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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

All I want for Christmas is you : Rishbala OS

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Hey peeps,

I'm back with an OS Embarrassed This is dedicated specially to my virtual sisters, besties for life, Steph, Radha, Mou, Shriyu ( The craziest of all LOL), Piyu, Shreyu, Shuv, Azru (My twin Wink) , Suru, Uma, Shriya no 2 LOL & all of my amazing friend out there Hug Thanks for being with me through thick & thin Heart

This is a Christmas gift for you! Embarrassed Hope you'll enjoy reading & don't forget to share your feedback Big smile

All I want for Christmas is you

The sadness in my bones engulfs me so sweet, that it serenades me automatically and puts me to sleep. It soothes me as I hug on to my empty soul for comfort. It calms my weeping soul and whispers hollow, soft words.The breeze drifts me off to a slow sleep and dries my tears.

My mind consoles my heart and my brain reattaches the broken pieces every single time. They never say 'I told you so' they support my misery with a kind and broken silence. The blood in the veins of my body still flow and my heart still beats. To be honest, I'm sad. Tired and sick of it all. Yet, there is something so intoxicating about the pain.

I wonder why we live in a world where robbing only limits to wealth and money. I think stealing a heart does more damage to a person. We live in era where attempted murder is charged with heavy penalties yet, if someone breaks your heart so much and the series of incidents kill you inside with each and every breath it's considered irrelevant as long as there are no multiple gun shots around.Even if the words they say, cuts you like a knife would stab your body like there is no tomorrow it wouldn't matter.

Love is like an illness.The more you love the faster you die. It makes you sick to your stomach. Sometimes it makes you nauseous. Your head aches, filled with memories, thoughts and dreams. Your mind busy with hope and faith. It refuses anything that could heal the illness. Ignores any remedy for the pain. It dotes on the sorrow and the misery like surviving is it's only fate.

Love is all that you need. Love is all that you need if you are crying with a broken heart. Love is all that you are. Love is belief in the past. Love is dreaming with a broken heart. It's when you let go, but always hold on to something small, love can never be stolen away only given up or passed.

What is love when you are starving? What is love when you are dead?
Where is love when you are homeless? Where is love when you are sick? If it's love you live for? Why would it make you die? If it's love you look for? Why does it make you kill? Is love going to cure cancer? Is it going to heal soldiers? When will love arrive with miracle? Can it rise up shattered dreams? Can love heal memories and the masked scars?

Love is all you need is a lie. Love is not so often what you need. It's more often all you have. I always wondered why things never worked out. Why they are so broken. So damaged beyond repair. Why relationships are no longer stable.

I used to love him like crazy. I loved him more than my life, more than anyone else in the world. I still do.

Rishabh Kundra, he wasn't an ordinary guy. He is a superstar whom every girl dreams to make their life partner. He was a born superstar with extraordinary talents. He became a huge part of my life in a short span of time.

Flash back

It was a special day in my life. A rare chance for a middle class ordinary girl like me who have aspirations on joining Bollywood. I was born and raised in a conservative family under many restrictions. But I had my own dreams. My only goal, my only dream was to be a heroine, and reach the stardom in Bollywood.

'Ishq ek junoon' it was Rishabh Kundra aka superstar RK's upcoming movie. He was looking for a new face, a new heroine to cast opposite him. I sent my application for auditions. I was called for an audition a month later. 

What a co-incidence? The audition date fell on my birthday. I prayed that this opportunity should be my best birthday gift ever.

Nobody supported me in my family except my sister Trishna. She knew about my dreams & aspirations. She was so much keen to be an actress from her childhood. But she was unfortunate to give up her dreams as she had to marry my father's best friend's son right after she completed her studies.She always wanted me to reach where she couldn't. She wanted me to achieve my life goals. She was my pill of strength. 

Thanks to her, I got a chance to get out of my house on my birthday. Nobody except my sister knew that I was going for auditions. She dropped me at the Sitara studio, where the auditions were going on & wished me best of luck with a peck on my cheek. We were almost an hour late thanks to the morning traffic in Mumbai.

'Out'! I heard somebody roaring. My heart started pounding with fear when I realized it was RK's voice. 'Bittu ji! 'I don't want to continue this! Nobody fits for Shriya's role and I'm fed up of these stupid girls who don't even know how to stand properly.'! I heard his voice more clearly. May be he was unsatisfied with the auditions.

That made me more nervous. What if I fail to perform well? Will I be thrown out of the studio like other girls? But at the same time I felt more confident about myself. No Madhu! You are gonna go through this well! Hell! I can't just run away! This is once a life time chance!

I was left out numb when I saw RK was coming towards me. It was indeed a starstruck moment. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm seeing him LIVE! 

'Excuse me, you are blocking my way!' Those are first lines he spoke to me. OMG he finally spoke to me! Well, it wasn't a pleasant sentence like 'I love you' but those words were enough for me to fall in love with him. 

'Hello?' Are you deaf?' He raised his voice. 'Huh?' I gasped. 'Excuse me! didn't you hear what I said! You are blocking my way!' I just realized that I was blocking his way in the narrow passage. 'Uh.. I'm sorry sir.' I got to a side.

'Thank you!' He continued his steps towards the exit. What? Is he leaving? What about my audition. I ran behind to catch him. 'Sir..! sir please wait!' I screamed top of my lungs.

He stopped. Looked back at me. I was sweating. It was both  for fear and tiredness of running after him with my six inch high heels. 

'Who the hell  you are whom made RK look back?' He smirked. RK never looks back! and RK never stops for a mere girl. I did cause, you were screaming so loud and I wanted to stop you before your loud scream tears up my ear drum.' He spoke in a ruthless tone.

'Um.. I'm so..sorry!' 'I.. um..' I was out of words. 'Excuse me, I'm not here to entertain you! You are wasting my time.' He spoke pointing to his wrist watch. I knew that time was precious for a busy superstar like him. I gathered up the words and finally spoke up.

'Sir. Let me introduce myself.' 'I don't want to know your name, miss whoever you are!' 'Just leave me alone.' He smirked again. ' Sir please listen for a minute. I'm Madhubala Mallick & I'm here today for the auditions.'

'Madhubala... aahan.' 'Well, do you think you could ever be a heroine huh?' The superstar who refused to spoke with me have already started a nice conversation! Whoa!' I was pretty surprised.

'Umm.. yeah I guess so.' I grinned. 'I'm so sorry! You are wrong Miss. Madhu..bala..' 'Aahan!' that  part eventually came out from my mouth. 'Oops! Stupid me! I scolded myself. But wait! What did he say? I can't be a heroine? What the eff why?' I was shocked.

'But.. but sir? What's the fault?' ' He pointed to his wrist watch again.' How can you be a heroine if you can't work on time?' He smirked. 'It wasn't my fault sir! It was the huge trafic jam!' 'But you could have tried any alternatives'

'Sir please please give me a chance!' 'I was dying to perform in front of you! It's my dream to cast a role opposite to you sir!' ' Hmm not bad! It's good to have dreams in life!

'Right sir! So please will you give a chance for my audition please? I know I am too late but please can you spare a minute from your precious time for me? I'm sure I will manage to do it well sir. I promise I won't be annoying as other girls.

'Listen miss..' 'Madhubala' I reminded him my name. 'I have already spared seven minutes from my time for you' 'Will you please go away without ruining my mood again?' I knew he was pissed off. 'But come on RK! Please give me a chance! you won't regret it! I self thought.

'RK!' What's going on?' 'I thought you have already left the studio' Mr. Ashok Chopra who was the director of the movie came along with RK's private assistant, Bitto Sharma. 'I would have, Mr. Chopra, if this girl wouldn't have stormed towards me like a tornado.'

'Ouch! that was too harsh' Mr. Chopra laughed. 'Who are you?' He inquired. Words came flowing like a river. I told everything from A to Z. 'Impressive!' Mr. Chopra replied. 'RK why wouldn't you give a chance for her?' 'I'm pretty sure that she'll perfectly fit for 'Shriya's role' Mr. Chopra seemed satisfied after talking to me.

' Not in a mood for auditions!' 'Let me go!' RK spoke angrily. 'Dude! Come on! Let's just try her out!' Without wasting a minute, he dragged RK in to the room where the auditions were being taken. I followed them.

I felt so nervous. I just realized that I was trembling with fear. ' Yo! this is not a horror movie! This is a romantic movie! Don't  be nervous! Just relax' 'I read the script several times and practiced a little bit till I gained my confidence.I could almost see the burning face of RK. He looked like a volcano which is about to erupt in the very next second.

The dialogues were pretty easy for me & I knew that I went through it well. I don't know how, but I felt pretty much comfortable & confident in front of them.

I was asked to be seated outside for a while. They were discussing inside. I kept praying. A half an hour later I was called inside.

'So, miss. Madhubala I'm so much delighted to announce you that you've been finally chosen for the role of  'Shriya' in our movie, 'Ishq ek junoon' 'What really?' I couldn't believe Mr. Chopra's words. 'Am I dreaming?' My happiness knew no bounds.

"Well done Madhu! Well done! Oh my god! you are gonna break so many hearts! I smirked. I'm gonna be the heroine of RK!' I just couldn't believe it!

'Congratulations! & best of luck!' RK spoke, this time in a  more polite tone. 'OMG thank you so much sir!' 'I'm so much honored  to be a part of your movie' I was jumping with joy.

I never thought that I would get such a great gift for my 21st birthday. I could reach my aspirations. I became his heroine. The first few days of shooting were so much difficult for me, but thankfully the team helped me & treated me like a family member.

RK was so helpful. He was an amazing co-star. Initially I used to speak to him as 'RK sir.' Gradually we became close friends & he just wanted me to call him RK. I felt that we were getting close to each other by each scene. We were both comfortable with each other.

I knew I had already fallen in love with him. The love grew each passing day. One fine day, I confessed my true feelings for him. He stood numb for a while. I wasn't sure that how he would react for it.

' You know what Madhu?' 'I felt the same, ages ago.' 'From the beginning of our shooting. But it was forbidden & I didn't want to express my feelings not knowing how you would handle it.' His words made me surprised.

I was stunned by what happened in the very next second. He pulled out a ring from a box which was kept safely inside his pocket. He knelt down.'Madhu will you be my wife?' Those words made me nearly cry out of happiness. I hugged him tightly & he did the same placing a soft kiss on my forehead. It was all like fairy tale. But it was real. Later got to know that he had kept the engagement ring for such a long time with him, nervous to ask out from me.

End of flash back

I replayed the memories with him. How we used to be a perfect couple among the stars. I never thought that my debut film would be a hit. I could develop a huge fan base for me in a short span of time. People started calling me 'Shriya' instead of Madhubala which was the name of my role. Fans loved our pair so much & they wanted us to be together in real life too. Our relationship was hidden to the public.

He didn't want to rush for a marriage. He wanted me to establish in the industry. We had to be careful while spending time with each other cause the media could make or either destroy one's career. I was all new to this field of fame & he always wanted me to protect from unnecessary trouble.

In the mean time I got so many offers for movies. Initially he seemed happy to see my success about eventually it turned out to be a jealousy. We drifted from each other without even realizing our mistakes. It was too late. He wanted to end our relationship due to his ego and doubts about me getting in to a relationship with my new co-star Sanjay.

Sanjay and me were so much cordial at the beginning but soon I felt that he had bad intentions in getting in to a relationship with me. I couldn't leave the movie mid way as it was another production of Mr. Chopra who brought me to this industry though I had realized about Sanjay's true colors. I didn't want to clash my personal life with my professional life.

I never thought that RK would leave me for a mere reason like that. I wanted him to explain the reality. We had heated arguments everyday. Finally he came in to a conclusion that he can not continue this relationship any longer. He left me alone right a year after on my birthday giving me the biggest shock in my life.

He said he can't love me anymore. But I wanted to believe that he still did. He had to. I loved him more everyday, so how could he just stop? He thought we shouldn't talk the same. His voice was cold and distant for the first time. This unfamiliarity in his tone and voice had a length of memories entangled with it.

I hated the idea of him being anything short of perfect. He was the measurement of perfection for me. He was the length of love and the depth of emotion.

It's been months we've parted ways. I missed his presence in my life. I wished everything would fall on right places again. I went to meet him on his sets, but he didn't even bother to look at me.

I realized that it was too late. I was left down with a broken heart. He seemed happy with his new heroine. I knew that I did the right thing by letting him be with her. I knew it wouldn't have worked out. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt.

I didn't regret my decision. I wanted him to be happy. Even if it's not with me.I knew that I was strong enough to let go, but sometimes being strong sucks. To love and let go. The idea of forbidden love is exciting yet excruciating. It feels so wrong and right at the same time.

I feared that I won't be able to forget him. His voice, his touch, his face. The scent of his skin drove me crazy. And with time it will get worse. Eventually I was right. I couldn't block him out no matter how much I tried. Instead of the memories being supposedly blurred, the details became clearer day by day. As long as I don't see him I told my self I would be fine.

I deleted his pictures, voice clips, recordings one by one. Each after replaying it a million times. As I deleted the data from my phone. I burnt it in to my heart. So much so that a shock of amnesia couldn't be able to erase. As time passed I carved words and pictures in to my heart that was beyond the pictures and recordings. I started replaying the memories over and over again. I desperately wanted back him in my life. I knew that I could go to any extent to make him mine again.

It was end of the year & already a day left for Christmas. All I want for Christmas was him. My life, my Rishabh. He was quite busy with Christmas parties and I used to refuse each and every invitation. I wasn't in a mood to attend them. I wanted to start the upcoming new year with him with new hopes.

It was Christmas eve and I drove to the lake near by as I wanted to be all alone. It was a serene place few miles away from the city were we had spent most of our times together.

The next sight gave me a huge shock. I noticed RK's car was parked near the lake. I walked towards that direction. I found him staring at the lake. 'RK?' I was surprised to see him at this hour. He looked back with surprisingly yet shocked.

'Madhu..'? 'What are you doing here?' He stood up. I asked him the same. I was curious to know. 'Nothing. I was just..' 'RK?' 'Sorry to ask, but what's bothering you?' I felt so formal. We were distant to our selves once again.

'You!' He held my hand tightly. 'But RK?' I was left with a confusion. 'Yes you!' ' Madhu! I want you back in my life!' I couldn't believe that he exactly blurted out the words that I wanted to tell him from a long time.

The silence fell between us. Again. This time it was different.
It wasn't the silence that we first shared.It was not the silence that made me smile for the first time and blush for the second. When he called me adorable. Nor was it the silence that made me realize that maybe, just maybe we could be more than friends.

The silence that crept in with doubt and cause his heartache wasn't this. It wasn't this silence that made me question his motives or judge his character. It wasn't the silence I held when I pretended to be unaffected by him moving on.No, this silence was different. It spoke the loudest. This silence was the moment I realized that we could reunite.

'Madhu you know what, I loved you so much, but it was time to let go. Remember I told you we had to stop before it gets out of control? Remember I told you that I have stopped loving you?  But how could I? Every second I loved you more.

You may have thought that I was so happy with my new co-star & I was living my life again. You're mistaken Madhu! I kept breaking down inside.' It was late when I realized the truth Madhu.  I hated the idea of not being good enough for you.'

'I wanted so much from you. I knew that you were capable of far greater things. But then I realized that it will never happen. At least not with you. At least not to me. So instead of moving on what do I do? I did any sane person in love would do. I lowered my expectations to an extent that a disappointed will be impossible.'

'While I still ripped my beating heart off of my chest, while the blood in my veins only drip your name and the breathe in my lungs only puffs to say your name Madhu.'

'I want you back, I need your love & let me love you once again.' His reply made me almost cry. I hugged him tightly. I was lacking words. I was wrong, he had been suffering like me too.

'RK,..' I whispered. 'Hmm?' He spoke softly. I smiled at him. He wiped away my tears.

I want to cuddle in his arms again not only for the coldness but because I love feeling his warmth against my skin. I want fall in his arms and be lost in his eyes. I want him to whisper those three words to me, like it was for the first time. I want him to carry me and spin me around when I expect it the least and then surprise me further and kiss my nose gently. I want him to make me blush and laugh and blush again. I want him to kiss my cheek and my forehead as I giggle as if I have never been kissed before.

I want his finger tips to brush against my face and watch him slowly removing a curl off my face and place it behind my ear. I want him to tilt my chin up when I am shy and looking down. I want him to grab my waist and pull me towards him and tease me by leaning in and letting me feel him breathe on my neck and then my lips. I wanna close my eyes with him at the same second. I want be under the mistletoe with him. I want to feel special again.

All I wanted for Christmas was him & my prayers had been answered. I want to relive all  the moments with him. We started our life together again. We promised each other that we would be together forever and face every obstacle in life as a strong couple.

'Madhu. Get ready to start our new life as husband & wife, next month!' He placed a soft kiss on my forehead. 'What?' you mean next January? In the new year?' I was surprised. ' Why not?' ' I want our relation to take another step forward.' He winked. His answer made me blush.

The clock stuck at twelve midnight & we could hear the sound of the bell of the church near by. My Christmas wish was fulfilled. Let me correct! It was our Christmas wish, we wanted each other in our lives once again.

'Merry Christmas Madhu..' 'I love you.' 'Love you too RK. Then we shared a passionate kiss after a long time. It was so special. He wrapped his arms around me in the cold winter night.

'And Madhu, he broke the silence.' ' I can't wait to start a new journey with you as life partners. Me too RK.' I cupped his face. He caressed my hair. He came more closer to me.

'And another one, I just can't wait..' He whispered. 'What?' I was curious. His hands ran along my waist. He pulled me towards him & tightened the grip. 'Madhu.. I just can't wait to become a dad!' He whispered slowly & kissed my ear lobe. 'May be that wish would be fulfilled by the next Christmas.' I chuckled. He hugged me tightly once again.

The end

I know that's yet another boring OS from me ConfusedLOL A typical story! Wrote this when I was sick & bored at home.Couldn't resist writing. But I would like to know your valuable feedback about the above OS. LOL

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Hug


Vinu Embarrassed

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Posted: 22 December 2014 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
Yay! I m first! Thank u for letting me res first. ILY Heart
I loved this os...first comes the title! I thought tht it was the same thing as ur status...but u changed it a bit. I loved the title. Its cute Heart
I loved the entire thing till the flashback. It was like my fav. U wrote it so well di! It was so awesome. The words u used...the way u wrote! U seemed to b a proffessional write. I wonder if i would ever b able yo write likr u ROFL
N then came the flashback. The flashback was kinda sweet. U used my name.! Aww...i love u Heart i swear my eyes actually popped out LOL HAHA...Madhu would perfectly fit in MY role ROFL
The end was so sweet and romantic...i loved it.
U took full on advantage of u motyer being out ROFL haha...but i m happy.
N thabks for the dedication. I knw i m crazy LOL
Finally i m sorry for the short comment n less emos...i have typed this same thing for 4 times..n it gets shorter n shorter wid every time. I guess i eat a few lines in the mids ROFL n i cant post emos becoz i m using net sucks.
N E ways...thanks for this awesome os. Loved it to the core.

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Lovely story dear.
nice gift rk got for christmas & Expecting for one more precious gift & as madhu said they get their baby at d time for next chirstmas lol..
beautifully written dear. Loved it.

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varshajoshi17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2014 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
Woww awesome os dear 
Merry christmas and happy new year Smile

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 4:51am | IP Logged


First a welcome back after shrt break and a big thanks for dedication.

Beautiful story, their pain of separation was evident throughout, esp madhu's.

First reading the story I guessed, rk didn't lover her truly or he was no more.

But thank god u gave a happy ending.

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AzraZaidi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 4:59am | IP Logged

Aweome vinu di ... they way u described madhus emotions !!! hats off Big smile
and then the flashback ... they way they meet and talked was cool the talk b4 audition ...
and they confrssed ...cute .. but again rk and his insecurites
and d beautiful end
thanx for writing it and dedication !!!!!

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 5:06am | IP Logged

Lovely OS, Vinu
U have very beautifully described their feelings.Thumbs Up
I just loved this OS.Heart
Thanks a lot for the dedication.Hug
Love youHeart

Edited by SHINYSHREYA - 23 December 2014 at 9:43am

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-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 5:15am | IP Logged
thanks for the pm Smile

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