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vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update 

Cupcake. IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 23

Taani looked down, blushing deep shade of red, under his penetrating intense gaze and She moved in her position to get off the bed. While doing so, the t-shirt she was wearing slid up a bit above her mid thigh revealing her bare slender legs. Rey's eyes traveled down to her thighs and legs. Taani tried to cover them but Rey caught hold of her hand. 

She shivered when he placed his hand on her leg, his hands caressed her legs moving up from her toes till her thighs. His hands moved up further pushing the shirt upwards, taani hold his hand, tried stopping him but his one heated look, with passion stopped her from stopping him.

Taani closed her eyes, his hand reached her waistline, he opened the button of the white shorts, she was wearing. Rey brought her face close to him, by holding back of her neck in gentle grip. His free hand was massaging her thighs, making her mind go blank as the need to feel him arose in her. Taani lifted her face up a little and captured his lips in her. She wrapped her arms around his torso, she pulled him down causing him to fall on her. The fall cause the kiss to deepen. They begun kissing each other passionately, pouring their feelings in it. Tightening his grip around her, he deepen the kiss causing her to moan into his mouth.

His hand worked on their own and he removed her shorts, then breaking the kiss for a moment he pulled up the T-shirt over her head, removing he threw it away on floor. He stare at the almost naked beauty, with love and hunger filled gaze. His eyes were hooded with raw desires. A smiled formed up on his lips when his gaze fell over the small swell on her belly, his baby, his baby is there, growing inside his taani. The thought sent shiver down his spine. He bend down, started placing soft feathery kisses on her belly. Taani clutched his hair, and moaned his name, loudly.

Showering his love on his baby, he moved upward, and attacked her swan like neck with his hungry lips. Taani pressed her lips together to stop the moan that was about to escape. Rey bite her near her cleavage then suck her skin making that area go red. Rey smiled seeing his hard work and continued claiming her skin. She moaned his name loudly as her sense begun to lose in his touch. All his blood rush through south and he was painfully hard, in need of her.

She moaned his name as she felt his fingers caressing her panty line, and next moment she knew, he had tore away her panties.  His finger touched her femininity, she squealed slightly causing him to tighten his grip around her. Not able to hold himself up any longer, he lifted himself up from her causing her to whimper, not feeling him against her skin. Rey undressed himself, and again joined her in bed. Rey took her soft fragile body under his and parted her legs. 

A sigh escaped her lips when his throbbing hard member touched her core, he looked in to her eyes. Making sure she was alright, he entered her making her moan him name with absolute pleasure. Their nude bodies cuddle with each other as they made love to each other. And then, slept in each other's embrace, with a smile on their face.


Rey was waiting for taani in college canteen, After  meeting her he will leave for airport to pick his parents but he wanted to meet her before he leave, make sure she had eaten and had her medicines.

"Hey Rey." Hearing her voice he turned around, she was standing behind him. Taani smiled at him and sat on chair beside him.

"Taani, tumne medicines li?" Rey asked her, with concern. Taani nodded in response. Rey smiled at her.

"Rey, I'm also coming with you." Taani told him, grinning at him. She was quiet excited to meet his parents.

"Alright, but first eat something then, we will leave." Rey told her, without waiting for her reply he got up from his seat and walked toward the canteen counter to place his order.

Taani looked around, when D3 dance team entered the canteen and sat on table that was next to where Taani & Rey were sitting. Instead of sitting with his friends, Swayum came and sat on chair opposite to taani.

"Taani, how are you?" Swayum asked him, smiling at her. Taani return the smile, feeling happy that her brother came to talk to her. Since, she had moved in with Rey, She wasn't getting time to talk to swayum.

"I'm good bhai. Aap bataiye, how preparations are going, there is a event next week, Right?" Taani questioned him back.

"Preparations? Well lets not talk about this. Since, Rey is not rehearsing properly, we don't think, we will be able to perform in event. Whole team is depend on him, he is our main dancer. And sponsors are not happy with us, since guys had a fight with them. Rey was not attending meetings, usually he is the one who handle these kind of situations very well." Swayum told her, Taani frowned, she knew Rey wasn't going to rehearsals because he is busy with her, taking care of her. And she might sound selfish but she doesn't mind being the center of his attention for a while. She need him, her baby need his father in this state. 

"Bhai, Don't you think it's not good that your whole dance team in depended on him, If he is not performing then whole team won't perform well. There is no logic in that." Taani put her point of view forward, in front of her brother. Not caring a bit about the dance team who was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Swayum thought over her words, somewhere she was right. They all are way too depended on Rey. Since start they were depended on him, he never let them face anything on their own, was always their for his friend whenever they need someone. He was their pillar of strength.

"Well, It's all because of you, He is not coming for rehearsals and because of that our whole team is suffering." Taani narrowed her eyes when she heard simmi's remark. She was expecting it. 

"Simmi.." Swayum gave her a 'stop it' look. 

"You guys are suffering because of your own faults and attitude. Stop playing the blame games for once and concentrate on your own dancing & attitude, not on why someone is not coming to rehearsals." Taani answered her back, calmly yet sternly. 

"That someone is our friend, and we have right to question him. But I guess, It's not his fault, his demanding girlfriend always force him to take her out on useless dates that he had distance himself from his friend." Sara said to her, Taani was quiet amused how this girl changed her attitude in one day. Till yesterday, she was trying to befriend with her and now, she is spitting fire.

"Well, That friend of yours have a personal life too, in which you guys keep poking your nose. So why don't you mind your own business, start doing it from now on and leave me alone, I have no interest in listening to your stupid useless talks." Taani replied back to her, whole canteen was staring at them. Capturing the scene in their cell phone for fun. 

Rey came there, with a tray in his hand that had her juice and sandwiches, he place the tray on table and moved toward them. He glared at his friends when he witness the scene. 

"Enough Guys! If you have any problem with me then, come to me and talk. There is no need to question her, you have no right to blame her." Rey told them, his tone of crisp and sharp. He was tired of these D3 gang & taani war. All these effect her health, which is not good. 

"But she is your girlfriend.." Simmi started to say, but Rey silenced her showing her his hand.

"She is my girlfriend but that doesn't mean she has to take permission of you guys, she is not answerable to anyone. You guys have problem that I'm not coming to rehearsals and meetings but never once you tried to know the reason. I guess i should just leave d3 team if you guys have so many problems then, there will be no problem. You guys can do anything you want with out waiting for me." Rey spoke, taking his frustration out. Whole canteen gasped hearing him, he was ready to leave the dance team, that was the biggest shock to them. 

"What? Rey, you want to leave us?" Sharon questioned, shocked hearing her best friend.

"Yes Sharon! You guys have so many problems because of me and I'm tired of you all blaming her. She has nothing to do with you guys then why you guys always taunt her, try to put her down?" Losing his patience he questioned them, in loud angry tone.

"See, because of you he is ready to leave us. Aren't you ashamed of yourself, such a cheap girl you are." Sara commented, throwing glares filled with hatred and disgust.

"Why should i feel ashame? For standing up for myself? or For fighting for my self respect? If someone answered you back then its cheap but what about you guys, aren't you all cheap, always trying to judge people, poking nose in their matters, showing your useless attitude to people around you? Why? Just Because they are non dancer? You guys are nothing but a bunch of stupid people who thinks world work on their command" Taani retorted back angrily. She has changed, she wasn't someone who would listen to their talks and walk away with tears in eyes. Now she had learnt that silence will encourage them more to insult her. No one but she, herself has to stood up for herself first then expect anyone take a stand for her.

"Taani, please. Calm down." Rey pleaded to her, getting hyper and shouting in this condition was not good for her.

"Sara shut the hell up! There is no need to make the matter worse and Rey, you are not leaving the team. We will talk and solve this problem later, with calm mind." Swayum suggested. Rey glance at taani, from her face she looked unaffected but he knew better, from inside she is still the same old sensitive taani, who get hurt easily.

"Swayum, taani ko ghar drop kar dena. Mein mom dad ko pick karne jaa raha hu." Rey told him then, ignoring everyone he walked out of the canteen.

"Guys! This is the last time I'm warning you all, stop blaming her always. Rehearsals aur meeting mein aana ya na aana, Yeh Rey ka decision hai. Don't forget Rey always do what he wants to do, nobody can stop him. Aur esa bhi ho sakta hai, Rey ke kuch aur reasons hai, except taunting him we haven't talked to him properly." Swayum told them, he glance at sharon, who was looking at him, with unreadable expression.

"But.." Sharon tried saying something but swayum didn't let her speak.

"No sharon, Don't forget Rey has his own personal life and taani is part of that. And if you guys continue blaming her, tauting her for no reason then you will lose him, if nothing else. So please stop all this. And dont forget, he deserve his own personal space, We can't always be the main priroty to him. Apart from us, he has another life, it doesn't just revolve around us. " Swayum told them, they were already losing him, they all knew it. Swayum saw his friends, they all were in deep thoughts. He knew they need to think over his words.

"Taani, come. I'll drop you home." Swayum said to taani, who was standing in a corner lost in her own thoughts. She still couldn't believe he was ready to leave his friends for her, for her happiness he was ready to leave dance team. But she knew it's wrong, she won't let him sacrifice anything for her. She will talk to him, make him understand.  

"It's okay bhai, mein chali jaaungi." Taani told him, Swayum nodded in no.

"Come." Swayum hold her hand and they both walked away.

"I'm sorry, bhai. Whatever happened inside, it shouldn't have. But what could i do, I was getting tired of all these, Roz-Roz ladai, they were getting too personal.." Taani started to apologize as they come out of the college premises.

"You don't have to apologize taani. Whatever happened, happens for good. Sooner or later, yeh outburst toh hona hi tha. We will talk and clear all this, you don't take stress." Swayum told her, taani smiled at him weakly. Talking her to brother had made her feel light at heart little. His talks assured her, she didn't do anything wrong by speaking up for herself. But now, Her main concern was Rey and what he is thinking of this situation, Is he going to blame her, for all this?


This one was the longest chapter, i have written so far!

Please do leave your feedback. FF or SS it takes hours to write so please be kind and comment. Commenting few words in feedback won't take more than few minutes. Next part depends on your response, so please press the like button & do comment.

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Stupefy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Wow what a hot romance.Embarrassed
It was beautifully described , I loved it!!Wink
Thereafter I loved taayam's talk.. Seriously the team is over-dependent on ReyConfused
Glad taani stood up for herself and both rey and swayam stood up for herClap
Hope all gets sorted and this saraAngry
Continue soon
Oh yay me first

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-Dellz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
It's really nice 
Well explained Taani Rey's romance its was so romantic 
Well I just adhore your writing skills.
Swayam and Taani sweet sibling understanding 
Poor Taani she is feeling is the cause of what happened .
It's really beuatiful update dear
sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Awsome update taarey hot romance was superb next gang and taani argumeant was good taani was so right hole gang was depend rey was not good she was right rey has own life i like swayam he stand for taani abh kya karane wali taani waiting for it thanks for the pm
qwerty012 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
Please update as frequent as possible.. Waiting for rey's parents and taani bonding... I want some chapters on their family bonding instead of this stupid gang..
I want to slap that sara and i feel she is going to make some big problems..
princess_tara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
awesome update Clap
beautifully writtenBig smile
best chapter of this story so farStar
it has hawt Blushingpassionate romance of TaaReyEmbarrassed
the way Taani answer gang was fabulousClap
then Rey also warn them not to say a word against his Taani
i hate SaraAngry i mean i know gang has issues with Taani because they think that Rey is their property and Taani snatch him away from them that is actually wrong
but what hell is her problem why she keep accusing Taani for no reason i seriously hate herAngry
love that even swayam warn them finally atleast he understand that they were getting too personal 
they have no right to question what Rey do and what don't. he is not heir property
eager to read next part 
update it asap

Edited by princess_tara - 14 August 2015 at 7:54am
ramshaasrar Goldie

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Awsum prt
Lovd it
N thnx fr pm

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