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Ishra SS: Love is divine...epilouge on 134 (Page 68)

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NOTE: Not proof read... avoid mistakes...

Raman is working on some files... he is continuously working after dinner... he is going trough all files of previous, present nd upcoming projects... He do it everyday nd even it is increased due to mimi's marriage... he is actually going trough bhalla companies files... he didn't even bother to check the time... he is on a mission to complete it... wen he get tired he sees his nd ishita's photo... vch is taken during mimi's marriage tym... nd gets bak to continued whole night...didn't even slept fr a second... raman has a habit of checking details of business world every morning nd every night..the news he seen morning gave him shock nd decided to do join bhalla company...he got fresh up nd moved to dining...


Every one are at dining...he joins them nd hav his break fast... all can see raman's state nd thy can say he is nt active or may b he didn't slept peacefully... he is very pale nd inactive... Mihir asks raman is he alright...?? To vch he says im perfectly fyn... bt mihir cuts him nd says shakal se tho nahi lag raha hain...( by seeing ur face...its telling different story) to vch he says I hav chatted with my gf whole night do u hav any problem in that in a cold manner to vch he says NO...nd mihika toughts of pulling him joins mihir nd says see raman even considered us to tell abt his vch raman says why should I say my personal things to u... his cold behaviour is continuing...nd all are astionshed by that because thy don't knw y he is behaving lik this nd its very rare to see him in this way... ishu observing raman... bt romi joins nd sasy raina se chat kiya hai kya...aise bol rahe ho...??( did u chat with raina...?? Is thts the reason fr ur behaviour...??) he says y should I say with whom i did...??


Mihir understands situation is nt the one they are thinking nd says jokes are apart raman... say me whts the matter...?? I very well knw u nd the behaviour u r shwing to us is nt related gf matter... so spill it out nd dnt even think to lie because I knw u very well...nd u never keep pending ur work...?? So jst say is der any prob in the wrk...?? To vch he says no nd calls som servant nd tells him to bring files from his a orderly tone... ishu asks raman what work nd on vch u r working...?? He didn't even bother to answer to her nd turns to mihir nd says u tak files I hav completed them... nd turns to Mr.bhalla nd says I want to join our company...nd I don't bother about post bt I want to join... all see him with shcok...shock is very less fr them...its morethan shock nd they never expctd this from raman... mr.bhalla says I never said no to u nd even knw also im nt saying no bt I want to know the reason nd the contrct u hav with PSR... I knw abt my contract with PSR nd I even knw hw to out from it... I jst said I want to join our's is it okay wid u...?? Mr.bhalla says iam fyn with it... u can join wenever u want...ishu cant keep herself from asking raman... To vch he says are u asking lik a CEO or a family member...?? To vch she says both... he replies by saying mein CEO ko office answer deta hoon ghar mein nahi...( I wont  answer fr a CEO in the house...if u need it ask me in office) nd if u r asking as family member then I vl say its my company nd I can join wenever I want nd im nt a kid to answer all ur ques... servant brings files...raman checks them nd scolds him fr missing life in this... mihir says calm down its nt that important... to vch he says its important fr me... I don't want any negllignce in my work...


He moves to his room to bring the missing file... mihir nd toshiji says its som thing other tht bothering him...nt work fr sure...ishu asks abt files nd he says raman goes trough bhalla company files every night so tht he can join with us wenever he want... he stores the info with him nd wrks daily on it...nd due my marriage wrk is more on him... nd may b he didn't slept last night... he completed all pending work...nd work is nt tht bothering him...this is fr sure bt wht is bothering him... its very difficult to guess... he wont share his problems with anyone... he behaves lik this only wen he get disturbed due to any personal issue... toshiji says all members are hav to face his anger now...don't wen it redcues...


Raman gets the file nd gives it to mihir... nd sits in living room... he is casually going trough news paper nd mihir is busy in thinking wht is the possibility of his behaviour... bt he cant get to any conclusions... ishu is worried seeing raman nd she is nt feeling good to see him lik she decides to talk to him nd moves bt one servant comes nd tells som guest is came nd all are buffled to see Mr.iyer...nd they don't hw to react... ishu by seeing him control her tears nd says to family that she is going to office...before any one can interrupt she says I promised u that I wont go to office until mimi reception bt pls I want to go... mr.bhalla says anybody wont stop u... u can go to office nd come bak by evening... she nods in a yes bt mr.iyer talks to ishita saying... If u wont face me nw then u hav to face me in the office as iam taken over it...this is another shock to all...(mr.iyer &mrs.iyer taken over PSR...nw dnt ask logic fr dis...) ishita's world crashed down nd automatically tears on her way bt she cleared them nd says iam going to office... raman  comes nd says come  with me I vl tak u to office ...


Mr.bhalla asks Mr.iyer why did he do dis...?? To vch he says ishita is nt talking to me since 10 yrs nd I tried all ways to talk with her bt she is nt giving any chance so I did it... so that she can face nd talk to me in office... Mr.bhalla says I didn't xpct this from u... nd says leave this house... Our relationship ended wen u left bhabhi nd ishita 10 years bak nd I don't ishita to face any problem from u... so just leave... iam leaving nw bt I vl talk to her in office... Wen he is about leave raman calls Mr.bhalla nd says me nd ishita vl b arriving in som tym till then u wont allow him to leave the house... Mr.bhalla informs this to everyone...


Ishra in office... raman gives som papers to ishita to sign them...she asks him y...?? he says u r resigning as CEO of this company nd sign my resignation letter too... she says I wont do this... raman says jst sign it nd u r joining Bhalla companies ... Nd its my final decision... to vch I didn't give rights to u tak decision on my behalf... he says I hav every right on u to tak decision on ur behalf nd says don't think that u r joining us because of that person... this is getting trogh ur ability nd as my would be  wife I wont allow to u to work fr som others eslpy to them who hurted u...


Ishita says do u knw it already... yea I came to knw it in morning nd...ishu says nd the strange behaviour is due to this... he say yes... iam worried about u nd I don't want to see u hurt... she says this much u care for me...? Mre than my life... ishu melts completely nd hugs him... Nd starts sobbing says y did he do this... Again...?? I considerd him as protector, role model nd hero... bt he again shattered every thing... once he took my mom from nd nw he came to tak my only reason of surviving my i.e., my work ... he  calm ishita... I don't knw he is good or bad... I even don't want to know abt it... I just want to say my happiness lies in u nd ur smile... nd don't think u r leaving this company for him...think u r leaving this fr me nd my love towards u... she says I don't love to vch he says I vl wait fr d day wen u realise it... nd nw  please  sign these papers... she says hw we can do that... legal formalities,remaining directors nd all... its nt tht easy raman... he says I already said u don't underestimate with me... Iam RAMAN KUMAR BHALLA nd I can do wht ever I want nd I knw hw to mend people... I spoke to all nd thy are waitng in conference room... just sign the papers infront of them nd say u r joining BHALLA COMPANIES... Thy wont question u... if they question u thy very well knw the result... thy proceed towards conference room nd she sign the papers nd leaves...


 Ishita asks raman tht hw u knw he is my fa... nd stops to vch he says u r going to my would be wife  nd its responsibility to knw abt u nd take care of u nd ur happiness...nd  wen u said abt the incident of ur parents I found out just to know him... Bt I never expected he vl come into ur life... bt nw don't bother I wont happen again... till iam with u no one can hurt u... nd its my promise... u love me or not doesn't matter to me bt the only thing matters is ur happiness nd I wont let anyone to tak it frm u... till my last breath... ishita keeps palm on his mouth nd says don't ever say it again... to vch he says wht this is bothering u...?? u wont love nor u r family... to vch she says I consider ur family as mine... thts nt the answer ishita... she finally says I need tym to think about us raman... Raman asks say it again... she says don't call me ur would be wife to vch he says beter u get used to it because if I will get married it vl b only u... so sweet heart get habituated to me nd my beahviours... this tym she is nt serious bt says just drive to home... we hav to tell this to everyone...


He drives to home nd raman asks all the other directors to come to their home... thy reach home nd raman informs everyone abt their decision nd Mr.iyer asks hw can she do that... nd there are many formalities to complete nd board don't support her bt raman welocmes every one nd says board approved ishita decision nd ishita is joining Bhalla companies... to vch she cant do that nd I hav majority in PSR nd authority is mine bt raman says its urs till yesterday bt from night to morning the  world can turn up to down nd nw majority is nt urs its my friend romi's nd romi is with my decision... romi comes nd says to everyone that he is with ishita nd her decision... everyone leaves nd raman asks Mr.iyer to leave nd der is no relation between them personally or professionally bt he says he want to talk with ishita bt she says I don't wht u did wid amma is right or wrong... with that I lost hope on life nd marriages... bt bhalla uncle nd his family, mimi are always stood fr me nd this is only my family... no other family is nt there fr me... I don't why u came nw nd wht u want to talk bt I don't want to hear any thing either it is good or bad... as raman said der is nt personal nd professional between us... nd I don't talk with strangers... to vch mr.iyer says u r stil carrying my sur name nd tht relation vl b der until u get married to someone nd I knw u wont get married to anyone... to vch she says I don't discus my personal life with strangers bt I want to say this...  Just watch the news of tomorw's night...



P.S: hop it reached ur expectations... I don't knw wht is mr.iyer...either good or bad bt his one incident mad issue world shatterd... he wont b der in any updtes frm nw...

P.S.S: i really dnt wht laws are made fr resignation process so dnt bash me fr it...its jst my imagination of buying major shares can mak u tak waht decsn u want...nd can ctrl others...

P.S.S: fr pm's add this account into ur buddy list... shavi2711



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hip hip hurrey 
hip hip hurrey

Carrying sur name iyer.tommorow it would be bhalla.

RKB mode of Raman and Ishita have no control over it.
No proble few more days.You can flirt with him openly and do what ever you like.
Raman is in hubby mode all along.
Very very nice to see.
Ishita should be sent to language clasees.
She is mistaking no to yes.
Instead of telling I love you.she is telling I don't.
Koi baath nayee.hum online tution join karwaadengey.
Raman bhalla  mode is such cute.

Waiting for next part

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wow... just amazing ...
By Raman behavior i was just shocked, but seriously his type of dealing was gud...
i liked when Raman said he will join Bhalla's company...
hayee IshRa hugHeartHeart...
Raman- Ishita convo in office sweet..
esp Raman saying- would be wife..

last two lines just awesome...
waiting for it...
update soon...

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Shavii it was awesome..i loved raman showing his authority over ishu..waiting for next..pls update it soon...

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--Rashmi--- Goldie

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Awsm dr. Love this Raman.
Hope she soon change her surname iyer 2 bhalla.
Update sn. Tnx 4 pm

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sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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wow awesome update 
loved the protective raman 
this whole thing was totally unexpected 
its just amazing the way you keep suspense on and it gets more interesting after each partClap
im eagerly waiting for the next part 
thanx so much for the update

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loved it.
specially Raman.
plz update soon.
Thanks For pm

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As always wonderful .

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