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TaaRey Two Shots: You Belong With Me [Completed] (Page 8)

_khwaish_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
update plzzz na plzz na update plzzzna..

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_khwaish_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 9:18am | IP Logged
update plzzz dear plzzz..

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shona25 Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:57am | IP Logged
mind-blowing start
rey in love with taani bt got engaged to kriya
bt good that kriya herself broke off
rey confessed his loveBig smileBig smile
loved taarey's scene in the morningSmile
taani leftShockedShocked bt why
waiting for next update
update soon and thanks for pmSmile

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SaNa_sTaR Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:30am | IP Logged

Part two:

It has been exactly three months since I left Rey. Leaving Rey was the hardest decision of my life but I had to do this, for the sake of Kriya. Right now he must be hating me for leaving him so abruptly which is what I planned on doing, but still, it hurts knowing that the person who claimed to love me so much would have moved on right now, and there is no such person called Taani' in his life. If I really love Rey then why did I leave him must be your question.

After Rey left for Delhi, I headed off for college knowing that I will not see him for three days. Though I would have missed him on those days, I felt contended knowing that Rey is only mine. Well, that's what I thought.

I was walking through the corridors doing my usual AGS duties when I saw Kriya hugging Swayam bhai out of excitement in the rehearsal hall. After that unusual hug, I stayed and heard their conversation. Call it being curious or nosy, you decide.

"Wow Swayam, tumhara breakup wala idea was amazing" spoke Kriya with a huge grin on her face. "Ab Rey ko realize honga ke who mujhse kitna pyaar karta hai."

"You are absolutely right" agreed Swayam bhai. "Dekhna, jab Rey Delhi se waapis aayenga tab woh sab se pehle tumhe manane ki koshish karenga. Aur tumhari mom ki last wish bhi puri ho jaayengi right?"

Kriya's eyes began to swell up with tears. "Haan, meri mom humesha chahti thi ke meri shaadi Rey se ho aur main yeh wish zaroor pura kaungi."

Tears started to roll down my eyes as I slowly walked off. How could I be so selfish and be with Rey when marrying her daughter to Rey was a mother's last wish? This entire situation made me feel like the third person between Rey and Kriya.

Taking advantage of Rey's absence, I made my decision to leave not only him but also the college and city. If I only broke up with Rey and stayed in Mumbai, no way would have Rey let me breathe in peace unless I gave him his answers.

Every single person in the D3 team would not have thought in their wildest dreams that me and Rey could be in love. Everyone apart from Nil and Simmi who were aware about our feelings but decided to remain quiet. I once heard their conversation about how Kriya is not the perfect life partner for Rey and that I should be in her place. They both had a weird sort of relationship with Kriya and were never as close to her as the rest of the gang.

When I informed them how and why I am going to break off my one day old relationship with Rey, they did not agree with my decision at all. But somehow, I managed to convince them to give my letter to Rey and also made them promise not to blurt out the truth to Rey or anybody else in the gang.


 My mission is life for the past three months has been to erase the name Taani Shekhawat' out of my life forever. I have been trying to create hatred in my heart for her since she left me in every way possible but, it's just not happening. No matter how much I try to deny it, I will always love her regardless of what she did to me. After I broke down in front of Nil and Simmi the other day, Swayam saw me shattered in my house and tried to console me.

"Rey tu ro matt, Kriya bhi tujhse pyaar karti hai. It was all fake."

Sure, Kriya. That's who I was crying for. Please note the sarcasm. Not surprisingly, I went back into a relationship with Kriya even after Nil and Simmi pleaded numerous times not to do this. But I had to. If one day Taani Shekhawat comes back then I would have to show her that she means absolutely nothing to me. Even though that is not the truth.

I had been really stressed out for three months and everyone blamed Taani for my stress as she left her AGS duties suddenly. They were right. Taani was the reason for my stress but only Simmi and Nil knew precisely why she was the reason for my stress.

"So guys, ready to rock our performance in Delhi?" asked Sharon out of excitement. Everyone cheered and hooted. This was the first time the dance team of St. Louis would go to another college in another city for a dance fest. These types of fests had happened before but only within the city. Last time I went to Delhi, the whole Taani leaving me' incident happened, only God knows what will happen this time.


We were escorted to our changing rooms at St. Paul College in Delhi by the GS of the college.

"Simmi kahaan hai?" asked Sharon making everyone look around the room for her.

"Guys you get changed, tab tak main yeh pooch kar aata hoon ke humara performance kab hai. Simmi bhi yehi kahin hongi, I'll find her" I said before walking out of the room.

I strolled across the long corridor, keeping an eye out for Simmi. A few moments later, I heard a familiar sweet voice coming from a room at the end of the corridor. The voice surely belonged to Taani but it was hard to believe that she is only a few steps away from me. My feet steadily moved closer to the mahogany door making the voice more clear. There I saw the unexpected sight of Taani having a conversation with Simmi.

"Kya kaam kaam lagaa rakha hai?" scolded Simmi. "I'm sure tum ne subah se thodi der ke liye bhi araam nahin kiya honga. You need to rest!"

"Simmi calm down!" assured Taani. "Main pregnant hoon bimaar nahin."


If you think I was shocked then that would be an understatement. I walked straight through the doors earning a shocked face from both of their faces, but trust me, their shock was nothing compared to my shock. I gave Simmi a you knew about this' look, frightening he slightly. She ran out of the room before she could face my wrath, leaving the two of us alone in the room. 

 "You're pregnant?!" were the only words that came out of my mouth.

"Aap ko fikar karne ki zaroorat nahin hai, yeh bacha aap ka nahin hai" she spoke, facing her back towards me.

Yeah, sure. Like I would believe that.

I grabbed her by her shoulders and harshly turned her around, making her face me.

"Oh, so you really think ke main iss jhoot se convince ho jaunga?" I exclaimed. "Agar yeh mera bacha nahin hai toh kiska hai?"

She had no answer at all. I pulled her even closer to myself by her arms.

"Answer me Taani. Yeh mera bacha nahin hai toh kiska hai?" I repeated in a louder voice, scaring her a little.


The sound of a sob came from the door, making me and Taani turn our faces towards the door. There stood the entire gang with utterly shocked faces. Tears were streaming down Kriya's eyes while disappointment was written on the rest's faces. I let go of Taani's shoulder and faced the gang, expecting a whole load of questions from them.

"R..rey, you cheated on me?" stuttered Kriya.

"Taani, Rey. Tum dono aisa kaise kar sakte ho?" accused Swayam, looking at us with disgust.

 I glanced at Taani, who lowered her eyelashes as her eyes swelled up with tears but everyone failed to notice that, even her brother. The only tears they noticed were the one's coming out of Kriya's eyes, making them give her sympathetic looks.

"Kriya I did not cheat on you. Mere aur Taani ke beech jo kuch bhi hua, who uss raat hua jab humara breakup hua tha" I explained, hoping she would understand.

"Oh, so itni jaldi tumne move on kar liya tha?" asked Sharon in an amused tone.

"Main Kriya se kabhi pyaar karta hi nahin tha damn it! I only love Taani. Jab Kriya ne mujhse breakup kiya tha tab you have no idea main kitna khush tha" I confessed, making Taani look at me with a surprised look.  "I'm sorry Taani, but your plan to make me hate you failed."

"Tumhe koi explanation dene ki zaroorat nahin hai Rey" spoke Simmi, who entered the room with Nil.

Simmi went and stood right in front of Kriya, giving her a somewhat scary look.

"Explanation toh Kriya ko deni chahiye" spoke Nil in a no nonsense tone, making all of us confused.

"Tumhare phone pe Ruhi ka call aaya tha, woh pooch rahi thi ke tumhara Rey ko Taani se cheene ka plan successful hua ya nahin. Now will you please elaborate and tell us ke woh kya kehna chahti thi?" spoke Simmi, making everyone shocked with the sudden twist in the story.

Kriya did not say a word.

"We don't have all day Kriya. Hum sab ko answers chahiye" spoke Vicky who a minute ago was accusing me of breaking Kriya's heart.

After being forced by the gang multiple times, she finally opened her mouth.

"I was scared ke Rey humaari engagement Taani ke liye tod dege, main pehle se hi jaanti thi ke Rey sirf Taani se pyaar karte hai. Swayam ne mujhe fake breakup wala scene karne ke liye kaha taake Rey ko realize ho ke woh mujhse pyaar karte hai toh maine woh drama kiya. Main jaanti thi ke Rey sab se pehle Taani ke paas jaayenge. Uss ke baad maine Swayam ko yeh jhoot bola ke Rey se meri shaadi honi important hai kyunki yeh mere mom ki last wish thi. I made sure ke Taani humaari baat sunn le kyunki main jaanti thi ke yeh baat sunn kar Taani Rey ko chod kar zaroor chali jaayengi" she confessed.

The sympathetic looks had now turned into disgusted faces.

"How could you do this Kriya? Tum Taani ko, in fact hum sab ko aise manipulate kaise kar sakti ho?" said Swayam in an annoyed voice, not sure if he was more annoyed with Kriya or himself for trusting her more than his own sister.

"I...I'm sorry guys" she apologized.

"Sorry se kuch nahin hoga. Please just get out of our lives! I can't believe ke tum aisa kar sakti ho" I said in a harsh tone.


"Guys, your performance is in 5 minutes" informed the GS. "Taani, if you don't mind, tum inn logon ko auditorium tak le jaongi?" requested the GS.

"Sure. Don't worry Rohan" assured Taani.

"Thanks Taani" said Rohan before running out of the room.


"Come on guys" spoke Taani in a soft voice as she walked towards the door. Sharon put her hand on Taani's shoulder.

"We're really sorry Taani" apologized Sharon.

"Aap logon ne koi galti nahin ki hai toh sorry kyun bol rahe ho?" spoke Taani in her sweet voice making everyone, especially me smile at her kind heart.

Sharon walked towards Kriya in rage and grabbed her harshly by her hand.

"Iss performance ke baad, you will no longer be part of our team. Jitni jaldi ho sake, humare life se chali jaana" warned Sharon, everyone else too agreed with Sharon's decision.


We all did our dance performance and earned a lot of praises from the audience.  But one person I really needed to see was Taani who disappeared after escorting us to the auditorium. I asked the GS for Taani's whereabouts. He said he last saw her in the fire exit. Wow, Taani had also found a fire exit for herself at St. Paul College. Impressive.


I finally found the fire exit after roaming around the maze-like college for ten minutes. There I saw Taani sitting on the steps, crying silently.

"Ab aise rone se kya faida hai?" I asked trying to make my voice harsh.

She swiftly stood up from her place and faced me.

"Cheeze complicate karne ka shauk hai kya tumhe? Yeh simple si baat tumhe samajh mein nahin aayi ke I love you. Nahin reh sakta main tumhare bina" I exclaimed making her eyes water as well as mine.

"I'm sorry..." she tried to speak but like usual, I never let her finish her sentence.

"Let me finish Taani" I spoke in a stern voice. "Tum pregnant ho yeh baat bataana bhi zaroori nahin samjha tumne. Yeh baat Simmi ko pataa thi lekin baby ke dad ko hi nahin pataa. Wow. Amazing" I said exaggerating Simmi's name.

I turned around and ruffled my hair with my hands out of frustration. I knew my words were somewhat hurting her but I had to let out my frustration.

As I was about to turn around to face her again, a pair of hands were tightly wrapped around my waist. I could hear her light sobs even though her face was dug into my back. I did not have the heart to go on with my ranting.

I quickly turned around and hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go of her.

"I love you Taani" I spoke while still hugging her. "I love you a lot."

"I love you too Rey" she said making me smile. Although I already knew that she loved me, there was a different sort of satisfaction when she said it herself.

We finally broke the hug after a long moment. Cupping her two cheeks, I kissed her on her forehead then place my lips on hers. She responded to the kiss immediately.


"Phirse mujhe chod kar gayi toh I swear, Devdas bann jaunga main" I spoke with a stern smile.

She chuckled at my statement then rested her head on my chest.

"Rey, you're mad" she whispered whilst giggling.

"Tumhara hi asar hai baby" I said while wrapping my arms around her and kissing her on her head.


Here is the second part. Thanks a lot for the likes and comments for part one :)

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sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:34am | IP Logged
yes first me nice update ithna honke baath be rey miss taani and being realtionship with kriya and nil simi sab janthe hain oh god taani pregent thankgod rey ne blame nahi kiya uff ye sab kriya ka plan hain simi ithne ache hain ise update mein and last reyis right taani fire exit dondeliya st.palus meine and last taarey talk and devdas wali baath was nice and thanks for the pm

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happiness13 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:51am | IP Logged
amazing update
loved the ending

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princess1926 Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
It's awesome baby!
Simmi n nil were really sweet in dis ts...
Taani pregnant hain!?
It was really nice..
Kriya.. Hate that b***h..
Last scene was so cute..

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ShahSAIR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
very nice OS.. Loved it..

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