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Sandhir FF - Survival of the Fittest - Epilogue pg 68 (Page 16)

samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2015 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidhichaudhury

Superb story.loved it.pls update soon

thank you

samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2015 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anuaskif

luved both the updates... Sanyukta ki di Shocked yeh kaunsa angle hai ??

Update soon

thank you
samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2015 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nitra

Awsm updates

thank you
samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2015 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chowanisha

yo yo i am back wid replies!!!!! 
do i need to tell i love this story????TongueROFL

ap time nikal k rest karke post karte raho 
hum maze lete rahenge 

thank you
samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2015 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simaj

nice update
plz PM me next time
waiting for more Big smile

thank you
samyukthakrish Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2015 at 7:27am | IP Logged

Part 7

As the sun rays hit her eyes, Sanyu's sleep was disturbed. She got up to only see that Kastuki was sitting and sleeping. "Oh no.. Firse nightmare. I hope she does not ask me anything." She thought and slowly moved from the bed, made Kastu sleep properly and went to freshen up.

"Kastu. Utto. Its 8. We have class at 9:30." Sanyu said.

Kastuki woke up to see Sanyu all ready for college. She hugged Sanyu tightly and said "I don't know what is troubling you. But whenever you want I will be with you. I wont force you to tell anything until you trust me." She broke the hug and smiled at Sanyukta and left.

The week rolled by peacefully but Sanyukta was not as bubbly as usual. Something was going on in her mind which was noticed by three people - Kastuki, Ankit and Randhir.

Kastuki POV

Its been 3 days and she has not spoken to me properly. I know something is nagging her continuously but I cant force her to tell me anything. I really wish she speaks her heart out soon. Thank God we have Fresher's Party tonight. That might change her mood.

Ankit POV

Am sure she must be getting her nightmares. And she wont tell me also if she gets it. How do I make her talk.? She should get frustrated with something else she will never open up. Maybe Kastuki can help. But in that case I will have to tell who I am. Hope some miracle happens in the Party.

Randhir's POV

Kya hua Frumpy ko. Aaj kal bahut chup ho gayi? Is she unwell? But she comes to class and all. But she's getting pale day by day. Anyway why am I bothered about her. Maybe she is worried about the challenge. But she is not that kinda girl. Some serious issue is there. How do I find out? Ek minute  - why am I so interested about her well being? Yeh ladki sach mein mujhe pagal banadegi. Focus Randhir. We have a party tonight. Yup. And you can tease her there. Yea. But firse uski baarein mein. Ugh! "Parth" he shouted.

"Yea? Wassup dude?"

"Kuch nahi. Bas aisehi"

"Chal aaj party ko rock karte hain."

"That will anyway happen when we are there. Jiggy ?"

"He will be with some girl, chalo na we have to get ready and pick up Vidushi too."

"Aww.. blush mat kar saale. She is all yours only."


Randhir laughed out loud and the duo went in search of Jiggy.

It was evening and all of them had reached the venue. It was an open ground which had a number of tables and each table had a roof whose poles were decorated with bluebells and lilies and the table was also of the same color. A makeshift dais was put up too.

Slowly all students started assembling and the attendance was taken by one chamcha of Yoyo. Most of the girls were in short dresses which ended only upto their knees or thighs. Suddenly Yoyo came to his chamcha and asked "Abe oye have all assembled?"

"Nahi paaji. Woh Sanyukta aur Kastuki.."

"Kya? Kastuki and Sanyukta have not yet come?" came a voice from behind

"Nahi. Randhir paaji"

"Toh Yoyo punishment hoga na!"


"Arey time toh maintain karna hai na... Yeh kya baat huyi. CHalo mein first aaya toh mein decide karunga ki kya punishment hoga."

"Randhir paaji hum senior hai. Aap nahi."

"toh kya?mein decide karunga and that's final. Parth Jiggy!!!!"

Saying this he went into the hall again with an evil smile playing on his lips and twinkle in his eyes. The girls who were already present were already drooling on Randhir who was clad in white kurta and black jean. Hearing his voice two other guys who were also in a similar attire turned to him.

"I want your help Jiggy."

"Anytime bro. tell me what should I do?"

"Dekh Sanyukta and Kastuki have not yet arrived and its way beyond 7. So I have decided to give them punishment."

"Punishment?" came a girl voice from behind who was in a simple blue anarkali suit.

"Damn!! Vidushi.. Ummm... No Vardhan sir was planning to punish if we all get back late. I was telling about that. So we all need to go as soon as possible." Randhir replied

Vidushi gave a thoughtful look to Randhir and then continued "Randhir I know you for quite a while. Just don't mess up things and get into some big trouble. Am sure you are gonna do something to Sanyukta. But trust me she's a very good girl."

"How do you know me? Anyway all girls are the same. You might probably be an exception. But.. chuck.. Ok so you zip up and follow the plan. I want you to bring Sanyukta to me at any cost. Get it?" While Vidushi just nodded her head.

Soon the programme started and many performances were given. While Parth, Jiggy and Vidushi were enjoying the welcome party, Randhir was constantly looking towards the entrance to check if Sanyukta had come.

Part 8

Randhir was sulking as the party was boring for him so he went for a stroll and was going back inside for dinner, that's when he spotted Kastuki entering. He immediately had a bright smile on his face and looked ahead of Kastuki to see his target for the evening. What he saw left him mesmerized. A girl in simple blue and white anarkali suit which was completely plain but for the duppatta which was embroidered in silver. The girl had plaited her long hair and had applied very little make up with a small bindi on her forehead.

He was confused as to why was he enthralled by her today. It was her usual dressing style but yet she looked nothing less than an angel. It took him a little while to realize that she always looked the same and that the small bindi and the khol that she had applied made her look even more beautiful today. But he noted that her face lacked something which was always present.

Just as the angel inside him had come, the devil in him also occupied his heart very soon. "Yeh ho kya raha hai mere saath. I have planned something for her and today she will learn her lesson." He immediately pulled out his cell and sent a message and pushed it back into his pocket.

There Sanyukta and Kastuki had joined Jiggy, Parth and Vidushi. Randhir joined the group and started his action. "Jiggy don't you think some people do not know to see time. I should probably gift them a watch."

"Randhir please. Aaj nahi" came Kastuki's reply.

"Kyun nahi. Wais ek rule hai Parth. Shayad Yoyo ne batane bhul gaya. Jo bhi late aate hain na usse punishment di jaati hai."

"Is this school that you come late and teacher gives you punishment. Kuch bhi" said Kastuki. Still Sanyukta had not reacted at all. She looked dazed and lost. Randhir got irritated and used his last trump card.

"And people who don't accept it will have to quit DT." He continued

This caught her attention and she came back to reality and looked at Randhir innocently. "Kya karna hai mujhe?" she asked softly in a very strained voice. Randhir was startled to hear her voice after such a long time and so were the others. As none of them had heard her speak for the whole week except that she spoke a few times to Kastuki.

"Love tum teek ho?"

"Hmmm. Kya karna hai"

Randhir was just looking at her and was lost in her face which held no emotions. He could not decipher what was happened to her. But the devil in him took over his heart again "She is just gaining sympathy. Bloody despo!!!"

"Ok its very simple. you guys have to dance or sing. Choice is yours."

"I don't sing so can I dance?" asked Kastuki

"Ok so its decided that Kastuki will dance and Sanyukta will sing."

"But there is a twist. You will have to do a task after which you have to perform."

"Ok" replied  Kastuki

"Both of you will be doing at the same time. Kastuki hmmm why don't you run around for about 5 times and get on stage?"

"Five? Pagal ho kya?"

"Its ok Kastu you can do it." Came a feeble voice

Kastuki left while Randhir turned to Sanyukta and asked her to follow him to the chaat stall that was set up. "Bhaiya inhe pani puri dijiye." He said and winked at him.

Soon kastuki was on stage waiting for Sanyukta and the music started.


O.. Yahin doobe din mere Yahin hote hain savere Yahin marna aur jeena Yahin Mandir aur Madeena
Teri galliyan galliyan teri galliyan Mujhko bhaave galliyan teri galliyan Teri galliyan galliyan teri galliyan Yun hi tadpaave galliyan teri galliyan

Aa.. aa.. aa.. 

Tu meri neendo me sota hai Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho phir bhi tu hota hai Hai sila tu mere dard ka
Mere dil ki duaayein hain.. Teri galiyan... galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan Teri galiyan galiyaan teri galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaavein, galliyan teri, galliyan..

Kastuki did a perfect lyrical hiphop which mesmerized the entire audience and one in particular which was Jiggy. Randhir who was into a different land came back to reality only when he heard the crowd cheering for sanyukta and Kastuiki to sing and dance again. While Sanyukta got down the dias catching her head and was walking in a daze into some dark corner. He noticed this and started following her as only he knew she was drunk. It was his idea to mix vodka in panipuri.

She stumbled and fell down and the instant she touched the ground she was crying uncontrollably. Someone kept a hand on her shoulder and she cried harder. "My heart pains to see such a beautiful girl crying that too who has an amazing voice. Let me take you into another world lady." Saying this the man pulled her up and led her into a further darker area.

Randhir meanwhile who was following her didn't get good vibes as he strongly felt that something wrong was gonna happen. He still took the same path Sanyukta had initially taken and searched her in every corner. He stopped at a place beside a dilapidated bench and ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

Just as he was about to leave from there, he heard a scream and he rushed to the spot to find a guy forcing himself on a girl. He pulled the guy away from the girl and punched him hard on his face and stomach. When he turned around to check if the girl was alright, the sight left him horrified as he saw Sanyukta sobbing incessantly.

He slowly walked up to her and touched her shoulder and she immediately jerked him "Tuu tum bhi wohi karoge na? Why are girls treated so cheaply? Haan? Bolo." She caught Randhir's kurta and continued questioning him. Though her grip was very weak. "Pehle di ko uss Samir ne" and she burst out crying. "Aur Mr.Aggarwal ne bhi kuch nahi kaha." She continued. "I hate you Aggarwal. Bloody moron"

"Ssshhh relax Sanyukta please. Dekho mein Randhir hoon. Am not your dad." Randhir hushed

"He is not my dad!!! He is no one to me, to us. And I hate him." She shouted with tears in her eyes and her lips were trembling in rage.

Randhir who had always seen a bubbly Sanyukta was stunned to see her in such a vulnerable state. But he composed himself and said "Acha ok ok. Chalo na." He held her hand and started walking slowly while she continued to abuse her father more. By the time Randhir came to the main garden she had fainted and most of them had left and only their friends were there.

"Randhir. Where on earth were you? And Sanyu ko kya hua?" asked Parth

"ummm she is drunk." Said Randhir softly

"What? How? There were no drinks here?" said Vidushi

"Kahin tumne pani puri mein mila toh nahi diya?" Asked Jiggy in a worried tone as he had found what Randhir had actually done.

"She's been having very high fever for the past two days. Infact wo faint bhi hogayi thi when we were leaving to the party now. That's why we were late. And you made her drink?" Shouted Kastuki as she was hell concerned about Sanyukta

The rest of the group were silent as they knew that Kastuki was right and Randhir was wrong. Randhir informed that all of them will go to his house tonight as it was not safe for her to go to hostel in this state.

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CrazyKupKakes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2015 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Amazing update :) 
Ah kaustu n sanyu sing n dance 
Ohh so finally that bad dream's mystery is revealed 
That jerk sanyu ke papa :( 
Aaah and sanyu in rd's house Wink 
That's interesting 
Update soon 
Thnx fr the pm Smile 

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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awsme update yr
Luved it

Bt it was short
Plz next tym try to update a longer one

Sanyu so quite
Rd noticing it
He wants to know abut her bt is confused with his feelings

Kausto is a true frnd

Rd going to do sum thing with sanyu
Vids warned him bt he's not ready to listen anything
He's eagrly wtng for her

Cnt wait to see what is going to hppn
Pakka dhamaka hoga

Update soon

Luv u
Keep smiling

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