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ARHI FF T#6 Falling in love with enemy season II C27 on T#7 22Nov link (Page 71)

deeps_92 IF-Rockerz

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CHAPTER 24 - Part A

"Her answer is not going to matter!" He announced and then rolled his eyes towards his brother-in-law. "Not anymore!" 

"Arnav." Hearing her voice laced with pain and fear, Arnav felt his chest was being pressed by tonnes of weight; his stomach dropped; his breath stilled; his palms turned cold; and every cell in his body felt the pain; the pain of her betrayal. If you were born as human then you have to face betrayal in your life. Arnav has faced a lot of betrayal in his life. Every betrayal has angered him. This is the first betrayal which had hurt him.

Arnav turned to other side not wanting to face Kushi. Shyam could understand Arnav's inner turmoil seeing his hardened face, clenched fist and gritted jaw. This is the exact moment he wanted to avoid. Seeing Arnav in pain is something he can't handle. But somehow he couldn't get angry on Kushi who caused so much pain to his brother-in-law. Arnav is a victim of Kushi's action and Kushi is a victim of life.

Shyam studied Arnav and Kushi. Both looked hurt. He wanted to leave them alone to sort this out but he was scared that, in anger, they might say or do some irrecoverable things. However it's their life and whatever they want to do, they have to do it.

"You both sort this out. We will be in our room." Shyam said and gestured worried Anjali to move.

"Why are you leaving, jiju? If someone has to leave this room, then it has to be Miss. Kushi Kumari Gupta." Kushi looked at him feeling goosebumps hearing him pronounce her full name with so much hatred after a long time. He turned to Kushi with angry glare before continuing. "Miss. Gupta, I believe you came here for some important DEAL. And with whatever I heard, it seems like you got the deal. Congratulations for that! The door is that way, if you please..." Arnav gestured towards the door behind her.

Kushi knew that a day will come when Arnav is going to hate her literally but she never knew that day would be today. When she came here today, she thought she was prepared to face his hatred. However the pain she is feeling right now is nothing compared to what she imagined. It feels like she can't breathe anymore. "Arnav." She whispered trying to hold his hand. He moved back and showed his open palm stopping her from touching him.

Kushi froze with her eyes fixed to her extended arm. "You don't have to explain anything Kushi. After spending so much time with you, somewhere I had always knew that this is going to happen. Because you have been nothing but straight-forward. I lost the count how many times you have said we have no future together. You always said your motive comes first for you. I chose not to acknowledge the truth. I believed that our love will overcome everything. It's my mistake to trust..." He stopped as his throat choked in pain. As his chest clogged with agony, he felt suffocated even to breathe. Emotional anguish was slowly turning into physical pain.   

Kushi moved her gaze to Arnav. She was fine with Arnav hating her. But Arnav hating himself for trusting her is something she could never digest. "Trusting or believing someone will never be a mistake, Arnav. It's..." Kushi gulped hard before continuing again. "It's just that I didn't deserve your trust."

"Trusting someone who doesn't deserve your trust is also a mistake, Kushi." Arnav gave a sad smile. "I always had this nagging feeling that something like this is going to happen. But..." He kept his right hand behind his neck and stretched his neck backwards with closed eyes. Shyam and Anjali left the study silently.

"Arnav!" Kushi whispered in agony as he opened his eyes.

"Why did you do this to me, Kushi? What was my mistake in all this? I mean I know that you will not choose me if you have to choose between me and your profession. But...Was it so easy for you to throw me out of your life?" Pain was oozing out of every word he uttered. "And like an idiot I believed that you wanted me to be part of your life. You are such a goal driven women however I never thought to achieve it you will go to extent of faking love, even...even sleeping..." He stopped closing his eyes in disgust and massaged his temple with his fingers to ease out the ache.

With that thought he remembered his first girlfriend Jennifer. She used him for fame. Kushi had used him for power. Both times Shyam had warned him to stay away from them but like a fool he had fallen in their trap. A Fool; he is feeling like a fool right now. The thought of Jennifer's betrayal has fuled his anger more.

"What a fool am I?" He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "If it happens once, it is okay. If it happens again, then..." Kushi was about to open her mouth to say something when Arnav gestured her to stop and moved closed to her.

"Now I realize why I was not that surprised when I heard your conversation. Somewhere deep down I did expect this kind of behaviour from a cheap low class girl like..." Arnav was interrupted by Kushi.

"If you are talking about me then talk only about me. Don't generalize things." Kushi warned him.

"And says who? The one who tags all rich men as selfish arrogant bas****!"

Kushi ignored his comment by rolling her eyes downwards. She involutanrily took a step backwards as he moved towards her and looked at him when he pointed a finger at her.

"Not once I will say it hundred times. You are a cheap low class girl and your actions proved it today." Kushi knew that if anyone has to be blamed for such offensive words, then it has to be her. She looked down calming herself as Arnav continued.

"Even pros*****es are better than you people. At least they sleep around to make their living." As soon as he uttered those words, Kushi looked at him with accusing and angry glare. But he was not ready to back off and continued to look into her eyes challenging her to oppose him.

Kushi heaved a sigh. "This is not the first time someone is questioning my character. I have never given explannations to anyone nor am I going to give now. Because I have never done something against my belief and I know my character. I am least bothered about what you think about me."

Arnav held Kushi's left arm and right wrist. "How come betraying someone who trusted you is not against your belief?"

"I don't owe you any explanation, Arnav." Kushi replied and tried to move but he pushed her slightly to her earlier position. She didn't realise she was standing close to Shyam's desk until she leaned back on it for balance. Even before she could steady herself, Arnav twisted her right wrist behind her back making her to look up at him in pain.

"You owe me all the answers in the world, Kushi. Because it is my life with which you have played the game." Arnav roared on her face.

Kushi tried to wriggle out of his clutches but it went into vain. "Leave me, Arnav. You are manhandling me." Kushi shouted in anger.

"It is nothing compared to the way you handled me." His answer was followed by silence and their eyes were locked each emoting different level of pain.

"I faced betrayal from my father even before I was born. After my mother's death, I never allowed men into my life. In my professional life, I have seen men who behaved worse than animal. Honestly I started to believe good men don't exits but they are assumed to be good by others. And then you entered my life and showed good men, who respects women and treat them as equal, do exists. I have lot of respect and faith on you. Please don't prove you are one among them. It's a request. Please leave my hand." Kushi's pleading voice exihitbited her inner turmoil.

Arnav twisted her hand more. "You are right. I was born and brought up in a family who taught to respect women and never manhandle them. I have always followed it. But today I am standing here and mandhandling a women because of YOU." His words spit raw anger as his hand hurt Kushi's wrist more. "If I am behaving like an animal today then all the credits goes to you, Kushi Kumari Gupta."

Kushi knew that with the amount of pressure Arnav was putting on her hand it should be paining a lot. However all she felt was numbness with his last sentence echoing in her ears. The tears which she was controlling till now began to flow out of eyes. She always used to wonder what could have provoked men to exhibit animalistic behaviour. Was she the reason for one such action? Did her actions really turned Arnav into beast?

She felt Arnav freeing her hand and take a step back. Holding the desk behind her for balance, she let out a cry. "I never wanted to hurt you, Arnav." She whispered like a prayer with so much honesty.

"You exactly did that. It hurts! IT HURTS LIKE A HELL, DAMNIT!" Arnav accused her banging the fist on the desk.

Kushi closed her eyes trying to compose herself. This is not the time to feel emotional. She took this decision after lot of thoughts and she needs to stand by it. This is best decision for everyone. With that thought she wiped her tears and faced him.

"I never meant to hurt you. This is very important to me, Arnav. This is not only about my profession but this is about my moral. My mother's life was taken for no mistake of hers. Eighteen years after that, I am still suffering from its consequence while he is leading a happy life with his family. I am not doing this to take personal revenge. I don't want him to die like my mother nor do I want his daughter to lead a life like me. All I want is him getting punished for his sins so that there won't be another Kushi or another mother dying to protect her daughter." Kushi kept forth her argument.

"Sometimes to achieve good things we are forced to hurt even our loved ones." Arnav interrupted her.

"Did you just say loved one? As far as I remember I am meant nothing to you right? Didn't your actions proved it today?" He questioned her.

"You are important to me Arnav." Kushi replied and held his hand.

Arnav removed her hand from his wrist. "If I was, then you would have never used my love as pawn. How did you do this, Kushi? Even to think everything was just an act for you... " He gulped hard as his throat choked. "I must say you were a brilliant actor. I really thought you loved me. The time we spent together, the passionate moments we shared...everything was just pretence. How did you fake it?"  

"I didn't fake anything, Arnav." Her voice was low but sincere.

Arnav laughed sarcastically. "Are you trying to say that you were only with me to take revenge but in the process, you actually fell in love with me like it happens in fictions?" He laughed again.

"Didn't that happen with you?" Kushi folded her arms against her chest with determination. She wanted to leave Arnav without hurting him. Now that she has already hurt him, and if only truth can make him little better then she is ready to do that.

"What do you mean?"

"For the matter of fact, I heard your conversation with Aman in orphanage on the day of my accident. You wanted to make me fall in love with you as revenge right?" Kushi raised her eyebrow while Arnav looked shocked.

Well, Arnav did want to take revenge on her by making her fall in love when he believed Lavanya committed suicide. But that was many months ago and now he dont even remember it. "Even after knowing the truth, you were with me! Why? To take revenge on these people?"

 "No." She replied instantly. "I was with you because I realized your love." Silence spread between them as their eyes were locked with eachother. "Believe it or not, I did fell in love with you. The day I realised my love, I know we can't be together. We are so different. Falling in love, marriage and then having family was not my thing. I feel like I was not born for these things. My motive is to help and protect women like my mother. I am alive today only because of my motive. If something stops me from achieving my motive, then I will throw it away even if it is my happiness or love." She spoke looking into his eyes.

"My mom died because of her weakness; her love for her daughter. You were beginning to become my weakness, Arnav. I know I shouldn't allow it. Even before I met your brother-in-law, I decided to stay away from you. This revenge thing has just postponed our break up. It made me to stay with you for some more time till I grab your jeejaji's attention." Arnav broke the eye contact and looked down in defeat as he understood she is telling him the truth.

"The problem is not with you, Arnav. The problem is with me. You are a gem but I am not even a normal woman. You did nothing wrong."

"No, Kushi. I did do a mistake. I had fallen in love with a wrong person." Arnav replied.

Kushi looked into his eyes. "Yes, you should have not fallen in love with your enemy. So I am!" She accepted and shut her eyes tightly shedding last few tears.Taking a deep breath, she wiped all her tears and looked at him.

"I am sorry for hurting you. You wouldn't have got this much hurt if I had broke up few months earlier. But I used you for my selfish reason. I apologize for that but I don't regret doing that. By hurting someone, if I can protect so many people and punish a sinner then I am ready to do it again and again. I hope you get all the happiness in the world because that is what you deserve." With that, Kushi walked out of Arnav's life without turning back. 

Precap: Arnav - Shyam convo...Kushi's thoughts regarding the whole issue and her realization

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EchTee IF-Sizzlerz

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Updating now??

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sisgeo Goldie

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
Feeling bad for arnav

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xyzsm Senior Member

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 3:07pm | IP Logged intense!!!!
how will they survive?...even I am hurting for both of them...Cry
I know arnav is hurting too...but don't know why my heart goes to khushi...she suffered her whole life...she has lost she lost the only thing that she loved after her mother...
I just want to hug her...Cry
please dont make her suffer anymore...she has suffered enough...

but altogether, brilliant update...thank you deeps_92 for writing this story and continuing it :)

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DilLoveRomance Goldie

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Thank you deeps for the update 
Im going to read now...cant wait to find out whats in there 

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.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

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Oh God this is so painful
Continue soon plz

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DilLoveRomance Goldie

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Im feeling so bad for Arnav. 
I know khushi has lost a lot in her life and its not easy to come out of it but still Im finding her wrong in this. She has an option  and she can make choice keeping arnav with her and punishing those slimy creatures as well and I do want justice for Khushi but the way she is doing it, No. 
Of course her mother saved her and sacrificed herself not to see her tormenting like this and giving up on her love too. She would have wanted a lot better for her than what khushi has chosen for herself. 
In all this I found khushi stupid to do this. 

Waiting for part B

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neha2013g IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update..
Am feeling bad for both but I think Arnav is hurt more..

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