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Ishra SS: Love is divine...epilouge on 134 (Page 134)

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Posted: 20 January 2015 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhaaana

shavi will read and comment after my exams
thanks for sending me PMS..

take ur own time dear...

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 Note: NOT PROOF READ... Avoid mistakes...


This epilogue I dedicate to I insperied to write it after watching today's segment of ruhi standing up for ishimaa...



Ishu is 6 months pregnant and having very complications this time... so she is completely under bed rest... every family member said her to abort baby she is very admant of having this baby... so everyone are agreed unwillingly... raman completely took care of her and made sure that ishu will not get up from bed for a single thing... he almost shifted his office to home... knowing how ishu is work alcoholic he gave her some office files so that she cant get bore and can do work...



It's a similar in their life but raman has to attend a meeting in office... so he is getting ready with irritated mood... he don't want to leave ishu a second by knowing her complications but he have to attend this meeting...


Raman came out full wet and irriated and seen ishu taking clothes for him... his anger reached new heights and he scolded ishu for getting up from bed and taking clothes... he is shouting on her by saying how you can so irresponsible... why wont you listen to me..always you do your manmaani (acts on your wishes)... and about to some other but their bundle of joy ruhi... with full pataka mode... and starts scolding his papa... by saying why are you shouting my mamma... she is helping you and you were shouting unnecessarily... and moves out angrily... but raman runs behind her and gets her into their room... he apologise to ishu infront of ruhi and says I wont say a single word to your mumma but please take care of her and don't allow her to do work... Ruhi says fine and leaves from their giving his papa a cold behaviour...


Ishu says sorry and iam getting irriatated being in bed... I know you shifted your office and all to home for my sake but I cant lie on bed like this... raman cools down by seeing ishu and says you already not listen to me about your pregnancy but now I want to follow all instructions of doctor so that it will completely in smooth way as possible...


He while leaving says I will come before lunch and if I get late you have lunch don't wait for me... and tell your daughter that I am scolding her mumma for her good only... to which ishu corrects her and says OUR daughter... he smiles at her and leaves by kissing her and warning her to take care...



Ruhi comes to her mom after her father left... ishu takes her into embrace and says that not good to behave with papa like that... to which ruhi says I wont allow anyone to shout on you... even if it is papa... she kisses her and says this time mom is fault and papa is taking care of mom... she says sorry to her mom and says I will say sorry for papa too... ishu smiles at her daughter maturity and says you are soul of your mama and papa... she smiled and says you wont do any mistake again if you do I will scold you and complain to papa also... she nods for ruhi and chat with her...


Raman completes his meeting and returning to home but tought of taking ice cream for his princess... so he took her favourite ice cream and other flavours too...



Raman comes to his room by holding his princess favourite ice cream and is about to say sorry for ruhi but she says iam sorry papa... I don't you are scolding mom for her benfit by holding ears but raman takes her in his arms and says papa will never sad on his princess... I know how much you love your mom... to which he kisses raman and says I love my papa too... he asks how much to which she says by extending her tiny hands and says this much... hekisses her and gives ice cream to her... she is you are the best papa... he smiles to her and let her go to enjoy her ice ceam...ishu smiles seeing them... he comes to her and asks did she have lunch... she nods in a no and fearing of his anger again but he calmly says I will get for both us... she nods and thinks I don't know when he again shows his anger... they have their lunch and raman gives her tablets... she takes them without saying any thing... he joins her on bed and keeps his hand on her stomach and caressing it...


Ishu after some time asks him about meeting... He says it went well... and I hope from now I don't get any meetings like this... because I don't want to go away from you for a minute... she smiles and asks how come your anger gone that easily... he smiles by saying I cant be angry on you more time and I am really not intrested to attend that meeting in morning and you took clothes for me... I know its normal thing and no stress involved in it but you very well how much iam possessive of you... so by seeing you like that I went my anger you... she smiles at him and says iam being a mother for second but you never left your possessiveness for me... to which he replies I wont leave it till my and stops by seeing her and knows her reactions very well...



Ishu is hurt and he very well knows that a slip from his mouth abput his last breath makes her more mad and in the period of pregnancy and her mood swings ... its worst... she instead of shouting cries and raman says I am out now... I cant control her... he repeatedly saying sorry but she is not in mood to stop... he starts kissing her and makes her calm by much difficulty...


Raman starts her asking about ruhi's pregnancy time period... how they she use to be joyful  and talks about ruhi's first sonographya nd how excited we all... she smiles by remembering ruhi's time and seeing her smile he says how we use to go for together for monthly check ups and how you use to be eager to eat chat and ice creams at odd time and me your special chef at mid nights... he keeps on saying how we passed our precious nine months of time...and by ruhi's first how we celebrated by eating we only have at that time... she is completely distracted now and in memories of ruhi's birth and says how I scared you on delivery day... I really cant take that memory of theday... I never seen you such horrible and fear on your face... he says I cant see you in pain and you were shouting at that time... I really couldnot handle it... and finally after seeing ruhi I became calm... she always makes me calm by her presence... she smiles and says so you wont fear this time... he says as my ruhi is with me... meanwhile ruhi comes there and asks what they are talking... to which raman says about you and your child hood... ruhi becomes curious and asks them to show her pics of childhood... she seen these pics for nth time but she always want to see again.. raman shows her pics and explains when they took it... While ishraru are busy in seeing pics ishu feels pain and screams... raman and ruhi paniks and asks her the issue... she takes both raman and ruhi's hands on stomach and they feels the moment of baby... raman asks is this is first kick to which she says yes... and he feels happy by sharing this with ishu and ruhi... ruhi gets scare... she don't know what it meant and she only knows her mom is in trouble... ishra sees their angel and says baby is saying hai to big sister i.e., you...and when you were in my tummy you said hai for your parents... ruhi did gave you pain... to which she takes ruhi near her and says babies never gives pain to mom... this is best feeling of our life... ruhi just nods and kisses her tummy by saying don't give pain to mom... I will give you kiss daily and even papa too... she makes raman kiss ishu's tummy... ishu feels shy because of ruhi but raman smiles at her and says atleast stop shying now... she blushes more after hearing that...


Raman asks ruhi to bring juice for her mom...she goes out... raman again keeps his hands on tummy and want to feel kick of his child but disappoints due to no recation from child... ishu says then wont kick continuously... I know but I want to feel it again... she smiles at him and says next if baby kicks I will say you... he says even I am in sleep you should wake me up... she smiles and nods...ruhi comes back and makes her mom drink juice... she says no after sipping it but raman and ruhi makes her complete it...


At night ishu wakes up raman... he happily wakes up of thinking about kick of baby but she says she want to have ice cream... he asks her for flavour... she says leech... to which he goes to kitchen and brings to her... she seems him surprisingly and asks when did he bring... he says today afternoon and I brought all flavours because I don't know which flavour you eat in these days... she smilesa t him and licking ice cream like a small kid... he suddenly takes raman's hand her keeps it on her tummy... raman feels the kick and very happy after feeling it... he eats ice cream from ishu's hand and says I LOVE YOU... she says I LOVE YOU SO MUCH... and thanks for handling and bearing me in all odd moods and odd times... he says thanks is not needed between us... she catches her eyes... he smiles at her and says did you remember how much you are excited to tell about your news of first pregnancy... she smiles by remembering the incident...




Ishu is desparately waiting for raman... its is 9pm and raman is not back from office... she went to collect her reports so she left early...and after seeing it she is on cloud 9 and immediately went to office but they said he is in meeting... so she went to her room without meeting anyone... she is bound herself in room and practicing how to tell raman... she is saying iam pregnant... and after some time she is saying iam going to mother of your child... trying different ways but not satisfying with anyone... she suddenly looks at her marriage pic and takes her duputta og her marriage and puts on her head... she took pillow and adjusts it near tummy and seeing herself like how she looks when after some months and covering her tummy with duppatta... raman comes at same time and sees her actions... she turns and about to put in wadrobe but she see him... he asks her about her behaviour but she simply hugs him and kisses him... he asks her is it positive to which she nodes in a YES and asks did you about this to mom and all...she nods in a no and says I want to say it to you first then only others...he asks her to say but she cant find words to say but finally says will  you are going to be promoted as a father Mr.bhalla... he mocks her saying you don't leave your office attitude...she smiles at him and says how will you say... to which he says by bending on his knees holding her hands will you be mother of our child...?? She mocks him by saying this looks like proposal to girl who is pregnant and you want to marry her... not like telling news... they smiles at each other...




Ishra completes ice cream and raman makes ishu to sleep and also check ruhi... ruhi is sleeping beside raman... and kisses her... she smiles in sleep by saying papa... its ruhi's usual habit when ever raman kisses her in sleep she calls papa... how much in deep sleep she amy be but she calls... raman smiles...



Three months passed and its ishu's all are known prior that ishu will not have normal delivery so she have to undergo C- section... they admits ishu in hospital... and after few hours they hear cry of baby... ruhi is not leaving raman...and she is completely in his arms... when she heard baby's cry she asked her papa... did I cry like this only to which he says yes and asks her did you want to see baby...?? She nods hold raman more tightly and nurse comes to them and says it's a baby boy... and you can see her after shifting her to room...

Raman and ruhi first enters room... and he kisses ishu and says you finally struggled and came out of it... she smiles and says its because of you... I made it...and kisses his hands and ruhi... raman takes baby in his hands and shows to ruhi... she says cute and touches babies cheeks and lips and says how small they are... they smiles at her... she aks raman to place baby I her lap but he says no... baby is very small and you cant handle it... she says I want please papa... he says no but ruhi is admant and says iam big sister I can handle...  raman finally makes her sit properly beside ishu...and keeps baby in ruhi's lap but raman holding both ruhi and baby with one hand and kept other hand on ishu... raman is helping ruhi with baby and ruhi is making baby listen to her sweet words and says you want trouble mom and you always listen to me mom and me... you can trouble papa because he brings icecreams and toys when we trouble him... ishra laughs at her and family enters at the same time and hears ruhi's words... they too laugh on her words and says you trouble your papa because you want to toys and ice creams...she nods in a yes with out looking at them and seeing her baby brother... toshiji kisses ishu and says first you gave goddess laxmi in form of ruhi and now a prince in the form of this baby boy...


She says ruhi will be special for us as there is no daughters after mihir's mom... so ruhi came after  1 generation and she brought all the happiness with her...  she is rooh(soul) of all... mihir clicks photo of ishraru and baby... mihika asks what will you keep name of baby... to which ruhi says I will keep name...all looks at her and mihika says by teasing you keep names like pokemon, scobby or popye all cartoon names... ruhi answers mihika by saying I wont keep cartoon names for my preserve them for your kids...full in RKB style... raman laughs by seeing her and says I stopped you but ruhi took it... you better stay away from her by saying chachiji... mihika glares at raman by his teasing and says they call me chotimaa you wont teach them chachji... everyone smiles and mihika asks ruhi what name she will keep... to which she says I am ruhi...means soul...and my little bro is ANMOL means precious... as ANMOL is precious to mom, papa and me... because I know mom is weak but now she is not weak ... all laughs at her words... raman asks how you these big words and meaning of ANMOL... papa you calls me dadimaa na so I know all these and when I felt first kick of baby I tought of keeping name of I google it... and I found ANMOL and asked chotimaa meaning of it... she said and I loved it and at that moment I fixed on keeping ANMOL... raman asks if it girl means what you would have done... to which I know its boy s call me dadimaa... again all brusts into laughter...


P.S: I hope it reached your expectations...


P.S.S: I am fed up with Ghar ka chirag so I never used it... and ruhi is always special for me... so made her part of pregnancy memories more and her value more...


P.S.S: waiting for comments and criticism...

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Lovely Epilogue!

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I am too fed up with Ghar Ka chiragh...
ruhi is cutest and love ishita unconditionally...
i love her...
and epilogue is superbbb... i love it too..

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awesome shavi...
Raman care and concern as usual amazingly pictured...
Ruhi was fantastic, superb yaar She sai sorry to raman awwah so cute...
ishita pregnancy while ruhi was baby, the memories was beautiful,
 i loved ishra saying kick of baby just hi to the sister(ruhi)...
flashback was just wonderful, the way ishita inacts...
i liked ruhi habbit-  she smiles in sleep by saying papa... its ruhi's usual habit when ever raman kisses her in sleep she calls papa... how much in deep sleep she amy be but she calls... raman smiles...
  ruhi holding her bro, keeping name was just brilliant, the funny part was when she scolded mihika , just Rkb style...

thanks for the epilogue...
just loved it...

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Wow nyc story and epilogue buddy!!!!! Totally in love with it... but will miss dis story...CryCry but do continue writing such beautiful stories! !!!!

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wow superb epilougue love it thx

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