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FF:Arshi:101 letters thread 2(22 Dec Part22 pg1)

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Chapter 22: Of infatuations

Arnav was working immensely hard rehearsing daily for more than 3 to 4 hours and in the process getting more and more acquainted with his batchmates. The month that ran up to the Cult Fest at Xavier's passed by rather quickly and soon it was the D-Day. The college was decked up beautifully in anticipation of the invited colleges. The Cult Fest at Xavier's was one of the most fun events in the academic and social calendars of the college; a huge crowd of students from varying educational backgrounds thronged the venue to show off their prowess.

"Hey Arnav!" a panting voice distracted Arnav and he turned around to find his bandmate looking distraught and rushing towards him urgently.

"Hey! What's up?" Arnav enquired.

"Dude, it's all f**ked up big time!" his friend replied dismally, sinking on to the sofa next to Arnav.

"What is f**ked up? Tell me clearly man," Arnav responded coolly. He knew Rohit had a penchant for melodrama.

"Sukant is in the hospital! He's got food poisoning or something," Rohit said in a panicked voice. "We have no drummer dude!" he added finally justifying his worry.

Arnav stared at Rohit. Sukant was their senior who used to play the drums in their rock band. This truly warranted tension. Some of the other bandmates walked in murmuring solemnly amongst themselves. Rohit seemed to have rushed in ahead of them. Arnav looked at Saket, their base guitarist with inquisitive eyes, silently confirming if Rohit's story was true.

"I'm afraid he's right, Arnav. Sukant is not going to be able to play tonight," Saket said, reading Arnav's expressions. The entire band huddled together, some of them exclaiming in wonder, others silent in their disappointment. "I don't see what we can do about today's War of the Bands competition if we don't have a drummer." Anirudh, the lead singer, added. Some more murmuring followed his comment.

"But we do have a drummer," Arnav slowly said. Curious eyes turned to look at him. "I'll play the drums," he volunteered.

A few pairs of eyes swivelled back and forth between Arnav's determined face and Anirudh's doubtful one. "Arnav this is not a practice session. I mean no offence, you are good bro, everyone knows it," the latter replied, "but this is something much bigger than the jam sessions we've had."

"I know what I'm volunteering for. I know I can do this and you know this too," Arnav replied, his voice gaining confidence. "We have to go on stage and perform, we can't let our college down! The show must go on, right?" he added, looking directly into Anirudh's eyes.

Anirudh didn't reply immediately but stared at Arnav's determined face for a long moment. He suddenly saw himself in the young lad standing his ground in front of him. His lips slowly curved into a smile. "Yes, the show must go on," he agreed offering his hand to Arnav. The latter shook it enthusiastically. "Come on boys, we have a competition to win! And if I'm not wrong about you, you are going to set the stage on fire boy!" Anirudh added, making Arnav smile back at him.


"And this year, we are happy to report increased placements to many companies of repute. Our girls are performing very well in many walks of life and continue to bring laurels to our college's name," at this point the Dean had to stop talking for the barrage of applause that followed.

It was LSR's Annual Alumni meeting and there were nearly a hundred alums sitting in the giant air conditioned auditorium. Khushi stood attentively by one of the rows. She was wearing a beautiful pink saree which was draped perfectly around her body, accentuating her curves and at the same time looking formal. From the corner of her eye, she found Anjali sitting at the far end of the row. As their eyes met, Anjali winked at Khushi and indicated with her fingers that the latter was looking beautiful. Khushi beamed a huge smile back at Anjali.

The Dean continued with the rest of her speech and after a few more minutes dismissed the meeting on account of high tea being served in the courtyard. Khushi waited patiently till the alums walked outside and then politely followed them.

"Khushi!" a whisper caught her attention and she turned around to find Anjali Di standing right behind her. Smiling happily, they hugged. "Oh you look beautiful darling. This colour suits you so well!"

"Thank you so much Di for lending this saree to me," Khushi replied graciously. "I don't know what I would have done without you." Anjali tutted impatiently back at Khushi and waved her hand dismissively.

"Oh how many times have we talked about this kiddo? I'm happy to help anytime," Anjali retorted, patting Khushi on her back. "So did you manage to meet any interesting people?"

"I met Mrs. Shaw. She is the Chief Editor of Times of India, Delhi," Khushi immediately launched into an excited narration. "And you see her?" she added pointing towards a lady in a steel grey business suit. "That is Mrs. D'Souza. She's currently heading the biggest PR firm in Delhi. Oh and that woman - she is one of the best fashion designers in the country. And that one there..." Khushi went on happily, pointing out faces to Anjali that she remembered. She truly seemed to be enjoying herself.

"I bet you'll be one of these people soon, Khushi," Anjali said a while later, making Khushi blush.

"Oh, stop it Di," she murmured in embarrassment.

"Why should I? I know it Khushi! You have so much potential in you. I bet you'll be a wonderful writer some day and I'll be running after you begging you to sign me a copy of your book," Anjali said with pride in her voice.

"Oh won't have to run after me at all Di," Khushi replied instantly. "If I do write my book, I'll courier you the first copy, freshly signed and all." Anjali smiled.

Khushi and Anjali stood in companionable silence, looking at the expanse of the college grounds in front of them filled with the alums of their Alma mater. There was something so inspiring to even be standing amongst such prestigious company. Khushi suddenly wished her mother could have seen what she was seeing right then.

"I miss Maa," she thought out loud a moment later, making Anjali turn to look at her inquisitively. Khushi looked back at her, a sad smile appearing on her face. "It's just that, she always wanted me to come to a good college, mingle with bright minds, and be taught by renowned teachers... I just wish I could thank her for giving me that chance by sacrificing all that she has to send me here..." her voice trailed into wistfulness.

Anjali continued to stare at Khushi in surprise. Sometimes she didn't quite know how the innocent little thing managed to sound so mature despite her young age. She squeezed Khushi's palm reassuringly. "One day she'll see you in that group, Khushi," Anjali said pointing towards the gamut of alums, "and she'll know all those sacrifices she made were completely worth it." Khushi slowly nodded her head and looked back at the gathering silently hoping Anjali's words would come true.


"And now, coming to knock your socks off is Xavier's very own band - Tejas!!" A loud roar of cheering and applause met the MC's words as Arnav and his band mates climbed onto the stage. His sweaty palms gripped the sticks firmly and walked slowly to his seat at the back of the stage where the bright red drum set shined under the neon lights. As he saw the faint outlines of the exuberant crowd on the other side of the stage, his heart started banging loudly against his ribs. But he never let his nervousness appear on his face. He was a Raizada and Raizadas didn't fret!

He sat down, gingerly touching the drums as if acquainting himself with them. He tried to ignore the glare of the light that was on his face suddenly aware that hundreds of expectant eyes were on him. Trying to concentrate on what he was there to do, Arnav subconsciously twirled the sticks between his fingers. A few people whistled in the audience, no wonder waiting for him to start playing. Anirudh turned back and winked at him indicating for him to start. Taking a deep breath, Arnav started playing and the crowd erupted into cheers.

The band started with a rendition of "Nothing Else Matters" from Metallica. Arnav felt the bass thumping next to his ear and felt as if it was the blood pounding in his own ears. His nervousness had transformed into a reverberating excitement and adrenaline was surging through his body. For the first time in a really long time, he was feeling more alive than ever.

The song flawlessly dissolved into "It's my life" from Jon Bon Jovi, which was one of Arnav's favourite songs. As his drumsticks clanged against the cymbals, Arnav mentally thanked his stars that he actually decided to pursue drumming further. He realised with a happy pang that it was his best friend Jalebi who was behind the encouragement.

Finally, as the song slowed down, the band stopped to take a short break between songs. Their final performance was supposed to be "Cloud number nine" by Bryan Adams. The crowd was going crazy. It didn't seem like a distant dream anymore that their band could actually win the competition. Anirudh walked over to him.

"Arnav, awesome work so far! You ready for the final one?" he asked. Arnav nodded eagerly, his eyes shining with a fervour that wasn't there before. Anirudh smiled at him.

"We'll need the drumming solo at the end, just like we practised," he reminded before returning to his original spot. Arnav took a deep breath. The drumming solo was something that he had worked very hard for since the last many days. It was like a dream come true for him now that he was finally going to play it in front of a crowd. As the electric guitar started off the starting notes of the song, the audience went berserk.

A minute into the song, Arnav looked up from the drums just in time to see the lead singer Anirudh reach into the crowd and pull a girl onto the stage. She was dressed in a bright pink top, denim shorts and a crazy hairdo. In the dancing lights that fell on her face, Arnav momentarily found an exhilarating twinkle in her eyes.

"Sing with me," Anirudh urged her and she nodded enthusiastically. The audience erupted in cheers.

Soon she was completely in tandem with the band, swaying side to side and clapping her hands above her head cheering the crowd on, albeit singing a little out of tune. All through the performance, Arnav's gaze didn't leave her, his hands working on their own accord. She seemed to be so effortless in her being, so completely oblivious to the world around her, so carefree about any judging eyes that might be looking at her.

As the song came to its end, Arnav took control of the drums and launched into his solo. The girl looked back startled, no doubt trying to see where the amazing sound was coming from. Arnav looked up for a second and his eyes found hers. The startled look in her eyes had by then been replaced by interest. The twinkle was back in its place, and she suddenly smiled.

Arnav felt something stir inside him, a rather funny feeling; as if his stomach was suddenly light. His eyes didn't leave hers at all; by then he was mesmerized by her presence. She was so cute and breezy! As his drumming solo slowed down and then ended, she continued looking at him. Arnav took a shot in the dark and smirked at her, just the tiniest hint of a smile on his lips. Surprisingly, she responded with a smirk of her own! His heart started beating rapidly.

"Thank you so much sweetheart!"Anirudh distracted her, with his booming voice. "That was a lovely performance from you. Can we have your name please?" The girl paused for a moment, and then glanced back at Arnav with a purposeful look.

"Lavanya. My name is Lavanya," she declared with a flourish, this time the smirk having been replaced by a shy smile. Arnav smiled back at her.


A few weeks after the incident brought with it all kinds of surprises. And Khushi was not prepared for any of them.

It all started with an urgent rap on her door. Khushi was getting her books in order to head to the morning classes. She looked at her watch with a frown, wondering who could be knocking so early.

"Khushi Gupta?" the gruff voice of her hostel warden came through, the moment she opened the door. She nodded. "You have a phone call," she announced and left as abruptly as she had come.

Khushi latched her door and quietly followed the warden wondering if it was Aman calling her again like he had last time. "Hello?" she murmured softly, picking up the receiver.

"Khushiii!!!" The shrillness on the other end of the phone was loud enough for even the warden to hear, who was now looking at Khushi curiously. The latter had frozen in her shoes quite literally. It had been ages since she'd heard that voice, but it didn't take even two seconds to register who it belonged to.

"Lavanya?" Khushi breathed into the mouth piece in disbelief. "LA!!!! Oh my God!!! You're alive?!"

She was greeted by raucous booming laughter. Khushi gripped the receiver excitedly. It was such a blissful feeling to hear from her best friend after ages. "I'm so angry with you!!" Khushi hissed. "Where have you been? I thought you found new friends and forgot all about me."

"Oho!!! So much anger! I can feel my ears melt with all the heat Khushi! Simmer down," Lavanya exclaimed happily. "I've not forgotten you AT ALL!! In fact not a day goes by when I don't talk about you to my friends here. They are all super jealous of you already, without even meeting you!"

Khushi laughed. It's impossible to be angry with this crackpot, she thought fondly. "I'm not sure if that kind of competition is fair on them, La," she replied with a chuckle. Lavanya laughed too.

"Okay there's so much to tell you! Where do I start? Do you have some time free now?" she asked breathlessly. Khushi glanced at her wrist watch. She was already running late for the first class. But she was equally desperate to catch up with her best friend after ages. She decided she'd miss the class; the lecturer wasn't interesting anyway.

"Yeah, I'm free. Although, I'll have to go for classes in an hour or so," Khushi replied.

"Perfect!!" La replied gaily. "So first things first. How have you been? Did you settle down ok? How are the teachers? Any of them hot? Do you like your subjects? How is Delhi? Did you go out anywhere, you know sightseeing and stuff? Tell me EVERYTHING!!" she reeled off. Khushi had a huge smile on her face. This was exactly the La she had left back in Lucknow - chirpy, talkative, hardly even pausing for a breath.

"Oh my goodness! So many questions! Slow down!!" she exclaimed happily. "I'm doing good. The college is awesome! I love everything about this - from the buildings to the teachers, to the cafeteria to the library. Although, the girls here are a little weird. They are all very fashionable people, and they frown at the other plain janes. I met this really amazing senior who's been next to a guardian angel to me. I almost got ragged in the first week you know! But she saved me from those brats." At this point, Khushi heard Lavanya give a shocked gasp.

"What??! You mean you didn't punch them?" she exclaimed. "Have I taught you nothing Khushi?"

Khushi giggled. She knew what a vocal proponent La was of physical violence. And that she had to say something otherwise La won't stop giving her an earful. "I did retort back in a loud voice. Those seniors were dumbstruck at my audacity." La gave an appreciative whoop.

"That's my girl!!" Khushi could totally imagine La giving a victorious hi five to herself.

"Anyway, I haven't gone out much. Except for the one time when Aman was here. We went to Chandni Chowk, and Connaught Place. It was awesome!" Khushi said.

"You met Aman??" La asked surprised. "When? I mean he was in India? The idiot didn't even call me!" she added indignantly.

"Ya, he was here about a month and half ago, but just for a couple of days I think. He had come to meet his sister. And can you blame him for not getting in touch with you? Her Highness has been too busy for her subjects." Khushi teased La, who immediately pouted. "Anyway, what's been up with you? I don't know anything that's going on in your life!"

Lavanya sensed the hurt in Khushi's voice, and immediately felt ashamed of herself. It was not like them to stay away even for a day, and now she hadn't so much as even called her best friend in weeks. "I'm sorry Khushi! Stuff has been happening at break neck speed here, and it's just been... well, impossible to hang on to things..." her voice trailed off. Khushi heard the low murmur which was so unlike La's usual cheerful demeanor, and quickly understood that she was already regretting not calling Khushi earlier. Khushi felt she had remonstrated Lavanya enough.

"It's okay," Khushi replied reassuringly. "You can tell me now about it all! I'm not going anywhere." Lavanya smiled again; only Khushi could be such a darling.

"Well, first of all, I HATE Mumbai! Absolutely hate this place. I should have opted for Delhi instead. This place is so humid!! It's like I take a bath thrice a day, only thing is I'm embalmed in my own sweat and not water during these baths," Khushi crinkled up her nose in disgust.

"But this city is so bloody fast! Nobody has time for the other. I travelled in the local trains a few times and it was SUPER scary. I felt like I'd be thrown out of the moving train! But now I've become used to it. And the college is super fun! It's such a relief that no one scolds me when I tear up fabric to make dresses." Khushi laughed as she understood the reference. Lavanya used to tear up her house curtains to work on dresses much to the ire of her mother.

"Oh and the most important thing..." Lavanya suddenly paused. She wasn't sure how to break the news to Khushi. She had never had such an experience before. "Uhm, I met someone..." her voice trailed off shyly.

Khushi blinked in surprise, trying to register Lavanya's words. "You met someone...? Who?" she asked.

"A guy, silly!" La replied breathlessly. Khushi paused again as the implications of that statement sank into her. La met a guy... in Mumbai... she was... dating someone??

"You mean, you have a boyfriend?" Khushi enquired in awed tones.

"YESSS!!! Oh my God!! You were the first person I wanted to tell Khushi!" La squealed on the phone excitedly. "It's just been a couple of weeks, but yesss, I'm dating a guy!

"Oh, wow," Khushi replied, awestruck. "I knew you'd be the first among us to find a boyfriend La. Tell me all about him. What's his name? What is he doing?" she added excitedly.

"His name is Arnav. He's from Delhi. And he's also a student here. I mean not in my college. He's studying Business Management. Yeah I know, heavy duty stuff. But hey, that's not how I met him. He's in a band! I saw him performing last month at a college fest, and that's how we met! To be honest, it was me who asked him out. He's so hot and dreamy at the same time! And, he doesn't talk much, which works out perfectly well for both of us. I do most of the talking anyway!" Lavanya rattled on non- stop.

Khushi silently absorbed all this information. She felt a slight flicker of recognition at the mention of the college fest (A had mentioned it too that he was in a band and performing. Could it be the same fest that Lavanya met her boyfriend?) But then she quickly dismissed the idea from her mind. Mumbai was a huge city. There could have been so many fests in so many colleges. The chances of La and A being in the same place were really remote.

"Aww he sounds great," Khushi said with a smile. "I'm so happy for you La!"

"Yay!!" La responded happily. "There, now you know everything going on with me. I wish we could meet soon Khushi," she added wistfully.

"Well, I'm getting a few days off for Christmas holidays, and heading home. Will you be free to come?" Khushi asked.

"Oh, absolutely! We'll meet up in Lucknow for sure. I'll call you later with the details of my dates. I love you Khushi!!" La cooed joyously. She genuinely seemed happy to have finally spoken to Khushi. The latter also smiled. That uneasy feeling of not hearing from her best friend had finally lifted from her being.

"I love you too La! Talk soon. Don't disappear again now. Byee," Khushi hung up the phone, the smile still fixed on her lips.

"You have been hogging the phone for almost an hour little girl," the wheezy voice of the warden drawled from behind her, making Khushi jump in surprise. "Don't you have classes to attend? I'll call up your Dean, you wait..." and before she could finish her sentence, Khushi was bounding out the main door, towards the college building.


Dear A,

You'll not believe what happened today! I heard from my best friend!! You remember the girl I told you about? The one I grew up with in Lucknow - well she called me from Mumbai today morning and we finally talked after ages! Isn't that something? Oh God, I was feeling so down off late, I didn't admit to you. But I did. As such I don't have that many friends in Delhi, hearing La's voice just soothed me.

She's doing really well, she's even found a boyfriend. Just within six months of landing in Mumbai! Can you imagine? But then, she has always been so comfortable with the boys, I'm really not surprised. She seems happy, which is all that I care about.

The Alumni Reunion was a great success, of course. Everyone was decked up, and looked so smart. I met so many ladies from the previous batches who are doing extremely well in various avenues. I felt really proud being part of this college. Maybe someday, I'll also become a part of this group of smart intellectuals. I know my father will be extremely proud.

Okay I'm almost finished with Godfather, and I'll admit it's quite an interesting book. I really like the characters. Michael Corleone especially - oh my god the way he evolved from an uninterested outsider to becoming even more ruthless than his father! It was a breath taking transformation. I could never imagine he'd become a villain. I wanted him to be the good guy. But I guess, circumstances do that. Anyway, let's set up a chat this Sunday to discuss more?


Arnav smiled as he finished reading the email. He knew Jalebi would like the book. After all it was one of his favourites. Deep down, he just knew their likes and dislikes matched a lot. Even if the either one of them wouldn't admit it at first. For instance, this time for her the book had turned from "gangster drama" to an "interesting read". Chuckling to himself, he tried to find out what could be the next best book to review when another ping from his computer distracted him.

He switched to the next tab on his browser which opened his orkut page. Blinking as a message notification was a ping from Lavanya. He drew in closer to the screen.

"Heyyy hottie! :*" said the ping from her. Arnav smiled again.

It had been quite surreal the way he had met Lavanya. He remembered seeing her across the stage that evening at the band performance, and the way their eyes had met when she introduced herself. After the performance was over, she had disappeared back into the crowd, and Arnav had got distracted with the celebrations of his band. They had returned backstage, and into the green rooms. The older members of the band had popped open cans of beer and had started chugging them down. There was raucous laughter in the air, and Arnav was finally feeling involved in a group. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The beer cans were quickly shoved behind stage decorations and the leather couches, fearing a teacher had come to check on them. The door creaked open, and standing on the other side was one of the event organizers.

 "Hey guys! Having fun?" he asked. Many people within the room yelled happily and resumed downing their beers. Then he turned to Arnav. "Arnav mate, could I have a word?"

Feeling really curious about where this was going, Arnav had followed him outside the green room, and found himself face to face with the same girl he had seen on stage. He felt the wind knocked out of his lungs. The organizer said, "She was looking for you all over. She says she's your cousin?" Arnav stared at him, taken aback and then back at the girl, who smirked at him and then winked.

Arnav was flabbergasted. He had never met a girl who behaved like this. He looked back at the organizer, and found himself nodding. "Yeah, yeah. She's my... cousin. Thanks mate!" he said, patting the organizer on the back in gratitude. The latter glanced appreciatively at Lavanya and then back at Arnav, no wonder hoping he would be introduced to her someday. As soon as they were alone, she had launched into an animated conversation.

"You. Were. Amazing!" she said breathlessly. "I'm a big fan now! I've never seen a cuter drummer. You were phenomenal in there. Oh, I'm Lavanya by the way," she added, thrusting her hand at him. Arnav regarded her guardedly, feeling slightly uneasy. He did want to be friends with her, but to be honest, he was still struggling making friends that easily.

"It's ok. I won't bite," she added teasingly. Arnav threw caution to the winds and grasped her hand firmly.

"Hi, I'm Arnav Raizada. Nice to meet you," he replied in a low murmur.

"So, Arnav, do you want to grab a cup of coffee?" Lavanya asked him eagerly.

That was a month ago.

They had met a few times for coffee, and had gone to Marine Drive for a leisurely walk once. Lavanya was extremely fun to be with, but often her acts of defiance with the local law enforcement bodies, scared the shit out of Arnav. She'd later laugh off about it. She used to talk a lot, and he'd quietly sit and listen to her talking. She was super spontaneous, which he completely wasn't. So that made for some very interesting meetings. Like this one time, when she decided to offer to take the dogs in the closeby society for a walk in the park. She was handling 6 leashes together! It was a wonder how she never got entangled in them.

He had once told her that her name was very long. She'd immediately suggested he could call her La, or Vanya. Arnav had suggested Vee. She was taken aback saying it was a name her grandparents used. And since then, that was the name he used too.

"Hey Vee.. What's up?" Arnav typed in his reply.

"There's a party on Sunday. I know you said, you don't really like partying, but it's a friend's birthday and she's sworn to kill me if I don't go." Lavanya wrote.

"Okay.. so what's the problem. You should go for it." Arnav replied.

"But I don't want to go without you :(" he could completely imagine that pouty face on her. He sighed. He really didn't like loud parties. And the couple of times Lavanya had taken him to her parties, he had ended up with a bad headache. And he remembered Jalebi's email too. He needed to have that chat with her.

"Vee, I'm going to be busy with work. Have a couple of submissions on Monday. And besides, they are all going to be your friends. I wouldn't really know anyone there." He tried to reason.

"You know George, and Aria. And Swati and Amjad." She immediately countered. "And plus, you'll get to meet new people when you come to these things babe."

Arnav realised it was going to be futile trying to argue with her. "Okay, I'll come. But only for a couple of hours okay? I really have work to do."

"Yay!!!!! You're the best!! I LOVE YOU!!" came her exuberant reply. Arnav stared at the three words she'd just written. I love you. Just reading them, he felt butterflies in his stomach. No girl had ever said those words to him. He knew he really liked spending time with her. But, could it really be love?

He decided to find out. "I love you too, Vee!" he typed and hit send.

She immediately sent him two emoticons of hugging and a kiss.

Okay, maybe love it is. He conceded.

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Yay. You are back. 
*off to read.


Sorry.  I had to read the whole ff from start. And I am in love with it . AGAIN. 
Oh. So A and la are dating. Why hasn't he told this to J. I think he will in the next letter I mean mail. I am really curious to know how they'll meet given the circumstances
I feel that A and K being strangers is better if they want to continue this friendship since I don't see anything else between them right now.
Its just pure understanding between them. But then this wouldn't be an ArShi story, would it?
Do update soon. 

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simply amazing
loved it
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Is this for real?! Am i really reading 101 letters after like ages? Someone please pinch me?!
Oh my gawd! You really back! *happy dance*

i'm over acting, am i not?
Keeping the fact in mind that this is the first time i'm commenting on you story!
I absolutely love love your story.

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Hawww... So arnav n la are dating! They love each other or they think they do.
Oh gawd! Its gonna get complicated btwn the three of them. Thats bad! No no... Please...

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Anddd he hasn't told his jalebi about la?!
I'm guessing he will, in his reply to her recent mail? But its been month since thier dating rite?
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oh god,i missed this story.thank god you are back.
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