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ARHI FF T#6 Falling in love with enemy season II C27 on T#7 22Nov link (Page 39)

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The ruffling noise of blanket alerted Arnav and he immediately tilted his head to check Kushi. He heaved a satisfied sigh noticing her adjusting the blanket in sleep to shield her from cold wind. Covering her properly with the blanket, he sat up leaning back on the headrest. May be her past and her panic attack had given him bad vibes that he is feeling more concerned about her and becoming restless over small gestures. Shaking his head, he searched for his phone to check time.

The digital clock on the lock screen of his phone flashed 01:54 PM. It is two hours past midnight and he is still wide awake. Falling asleep late and waking up late has become his habit now. All thanks to the numerous sleepless nights he spent after Aakash's death.

Stretching his hands in air, he yawned hoping that he will fall asleep soon. It had been a very long day for him. A very special day also - he added after a thought looking at Kushi. He could never forget his 30th birthday and the surprises it threw at him. On his last birthday, he never imagined that some woman will enter his life and make it upside down.

Two months after his 29th birthday, he had agreed to marry Lavanya. Four months after that Kushi stormed into his life through Lavanya. He still remembered the first time when he had heard Kushi's name.

Kushi Kumari Gupta! Sheetal's lawyer.

At first, he was just curious about Kushi's connection with Lavanya's death. In their first encounter, she intrigued him with her boldness and ruthlessness. All he wanted to do was to teach her a lesson for messing with Arnav Singh Raizada. At that time he had no idea that he is signing up something for a lifetime.

One conversation with her made him understand that it is not easy to defeat her. She was righteous and very proud of it. She has no family and emotionally detached from the world. She has an attitude to die for and only did the things which she believed in. It won't be easy to threaten, manipulate or control her. In other words, she was irrepressible. But she was, after all a human being and every human had their own weakness.

He found her weakness the minute she kissed him back even though he had kissed her on impulse. She was just a child who longed to be loved. He decided to make her to fall in love with him and take revenge. However like it happens in fiction it was him who fell in love with her first. She has also fallen in love with him. He knows that though she never accepts it.

If it is not love, then why did she allow him in her life when other men are not even allowed to enter her house? If it is not love, then why did she tried to find comfort in his hold on the night she heard about girl's ra**. If it is not love, then why did she put so much effort in cooking new dishes whenever he came here for dinner? If it is not love, then why did she panic when he was kidnapped? If it is not love, then why did she explain herself to him instead of walking out when he asked her to back out from a case which holds so much importance to her? If it is not love, then why did she come to his house yesterday at midnight just to check whether he had reached home safely after their fight? If it is not love, then why did she plan dinner for them in his favourite restaurant on his birthday even though she hated it?   

She loves him' He thought with a smile and looked at her. The sodium vapour lamp's light from the street falling on her face through window made her look like nothing less than an angel. On closer look, he could see dried out tears on her face. Caressing her face, he tried to remove any trace of tears. He felt her stiffen first and then relax in sleep recognising his touch. She put her arm around him and moved towards him trying to find her a comfortable position. He obliged and lied next to her looping his arm below her neck, thus allowing her to rest her head on his shoulders.

It felt blissful to see her sleep peacefully in his arms. He then remembered how she had cried in his arms few hours ago. Pulling her close to him, he held her securely in his embrace and dropped a kiss on her head.

She had come a long way from an eleven year old girl who had seen her mother getting rap*d to death to a twenty-nine year old successful lawyer. Indeed she had come a long way and he is proud of her for the battle she fought alone for years. He is very proud of her. With that thought another realisation struck him.

He had been always proud of her; her profession; her character; her work. How much proud he had felt when kidnappers told him that she has not left them with any choice other than to kidnap him and threaten her to back out. How much proud he had felt when he told his jiju that Kushi was doing something which was so damn right. These were the moments which made him fall in love more with her. Even though he pleaded her to back out from the case, somewhere deep inside him, he never wanted her to back out. Then these moments when he had felt so proud would have become meaningless.

 And Kushi was right. This was her profession; a part of her. He can't love a part of her and dislike another part of her. He already felt embarrassed to ask her to back out from something which was so correct. Now with her past known, he knew he can never ask her do that. It is very wrong to that. Even though he doesn't want to put her life in risk for this case, he knew he has to support her because supporting her is the only right thing to do.


Feeling the tug of duvet, Kushi opened her sleepy eyelids to notice Arnav frowning in sleep. He was trying to pull the duvet towards him to cover his face from the sunlight which was filling the room. Squeezing her eyes with her palms and yawning, she sat up trying to get rid of her sleep. She felt Arnav twist and turn on bed in discomfort. Wearing her tee shirt, she quickly moved towards the window and pulled the dark curtains down; new dark curtains which she purchased recently so that Arnav can sleep in peacefully.

She grabbed the hair band from bedside table and pony tailed her hair before settling herself on bed leaning against the head rest. As Arnav's frown disappeared, she smiled running her fingers through his hair. She was feeling fresh, relaxed and light. Then yesterday night's event hit her.

Even hearing about the events like rap*, sexual harassment and murder through someone makes her so restless and fills her night with terrible nightmares. She won't be able to sleep on those nights without her sleeping pills. But yesterday, after almost reliving her past, she had slept so well. She turned to him, What he had done to her?'

She always wondered how come he managed to break all barriers she had built for eighteen long years. She was diagnosed with androphobia (Fear of men), for God's sake. Only she knew how hard she needs to fight to overcome her fears. Every morning she spends ten to fifteen minutes preparing her mind for the encounter's with men she has to face that day. Any unplanned encounter leads to panic attack.

Though panic attacks she faced has reduced largely in last five years, which was according to her doctor was due to her mind's acceptance of reality where she has to face men, still every encounter with men implants fear and anxiety in her mind. She says to keep saying her mantra in her mind; no one is going to harm her. Even if they do she can handle them. So no need to worry; no need to worry.'

 She had grown tolerant to men's presence and their voice but still their touch repels her. She can't withstand it. Then there comes Arnav Singh Raizada who kisses her on the first day they met and even makes her to respond. When she has to prepare her mind even for a small handshake with trusted men, her mind has its own mind when it comes to Arnav's touch. To her own surprise, her mind and body easily accepted Arnav's touch without any resistance as if she had been already prepared for it.

She still couldn't find out the reason behind it. And that's what most scared her about Arnav. Arnav was enigma. From the start, Kushi knew that Arnav was not her league even to be friend with her. Arnav was closely related to all the people who she disliked. She tried to stay away from him but he kept chasing her. When she heard him discussing his plans, to take revenge on her, with Aman, she was infuriated. She can't believe that he was still thinking it was she who pushed Lavanya to commit suicide. She thought she could never forgive him and then she met with an accident.

The guilt was clearly evident on his face after he became aware that Lavanya was murdered and it was not suicide. The way he took care of her in hospital proved that he was guilty. He even tried to walk out of her life but she made him to come back as they needed his help to get justice for Avanti, a victim tortured and killed by her husband.

And then it started happening; His daily visit to hospital, her eagerness to meet him, their meaningless talks, their sensible fights, the visits which continued even after she got discharged from hospital, her enthusiasm to cook for him and gradual progress in their comfort level. Slowly but steadily Arnav became part of her life with her knowledge.

He filled her barren life with love, care, affection and few more things for which she has forgotten the meaning with her mother's death. He made her burn with desire and passion which she never knew before. He forced her to feel all the emotions which she thought don't exist. On top of all, he made her fall in love with him.

That thought was enough to send tingling sensation throughtout her body. Her fingers stilled in his root hairs as her heart beated franctially against her ribcage. This is not the first time she is realizing her love for him. But everytime she did it didn't fail to make her feel like love-struck teenager. She loves him.

Yesterday when she told him that she feels safe and secured in his arms just like how she felt in her mother's arm, she had meant it.  

Yes, in his arms, she felt Home.

When she is in his arms, she is not a woman with haunting past; she is not a lawyer who handles criminal cases; she is not a social worker who worries about every woman; she is just HIS KUSHI.

HIS KUSHI - that is how he likes to mention her.

Arnav's Kushi.

No one can understand how much she wishes to be only his Kushi; not a woman with past; not a social worker who has no life of her own; not a lawyer who fights for justice.

It is actually funny that she doesn't want to be a lawyer anymore because in past twenty years, her only aim was to become a lawyer.

This is what love does to people. This is what Kushi was always afraid of. This is what Arnav's love did to her. This is the thing from which she wants to run away but couldn't.

He is her need.

He is her passion.

He is her love.

He is her anchor.

 Anchor keeps the ship safe at the shore. But as they say ships were not built to be at shore.

Similarly she is not meant to be just HIS KUSHI. She knows that well. He has started to become her weakness just like how she was a weakness for her mother. Yesterday when he pleaded her to back out from the case, all she wanted to do was to withdraw from the case eventhough she knew that case's importance. She couldn't withstand his pleadings. She loves him too much to do that.

But then her profession and cause for which she is fighting gives meaning to her life. It was her mother's dream. How can she sacrifice it for him?

And this is not doing any good to him also. He was kidnapped because of her. What if something had happened to him?

She wants to let him go but she couldn't bring herself to do it. But whenever she tries to let him go, all the reason becomes weak and completely unreasonable. Yesterday she realized why she couldn't let him go. Her profession and cause for which she is fighting might give meaning to her life but Arnav has become her life. 

Precap: Kushi wont back off from the case...Arnav wants to support her...Shyam doestnt want to put Arnav's life to risk...Shyam is going to do something which is going to change everyone's life 

As I told earlier, this chapter is like recap...story starts from next chapter...hope it was not that boring...

I know after what i did, i have lost right to ask you people like and comment...but still your likes and comments are really will help me to write the story inspite of my messy real life...

So please do strike like button and comment...

with love,


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thanks dear
and welcome back
take ur time
we are happy that u r back

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Oh!! Finally!!! I lost hope to see ur updates... I loved this story too much ...but thanks for updating again...hopefully will get the next soon...plz do not disappear again. ..

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welcome back

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This story is too good so will definitely want to read till end.

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really happy to see you back 

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Hello welcome back..thank you for the recap...

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Yayyy you're back!

welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!

res for the comment:)

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