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Tere Liye #2 part 34 updated on page 22 (Page 22)

ankita_sidana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2015 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shimla532

Hahaha awesome. I love u ya. Waiting for this part. Please continue soon. Excited to read next part.
thnks for liking shimla
will cont asap

kuls_n Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2015 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ankita_sidana

Originally posted by yazhi

ankitaaa...Smile this is such pleasant surprise gift from ur side...  update on new year... for me, the beginning of 2015 cant become more beautiful than this...Smile loveee youuu...HeartHugHug
 now coming to the update..
ohh.. raman didnt see ishu imm after she entered the party hall
but atlast he did found out that she had seen him with that gal again..
poor raman..DeadSmile
i thought ishu would just kill him with her glare but she composed herself..Smile
ishita raman kumar bhalla is on a task.. greatt...Clap
his thoughts n the way raman interrelated al the happenings n coming to a conclusion why she is in that avatar there.. was mindblowing..Party
ab eh vicky haddi bangaya... Ermm
raman is also ziddi aur ishita bhi.. i just loveddd it completely..
n romi's comment.. i really thought romi would get a slap from raman.. but again he covered himself with his stupid tantrums...Ermm
but... wen she said she is not married... even i was shocked along with raman...Shocked dis much of attitude for ishita...  
pheww... finally how much can raman n his poor organs n adrenaline can wait after seeing ishita in the bomb shell avatar..he had no other option than giving up..WinkLOL
finally bechare gave up n marched to the dance floor..LOLLOL
but again everything went pusss...
raman..ab aapko bahut mehenath karne padega... 
i seriously wanna kno the condition of vicky n his expression..Big smile
if he again keeps his hand on ishita's waist.. i am sure raman ll remove his hands from his body..LOL awww eagerly waiting for the next update... Day Dreaming
sacch mein iss ff mein na koi jaadu hai...
iskeliye mere pyaar aur curiosity tho bas badtha jaraha hai...Day Dreaming
i read all the parts atleast once a week.. am not able to get this one out the mind n heart..
lovveee uuu ankiiiHug

omg...kuzhali...luv u 2 yrrr
you consider this a new year gift..aww...thnku
and you know what...this is one of the ever best comments I hav ever got on any stories of mine read it that much??
Thnku yrrr...a big vala thnkss
luv uHug
thank u nahi chahiye...
mujhe next update chahiye..Wink

hmm.. kya karen..
u made me addicted to this ff with ur beautiful way of writing..
but u know it was very difficult reading all the parts directly from if.. each n everytime..
isliye na
i just copy paste all the parts continously  in a word doc..
so simple as dat..

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ankita_sidana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2015 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by yazhi

thank u nahi chahiye...
mujhe next update chahiye..Wink

hmm.. kya karen..
u made me addicted to this ff with ur beautiful way of writing..
but u know it was very difficult reading all the parts directly from if.. each n everytime..
isliye na
i just copy paste all the parts continously  in a word doc..
so simple as dat..
hehe have saved it
trust me...i dont have back up of my own writing...i dont keep
i just read it once that too checking page to page with help of index

Yaa...update will be soon
infact i updated need of love today
next will be of tere liye
ankita_sidana IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 May 2013
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Posted: 25 January 2015 at 7:18am | IP Logged
When I dont know what to write...I cum up with an update of tere liye.Tongue
Here is the update.
My internet not working not coming online. Will try to reply all soon as it is in working condition and pms too will be late.
srry for the inconvenience.
here it goes.

Part 34 people leave. Its late. We'll come. Raman told everyone after about half an hour of nonsense. Ishita was busy dancing with that vikram only. But bhai...Bhabhi? Mihir looked questioningly towards the dance floor. I'll bring her. Dont worry. He assured. Are you sure Raman? Vandita asked this time. Kids must be back. I think its better you go now. Raman replied in a straight tone and went towards the bar. Others glanced a look at Ishita and Raman and were out of the hall.

Fourth Drink...Ishita saw him pouring once again and her anger knew no bounds. She was dancing with Vicky but her eyes were fixed at him only. She had seen all the family members leaving and Raman had been drinking since then. She wanted to go and snatch that glass from his hand but her ego stopped her...I dont care. If he can go to any extent...the images of Raman with that girl in morning as well as party flashed across her mind...I will not stop him. Let him do whatever he feels like.

It was then her chain of thoughts came to a halt when she felt a hand reaching her back. The mere touch, she found was filthy and lustful. It took her a second to come out of shock and realize that Vikram was looking at her like he would eat her any moment...his hands roaming across her bare back. She tried to get out of his hold but he tightened the girp clinging her more to himself as his hands seductively roamed over all her body parts. Ishita looked for Raman but he was not there in the whole hall. He had grabbed her completely and was in no mood to leave her. She realized the party was almost over and there were only few people in the hall...and all were looking at them dancing. She could see smirk on many faces. She pushed him hard but he seem unaffected. His hands reached the zipper at her back and he tried to open it. Her eyes widened in shock as she opposed with all her might.

A hand touched her back and she felt a sense of relief run through her spine. Yes...she could recognize it. In a moment, she was pushed aside and her husband was giving a good dose of treatment to that bas***d. Raman...lets go. Leave him. She almost dragged him out. Dont touch me. Leave my arm. He shouted on her as soon as they were out of hall into the corridor. Raman?? Tears welled up in her eyes. You?? He took his hand out of her hold and sprang inside a room in the hotel. Raman? Where are you going? This room? Wats it? She followed him confused. As soon as she stepped inside, he was quick to jerk her aside and bolt the door behind...while she looked shocked. Tears were continuosly flowing through her eyes and she was not able to understand his furios behaviour.

Raman? What are you...her words were never completed as he smashed his lips on hers. Aah...she almost screamed seeing the force but he gave a ruthless bite on her lower lip while all she could do was encircle his arms around his back holding him for support. She never resisted him..nor she was doing now. But his pace was uncontrollable...too fast for her to match. She was being a puppet in his hands while he bit furiosly every inch of her lips, face...down to her neck. He was never this wild...she realized. And he never licked back after the assault..he didnt care if she was hurt or not. All he wanted was to eat her up. She just moaned his name loudly every time grasping him more tightly while his next bite was deeper and sharper than previous one. As he reached her bossom, he tore apart the dress off her body to get the view of his possession. She shivered. He was drunk...and she was creating havoc in his senses. Pulling her by her hair through his one hand, he opened the hook of her braizers with other and let the cloth fall onto the ground. 

Her tears had not stopped. He burried his head into the valley between her boobs while his both hands pinched her nipples twisting it. This time she shouted his name in pain and there were fresh tears in her eyes. Raman...stop it. Dont...she tried to stop his hands. Her voice was enough for him to know she was crying. But he was angry...he cant let her go so easily. So...I cant even do this now. You gave this right to that Vicky? His tone was angry and head still burried. His hands became slow for a second only to pinch her with a new level of force. No..pls know I am all for you. why are you doing this? are my wife...thats why. His hands travelled to her bottom and he pinched her there twisting her part. hurts. She screamed. Even it hurts see someone holding your wife. He was a friend Raman...Aah...she hardly spoke as he kept biting, pinching n twisting her furiously. He had removed the last barrier on her body by then. That bloody hell was going to make your show infront of everyone and you are saying friend. Okk...srry...I didnt know.

Thats what your problem is Ishita. You never know...whats happening. You are dancing to show me and you are eyeing me...but you have no idea someone else has eyes on you too. He was attentive..he saw the look in my eyes. He was waiting for me to leave you alone there and when he got the chance...he didnt waste a second. She looked at him astonished. You are too innocent Ishita. He left her and stood in front of her as their eyes met. When you know you cant handle it, dont do it...even to show me. It might be possible am not there to help. She sensed he was worried and a small smile crept up on his face realizing how much he cared. But why you have to do all this? This time she made a face and he got a shock. You mean I dont need to protect you. No...not that. Am talking about that girl. Raman looked at her wide eyed. What he did moments ago...she cant trust him even after that. Ishita?? That was a joke. Even if it was...why you agreed for sex with her? She questioned. What? Why would I? Are you mad? He counter questioned. Raman...I heard with my own ears. She invited you to have sex on the beach with her and you agreed.

Raman Kumar Bhalla burst into fits of laughter holding his stomach as he moved towards the bed. Ishita followed him annoyed. I didnt crack a joke Raman. She kept her hands on her hips. You did Ishita...he turned to face her...and laughed again loudly. By the way I must say Mrs. Bhalla looks a bomb when she gets angry naked...he put emphasis on the last word. Ishita looked at herself from bottom to top and covered herself with her arms at once. Dont act like I am seeing you like this for first time Ishita. He was resting on his elbows on the bed as his legs lied in half hung position. She got angry and tried to look for something to wear but her already non existent dress was torn into two pieces by her own angry husband. Ravan Kumar...she muttered. And then decided to ignore it cos there was no choice. Dont try to divert the topic Raman...she pointed his finger at him. Why did you agree to have sex with that girl? Because you dont satisfy me. He said at once. What?? She shouted and he nodded his head trying hard to control his laughter. He knew she would start crying can you say so Raman. No...he cant make her weep again. He realised and was about to speak up the truth but before he could, a cushion hit his head. Ishita?? Next cushion. Ishita listen. Raman tried to get up and control her but she started throwing everything in the room she could get hold of at him. I cant satisfy you naa...this is how I will satisfy you from now onwards. There came a  footrest from the floor. No Ishita...Ravan need will go to other girls. She started hitting him(imagine a scene like airport one) while he tried to control. Jhansi ki rani...atleast let me speak. You see other girl and I bet you are not alive next day. 

Raman caught hold of his face and smashed his lips on to hers. She tried to resist but he started licking her. She calmed herself down as his hands roamed on her body. On his insistence and jerk, she too kissed him back. They kept licking and kissing each other and their tounges mingled exploring each other's mouth. Both were furious in their own way. All they wanted was to claim the other to themselves. The need of air seperated them apart. I love you..he said joining his forehead with hers. Me too...she said but didnt forget to make a face. He chukled. Dont pretend when you are not angry. I am not pretending. I am angry. She said crossing her arms against her chest.

Then I know how to calm my madrasan...saying so he picked her up in his arms scooping her to the bed. Raman...she encircled his arms around neck and couldn't control the blush which spread on her cheeks.  But this madrasan wouldn't agree so easily. She swung her her legs. Even if I tell her that Sex on the Beach which she was offering me is name of a drink. He made her lie down on bed. What?? Hmm..he nodded as he came and lied beside her. It means you were talking about..A drink...he completed it for her. He saw her heaving a sigh of relief and a fresh smile appeared on her Lips. Oh my God...she kept her hand on her forehead...I was angry whole day thinking.

By the way really hurt. Why Raman? She at once turned to him concerned. You dont trust me could you think I can have sex with anyone...? I am sorry Raman...I just didnt know. She kept her hand on his chest. No never believe me. This tym nautanki bhalla made a face. Its nothing like that Raman..I took it wrong..Raman turned to other side making his back face her. Raman...she tried to turn him around but he didnt budge. Seeing her attempt fail, she climbed onto him and rolled onto other side of bed crossing him to face him. Aah...moti madrasan...he screamed. Stop it Raman. She said and brought her lips onto his. Kissing him with her soft lips, she mouthed a sorry...while all Raman could do was stare at the pure and innocent face in front of him. He smiled and she hugged him while he too hugged her back. 

Raman's hands started roaming on her bare back as he burried his head into the crook of her neck. Mind it are my property and dont you dare anyone touch you again. His hands pointed to the spot where he had touched and tried to open her dress. Ishita smiled seeing his possessiveness. What are you talking about Mr. Bhalla? She feigned ignorance. That rascal touched you here. What was the need to wear backless dress. Your back is for me to see. He claimed her. She smiled. But I looked hot in that no? Ishita...he spoke hoarsely..that view is mine ...for me to see. No one else. Achaa? By the way what was the view? I mean what are you talking about? She suppressed her laughter while his anger reached a new level. I will tell you wat view...saying so he started kissing her body parts...licking every inch of her where he bit soothe her. His hands travelled to every part of her body followed by his lips...her body was wet due to his open mouth kisses and she felt aroused. Raman..this room? Suddenly she registered. You are wife of Raman kumar Bhalla Ishita...this room is booked in my name. This man...she thought...will she ever be able to stop getting shocked and surprised at his antics. Before she could probe further, her irrestible body had done its work and he was drowning into the glory. She opened his pants only to find his raised organ. Taking it in her hands, she pleased him. Dont you dare say again I cant satisfy you. She said licking it with all her might. He smiled...Am all yours Mrs. Bhalla just like you are all mine. Their lips joined as they mingled into each other once again for the nth time with a new sensation. They kissed, licked and bit each other..moaning each other's names, breathing heavily as they took each other to a new heaven of ecstacy. They never knew when they were done, when they got tired and when their eyes closed...all they knew was they were stuck to each other like one and they couldn't let that togetherness end.

Waiting for reviews. Once again I wrote mature content for Tere liye only. If you find it inappropriate please let me know but I hope there will be no bashing. I dont know if it made any sense or not but I wrote watever I thought can be written.

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SuryaIshraholic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2015 at 7:22am | IP Logged
yeah 1st 1 2 cment..!!
u knw seriously i need cold shwer or cold water... Cold water is better.. lol LOL
burning heart emoticon burning desires of Mr. & Mrs.bhalla Wink  LOL
loved d possessivenes of raman 4 ishuu.. 
hw he drag her 2 room nd startd 2 giv her hrd love bites lilttle bit i felt bad 4 her hw she was cryng nd pushng him nd try 2 stop him.. den n 1 side she knws hw he possiv 4 her nd smiles...
den d big doubt Sex On D Beach... LOL thnk god its clear out,,  LOL ROFL
den again ...hug and kiss emoticon love making.. i'm blushing smiley
Literly Enjyng dere Honeeymoon romance in Goa.. Big smile


Edited by SuryaIshraholic - 25 January 2015 at 11:54am

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sweet_menu Groupbie

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Posted: 25 January 2015 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Finally u updatedd...this ff is also really special to me,cozz...when i was new to this forum,it was the 1st FF i read in this forum leaving others..n iam in love wid this FF...n this was awesome loved it really gives the relief from the current track of show...thank youu so much...

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avni_19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2015 at 8:17am | IP Logged
OMGGG! Hottesttt Sensuous Romantic and Sexy update!
Ufff! I gt melteddd! The angry man raman furious and possessive! Yuck Vickyyy! Horrible man!

Loved the possessiveness and rights on Ishita!
Myself feeling hot hot! Running to get thanda paani!

Ankiii babesss! Cont soon... I loved it so much and mature content apt! Nothing overdone!

Tu chill kar! ;-)

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agneeputra Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2015 at 8:50am | IP Logged
ooohhh hot and beautiful update and most expected one grt and worth for the wait...nice once pls pm me ur updates.. loved the possessiveness of ishra...loved the update

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