zaya os confession night .. mature part 2 page 6 (Page 6)

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SparklingEyes29

omg this so hot & romantic
I m blushing badly Embarrassed

I know ..
Glad that u lykd it

ank_23 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
It was so hot and full of romance
Loved it
Kya likha hai waah!

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zayalove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ank_23

It was so hot and full of romance
Loved it
Kya likha hai waah!

Shukriya shukriya
Shukriya ...
Tujhe acha laga mujhe khushi hai ...
zayalove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
omg itna long  part 2 likha itni mehnat se itna blush karte huye .. lekin delete hogaya :(
zayalove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Hey people here comes the 2nd part of my os .. this ones for u priya .. coz she told me to write this .. n all my guttery queens .. enjoy this icecream ...
Part 2..
Zain and aliya were sleeping peacefully cuddled into each other after the hot love making for the whole night their bodies pressed up against each other in a way that zain's head was in thw valley of aliya's breast and aliya's one hand on his back and one in his hairs . It was 7 in the morning when aliya woke up ..due to sunlight which was falling on her she slowly opened her eyes ... she smiled as she realizes their position .. she blushed when the memoriea of previous night came rushing to her .. she ruffled zain's hair but he didnt realized as he was in deep sleep aliya gently placed his head on the pillow ..and kissed his forhead and cheek .. whispering I love u in his ear .. he had a sweet smile on his face ..
Aliya got up from the bed .. and started walking towards the washroon when ahe winced and realized how sore she was after a wonderful love night .. she stepped inside the washroom .. and opened the tap for hot water she had a hot shower which was helping her sore body to b back to normal .. she applied the shower gel on her body but winced in pain as it gave her a burning feel .. she went infront of the mirror and saw her fully body covered with hickeys .. love bites .. red blotches .. she blushed saying yesterday was seriously a wild night .. she filled the tub with hot water and sat inside it the hot water helped her sore sensitive parts .. she relaxed there for few moments .. finally she got out of water and wiped her body with towel and dresses herself .. she stepped out of the washroom.. she saw zain still sleeping she saw the condition of the room and blushed again ..she started arranging it ..once the room was arranged she went towards the mirror and brushed her hairs..
She adjusted her dupatta but was unable to hide the hickey on her neck ..
Aliya to herself : uff ab iss ka kiya karoo ..
She heard zain saying ..
Zain : kis ka kiya karoon .. he said sitting on the bed ..
Aliya : uth gaye tum .. good morning ..
ZAIN got up from the bed wore his boxers and went towards aliya and back hugged her ..
ZAIN: this is not good morning .. this   is the bst morning .. of my lyf .. he said kissing her shoulder ...waise tum kis k bare main baat kar rahi thi ..
Aliya turned so that both of them r now facing each other ...
Aliya : yeh dekho .. pointed towards the hickey on her neck ..
Zain : ohh mere pyaar ki nishanii.
Aliya : stop jocking i m serious ..
Zain :acha ek baat batao .. dard ho raha hai
Kiya ..caressing her hickey ..
Aliya : han thoda sa ..
zain: i m sorry malika e zain and kissed on her hickey ..
Aliya : its ok .. or kiya kaha tum ne malika e zain ..
Zain: han .. q k tum meri princess ho meri jaan ho islliye ...
Aliya : waise zain tumhe bhi yeh hickeys hai dekho .. points towards his broad chest ..
Zain: han yeh tumhare bhooki sherni hone ki nishani hai..
Aliya hit him on his chest ..
Zain : ouch .
Aliya panicked that he might b hurt ..
Aliya : kiya hua lagi kiya .. i m.sorry
Zain : no its ok ..
He leans forward but aliya pushed him ..
Aliya : nahi zain abhi nahi hum breakfast k liye late ho rahe hain .. plzz zain
Zain : ok theek hai ... par kiya yaar aliya sara mood kharab kar diya ..
Aliya : sorry zain .. jao ja k fresh ho jao ..
Zain : ok but raat ko main tumhari ek bhi nahi suno ga .. samjhi ..
Aliya : samajh gai kitkit ..ab jao pushing him inside washroom
She went downstairs and greeted everybody
Aliya : asalam alaikum
Everybody greeted her back
Everybody : walaikum asalam
Surraiya : arey aliya ao jaldi se breakfast karlo ..
Aliya : ji mami ..
Usman : arey aliya zain kahan hai
Aliya smiled and blushed at his name ..
Aliya : mamu woh ... but zain interupted her ..
Zain : zain yahan hai sitting beside aliya .
He greeted every one
Zain: asalam alaikum all
Everybody : walaikum asalam
Surraiya : zain tum theek ho
Zain ; han mom q mujhe kiya hona hai
Usman : kuch nahi miya .. hamesha good morning bolte ho aj salam kiya isliye pocha ..
Everybody giggled
Zain: yeh sab mamu ki bhanji ki sangat ka asar hai ...
Surraiya : chalo have ur breakfast .. ..
While having breakfast zain brushed his hands in aliya 's thighs and she choked on her food .
Surraiya : arey b careful ..
Aliya noded
Aliya signalled him not to do it .. and he signalled back that he will do it ..
Usman: yeh kiya ishaare bazi ho rahi hai ..
Zain : kuch nahi dad aliya keh rahi thi k breakfast karo ..
Usman : oh acha ..
Zain moved his hands upwards making circles on her waist .. aliya held his hand tightly and requested him with her eyes to not do it .. with pleading eyes ..zain tool pity on her and stopped his manistrations ..soon every body . Had their breakfast n were heading for their work .. zain took an opportunity and kissed aliya and ran his dad and went to office .. surraiya went to the kitchen n shaziya took aliya with her for shopping .. the day passes lyk this .

It was dinner tym but zain said tht he is not hungry and will not have his dinner ... aliya had 2-3 morsels of her food and went to her room saying she will chck that weather zain is fyn or not ..

Aliya came inside the room saw zain sitting on the bed ..she locked the door .the click voice caught zain's attention..
She came towards him and sat on the bed ..
Zain : hi
Aliya : hi ..
Zain: kaisi ho   
Aliya : main toh theek hoon par tumhe kiya hua hai .. tum ne khana bhi nahi khaya ..theek ho ..
Zain: han yaar us ko bhook nahi thi ..
Aliya : toh ab lag rahi hai ..
Zain : han bohat zyada ..
His eyes were getting darker ..aliya realized
Wht he was saying.. she gulped the painful lump but she pretended that she was not aware of his intention ..
Aliya : ruko main tumhare khane k liye kuch lati hoon ..
She got up but Zain held her hand and she stopped in her track..
Zain : pucho gi nahi mujhe kiya khana hai ..
Aliya : k.. kiya ..kha... khana hai tumhe ..
He pulled her so she was siting very close to him ..
Zain : tumhe ..
Aliya's popped out ..
Aliya : ki... kiya ..
Zain : han ..
He bend down a little and took out an ice cream tub from a small cooler..
Zain : ice cream khani hai mujhe ..
Aliya : oh toh tum yeh keh rahe thy ..disappointed
Zain : han q tumhe kiya laga ..
Aliya : nahi kuch nahi .. main change kar k ati hoon .. she got up with diaappointment
Zain : aliya plzz yeh pehn k ao
Handed her the box ..
Aliya looked at him confused ..
Aliya : iss main kiya hai ..
Zain : jo bhi hai plzz pehn k ajao na ..
Aliya nodded and went in the washroom to change ..
After five mins she came out wearing a pink night gown .. zain got up and went to her    
Zain : u look hot .. starts coming close to her ..
Aliya : za... za.. zain tum..hari melt .. ho ...ja..yegi..
zain : oh han ..
He went and sat in the bed...
Zain : arey par khao kaise .. i dont have bowl ..
Aliya : no problem main le ati hoon ..
She went towards the door but zain grabbed her ..
Zain: i dont think i need it . I have one idea ...
Aliya : wht is ur idea ..
She starts leaning closer to her .. and brushes his lips on her earlobe .and whispers
Zain : u r very hot let me cool u down ..
Aliya : k.k... kiya ..
Zain : abhi pata chal jaye ga .. combination of aliya n ice cream is more mouth watering
Aliya's eyes popped out in shock ..
Zain : lekin us k liye ..
He starts getting closer to her and pull the knot of the sash on the gown and pulls the sash ..
He leaned in and kiss the base of her neck and removed the gown slowly off her ..she was in her inner wears now ..
He smacked his lips on her..the kiss reciprocating his needs n desires for her ..aliya also responded to the kiss with equal fervor .. he bit her lower lip and entered her mouth and started savouring every nook and corner of her mouth aliya tried to pull his shirt off him .. he helped her getting him out of the shirt .. she did the same with his pants ..and he was only in his boxers zain with one hand opens her bra freeing her breasts .. he started kissing her nipples and his one hand entered her panties and rubbed his long fingers on her cl****s making her moan .. his fingers went more down n he eases his fingers inside her and started making circles with his fingers aliya moaned nd held his shoulders for support . She pulled her xwrs down he was standing naked infront of her .. she started rubbing it with her hands and also played with his balls he closed his eyes his mouth forming a big O . He lifted her up and smacked his lips on her again he took her to tge bed and placed her on the bed ... he took off her panties .. and opened the ice cream tub . N started eating it ..
Zain : its very nyc .. khao gi ..
Aliya noded her head in yes panting hard .
Zain brings the spoons of ice cream near her she opened her mouth but he took the spoon in his mouth ..
Zain : mez its too good to share   
Aliya frowned ..
Zain : ok now serious ..
He gave the ice cream . And she ate it .. a drop fell on the corner of her lip .zain bent down and kissed her full lips sucking the drop of ice and licking it ...
He asked her for more ice cream but she denied it ..
He bring the spoon near her mouth but she didnt opened her mouth .. the ice cream starts to melt and it dripped on her breast
Aliya gasped due to coldness of ice cream   he bend down and took her breast in hia mouth licking it .. and sucking it the slurping sound making both of them crazy .. he did the same with the other breast licked it n sucked it hard making the nipples turn red lyk cherries .. he started tugging the nipples with his teeths .. aliya was continously moaning his name .. but he was unstopable he took the spoon ful of ice cream and was heading south he dropped the hard ice cream on her navel aliya gasped ..he started eating the icecream ... aliya was writhing with pleasure under him .. his tongue licking ice cream in her navel and he started heading south he opened her legs wider and smirked seeing the glistening of her arousal ..
Zain : aliya u r so wet ..
He spread the milky white liquid on her cl***s with his fingers took te ice cream and the ice cream melt n dripp on cl**she bend and started licking ice cream from her cl*****s aliya arched her back she was moaning his name .. he started licking faster the icecream tasted of vanilla and aliya's arousal. Once the icecream was finished he started kissing her sensitive partsmaking her moan .
Aliya ; zain plzz.
Zain : plzz wht aliya .
Aliya : i want u inside me . Plzz i beg u ..
Zain kissed her hard on her lips. Murmuring ..
Zain : u dont need to beg me jaan ..
He adjusted himself between her legs .. and started thrusting slowly at first ..
Aliya moaned ..
Aliya : zain plzz
Zain : plzz wht aliya
Aliya : i want u faster plzz
He strted thrusting inside her faster. Their bodies sticking due to ice cream making their love making more intense .. he wasthrusting faster n harder inside her .. she moned loudly nd climx around him .. he too thrusted deeper and faster n hrdernd pours himself inside her .. aliy pushed him off her nd cAme near him nd took him in her mouth n started sucking him harder he was toying with her cli***s .. he thrusted himself deeper at the back of her throat ..he left his cock and started suking his balls . Both of them moaned and gasped and climaxed around each other .. aliya laid on his chest he pulls duvet on themselves and slept peacefully feeling light lyk a feather ...
The end ..
Padh lo khatam hua mera
Besharam torture ...
As my chudail frnds says from
EL james ki bhatakti atma .
Alina :)

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butterfly20 Goldie

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Really u are E.L jaems ki aatma but not bhatki hui..
full on behsaram update...
E.L james bhi.shrma jata agar is ko parh leta to...
nice work..

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hey ram kya update tha full in blushing mode                   tu tho besharmo ki queen nikli                                            the upade was super hot 
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Originally posted by butterfly20

Really u are E.L jaems ki aatma but not bhatki hui..
full on behsaram update...
E.L james bhi.shrma jata agar is ko parh leta to...
nice work..

Haye hania ..
zaya ne mujhe kiya bana diya hai
I m blushing lyk idiot .. Embarrassed

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