta who only did that so that she could hide her anger, anxiety and fear of losing him from others. She was lost in her thoughts that she failed to realize that others had left her alone in the room. She slowly stretched on the couch and slept off. After a while she found someone waking her up. When she opened her eyes, she found Randhir looking at her intently.

"Hi." She said to which he chuckled and said "hi, its time. Don't you want to see the other events?"

"Yes yes. It started? Why are you still here. You should be at the auditorium." She said in a panicky voice. He shut her mouth by placing his hands there.

"Calm down Frumpy." He said in a soft voice. How long has it been sicne he had called her that. In fact she had longed for him to call her that. She smiled at him. "First its sports and then its culturals. Jiggy and Parth have left. They wanted a small warm up session, the girls have accompanied them." He said.

"Oh." She replied and  got up.

"Come, lets go. Sirs have also left." He said pulling her as he locked the door when they went out. Soon they reached the ground where all outdoor sports were conducted. Though Parth was an individual participant, they were judged based on their performance. The match started a few minutes later, when Sanyukta had reached. After several attempts she found Parth's gaze and wished him luck. The referee kicked the ball, and the game began.

Parth was defender and his main job was to keep the ball away from his opponents and he was pretty good at it too. He kept passing to his team members and also gave equal chance to others so that they could showcase their talents. However, no one was even close to how he was and everyone started cheering for him. Ofcourse his team didn't score any goal, but that was due to the fault of other players. Once the match ended, everyone assembled in another big hall where indoor games were conducted.

Jiggy had already won two out of three matches and now he was in his final game when his friends joined him. Kastuki was already with him from the start. Once he saw them, his smile reached his ears and he was rejuvenated. His opponent was pretty strong and he had to give his best. The last game lasted for about 25 minutes. Jiggy was very close, but still he lost by one point. Though he lost, everyone took it sportingly and he even congratulated his opponent by hugging him.

Finally it was time for the last event for the day which was cultural. As soon as Jiggy's match was over, Randhir, Kastuki and Vidushi immediately went to the auditorium where the event was held. Parth, Sanyukta and Jiggy took the seats in the middle row from where their view was not blocked. Many students participated and were pretty good too. It was Vidushi's turn and she was happily dancing flaunting her skills efficiently. Every guy was hooting for her much to Parth's dismay, but anyway it was just a talent that she was exhibiting. As she was finishing, they saw Randhir approach them with worry written all over his face.

"Kya hua?" asked Jiggy

"While changing, I think Kastuki sort of had a dislocation and now she unable to move her hand. It looks bad." He said

All of them ran to the backstage where Kastuki was writhing in pain. "Jiggy, take her to the medical room." Ordered Ankit who had appeared there all of a sudden and he continued "Vardhan sir is talking with the organizers for a replacement. Sanyu, you are in." he said helping Jiggy take Kastuki to the medical room.

Sanyukta froze in her place. Its been years since she had danced. She gave up on dancing the day her father kicked out her sister. She tried to forget anything and everything related to him. Dancing was one such thing, since he was the one who always motivated her and encouraged her.

Vidushi had finished her performance and came to her aid - "Come Sanyu, lets get you changed. If Ankit sir is confident that you will do well, then am sure you will." She said and pulled her along with her to the green room. Randhir suddenly stopped and said "I don't know why sir elected you, but as Vidu says, am sure you will be able to do it. Just don't let anything stop you. Think of the ultimate goal - DT qualifiers. All the best." He kissed her forehead lightly and left her.

Few others had performed and now it was Randhir's performance. He kept looking at the backstage to see if Sanyukta had arrived. He tried delaying his act, since he had two reasons - one : he wanted Sanyukta to see his performance and two: next was her act.

As he started he gave one last glance at and to his luck, she was standing there wearing a simple white floor length gown and her hair was made into a fish tail braid. He passed her a smile and started his contemporary act. Clad in white trouser and light blue shirt which was completely unbuttoned, he had set the girls already on fire with his appearance. His dancing skills had exceeded the expectations. Every girl was out of their seats and enjoying his performance while every guy was in awe of his talent. There were swift movements and soft movements as well. In total it was a treat to everyone present there. To finish, he landed on his head with his legs stretched out to the top.

Everyone knew that he had won even though there were a few more performances left. He walked down the stage with his eyebrows raised asking Sanyukta how his performance was. She was stunned to see him so casual. It was the first time she had seen him dance. Of course during one of the DT tasks he had made the robot dance like him. But that was robot and this was Randhir. She quickly placed a kiss on his cheek and went up on stage to present her act.

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Part 38

As she walked on the stage, she heard numerous gasps. She was nervous and this fueled it more. She took her position. A rope dropped from above and there was a pole kept on the stage as well, which could be used by the participants. She had not practiced anything and this was just to fill in Kastuki's position.

Yaani's Nightingale started to play and she started dancing softly to it. It was a famous orchestra song by the renowned composer and one of her favorite songs. At first no one knew what she was doing, but anyway something in her and the song held them captivated to her. As the next chord of the piano was strung she made a perfect cartwheel and landed gracefully beside the rope. She held the rope in her hands and jumped a little to go a little higher. As the piano continued to play the song, she was gliding up the rope without a hitch. Soon she had reached the height to which the pole stood. One swift jump with the rope she landed on the pole.

The entire hall erupted into a big round of applause. But it was not yet over. She quickly fastened the rope on her and on the next chord, she tumbled down the pole and stopped a little above the ground. Randhir had taken a sharp breath when this happened and let it out only when he realized that this was a part of her dance. Gracefully she untied the rope on her and did some new and innovated steps. Till now, no one had found what was the dance form she was performing. Nonetheless, they loved it.

She knew the song was going to end and to win she had to show her dance style. Elegantly she unwrapped a layer around her waist. It didn't look like she had removed a piece of cloth, as she was still fully covered and just that her feet were clearly visible. Now everyone were amazed as so long she had been performing a ballet and they understood the leap from the rope to pole, rolling down the pole were all parts of ballet dance.

Of course the essence of ballet was to send a message or portray extreme emotions, but this was simple sweet and sophisticated. She finished her act in the usual stance of standing on the toes of her right leg, left leg was stretched out at 80 degrees and her hands were spread out while her fingers were gracefully hanging.

The whole hall was extremely silent. It looked as though everyone held their breath and was waiting for her to do some more. But every good thing had to come to an end and it was Ankit who broke the spell she had casted on the audience. He started clapping and the same was followed by the others. Every girl who was envying her before were also appreciating her talent.

DT on the other hand was stunned. Vidushi and Randhir were staring as though they saw some ghost while Parth and Jiggy sat motionless. As the applause subsided, she walked out off the stage after she curtsied. She winked at Randhir and Vidushi and went to the greenroom. Just as she came out, people thronged on her and she found it difficult to even stand.

"Leave her! I said leave her." Came a voice roughly and soon she was left alone but she was still suffocated by them. Soon she found Randhir approaching her and held her waist and helping her stand properly. He knew he had crossed his limits by doing that, but he wanted to show the other guys that she was taken and what was better than this? He glared at the guys who were standing close to her than necessary.

Sanyukta on the other hand was grateful that Randhir came to her aid. She was emotionally drained after the performance. When Randhir held her, it was bliss for her. She leaned further into him and passed out. Randhir quickly scooped her in his arms and made way to the infirmary. On the way he asked Vidushi to tag along, as he didn't want Sanyukta to feel embarrassed later. He ordered Parth and Jiggy to wait her until results were announced.

Once he laid her on the bed and moved he felt a pull. When he looked down, he saw that Sanyukta had involuntarily held his hand. He pulled a chair and sat.

"Vidushi, call the doctor." He said which she did without a question.

Randhir kept caressing her hair when the doctor arrived "What's up young man?" he asked.

"Well, she danced and passed out later. Maybe due to exhaustion." Said Randhir.

"Alright, why don't you two wait out until I examine her?" he asked

"We'll stay." Said Randhir firmly and the doctor could do nothing but do his work.

After a few minutes, the doctor said "Ask her to eat properly. I guess she's skipped her meals. I'll ask the nurse to give her juice. Once she regains consciousness, you can take her back."

"Thank you." Said Randhir smiling at him.

"Love is the best medicine for any ailment son. Don't worry, she's fit as a fiddle." The doctor patted his shoulder and left.

"Itna obvious hai kya?" he asked Vidushi while she just smiled.

"Sabko pata hai." She said

"Except for her, she thinks am her friend." He sighed.

"Nothing is wrong in that Randhir. In fact it's better. You both will find the friend when needed and little more at other times." She said winking at him and he just shook his head.

"Check on Kastu while I text the boys." He said pulling out his cell.

He had a message from the investigators that Samir was in Mumbai now. That one text sent him shivers and he immediately looked at Sanyukta. He kissed her forehead and said "Tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga." He replied saying that he wanted every detail about Samir's moves and that if they found anything weird, he should be updated immediately.

"Only two days baby. I will take you far away from all this." He said and squeezed her hands. Just as he was about to text Parth, Ankit barged into the room.

"What happened?" he asked worriedly.

"She passed out." Replied Randhir grimly. He was getting irritated with Ankit's constant concern about Sanyukta. Accepted he showed the same for Kastu, but it was a little more than that for Sanyukta and he could not bear anyone else apart from him showing that concern.

"It's all my fault." He muttered under his breath which definitely was not missed by Randhir. But before he could ask Ankit what it was, Vardhan and the others came.

"Well done guys, am so proud of you all." He said and shook hands with everyone. As soon as he finished shaking hands with Ankit, his eyes fell on Sanyukta who was looking at him with confusion.

"Ah! Sanyukta. How are you feeling?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"I am better sir. What are the results? Did we win anything?" she asked.

"Lets begin from the start. In the projects, we got two prizes - first to Randhir and Vidushi and second to Kastuki and Parth. Yours and Jiggy's came close to third, but that south india college had something better. Never mind. Next in sports we have Parth and Jiggy as winners. And now in Culturals, all three of you have won - Sanyukta, Randhir and Vidushi in first, second and third places respectively.

Sanyukta's face fell when she heard that she didn't win a prize but still she was happy for the others and she wished them luck. Everyone knew that she was sad but saying it's ok or any consoling would only worsen her situation so they kept quiet. After she was done with her juice, all of them went back to their cottage. Ankit had ensured that their dinner would be served in their cottage.

Soon they were busy discussing what they would be doing the next day for their individual projects. Sanyukta had done a complete research in what they would be doing as they had to give a basic structure as to what they were going to do beforehand to the organizers. Now all they had to do was allocate and improvise each of their projects. It was informed to them that there'll be up to 20 ranks and they aimed the top 6.

As usual Ankit informed them that he would verify their work in the morning and retired to bed along with Vardhan. As they were discussing Randhir's phone beeped again. It was a call from the detective and so he immediately excused himself to attend the call.

"Yes, Mr Sharma?" he asked

"Randhir, we've got a problem." He said urgently.

"What?" he asked tensing.

"We just got information back from home that your sister is missing for a while now." Said the detective in a low voice.

"What?" randhir shouted and everyone turned to him with concern. "Nothing, just a friend calling from US." He told them and smiled at them. Sanyukta realized that something was wrong and he didn't want attention at the moment so she distracted them with their work.

"Yes Randhir, we just got the message. She's been missing for the past 5 months. All her cell connections have been disconnected. Last message from her number was to some Ankit Aggarwal asking him not to trouble her anymore if not, he'll meet a lot of consequences." Replied the detective.

"Ankit Aggarwal? Can you trace his number? Maybe we'll get some connection. But what is the reason that we get to know about this only now?" asked Randhir defeated.

"Randhir, we've been manipulated. The tracking device has been found and injected into someone else. So we've been fooled that your sister was in safe hands. But it sort of sent out of coverage signal and that's when our officers got to the roots and found this." Said the detective.

"F***. Dad knows?" he asked.

"Not yet, we thought to inform you first." Replied the detective

"Good, don't tell him. I'll see what can be done." Said Randhir and cut the call.

He chucked his phone on the couch and stormed out of the cottage. He kept running until his legs gave up, he fell on the ground with a thud and started crying. He didn't know how long he was there on the ground crying, but after a while he felt someone pull him off the ground. He knew the touch - her touch, her scent - Sanyukta. He crushed her in his embrace "I cannot lose her."

"Ssshhh. Everything will be ok." She said and rubbed his back soothingly.

"No, nothing is ok." He pushed her away harshly and stood up.

"Meri baat suno." She said trying to calm him.

"She's been missing for 5 freaking months and I get to know about that only now. I cannot lose her. If dad comes to know, he will die. How will I face him? How will I face myself? No no no no. this cant be happening. I sh" he could not complete his sentence as Sanyukta had softly placed her lips on his.

She lovingly cupped his face with one hand and pulled him closer by his nape with the other. Randhir on the other hand was stunned at first but later responded with equal fervor. It was a slow but a soothing kiss. They pulled out when they were out of breath. He pulled her to his chest and hugged her tightly "I love my sister a lot Sanyu. I miss you Tiasha, where are you?" he said crushing Sanyukta more into him.

PS: Please listen to the song when u have time... its really amazing.. Nightingale by Yaani.

Drama shuru hone wala hai :P

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Part 39

Tiasha? Same as dada's Tiasha?' thought Sanyukta to herself. If that's the case, the blackmail note she received from Samir a few months ago, tiasha missing now everything made sense to Sanyukta. A shiver ran through her body out of fear.

"Come let's go. Its getting cold, and you are already not well." Said Randhir and started walking. Sanyukta was still deciding whether to tell Randhir about the connection between Tiasha and Samir. If that was the case, then she had to tell him how she knew Tiasha and then she would have to tell about her brother. But if it helps in finding Tiasha.

"Randhir" she called.

"What?" he asked

"You need to know something." She said.

"About what?" he questioned

"Am not sure, but there is a Tiasha I know as well. And, I got a blackmail message from Samir a few months back asking me to stay away from him." She said in a hurry.

"What? Samir and Tiasha?" he asked confusedly.

"Yes." She replied

"How you know Tiasha?" he asked her.

"Dada ki ex-girlfriend." She said softly.

"S***. DO you have her picture?" he asked

"No." she said after thinking.

"Come with me." He said and both of them ran back to the cottage.

Everyone had slept by then and all their papers were neatly stacked for inspection by Ankit the following day. Randhir searched for his cell phone and found the only picture he had of his sister.

"Is this the girl you are talking about?" he asked and she stood numb seeing the picture. Her eyes welled up, and Randhir knew the answer. He took in a deep breath and called up the detective.

"Find Samir, somehow. I don't care how you do it. Tiasha is with him. If he's in Mumbai, then am sure Tia is also with him. Trust me Sharma, if you don't find him, this will be the end of your career." He said and threw the cell phone and it became pieces. Sanyukta whimpered at this and was shaking out of fear. Her panic attack had started and she was going in a daze. She fell down and started crying hysterically. Her wails were loud enough to wake everyone up and instantly all were looking at them with concern. Randhir had gone to her side and tried to console her, but even his touch or voice could do nothing. His eyes teared seeing her in pain.

Ankit rushed to her and pulled her in his arms. This was the first time he was seeing her crying like this after that incident. "Dada, Samir" she said and instantly he froze. And so did Vardhan.

Randhir and the others were surprised to know the relationship between Ankit and Sanyukta. Kastuki was the only one who didn't look surprised. "Choti, Samir nahi aayega. Tum safe ho, please listen to me." Begged Ankit.

"Sir, Samir is in Mumbai." Said Randhir in a firm voice. Everything fell in place - the concern Ankit showed for Sanyukta, she always diverting the topic when it came to her brother. Suddenly it struck him last message to Ankit Aggarwal "You got a message from her?" he asked Ankit.

"Message from whom?" asked Ankit confused.

"Dada, Samir has Tiasha." Said Sanyukta between hiccups.

"How?" asked Ankit flabbergasted.

"We don't know. We'll know his location in a bit." Said Randhir softly.

"Who is Tiasha to you?" asked Vardhan

"My sister" replied Randhir

"Who is Samir and why is Di with him?" asked Jiggy.

"I don't know Jiggy. Please stop asking questions." Said Randhir irritated.

"Sanyu, Sanyu, choti utho." Said ankit trying to wake up his sister.

"Kya hua?" asked Randhir.

"Looks like she passed out." Said Vidushi.

Ankit took Sanyukta to her room and laid her down. He kissed her forehead and went out. The girls sat beside her and took care of her. Meanwhile, Randhir had asked Sharma to arrest Samir. But he was turned down that until they had proof for the same, nothing could be done. So now all they had to do was wait for Samir to do something because if they tried any move now, Samir would take some precautionary measure.

Everyone had a restless sleep with Sanyukta getting up in between screaming and passing out. Only Ankit or Randhir could handle her. So Ankit and Randhir stayed with Sanyukta and the girls went to the other room to rest. It was around early morning when Sanyukta got up. She was disoriented and her gaze fell on Randhir who was sleeping peacefully. But his eyes were swollen and face was disturbed. She got down to see her brother at the foot rest with his head on the bed. Her heart wrenched seeing her brother so helpless. She got down silently and checked the time in her cell.

But something else caught her eyes as she was checking her cell. There was a missed call from an unknown number followed by a text message Call me'

She was confused but then felt that she had to call back. She checked if any of the two were getting up. Upon seeing no reaction from them, she swiftly went out. After checking that her coast was clear, she quickly rushed out through the door. She dialed the number and waited for someone to pick up.

"Finally, uth gaye?" came the voice from the other end.

Sanyukta froze on hearing the voice. "Pehchana?" said the voice again.

"Sa-samir." She said very softly.

"Bilkul sahi jawab. Ab suno, woh kya haina, yeh Tiasha bahut zidd kar rahi hai ki woh tumse baat karne ki. Toh karogi?" he asked.

"Tiasha tumhare paas hai?" she asked.

"Aur nahi toh kya mein mazak karunga tera saath. Na, kabhi na. le baat kar usse." He said and after a minute came her voice.

"Sanyu." She cried.

"Tia?" she whispered

"Please mujhe bachale." Tiasha cried.

"Tia meri baat.." she could not finish as Samir had come back on line.

"Ab tum sun. Agar tum chahti ho, ki isse kuch na ho, tum mere paas aao. Address message karunga. Agar message receive karke 5 mins ke andar tum decide nahi kia, toh don't blame me for what happens to her." He said and cut the call.

She fell down on the threshold of the cottage. Should I go? Yes yes. I should. Dada loves her, randhir also loves her. Am sure she will be happy. Should I tell them? Maybe they can also help. Yes. She thought and was about to go in when her cell beeped.

Engineer ho na, kuch mazey karte hain iss baat ki. Toh address meine ek puzzle mein diya hai. Solve it and delete the same. Within 5 minutes you will find a man covering his face approach you. Follow him and get into a car he leads you to. Drive and come to me.'

There was another beep and the puzzle appeared. It was thoroughly confusing and she getting tensed.  She realized that if she was going to act like this then she would get to nowhere. She calmed herself by taking deep and long breathes. She saw the message again and quickly solved it.

She texted solved, waiting for your man.' And started looking out for the man which Samir had described.

"Kisse dhund rahi ho?" came her brother's voice. She jumped on hearing it.

"Kisi ko bhi nahi. Bas andar mujhe acha nahi laga." She said covering up.

"Acha jaldi aajao, I'll make breakfast." He said and went inside.

She thanked her stars that her brother went in and at the same time the masked man appeared. She deleted the message, and followed the man. He led her to a car and left from there. She started driving after punching the address in the GPS of the car.

After about 2 hours of driving she finally reached a beach house. It was in a dilapidated condition. She could see a few men guarding the place with guns in their hands. The place was deserted and no one would ever know what happened here. She gulped and got down from the car.

She walked nervously towards the gate and opened it. One of the guards looked at her and then went back to his duty. It looked like they were all informed as to who would be arriving. She took small steps and finally reached the door. She knocked twice until the door opened.

On the other hand, when Sanyukta had not returned inside, Ankit came out to check on her. Upon not finding her, he ran through the entire hotel to find her. Just as he was about to return, the security guard came to him and said. "Bhai, jisse aap dhund rahe ho, woh kuch der pehle ek car mein gayi."

"car mein? Kahan?" he asked

"Woh toh mujhe nahi pata bhai." He said walked to his place.

Ankit on the other hand was blank. He kept on walking until he tripped and fell down. He could hear the sound of crack of his bones. But it didn't cause any pain as at the moment he could not feel anything. With all the blood dripping he reached the cottage in a daze.

As soon as he entered he was bombarded with lots of questions. Vardhan however had realized that something was wrong and immediately called the cops as well as the doctors. Randhir meanwhile had just got up due to the commotion and realized that something was terribly wrong and most importantly Sanyukta was not present.

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Part 40

"Where is Sanyukta?" Randhir asked

"Why does this always happens with my sisters. Pehle Di ab choti" Ankit said.

"Ankit" said Vardhan calmly.

 "Dada!!!" Ankit cried and hugged Vardhan "I cant lose her again. Help me please."

"Ankit Aggarwal! Why are you crying like a girl, be a man! I have called the police and informed them. Jignesh what happened to the tracking system?"

"Sir I have already switched it on, but I guess either her cell is switched off or its beyond coverage so I am unable to track her. Parth is also checking!" said Jiggy

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "It's the police Sir" said Kastuki as she let them in. All of them were discussing seriously when Randhir's cell rang with Sharma's call.

"What have you got me?" he asked.

"Randhir, a conversation had taken place between Samir and Sanyukta this morning. A coded message was sent to her regarding the address, our team is solving it, and we will get back to you." Said Sharma.

"Send me the code." Growled Randhir and cut the call. Randhir quickly updated the others regarding the same and his cell beeped again with a message. He displayed it to others to have a look and quickly set to work. Within 5 minutes he solved and informed others. Just as they were discussing he rushed out and took one of the police cars to the destination. Since Parth and Jiggy were beside the door, they also joined him.

 "Hang on. Girls you are not coming with us. Stay with Ankit!" said Vardhan.

"Dada. Iss baar aap rokenge nahi mujhe. Samir Mittal has to face me now.Am coming." Ankit got up from the couch 

"Aur hum bhi aayenge sir" KAstuki said in a firm voice.

"Chalo then. Lets get going" Vidushi said

 "Mr Suryavanshi. I have sent a few of my boys along with Randhir to the location. We were just waiting for you. Lets leave." The inspector said

They all got into the police van and zoomed out from there.

It was half an hour since they left and Randhir was in the car with his eyes closed and he got all the flashback where he had insulted her and spoke ill of her dad. The police van also caught up with the car.

Soon they reached the location as shown which was a deserted area with just a few houses which were in dilapidated condition. And since only one house was illuminated with light, all of them approached to that house very slowly. 

As per their plan, Ankit first went inside followed by Randhir and Parth. Meanwhile the police officers surrounded the house. Vardhan along with the girls and inspector entered after 10 minutes.

Ankit, Randhir and Parth knocked down a few men who were guarding the entrance with ease and made the way clear for the rest to follow. They were at the entrance and waited there as per their plan as they had decided to enter when the entire place is guarded with police and there will be no way to escape for the criminals. Since the door was made of wood, nothing was visible to them. And they had to strain themselves to see through the key hole. That's when they heard Sanyukta shout

"Don't even dare to come near her!"

"Why? What will you do?" a guy questioned

"You will never be a man again. " she replied with attitude

"Hahahaha. Hey, you are after all a girl. What can you do?"

"Try me baby!" she said

After a few seconds they heard a loud cry. Randhir and Parth gasped whereas Ankit had a serene smile on his face. "Arrey sir you are laughing?"

"Didn't you hear the cry of that guy? Sanyu ne kick maara hoga!" he replied

"You bitch!"

"Oh am I a bitch? Then what are you? SOB right!" she said

"Girl this is not right. Look we will not touch you as per your father's instructions. But that girl we want." He continued

"For that you have to get past me. And you already know my strength. Or you want some more demonstration? And I have no father"

"Why are you protecting her? She is your rival's sister." He said

"Who is my rival? I have no rival except Kishor Aggarwal. He didn't even care about his daughters. How can one do that to their own daughter? Will you do that to your sister or daughter? That man. No animal he can only be my rival. And this girl. She is my life's sister. If anything happens to her it will be after my death."

"Then you better die" came a different voice

Ankit could no longer control his anger and he punched the wall beside him. Randhir and Parth were no less. But Randhir caught Ankit's hand  when he was about to open the door.

"Sir we do not know how many are there inside. Lets wait for the police to come and give us back up." Randhir said

"Am sure by now they would have surrounded the building. Just a few minutes more. Please sir." Parth

"Its Samir Randhir. He already tried molesting her a few years back. Sanyu will feel weak."

"Samir tried molesting her?" asked Parth gritting his teeth.

"Yea!" And Ankit quickly told Parth about the whole thing. "Kehne ke liye Bhai but I could never protect my sisters." Ankit cried while Parth was flabbergasted. Randhir meanwhile was white as a stone again.

 "its ok sir. This time nothing will happen to your sister." Parth said softly but in a determined voice.

Vardhan, Inspector, the girls and police officers had reached the place. All of them conversed with their eyes as they could not afford to talk much and again they heard the conversation.

"Samir Mittal. Where were you hiding for so long."

"Your dad had given some work"

"Oh he is not my dad for your information and how are you now? Looks like your memory is intact!"

"Yea! Its in the right place darling. Maya was not powerful enough that day."

"Don't you even utter her name with that filthy mouth of yours!" she yelled

"Hmmm. Ok Sanyu listen. I love that girl whom you are protecting. She will be happy with me. I wont force her for anything. I love her Sanyukta. Don't you love Randhir. How would you feel if I keep you away from him." Samir continued

"Love? Do you even know the meaning of that word? And I don't have to answer you if I love Randhir or not. And if you had loved her you would not have brought her here like this you scum dog."

"I know you love Randhir and I love Tiasha unconditionally. Her mother approved of me then why not you?"

"You know what until a few months back I fought with Randhir saying that maybe his mother left him as she was not happy with his father. But when I met his dad, he was just the opposite of your boss. He was just about everything. The way he behaved with Randhir and his friends, with his business partners and all. I was amazed how could a woman even think of leaving such a man? He was that loving. He is the best dad. And am proud I know him. It was his mother's problem to not understand her husband's love for her. Why? Because they didn't have money? Who will have money at the start of their career? She could have waited and trusted him. I pity her that she failed to be a good wife. But now I don't even pity her as she failed as a mother too. She has filled Tiasha's heart full of hatred towards her little brother. And there Randhir am sure would have bought gifts for Rakshabandan, Diwali, Birthdays. That's unconditional love."

"Ho gaya? By god itna bada lecture? Tum na Ankit ke tarah teacher banjao. Par uskeliye you need to be alive. But am sorry."


Suddenly the door opened and all of them rushed inside to see that Samir had slashed Sanyukta and Tiasha on their stomach a number of times and was about to give her a final stab when Ankit caught hold of the knife and punched Samir on his face. The girls rushed to Tiasha, while Parth helped Sanyu to stand up. Vardhan and police officials were beating the other men in the room.

Randhir stood there dumbfounded to see his sister writhing in pain with blood oozing out from the cuts and his love trying to go near her. Sanyukta removed her dupatta and tried to it on Tiasha's stomach to stop the bleeding. Seeing her struggling, Kastuki and Vidushi helped her.

In the chaos, Kishor had entered the place and was about to hit Sanyukta on her head, when Randhir caught the rod and gave a strong punch on his stomach. Seeing the new commotion, everyone darted their eyes towards the source. Ankit and Vardhan's eyes had turned red in anger.

All three of them continuously were punching him until they heard a scream from Jiggy "Sir! Randhir! Jaldi aao Sanyukta and Di are losing their consciousness"

Both of them were rushed to the hospital nearby. They were taken to the OT to stop their bleeding. After a few hours the doctors came out of the OT.

"Is Tiasha's relative here?"

"Am her brother" Randhir said

"Son, she is out of danger. Infact her bleeding had already stopped by the time she had come here. Good thinking to tie something around her stomach to stop the bleeding."

Randhir let out a sigh of relief but then asked "Aur San. Sanyukta"

"Well we have operated on her. But she has lost a lot of blood. Her cuts are deeper. Her muscles have been excessively damaged. It will take atleast a month for her to even sit properly. Excuse me" he said and left the place.

Ankit sat down with a thud, whereas Randhir was rooted to the place. Everyone were shaken to the core, while the girls had burst out crying.

After sometime a nurse informed them that Tiasha had gained consciousness. Everyone rushed to her room except Randhir and Ankit to only find her staring at the ceiling without any expression. She turned her head and scanned the people present and then again stared at the ceiling "Sanyu kaisi hai?"

"She is fine. Sleeping now" replied Vardhan

"I cant take any more lies in my life. Please tell me if she is really ok. Jiggy Parth?" she asked as she knew they can never lie to her.

"She is serious" came a voice from the entrance. And Randhir entered along with Ankit.

Her eyes welled up and she started crying softly.

"Tum tension mat lo. Doctor has said that she will be fine soon." Said Ankit without meeting her eyes.

"Ankit, tum bhi mujhse jhoot bolne lage ho?" she asked

"Tia. I mean Tiasha. You need rest now. We will talk later. And first you will talk to your brother" Ankit replied and walked out of the room and the rest followed suit leaving Randhir in the room.

Later Randhir came out and sat along with Ankit as the others had gone to the canteen upon Ankit's request and he would go along with Randhir.

"Aap aur di classmates the?" Randhir asked

"Hmmm" Ankit replied closing his eyes

"Mujhe koi problem nahi hai aap dono ke relationship se" Randhir said without lifting his head from the floor

"I can tell the same thing regarding you and my sister too. But hum relationship mein the Randhir. Not now. She broke up with me."

"Par di.."

A nurse came running to them and informed that they urgently needed O-ve blood as Sanyukta was coding.  Everyone present there were not of the same blood group.

"Mine is O-ve!" a voice came.

"Maya?" Vardhan let out a whisper

"Di!! Thank god you could make it! Jao jao pehle blood dedo." Ankit informed

Maya left along with the nurse and Vardhan was stunned to the core! Ankit went to Vardhan with his head low and spoke "Am sorry Dada. Di promise leli humse that we should not talk to you about her at any cost. I know aap hum dono se naaraz ho. But it was for your good. Di ko pata nahi tha Ki Niharika mam ki death ho chuki thi. When I told her she was totally broken and ..."

"I understand. They were best friends." Vardhan said

"Tiasha?" asked Maya once she was back

"She is good. Bahut weak hai. Par teek hai!" replied randhir.

"Randhir? Can you take me to her?" she asked

Randhir took Maya to Tiasha's ward and sat quietly at a corner in the room.

"Di!! Sanyu..." Tiasha sobbed once she saw Maya.

"Sshhh Tia.. she will be fine. Meine blood donate kardi.. relax baby!" Maya consoled her even though tears rolled down from her eyes.

"Randhir. She is Sanyu's sister. Maya Di!"

"Hmmm. Aap dono baat karo." was all he replied and went out as he didn't want the ladies to see him crying.

After sometime, Maya made Tiasha sleep and stepped out of the room to see Vardhan staring at nothing in particular with a blank expression. Maya let out a deep breath and went to him.

"How are you?" she asked

"Surviving. You?" he replied

"Same here." She said and continued "ummm thank you for helping Ankit"

"It was my duty"


"Jao rest karo" she said

"Its ok. When my family is here I cant be somewhere else." He replied.

She nodded her head and closed her eyes trying to relax herself.

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