game os: aang laga de re (guttery ka bhi Father(os till now on pg.36? (Page 36)

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Ok wait guys.
Puri story ek page mei dalu mei?
It's getting so difficult for me to read it on everypage.

Wait.. :)

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While eating food ... other abdullah also joined them .. zain n aliya were sitting opposite to each other . Zain brushed his legs with aliya ..
Her eyea popped out of shock .. she signalled him not to do it
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Aliya woke out from the bathroom in her once piece that barely covered her mid thighs.. 

Zain wrapped his arms around her bare waist...and pulled her towards him
They both slipped and again fell down in bath tub...

Aliya tried to get up but zain was on her top plus he was not letting her go also as he wrapped his arms around her 

She splashed little soap water mischeviously on his face...

He washd his eyes with water and he looked towards the direction where she was standing only to find babaji ka thullu 

He Desparately walked into bed room wrapping a towel around him...
Aliya was removing her bathrobe to drape her saree

She made positions to tease him but he decided to ignore her and went to his wardrobe 

Aliya giggled, Zain glared at her...
Aliya: Offo my hottie is hot...
Zain turned his face...

Aliya hugged him from back, her bath robe was teasing him, it was exposing more than half of her assets, When she  hugged him from back her Soft breast collided with his bear back... 

Zain dropped t shirt which he selected to.wear and turned to her with naughty smile 

But as he turned till he was facing her he made his face angry again and intensionaly moved his hands inside the robe 

He start making circles on her waist and stomach
.aliya closed her eyes...he pulled her flush against him that their is no space between their bodies...
aliya:itna naraz ho to choro.jany do mjhy.
she start leaving when he tight his grip...
zain:main tum sy nhn is robe sy ghussa hun...he smirked...
and start removing already untied robe...

The ribbon tying the robe was on the floor while the robe still covered her body but not fully only her back..
Her front was completely exposed to him

Zain was droling over her...his eyes filled with lust..
aliya was also enjoying seducing she said...
aliya:abhi to bara naraz thy mery robe sy..ab aesy sadhu bany khary ho jaisy tmhn kuch krna hi nhn h...

Zain smirk...
zain:main sadhu nhn bana hua janeman i m thinking something different...
with that he move towards her...

He moved a little close to her with his eyes grazing on her oh so hot body..
He moved his finger from her lipsto her soft breast
Aliya moaned
Aliya: toh kya hai woh different thing 

Aliya:kia hai wo change thing...
zain:abhi pata chal jaye ga malika e zain...

He hold her shoulders and pin her to the wall...she look at him expecting a hungry kiss but he smirk and sit on the ground on his knees...she look down he was smirking...
aliya confused:...z...zain. what are u going to do...???(whisper)
Zain: nothing i just want to KISS u...
Zain: not at your lips jaan...there...(he start caressing her core...aliya gasped and clutched her fists tighter...
zain:what plz...u r so eager na so get that now...
with that he lean in hlod her legs and open them...he look at shcked aliya...and start placing kissis on her flesh...
aliya scream..
zain:shhh...itna chillao gi to sab hmary room k bahar hun gy...or mjhy towel mai  sab ka welcome karny ka shouq nhn h...
and he start his manistrations...
aliya bite her lips to stop her loud moans...

He kissed her pink flesh again and again till she was wet..
He sucked hard while she moaned 
The salty water made zain to suck more
Zain: aliya u taste good
Aliya blushed
Zain: do u also wanna taste it?
Aliyah nodded blushing heavily..
Her breath got more heavy as he sucked hard and got up and smashed his lips on hers 

She taste herself from his mouth as he was kissing her like he will eat her up right now...his hand on her bobs pulling her as close as he can digging his fingers in her soft bobs...

Aliya's hands reach knot of his towel and she untie it..he also slip her bathrobe from her sholders...
they pulled back for some air...and look at each other hugrily...

Zain:what did i do to deserve this godess...
aliya blushed...they both are now standing infront of each others the way they born...clothes proof.

Aliya: zain now enough of your tortureand now its my turn
Zain who was hholding her each globe in his perfect hand looked at her in confusion
And before he could say anything aliya pinned him to the wall and wrapping her soft fingers around his cock and it was in her warm mouth 
Aliya sucked hard making zain groan
The slurping sound turned zain even more 

Zain was writhing with pleasure .. he groaned when aliya sucked him hard ..
When he was unable to bare her sweet torture he pulled her up with her hairs and again smaked his lips on her ..   he started sucking he lower lip aliya was also no less ..

He started squeezing her already hardened nipples .. aliya moaned in his mouth    zain broke the kiss and started his manistrations on her nipples .. by sucking them and making them go red and hard even if it was possibble 
Aliya was continously moaning his name but he was unstopable .. he bited her nipple and aliya let out a small scream ..

Aliya moaned increased while he continued his ministrations on her small harden nipples
Aliya could feel herself wet between her folds
Aliya could not tolerate more and she kissed his hard and made him roam his around her perfect body..
His naughty hands find their way to her sexy ass 

His hand roamed on her ass .. he was caressing it gently . Without breaking the kiss ... suddenly he lifted aliya her legs wrapped around his waist n hands around his neck pulling him more closer ... he continued caressing her ass .. and murmured beautiful at the corner of her lips ... .. 

Aliya scream and then zain again went down to her private part and sees it wet and thought and  I should have done it before 
He stands up and go to the washroom and came back
Aliya : zain kaha gaye the 
Zain : prepraration baby I went to prepare an new place for us 
Aliya : where ???
Zain : just wait and watch*closes her eyes and her naked body with a hankerchif and a towel *
Then went to the bathroom and when zain opened her eyes and see a bed in a the bathroom
Aliya : what is it zain bed in the bathroom

Zain: haan aliya we will require it
Aliya: woh kaise
Zain: aliya first lay down
Aliya: par
Zain: first lay down na
She lay down to find it was a water bed

aliya : zain yeh toh ...
Zain : water bed hai ..
Aliya : wohi toh ... 
Zain : dont worry malika e zain ... iss water bed pe jitna bhi action ho yeh phate ga nahi..
N with that he cane on top of her ... aliya winced in pain as he put his entire weight on her .. so he adjusted himself so that he dowat not put his entire weight on aliya again.. 
And started nuzzling her neck ... and licking her jaw line ...

Licking her jaw line he moved his tongue over her nipples..her back arched...
Zain then move his tongue to south..
Aliya knew where he was heading to..
He licked the swollen core of her 

When he licked her swollen core .. aliya moaned ...
Zain smirked seeing her wet ...
Zain ; mez u r so wet ... only for me jaanu ...i love u for being so wet ..
Aliya : shut up ..
Zain bit her swollen core ... aliya gasped and digg her nails in his broad shoulders ... zain groaned ...
Zain : jungli billi ...
Aliya ; agar tum mere sath itna sab kuch karo ge toh main aise hi react karo gi na ...

Zain decided now to punish her
Zain: get ready for your punishment..
Aliya: for that I am already jaaneman
He rubbed his manhood against her core but didn't entered inside 

He rubbed his manhood against her core ..but not entering her .. 
Aliya was writhing with pleasure .. 
Aliya : ahh zain ..
Zain increased his speed rubbed her core again n again ... 
Aliya bited his shoulder unable to bear his manistrations

Aliya : oh no zain ...
Zain : oh yes aliya .. 
Zain : r u enjoying it ..aliya 
Aliya : i m loving it .. breathless ...

Zain:huh???u r enjoying??i wanna punish u...wait.
He sit and open shower the water start showring drenching their bodies...he made her sit up also and watch the water making way on her milky skin from her sholders to stomach and then invisible reaching below her navel...
zain make her sit on her heels and part her legs now he can clearly see the water drops falling from her core...he keep his palm below there and his hand fill with water...aliya shocked at his action...he slowly moves his palm to his mouth and is about to drink it when aliya jerked his hand.and it fall down... wo pani pio gy...ewww...

U are disgusting zain u will drink that water u can eat me bit me but don't drink that water 

Zain:i can mez...every thing which belongs to u is mine more than yours...and it bacame as precious as u...
as zain start washing her core moving his fingers roughly in her cl*****is..
aliya:ahh..zain..u r...rrr...teasing me 
zain:i m not teasing u jaan.just washing u.this part is so sticky...mmm love that...
as he licked his fingers...

Ahem ahem
Aliya : zain plzz stop doing it ..
Zain : but y .. if u dont stop me while sucking u than y do u stop me for sucking my fingers...
Aliya pulls him closer .. and smacked her lips with his . N murmurs at the corner of his mouth bcoz i can   n if u do it again i will never let u come closer to me samjhe ... 
Zain bit her liwer lip n entered her mouth and started sucking her tongue playing with her nipples under water .. making them shine ..

Aliya push him back and s
he pulled her closer that she sit in his lap his nody touching her whole body her both legs are either of his side...
Aliya's core touching his private part and she started rubbing herself...her hands around his neck and his gands around her waist...
zain she was touching him again and again...
Zain:urghh...aal...liyaaa...w...hat..r u
He was closing his eyes and she was smirking at him...

She bend little down pressing herself more and bite his nipple...

Aliya:kia hua jaan itna to main bhi nhn chillai...
Tracing his jaw line...

Zain : aliya ahhh ..
Aliya : q zain ...
Zain pushed her n she laid on the water bed again 
Zain : ab batata ho tumhe 
Zain howered over her and entered inside her ..
Aliya : ouch ..

At first his phase was slow but he increased fast and fast reaching the reports point inside her..
The cool water ran on their hot bodieswhile aaliya back arched and she let out a hot orgasm 

But zain was not stopping his thrusts .. he was thrusting inside her harder n faster .. 
Aliya was moaning his name digg her nails inside his shoulders .. 
Zain thrusted inside her harder n faster one last tym as he reached his orgasm .. he laid himself on her chest ... aliya hugged him tightly he was still inside her .   
Aliya : zain ab bas karo bohat romance ho gaya ab bahar chalo..main bohat thak gai hoon 
Zain stroked her hair and kissed her eyebrows .. 
Zain: ok fyn ... 
Lets go 
He pulled himself out of her .. and aliya again winced ..
Zain got up.. and helped aliya also .. zain helped aliya wearing her bathrobe .. and he also wore the bathrobe .. picked aliya up and brought her into the room and took her near the closet .   

Bas karo thak gaye honge thoda rest kar le phir raat bhi baki hai .. romance bhi baki hai .. or hum bhi baki hai .. 

Zain made aliya stand and looked at the door
Everybody was standing there 
Aliya whispers
Zain tumne gate nahi baand kiya?
Zain goes into flashback and realisesythat he only shut the doors not bolted them 

Surraiya : tum dono andar ek sath thy ..
Zain : nahi mom.woh kiya hua na 
Fahad : kiya hua zain 
Zain :wohi toh main keh raha hoon 
Shaziya: arey wahi toh hun poch rahe hain k kiya hua na
Zain : kiya hua kiya hua ap sab ko aliya bataye gi 
Aliya glared him 
ZAIN: bolo na aliya .
Aliya: main 
Zain :han tum .. 
Aliya : abb woh kiya hua na k ... ouchhh 
And she fell on the floor .. 

Aliya : woh mere paao mein moch agai thi toh bas zain meri help karne andar aya tha ..
Surraiya : bathrobe main ..
Zain : han mom woh kiya hua na k jab mein naha k nikla toh aliya nahane chali gai . Phir main abhi apne kapde hi nikal.raha tha k aliya girne ki awaz ai .. toh main bathrobe main hi usse help karne chale gaya .. 
Shaziya : acha toh tabhi aliya itni zor se zain zain kar k chilla rahi thi haina..
Both zain n aliya blushed crimson red ..
Both in unison : ji... 

Zain : mom bit the door was lock how did u enter the room( remember when zain got up from the bed he first closed the door )
Mom: zaa iiinnn actually  fahad and i came here hearing aliyas voice from the window and then opened the door for me and we were just ...
Zain : mom...

zain : mom agar ap andar aa hi gai thy toh mujhe awaz toh dete ...
Surraiya ; bas zain woh aliya itni zor zor se chilla rahi thi .. toh hum ne socha pata nahi kiya kar rahe ho ... blushed...
Zaya also blushed .
Zain : kiya mom ap bhi ...
Surraiya ; chalo ab us bechari ko uthao toh zameen se .
Aliya was holding her feet acting abt the sprain ...
Zain : han han .
Surraiya : chalo ab hum sab chalte hain ..
Every body left ... 
Zain ran and locked the door ... 
Zain : arey wah drama queen itni zor zor se chillane ki kia zaroorat thi pura ghar yahan ek sath agaya 
Aliya got up from the bed .
Aliya : oh hello jo tum mere sath andar kar rahe tha na uss pe chillaya hi jata hai ... 
Or agar tumhe mere chillane se itni hi problem hai ... toh ab main tumhe apne bilkul bhi qareeb nahin ane doon gi .. 

She took her clothes in anger and went inside the washroom to change ... 
Zain : arey par suno toh    
Thudd   she closed the door in anger

Zain was bagging the door...
Zain:ok sorry mez...plz maf kardo.han main manta hun k tm.meri waja sy chillai ho...but mery pas is ka aik solution h.
aliya was listning to him..she stop her hot shower and open the door.she was behind the door.

Aliya:acha kia solution h.
 When zain listen the click of the door.he pushed the door open and went inside.zain look at her from head to toe.

Zain:u r so hawwwt aliya...
aliya:hot shower ly ri thi to hot hi hungi na.
she walk towards the glass made steam room.
zain:mjhy bhi hot hona hai...he smirked.
he remove his bathrobe and enter inside the glass room and closed it behind.
aliya:gasped* aa gay..zain plz mjhy shower leny do. main bhi shower hi leny aya hun...or solution batany bhi...he came closer to her and open the shower.
they both standing close.
Zain: main keh raha tha k yahan hmari screams sunny k lye sab aa jaty q na ham holiday par jaen.i mean second honey moon..
he was caressing her back while talking.
aliya:holidays...she get exited and wrap her arma around his neck...
zain:holidys for family and honeymoon for paris 5 days 6 nights...he smirk kissing her neck.
aliya blushed...
zain:ab to allowed hai na tmhn touch karna.
aliya hit his shoulder slightly..and kiss him.on his lips.her hands in his hair.he lift her one leg and wrap it around his waist..zain groan in pleadure as she touched him...

Aliya broked the kiss... 
Zain : ab kiya hua .
Aliya :shower le liya toh ab chalo bahar sab ko batate hain na holidays k bare main ..
Zain ; pat hamara romance ..
Aliya : raat ko continue kar le gain ... 
Zain :pakka 
Aliya : bol toh aise rahe ho k agar main pakka nahi boloon gi toh tum kuch nahi karo ge ..
Zain : tum mujhe kitna ache se janti ho 
Aliya pecked him lightly . 
Aliya : woh toh hai ...
zain n aliya wear their bathrobe again ... Nd came out ... 
Zain started wearing his clothes .. he was wearing his tee shirt ... when aliya took off her bathrobe ... zsin gulped down the painful lump in his throat .. 
Aliya : lyk wht u see .. 
Zain : very much .. dekho ab mujhe seduce karna bnd karo warna phir shuru ho jao ga .. 

After some days they went to honeymoon 
Zain in the room : aliya let's start our work let's work out baby * he said secudatively*
Aliya : stop zain let me change in my bathrobe
Zain: ohhh

Zain pull her on top of him..they both lying on bed with aliya on top.
Zain:what's the need for bathrobe baby...nothing will saved u from me...he said tracing her lips.
aliya:i also don't want to be saved from u...she jerked his hands..
zain:ohh seducing han???
Aliya:tmhn seduce karni ki zaroorat hai???
zain:mjhy sirf apni hot wife ki zaroorat hai
...with that he flipped over that she was beneath him...

zain u are really so naughty said aliya
zain: woh toh main hum hi..kuch naya bolo
he smirked 
he removed her bath robe to find her in her inner wear
zain: kya aliya?? tum bhi pehna zaroori tha
aliya: haan nahi karna toh jao

Nahi baby let me take it out and slowly his hand reached the hook of her bra and then slowly his hand moved towards her southern inner wear any he started rubbing it hard

Aliya moaned
Aliya: zain kya kar rahe ho..
Stop it please...
I cannot tolerate more 

Zain : malika e zain abhi toh maine kuch bhi nahi kiya or tumse tolerate nahi ho raha ..
Aliya : zainnn 
Zain : han aliya ..
He eases his finger inside her    aliya winced in pain .. and held his shoulder tightly .. 
With one hand zain realizes her breasts from the cups and her breast flies open.. 
He leans forwards still moving her finger inside her and held her nipples between his teeth and started tugging them 
Aliya moaned ..

As aliya moned he thrusted once more and she winked in pain and closed he eyes
Aliya zaiiin ahhh it paining
Zain aliya it will pain baby and then if u can't bear this pain how will u bear the pain when the baby comes out

Zain what the ? She pulls herself a little
Zain: kya aliya be still..
Aliya: I do not want babies now
Zain thrusts a little to her deep
Zain: kyun 

Because if babies will be born we will not be able to do this again
Zain kayu u want us to do this more
Aliya yess

Zain : oh my malika e zain .. we will plan our babies but i was saying .. k jab bhi hamare bache honge toh bohat takleef hogi na tumhe iss liye abhi yeh tolerate karo gi toh us takleef konkar pao gi na 
With that he thrusted his finger inside her more deeply .. 
Aliya again winced .
Zain : agar tumhe zyada dard ho raha hai toh i will not do it .. q k mein tumhe takleef nahi dena chahta ...
Aliya : no dont stop plzzz continue .
And she kissed him hard on his lips . 
Zain still easing his finger inside her making her go wild

Aliya : zain i love u so much .. murmuring between kissing ..
Zain pulled out his finger .. and made her laid on the bed .. 
Aliya ; kiya hua . 
Zain : kuch nahi .. thoda rest karlo thak gai ho gi ..
Aliya : no main nahi thaki hoon ..
Zain : han tum super woman ho nahi thakti ..lekin mujhe toh neend arahi hai .. raat se jaag rahe hain .. or yahi kar rahe hain    ..
He laid beside her and pulled her in his strong embrace .. and kissed her hair .. and both slept peacefully

In the sleep also zain was naughty..
He moved his hands to her breasts 

n started pressing them aliya turned so that her back was facing him .. he leans forward and put his hands on her bare waist and startef making circles .. 
And than heading towards south ..

He was actually awake not slept as he wanted more..
His finger find her core and entered inside making circles..
Aliya moaned and too woke up 

Aliya slowly .. opened her eyes as shw realized her husbands manistrations on her body she smiled to her self ..
Aliya: zain kiya kar rahe ho ... sone bhi nahi dete 
Zain : main itne mood main hoon or tumhe neend arahi haii .
Aliya : tum toh hamesha hi mood main hotey ho kon si nai baat hai 
Zain: jao so jao ab main kuch nahi karo ga ..
He pulled his finger out of her she winced again zain turned to the other side .. both have their back towards each other ..
Zain thought to himself .. 
Zain: ab dekhna kaise aye gi khud ..

Aliya was sad that because of her her husband cannot fulfill his wish..
She slowly went towards him
Aliya to herself: Mr. Abdullah I know how to make u happy again..
She wrapped her fingers around his cock and started placing kisses on his back 

Zain smiled but kept the angry look on his face ..
ZAIN: kiya hai .. hato mujhe sona hai .. 
Aliya ; par mujhe nahi sona ..
Zain ; toh jao na apna kaam karo 
Aliya : wohi toh kar rahi hoon 
She left trails of wet kisses on his back .

She rolled above him so she was facing him..
They she moved little down and took him inside her warm mouth 

As she took him in her mouth he closed his eyes and his mouth formed a big O.. but he suddenly opened his eyes .. and pushed aliya off him that she is sitting on the bed shocked ... 
he pulled the duvet on himself ..and smirked inside the duvet ..
Aliya's eyes were filled with tears . He heard her sobs ... 

Agay continue karo

aliya was really pissed off him now
she too covered herself with duvet and cried 
aliya: he is so mean i am not goona let him touch me
zain moved towards aliya and wrapped his hands around her s**
aliya quickly jerked it off

Dur hato mujhse she jrkd his hands of her .. 
Dugg herself in her pillows and wrapped duvet tightly around her and cried silently .. 
Murmuring . Idiot to zain

Zain : aliya I am sorry baby
Aliya : no no no I am not going to forgive u and not even allowed to touch me
Zain : aise kaise nahi Marne dogi I will touch u just see
Aliya: how if I don't give u permission 
Zain :  wait and watch
Aliya: what???
Zain eying on aliya with lust

aliya could fell his intense gaze everywhere on her body let it be her breast and her core
she covered herself with the duvet but zain pulled it up

Aliya:easy dekhny sy main nhn man jaon gi.
zain:main to ye dekh raha tha k hmary make out session sy tm kitni thak gai ho...don't u think u neef a massage.
aliya yawn and stretch her arms...her sheets slip from her chest and her breasts formed properly
.zain who already lusting ovet her gulped hard...
aliya:ya zain i think i need a massage...but no naughtiness..ok???

Zain went to dressing and bring bottle of oil..aliya lay on het front facing her back to him...
zain frown:sab kuch to chupa dia...koi bat ni mez tum khud hi mery pas ao gi.
he start massaging het back gliding his fingers on her back pressing his fingers at her spin...he was enjoying it while aliya too enjoying it...he really make her relax...for his ministration he massage her well without any mischive for 20 minutes but then he can't control anymore...
he move little up and start massaging her that case teasing her with his tip dragginh it up and down on her spin...

Aliya was going crazy...he reach his hands on het breasts and massage them...he then turn her and start massaging her stomach still teasing her with his tip...finally she can't take it anymore and hold his cock and press it back to his body.
zain:kia kar rai ho mez..mode main aa gai ho kia???he said smirking...
aliya:z...zain plz kuch pehn lo...or phir...massage karo...

Zain: nahi main nahi pehnuga kuch bhi I will do like this or I am going
Aliya who was enjoying the massage a lot said okey do it..
It started again..
As she was lying facing her front as he was massaging her stomach he intensionally made his manhood touch her core..
Aliya was pleased very much..
She wanted more..
He then moved his hands to her nipples 

as he intentionally runbbing his cock on her core pressing it.
zain:plz what mez .
aliya:wo ...uhhh...u are touching me...
zain:smirk...that's what i m doing jaan massaging you..he rub again making circles with his tip.
aliya:.not your hands idiot...ummm..
zain:Then what jaan..
aliya hold his cock in her hand and start rubbing it on her moist core fastly.
she was using him as she want...he was also enjoying...

Aaliya grabbed his cock and began to furiously beat it up and down before diving her mouth down onto his long thick cock, Zain moaned as he felt his cock hit the back of her throat and he thought she would stop there and have to pull it back from her lips, but to his surprise she grabbed his hips and pushed his entire cock down her throat and began to lick his balls as he felt her struggling not to gag around his cock. Zain grabbed the back of Aaliya's head and began to thrust his cock in and out of her throat, he continued for a few thrusts before pulling his cock from her throat, drool coated his cock and tears were dripping from Aaliya's.

Zain quickly grabbed Aaliya and turned her body around to lie on top of him in a 69 position, she grabbed a hold of his cock once more and began to stroke it up and down as fast as she could. He pushed his tongue deep inside her wet pussy again and used his thumb to rub back and forth along her c***. Zain stared at Aaliya's tight rosebud with lust and slowly pulled his tongue from her pussy. He pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy making her moan as she took the head of his cock into her mouth...

aliya started sucking him hard .. n his mouth shaped a big O

zain: aliyaaa 
he groaned
aliya: kya hua zain she aked innocently
zain: wanna drink sharbat??
he asked brething heavily
she knew why he was saying that because her naughty antics had made himcum

Aliya : wud love to
Zain groaned her as he find his release 
Aliya felt hot serum in her mouth she got up hurridely and smacked her lips with zain .. both of them tasted the saltiness of
His release ... 

zain: toh aliya how was it???
he asked smirking at her while she blushed
aliya: yummy
she said smiling
zain: aliya mujhe bhi pina hain
aliya: tumne piya toh
zain: not mine now yours
she blushed and zain squeezed her nipples

Zain picked her up and placed her on the bed .. he opened her legs wide .. and headed south he inhale a sharp breath .. and bend down .. he started licking her core ..making her legs tense under him .he started making circles with his tongue aliya held his hair to control her moans .. as he increased his speed of licking and sucking ..
Aliya : zain plzz stop i m coming ...
Zain : thats wht i want ...come for me baby .. 
Aliya moaned his name and came arounds him .. he started sucking the liquid on her core ... 
Zain : aliya u r delicious ...
Zain looked up his lips shining with aliya's come .. he smacked his lips on her and she tasted herself ..

aliya tasted herself
aliya: how was it??
zain licked her lips saying  yummy
aliya blushed heavily
zain: aliya come and sit on my chest
she did as he ordered him
her kness on each side of zain and she sat on her pelvis
making her pink swollen wet core near to his sinful mouth and his chest a little wet

Zain started making circles on her swollen core with one hand and the other busy kneeding her breasts and squeezing her nipples making her moan she leans a bit back and held his cock in her hand and started rubbing it slowly matching his rythem on her body .. as he increased his speed on her core she increased the movement of her hands on his cock ..both of them moaning n graoning

she could not take anymore as zain moved his fingers very deep inside her sle left his cock and bend making her core to  move a little more closer to his mouth
he linserted his tongue inside her and she bend towards him
his face now was surrounded by her breats..
he took out his tongue and took her nipples while his fist moved inside her

He bited her nipple n she cry out .. 
His hands still moving inside her ... 
Making her cry in pain

she was coming again and again makng zain's chest full wet
zain pulled out his hand and licked them while aliya relaxed 
zain: see mez what u did??
he points on his wet chest making aliya blush

He make her lie on bed & start kissing her on neck & moving downward.
He put an ice cube from bowl & touch with her lips
she shivers 
he move that ice cube downward and place
that on her stomach.
He than leaned towards her stomach and touches
her lips to her stomach... she breathed heavily...
than he starts to suck that water drops on her
Aliya breathing heavily & moaning zain's name.
Zain than move upwards & start to kiss on her

He kissed on her lips while her hands roamed on is wet chest feeling what she has done..
They then moved to his thick long cock and tickled it 

He gasped as her hand started tickling his cock ... 
He bit her lips hard to stop the sensations but it was doing no good

She broke the kiss as he made to move his hand on her core again playing with the wetness ..
Aliya gasped as he played with the slits of her little pink core..
Aliya: I want u now

As he bit her lower lip hard she held his cock more hard and rubbed it ... 
Both of them writhing in pleasure ...

Zain I want u know..
Said aliya..
Zain :let's try this sweet heart

He made her to lie on her back, one leg extended, the other bent up . zain sits down with one thigh over her extended thigh and slips her bent leg under his arm. 

I m always ready ...
He made her lie on her side ..and laid beside her .in a way that her back facing his front .. he spread her legs wide whivh gave hin the way for entrance he entered her she held his hand tightly to stop her screams .. his free hand started making curcles on her core .. as he was thrusting inside her he pulled her towards him and started increasing the rythm of his thrusts and increases the speed of his fingers on the cl****s she was continuously moaning his name ... 
He was making his thrusts deeper n faster .. both writhing with pleasure.. 
He thrusted deeply once again and pour himself into her .. 
But his fingers were not stopping his manistrations on her cli******s her legs tenses with pleasure

He pulled her closer 
Tip of his cock pressed up against her cl****s..
Aliya let out a pleasureable moan ..
Slowly he again entertered her .. and started making circles inside her ... 
He increased his rythm and she tenses under him ... 
Aliya : zain faster faster .. 
Zain : kar toh raha hoon 
Aliya : ahh zain plzz or fast karo 
Zain increased his speed more ..and pour himself inside her ..and she too climaxed around him

finally they parted and slept in each other arms but zain hands on her core 

After a wonderful ride zain collapsed
on the bed next to aliya. He then pulled her in a
tight embrace, brushing those few strands of hair
away from her eyes. She flashed her 1000 watt
smile to show him that she was satisfied. Aliya
bit her bottom lip and looked down shyly as zain
smirked at winked at her. His lips slowly found
their way to hers as they met in a soft kiss. 

a sweet smile playing n their lips ... 

Aliya woke up..
Her body fully tired as she could guess when she spread her hands..
When she tried to get up she found something pulling her..
She looked down and found zain's hand on her core 

She smiles seeing his hand on her core ruffled his hair .. placed his hands back on the bed and moved closer and digg her face in his chest and sleep again

This time before sleeping she made her nipples to lie near to his lies and wrapped her hands on her cock 

Hefelt her hardened nipple near him and pressed his body more closer to her .. his long cock fully in her hands

She also pressed her body more such that her nipple fully inside her 

She felt him push his hardening cock between her legs. She spread them slightly to allow Zain better access, tilting her hips to allow his cock to come to rest against her pussy lips. She moaned softly as Zain began to gently thrust against her lips, cock trapped between her legs. With a slight movement, Zan slipped between the lips, still sliding against Aaliya, not yet penetrating her. Between the sweet dreams she'd been having all night and the feeling of him pressed against her, she as already wet, and so he slide easily against her. The head of his cock was making frequent contact with her c***, and her hips started to move on their own to increase the friction.
Aaliya's eyes flew open as the head of your cock slid inside her pussy, making her realize this was not a dream but reality. She lifted her leg and with his guiding hand, brought it back behind her to rest on top of his legs, allowing greater access. Ever so slowly, he slid his hard cock into her dripping pussy inch by inch until he were buried in her. Aaliya reached behind her  to grab onto him"any part of him that she could touch and hold onto"and moved her  hips to encourage him to move. His answering groan let her know that she was turning him on as much as he turned her on, but the feel of his lips, tongue, and teeth on her shoulder and neck brought her movements to a frenzy. She  tried to work her  hips as much as she  could in the position without losing him inside of her.

A slight buzzing noise permeated her  awareness, but she was so focused on the feeling of Zain in her, against her that it didn't register until she  felt the vibrations against her c***. As he held the small pocket vibrator against her c*** while still holding her against him, Aaliya groaned. It felt wonderful, but there was something missing, and she tried (in vain) to move her hips to get Zain to do what she wanted.

"f**k me," Aaliya moaned, her voice hoarse from sleep and breathless from the activities. "Please, I need you to f**k me."

With an answering groan, Zai began sliding his cock in and out of Aaliya's pussy, still holding the vibe in place. Her legs were shaking and she was still reaching back to grab a hold of his side. His tongue and teeth were working the particularly sensitive side of her neck and her free hand grappled at the sheets and pillows, looking for something to hold onto.

The consistent and gentle sliding of his cock turned into the hard thrusts of f**king. It was enough to send Aaliya over the edge, and she  screamed as her  orgasm overtook her senses. Aaliya felt the sharp pain of his teeth against her shoulder as Zain bit her as she  continued to ride out the waves of pleasure with every hard thrust of his cock into her pussy. She renched the vibrator out of Zain's fingers as her too sensitive c*** started protesting, but Zain just slid his fingers over the nub and continued rubbing, holding her in place. Her nails were now biting into the skin on his ass, but rather than hearing complaints, Alaiya just heard the sound of harsh breathing, letting her  know that he was close.

After making there hot love they fell in sleep fully tired..
Suddenly they both woke up hearing knock on the door of the room
They were shocked as who will be there to knock when they are in hotel 

Aliya ; yeh door kon knock kar raha hai ..
Zain : main kiya bhoot hoon jo darwaze k bahar dikh raha hai mujhe .. 
Aliya : uff seedha sawal pucha tha seedha seedha jawab nahi de sakte kiya .. 
Zain : jao kholo mujhe bohat neend arahi hai main so raha hoon 
Aliya : pagal ho main esse jao gi .points towards her naked body ...khud kholo mujhe bhu neend arahi hai..
And she laid on the bed covering herself with the duvet ...

Zain wore his shirts and pants to see who is on the door..
He opened the door to find fahad there 

He was shocked to see fahad their 
Zain app yahan ..
Shaziya ; sirf bhai nahi bhabhi bhi .. .
Aliya heard their voices and burried herself in blanket ...

Shazia: zain tumhare lips itne swollen kyun hai
Fahad: haan aur aliya khaahan hai 

Zain : mere lips swollen . Nahi toh bhabi ... 
Shazia : arey hain dekho toh ..she showed him her pocket mirror .
Zain : oh yeh woh bhabhi mujhe makhi ne bite kar liya ..
Shazia : acha ... waise aliya kahan hai ..
Aliya was bubbling with anger listening zain saying makhi ne kat liya ... but suddenly felt afraid as shazia was asking abt her ..
Zain : bhabi woh so rahi hai ... 
Shazia : so rahi iss waqt ...
Zain ; han bhabi abhi soi hai ..
Shazia : q par 
Zain : pata nahi

shazia-chalo hato I wanna meet her
Zain: app dono ko shram nahi aati
He closes the door and suraiya now knocks it
Zain: what happened mom
Suraiya:Mujhe aliya se milna hai
She enters the room 

Zain:bhabi or bhai,tameez nahi hai apko?
Husband wife k kamre me aana gandi baat hai.
With that he threw them out and locked the door while aliya kept giggling under the duvet

Zain : woh mom aliya abhi soi hai 
Surraiya : par abhi q 
Zain ; woh us k sar main bohat dard hai .. kal raat se .. or main bhi us k sar dard ki wajah se sari raat jaga . Ab mujhe bhi neend arahi hai.. 
He dragged surraiya out of the door..
Surraiya : par zain ..
ZAIN : PAR war kuch nahi mom .. bye ..see u tomorrow

Suri:kal kyun aaj raat kyun nahi
Fahad:haan zain aaj raat kyun nahi 

Zain : woh kiya hai na hum hamare honeymoon par hain toh humain privacy chahiye .. ab theek hai .. 
Surraiya : besharam insaan .
Zain : kiya mom jab pyaar kiya toh besharam banne main kiya burayi hai

Zain: Aur apne and dad ne bhi toh kiya hoga..
Hearing it she rons away blushing and zain closes the door 

When he came back he saw aliya .. wrapped the duvet around her and went into the bathroom    
She came out wearing her anarkali .. still makhi thing in her mind .. 
Zain : kiya yaar tum ne kapde pehn liye ... sara mood kharab kar diya
Aliya : tum toh har waqt hi mood main rehte ho 
She sat in the angry ... 
Zain : ab kiya hua tumhe ...q barah baje hain tumhare chehre pe ... 
Aliya :bhabhi mujhe lips pe makhi ne kata hai ... mai tumhe makhi dikhti hoon 
Zain : oh toh isiliye ghusaa ho ..
He tries to reach her ... 
Aliya : hato mujhe sone do
She laid back on the bed ..and covered herself ..
Zain : so jao .. main bhi bohat thaka hua hoon uth k manao ga tumhe 
And he also laid and covered himself ...
Both slept

Zain and aliya both woke up from there deep slumber
Zain: aliya restaurant chale I am feeling hungry
Aliya: even I am too feeling hungry..chale 

Aliya got up from the bed and started to walk when she winced ..
Zain : kiya hua 
Aliya ; kuch nahi ..
Zain : arey bolo bhi ..
Aliya : nothing jst sore by your assault .
Zain smirked ...

Zain n aliya came into the restaurant and lyk a gentle man zain pulles the chair for aliya .. she sat ..he went also went n sit on his chair ..
Aliya : kiya khao ge ..
Zain : tumhe ..
Aliya blushes ..
Aliya : shut up zain ...
ZAIN : make me baby ..

Apne khane pe dhyan do me tumhe room me chup karati hu think he 

While eating food ... other abdullah also joined them .. zain n aliya were sitting opposite to each other . Zain brushed his legs with aliya .. 
Her eyea popped out of shock .. she signalled him not to do it



So far good. Gr8.
Please continue all. :P

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oriyu24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 6:53am | IP Logged
Oh my god Tanya thank u so much..
Love u for this..
oriyu24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 7:09am | IP Logged
But now he continued to do it more..
He reached above her thighs and tickled there and the food choked in her throat

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zayalove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by iluvuzaya

But now he continued to do it more..
He reached above her thighs and tickled there and the food choked in her throat

Surraiya who was sitting next to aliya .patted her back...
Surraiya : r u ok ..
Aliya : ji .
Aliya decided to let him taste his own medicine she moved her legs back ..
Zain again brushed his legs .. but this tym with surraiya...
Surraiya : kiya kar rahe ho zain ..
Zain realized that it was surraiya mm
Zain ; ku .. ku..kuch bhi toh nahi mom ..
oriyu24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Toh apna par mujh par kyun laga rahe ho said angry Suraiya..
Zain: woh mom mujhe etching ho rahi thi
zayalove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Zain gave aliya an angry glare .. while she smirked at him .. ..
Her phoned beeped n it was a msg from zain
Msg: tum ne acha nahi kiya iss ki saza tmhe zaroor mile   gi

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