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Arshi FF : My First Love...~THREAD 4~Chapter 58~Pg57~17/3 (Page 29)

yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2015 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Nice teaser...thanks for the PM

Payaash Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2015 at 4:22am | IP Logged

Chapter 56

Banner Credit goes to starry.phoenix

I don't really know what's next . All I know is Arnav is here . And will be !

There are only 2 organs working in my body now . My brain , eyes as they can see that towering figure in front of me , my eyes are functioning in another way too , they are realising salt liquid content - my tears . 

I couldn't move . I couldn't blink . Only see Arnav and analyse what he just said . 

Arnav : I had no other option Khushi . You left me with no other option . All I could do to keep you by my side is this . 

He said in a low-drunken tone . I don't know how long I kept staring him . He came and shook me by shoulders and I shuddered . 

Arnav : Speak something  !! 

Khushi : Huh ?! 

Arnav : Say . Something . 

Khushi : I have to talk to my mother . Let me go . 

Arnav : She's not here dammit ! Get it into your stupid brain !! 

He said becoming quite angry . 

Arnav : Now you'll have to stay with me . Got it ? 

Khushi : No I didn't !! I didn't get you and I can never . 

I yelled at top of my voice and pushed him away taking a few steps back hurriedly . 

Khushi : How can you stay with me ? What are you even saying ? I'm not understanding anything ! No one told me .. Amma .. She didn't tell me .. What's going on ? I'm not getting anything ! 

I collapsed on the floor crying . What's this ? My mother left me with him . And he's saying that he's going to live with me ! I didn't understand anything . 

Arnav : Relax .. We both will be staying together here . As long as you stay here in Mumbai . Neither your family will be here nor your two friends . It will be you and me . You can work here . If you want this to be a secret it will , I don't mind . But you have to stay here , with me in this house . 

What is he even saying ? I got up . Why would I even be here ? Is he my husband or my boyfriend that I will stay with him in his house . I have high ethics and morals , I can't stay with a guy unmarried . Never ! 

Khushi : I'm not going to stay here . Not even a minute . Goodbye . 

I started going to my room but he stopped me by catching my upper arm . 

Arnav : You've already signed a contract Khushi . 

I immediately turned to face him . 

Khushi : I know about you and your silly-but-not-funny contracts ! 

He went to the tea table, got a file and handed it to me . 

Arnav : Read . 

I went through the contract . It wasn't silly . It was .. 

Khushi : 50 crores ??! Ee .. In .. In cash ? 

Arnav : Yup !! Whenever you hand over 50 crore rupees in cash you will be set free . 

Khushi : What if I don't and go away .. Just like that ? 

Arnav : You will have to do whatever I want you to ! 

Khushi : And what if I don't do what you want me to . 

Arnav : Simple ,  I will sue you . And I promise that you will get harsh punishment .

When did he become so intelligent ? 

Khushi : I will tell all this to Amma . She will slap you and beat you until you bleed . 

I took out my phone and dialled Amma . I was not only surprised but shocked with her reaction ! 

Amma : Beta ! Even I didn't want this before but you don't accept him either . I know this is not good but you don't worry . Everything will be fine soon

Khushi : Amma ! What are you saying ? I'm not married . Do you think this is right before marriage ? What are you even trying to say ? 

Amma : Khushi , even I don't like this but ... Khushi .. Arnav will look after everything  . You have your shoot tomorrow . Take rest beta. Don't overthink . I'm there for you . 

She cut the call . What is all this ? How can he even convince everyone so easily ? How can anyone come into his path in seconds . No one even thinks of our ethics and morals ? Arnav is modern for him , these morals and ethics are some useless values which are overrated  . 

And my mother isn't there for me . She is with Arnav . She only thinks about him because he is related jiji's family . 

I remained like that . Hopeless . Helpless . Lifeless . I laid on my bed . Thinking ... Thinking .. Thinking and thinking , slumber took over me . 


I woke up as fast as I could . Continued by my beauty regime . I prayed to God to make things right . I drove to the set .

I dressed up as the protagonist of the show . I was done with my makeup and costume . I was doing my hair while the hairstylist helped me . 

I was already to shoot . 

Meenu : Perfect Khushi . This is what we want . 

She complemented me and got back to work . 

I was going to my green room when I heard Rakesh uncle's voice . 

I leaned on the wall and bent a bit to know what they were talking .

Nicky : You can't do that ! 

Man : Of course I can ! And I will ! 

It's Arnav . He was smirking . Nicky ji and uncle looked worried . 
Arnav : I will provide you with the best designers of AR . And I will myself design a few costumes and you know that this will benefit you . All I want is 10% of your shares and the lead pair shouldn't do any romantic scenes . 

Nicky : But this is a love story ASR . How can we not have any romantic scenes . 

Rakesh uncle and Nicky ji were successful in convincing the ASR . But ASR is ASR . 

ASR : Fine . But the hero should not touch the heroine . 

Well I support ASR now . He's actually making my work easier . It's wonderful . Hey Devi Mayya please make him successful . 

But they both convinced ASR again . 

ASR : Okay fine. Minimal touching . And that's final . 

I thanked my Devi Mayya 1000000000000000000 times ... I'm more than happy . 

I went back to my green room . I started jump up and down and did all the crazy steps ...

I composed myself . I checked my costume and makeup . 

I took my phone . 

Khushi : Shall I thank him ? 

Shall I ? 

Khushi : But why did he even put on those conditions ? First. Of all why should He provide with designers from AR to this show ? 

I pressurised my brain to think . 

Khushi : Okay .. He is anyways taking the profit but he has many MNC's ready to have million dollar contracts with him . But why this ? 

After a while ... I arrived at conclusions . 

Khushi : He doesn't want me to leave him in anyway !!! Hate him !! 

I said . I walked out of my green room . I saw the male protagonist arriving . I stood still in my place with my eyes wide . I've seen him in many hit daily soaps . And I'm his co-star now !! By the way he looks more hotter than he does on screen . 

He was talking to the director and the producer . 

I felt butterflies flying in my stomach . I'm damn nervous . Meenu ji called me then . I took baby steps and walked to them . Hey Devi Mayya .. Hamari raksha karna . 

Meenu : So she's your costar , Khushi Gupta . 

I smiled . 

Khushi : Hello sir . 

Akhil : Hey ! I'm Akhil . And you can all me by that name . You don't have to call me ' sir ' . 

He said in a friendly way .

Khushi : Ji . 

Akhil : Okay girls . I'll be back after I get ready . 

He went towards his green room which is exactly beside mine . Meenu ji started getting everyone in place . 

Nicky : Khushi , don't be scared . He's very good . He is an amazing person . 

Khushi : Nicky ji , I wanted to ask you something . 

Nicky : Sure . But call me di . Okay ? 

Khushi : Teekh hai . I wanted ask why was Arnav .. I mean ASR .. What was happening  there ? 

Nicky : He called us a couple of days before and said AR will be the costume agency for our show . And of course I said a yes . And asked him how much share he wants and he said none . I spoke with Rakesh ji and I got to know that you all are common relatives . But I thought it was fishy . So we had several meetings together and then I understood that he wasn't actually interested in any profit . He wants to be a part of this show ! Don't you think it's strange ? 

Khushi : A bit . 

But I know the real reason . He is a ghost !!! He doesn't want to leave me alone ! 

Nicky : And today he suddenly turned up and said he doesn't want any romantic scenes between the leads and he wants 10% of the profit . Share isn't a problem but he is hell bent to make this love story into a comedy show . 

Khushi : I think that's actually a good idea . That would be different right ? 

Nicky : And difficult too ! 

She added and I suppressed my smile seeing her cute-but-helpless expression . 

I nodded . I sat on the chair and Akhil came . 

Akhil : Hey Khushi . 

Khushi : Hello . Again ! 

Akhil : So you are from Delhi right ? 

Khushi : Well .. Bought up in Delhi but I'm actually form Lucknow . And what about you ? 

Akhil : I'm from Delhi too ! Same pinch . When's your birthday ? You don't have to tell your year .. Date is enough . 

Khushi : I don't mind telling my year of birth too .. 2nd October 1992 . And when's your birthday ? 

Akhil : 2nd September 1990 . I'm 2 years older than you . 

We kept talking and talking . Getting to know each other . 

Akhil : We both came a way too early . I think it takes more time for our shot . 

Khushi : We've waited for so long na ? I'm bored . 

After a couple of minutes our shot was ready . We had to go outside into the massive garden . Meenu ji described the scene and elaborated on what should be done . It is for the first promo . 

Meenu : Don't be nervous . You've done this before . The only difference is , this is real . Okay ? 

I nodded . 

She adjusted our placements and the crew ... 

Meenu : Lights .. Camera ... Action .. 

There was a guy catching that gun like fan . We both walked towards each other and stopped . Meenu ji called out .. " Look into your eyes " ... So we instantly looked into each other's eyes . Then I realised Akhil ji is exactly like Arnav ... I mean their heights matched . 

We crossed each other's paths and stopped and looked at each other again .. 

Meenu : Cut !! Very good guys .. It was an amazing shot .. 

Everyone clapped . Now we have to change our dress and start shooting for the first episode . 


Sorry Akhila di !!! I made your name Akhil ... I hope that name exists . Sorry again Akhila di !! 




Next update after 100 likes 


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Payaash Goldie

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****PM Later ... 

I'm so sorry for the crap ... But as I said before , when I committed a mistake it will take some time for it to mend .. So please forgive me for this ... I thank Akhila di and Pratyusha for helping with the chapter .. 

And also now since There is something that we never expected came up in the story [Arnav  and Khushi living together.. Suggested by Akhila Di .. ] which is suggested by AKHILA Di [My sister-in-law] the story line is changed a bit ... 

Hope you co operate 

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sadia98 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 February 2015 at 5:10am | IP Logged
haha,that's fun,it's fishy,i loved itSmile
jyothirockz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2015 at 5:36am | IP Logged
so.. Arnav just wants to be a part of Khushi's career... thats sweet of him..but how can Khushi be so blind to his love.. She is just too crazy.. I guess she will only know the value of his love when she looses it..  Only wish things dont go too bad because of the friendship between Khushi and this Akhil...  
basriya Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2015 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Awesome update..I really wished you could do something that vl change Male lead from Akhil to Our Arnav..
laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2015 at 6:29am | IP Logged
what is he upto, does not have a common sense that he has to win her heart and speak to her with an open mind.  She will not listen to him, now he has annoyed her to the core by chasing her like this.
weird even her family is supporting arnav.
madhu1210 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2015 at 8:12am | IP Logged
interesting twist..
still wondering how Arnav manage to convince family members...

wow he is designing along with his designer the dresses.. n change the serial into comedyLOL..

eagerly looking forward

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