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ARHI FF T#6 Falling in love with enemy season II C27 on T#7 22Nov link (Page 55)

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HelloBig smile

First of all...thank u so much...after seeing ur overwhelming felt like i never left the forum and three years never happened...

150+ likes and 8 pages without sending single pm..ShockedShockedShockedShocked

guys...thank u so much

ur comments meant so u all...

there are many question for which i need to answer...but due to hectic scheule all i wanted to do was give an update...will answer to your comments in next update...sorry for that...

If u have time please brush up chapter 18 as it will help to understand this update better...reading shyam and kushi convo only will be need to read entire update...

This is an important chapter of FILWE...whole story revolves around this chapter and hence nervous about ur response...fingers crossed...i typed it last ten days whenever i get might be little draggy...sorry for that

Here goes 5000+ words update...

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here goes chapter 23...

CHAPTER 23 - Part A

"Arnav, you are still here! I asked Ram to inform you not to wait for me." Shyam spoke as he entered his room. "Jiju!" Arnav squealed before engulfing Shyam in a hug. "Your PA did tell me that your meeting might take another hour or so. But I wanted to wait for you as I have something important to discuss."

Shyam nodded paying little attention to Arnav as his eyes swept through his extra spacious room which could have been easily converted to luxurious single bedroom flat if only it has two walls as partitions. "What's the matter?" He queried back as his eyes swept through the room again with more concentration this time.

Shyam turned to Arnav who took his seat on the couch. "Where is Anjali? She should be resting. She hardly got recovered from flu. Is she doing some work?" His voice was loaded with care.

"Is Di already here?  How come I didn't see her here? I thought she would be staying with us for day or two!" Arnav replied in confusion.

Shyam folded his arms against his chest and stared at Arnav in wonder. "You were supposed to bring her here. That's what Anjali told me in morning. When Ram informed me that you were here, I thought you came to drop Anjali."

Arnav blinked in uncertainty. "I didn't know about the plan. Yesterday night, I stayed at Kushi's place and came here directly from office. I didn't go home and also was avoiding maa's call after yesterday her showdown with Kushi."

"Never mind. I will arrange someone to pick her up." Shyam scrolled through his iphone when he heard Arnav teasing him. "Wow, someone is missing his wife so much."

"It's nothing like that, Shalesab. She wanted to come here." Shyam reasoned but he knew that Arnav had already got glimpse of his feeling. He does miss Anjali. Arnav walked to his Brother-inlaw and gave side hug leaning his head on Shyam's shoulders. "I wonder, even after so many years, howcome you both are so much in love; absolutely made for each other."

Shyam tapped Arnav's shoulder making him to look at his face. "Arnav, you don't have to use so much flattery words to get what you want. All you have to do is tell me." Arnav grinned like a small boy who got his candy making Shyam to laugh. No matter how old he had become, in front of him sometimes Arnav do behave like a kid he had brought up.

 "Let Di stay with us for one more day. Things are little awkward between maa and me. I need Di to handle it. I will drop her tomorrow after work." Arnav pleaded.

"And whose mistake it was, Arnav. She is your mother. How she must have felt seeing some girl in your room yesterday morning. Yesterday I spoke in your favour to maa as it was your birthday and didn't want things to blow out of proportion. But that doesn't mean I support you. We might have become modern but we also should respect our parent's belief. You are thrity and not eighteen, you knew these stuffs. Even after knowing maa is angry, you decided to stay at Kushi's place yesterday." Shyam whined like a disappointed father. He had always been a father figure in Arnav's life; protecting him from his mother's wrath and amending him in private.

"I know jiju and I am not proud of it. Trust me, yesterday I didn't plan to stay over there but situation made me to do that. I just went there to ask her to back off from that ra*e case." Arnav tried to justify his act. This doesn't bother him if world is against him but he couldn't handle it if Shyam is upset with him.

"And!" Shyam probed for him to continue.

Arnav heaved a sigh. "And she is not ready to back off. If that's what she wants to do then I have decided to support her because that's the right thing to do."

 "Arnav, I have already told you that this is not about right or wrong. This is about surviving or not. Do you even realise that by supporting her, you are actually putting her life in danger. We won't be able to protect her all the time." Shyam argued.

"I know jiju. I do understand but..." Shyam interrupted him.

"If something goes other way, will you be able to take it? Answer me, are you prepared for it?" Shyam questioned him.

 "No but try to understand me jiju. I can't ask her to back off, this is very important for her." Arnav reasoned out.

"Is it more important than her life? If you love her so much as you claim, why can't you convince her?"

Arnav heaved a deep sigh. "I don't know how to explain it to you. Okay jiju, please answer my questions. Do you like Kushi? I know that you are going to really like her when you get to know her personally. But now do you like her?"

 "No!" came the instant reply from Shyam.

"You do believe that being with her is actually threat to me life?"


"So you dont approve our relationship?"

"No, I don't!"

"And you do know that all you have to do is just ask, then I will leave her without a question! Forgetting her or moving on is different thing, but you know that if you ask then I will end this relationship."

"Yes." Shyam smiled realising where the conversation is heading towards.

"You claim to love me more than anything in the world. You know that she is threat to my exsistence. But still you have not asked me to leave her. Why is that so, jiju?" Arnav questioned Shyam making him to smile more.

"Because she is important to you. You seem to be so much in love with her. I don't want to hurt you by asking you to leave her even if being with her is threat to you. I know I can always protect you. Also she makes you happy eventhough it is temporary." Shyam explained the motive.

Arnav smiled. "It is the same. I do love her and want her to be safe. But this case is very important to her. This case makes her what she really is. I don't want to hurt her by asking her to back off from the case. Do you understand how hard it is for me?"

Shyam patted Arnav's shoulder lovingly. "I do perfectly understand it. But she does have you wrapped around her little fingers, doesn't she?"

"That she does!"


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CHAPTER 23 - Part B

Shyam leaned back on the plush cushioned chair in his study room as he tried to remember every single thing about his last encounter with Kushi and things happened after that. His intercom buzzed. "Miss. Gupta is here." He was informed by his assistant. "Send her up and I don't want any disturbance until she is here."

Kushi entered his private study after five minutes. She was surprised when they informed her that Shyam was waiting for her in his study unlike last time when they met in his office. As far as she knew, a part of Jha's house was being used for party purpose while remaining part of house was strictly private. For some odd reasons, she is feeling weird about meeting Shyam in his private study. Well, being with stanger in closed room has never given her good feeling.

As she took a seat in front of Shyam, she looked around the room once again taking in the surroundings and trying to calm her nerves. "Are you okay, Miss. Gupta?" Shyam asked her notcing her wariness. "I thought we would be meeting in your office." Kushi couldn't help but voice out her thoughts and then instantly cursed herself for showcasing her vulnerability.

"Well, this is about my personal problem. And also with Dhivya's ra*e case being the hot news, I thought it would be better if we both meet under wraps." He explained.

That's reason. He is not gonna to harm you. Relax Kushi.' Kushi thought to herself trying to control the situation. "Whatever! Tell me why have you called me here?" She asked in disinterested tone as she gained her composure slowly.

Shyam smirked. "Don't you think we are too old to play this what-do-you-want' game? We both know what I want. Its just you who has to make it clear about what do you want."

Kushi simply stared at him trying to comprehend his words. "If you want me to spell it out, then I want Arnav's happiness and I don't want anyone to hurt him." Shyam clarified.

"Don't you think Arnav is too old to be protected like a kid? He is grownup and he knows to take care of himself." Irritation was evident in her tone. Eventhough she decided to be calm throughout the encounter, this over protective nature of Shyam which had always irked her, made her to lose control.

"I very well know that Arnav can take care of himself. I do stay away from his personal life. But don't expect me to sit and watch when someone is trying to hurt him only becuase of me." Shyam answered her.   

"What makes you think this is about you Mr.Jha?" Kushi asked him.

"Do I look like a fool to you Miss. Gupta?" Shyam shouted hitting his fist on the table. "You are just a lawyer in one of those hundred NGO's that are present in our state. If you can act this smart, then..." Shyam paused with a smirk. "I am the home minister of this state. Do you think it is such an easy job to be in this position? Every single person around me is watching my every move like hawk. They are waiting for me to just trip, so that they can take over my position. Even one second of carelessness can bring me down from this position. I have survived here for nine years. Atleast give me some credits for that and stop treating me like a fool!"

Kushi simply stared at him as he continued. "Do you know nothing big happens in this state without coming to my knowledge? Of course you know! Because last few months you did nothing except to keep tabs on me, my every move, my relationship with my father and khakha's; especially you were so interested about my equation with Arnav and Aakash, weren't you? Now how are you going to explain this? Are you going to tell me that you did these things because you were so in love with Arnav, you wanted to verify my intentions towards him?"

Kushi leaned back with a smile and shook her head.

"Good. Even if you do that I am not going to believe you. I did believe you on our first encounter, Miss. Gupta. Your records were so clean and that day you spoke in such a way that I termed you as unharmful. But I was so wrong because you had started your game only after that. You have involved Arnav so much that now it is not possible to do anything without huring him. I really regret for allowing you to walk away freelythat day. Now tell me why are you doing this? Why are you playing with Arnav for no mistake of his? What do you want from me?"

Kushi leaned front on the desk with a smile playing on her lips and spoke in whisper. "What I want is not important, Mr. Jha! The question is what are you willing to do?" Kushi raised her eyebrows playfully.

Shyam gave a scarcastic smile. "Didn't your sources, who kept tabs on me, tell you about the things which I will be willing to do to save Arnav?" It was Shyam's turn to raise his eyebrows playfully.

"They did tell me. You are willing to hurt anyone irrespective of their innocence just to save Arnav. You were doing it for past ten years." Kushi charged Shyam making him furious. "Don't test my patience Miss.Gupta! I want to get over with this as soon as possible. Just tell me what you want and leave our lives for good!"

"Your father." Kushi's voice was so calm and composed. She paused giving him time to digest what he heard. "Not only him, but also Umesh Varma and Pradeep Singhania. I want the world to know about their every single sin.You have to throw them out of the party like a trash. You can decide what you want to do with Sashi and Pradeep. Then I will decide in which jail he has to spend rest of his life."

Shyam gave a dry laugh. "Do you even realise about whom you are talking about? One is the chief minister of the state and other two are important ministers. They are the founders of this party. You can't throw them out just like that."

"When did I say that this is a negotiable deal? You are going to do what I want and I am not giving you any other choice!" Kushi replied with finality making Shyam to wonder. She came from no where and expects him to dance as per her tune.

"What makes you think I will do that?" Shyam challenged her studying her more intently.

"Six years back, do you remember the child trafficking case where forty four girls from many slums around the age of thirteen to sixteen went missing? We both know that Umesh was the brain behind it. Our organisation had evidence against him. But you trashed it. What made you do that?" Kushi acted like she was thinking. "Arnav!"

"I never knew the reason until recently. Umesh badly wanted to get out of the mess he had created, so he threatened you saying he will expose Aakash's death. Just to save Arnav, you made the forty four girls, who were missing for three months, say that they were never kidnapped. Even their parents accepted it." Kushi finished in a dramatic way.

"So Mr. Jha, what made you do that?" She paused for the effect. "Your love towards Arnav made you do that. Same love will make you do this, Mr.Jha." Kushi finished confidently making Shyam to fume.

"I didn't do that only to save Arnav. If you think otherwise then I have no problem with that. I don't owe you any explanation. Yes, I did that for Arnav ALSO. He is most innocent one who was involved in Aakash's death. I can go to any extent to save him from getting punished for something which he never did." Shyam kept froth his argument.

"I never understood this mystery around Aakash's death until recently when Arnav told me the truth. I heard the whole story and I do believe Arnav is innocent. He doesn't derserved to be punished for someone's mistake. He is innocent; so were those forty girls and their parents. Just to save one innocent soul, you covered up all the crimes of three people for last ten years and destroyed so many innocent souls. These forty four girls don't even constitute five percent of innocent souls you have destroyed in last ten years." Kushi stated.   

"What will you do if I don't agree to this?"

"I will do the same thing which I was doing till now; the same thing which scared you and made you to call me here." Kushi replied confidently.

"Miss.Gupta, you have no idea with whom you are clashing. Do you even know what I can do with you?" Shyam warned her.

"I know what you can do. You can kill me this minute and can make sure no other soul will come to know about it. But will you do that? Then how will you face Arnav after that? He loves me too much. He will be so hurt.You can tell Arnav about my real intention. But he always believed he was a loser and this will prove it yet again. He will blame himself for being so blind and trusting me. What if he goes into drugs again? Or you can just tell him to stay away from me. He will definitely choose you over me. But will your relationship be same with him after that? The bottomline is whatever you do Arnav is going to get hurt which you will never allow to happen. It's better if you just do whatever I say and then everything will be fine." Kushi replied with confidence oozing out of her voice.

"How everything will become fine? Arnav is going to get hurt even if you leave! So what difference it's going to make if any one of these things happen." Shyam shrugged his shoulders.

"He will definitely get hurt but I will make sure it is minimal. I will disappear from his life and he will come to you saying I was not right for him. I will ensure that he hates me and that will help him to move on. You can also be happy that I am away from him!" Kushi explained.

Shyam shook his head. "I don't think you got a valid reason. Anyway my Arnav is going to get hurt. But what makes me curious is your confidence! You really seem to be confident that I will do whatever you say. I mean this is ridiculous!" Shyam threw his hand in air to convey that it doesn't make any sense. "You are asking me to do something which might land me and Arnav in death trap. One wrong move from me, we both will be dead. I can make Arnav cope up with his hurt but losing him is out of question for me. You too know this but still you are confident that I will accept your proposition."

"I know this is risky but I am sure you will do this because somewhere in your heart, you also believe that these three don't deserve to be alive. You are guilty of hurting many innocent people indirectly. You are angry with yourself because you couldn't do anything against them. If not for Arnav, you would have killed them on the day your brother Aakash died. You just don't want to put Arnav's life in risk and hence you are silent. But you are waiting for perfect timing where you can take revenge on them, if not for those thousands of innocent people whose lives were ruined by them, at least for Aakash!"      

Kushi smiled satisfiedly as her words had expected effort on Shyam. He was silent, looking at nothing in particular, lost in thinking. Kushi was right. Shyam always wanted to take revenge on them. He was continuously preparing for it; by keeping tabs on the three's every move; by gaining confidence of other important members of the party. Now even though he was in a position to take revenge on them, something was stopping him; fear of losing another brother. May be Kushi was the push he needed. May be it was revenge time. May be he was thinking everything wrong.

Shyam shook his head to get out of his incoherent thoughts. "Why?" Shyam voiced out the most important question which was nagging his mind.

"There are many reasons. If they have done few crimes, may be I could have pin pointed some. There are many; Pradeep's real estate fraud which affected so many middle class families; Umesh's child trafficking case. I was just working as assistant in that case. I personnaly spoke with the girls who shared their nightmare kind of experience in bro***l." Kushi said in disgust.

"Miss.Gupta!" Shyam waited until he had her attention. "I know what kind of people they are! Don't think I am trying to justify one. But I know it was not Umesh Khakha who was behind child trafficking case. He was trapped and that's why I helped him. You might not belive me but I know them personally. Out of three, if someone has little human qualities left in him, then it is Umesh Kha..."

Shyam was interrupted by Kushi's sudden outburst. "What kind of human qualities are you talking about? He rap**d my mother to death!" Kushi swallowed the lump that was formed in her throat. "in front of  my eyes." It took a minute for Shyam to regain his composure and when he did he noticed Kushi was biting her inner lips hard to stop herself from crying. She vigoruously rubbed back few tears which spilled out of her eyes.

"Are you okay?" Shyam offered her water. Kushi declined it and narrated her story. "I blanked out after that incident. It scared me so much that I went into a shell. It took me two years to open my mouth and narrate the incident. But by then the case was closed claiming motor vehicle accident caused the death. I saw them hitting my mother but autopsy report said that all injuries were caused due to accident. It was so late to reopen the case. All my well wishers thought it was better for me if we don't reopen it."

"I wanted to hurt him just like he hurt my mom. But he was unreachable for me. I thought becoming lawyer will give me power to punish them. However I was so wrong. I couldn't have been happier when my first case had him as prime suspect. I worked so hard and collected all evidence. I was so hopeful about the victory. From those forty four girls I learnt, my mother was just another victim and many had faced far worse.Then you trashed all my dreams and showed me reality."

"It didn't take me long to realise that i wont be able to do anything against you people. I couldn't bring justice to my mom and I couldn't punish him. I was so helpless." Kushi wiped her angry tears which were running down her cheek. "I wanted justice and revenge for my mother's death. I started digging all the old case which involed Umesh. I was desperate to find a good case with strong evidence. Then I met her, Amisha Singh. She changed my life."

"Her alcoholic husband never left a chance to abuse her physically. She had lost the count of nights when her husband had taken her without her consent. He made her believe that he had every right to do that as he was her husband. She was silent until one day he had hit their eleven year old daughter." Kushi paused letting a lone tear to fall out of her eye. "I was eleven when my mother died trying to protect me. I wanted to help them and hence took the case. I can never express in words, how content I felt when the mother and daughter thanked me happily after I sent the useless man to jail."

Shyam smiled seeing her face glow with content. "It was then I made my choice. Instead of wasting my life trying to take revenge which seems to be impossible, I decided to help the victims to recover and punish the criminals so that they won't repeat their crimes."

And then it happened. A sudden gush of pride, protectiveness, affection and admiration was felt by Shyam for Kushi. They say people who faced similar situation tend to feel connected and understand each other. The feeling of losing someone you loved, the helplessness, the yearn to take revenge and then resolve to keep your personal feeling aside for the sake of others. Shyam knows the pain behind each decision. He knows whatever he is feeling for Kushi is not out of pity but out of respect. As he felt goosebumps all over the body, he remembered Arnav's word. She has lot of resemblances to you. I know that you are going to really like her when you get to know her personally.'

How well his brother-in-law knows him! With that thought, he remembered what this woman in front of him had done to his Arnav. "Kushi!" Kushi looked up hearing warmth in his tone. "I can understand your perspective. But what was Arnav's mistake in all this? You have planned and trapped him. This is..."

Kushi interrupted him. "I didn't plan or trapped anyone. It was your brother-in-law who was behind me all the time. I loathed him ONLY because he was close to all the people I loathe. I tried to stay away from him. Slowly I realised he is very good at heart and that's the reason I allowed him to stay in my life. But when he started expecting more from me, I know it's time to say good bye to him. Even the day before I came here to meet you for the first time, I had fought with Arnav regarding our relationship. I never wanted to have a relationship with him. But..."

"Everything changed after we met!" Shyam said lost in thoughts.

Kushi looked at him intently and nodded her head. "I knew Arnav can't do anything against these powerful people. But I know you can! I had always thought that your love towards Arnav was fake. That day when we met I realised that nothing is more important than Arnav for you. Yes, I did kept tabs on you as I wanted to know what you can do and whether you will do it for Arnav. When Arnav told me about Aakash's death and your reaction to it, all my doubts were removed."

"If you have told this to Arnav, do you think he wouldn't have helped you?" Shyam questioned her.

"Definitely he would have wanted to help me but as I told earlier he wouldn't have been able to do so. He would have come to you and you would have asked him not to get involved fearing his safety. On top of that you would have asked him to stay away from me, wouldn't you? I had less option. Do you think you would have even spared me a minute if Arnav was not involved in it?"

Shyam shook his head, He is here talking to Kushi only because Arnav is involved in it. Kushi continued, "Arnav would have got hurt if I had said no to the relationship long before. Arnav getting hurt was unavoidable. I just used it to my benefit. This is right for both of us. Arnav is a gem and he deserves all happiness in the world which he can't get if he is with me. He deserves someone better than me."  Kushi ended gulping the lump that has formed in her throat.

Shyam studied her as she continued. "Yes, I did it for my selfish reason. I do accept what I did was wrong. But if a situation arises where I can save thousands of innocent people life by hurting an innocent soul, then I will do it again without a thought. That's my moral! That's my belief."

Shyam didn't pay much attention to her last sentence as his mind was struck with some other words she uttered. He deserves someone better than me. Only people who love their partner more than themselves can think that their partner deserves someone better. They think like that because they love them so much and want only best for them.

Shyam's mind thought about Arnav and Kushi together. She is confident, dynamic and selfless. He is calm, composed and selfcentred. And the best thing was they both love each other. Can he ever find someone better than Kushi for Arnav? He always wanted Arnav's happiness. She too wants the same thing. The only difference is Shyam has already realised that Arnav's happiness lies within Kushi and she is yet to be aware of that fact.

Shyam smiled. "I will do whatever you have asked, Kushi. I need a lot of time for that. First of all I need to figure out how to do it." Shyam sighed thinking about difficult task in his hand. "But you have my word on this." Kushi nodded in agreement as Shyam spoke again. "I know that you didn't speak anything but truth today. Can you promise me you will answer my next question with same honesty?" Kushi nodded again.

"Do you love Arnav?" Shyam already knows the answer but he just wants to confirm it with her words. Then he will be ready even to move mountains to see these two people together and happy. Two people - one who is the meaning of his existence and other who made place for herself in his heart within such a short span of time.

Kushi looked at nothing as tears pooled in her eyes. "I...I do..."

"It doesn't matter anymore."

Hearing the voice, Shyam turned to his left and Kushi to her right. There stood Arnav near the passage which connects Shyam's private study with his bedroom. Today morning when Shyam came to study from bedroom, he had left the connecting door half open as no one can enter his bedroom without his permission and Anjali won't be home until evening. Anjali stood behind Arnav looking extremely worried while Arnav had straight face with dark red angry eyes. Shyam stood up hastily and took two long strides to stand in front of Kushi, thus protecting her from Arnav's glare. "Arnav and Anjali! I thought you would be coming in the evening."   

"Chotey!" Anjali's voice was inaudible and she pressed her palm on his shoulder. Arnav didn't seem to notice it as he took purposeful strides towards Shyam and Kushi. As Shyam studied Arnav's anger, he felt some movement towards his right and noticed Kushi is standing next to him. Her intense eyes were locked with Arnav's and his angry glare was unable to make her back off. Anyone in her place would have looked away with guilt but she stood there accepting her mistake and ready to face the consequence. Shyam realised she doesn't need his protection as she is capable to handle it.

Arnav stopped in front of Shyam with his eyes still locked with Kushi.

"Her answer is not going to matter!" He announced and then rolled his towards his brother-in-law.

"Not anymore!"  

so how was it? i know i know...i can understand ur feelings right now...

This is the first scene i imagined for FILWE II...then i constructed my whole story around this...during 2011 i used to read lot of FF's where Arnav does some unforgivable things including FILWE first season...but at end Kushi forgives him for many FF's i felt it is injust for Kushi...but in some i myself wanted Kushi to forgive him as Arnav was so good but did a mistake ...i always will everyone's reaction be same if there is a role reversal...waiting for ur reactions...lets see whether my Arnav forgives Kushi in future chapters...

please leave ur valuable thoughts...ur comments motivates me to update strike like button

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Day Dreaming   Day Dreaming   Day Dreaming

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Clap   Clap   Clap

That was damn intriguing!!!! While reading Shyam's and khushi's convo, I have a feel that Arnav might get to know about the meeting... Andi did guess right...great story and plz try to update soon...can't wait for the next show down...

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Nice update

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Originally posted by Arshika_arshi

Clap   Clap   Clap

That was damn intriguing!!!! While reading Shyam's and khushi's convo, I have a feel that Arnav might get to know about the meeting... Andi did guess right...great story and plz try to update soon...can't wait for the next show down...

Glad u liked it...and thank u very much for waiting patiently for update...

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Shyam is also on Khushi's side yay
Arnav was right
I hope Arnav forgives her
And i hope u updates soonest Wink

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