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Tere Liye #2 part 34 updated on page 22

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Posted: 22 December 2014 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Yess...its a new threadSmileBig smile
Really really happyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hav a lot lot to say on this thread
But nothing prepapred still
Update is ready hence posting
Will edit my feelings araam se...till then enjoy part 32

P.S. 117 new messagesTongueTongue
replies sabko krungi
all I need is time..hope you will waitLOLLOL

Pms of this one will be late
pls read as it is only..srry


Warning - Its a long one as it contains lots of my feelings.

Phew...So here is the new thread. Yess...a new thread just to continue a story...A really big thing indeed. I think its the first time in this forum that an FF became so long that continution is in second thread. Its just bcoz of the love you people have given to me and more than that to this story. I owe this one to all my friends..all the lovely friends which I have got in this beautiful journey. Luv you all loads.

By now everyone knows that Tere Liye is the most special for me. It has many records in its name among my writings atleast. The most loved n liked by all, maximum number of chapters, first time 100 likes, completing 100 pages and then completing a full thread. There are so many emotions attached to it that almost all my friends whom I know today on IF are because of Tere Liye. Whatever I may write, everyone asks only one question, when will you update Tere Liye. Even on other threads and twitter also, people ask me if you have written tere liye. And that is a very big thing.

When I started this one, I was really half minded. You people wont believe but only thing at that time in my mind was I have to show Ishra together in a mature sense to some extent. I wanted to see what or how much can I write in this context. Trust me, even the divorce thing which I introduced in second part was not on my mind.

Actually what happened was, I had read so much that I thought lets give it a try thatsy just wrote it. Ishra had not confessed so thought reason can be made any Drunk Raman or ill Raman or anything...first lets post this much. I swear that was my only intention. But the replies which I got, why is Raman behaving like this and continue soon...looking forward to it, I accept I became under pressure. I mean I was like itna to maine socha hi nhi tha ab kya kru? 

I still laugh thinking about it but I ended up talking to my cousin about it. I told her didi ki maine esse esse story likhi or maine usme likh diya ki raman essi halat me hota hai, ishita gives in to his desires and they end up together. Ab itne sare responses aa gye now tell me ki me reason kya likhu...koi dhakar (perfect and strong) reason batao. It took me and her two three days to think ki what should I do now for there were such wonderful responses. And I am telling the truth.

If you now see second part clearly, it was just the result of my not able to think behaviour. Surprised naa...srsly I was not able to come up with any idea ki why Raman is doing this and so ended up writing something completely dramatic with a new shock at the end...divorce. My di was like ki what the hell is wrong with you. You haven't thought anything and you have created all the more trouble. Now what next? I said socho socho we want something really strong...responses are too good. Then as you can see I wrote some court scene, their state of mind blah blah. I thought hard to come up with a perfect reason and yess...only thing I knew was I dont want it to be Shagun Adi. Adi wants to live with his Father and all. And the story took a new turn with Subbu entry instead of Shagun. Rest you all can know, it started with some beautiful moments. Obviously our Ishra had to be together. Their kid, romance everything till date. 

When we write something, we start with some basic concept and stick to it. As soon as our concept is over, story comes to halt. All other stories by me have a particular background be it custody, the story of two friends or story of college life. But tere liye is one such part of my life which was never planned from starting till date. Whenever I have to write a new part, I simply start from where I ended and end up writing something completely different from what I thought. Infact, there is never a single thing in my must have seen..everything is just instantaneous just like divorce papers, curtain fall on ishita, ishita's challenge to propose, bold ishita, trip to goa, train romance or this sex on beach thing. I had never thought I will use all this. Though I can garauntee, I know what I will be writing in other stories of mine atleast to some extent. Thats why I always say that Tere liye is hatke, its special and its closest to my heart.

A story is a good one in the forum if it can survive ten parts but here you see 32 parts and still no sign of stopping. Thats just bcoz of the amazing replies you people have given to it. I am genuienly very thankful to all of you. To all those who took out time to read this one. What else can I want when even after 30 parts, I get a new friend every tym saying i read it in a go. Aww..thats like how can someone be so glued.

Okk..I never read. To be truthful, I never read my own story. Just write and post it. I am afraid that if I read, I'll hate it so much that I'll end up quitting writing. But this time since it was a big moment, I decided to give it a chance as Anu had said me. I know I know I have many replies to make, m trying to read n make replies but I took out time to read it. And I read everything. From first intro till last, each update, comment and my replies. And it brought so many wonderful memories back. Started in August and more than 4 months, still you people are bearing with it. I actually became emotional reading everything. How I came across so many friends and so many wonderful replies you all made.

By the way, while reading I noticed something was amiss. In that hospital scene, where Raman slaps Subbu, after that he is directly into Ishita's room. Lol, I had written more how raman says dont you dare come in front of me when he badmouths Ishita and there were some family dialogs also to Raman before he finally goes to meet her. I clearly remember writing it but I think while copy pasting, that part got missed. Now these are the consequences of not proofreading. the story has moved much forward and it hardly matters, I dont keep backup either. But atleast someone of you should have asked if something was missing. I would have added that time Next time onwards, please tell me if you find something like this.

I have said a lot I guess. You must have come to know this about me by now, if I start writing once, can give really long lectures like Ishita does. Hehe. celebrate this special new thread and to remincise the journey of tere liye, I am adding some really wonderful comments in next two posts. Though each and every comment is equally valuable to me, I am adding all those which will remind you also of how this beautiful journey started and how we took the story forward. Some very special friends of mine who never miss to come up with their reviews. Infact its for them only, I am still continuing it or the first thought I got to end this was after completing 15 parts. But you wont let me. So now even I dont ask for it. As I said earlier also, the day you people will be this much fed up that there will be no reply to my update, it will be the last one.

Thnkew so so much all of you for your love to this one. Okk...I always avoid taking names bcoz I think, we cant remember all and it doesnt look nice if someone is missed. But today, at this stage I wanna take some names. I am sorry if anyone is missed. Am taking names here specially because its bcoz of tere liye, I remember so many names. Before that I hardly knew anyone on the forum.
Anu, Prachi, Aruna Di, Vikas, Anjali Di, Sunita, Shavi, Shimla, Nikki, Vivek, Pallavi Di, Nithya, Lourel, Venba, usaonly, sammy, kuzhali, lata, ria, shravaas, N.r.roma, Aleha, Akastha, florine, felciya, greenie, priya(mystic river), exploring myself, whitelily and many more. These are the people whose replies I always look forward to when I come up with a new part. For those whose names I dont know, I have used their usernames. And there are some regular likers also whom I remember. I wonder if they read every part or just like it. Hopefully one day I get response from them. I am so so srry if I missed sumone. Trust me its not intentional. And everytym I always get reply from a new person. Trust me that unexpected surprise is even more priceless. This list is just a short one. The actual count is much more and m really glad that there are so many people involved in this story.

A dilse thankyou to all of you who have taken out time to read it, like it or comment on it. I am sure silent readers will also one day find it worthy of their replies. Lots of hugs and kisses to all. I luv you all. Thnkew.

P.S. If you really want to have a short look at this journey again, take little time to read these comments. I love them maybe you also like them.
Thanks 4 taking out time for reading it.
Once again If you have actually read this faltu blabbering by me whole, then hatts off to you. I know you are truly my friend. Luv you.Hug
i still hope I didnt miss anyone. If I did pls pls let me know.
and m really srry for itt


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Originally posted by -IshRaDivAn-

Wonderful story dear..Very interesting.. 
Though I am pissed at Raman but I am eager to know what brought his decision on.. 
I don't understand what he expects Ishita to say though when he refused to even answer anyone's question..Wasn't her submission to him enough to tell of her love for him.? 

Please update the next part soon..Waiting.. Big smile

Originally posted by lourel24

NYC.grrr!subbu audacity of that man to talk like that with raman.His property.really?I want ishu to show him his place in front of raman.Plz clear mu.Don't drag it long.U know we don't like ishra seperated.Pls show emotional confrontation between ishra where raman shows how miderable he is n ishu ending his miserability.haiii!that wud be so romantic.
Originally posted by yhmfever

godd this subbu 
Raman needs to remind him his aukat !!
im looking foward for the next part !!
Originally posted by fraser

Just come across this story... Must say brilliant work.. First i thought raman is a jerk at a moment he is this and another that... But after read his pov he is right at his stand we all know he is not good with vocals which is a browine point for subbu plan but may be ishita n mihir join hand and come at a rescue of rkb before its too late
Originally posted by florine_20

You seriously surprised with these two parts as different as chalk and cheese. But I noticed that time leap I. Both the parts. In first one Ruhi just enrolled her name and in second part it was her last rehearsal. Maybe the misunderstanding is solved there. You have seriously left us a cliff hanger. Continue soon
Originally posted by felciya

I have a doubt Is it a flash back scene? They are doing romance n all. He has given divorce papers to her how is it possible?How did she come there she went to her mothers place na? Are they  acting for Ruhi?
Originally posted by avni_19

Romantic update.. butt hein? Gusse mein romance n love? Unbelievable. Since u said its a surprise, I just can't waitt! Loll.. jaldi update kijiyeee n im waiting for ur pm... thnkuuyu.. loved ths short update!
Originally posted by yhmfever

LOLLL i read part 7 and 8
and i thought i was missing something between
Lol like u said its ur surprise
i gues u will show their confrotation in a flashback 
lets see
super romantic part !! :D 
Originally posted by dhaakshu

Hey there, 
Awesome story, i've loved each and every part.
I've been depressed since the time i've read the 3rd part.Cry
But this update made me very happy. BlushingLOL
Now the 8th part, i'm guessing that it's either a dream or there's a flashback waitingfor us. D'oh
I would really be sad if it were to turn out to be a dream.
But, if it's a dream, then please allow either of them to know the truth.
I've been waiting for a slap to Subbu from Ishita. Cool

When's your birthday? Is it over?
Wish you many many happy returns of the day. HugParty
Originally posted by avni_19

Omgg! My heart was beating with aniexty excitement pata nahi whn I strtd reading the song! N ishra coming close, fingers entwined, side hug was like a cherry on the cake! N the divorcee Good lorddd.. tht ws badd.. hope thy clear it off soon.

Eager to read the next part... jaldii update kijiyee.. thnkuuu
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

wow...this is awesome update this is one of my fev song n imaging ruhi n ishra I had tears in my eyes not fair u made m cry loved d update now its my personal fev also update soon n plz jab bhi sach ishu ke samne ayega Raman ko ek slap jarur dena now update soon
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

mindblowng .. Clap
d performances of ruhi nd d sng it makes me emo.. Cry
after d prgrm d convo b/w trio was so touchy.. 
curious to knw how ishu will find d truth nd wat hpn abt divorce.. Ermm
plz upt nxt pt soon nd pm me.. Smile 
Originally posted by Divancraze

Awesome update..!!
I was hoping Ishu would be Pregnant...and it happened..!!
Update soon..
Originally posted by lourel24

Nice update.That subbu how cud he talk like that but I enjoyed his tai tai fis scene.poor guy tsk! Tsk! Ha ha ha Now lets see how Raman will apologize.buddhu Kumar created lot of mess.
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

awesome update 
ishu is pregnant wow..
BT plz ha complete my wish Raman deserve a slap from ishu in next update 
update soon
Originally posted by avni_19

Awww.. super cuteee updatee. Ishita being pregnant. Aww. Lovely. Awesumm updatess both.. I think I missed ur pm ths time. Koi nahii. .

But I loved reading both the parts...amazing. .. plsss update the next one tooo.. cant wait.. thnkuuu dear!
Originally posted by yhmfever

Awnn read all the parts i missed in a go
It was amazing 
God subbu is such a crap haha
Babysitter so selfish he is 
Raman awnnn 
Ishuu pregnant 
I loved it 
Continue soon can u pm
Originally posted by Shimla532

Wow. Just amazing. Finally truth is out. Ishu slap Raman hard. Felt so sad when Ishu cried that part is so touched. Raman did very wrong. He deserves her now?
Originally posted by ALEHA2011

That was great love the confession really happy that Ishita is going to make him pay and play the game can't wait for the next part.
Originally posted by JUHI.HI

wow nice update yet again...Clap waiting fr d game...though its gona be tough to manofying JKRLOLWink
thanx fr d pmSmile
Originally posted by felciya

Very Nice. She slapped him n Mihir is afraid for his Bro. Raman has confessed  at last. Thanx for the pm. Take care of your health.
Originally posted by RheaSh

Superb update. Raman got his due. It'll be sweet torture to him to manaofy his JKR. Would like to see Ishita-Subbu confrontation and Ishita to show his place.
Originally posted by avni_19

awww this is soo beautiful post!!! i loved ittt... most amazing part was the slap , hitting from ishu and lastly the hugg!!! amazinggg.. Mi-Mi convo was funnyy!!! lol
im loving ths side of ishita.. playing games!! hehhe

keep continuingg.. want to read the next part soonn!! thankuuu
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

yeee I'm so happy u fulfill my wish not only one BT 2tight slaps to Raman Smile
just like ishita has 
awww...that was so cute when he talks to his baby girl so cute ...
I'm gone b enjoy this game 
update soon :)
Originally posted by _Dipsi_

Wow..thats an awesome update
2 slaps??  Wow...way u go gal!!
Thanks for the pm
Originally posted by madhavimanish32

Can't wait for the next part update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon update soon 
Originally posted by yhmmylife

I just now read all the parts in one go..
Can't wait for the next update.

please do it soon.
Originally posted by VENBA

Its such an amazing story...Clap
Am loving every part of it...
Waiting for ishu's confession to raman...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Thanks for the pm...SmileSmile
Originally posted by sammy4u

sweet ff dear
they are having a baby wow
awesome ff continue soon 
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

this was awesome update 
finally ishra nokjhok great 
ruhi ke papa??. 
now I'm eagerly want to knew Romans plan of action 
so update soon n do pm m
Originally posted by avni_19

woahhoo!!! amazingg updateee!!! i loved itt.. poorr Raman.. kabse intezaar hai! loved how Ishita is playing with him! lol
keepp continuingg... pls PM me.. thankuuu!!
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

sorry 2 say.. but even i also gt irritated lyk Rkb .. by dis "ruhi k papa" LOL  juz kidding
it was vry nyc.. perfect asusal.. loved dere nok-jhok.. nd ishu blackmailng rewind mde of dis sng.. "mai maykee chale jaungi tum dekhte rahio.. "(dnt knw frm which movi)

Originally posted by Shimla532

Wow. Too nice. But Ishu asked simple thing. Raman cant do this. And Ishu should not forgive him easily but she did. Raman also should feel some pain. Thats okay. Continue soon. everypart is excited.
Originally posted by dhaakshu

Come on Raman, say it!
Loved the update. wanted a dori scene. LOL
Can't wait for his confession.
I hope Ishita too says it after his confession.
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

lovely updat.. 
RKB can do anythng 2  hear dat 3 magical words.. LOL
can seduce her wife also.. ROFL
waitng 4 nxt pt.. nd tq 4 d pm.. Smile
Originally posted by Shimla532

Wow. Wow. romance is so hot. loved it the way you updated. thank you so much. pls update today next part. want few parts together. pls make a long os. its just beginning of their life. add more romance to it.
Originally posted by sammy4u

such a nice part dear
oh god raman sahi mei kehne wala hai..
do continue soon
Originally posted by N.R.Rona

awesome..such a beautiful proposal...loved it..
pls update soon and pls pm me..
Originally posted by ALEHA2011

WOW the confession by Raman was so beautiful really moving and the song for the dance was perfect do continue
Originally posted by dhaakshu

One of the best Raman's proposals to Ishu that i've read.
Now I can't wait for Ishu's confession.
One of the best parts of this story.
Awesome update!

Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

was waiting 4 ur nxt updt pm..  but 9 prblm.. Smile
aww wat a lovly nd a superb confesion RKB.. dat 2 in front of all.. WinkEmbarrassed Heart
vry well written dear,, 
Now ishu its ur turn.. Rkb nd mee both r waitng 4 dat.. LOL Wink
Originally posted by avni_19

reallyy beautifull updatee!! i loved the confession partt!! way too natural!! loved itt!!
amazingg as alwyss!! keepp continuingg.. eager to read the next sweeter part! heheh! great goinggg darlingss!!
Originally posted by yhmmylife

loved it ...Raman did romantic..
now let's see how ishita will do it..

love reading..will wait for the sweeter part..
Originally posted by mariajamal

awww so sweet
Wink nw ishita must say those words but in romantic style 
Originally posted by VENBA

It was such a heart felt confession from raman to Ishu...SmileSmile
Brilliant update..Clap
Loved it..
Update next part soon...
Awesome writing...Clap
Originally posted by iloveyhm

Previous part where Raman was geniuenely loving ishitha and she thought he is trying to seduce her was very funny. Bechara biwi hai uske, usko control nehi hotaha. Why should he control , Ishu bhi na bhot deeth hai Raman ke language me.
Super Confession. I loved the way he confessed his love. Ravan kumar ne agar kuch tan liya thoh karke chodega.
Ishitha's turn hope she will do something special to him.Dhakan kumari Ravan kumar ko disappoint na kare.
Originally posted by sammy4u

such a beautiful proposal from ravan kumar
loved it 
Originally posted by prinuya

wow, tis was my fav IshraOS ever!!! Smile Very Well Done ClapClapClapankitasidana!!!

Red all 16 parts at once and it was mind blowing!!! So happy to read it, dont know y, its for v yhmianzzz longing to c on screen i think...Heart Day DreamingHug

Here r some of the lines in the OS stuck wit me : 

He smiled seeing junior Ishita. She is truly your daughter Ishita, he thought, whatever may come. Heart

"We cant be seperated Raman. Its love that binds us and it will surely bring us close one again."Heart

That night, on Ruhi's insistence, they had to sleep together..once again..maybe for last time, Raman thought. Maybe for a new begining, Ishita thought.Heart

Raman though hurt will always be happy to see Ishita with her love.Heart

So I just wanna ask u..will u like to grow old wid me. U & Me together without any conditions but bcause of love. 

Really beautifull it was!!!

Pls update soon, waiting for Ishu's confession, hows tat gonna be!?!?!?
Originally posted by GloryBeckons

great update once again... its always nice to hear Ishita-Ruhi convo...can hear infinite times ...much bettter than IshRa romances that creaing blushing faces ...Hawww!!!!!!!!!! Divine beauty smile and blush and at loss of words in front of Ruhi...Essence of the show bonds here in the FF too...kee it up...
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

hey u pm m finally really I missed last part BT I just read that first n then this one girl I just loved Romans confession last part was just awesome awww...u r an amazing writer I must say n this part control did ruhi really said those things?? I was awww... what d hell ek to itna mushkil se ishu ne bola n what Raman did??? dafod I just loved ruhi n ishras bond here baby rkb what u think ruhi is gone take u r side ?? obviously she is a girl n want a brother he he he LOL RAMANS DIALOGUE MERA NO TO FOURTH ATA awww...I feel for u Raman so now much bhi ho apne is baby ko apni side krlo n now special Thanx to u dear u were waiting for my comment le Jr diya n like it nop I just loved it n ha both parts ha;) next time don't forgot to pm m
Originally posted by sneharjun92

finally ishu said I LOVE YOU to Raman. ruhis questions are so cute n innocent like her.. nice update
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

aww so sweet of u ankita.. u've done it. Wink 
lovely converstion b/w Ishra nd ruhi..  (specially dere nok-jhok havng bro or sis) Blushing 
nd finally Ishu confessd ILU  2 raman.. Embarrassed
overall its vry nyc updt dear..
nd thnx 4 d pm nd updt Smile
Originally posted by yazhi

ohh.. godd you are extremely an extraordinary writer... HATS OFF... standing ovation to your story... it was so real dat i could imagine each n every scene... sometimes i cried sometimes i laughed reading dis story... AWESOME... i love it to the core of my heart...Smile
Originally posted by ALEHA2011

Finally got time to read it was worth the wait thanks for the PM finally she says the magical words but Ruhi comes in I loved the family scene and the boy girl argument do continue soon
Originally posted by aishu_divan did I miss this yaar..ShockedShocked you are amazing..this was such an interesting story that I couldnt help but read everyhting at onceSmileSmile Thanks a lot my dear for this lovely OS..loved the last dialogue of RamanLOLLOL about bringing up this kid like him..LOLLOL Such an amazing plotStar..thanks a ton dear for this lovely SS..EmbarrassedClap
Originally posted by ALEHA2011

WOW that so romantic I loved Ishita's confession it was so touching u really have done a wonderful job with this part
Originally posted by yazhi

it was superbb... very romantic... loved n enjoyed it... especially ishita's confession was soo touching... mindblowingg...Thumbs Up you hav did an awesome job...ClapClap ll be waiting for your next parts also...SmileSmile dont finish in just in 2 parts... i hope you can write more... famiky happiness n some more romantic scenes... the way raman ll pamper ishu till she gives birth... about ruhi etc etc... expecting  lott... as u r an awesome writer yaar...
Originally posted by dhaakshu

That was such a sweet, hot, naughty and romantic part.
Ishita's speech was so good and also the last part.
I get the nervousness, I get nervous to even post a reply on those. LOL
Originally posted by Shimla532

Thank you for the pm :) Oh god. I loved it. Such a emotions part and too hot romantic part. Speechless. Loved it lot. Balcony scene aww. Awesome. You wrote beautifully. And pls dont stop in 2 parts. Continue more romance. just have begin their life. Make more parts. Pls.
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

"So Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla..Mr. C.E.O., I Ishita Bhalla wants to tell u today that I just love u. Yess Raman...I do n I luv u more than anything in this world. "
dis was perfect.. Clap
like d way she confessed him... Embarrassed  nd after dat dere cute nok-jhok convo.. LOL
nd den super sizzzling hot updt.. Blushing Blushing
Although u was nervous while wrntg dis.. but it was  reallyy superb .. good job..  ClapThumbs Up
Originally posted by avni_19

Wowww! Amazinggg update. Ishita's confession was touching as well as romantic! Usse baad jo hua, was total hot n passionate one! I loved it completely. Do writeee moreee... waiting for the next part! Thnkuuu dear!
Originally posted by GloryBeckons

fantastic confession ... top of the world on cloud 9 would be any husband after this ... and the passionate romance was proud moment for Ishita that he did ask permission though she also wanted this... amazing writing... waiting for last 2 parts of the beautiful journey...
Originally posted by tintu


I loved the update but did not like the ending. You ended at the wrong timingCry. I hope nothing happens to Ishita. Please update the next part asap. Dont make us wait.
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

wat 2 comment... Confused
no words i find to describe wat i felt after readng dis.. 
How easily tym goes naa.. !!
nd last i felt bad 4 ishu.. hope evrythng will b fn.. Smile
nd ankita plz dnt complt it in 2-3 parts yar.

i've more expectations frm u.. (sorry  4 sayng it again Ouch)
Originally posted by GloryBeckons

will once again comment frankly deep from my heart what i felt after this update--
i had no idea that i was reading an SS but was like watching it on TV... looked very much reel , i meant to say the letter seemed funny to Romi but emotional draining for Ishita, could easily figure out just like an episode of Tuesday...  i want to write more but no words ... want to watch (imagine the same) happening on the show again... so stopping

just to summarise this update it felt like these haapening i am going to make a topic on this in IF just like discussing the adventure and laughing stock etc. and etc...
Originally posted by Shimla532

Wow. Emotional one. Divorce scene is too good. They both felt bad. Shopping one is good. Pls dont spoil their happiness. Now literally heartattack seeing the last line. Hope baby and Ishu is fine. Pls dont make anything worse. Pls. Continue soon. cant wait for next. Nervous.
Originally posted by yhmmylife

divorce started funny but turned out to be quite emotional..
shopping was hilarious..again she bought for everybody but not for herself..

please no sadness in this vaise hi serail mein bahut paku track chal raha hai...Smile
Originally posted by sneharjun92

ohhh... I hope its not an miscarriage. they both will be so much hurt. hopefully it will be a baby boy after lots of hardship. I want ruhi to have brother. plz update soon dear
Originally posted by PriyaCherry

It was so Nice and Interesting SS.
The way Raman caring for Ishiat was so nice.Smile
I hope Ishita and the baby was fine.Smile
I didn't read this before,I just read this SS till part-19,it was so Interesting.Smile
Please pm to me when you update next parts,Please...Smile

Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

hey is it true m first??? hoping so 
BTW update was fab 
n more emotional
abortion??? y??? I think ishita convinced Raman for keeping baby...
I hope all went good 
Originally posted by Shimla532

OMG! so cruel part it is. Wish baby and Ishu be safe. all i want that. Tears in my eyes for the first time reading this os. So emotional one. Pls next part you have to give life to baby and mother. Hope you dont disappoint. Cant wait for next part but scared too.
Originally posted by usaonly

Very emotional update.Please save both mother and baby in your next update.Waiting please continue soon feel sorry for Raman. He can't live without IshuCryCry
Originally posted by yazhi

wow... its superbbb... very emotional... fabulously written.. bt y abortion???? very eaher to kno wat ll happen next.. no need to ask... plsss do update soonnn yaar... wish ishu n baby ll b safe... cant see ishra in pain... plss save dem in the next part... 
Originally posted by niki28

abortion??? Shocked Shocked Shocked 
Another twist?!
The story has becum more interesting n more emotional.
Love d way u express
Keep writing
N update soon!

scroll down for moreSmileSmile

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Originally posted by PriyaCherry

It was So nice part.Smile
The way Raman Worrying for Ishta was so sad.Cry
Ishita permanency had some complications in 3rd month,it was so sad.Cry
I think Ishita convinced Raman to keep their baby.
I hope Ishita and their Baby was fine.Smile
Please update next part soon,I am waiting here.

Originally posted by ankita_sidana

Hey everyone...Smile

This post is a thank you note for all of you.LOL I have got so much from this story which I want to share with you all.Embarrassed

When I started this story, I was a bit apprehensive. Let me tell you, this is my third story on this forum. My first story, of which I posted two parts is still incomplete. The next story was Rakshabandhan spcl for which I posted all the parts together, afraid if I'll be able to continue or not.Confused

So, when I stared with this one, I made first part a mature one, so that it atleast looks some interesting.EmbarrassedBig smile It was liked and I was asked to continue it. I thought finally maybe i m able to complete this one. Will make its 4 5 parts for sure and not leave it incomplete. 

But as the story moved forward, it was so much loved by everyone that I was laways asked to continue next part. Infact after 10 11 parts, I thought its too much but was stopped to end it. So, I continued. This time I had determined to end it with 20 parts but again of no use. some of u might think, she updates again after sometime, when will she end it. Well, I'll just say that now I'll stop it only when u people will stop commenting on it or someone will fianlly say "f**k the shut up. Stop it."ROFL

Hehe..after writing this much and getting so much love from all of u, I dont mind even if someone abuses me for it.Big smileBig smile

When I started this story, I was still a newbie, then became the groupbie. Then, there were limits on number of posts I culd make in a day. So, I was nt able to rply everyone. So srry, if i didnt rply you for ur some comment. But its just because of this one story that I knw many and many knw me now on IF. I joined IF just for YHM and have never written anything in my lifetime. So getting this much love is really a very big thing.

I have got some very good frnds Hugdue to this story also whose views I always look forward to. There are some reader friends without whose comments, my updated part feels incomplete and also small chats while making pms. Thank you all for such a warm welcome to IF as I consider this as my welcome post only.

I dont know how many more parts will it have 1,2,4,5 no idea but this ff will always remain the most close to my heart as I got u people because of this.

So...all of u who have read, liked, or commented on my story, a heartful of thanks to everyone. I cant tell in words how I feel like after completing 20 parts of one story. It's a very big achievement and the reason for it is u people who found them worth reading.

20 parts and 80 pages. Ghosh...dont know if I'll be able to write such along story again in my life or not. Thnks 2 everyone. I m really blessed. Thnks..Hug

P.s. Srry agr maine aapko bhot pkaya to...but if u still read it, thnks 4 reading. Agr 20 parts ke liye mujhe jhel liya to ittu se post ke liye bhi jhel lena. thnks a lot...  Smile
Originally posted by yhmmylife

HI ankita..i hope that's your name..
You write brilliantly.If you feel you got all the love from YHM forum,,we got a brilliant writer whose write ups we, at least I look forward to.

I am one of those people who don't know how to write very well even appreciation also...silent readers type.

even this takes on another journey of 20 or parts more, I am ready to be the first one board that bus..please do continue 
Thumbs Up
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

ohho madam ka thank u speech see ye bhi jhelna padta hain LOL n BTW Congo for such a long ff n waise who wants this ff end soon??? m no wayyss... so do updating jab tak main bore nhi hoti n yup as u got new friends we got u n plz I'm not gone give u a welcome speech for u r thank u WinkLOL love u dear Smile n keep updating one more thing I didn't read u r first story so update that soon n send m d linkWink 
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

thnk u speech dia tau dia.. but last mai ye sorry ka kya kam...!!  Angry
I've no words 2 say.. but ya i juz want 2 thnk u.. (wat can i sy only Wink)
thnx frm we all crazy fans 4 dis superb ff.. Clap
Hope ur work get appreciated by al.. Thumbs Up nd ur ff crosses 100+ pages nd nd its my wish dat atleast u drag dis ff to 50+ parts..(LOLi knw its not possible 4 u 2 drag d story more.. Wink but ya u can try it.. LOL )
Originally posted by avni_19

awww sweetyy.. we are suppposed to thank you for bringing up such a story. i must say u have an immense talent!! do write moree!! and guess what.. this has turned out to be my favouriteee! will be doing a second round of reading in this week! hehhe
do continuee soon with the next part! cant wait now..!! 
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

see mainne bolona ishita ne hi baby ko choose kiya hoga 
yup it was too emotional
n update soon 
Originally posted by avni_19

woahooo.. speechlesss!! such statements of not becoming a mother is soo powerful and can make anyone feel weak! i got too engrossed. I was reading readng n to see how ishita responded back but theree..u stopped.. hehehhe
koi nahi.. im waiting for the next part!!! do continue soon! i loved this intense update!
Originally posted by PriyaCherry

It was So sad and Emotional part.Cry
Raman choose Ishita,it was so nice of him.
But Ishita wants this baby,in her point view she was also right.
Raman worrying for Ishita,it was so sad to see him like this.Cry
Please continue soon,I am waiting here.
You din't pm to me this FF parts ,Why?Cry
Please pm to me next parts,Please...Cry
I changed my name into PriyaCherry,Please note this.
Again,I am requesting Please PM to me this FF Next parts,Please...Cry


Originally posted by sammy4u

awesome parts dear
fbs about that golgappa thing was nice 
bechare ceo ko golgappe wala banadiya
aryan ..nice name
bechara raman...waiting for his plans now 
Originally posted by yazhi

wow... amazing yaar... as always.. salute to u... ishita's emotions very sooo true.. n d golgappe situation was wriiten mind blowing ly... in short i loved each n every line of the ff... sooo happy... n now... super excited for the very hot n romatic part...Smile
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

thnk u thnk u thnk u thnk u thnk u... thnk u a lot... 
for makng my weekends Happy.. WinkLOL
earlier i thought u'll updt 1 or mostly 2 part..
but i was wrong... u've updt 3 long prts.. Big smile
serioulsy it was awsome... 
part 22 it was emotional plus heart touchng convrstn b/w Ishra.. Embarrassed liked it .. Thumbs Up
part 23 ahaa.. Golgappe... aadhi rat ko mere muh mai b pani aagya.. Wink it was too sweet & cute moment.. nd vry well u've descrbd it..  juz lov it.. Smile nd den OT.. Thnk god all is well.. both baby nd ishu r 5n.. (thnx 4 dis also.. Wink) den ruhi talkng wd aryan was also soo sweet.. Embarrassed
part 24 gud evrythng is going well.. but nothng is going well wid our Mr. Romantic RKB.. LOL it seems he is badly missing her old ishu... ROFL now let c wat he had plannd 4 nxt suhagrat.. LOL "Get ready Madrasan for our new suhag rat in my urf your style"Tongue
Thnx a tonn ankita4 updtng it.. Hope u updt nxt part on monday.. 
Curious to knw wat is plannd by raman 4 ishu.. nd wat u've planned 4 us... LOL
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

3 parts in one go 
great job 
22 was to emotional n u penned it beautifully
23 finally d happiness arrived loved it 
n this last part hmmm irritated Raman 
gone b fun cause is rkb's plan 
getting interesting update soon
BT when were u planning to pm m...?????
chodo padhliya main ab pehlehi
Originally posted by avni_19

OMGGG!!! freaking three parts in one shott!!! kudoss my dost!!! 
very well written!! loved it completely... raman's tension regarding baby, ceo turning to golgappa vendor.. lol.. tht was hilarious, phir ishra moments after baby born and his desparation to hold ishita! 

totally beautiful and i loved it.. waiting for the next part!!! 
Originally posted by -IshRaDivAn-

Hey Ankita... 
Finally I caught up with this story.. I had started reading then lost track of it. I read like the ffirst 3 or 4 parts and then I lost the story because I didn't have you in my buddy list..but better late than never... LOL 
PS : This is gonna be one hell of a long comment I am guessing..Embarrassed The comment is a mixture of all the parts, so I hope I dont bore you...

I will start from the beginning now...I was so pissed at Raman when he decided to fling the divorce papers at her and then expect her to come to ask him of why he is doing so.?? He believed Subbu and chose to leave her.?? He should have spoken to her..  Wasn't her submission to him enough to show that she was happy with the marriage and was under no compulsion.. Ouch

Why didn't Ishu just slap Subbu when he was talking all nonsense to her.?? D'ohHe is so evil, deserves to be kicked.!! Angry Poor her, she wanted to tell Raman everything but all hell already broke loose..

Haila..? So much romance.. Eeks.! Their romance was dreamy. Wish we get such good mornings on the show too...Blushing Ughhh,..I was so damn happy.. But it was his dream.. D'ohOuch
Lol, I couldn't stop laughing imagining Raman falling off the bed and bring caught red handed by Ruhi and Ishu..ROFL Well, Ishu saw through him eventually and figured it out that something was bothering him and he was hiding it...

The Ruhi performance bit had me in tears...Ankita, honestly you did such a good job with that part.. Loved it so much.. Heart It was such a emotional part..

Ishu forgave Subbu so easily and Raman took it all in his own way... Ohh man, I felt like shaking Raman and ask him to open his eyes to see how much she loves him..he mistook her love for the kids in his own way and was sure that she was ready to move on with Subu so she was more loving towards Subbu's son.??  Raman... D'oh Ishu forgiving Subbu was okay, but her being friendly with him was annoying..She seriously couldn't smell a rat.?? Though I felt horrible for her when she was pleading to Romi to convince Raman to not divorce her..Cry

Whoa, Ishu preggy.?? Wow, this was the best thing that could happen in the story.! Masterstroke Ankita... Wink Finally Subbu's true colors came out.. 

LMAO..2 slaps.?? Pita Buddhu Kumar..ROFL And poor Mihir, he was stunned ROFL 
Ishu decided to play with him..Go girl..He deserves some of your tantrums.. LOL How much I wish we could see a pregnancy track in the show.. But alas, its best not to have any hopes.. Cry

Moti madrasan.!!! ROFL That part seriously cracked me up.. LOL Their never ending nok jhok..Heart 

Their confession was heartwarming.!!! Starting with Raman's infront of everyone to Ishu's.. Day DreamingBlushing Shravu and Ruhi are so naughty.. Bacche kya kya discuss kartein hain..Haila..  And Shravu knows everything.. Baccha hai ki kya hai.. LOL
 The bedroom scene do the three of them was super cute..fighting for the baby and then Ruhi daddimaa butting in. Cute.! Heart 

Ofcourse, their union..Blushing Finally they are one.!!! Heart

Phew, could only catch upto 18 parts...I really wanted to finish this is one go..but alas..its already 1.00 AM here..and I am terribly sleepy now..But no worries...Will catch up the remaining few parts as well by tomorrow..Embarrassed 

Very good attempt with the story Ankita...keep up the awesome work.!!! Embarrassed

Originally posted by Shimla532

Tears in eyes. So emotional and touching one. You have written so beautifully :) You made my day reading all the parts you posted :) Next part cant wait. You keep awaiting for next part. not fair. pls update soon :)
Originally posted by PriyaCherry

Thanks for PM.
It was So Heart-Touching Part and so nice.
The way Ishita convincing Raman for baby in part-22,it was so nicely explained.Smile
in next parts,Ishita was save ad the baby was also save,it was so nice.
And the name of Baby "Aryan" was so nice.Smile
Back to ISHRA romantic Moments were so Cute.Embarrassed
Waiting for more ISHRA moments.Smile
Please update next part soon,I am waiting here.

Originally posted by -IshRaDivAn-

Back to completing the story...Embarrassed

Its good that they talked clearly about the entire divorce thing.. Its best to sort it out.. 
Their doctors visit..him buying toys for their baby..the seven months of her pregnancy.. these parts were cute.. I can only imagine Ishra being happy over their baby in the show..though I know its a far fetched dream..Ouch 

Shit, the part where she fell down...I had a mini heart attack.. Ouch Poor Ishra..They had to go through so much for being happy about their baby..Felt terrible for them.. Both of them were right at their own places..He didn't want to loose her and she didn't want to loose her only chance of being a mother.. 

Aww..loved Ishu's POV...It was so touching the way she was trying to convince him.. He will ofcourse give in to her happiness..  

I was awed when I imagined Raman and Ruhi playing drum on Ishu's bump..Awww.!!! Day DreamingHeart Lol, poor Raman...the way Ishu blackmailed him for golgappe..ROFL Awwwie..he made golgappe for her.. Cute.! These small small things make some scenes so beautiful.. 

Ohh fish..Raman the ceo to a golgappa vendor.. ROFLROFL Too good... 

So they finally had a baby boy Aryan...fantastic.. Heart 

Raman missing his wifey..poor guy.. LOL Can't wait for his plan.. Raavan Kumar will be back I guess.. Embarrassed

Finally managed to catch up with all the parts...Waiting for the next part..Update soon Ankita.. Smile

Originally posted by GloryBeckons

waiting...waiting...and waiting...3 times for your 3 updates----
1st update-  very much worried Raman as he was right in his but finally agreed as Ishita's will power and self-belief melted him... lovely writing

2nd update--- very good approach for a miracle to happen... Raman has done something in the past to revive the child and Ishita's life ---yes i am talking about golgappa scene where a CEO helped another man whose wife  was too craving in Pregnancy... wonderfull that reaped him rewards in Ishita's life saving karma..Smile

3rd update----fantastic update, every husbands plea after children born...

waiting for Raman's plan now
Originally posted by lourel24

Omg it was so long.kitna Sara efforts laga hoga.hats off yaar.I loved the scene where stranger said meri biwi bhi pregnant hai and was too cute.I found Raman situation so funny.bichara.
Originally posted by ankita_sidana

O my God...
100 pages complete...
really yrr...a very very big thing
i dont know ki dubara meri koi bhi story will reach this level of 100 pages or not...
thnk you so much all of you...for loving yhis story this this much...
meri trf se sb lykers and commentets ko itne sare hugs, kisses dher sara pyar...
thnkew so so much yrr 4 loving and liking my story and me also Embarrassed 
mujhse bhi krte ho na story ke sath sath i guess...hehe

thnks to all my dear friendss...luv all of u

lets celebrate the completion of 100 pages...
Originally posted by yazhi

wow... raman's unique way to trap his jhansi ki rani... awesome yaar... n now ishu has bcom wild... jkr's wildness in bed... very interesting... n loved d jealous ishu soo much... waiting for the next update... cont soon
Originally posted by sammy4u

congo on completing 100 pages
bechari ishita ko kitna pareshaan kar rakha hai iss raavan kumar ne
Originally posted by florine_20

Jealous ishita and raman too cruel yaar. How much more will u tease that poor thing. Haha wild ishita in next update. Will be waiting.
Originally posted by PriyaCherry

Thanks for PM.
First of all,Congratulations for completion of 100 pagesSmile,You did a Nice Job.Clap
It was so Interesting Part.
Ishita was Jealous on Raman's new Secretary,it was so nice.Smile
Raman was teasing Ishita,it was so cute.Smile
Please Update next part soon,I am waiting here.

Originally posted by desire_nikki

heyy..finally gone through ur whole ff..!!
it was fab..!!
loved each and every bit of it..!! 
good job..!!
last part was again an awsumm one..!!
Ishita getting jealous./.!! :P
raman's plan...whooaa...His plan is working on ishita..!!
they both are so adable together..!!
so eagerly waiting for next part..!!!
post soon..:D :D 
Originally posted by iloveyhm

Cogratulations for completing 100 pages. Really loved the update. Raman is too good, he knows what will affect his Jansi ki rani the most and how to get his desires fulfilled. Loved his dialoges. Simply superb update. Waiting for the next part update soon.

Originally posted by GloryBeckons

hope your writing cretes many 100s pages... you are an awesome unbelievable writer... keep writing and you are a reason to give a smile to some reades who may or may not be sad from actual happenings in the show... whenever they feel low...ur story definitely lifts them, if not but definitely myself...thank you and we love you...muaaahhh
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

1stly a big congratulation 4 compltng 100+ pages..!! Hope soon it compltes 150+... Tongue

angry wid u... Angry y u stopd it at wrng tym... Angry Y...!!!!!!
now eagerly wai8ng 4 nxt updt.. how ishu wil attack him... LOL
plz updt it soon.. Embarrassed
nd yeah it was nyc updt... raman pland was wrkng.. ishu feelng too too jealous... Lol.. LOL
1. "Me budhi?

Ji haan..budhi moti madrasan.

2. Plumpy body. Aisa lgta hai ek do nhi 10 12 bche paida krr liye ho tumne. Hai hi kya tumme?

3. Kuch to karna hi hoga. Vrna yeh bcho ko palre palte ravan kumar to tere hath se nikl hi jayega poori trh. Murugan

Originally posted by iloveyhm

Superub update. You are a really too good a writer.
Loved the way Raman was teasing her and got distrubed when she started crying
She said very cutely that even she longs for it
Loved the dialouge she said " I want to give in to you out of love not of of jelousy"
Really bold Ishitha nd their lovemaking
Raman doesnt feel his children as hinderance, but wants his wife to give bav to him also.
Originally posted by avni_19

Hotttest updates!!! Ishita being wild was out of my imagination! Lol! It was like fire fire evrwhr while I was reading! ;-) 
Loved it!
Do continue soonn!
Originally posted by arunabhi

Ankita, Two lovely romantic hot updates. Loved every single line. Keep writing more. You have brought out the chemistry which they both share. Loved it !!!!... Thanks for the Pm
Originally posted by yazhi

wow... very hot yaar... i kno it ll b hot.. but i didnt kno that it ll sooo wild as in ddepest part of forests... hahaha... i loved it... i loved the concerned raman wen he saw ishu crying bcoz of him... n more over d way ishu played with him was reallyyy unexpected...    n u kno d most sweet part was their conversation after their love making... u r a wonderful amazing writer who can bring out many emotions in a single part...  hatsoff yaar... love youuu...Heart waiting for the next update eagrlyy... hope u lll update soon...
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

after readng both d parts my  1st reactn was 4 ishu...(Pinchpinch mee) u've shwd her so bold yar... LOL cant belivng it.. LOL  (9 prblm but it was ok  nd suits also.. lol Wink)
nd bichara RKB.. he thought he is playng wid her but it was oppsit.. LOLshe knw her hubby nd his in10sns vry well.. afteral she is Jhansi ki rani nd yah takkar ki biwi jo h.. Big smile
loved raman concernd 4 ishu nd dere last convo after luv makng..  it was soo sweet & awsme  Day Dreaming Blushing
overall yar it was fabulous amazng super duper hot romntc updt... Clap
nd hats off u...   u've updt both d parts at once nd dat 2 too lonng...  Thumbs Up 
Thnk u so much...
now hav too wait 4 ur nxt updt.. as dere is 9 precap.. Ouch so curious too knw 
Originally posted by desire_nikki

Awsumm parts.1.!!
yeah it was really unexpected parts..!! :P :P 
Here Raman was thinking that he was fooling her...but she made out a fool out of him./;.!1 hahahhaq..!! Once i thought when Ishita was crying...she was seriously hurt..!! But then when Raman get angry and Ishita was soo funny..!! So Ishita can be that wilder..!! :p :P 
I so enjoyed the parts..! Just superb..!! Good job..!!  You are really a great writer..!!
will be waiting for next updates..!! update soon.!! Thanx for pm.!! Do pm me for next too..:D
take care..:)  
Originally posted by GloryBeckons

ufff...  what to say at such a steamy update...I did not expected this type of fantasy writing from a girl... to be frank enough... i am words coming out to explain my thoughts still has to sink in  and i am just fantasing in my dreams how will /woild have Ishita approach would have been...just trying to let happen in my minds with IshRa... OMGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by cake_smash

Hey ankita...
Amazinggg FF
I read alll 27 parts at one go...
I must tel u.. u r a genius...
Loved every bit of ur imaginations...
Beautifully drafted...'

Every part had its own essence of love..
U hv described the hurt, pain, confession, commitment, care, love & lastly love making in the most mesmeric ways possible...'''

U make d story look alive...

Loveee it...
Fan of ur FF...

Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

glad 2 knw dear.. dat u managd to write nxt prt..
no issue if its shrt updt.. Smile
Nd yeah write OS on mehendi scene also bt  after completn of ur xams nd other ss/ff updts.. Wink 
nd all d vry bst 4 xams.. Thumbs Up
Cmng to updt.. it was such a hillarious ROFL  nd embrsng scens.. Embarrassed seriously al r teasng dem even toshi g also.. Waah yar.. kya saas h.. lolzz.. LOL 1 b mauka nai choda.. Baki sab ka tau haq banta h,, but toshi g also startd.. but jo b i lyk it.. 
"" Raman got up and entered the living room only wearing his pyjama and without looking here and there spoke Ishita meri bnyan(vest) kahaan hai? Mil nhi rhi yrr? "" ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL

""You are so understanding. Ishita happily hugged her and she too hugged her back. Aryan cried in between adding a music to their emotional scene and they laughed out at it taking him in their arms and swirling him around lovingly."" Loved dis yar.. Heart
Ruhi B'day.. Big smile 
Chalo acha h ussi bahane Delhi to Goa jana hoga.. Wink thnx yar iss bar mumbai nai lia.. lol Wink  
it was funny & lovely updt.. will wai8 4 ur nxt updt..
nd dnt tak any load  4 updts ..Smile

Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

finally u updated this one 
thank u so much 
gosh this was hilarious 
ishra caught n we know inke family membersLOL
awww toshiji is so understanding
loved d update 
goa its gone be interesting
Originally posted by iloveyhm

Ankitha, yet again a beautiful update. Toshiji teasing Ishitha, Raman with only Pyjama, super teasy part. Loved the below lines from the part
Yaad aa gya Beta? Ki tumhare do bachhe bhi hain?
Akka...Aap Aryan ko baad me dhoondh lena. Pehle jeeju ki bnyan dhoondh do
..Itni bhi kya jaldi. Yeh to dekh lete ki kapde kahan kahan fenk rhe ho? Romi chided him keeping his hand on his shoulder. 
Bhot roya bechara prr maine smjha diya use ki aaj uski maa thoda busy hai
Maze khud lein or maile kapde hum sambhale. Chal beta Mihir - this was ultimate.
Super excited about goa.Cool.
Super update in total

Originally posted by desire_nikki

wOW...That was super awsumm and sooo funny romantic part..! m glad u manaed it to update...don't worry first concentrate on ur work...we can wait a little for next updates.!! Back to the part...then seriously i laughed hearing those hilarious comments from the family...hahahah :P :P That was such a funny scene where everyone was behind Ishita and suddenly raman came out asking for his vest and every one rolled into fits of laughter..!! that was such a fun reading that/...romi and mihir teasing him...still he manage to stop was a cute funny update...loved it..!! do continue soon..:) :) take care.!!
love u...:) 
Originally posted by GloryBeckons

cant stop laughing myself...what a scene to write... go to YHM i mean to say to Balaji productions and they should hire you... 
beside that it aws totally hilarious... have read once and again twice and then going back to that scene , enacting myself in the mind... you are just fabulous writer... #eased my mind since my fav show PKDH soon going to end on 1st NOv.    A Big THank you 
Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

Nice one yaar.
Just happy Shagun is not comming.
But Raman is getting romantic expecting something in goa.
There is lot of mess Adi can create but I dont know what you are planning.
cont soon
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

hey ankita finally u updated
awww I love this update 
train journey is awesome 
thank god apshagun was not there 
aww goa n romance nice combination
with adi just make him realize wht is he missing ??
update soon
Originally posted by avni_19

I agreee!!!! this story of yours is one masterpiece! aur waise train romance yeh kaffi hai.. ;) considering chai wala walking up and down in train! :P ;) 

aur delhi to goa by train i gues its one and half day! not sure though! hehhe

GODDD, i sooo HATE this boy Adi... itna baatameez ladka! hope ISHRA turns him into a good boy in this GOA trip ! 

Conttt soonn!!! <3 <3
Originally posted by yazhi

ohhh thank god finally after a longgg break u updated... u kno it was a very need one... i totally completely loved dis one... d initial few paras awww...  was sooo cute n lovely... bt u kno i really got d shock of my life wen i read adi n shagun's name... bt thank god apshagun didnt come along... n raman taking aryan from ishu's hand n saying my chotu n kissing him was the best cute n lovely scene yaar... i loved dat to d core...Heartmihir was hilarious hahaha... train scene was sooo superbbb fantastic... it was sooo really... now i am super excitd fr dr honeymoon in goa... i kno d way u handle with romance... hot passionate n bold way of writing... sooo reallly reallly expecting something dat way... n adi has come na... expecting some kind of drama too... ooo am sooo excited about d nxt part... my thinking r goin wild...u kno me heheWink i kno u wnt update dat soon... bt stilll update soon n a veryy veryyy veryyy lengthy one... samji darling
Originally posted by arunabhi

Lovely update dear ... Pls pls pls don't include Adi in the family later Sleepy Sleepy 

Coming to it, I loved the small romance at the door step, it was mature and sensuous... Hahaha, Mihir always enters at the long time ;p... The train romance was suttle esp the way You have mentioned hug and yes pls pls pls bring in more... 

Oh yes don't even think of stopping, I do not know about other but I am in love with this ff. I would read the whole story even in one go if I am really bored anyday or feel like reading it just like that. So the more updates the more happier I am. Your just the best at writing these stories. Luv you !!!! 

I am yet to reply to your comments, will do soon. I did not want to put this on hold :)
Originally posted by shavi2311

crioulsy yar waitng from longtym fr dis update...
this is awesom...
train romnce is suprb...
thnk god shagun left thm nd adi nakra kiya tha bt finally joined...
pls updte ur othr stories...much needed cant tak shw any mre...
Originally posted by iloveyhm

Ankiitha, finally u upadted. I was so glad. You made up for the crap I saw last night. Seriously could sleep after waht I saw last night and was such a relif to read ur story.
Train Romance. Such me Ishu called Adhi. Thank god Ashagun nehi aye.\
Mihir teasing Raman., raman bashing Mihir and Mihir running away. I was literally imagining that scene so funny it would be.
Raman waking Ishu after Arav slept was so cute. ishu's aprehension to come and Raman leaving Arav with Vandu superb idea. Really loved that part
And the nice hug moment. Show me patha nehi kab milega.
Originally posted by ankita_sidana

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m so so happy right now...ghosh
Tere Liye is a story very very special for me. My most like, most loved. It is the one which gave me recognition in INDIA FORUMS. I cant tell in words what m feeling right now. This is like a never ending journey for me. 100+ pages, 100+ likes, about 30 parts...what else is there in store for me I dont know. But one thing is for sure, no other work of mine can replace it or even beat it I guess. These are some records which belong to just Tere Liye only. I really have tears of happiness in my eyes right now feeling so loved by all of you.

thnkew so so much to all those who have been the part of this beautiful journey with me. And thnks to those who are still bearing with me and this story. Pke nhi ab takEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. thnks to all the likers also. Wish one day you will fin d it worthy of your comments. And thnks to silent readers. Its just because of the love and inspiration I got from everyone that it has come out to be this long. I have read some comments saying I m good writer. I dont know good or bad but I will just say that if I am writer, its just because of Tere liye only. This story made me a writer.

And i will keep on writing till you people stop meSmile because I know whatever new I may post or update..sabki sui akkr isi pe tikti hai ki tere liye kab update hoga. Hehe...and when I write it naa seriously so many I deas come just like I had thought Goa romance pr pta nhi khaan se train romance aa gya out of blue.LOL Doosri stories me essa bhi nhi hota. ghosh bhot lamba ho gyaa i guess..i had so many feelings to write

in the end i would say a big thnkew and lovely huggies to all my friends which I got from this story. Luv u loads...and pls keep loving it. ThnkssSmileSmileSmile

Originally posted by felciya

Awesome. Awe  Train romance..I like it. It was very nice you have included the train journey into a interesting one.I   didnt read in any os or ss this scene before.Ishu is very understanding. She called Adi to be with them. Good.I wish to see a gala time in Goa for all of them.
Originally posted by PriyaCherry

Thanks for PM.
It was so god to see You.
It was so Lovely Part.Embarrassed
It was so nice that Ishita makes Adi to Come to Goa with them,She always Knew Raman wants.Smile
Enjoyment in Train and  ISHRA Train Romance was so cute.Embarrassed
It was so Beautifully Explained.Embarrassed
Please Update Next part soon,I am waiting here.

Originally posted by desire_nikki

Finally u updated/..!! It was such a beautiful update..!!
An amazing part seriously.//!!! Lil Ruhi's excitement/...awww...raman and ishita's convo through eyes..!! ahh...!! and this shagun...she will never leave any way to say bad things..!!
While Adi is doing same..!! But ishita atleast managed him..!!
raman is happy...And the train journey was indeed awsumm...
It was filled with fun..enjoyment...and with khub saara romance..!! :P :P
Love Ishita and raman's convo and their moments..!! 
Romantic Ravan kuman ahaan..!!! :D :D :P 
He will turn their small trip to honeymoon...hahahah./1!! :P 
ANd nopes di..its getting interesting...not boring..!!
we would love to read anything you write..!! It was such a sweet sweet part...!! :D 
Will be waiting for next super eagerly..!! 
It would be really fun reading next part..!!!! 
plz try to update soon..!!! 
And di plz if u can make ur index...of ur work..!!
actually..i just lost track of ur some work../!! and now also m not able to find them..!! 
Plz di if u can make ur index..:)  
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

Woow.. Tongue
wat a pleasant surprs 4 me...  Wink
cmng here after 2-3 days .. nd here ur ff updt.. seriously its a big suprise 4 me..  
i was curious 2 read it as alwz.. .. LOL
sorry 4 cmtng 2 late was vry bsy in colg wrks ... curly lips sorry smiley smiley
Cmng to d updt.. Wink
As all r excited in family 2 go goa ,, me 2 also excitd 2 enjy dis..
so Goaaa is onnn...!! LOL
Thats so nyc ishu invited adi only.. not 2 shagun..
Dont know what magic this behnji has done to you  --its a magic of uncndtionl luv u bloodyfool shagun.. Evil Smile
Hate adi rude behaviour.. Angry Hope spendng tym wid dem atleast he starts havng a soft corner 4 dem.. nd changd his nature..  Embarrassed
Ohh hoo Door Romance.. The official hug emoticon it was so cute..  Bichara Mihir.. LOLBhai k dant ka mara.. ROFL 
 "Lets go" he said as he took Aryan from her arms to get hold of his son himself. "My chotu..." he said affectionately pulling his nose and then kissing his son. -- dis li9s remind me of Karan offscreen segmnt here is d 1 pic, My chotu... aww.. cuteness overloaded.. Day DreamingBlushing
Family plyng games.. widout dat it was incmplte.. (nyc u've added dis,, hope here u've added  sme ishra rmnc also but its ok.. Wink )
ahmm ahmm Mr.RKB is not felng sleepy.. y bhalla g..? wat happnd..? Loveria hua... lol LOLLOLLOL
front door kiss smiley  train romance strtd here.. .. hugging emoticon
Dis was better den DDLJ.. WinkLOL 
woow birthday party trip will b changd in honeymoon.. Rofl.. super super excited 4 dat... 
How raman will plannd nd changd it 2 dere perfect honymun..
Loveh u romantic bhalla...hehehe.. HeartWink
hey di tq tq so much 4 dis ... Clap nd loveeehh u ..
it was awesome emoticon  se b uparr... Clap
loved 2 d core frm startng 2 d end... Day Dreaming
Bas di 1 req excitemnt ki band mat baja dena late updte kr k..
So updt it soon as possble.. LOL

Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

"But one thing is for sure, no other work of mine can replace it or even beat it I guess."  --Yah di its vry true...
its vry vry special story 4 me.. can read nd re read it many tyms.. 
Congratulations  nd  Thank you so much for entertaining us with such a beautiful ff.. Embarrassed 
Ur FF satisfied me in every part.. 
We get everything in ur ff what we expected from the show.. 
Progress in Ishra's Life..  
and also positive progress in all the characters..  
U did a wonderful job .. Nice reading the whole FF .. 
Will read again and again to cherish some beautiful parts..  Embarrassed
Thanks for giving such a wonderful FF.. Big smile Big smile 
nd yah plz continue it soon.. dnt even thnk to stop it.. 

Originally posted by desire_nikki

Big wala congratulation di..!! well i dont remember when i started reading Yhm fanfics..!! but seriously...The best i found is in ur writings.!! I think i have started reading yhm fics..from ur one of os's only..!! well i loved ur writing alot..!! Ur twists..ur ideas..! it just blow my head with so much of excitement and curosity of whats coming next..?? Will be waiting for ur updates super eagerly..!! And once again Congrats//!!! :D :D ClapClap
iss baa toh banti hai..!! :D :D heheh.>!! Wink
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Beautiful update Ishita still try to bond Adi and Raman their Romance still going on nice trip by train so they have family fun time.Thumbs UpThumbs Up
Originally posted by jiyaa02

Not having words to comment here.
 U r an outstanding writer.
your imagination power is commendable.
CVS must learn from you. The way you change a track to another is just awesome.
Must say you have something in your writing , i hv stucked here & read your ff. it takes time but enjoyed reading. 

Thanks a lot for such a nice FF
Lots of love, keep writing Hug
Originally posted by Anum_says

read all 29 parts in just 3 hours.. eagrly waiting for nxt update... plzz PM
Originally posted by shravsss

suprb update...
luvd it a lot... Wink
we had to wait so long fr tis one... but it was worth d wait...ClapClap
Romance is sumthing i dnt undrstnd... yu each tym yu write sumthing romantically i do undrstnd a bit of it...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
 waiting fr ur nxt update... no precap of nxt part  so more excitement...  hope yu update soon...SmileSmile...
Originally posted by Shimla532

Aww very nice Ankita. Awesome. Thankuu for continuing. M very happy. My fav is this one. Romance was too good. All becomed one cute family. Loved it. Next part please update soon. Excited.
Originally posted by yhmmylife

beautifully written...
Adi finally coming around...
i loved it hwen he 'this how u sleep with Ruhi'...poor adi...
loved them becoming a complete family...Raman's biggest wish coming true...Adi accepting Ishima...
you go girl..all the best for your exams...exams they start on dec 5 ..but when do they finish..
Originally posted by RomComFan

Great Chapter! ClapClapClap

I love the Bhalla family moments and the flirty ISHRA moments as well.  Smile

And you managed to make me smile when reading about Ahdi, which considering the events of this week is a huge accomplishment!Wink

I hope you continue writing.  And if possible, PM me when you do.Big smile
Originally posted by avni_19

awww.. super cutee part!!! Raman and his naughty antics ! hahaaha!! goa ke thandi hawa aur Raman bangaya Romantic! hahahah!
awesumm as alwyss!! super cute Familyy update! i hope Adi is not acting with ISHRAHI! cant believe this guy! :P 

cont soon!
Originally posted by usaonly

Really wonderful update family warming .raman family was complete and happy.hope when they going back will remain bonding this way.Smile
Originally posted by arunabhi

Finally updated my favorite FF ... Was waiting for it for a long time and could not ask you also .. Well poor thing you are busy with assignments and exams ... 
The update by itself was a mere treat to the eyes ... Loved every line 
Awww, Adi and Ishitha's relationship .. I do not know if there is anyone who can portray it better than you .. Seriously ! 
Loved the two romancing everwhere... Ruhi has always been a darling .. 
Thank you for the update .. Awesome as always !! Keep it up Day Dreaming Hug
Originally posted by yazhi

awww... awesome update... i loved dis... n specially love yu a lottt for bring adi in the positive side... dat was sooo good... dis update was really worth for waiting... 
raman's naughty n romantic antics ll never end... n my god... dey played prank on ishu by pushing her... n in public... wen i read dat.. my eyes got widened with... yet i loved dat... den comes adi... super magic spell of this part... which made it lovely... calling raman papa was ok bt ishimaaa... i loveddd dat... simply marvellous... i loved ishra n adi conversation... n most importantly adi n aryan bonding... was soo good...
n den our darling ruhi... d angel of all n d sweetheart...of all in short i thoroughly enjoyed n loved dis part... 
Originally posted by GloryBeckons

very much emotional moments but this is the real fun with family when all your family and loved ones are near you and devoting little time for them... isn't it?
Originally posted by _Deepika_

Hey dear...

This is such a wonderfully written story dear...i read it at one go...loved the flow of the story...i was glued to the story from the 1st chapter itself...loved the way Ishita supported Raman and Raman was trying to give her happiness even by sacrificing his love...loved the way truth came out and subbu's disgusting plan flopped...

Raman-Ishita's journey of love from confession till being loving parents is so amazingly  conveyed...the recent chapter with Adi-IshRa bonding is sweet...i wish in the show they show Adi's reformation rather than being a criminal minded kid...

Continue soon dear..beautiful story :)
Originally posted by sammy4u

awesome part dear 
loved it
loved how aadi gelled up with raman n ishita
Originally posted by desire_nikki

Awsumm part di...!! Big smile Ishra moments were s adorable..Embarrassed their's one liners...everything was perfect...finally Adi too started to accept ishita and raman as their family...Smile Raman's naughty brain will never stop running...!!LOL
All family moments were soo cute n awsumm..Big smileBig smile Loved the part alot...!! 
Plz cnt. soon..!! will be waiting eagerly..!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Originally posted by arunabhi

Great update as usual .. No kids just ishra Embarrassed Embarrassed .. 
Lovely.. Thanks for the update and loved it .. 
Dhakkan dene keliyae tayyar.. Hamesha.. 
Next update I can just admire the both ... This drink is troubling them too much yaar .. These boys smart huh , aise situations mein hamesha raman ko bhakra kardengae.. Bechara Wink 
Loved their nonsensical fight something different from their usual ones .. 
Okies .. Will wait till your back ..
Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

nice one.
Old trick in new way.
quarreling for no reason .
I guess next part we would be seing hot Ishita and hot Raman. it quick yaar.
Originally posted by florine_20

Nice one. Will ishita now flirt around in next part to just show off. Waiting for next. Try to make it before your exams if I can.
and all the best
Originally posted by yazhi

amazing as always... worth for the wait yaar... initially wen ishitha listened to raman's convo i coulldnt control my laugh imagining their expression... but godd... such a big fight... hahaaha... am totally in love with this part... and am sure the next part is going to be more fun than this... ooohhh sooo excited for the next part... ishu ll be in her sexy avatar... many men drooling over her... goddd wat ll be raman's reaction... bt dude where are the kids... plsss continue soon...
Originally posted by lourel24

Bang on.Loved it totally aur Next part mein bohot maza aana wala hai,I cud even imagine it.ha ha.Ishu hot n sexy ho k jaegi n poor raman jalofy.tsk!tsk!poor to iss part mein bhi baj gayi uski.Biwi sunne ko tayar hi nahi thi.
Originally posted by VENBA

Thanks for the update...
But ishra fight made me sad..
Please clear the misunderstanding soon...
Waiting for the next update..
Originally posted by usaonly

Wonderful update Ankita Ishu is very angry hope other explain to her what he heard is not what she think. New twist will come next update oh can't wait for that. Wish you best of luck for your exam dear.Hug
Originally posted by shravsss

jus nw red d part dear... was awesome...ClapClap
haha jkr n ravan k beech aisa jhagda... TongueTongue...
yeh aage chalke honewala h... evn in our shw... LOLLOL

aise jhagde apt lagte hai... dono k liye... TongueTongue...
I think nxt update dono hi ek dusre mein bsy hojayenge... waise bhi apne ishra ke jhagde kahan tikta h...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

sry dear... got shifted to gurgaon recently.. so jus nw red tis update...
 btw gud news : I joined company... i got my posting...
Originally posted by GloryBeckons

wow!!!!!!!!! Ishita is so innocent but anygirl will assume that sex on the beach thing yaar!!!!!!  hopefully when she will go in the party and she will herself see the wine bottle label , then she herself will be embarraassed but ...good nok-hok though and it will only increase their love...
Originally posted by sweet_menu

.now ishita should show that men also die for herr...and raman feeling jealous..there should be tit for tat in next updatee
n lstly it was beautifully written i love ur ff
...plzzz update soonn
Originally posted by felciya

Interesting update. mu started between them. I think next part will be more interesting. Write your exams well. I'll wait for your update. Take your own time.I'm glad for you. You found your school friend who is a yhm,ishra fan n reading this lovely ff too.
Originally posted by desire_nikki

Finally u updates ..!! i was eagerly waiting for it..!! 
Now about update..!! Embarrassed
Awsumm part di..!! hahahaha everyone is enjoying Goa's atmosphere Wink...everyone being naughty hannn...LOLLOL And Raman...head of the boys gang...TongueLOL 
haaye..sab marte hai Raman par...LOLEmbarrassed Ahaan,...Raman flirting freely...Male ego hann...LOL Ishita saw that...Shocked And the conversation of raman nd that girl...oh god...raman is such an idiot huh...Angry
Poor ishita...!! She is hurt...!! 
But it turned out to be a big fight between them..!! Shocked Felt so bad when Raman was shouting at ishita ...and his words..!! But ishita too took all this so seriously..!!Crytheir conversation ahh...And now both are going to that party..!!TongueGod bless those people who are going to be the part of it...LOLLOL

I enjoyed the part alot..!! Plz try to update soon...!! And all the best for exams.|!! SmileBig smile
Originally posted by shavi2311

Kya jagda shuru kiya yar...
Amazng twst...
Raman in his ego...
Jkr in provng herself...
Suprb updte...
Originally posted by rads1211

Heyy Ankita or I should say anki baby Wink 
First of all thanku darling for making my name so special that it had the privilage to appear in such a special ss. Heart 
I feel honoured. Smile 
And now coming to the ss a great update as usual. no words for ur writting. 
Love the fight between Ishra. Loved everything in this part. Loved it. 
Do update soon. Smile 
P.S. Sorry for the late reply. Exams are on and I am not frequent on IF now a days.
Originally posted by Shimla532

Hawww. Kya Ho Gaya. Raman u hv to pay for it. Raman dint do right with ishu. The way he spoke not right. Men die for ishu too. He let him enjoy and she too will enjoy her life in the party. Please update soon ya. Awesome one.
Originally posted by ankita_sidana

150 pages
what other surprises does tere liye has in store for me
ghosh..epic epic happy
thnk you all people who are still glued to this story and take this torture
luv u all dears
for giving such response to this one
it really means a lot yrr
thnkew thnkew thnkew
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

          Commend Great emoticon (Word Emoticons) You Rock! emoticon (Word Emoticons)
A big wala congratulations di.. 4 sucesfuly compltng 150 pages.. 
soon u'll c cmpltng it 200+ pages also.. Wink (HOPE SO.. )
Hassi aarahi h khud par.. LOL
abhi tak last 2 updts padha nai h mene .. but dekho 150 pg cmplt k liy reply post kr rhi hun apko..  LOL
Originally posted by ...anika...

Congratulations Ankita or completing 150 pages. Its an amazing story,though i am not a regular reader of this story. Have read the story from the beginning till pg140 in one go... Truly,it is an awesome story..

Raman didnt do the right thing by behaving so rudely with Ishita. Iska harjana toh bharna parega usse... Ishu bhi party karegi,she will also live her life jaise Raman karega. Ishita,dikha do sabko ki tum bhi karsakti ho... Please updatethe next part sooonish... Next part se will be regularly reading this story... 

Continue sooonish...
Originally posted by shavi2311

tere liye is alwys spl to me...
congrts fr 150 pgs...nd i saw KP rt ur tweet in twiter...u r lucky...
i hop we get a new thread fr nxt part...
Originally posted by team_ishra

i read tere liye from part 28 and i Heart loved it to death, so i thought of reading it from part 1 and i read part 1 to part 28 in just a one day... tere liye is just amazing Heart no words but just one thing plz write in English for example when u wrote "Bhai aapko bhabhi ko aise nhi bona chahiye ha" plz write it in English plz its a huge huge huge request 
Originally posted by mischief

hey Ankita
read all the parts in one go...Superb!!!!

Plz continue soon
Originally posted by yazhi

lots of hugs and kisses to you dear.. hearty congratulations for you dear.. you have did a wonderful job and i just hope you keep continuing dis... TERE LIYE IS JUS NOT SPECIAL FOR U its special for all of us... love you ankiSmile

Thnkew so much all of you for your love.
Love you allHug

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welcome back buddy,
hope your exam's went well.

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Wrote after a long time. It was like.. for the first time I had to recheck and add some lines. Dont know how it came out. Begining is just ewe hi..and becomes little bit better as end approaches.
Do read n let me know your reviews. Waiting.
And replying to all soonSmile

Part 32

"Rooh..beta am worried. I dont think you should go alone." Ishita spoke dressing up her princess. "Cum on Ishima pls. Why are u taking tension? I am going along. Shravu and Ruhi are my responsibility." Adi said assuring her. "Amma..Chitti..It will be fun." Shravu said convincing them. "Haan Ishima. Kids from 5 to 15 age group, all will be there on this special event. And adi Bhayiya is also there. So no worries." Ruhi further said. "So you people have decided you will be going there alone." Vandu spoke. "But its for only children na Amma crossing her arms across her chest. Child will be there. We will not be late." Shravu tried to make her agree. "Ok ok fyn. Go" Ishita said. "But take care pf yourself and each other. No masti no mischief." "Yes Mom" they spoke in unison and ran to the car off to their child club while both mothers just smiled behind.

"What the hell does she think of herself?" Raman said gulping down the other glass of drink. "One more" he ordered the waiter. "Bhai..Its just begining of party and you are already so much drunk. Stop it." Mihir tried to take glass from his hand. "Stop your lecture Mihir. And its better you just shut your mouth up." He said pushing away his hand and taking the freshly made peg. "But Raman. Its Okk. Ishu felt bad seeing you with a girl." Bala chose to speak this time. "It happens. I think you two should clear it now. Have a wise talk." The forever Love Guru Bala tried to knock some sense into his mind. "I know she felt bad Bala. And why do you think did I go there if not talk?" Raman said sipping the last part of his drink. "I tried to clear. God knows whats wrong with her? She thinks I will sleep with some girl." He became furious. "For God sake teen teen bache hain mere. Itna to yaad rakhti. How can I cheat on her?" He threw away the glass angrily while others chose not to instigate him further. Raman Bhalla was also on angry mode today.

"Arre Bhai vo dekho." Romi spoke up. "Same girl. Beach vali." He said pointing to her smiling. "Abbe tu...R u mad?" Mihir said irritated when Romi gave him a wink. He wondered asking what. "Yahan bhaitenge to Bhai will just go on drinking." Romi whispered into Mihir's ears. "Distract krte hain. We have to end this fight. Bhai ka mood theek karna hoga." Mihir understood and nodded his head. "Bhai..just have a look. She is looking even more ravishing than morning." Mihir said. "Haan bhai just see." Romi seconded him while Bala stood unable to understand their words and expressions.

Raman gave a not so interested look ignoring them and ordering the waiter for another drink. "Bhai..just see naa." Romi provoked him again. "Arre pagal" Raman murmured in an irritated tone but before he could protest, Mihir grabbed his shoulder and tilted his head towards the girl entering the hall. Raman looked with dubbed vision. 

The girl was wearing almost nothing. Her body hardly covered with two thin pieces of fabric which couldn't cover her private parts completely. He gave a furious look and shook his head. "Kapde pehnna bhool gyi ya greebi jyada aa gyi thi." He spoke irritated while others laughed at it. "Oho...Mihir..Aaj subah hi koi bhot flirt kr rha tha with same girl and now..see?" Bala smirked. "Arre mere bhaiyon. It was a mistake. I just wanted to show my charms to you people. Am not interested." Raman folded his hands in front of them to stop teasing or mocking him. 

"Bhabhi ke gusse ka asar haan. Gud gud bhai...I am impressed." Romi kept his hand on his shoulder. Raman politely sided away his hand and said "Asar gusse ka nhi hai Romi. Actually har koi teri tarah kameena nhi hota. To ek kaam kar. Jaa...Go n see what you wanna see."  "Bhai..dont take tension. Bhabhi will not come here. You can enjoy and see the views which you want to." Mihir chirped. "Kyu beta? Subah Mihika ne baksh diya to jyada udna aa rha hai." Raman faked a smile. "Rehne de Mihir. Its useless to call Bhai. He's tied to Bhabhi's pallu." Romi said. "Arre to yeh jo khadi hai iske paas to pallu hi nhi hai. can I get tied to her?" Raman smirked while others looked at him in shock. He gave a knowing smile. "I mean yeh saree to pehan nhi sakti naa." He pointed to the girl.

"Some things are meant for some people only. Just like saree for Ishita." He said dreamily remembering Ishita in sarees. "Bhai?? Bhabhi in sarees? You sure? Ki aapko bhabhi saree me pasand hai?" Mihir asked. Raman nodded "Bhot." 

Arre tumhe pta nhi hai. When she is in saree, she looks Damn sexy. I simply cant take my eyes off her when she wears it." He said smiling.

While all were surprised what he was upto, he gave his dimpled smile. "Bhai what are you saying? You only call that saree 6 yard cloth. And Bhabhi is jhansi ki rani naa." Romi asked. Raman shook his head and smirked. "Jhansi ki JKR. She is mental cracked piece. But she is mine." He remembered his moments with Ishita. "Achaa. Just now some time back, someone was saying I wont talk to her. Let her fight. Blah blah...and now..she is mine. Role reversal Raman Bhalla." Bala teased him. "Yeah..I fight with her. I was pissed off infact am now also." He said keeping aside the glass of drink as he remembered Ishita scolding him for drinking. "Jhansi ki rani" He murmured fondly. "Then? What happened bhai? Girls are here. See." Mihir spoke while Raman laughed. "I have my Ishita with me" Raman slapped his cheeks fondly. "Oho...I have my Ishita. See Mihir. I think we should record it. Bhabhi will be on cloud nine listening this. Bcoz bhai will never say this on her face." Romi chirped.

"Oh hello...Hold on hold on. Why would I say her. Fooljayegi vo...pehle hi bhot moti hai. No ways." Raman said. "You and your ego bhai. Kuch nhi ho skta." Mihir shook his head. "You love bhabhi so much. Even then you fought with her. This is not done yrr. You could have talked to her." Bala came with his advice. "I know yrr and I even wanted to. Trust me..I went there to talk her only. It was just when she said about sleeping with that...I lost my cool." Raman accepted. "I was never angry otherwise. Just teasing her." He confessed. "And now what?" Romi asked. "Bhabhi gusse mein hain." 

"And who do you think is going to pacify her?" Raman raised his eyebrows indicating it will be Ishita to come and apologise first. "Ladayi ka kya hai. Its fun. Chalti Rehti hai." He smiled. "And JKR and RK can never live without each other or without fighting."

"I think Bhabhi didn't like you flirting with that girl and it should be you saying sorry" Romi crossed his arms across his chest. " wont understand." Raman patted his back. "Its not about ego anymore mere bhai. I m just enjoying the possessive side of Mrs. Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla."
"You know what...mirchi lagne ke baad bhot wild ho jati hai madrasan." His thoughts wandered to what all she did last time while others were amused. "Us time use bura laga to she said it. But am sure right now mujhe ptane ke plans bna rhi hogi." He gave an I know everything smile. "Sachi Bhai...Bhabhi can also be wild? Thats beyond my imagination." Mihir popped in. "Arre ofcourse she is. Afterall pati uska kitni hot property hai." Raman raised the collor of his shirt in pride. "Oho..." they all spoke in unison giving their lips a perfect O shape and prolonging the sound. "What?" Raman made a face. "You dont believe. Arre I can bet when it comes to bed Ishita is just wild...and if she is jealous, I have to escape sometimes." He said proudly while Others giggled. "Acha bhai. What else? Aur kya karti hai Bhabhi?" Romi enquired. "Or kyaa...Arre teri bhabhi to..." Raman raised his hands to go for another story but stopped at the nick of time. Next was Romi's neck squeezed in Raman's hands.

"Aah bhai.." he screamed. "Having fun at my expense. Chaske le rhe ho tum sab?" Furious RKB was back and Romi got two hard on his back. "Nahi bhai..vo to bas esse hi." He tried to explain but was cut short by Raman. "Esse hi kya haan. Ishita is my wife. And me uske saath jo bhi karu meri marji. Dont you dare...mere raaz khulwayega tu?" Bala and Mihir helped Romi get free of the hold. "Sorry bhai." He said making a face while Raman laughed. "Ab le maze..bhai or bhabhi ke romance ke." 

"Ishita is just the best yrr." Raman spoke after sometime. "The moment we have entered the party, your thoughts are only on Ishita. We came here to enjoy. You remember?" Bala said making an annoyed face. "Arre that pagal fought with me today. Am trying to ignore but looks like she is haunting my thoughts." Raman said earning a you are impossible look from his brother in law. "Ok..I plan to ask for srry on returning." The words made Bala choke on his drink. "Kya..dont look like this at me. Drayoge kya?" He just got a negative nod in response. "How on the Earth Raman Bhalla decided to apologise?" Came his next question. "Well...after the entry of one mad madrasan...nthng in his life is in hands of Raman Bhalla." He said with a feeble smile.

"I know her. She must be crying till now. Girls and their tears. I just hate them...not girls, tears." Bala laughed at it. "She has done so much for me always. Cant I say her a simple sorry. It was my fault only. Afterall she has right to ask. Biwi hai vo meri. And the best part is am proud to have her as one." The smile had widened as his eyes filled with fondness when Bala looked at him. 

After a pause, he spoke "She is a superwoman yrr., kids, family, clinic, husband...she manages everything. Without any complaints..not even a single line of worry on her forehead. Trust me, had I been on her place, I would have run away citing so much responsibilities. But she..she is always there. For everything for everyone. She is the best thing that had happen to me in my life. Me n my life depends on her now. I brought her here...Goa..for a change. I thought she needed a break. Thats why. Bcoz..watever she has done cant be repayed so I try to give her a little time for herself whenever there is opportunity." There was a spark in Raman's eyes as he completed. Bala smiled and kept his hand on his shoulder. " both make a great couple. Not just Ishita, you also have the equal hand in love and rapport your family share. If Ishita is gem, you complement her dude." He patted his shoulder as Raman gave a shy smile.

"But I have hurt her this time." Raman confessed more to himself than Bala. "And I think its time to side away egos n patch up." He said as he got up finally deciding to heed to his wife. "Arre no Bhai. Aap baad me baat kr lena Bhabhi se. Plss" Romi came running giving a stop to his dance. "Its party. Come..lets enjoy. You cant leave so early." Mihir seconded him as they both dragged him towards DJ floor. Raman tried to escape their hold voicing he was not interested but they pulled him and made him stand beside the same girl who started playing with his tie. 

Raman jerked her hand away and was about to turn around to leave but the push made girl slip and in a jiffy, he caught the girl preventing her fall grabbing her by waist.

It was in this position that Mrs. Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla found her husband when she enetered the party venue. The not so good intentional girl stood in his arms and it took her only a second to realise that she was the same one whom he had promised to have s*x.

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ankita_sidana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2014 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

welcome back buddy,
hope your exam's went well.

thanks vikas
yeah..they were good
but 1 got postponed
its still pendingConfused
coyldn't keep myself away from IF more
so am backLOLLOL

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She saw him in that compromising position .
Mirchi tho bahuth lagegi but kissko abh theek sey paha naehn.
Then Raman prising his JKR was too good and only he know what she is and she know what he is.
Ishita should have come little early then could have listened her praises from him.
Now don't know what else Raman has to see.
Hope for a quick update.
welcome back 

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Originally posted by ankita_sidana

Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

welcome back buddy,
hope your exam's went well.

thanks vikas
yeah..they were good
but 1 got postponed
its still pendingConfused
coyldn't keep myself away from IF more
so am backLOLLOL
mine will be starting jan 7th.
with two lab's in between.All the best for that one too,

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