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!* KMKV December 2014 Written Updates Archives *!

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Posted: 30 November 2014 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
KMKV Written Updates 1st Dec 2014 

Priya family are getting ready to welcoming Mappilai. Priya came home and having chit chat with her family. Arjun having meeting at their home but disturbed by power cut. Then they find out its due to high usage of voltage. Arjun amma poatukudutufying that its all coz of priya family nu. Arjun went to Priya house and argues with priya mom.

Their arguments reach its peak level. Priya come there. Heated argument going on. Both of them insulting each other. Arjun who cant control his anger raised his hand to slap Priya but its stopped by THE MAPPILAI. Seriously does he knoe how to deliver dialogue.. Kodumai ah pacify pandran. 

Arjun left from there with  Jai and Jai try to advice Arjun not to having grudges to all women. Arjun dun want to listen to Jai and starts saying his own point of iew. Jai doesny know what to say anymore. THE MAPPILAI and Priya having conversation. Mappilai sutthi valaichi mookai thoda try pandrar, Priya just came to striaght to the point. Finally Mappilai saying he knoes everything about Priya and having a own kid not a must. They can adopt children too. Priya face le 100 wats bulps. Then, Mappilai getting ready to leave but stopped by Priya mom asking for his sammadham. 

Mappilai straight go to Priya and propose her. Priya keep her silent. The Mappilai thinks Priya didnt like the alliance. Priya sattunu saying apdiellam onnum ille.. She said she also likes him nu... Whole family are happy.. Arjun lying on his bed thinking about wat Priya had said. He remembers the past incident and Scene freezes on his face. 


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hopper_ocean Viewbie

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Posted: 03 December 2014 at 6:29pm | IP Logged
Tuesday updates 02.12.2014

Brief updates only.

Vallima (i hope am correct Priya mom name) comes in happy with puppy as he messed up dhanam house cloths. Vaishu ask why she is so happy nu. Vallima tells vaishu to get the guy she love to meet them. Vaishu now becomes super happy and shares the happy news with Priya who ask her ti call Jay and arrange for a meet. Vaishu calls jay and informs him. Jay tells Arjun about his love and wants Arjun and family be there for him as they are his only family now.

Priya vaishu with puppy. Pooja comes there with Arjun bro to admirers vaishu beauty. Dhanam from balcony sees all 4 together scolds her son and ask to bring pooja in. Insults priya who leaves upset. Pooja sad seeing priya upset.

Business meeting going in. Ashok doing presentation - looks like he has an impressive presentation. Arjun remembers flashback how Ashok cheats customers. Ashok finish - time for arjun to present his but he refuses saying he don't know how to cheat customers. The other guys feels something fishy on Ashok and gives the contract to Arjun. Ashok gets angry. Thodarum

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Wed Update..Short One..

Episodes Starts with Arjun telling Jai..that his mother and family arranged everything for Ponnu parkara function..Jai is happy..

Vaishu is tensed while leaving to Jai house..Priya makes fun and says both Jai Vaishu love each other thats important..

At Jai house ..Kuyili scolds everyone to do some work as ponnu veetla will come soon..

At Jai house.. Both the veetuakaranga shocked seeing each other..

Scene shifts to Priya home..Vaishu crying ..Priya mom saying the family are not for you..leave them..They'll wont keep you happy..

Same Kuyili & Arjun advises Jai to not marry Vaishu and they talk very badly about Priya & Mom.. Jai still supports Vaishu..and finally Arjun says now you'll believe in love later she'll ditch you ..

Priya calls Arjun and says she wants to talk to him in person and requests him to come to coffee shop..First Arjun didnt accept later agrees..


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.SaduKiFarzi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thursday Update

Arjun and Priya headed into argument when Priya try to convince him for Jai-Vaishu Marriage, Situation makes them to get angry with each other as Arjun behaves Rude and denies for the marriage, so Priya talks abt his life and Vandhana!!

Jai try to console Vaishu, But in Vain, which is Enjoyed by Arjun's Bro(Sry forget the name, Romi in hindi) After Jai leaves he came to Vaishu and pretend to be good and try to indirectly flirt by saying wat he ll do, if he was in Jai's place.

Both Priya and Arjun waiting for Auto, but didnt get, Priya gets irked and leaves from there, Promo scene, she went to an Auto Stand, Drivers talked badly, she starting running and they chased, while running she abt to fall down, but holded by Arjun, one of the Drivers leaves, Both started Walking one by one.

Its Started Raining, so both stands under tree, Separately, Arjun saw Priya using her duppata to cover herself, he went near her and place his coat on the tree, but she didnt take, he waited for a while and take the coat back by saying he shldnt save from falling down.

An Auto came there and stops, Both went near, but Priya gets in, Driver ask Arjun to get in as no auto ll come that side as its Raining, Arjun saw Priya and says no, ll take another auto, But Driver insists, Arjun saw Priya, she too nods ok and moves aside, Arjun gets in

Show ends

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Pallanguzhi Coolbie

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KMKV Episode 25
05/12/14 Friday Update

Arjun and Priya riding in an auto. Mappillai calls Priya and asks where she is. Priya says she is with Arjun. Mappillai is shocked as he slapped her the other day. Priya says she will meet him tomorrow. Arjun starts talking by saying he shouldn't eavesdrop but says he is amazed that she told the truth instead of lying. Priya says that is her nature.Tongue

Dhanam calls Sukanya and tells her Arjun is getting a nomination for an award and brags that he is a CEO. Sukanya says that nominees must bring their wife for the event. Dhanam is sad that Arjun has no wife. Sukanya suggests sending her unmarried sister-in-law with Arjun for the event. Dhanam agrees. Sukanya's sister in law Sangeetha's mother calls.

Later as they leave the house they see Arjun and Priya getting down from the auto drenched from the rain. Both shocked and angry. Dhanam decides to talk to Manju. Both hide behind the car. Dhanam wants to slap Priya but Sukanya tells her not to rush and says they must let Arjun love Sangeetha. Dhanam is worried that Priya will entice Arjun away. Both go in the house. Arjun and Priya look at each other for sometime. Finally Priya leaves and Arjun keeps looking at her as she leaves. Smile

Meanwhile Ashok is with his friend (Ishwarya from SM2) and Vandhana. Ashok wonders if he will get the award for best CEO. Friend says don't worry and the jury is under her control. Friend says this year there is a special kick - that his closest competitor is Arjun. Vandhana and Ashok are shocked. Ashok then laughs and says he has taken many things from Arjun including his wife and says Arjun does not know how to take care of his belongings properly. Dead Vandhana also smiles Angry

Manju asks Priya if she has talked to Vaishu. Priya says Vaishu has been upset. Just then Vaishu comes out cheerfully and says good morning and talks casually. All look at her silently. Manju is worried.

Sukanya serves Arjun's brother some coffee. Dhanam comes and talks about Arjun going for award show. Sukanya says Arjun has to go with his spouse and Dhanam misunderstands. Dhanam suggests Pooja to go with Arjun. Pooja suddenly comes out and Dhanam gives her a hug and tells her to go with Arjun later. Big smile

Sukanya tells Dhanam that she is not thinking properly and says Pooja is going to throw tantrums in the evening. Dhanam says she has a plan. Sukanya says she won't believe Arjun will bring Pooja.

Vaishu tells her family not to be upset about her matter. All still silent. Vaishu tells Priya she is fine and confident, and goes for jogging. Manju calls her but Unni tells her to let Vaishu free.

Pooja asks Dhanam which dress she should wear. Dhanam selects one so that she would look like a princess. Arjun's brother hears Vaishu's voice and smiles. He decides to go jogging too LOLand brings Pooja as well. Once they are outside the house he tells Pooja to play with Priya while he goes off to Vaishu. Pooja hugs Priya. Priya asks if Dhanam will be angry if she knows. Pooja says Dhanam won't know and tells about her chithappa going with Vaishu. Pooja says she is going to a party with Arjun and is excited. She asks Priya to teach her how to eat. Priya says Ok but asks Pooja to give her one umma. Both hug. Clap

Dhanam keeps looking at Arjun. Arjun says he would have brought Dhanam to the party instead of Pooja but Dhanam refuses to listen. Arjun complains that Dhanam did not ask him first and Pooja won't behave herself. He further says Vandhana and Ashok will be coming for the party too and that this will affect Pooja. Dhanam asks Sukanya to call Ramya to accompany Arjun to the party. Arjun protests and asks who it is but Sukanya and Dhanam do not listen to him. 

Priya teaches Pooja table manners, how to say thank you and to place napkins while eating and how to drink soups and use cutlery. Both smile at each other. Big smile


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Monday updates episode 25

Manoj sees vaishu going for jogging goes down to join her. Pretends like he went few rounds. Talks to vaishu about Jay saying his not responsible etc etc. Vaishu says she is not really interested to talk about him and goes up.

Priya getting ready for work. Mother tells her Pradeep mother is coming tomorrow and they will get engagement tomorrow and wedding next month. Priya ask if this is the right moment as vaishu issue happen yesterday. Vaishu comes in and says nothing to worry about her. She is all ready to help for engagement. Praddep calls her and both kutty aa romance.

Manju comes to dhanam house to inform tomorrow is Priya engagement and mocks dhanam as her son yet to find jodi. Dhanam gets angry. (Shabaa boty this ladies... Lolz)
Both ladies starts ... Husbands comes and drags them away lolz.

Both husbands comes out ... Arjun father congrats Priya father for engagement.

(SM Priya) comes to Arjun house... Lolz meenu ka she is Ramya. Dhanam loves Ramya immediately as Ramya smartly ice vatchufy her. Dhanam introduce Pooja to her saying this is going to be her amma. Arjun comes - dhanam intro Ramya to arjun who is not happy. Ramya stands beside him to take selfie. Dhanam tells arjun to take Ramya to function as well.

Priya gets ready as pradeep taking her to the same function. Mother comes and praise her. Cute mother daughter scene. Pradeep arrives to fetch her.

Ashok vadhana arrives. Priya pradeep too. Finally arrives arjun pooja ramya. Thodarum

Precap : vandhana pooja sees each other... Pooja smiles happily. Ashok goes beside vandhana.

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KMKV 12/12/14 Friday Update

Ashok presents Vandhana the diamond ring and slips it onto her finger. Ashok tauntingly calls to Arjun and brags about how Arjun's belongings will always come to him eventually. Dead Vandhana is uncomfortable. Arjun replies back that in the end the diamond is still a stone like the hearts of some people. Clap Ashok morachufies at him but soon starts the party. Waiter offers Arjun a glass and he accepts. D'oh

Arjun goes to Ashok's room in a drunken state and sees the pictures of Ashok and Vandhana on the wall. In a fury he takes one and throws it on the bed. Jai sees this and asks what is going on, and soon leads him back outside when Arjun is unable to reply properly.

At home Pooja has a bad cough. Priya hears this and decides to help but hesitates and thinks that Pooja has many family members to take of her, and goes back to sleep. Pooja still coughs which causes Ramya's sleep to be interrupted. Ramya asks Pooja to go back to sleep but the cough still goes on. Ramya wakes up and finds some cough mixture and gives a bit to Pooja and asks her to sleep but that does not work. The tired Ramya asks Pooja to drink the whole cough mixture in the bottle. Dead However Priya's cough still does not subside. Ramya gives up and puts a pillow above her head. ShockedAngry

Priya notices that Pooja's cough has still not stopped. She decides to see what's going on and sees a drunken Arjun in the lobby. He unsuccessfully tries to open the door with his key. Priya thinks Arjun will be unable to take care of Pooja in this state and goes near him. Arjun sees her and starts asking why she and Manju keep chasing after him and asks if she is in love with him. Priya asks him to stop talking cheaply even though he is drunk. But Arjun accuses her of plotting to marry him by appearing at his doorstep in the middle of the night and goes close to her. Priya is disgusted and tries to get away from him. Arjun tries to offer her money to leave but finally faints on her shoulder. Priya assists him inside and sees that he has dropped his wine glass.

Priya goes into Pooja's room and sees Pooja in pain. She realised that Pooja drank the whole cough mixture meant for adults Cry and brings her to the hospital. Doctor asks her what's wrong but she doesn't know. Cry


Next week precap: Arjun tells Dhanam that Priya's watch was found in Pooja's room. Dhanam tells that she knows Priya is somehow responsible for this. Doctor tells Priya that the cough mixture Pooja drank is expired. Cry

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Tuesday Updates Episode 26
Vandhana smiles happily seeing  Pooja but  gets annoyed when Ashok comes and ask if old memories are back? Vandhana reminds him she left everything for him and not to forget it. 

Pooja looks so pretty and cute - smiles happily upon seeing Priya there. Everyone sits to have food. Priya from far cutely guides Pooja on  having her food. Cute lovely scene Embarrassed

Time to announce the awards - Ashok eagerly waiting assuming his name will be called up. To his shock the award goes to Arjun. Everyone shock while Arjun with full confident walks up to receive it. Pooja super happy her father is getting awards nu. Jay calls Dhanam and inform her that Arjun got the awards. Everyone at home happy except for Arjun father who does not saying anything.

Arjun gives speech - he says he is  dedicating this award to his wife. Vandhana Ashok shock. Arjun indirectly insults Vandhana  by saying its because of her he got this award and the claps should be dedicated to her nu. Ashok leaves in anger - vandhana follows him out. 

Precap : Pooja crying got locked in a room. Priya holding pooja hand. Arjun warns Priya to stay away from Pooja by hurting her saying she don't have a child so stop eyeing his daughter. Priya hurt leaves pooja hand.


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