SaAz:Badshah-Begum & A Promise (Page 4)

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Jyo wonderful post and I will be as honest as I can be 
I liked the scene where ARZOO speaks up for once I am ok with he talking n Something tht makes Sense 

But why followed n the epi belonged to sahir n not her ..

U know my only issue here is while sahir is flawed he is relatable 
..but with cvs ruining ARZOO tue essence of the love story Is lost ...I never wanted them to deal with zaki n ARZOO this way's not clicking n the TRPs are a proof of tht LOL

I just hope they slowly get she show back on track n now beat arnd the bush won't be good for the show it seems now Ouch

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nice post and beautiful collage as usualSmile Jyoti and Shwetha really appreciate ur effortsSmile
firstly, i want  the CVs to show some flashback scenes of Sahir-Zeenat...i know once this game of betrayal is revealed, the focus will be on Sahirs past for sure...however atleast 1 scene should do no harm...till now they are showing only 2 scenes n that too does not show any relevance to Sahirs present day behaviour...

ur 1st point in the post...well, atleast this daily soap is going in a pace which is digestable...else we have the Gopi bahus and Aksharas,whose dupatta will fly in episode 1 and still will be flying till episode 15LOLLOL...sorry but dont watch too much of the shows, but got hooked on this one coz its a dark love story and not the regular mushy mushy oneLOL...

Sahir, well he did mean when he said ki 'mein khud ko bhej dunga is deal ke liye' he proved it...but at the cost of Aarzoo...woh toh muft ki loot gayiLOL

Any girl, would have lost her senses...if subjected the way Sahir treated Aarzoo on her was just a dream...but Aarzoo was able to contain herself and walk with her head held high- that  was the stealer scene for me...she is clear of the person she wants in her life and to know that the person she loves is teh one who just proposed her, however the mask he wears is what she doesnt agree to...Clap her choice of words were apt...and Sahir knew over there, this is not an easy game...deep down he knows who Aarzoo is...he trusts her innocence and he believes her...but he has some hurt deep inside of him, that has not healed...hence arises the trust issues...phew can  i commend both HC and SP for being so gud in the sceneClap... Sahir holds Aarzoo with authority...she has a calming effect on denying tat...he entered the room with all guns blazing but after hearing what Aarzoo said, was not the 1st time she managed to do thatWink

many here say,Aarzoo ,if she has to be his humsafar, has to heal him not put him in more pain...but seriously, how can one heal u, without knowing what your problem is, what ur hurt is? and whenever she asks him ,he snaps can Aarzoo be Sahirs humsafar,if Sahir wont open his hurt to her? Sahir very smartly gave the example of the side being sharp and the other pointless...he knows how to play with words...Shayaarbaaz hai afterallEmbarrassed

now coming to the office scene...i take offence to that and i wish Sahir had not done its a question of her dreams...see, Aarzoo came to Mumbai, with a dream of becoming a designbaaz...topmost designer of India...but then cupid struck and she became ishqbaazLOL..but over here she has a control over herself...she walking away from Sahirs proposal, even saying that she knows taht Sahir will forget this in a day, whereas for her it will be the best memory of her i guess a heartbreak she will be able to take she knows whats in store for her in future...however her dreams...when dreams crash...confidence ki vaat lag jaati hai...and the only thing that could help her recover from her heartbreak will be her setback...if she gets to know that Mr Arora was Sahirs set up..wont she doubt her credibility? she may start feeling taht everything shes getting is because of some hidden agenda...i maybe wrong here...but i feel its wrong to play with ones dreams...

my Tom n Jerry...Sahir-RehmanLOLLOLLOL how awesome was that scene..Sahir calling him a beggarLOL n Rehman saying,'aapki yeh ada bhi humko pasand ayi' LOLLOL...loved the 'badshah' dialogue...guess i'm in love with badshahs onlyLOLLOL anyways...the badshah only forgot that the begum will be the game changer in the end...WinkEmbarrassed

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@Jyoti: I loved your three posts today (and whoever is giving the picture collages is doing a fine job of collecting exactly the best pictures!ClapClapClapClapClapClap
Waise, Jyoti, what was the need for Sahir to get a fake client to do some dialogue-giri just to give Arzoo the impression that Sahir is SO VERY VERY helpful  to her life?ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
That was a bit over the top. But let that be! We have to be ready for some little silliness every day by the Creatives!
The Arzoo dialogue to Sahir was very good when she told him she couldn't trust and give her life to someone who was changeable by the minute. But more than that dialogue (which we were expecting anyway after seeing Friday precap), the return dialogue of Sahir at the dining table that he will never ever give her that confusion about himself again and he will only help her etc etc ... that was very nice (assuming of course, that he means what he says at least 50% genuinely even if 50%  is bahana to prevent Zaki marrying her!)
I don't know if I am having some peculiar gooseflesh or what but every time we have a scene with Harshad Chopra giving those long silences before talking, I get major fida on him!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
This actor is just made for strong silent roles!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Maybe in comparison with him only I find Zaki so intolerable because he is such a talkative piece of nonsense with no manly qualities whatsoever! Even his face looks feminine to me! Am I a gone case?ShockedShockedShockedShocked

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Originally posted by --Ari--

You write such thorough and well organised analysis jyoti...i've been following your posts since a long make me see the whole episode from a different perspective...great one as always...

Gald u liked it dear Embarrassed

Even i loved aarzoo's stand...and i agree with can love a person but to commit to someone you must know they will be commited to you too...a relationship takes two people...and if aarzoo cant be sure that sahir will be the same tommorrow and wont run away from her again...until he proves that to her her saying yes is impossible...she has already seen her father leave her mother that must already have made her opinion about commitment shady as her dadi had hinted...sahir's changing moods must add to that can handle the bad but not him running away or pushing her away in her own way she is justified...

Exactly .. it got to b two sided affair .. Aarzoo loves Sahir and there r no second thoughts on it but does Sahir love Aarzoo too ? Unless the girl is sure about it , no way she can commit ... There is no guarantee that tomorrow he wont change his mind and leave her ... she has seen that happening with her own mother and so it makes sense that she does doubt Sahir's loyalty here unless he proves it to her ..

One point i'd like to add though...about the arora thing...sahir might have planted him...knowing all the buttons to push in aarzoo to make her budge...but you could see his struggle in trying to keep it was especially visible in the way he chided arora asking him "kuch zyada nahi ho gaya" that wasnt a question it was more of a threat and was not the businessman who made the arrangement...but the protective lover who couldnt bear the words...

yup I could even see the dilemma on his face too while the drama was going on ... there was that guilt visible on his face kbowing whats coming up next ... he was looking elsewhere and not exactly into Aarzoo's eyes and that was nothing but his inner guilt ..

And the zaki thing...was such a polar opposite to sahir and aarzoo's celebration...too sugary...looked fake too...i wish aarzoo had compared the two scenarios though...or atleast thought of the celebration with sahir...that would have been nice...but then maybe she doesnt feel that there is any comparision between the two...

Mayb Aarzoo dint compare because in her mind Zaki was just a friend and she will celebrate her birthday with a friend in a similar way .. in her mind she has nothing for Zaki , so no questions of comparing either .. Ermm

I am truly glad about the blood test though...maybe finally we are getting to the end of this ridiculous track...

yup hopefully the results r negative LOL your baadshah begum analogy ;) But you know...its the begum who always protects and saves the badshaah...and ultimately wins the game in maybe it also depicts that no matter how many games sahir plays...aarzoo will always be there to protect him from his own moves as well as his evemies...and help him win his game :P

yess that is if Badshah considers her as his begum in future WinkEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Shilpi77

great post jyoti as usual... thanks for making things bit clear to me i was totally confused with the episode today... u made it clear... from SAaz perspective

Actually this confusion will remain as long as Sahir himself is confused about whether he is faking it or doing it in real LOLLOL

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Originally posted by sanhi

Wonderful write up as usual Jo...

I kinda felt silly hearing that Sahir tries to commit suicide in his 3feet swimming pool..after last week's safety pin blood withdrawal this is going to be the joke of this week..thinkso...u remember Aarzoo jumping into the pool and shouting bachao...very funny...same goes to since Aarzoo has rejected him ,hook or crook somehow he wanna her to accept his ILU...but how did Sahir fall so low does it mean he's kinda businessman who will go to any extends to get things done...then why this fake luv u drama...directly force her for marriage like blackmailing her...
whatever today's epi, I loved ur baadshah and begum story...also Aamir khan example...WinkWink...
me too luv harshad more but committing is altogether a different story...WinkWink
Ultimate rudra's collages and ur write up is a treat for the eyes...sometimes compared to some epi's ur writeup & collages r more interesting...mid of work I take time to read n ya...

I think he will hold his breath and put his head under water and remain like that till she confesses her love to him ..  well yeah silly but then desperate times call for desperate measures I guess ConfusedLOL

Sahir has become like this .. ruthless and heartless because of Zeenat I guess ... So yeah he can go to any extent to get his work done even if it means trampling his own heart's feelings in the way  Ouch .. But by doing all this  , I do see a role reversal in future where Aarzoo will b healing all his wounds that Zeenat had given him and will make him love life once again , will make him eat parathas once again instead of burnt toast or black coffee as we saw in E24 today , will turn him into a shayar once again , will take him back to his old self once again  Embarrassed  And while Sahir will think this is all a fake act to prove a point to Zaki but in his subconscious mind he will start enjoying her company and will become that old Sahir again ...

But the day Aarzoo finds out about his betrayal , she might become a Sahir here who will start hating the sight of moon , who might start eating burnt toast and black coffee to remind herself of Sahir's betrayal , who might stop believing in love alltogether  , who might make it a mission in her life to become rich and destroy Mr.SAC  .. Something Sahir had become post Zeenat's betrayal  and now Aarzoo might become the same post Sahir's betrayal and then Sahir will hv to make attempts to heal her wounds just how she healed his wounds and got her out of his past  ... that can b a good story telling Ermm
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Originally posted by Bujee09

Lovely write up n collages  ladies Clap
And yes a GOOD START Thumbs Up for this week  ..I so loved the first few minutes of the episode when Sahir rushes back to find out what was wrong in his grand proposal  Wink

And that was BANG ON dialogues today from AarzooThumbs Up ...she literally pleaded him ''I have seen so much now u dont start a new game all over again Cry TOUCHED **** 

Coming to Sahir and his analogy with a knife was indeed innovative yet a head spin Wacko of how he is actually planning to take up Aarzoo to a next level in upcoming episodes Shocked

So am literally getting torn apart between these two kiddos Sahir n Aarzoo in the entire D game Cry

#Sahir is all evil shaded now and am loving it Evil Smile only thinking how his transformation is going to be in future when Aarzoo takes him on a RIDE after his master plans are revealed Big smile

#Aarzoo I somehow feel she is in a SOOPER DOOPER dilemma ...Confused

Putting myself on her shoes this is what I get :  I love someone , I like his presence , I care for him ,I can go to any extent for his respect , I get insulted I get manhandled but still my heart goes out to him , I dont know a thing about his past I cannot understand him I cannot rely on him all of sudden he proposes and from then he changes his attitude towards me and promises to be all nice to me Shocked

Man this is damm interesting at the same time scary now Thumbs in spoiler there is a pool drama coming up hope it lives upto our expectations Day Dreaming

I agree , if we put ourselves in Aarzoo's shoes , it is indeed scary because firstly u dont understand what made u fall for such a guy  LOL  and secondly the more u will try to know about this guy , more mysterious and upnredictable he becomes  LOLOuch .. No wonder Aarzoo is in dilemma and unable to understand the real Sahir when Sahir himself is unable to understand what actually he wants in reality ...   We know he wants the deal at any cost but is it the only thing he wants here or there is something that he himself does not know ?  Ermm

In all this I do see Aarzoo healing his wounds amidst all the love drama  (like for eg today he starts eating parathas instead of burnt toast because Aarzoo made it as per E24) ... whereas Aarzoo might become another Sahir once she finds out about his betrayal ...   I do see a role reversal coming in future now ... Aarzoo might turn him into old Sahir and leave all heartbroken  .. she may lose all faith in love due to this betrayal just how Sahir lost faith in love due to Zeenat's betrayal  .. So then it will b upto Sahir to restore her faith in love once again just how she restored his faith in love once again Embarrassed

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the only confusion i have is that how come everyone is saying he is faking love when he actually loves her. i know this is a really dumb question Tongue i'm serious though

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