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!* KMKV December 2014 Written Updates Archives *! (Page 2)

hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 11 December 2014 at 7:18am | IP Logged
Wednesday Updates
Episode 27

Arjun sister notices the photo posted by Ramya - calls her up immediately and tells her that person she took photo with is Vandhana, pooja mother. Ramya shock.

Ashok who felt insulted left the place. Vandhana follows him. Little pooja runs behind her mother somehow lost her way and gets locked inside a room accidentally. She starts crying - poor girl Cry

Vandhana & ashok argues. She leaves in anger walking pass Priya who comes that way looking for Pooja - she hears pooja tapping the door, shock to know pooja is stuck in the room.  Priya talks to her from the other side calms the little girl down and diverts her mind by talking many things. Pooja happily talks to Priya forgetting she got locked. Priya from outside calls someone and finally security comes with key lock. Door is open and little pooja runs into Priya arms hugs and cries (such a beautiful scene)

Arjun comes there not knowing anything shows his anger on Pooja for running off looking for mother. Ask pooja if Priya brought her here - both priya and arjun argues and finally Arjun says just because she cannot have a child does not mean she can take other people children and walks away. Poor Priya shock and hurt - cries. Cry

Ashok plans with (reporter - sorry i forgot her name aish from SM) to get Arjun to his party and insult him using his ex wife Vandhana.


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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 11 December 2014 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Thursday Updates
Episode 28

Ashok invites arjun to his house for party. Ramya jumps in "aww party so cold i love parties nu" (haiyoo can someone pls teach that priya how to act D'oh) Arjun says no somehow Ashok manage to convince him by using vandhana name - arjun agrees to go to prove his got nothing on Vandhana.

Priya comes back - pooja voice crying begging to be let out from the room keeps haunting her mind.

Pooja comes back home with Ramya - she keeps coughing. Priya notices this before Pooja walks into her house with Ramya and gets worried about that little girl.

Arjun comes to the party. Ashok annoys him by hugging and being close to vandhana. Jay tries to calm Arjun - Ashok continues his work annoying arjun by surprising vandhana with ring which looks expensive. Arjun fb when he bought for vandhana a ring which she thought does not look big but Arjun promises next time to give something expensive. Back to present - arjun  ends up getting drunk badly.

At home pooja coughing. Dhanam busy talking to Ramya not noticing the little girl coughing. Finally dhanam sees and ask what happen to her - Ramya butts in asking Dhanam not to worry she will take care of Pooja girl nu.


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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 15 December 2014 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Monday Updates Episode 31

Brief updates :-

Doctor tells Priya that pooja condition very serious. Priya breaks down cries worried for Pooja.

Arjun still drunk - mother comes out and notices Pooja missing.  Same time Priya calls again this time Ramya answers the phone. Priya not knowing who answered just told the situation and ask someone to come fast. Ramya gets scared and calls sukanya.

Priya house everyone getting ready - for the pooja in temple. Only then they realize Priya not at home. Mother calls her and Priya  ask them to go temple first as she cant come nu. Mother gets angry but Priya says she can't come and ask them to go ahead to temple first.

Dhanam  found Priya bracelet in the house and thinks Priya kidnap Pooja - dhanam starts cursing Priya for kidnapping her Pooja. Goes out to Priya house to find it locked. She curses the entire family. Sukanya does not reveal to her family about the meds.  She secretly scolds  Ramya.  Arjun gets ready to lodge report.


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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 17 December 2014 at 5:48am | IP Logged
Tuesday Updates episode

Brief updates peepzs!! Janu where are you girl?

Signature is needed and priya cant sign. She goes looking for vandhana but Ashok does not allow her. Priya leaves from there feeling bad for Pooja who does not have proper parents.

Priya house everyone getting ready for engagement. Police comes -  Sukanya smartly when no one watching dumb the cough mixture bottle in priya house - police finds it and they arrest both priya parents Angry

Pooja is all fine. Doctor says she can go back.  Priya takes her home - shock to hear that her parents got arrest as Arjun family suspected Priya kidnap Pooja girl. Priya in anger mode.


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Pallanguzhi Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2014 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
KMKV 19/11/14 Friday
Episode 35

Arjun calls Priya's Mappillai. PM tells Arjun that he and his family has called off the wedding with Priya and says the fault is on her. He then says he is a big fan of Arjun. Arjun says he is here to talk about something else and asks him to accept Priya again as the fault was on him and his family. He says Priya saved Pooja and luckily she was there that day. PM is surprised but immediately agrees and says he will gladly do whatever Arjun asks him to.

Priya is getting ready to go to the interview studio very angrily. Unni and Vaishu try to stop her but Priya says she is going to get justice for her family and blames his family for acting like they don't know anything.

Vandhana's friend the reporter instructs the camera people to capture every moment of Arjun's words and acts like a villi. Arjun's interview starts and interviewer asks him about being the best CEO of the year. At the same time Vandhana watches this on TV. She quickly changes the channel when she sees Ashok coming but Ashok turns back to the channel Arjun is on and says he wants to listen.

Dhanam decides to apologise to Manju but Sukanya scolds her. Dhanam says she is doing this to uphold her reputation as a kind lady. She goes to Manju's door and knocks. Manju is shocked to see Dhanam standing there smiling. Dhanam asks for Priya. Manju asks if she is here to create a problem and tells that they have had enough of their torture. Dhanam says she is here to apologise and asks to come in. Manju let's her in and Dhanam greets Unni.

Just then Vaishu receives a call from her mother and she passes it to Manju. Manju hears that Priya is on a business channel and quickly turns on the TV. Everyone sees Priya storming in and scolding Arjun. Arjun begs Priya not to create a scene but Priya does not listen and screams to the interviewer that Arjun is selfish and neglects his family despite being a top businessman. Dhanam and Sukanya are angry. Sukanya scolds Swaminathan for supporting Priya. Arjun decides to leave but Priya says he has to hear what she has to say. Manju and Unni are crying.


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migan Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 22 December 2014 at 12:43am | IP Logged
Wed & Thursday brief update
Priya leaves Pooja and goes to police station. There they don't want to let her parents go.

Meanwhile a Dr comes checks pooja and tells them she is all fine asks who took her to the hospital. Learning she is neighbor girl DR says she is a God if not for her Pooja would not be alive and asks them to thank her

Arjun feels bad.

Call police statio nand asks them to leave Priya parnates and he withdraws his complaint. They let them go.

Pooja is sad, manju tells she wil lget her hair fixed and go do the engagement can continue.

Priya informs no engagement.

Hearing this Manju shattered.

manju wants to go beg, Manju scolds Priya her vidhi.

They bring her home.

At home She is more sad, wants to go beg Danam Sorry and ask her to talk to Pradeep. Priya gets angry stops her.

Arjun upset sitting in room. Danam goes to talk to him to do the interview. he does not listen.

Sukanya talks to him tells him that he has to prove and show off to Ashok and Vandhana.

She also tells sorry for bringing Ramya.

Ashok place the reporter gets to know interview on and calls Priya tells her Arjum going to speak on TV live and at the same time he is goig nto bad mouth her and family.

Priya so angry decides to go to the interview place and speak.


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nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 12:25am | IP Logged
!* KMKV December 2014 Written Updates Archives *!
Sawmya8762 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Forward panni forward panni parthuten ROFL
Mini summary of this week :

Priya tells about Arjun in the interview and cries that she is not able to carry a baby but she can be a good mother but even Arjun has a daughter he can't say he is a good dad. Dhanam gets angry on Priya's mother. Ashok gets happy by seeing this in Tv and appreciates the girl who helped for this, Ashok told he will snatch all from Arjun including Pooja and Vandhana too is with them. Priya is crying, Pooja comes and consoles her. Arjun comes and scold Priya, Some ladies comes and wants to take Pooja. Vandhana too come , Pooja doesn't want to go with them. Priya consoles her and sends her with Vandhana. Dhanam is crying and says Vandhana is unfeet to be a mother, Arjun consoles her that he will bring Pooja  soon. Vaishu tells that she doesn't think Vandhana will care Pooja, Priya says but she can be better than Arjun. Vandhana brings Pooja to her room, Ashok calls Vandhana to the party , she agreed. Vaishu's friend calls her to the party , Vaishu doesn't agree but Priya insists her finnaly she agrees. Pradeep wants to marry her but Priya denies , he told this to Arjun , Arjun told it's better to marry someone other girl in front of Priya. Priya is crying , her mom come with phone and asks to talk with Pooja but Priya denies. Vandhana was going to feed Pooja but Ashok orders her to get ready for the party and he introduces a woman to take care of Pooja. Jay decided to go to the party. Ashok says to Vandhana all thing happen like we thought and we separated Pooja from Arjun. Pooja overhears this. Jai sees Vaishu, Vaishu scolds him. Manoj to come to this party. Ashok talks bad about Arjun to everyone and this is noticed by Jai. Arjun thinks about Vandhana and there is a flashback : Arjun tells to Vandhana he got a job in malaisya Vandhana scolds him and tells she doesn't love him anymore. 
Priya is thinking about Pooja and talks to Shin chan. Pooja wants to call Priya and asks the woman. She dials and gives to Pooja they talks. Priya asks about the medicines the woman says Vandhana didn't inform her about this. So Priya explaines her and she tells a story to Pooja till she sleeps.
In party Manoj pours juice on Vaishu, she went to dress change , he was seeing her by the keyhole. Jai comes and beats him. When he told this to Vaishu she doesn't believe him and she scolds Jay for beating Manoj. In house Dhanam scolds Jai. Arjun asks what happen to Jai he told what happened. Manoj says that Jai beat him for Vaishu. Arjun slaps him for lying. Paper man comes and gives paper , he is shocked to see Priya and Arjun in the paper. Arjun gets ready to the court because it's the judgment day for his divorce case. Adhok says to bring Pooja to the court for some reason.

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