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Sandhir FF - Survival of the Fittest - Epilogue pg 68 (Page 44)

himaniagrawal12 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Awesome update

commenting after long time

Always thanx for pm

Loved ur updates

Not to forget love randhir jealous

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samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 1:02am | IP Logged

Part 23

Since it was weekend for them, the guys went to Randhir's house, whereas the girls went to Sanyu's house. After they reached her house, the girls decided to go shopping in the evening and until then they wanted to laze around in the house and get pampered by her mom.

"How are the guys? Why have they not come." Anju asked

"They've gone to Randhir's place."

"Acha Sanyu, Randhir ko phone karo."


"Bas phone karo."

Sanyukta dialed and even vefore it rang, Anju snatched it from her. It rang 4 times before he picked up and said "Kya hai? Agar ek ring mein nahi uttaya toh cut karna chaiye na" he asked in an irritated tone.

"Oh I didn't know this code language beta. Sorry. Next time se yaad rakhungi" said Anju

"Aun.. aunty aap? Am so sorry!"

"Koi baat nahi."

"Wo.. sorry aunty. Kaise yaad kiya?"

"Arey haan. Tum teeno yahan aajao lunch keliye. Ghar ka khana acha hota hai."

"Par hum ghar pe hi hain aunty"

"I'm not that bad in cooking. Shayad maya ki tarah nahi banaungi, par kuch toh aata hai mujhe. You can trust me you know." She said

Randhir laughed whole heartedly and then said "We will be there aunty."

"Good. Acha batao, kya special chahiye?"

"Ummm.. Any dish with panneer"

"And for Jiggy and Parth?"

"They have everything"

"Acha ok. See you soon. Bye beta."

"Bye aunty!"

"Yeh lo Sanyu, tere phone. Waise ek baat batao, tumhare aur Randhir ke beech mein kuch problem hai kya?"

Vidushi who was drinking water choked and spat on Kastu while Sanyu started laughing seeing that scene. "Kya hehehe. Uff.. Am going to wash my face." Kastu said and went from there while Vidushi stood there in embarrassment. "So Sanyu?" continued Anju

"Ma. Hum dono ka na jamta nahi hai. We just don't get along. Hamesha who ladta rehta hai, taunt karta hai, aur kya kya nahi." She said


"Woh hame bhi samaj mein nahi aata hai aunty" said Vidushi

"Mein baat karoon?" asked anju

"Nahi" Said vidushi sanyu and Kastu in unison.

"Ok. Relax girls. So now that we have 3 ,more coming, I want help from you all."

"Ok" they replied

"Sanyu, you go get vegetables - Potato, tomato, Ladyfingers, Onions, Bell peppers, Peas, cauliflower."

"Ma!!! How will I get all these? I mean how will I carry?"

"Arey haan. You have a surprise." Saying this, her mom went to key stand and brought a key to her.

"Ma!!! You repaired my cycle???????? Love you!!" screamed Sanyukta

"Arey cycle hi toh hai! Why is she so happy about it?" asked Vidushi

"It was given to her by her brother. And just before she left to college, some wiring got cut. So I just repaired it."

"Wiring?" asked Kastuki

"Yes. It's a cycle cum bike. But she generally uses it only as cycle. License nahi hai ab tak iski."

"Acha ma, am leaving."

"Haan!! Arey Sanyu, Randhir keliye panneer leke aao"

"Randhir keliye?"

"Haan haan. Jao." She ushered her out, while she continued chatting with the other two girls. After about 45 minutes, sanyukta came and instantly they started cooking.

"Aunty. Mujhe kuch nahi aata" pouted Vidushi


"Wo. Ghar mein cooks hai. So..."

"Ek baat boloon. Cooking is an art. And its not that only girls should know how to cook. In fact more than us, men should know it."

"You are the best aunty!!" saying this Kastuki hugged her'

"Enough of all this. Lets get to work. I will teach you girls a few of my recipes. So Vidushi we will start with simple one, I will teach you to make fried rice. Kastu, tum aloo gobi aur Sanyu mutter paneer. Done?"

"Ok" the girls said in unison. After about 1 hour they had finished cooking and as they settled in the hall, the guys came in. Anju immediately ushered them to the dining table and she ordered the guys to place everything on the table. As Randhir was helping with a dish, Sanyukta came in to take the plates. Randhir smirked at her seeing her do household chores "This is the work that suits you." She says nothing, but just continues doing her work.

Once they finished having, Sanyu, Jiggy and Vidushi were cleaning the table and the others were in the hall. Randhir took his place in the sofa and said "Aunty!! Lunch was amazing. Every dish was awesome." Anju beamed at him, "Well, credit goes to the girls also."

"I don't expect them to do anything." He smirked.

"Arey, they did. In fact paneer..."


"Arey gudiya!! How come you are here?"

"I had a meeting this side, so just thought will drop in. Waise yeh sab? Hi Randhir!"

"Hi, how are you?"

"Am good. Acha yeh sab Choti ke friends hai?"

"Haan! Sanyu!!!"

"Coming!" she shouted back and came out of the kitchen to see her sister standing in front of her. Sanyu ran and almost jumped on her and right in time Maya also picked her up lightly.

"Oh god, Sanyukta niche utro. Di ko lag jayegi!" said a concerned Randhir

"Shut up!" snapped the sisters while Maya continued to hug her, while Sanyu clung to her like a monkey and shed a few tears which was noticed by Randhir alone.

"OMG Di!!!! I could not do this last time." Sanyukta said and got down

"I know, you were busy in someone else's arms." Maya winked, while two others turned red and their eyes met. Maya pulled Sanyukta out of the trance and whispered something to which Sanyu recoiled immediately and said "No no! Kya di? Dada aur aap dono pagal ho chuke ho!"

"Anyway. I need to leave by evening. Till then why don't we have some fun?"

"Like?" asked Parth

"First introduce yourselves kids."

Once the introduction was over,  Maya said, "Its been a long time since I played catching a person when you are blindfolded. Lets do that!"

"Di, seriously?" asked Jiggy


"We are old now!"

"All the more fun to play. Tumhe pata hai, Ma used to play with us."

"Ok. So who will be blindfolded?" asked Vidushi

"Ummm... Lot? And Ma will pick up the chit!" said Sanyu

Once it was done, Anju selected a chit and it had Kastu's name. While she made a crying face, the others laughed when she was blindfolded. Sanyukta guided Kastu to the backyard and started playing. Almost after half an hour, everyone were out except Sanyukta, Parth and Randhir and this time Maya was blindfolded. Suddenly she got a call and instantly took out her cell and spoke "Hello?"

"Yes tell me Sara!... Oh... Ok I will be there in few. Just ask them to wait for 20 minutes... Thanks Sara!" and she cut the call. She removed her blindfold and said "Guys, as much as fun I had, but I gotta go now. Will play something else next time. Alright? Sanyu, why don't you take my position?"

"Ok di. Bye!" she said and hugged Maya, while others smiled at her. "Aur haan, Sanyu is skilled, she will catch everyone. Trust me!" she winked at Sanyu and left.

"Oho Frumpy, so you are efficient eh? Lets see if you maintain the record this time too. Jiggy tie the blindfold." Said Randhir

Once she was blindfolded, Randhir spun her around thrice and said "catch me if you can" and moved way from there. Within 5 minutes, Kastuki, VIdushi and  Parth were out.

"Love, mein yahan hoon" said Jiggy. While Sanyukta moved in a rush and within a minute she caught Jiggy even though he tried to escape. "Now its only Randhir! Mind you Love, he is fast."

"Kids!!! Someone come and help me with making tea!" called out Anju. Everyone went in leaving SanDhir alone to play and they also didn't notice the others leaving.

"Kya hua Frumpy? Are you gonna break your record?"

"No way!" saying this she dashed towards the source of the voice. Randhir tripped over a small stone and fell down and Sanyukta who was following him also tripped on his legs and fell on top of him and to prevent her from banging her head on the ground, Randhir stretched out his hand and due to the impact Randhir rolled over and Sanyukta was beneath him.

"Teek ho?" she asked totally concerned. Randhir froze at the anxiety in her voice. He was studying her features which was etched with worry and concern. He was again lost in her beauty and the way her hair was sprawled on the ground. There was silence for a moment only and it seems so long to Sanyukta that she again voices "Randhir, tum teek ho?"

Hearing his name from her brought a sudden bliss to him and his lips curled up. "Randhir??" she raised her voice

"Ssshhh.. Chilla kyun rahi ho? Teek hoon." He immediately found her relaxing.

"Are you sad that nothing happened?" he asked again

"Shut up! Idiot!" she said and tried getting up with still him on top of her but her hands were locked. They were just inches apart from each other and the proximity affected both of them which was evident due to their increased heart beats.

"Ruko. Lift your head so that I can remove my hand and we can get up" Sanyukta did as she was told and Randhir immediately got up and winced a little. Sanyukta undid her blindfold and was beside him instantly. She grabbed his hand and saw that it was red and a little swollen.

"Chalo mere saath" she said and started dragging him inside. Meanwhile, Randhir who felt like being immersed in ocean of concern rose up and felt disgust as he got reminded of her conversation at the staff quarters. He jerked his hands from his and walked past her.

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samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 1:28am | IP Logged

Part 24

"Ma! Ice lao na. Randhir is hurt." Said Sanyukta

"Kya hua usse?" Anju came running with ice in her hand. She wrapped it in a clean towel and pressed it on his hand. Randhir was getting emotional and to mask it he said "Nothing much. I tripped over a stone and we both fell."

"If you tripped, how did she fall?" asked Vidushi confused

"I was following him." Said Sanyukta

"Irresponsible" scolded Anju. "Here have tea" she forwarded to both of them.

Both of them quietly had their tea, while Anju was still tending to his minor injury. Sanyu went up to her room to change, while others were chatting. Then Anju spoke up, "Acha, kaun captain bana?"

"Randhir" said Kastuki

"Nice. Acha mujhe kheer khane ka mann kar raha hai. Kisi ko chahiye?" asked Anju

"Yes!" "Wow" "Me" came various replies

"Kyun Randhir, tumhe nahi chahiye?"

"Usse, kheer pasand nahi hai" said Parth

"Oh! Acha tum captain ho. Decide what you want! That will be made"

"Kuch nahi"

"Arey sharmao mat. Apna hi ghar samaj lo" said Anju and winked

"Sheera" he replied shyly

"Wah!! Ok. Done. Tumhe Sheera milega." She said and walked to the kitchen.

Within 20 minutes, Sheera was ready and everyone gobbled it happily. "Its been so long since I had this kind of sheera! Its amazing!" beamed Randhir

"You have not tasted sheera made by my daughters." Beamed anju

"Love, tumhe yeh sab aata hai?"

"Not much. But yeah!" she replied

"Awesome. Love tum mujhse shadi karo."

"Aur mera kya?" asked kastuki

"Aur mera?" asked Randhir

"Huh? Tumhe kya hoga bro?" asked Parth confused, while Vidushi smirked. "Haan bolo Randhir, tumhe kya?"

"Wo.. mein.. hmmm.. kuch nahi" he said and went out and into the garage.

After spending sometime in garage by analyzing few more things in the there, he made his way out, to see Parth coming in his direction.

"Chalo, ghar chalte hain"


"Waise kar kya rahe the tum wahan?"

"There are a lot of things in there. So was just trying to improve my knowledge."

The guys left, while the girls went for shopping. They purchased all necessary items and returned home to have a sumptuous dinner and gossip session. Next day, being Sunday everyone were doing things lazily including Anju. The girls finished lunch and returned to hostel. While Vidushi and Kastuki went out to chat, Sanyukta sat in her room to continue her research for presentation in between calling her brother's girlfriend Tiasha from time to time.

It was around dinner time and Sanyukta went to the canteen to meet the rest of the team members and other classmates, as college was starting from the next day. Meanwhile, Randhir informed the team that they should report at basketball court early in the morning to start their workout.

Next day, everyone except Randhir got up with a sour mood as they were doing something out of their order. Soon they assembled and were waiting for their instructor. Everyone were in tracks and t-shirts and this was the first time Randhir saw Sanyukta in a light western wear even though she wore a big loose t-shirt.

"Alright people, since it's the first day, we will have it very light. In fact the entire week it will be like this and gradually we will increase. Now I want you to run around the college twice. Then we will do a few floor exercises. Now, get moving." The instructor told and he started jogging, followed by the entire team.

It took 45 minutes for the girls to finish running, while the guys finished it in 30 minutes. Once they joined the guys, Kastuki was huffing a lot while Sanyukta and Vidushi were better. Randhir smirked seeing them meanwhile they started the floor workouts. After about 20 more minutes, they stopped and decided that this will be continued for the entire week.

The girls sat down thoroughly tired as they grabbed water from the table while the guys were chatting about something and suddenly they burst out laughing leaving the girls amused. Soon they left to attend their classes.

Their lectures were boring as they were a few steps ahead of the batch, but they needed to attend as they required attendance. Post lunch when they were all dozing in the class, a peon informed that someone had come to meet Randhir. However, he never returned even after the college was over leaving everyone concerned.

"Dream Team, assemble in the auditorium in 10 minutes" came an announcement and as usual they all rushed for the same.

"What are we going to do about Randhir" asked Kastu

"Pata nahi. Lets tell the truth. No use in lying" said Sanyukta

"Good. Its good that you all assembled here" said Vardhan entering and then said "Where is your captain?"

"Sir, someone came to meet him in the afternoon and since then we have not seen him" said Jiggy

"We tried calling him, but he didn't pick up" said Vidushi

"In fact his car is also missing" added Parth

"Well, I will be away next week, so I thought we could have one lecture tonight." Said Vardhan. "However, I will not be able to conduct it until the entire team is present. So looks like I need to postpone"

"No need for that sir. Sorry am late." Randhir said and came inside.

"Well, I hope your personal work is over. Now lets not waste time, you can enquire about it to him later" said Vardhan and instantly they were all engrossed in his lecture. After 2 hours, Vardhan left them, while everyone left, Sanyukta called out to Randhir "Hey, I have to discuss something with you, regarding DT work, are you free now?"

"Yeah, tell me" he said

"Come with me" she said and dragged him.

"What are you doing girl, am tired. Just finish with it already" he said in an irritated voice, while she kept walking along with him and entered a room and switched on the lights. She took Randhir's hands and pulled him inside, only when he realized that they were in medical room.

"Why are we here?" he asked amused

"Sit on the bed and roll up your pants" she ordered without looking at him, but he stood there surprised.

"Arey, abhi bhi kade ho?" She pushed him on the bed and made him sit. "Mein hi pant ko roll karoon ya phir tum? I mean if you wish me to do, I don't have a problem." She said with attitude taking a cotton ball in her hand dipped in dettol. He did as instructed and she slowly dabbed an injury few inches above his ankle.

As he winced, Sanyukta slowly blew cold air while tending to him and Randhir didn't speak a word. She finished her work and threw the used cotton ball in the trash and started to go out when he spoke

"How did you know?"


"That I was hurt"

"You are no God Randhir. I saw you limping while you walked in. You may look rough and tough, but you are also a human." She said and went out while peeping in again "By the way, you are welcome." She said seriously, then winked at him and went out leaving Randhir stunned.

Randhir slowly made his way to his room to rest, but he was also aware that he had to answer his friends about his whereabouts.

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kavya01 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 1:28am | IP Logged
nice update...:) randhir ko kab akkal ayegi
newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 July 2014
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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 2:07am | IP Logged
Lovely update
The whole gang on holiday

Loved rd and anju bond
Girls preparing lunch
The tashan between sandhir is so evident

Having gala time together

The blindfold game

Rd feeling so overwhelmed with sanyu care
Bt again that incident

I just hope his misunderstanding sorts out soon

Update soon

Love u
Keep smiling
StarBull IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 2:27am | IP Logged
amazing updt
but ye randhir ka mood swing kab khatam hoga
anu_anya IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 September 2012
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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 2:59am | IP Logged
lovely update
game was too gud
rd ka mu kab dhur ho jayega
thanx for pm
continue asap :)
ikshu Groupbie

Joined: 11 October 2014
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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 3:34am | IP Logged
wow awesome
plzz clear the misunderstanding
as soon as possible btw sandhir
thanks fr the pm 
update asap

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