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Sandhir FF - Survival of the Fittest - Epilogue pg 68 (Page 27)

anu_anya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2015 at 6:35am | IP Logged
awesome update
rd mu sanyu
dat was too bad yar
hope soon he realise his mistake
thanx for pm
continue soon :)

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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2015 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Awsme update loved it to the core

Everything going perfect
Jiggy flirting with sanyu
She's also taking it casually

Ankit gf broke up with him
Sanyu so shocked to know

She was consoling her bro

Rd saw them n misunderstood them

He was fuming in anger
He was so rude to her

He kissed her forcefully

Sanyu so hurt
She's ignoring rd
Which is pricking his heart

Update soon

Love u
Keep smiling

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mika17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 February 2015 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Hope Randhir's mu clears about Sanyu

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anuja78 Senior Member

Joined: 05 July 2014
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Posted: 22 February 2015 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
interesting very interesting...hehehe
good going yaar...
abhi abhi friendship hui hai aur bahot saare phases baki hai...
simply loving this story...

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ikshu Groupbie

Joined: 11 October 2014
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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 12:10am | IP Logged
awesome update dear 
hope rd's m/u clears soon 
and he apologies to sanyu
thnks for the pm
continue soon

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ayu13rockzzz Senior Member

Joined: 07 July 2014
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Posted: 24 February 2015 at 1:48am | IP Logged
Amazing update!!!!!
Misunderstandings Unhappy
Randhir did wrong this time...
He should apologise... 
Anyways Really good update...
Next soon!!!

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samyukthakrish Goldie

Joined: 10 May 2014
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Posted: 27 February 2015 at 6:35am | IP Logged

Part 15

Sanyukta had reached a coffee shop and was waiting for Tiasha to talk to her. She was fidgeting with her cell when she felt a pair of eyes continuously staring at her, and when she looked up she didn't find anything odd. After looking around for a few minutes, she spotted Tiasha coming in clad in a denim blue skirt which reached upto her kness and white sleeveless shirt.

Tiasha gave a small smile to Sanyu and took her seat opposite to her. They ordered for some coffee and pastries and set to talk.

"Yeh kya kar rahi ho Tia?"

"Sanyu I told you already I didn't wanna talk about Ankit."

"Par You both love each other. Why are you doing this?"

"Your brother didn't have time for me. He was always stuck with college and stuff. And now I want some kind of commitment from him and he's not ready for it."

"Commitment matlab?"

"I asked him to marry me and he said no."

"Arent you guys young for that?"

"Atleast that way I will be assured he is with me! You will  not understand what am going through Sanyu. I don't blame you for that. In fact you might find it silly for me to think like this, but am insecure. Mumma toh shuru hogayi ki shaadi karo, settle hojao and all. And she's even looked for a guy. And he's 6 years older to me."

"Aur aap maan gaye?"

"Aur nahi toh kya karti!!! Paise hai mumma threaten kar rahi hai ki who suicide karegi and all. Its just too much to take in. And your brother is not ready for any of this commitment. So I guess I can atleast make my mom happy."

"This is so not done. Please. I will talk to dada."

"No use. We are getting engaged tomorrow. I just came to inform you that lets not discuss all these anymore. Support him. Am glad that he has you. I just wish I was with my brother too!!!"

"Ssshhh.. you know we never talk about your brother as per our pact. I know you miss him. Maybe even he does. Am sure he will come for you someday!!! And am always there for you too. But think about this once more. Please. Its your life Tia and my brother's too. You know his fear for marriage after what Mr. Aggarwal did."

"I will try talking to mom once more."

They left the caf after their small chit chat. Once she was on the main road, she again felt that someone was following her. She immediately caught an auto and went back to her hostel. Once she reached, she took a long shower as she had to process a lot. Her performance in exams, Ankit's relationship, fights with Randhir, Tiasha's problem. She let out a sigh and finished her shower and came out wearing her bath robe.

She quickly changed and was continuing to feel eerie about somebody stalking her. She brushed aside the thought as she felt it was just her imagination and nothing else. Since she had a rough day, she slept off without having dinner nor caring about where her roommates were.

Next morning as usual she was late for her extra session for dream team as she was completely exhausted and overslept. As she was crossing the admin office, a peon called out to her and handed her a letter addressed to her. She ripped open the cover and started reading the letter,

My dear Sanyukta,

How are you sweetheart? I hope your studies are going well. And if you want to continue studying as you are doing now, stay away from Tiasha. This for your own good. Don't tell me later that I didn't warn you. You very well know what I can do, don't you darling!! And ask your stupid brother to stay away from her as well. Last time he was not able to save his older sister and this time it would probably be his younger sister. Oh yeah, your daddy wishes you luck!! Stay safe baby. ;)



PS: You looked extremely pretty in that purple suit. You are a full grown woman now. You know what I mean don't you ;)

She went numb reading the letter and instantly had ragged breathing. She clutched the letter tight in her hand and took a few steps forward to only faint and fall down.

When she got up, she found herself in the medical room with all members of DT looking over at her with concern. She tried getting up and instantly Jiggy helped her to sit properly.

"How are you feeling?" asked Parth taking her hand in his

"Umm better I think" came her feeble reply.

This voice made one person go weak on his knees but he gained control and looked impassive.

"Doctor ne kaha ki you have to spend the night here. So I will stay back with you." Said Kastuki

"Arey nahi. Am perfectly fine. I can take care. Please!"

"Arey par.."

"Par var kuch nahi. Its just out of fatigue. I skipped my breakfast and that's all."

"Visiting hours are over. I request you all to leave now." Came the nurse's order.

Everyone left, except Randhir, who stood a little longer to have a proper look at her. When she turned her head towards him, their eyes locked.

"You can stay if you want" said the nurse.

"Yes" "No"

"Huh? Gf-bf problem? Settle it yourselves, am out of the room till then." Saying this she went out leaving the two people alone.

"Kya chahiye tumhe?" Sanyukta asked in a small irritated voice.

"Tum teek ho?" he asked his voice full of concern. Sanyukta was taken aback by the concern.

"Hmmm. Teek hoon! But am feeling weak" she replied honestly

"Jab Jiggy ne bataya. I just..just... Why do you keep skipping your meals?" he started low and ended up shouting at her.

"I didn't do it intentionally." Came her straight reply but the next question threw him off guard "Why are you so concerned by the way?"

"Umm. Am not concerned!" he told in an arrogant voice. She raised her eye brows and he shrugged "I didn't want the dream team to lose. I don't want to let down Ankit Sir and Vardhan Sir."

Sanyukta turned her head and closed her eyes in tiredness. She drifted into sleep because of her medicines, whereas Randhir was rooted to the same place for a long time. Later he sat beside her and caressed her hair, when a few drops of tears fell from his eyes seeing the weak fragile soul lying in front of him.

As the morning dawned, Randhir was the first to wake up to see Sanyukta tugging his arm comfortably and sleeping with a beautiful smile on her lips. He kissed her forehead and removed her hand slowly from hers, the moment he did, her forehead formed creased lines as she lost the light warmth. He got up to only see Ankit, Vardhan and Jiggy staring at him.

"Goo..Good morning!!" he said

"Good morning!" Ankit replied curtly, while Vardhan nodded his head and Jiggy was still staring at him with his eyes wide and jaws dropped.

There was an awkward silence and as if in cue, the girls entered along with Parth. Everyone exchanged plesantaries, while JIggy continued to stare at Randhir. After a few minutes, Sanyukta stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes to find everyone surrounding her bed. She found this amusing and so she said "Kya hua?"

"How are you?" asked Randhir first even before anyone could

"Am ok. Thank you."

"Ms. Agarwal you can take the day off and rest properly. In fact all of you take off for two three days. We shall start our activities from Monday! Is that ok?" asked Vardhan hiding his concern with authority.

When everyone nodded, he gave a light glance to Ankit and left the room.

"You can go home and take rest I guess!" said Ankit in a concerned yet angry voice

"No. I mean mom would worry unnecessarily." She replied meekly

"Umm Sanyu, I think sir is right. Take rest and come na!" Kastu tried convincing her.

"Ok" she said giving up as Ankit gave her his tough looks and she could never go against that.

"Great. Kastu and I will pack a few essentials and come. Parth, could you get some juice for her?" asked Vidushi

"Yes sure, I was thinking of that. Umm Randhir, I guess you should rest too. Come." Saying this he pulled him and went out of the room, leaving Ankit and Jiggy with her.

"Love. I don't know what is happening in your life, but who the hell are Tiasha and Samir?" he asked in a straight voice.

"Jiggy. I think this is probably not the time to talk about this. Let her recover first. And then we will discuss about it." Said Ankit

"Sir, she's not been herself for quite a few days. If she considers us as her friends I guess she has to share it, we are here to help her." He sounded angry and worried at the same time.

"Relax Jignesh. We will deal with it soon."Ankit said.

"You have not told to anyone else I believe." Sanyukta asked slowly

"Well not exactly." He replied

"what does that mean?"

"Umm you were holding it pretty tight, and when I saw you fallen down, I brought you here and tried removing the paper from your hand, but it kinda tore. And, Randhir saw the first half of it." He replied

"What?" gasped the siblings

"Yea, he knows about Tiasha but not about Samir. As the other part is with me. He just grabbed it from me." He said.

"Hmmm." She replied looking at Ankit, while he seemed lost.

"Please Love, we are your friends. And I wanna help you out of this. Talk to your brother first. Promise me!"


"Umm sir, can I talk with her alone for a moment?" asked Jiggy

Ankit was taken aback by this, but he could do nothing so he nodded and left saying a take care to Sanyukta.

"Love, did something happen between you and Randhir?"

"What? Why?"

"I've never seen him so worried for anyone apart from Harsh uncle."

"Not exactly Jiggy. We had a fight and it went a little overboard. He thought that am flirting with you and am not taking you seriously."



"So you told him?"

"No. I didn't"

"Love.  He goes kinda mad when something like this happens. He does not trust women."

"I figured that out"

"Am so sorry I put you through this. I just wanted...  "

"I know Jiggy! And its working too!!"


"Yes! We will work something out to make it successful."

"Oh Love!!!! This is an amazing!!! Just a matter of few days. I will pr..."

"Haha.. Ok.. But only after I return on Monday!"

"Done!!" saying this he hugged her and kissed her forehead and just then Randhir, Parth, Vidushi and Kastuki entered.

"Sorry to disturb you two!" chipped Vidushi teasingly while two others got completely broken seeing Jiggy and Sanyukta together.

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samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 27 February 2015 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by LuvSanjana

awesome update dr..
jst luvd it..
update nxt prt asap...SmileSmileSmile


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