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CHAPTER 21C- Last Chapter

The next was a big day, where he would give her a memory to last forever.

"Bhai, I am so excited," Aliya sneaked in his room

"Shh, she can barge in anytime," he shushed her and both sat on the couch.

"Don't worry, I told Shree to make her busy with him," she stuck her tongue.

He rolled his eyes,  "How is your Aman?"

"Bhai," she complained, but the smile prominent. "He is fine, missing me badly and eager to come here as soon as possible."

"I am glad he had come back on the right track," Arjun said gleefully.

"All because of you," she hugged him. "You are the best brother. Every girl should have a brother like you, who don't demean them, don't dominate them, or impose their rules but understand them, care for them, protect them, love them and you are all of that."

He felt myriad of emotions in his heart, these were the gem of people who made him a better person. "It is you all, who made me the improved person that I am today. Thank you."

"We didn't do anything, you were a good person and that is why you realized your worth soon," Aliya chuckled. 

Shree too barged in after a while, making sure to be discreet. "I am feeling so impatient, bhai," He was jumping in happiness.

"Weren't you suppose to look at di from coming here?" Aliya asked arching her brow.

"My second name is not stupid," he huffed, with a grimace, while Aliya threw a pillow on him.

"No kiddos, no throwing the stuff around," Arjun warned them, brotherly.

Both looked guilty, "Sorry."

"That is ok," he smiled, "where is Riya?"

"Aunty took Riya and Ma with her, to get some stuff from market, although Riya was glancing back all the time."

"Come here, and talk slowly still," Arjun instructed Shree. "We don't want your super intelligent sister to find out our planning. She has some awesome timings."

"Yes," Shree nodded and joined them on the couch. "Wow bhai," Shree was stunned, seeing the work on the wall. "Sorry and I love you, incredible," he was really amazed.

"Oh," Aliya was startled, she turned and looked on the wall, she was speechless. "Wow, bhai, this is... mesmerizing. " Her eyes glued to the wall.

"Why have you still not removed the sorry one, although you look really cute?" Shree questioned, curiously.

"So that I remember my mistake and don't repeat in future and for Riya to know, I will never hurt her ever again, not intentionally and try to avoid smarting her unconsciously too. Kiddos, doing mistakes is life, we are human, what matters is we learn from it and don't repeat the same mistakes," his eyes gave the doorway to his heart, so soulful, that they expressed it all.

"Bhai, I am really feeling proud of you. Because most human commits mistake, some worse than you, you were still human, but the real deal is to redempt, to made amends. You did it all. You are changed man," Shree observed.

"What is going on here?" The familiar voice chirped, quizzically, snapping their attention to her. Riya stood there, with a frown.

Arjun gave them a look, how he was right about her timing. "Riya, come here," he marched to her and grasped her hand, and took her with him to the couch and made her sit there. He sat beside her, Shree on his other side. "We all are planning to go for a movie, but I was telling them, I have to talk out with you before confirming the plans," he told her, coming to their main plan.

"Yes di, we all want to go, with mom dad, uncle aunty, it is going to be fun, say yes," Aliya hugged Riya.

"You have become crazier after falling in love," Riya chided her, pulling her ear.

"Di," Aliya pouted, crossed.

"My bacha," she side-hugged her. "Of course, I would go." Aliya hugged Riya, really elated and high-fived Arjun and Shree.

The first step of their plan was done.

The second started not so later, The Gupta's and Rawte's entered in the crowded theater, most of them were from their family from either side that Riya didn't notice as Arjun, Aliya and Shree busied her in their talk.

Riya knew the people from both side, she had met Rawte family on the wedding anniversary of Arjun's parents and her own family a few days after she had landed in Mumbai. They had been delighted meeting Arjun and had even hinted the obvious.

Arjun sat beside Riya, near the end of the row. He held her hand, as if it was the most natural thing, making her blush as her siblings hooted for them, while their parents chuckled. "Arjun, stop embarrassing me." She hit on his shoulder.

"I know you love it, I can read your eyes, and your gestures," he tucked back her ear behind her ear lovingly.

"Arjun," she whined, hugging him.

The movie started, while all of them talked in hushed tones, Arjun and Riya had a silent romance, as he didn't want to embarrass her, these were their private moments. As the interval was about to come, Arjun moved near her ear, "Riya, I need to use washroom urgently," he said uneasily.

"Are you fine?" She asked worriedly, her eyes demonstrating it.

"Yes, just blade is full," he kissed her temple and stood up to go, she looked at him admiringly.

And finally the third and last step came, the final master stroke. The interval started, the screen blackened, and the shock came.

'WILL YOU MARRY ME Riya Gupta?' was written on the screen in white color.

"Oh My God!" she was speechless.

If the previous arrangement was enlightening, heart warming, this was out of the world.

Her eyes filled with tears, she was so so happy that even worlds could not express. She was speechless, her hands on her mouth, happy tears shedding.

Wiping the happy tear, her gaze swiveled to the spotlight, Arjun stood there, with a little change, he was wearing a coat over his casual, looking outstanding.

The sight and the anticipation of the upcoming proposal, conducted her heart to thunder wildly. Her face was colored red with blush. Another spotlight settled on her, she stood up, quivering slightly, high on emotions.

Arjun started to walk up the stairs, leading to her, her breath knocked out. "I, Arjun Suryakant Rawte, propose you today Riya Gupta, to become my wife, my life partner, not just for some months or years but for eternity and you make me believe that. You are the only one to handle me and my haywire ways, which have been sorted for a lifetime," he was near her chair. "Will you make me lucky enough to be your husband? Will you marry me?" He went down on his knee, with a ring a his right hand.

"Yes... yes," she chuckled, with trepidating heart. She was overwhelmed and feeling afraid for her heart to burst.

He slid the ring and hugged her, the whole hall roared with claps and hoots. Riya's eyes widened in further bafflement, their whole families were there. She went crinsom red.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" All squealed together as they were too many to go ahead to felicitate them, the movie was to start again soon.

Riya and Arjun were over the moon and thanked them, flustered by the commotion but giggling in happiness but they were no longer calm enough to watch the movie, they needed sometime along to absorb the news. "I know you won't be able to concentrate on the movie, go on, enjoy, be back home soon, we will be waiting for the proper engagement party arranged and you are still not married." And all laughed on their expense.

While, ignoring them Arjun, whisked her away.

They walked for a while to his car, without a word, he was getting worried, what if she didn't like his way to propose in front of everyone, instead of a private moment. "Did you like it?" He asked her, curiously, as she was so silent, her eyes down.

"I am overwhelmed," she said, her eyes rose to his, filled with tears.

"Baby," he cupped her face. "I did this to make you smile not cry," he lamented.

"I am happy," she simpered, sniffling. "I feel too happy. It is a glory. It is every girl's dream to be proposed in front of her family and the entire world, to know that someone loves her that much is so special. To be acknowledged in front of everyone, it means you accept me as your better half, although I know you have accepted me since long, but this... this..." she was speechless.

"Is out of the world, spectacular," his finger linger on her cheek, "like you, the shine of your eyes, the curve of your lips, the purity of your heart, everything about you. I love you," he kissed her forehead. 

"I love you too," she wounded her arms around his neck and captured his lips for a kiss.

A bright future waited for them.

The final hearing was over, the decision was announced, Ashok and Raima were punished and Arjun was fully freed, even got the chance to put claim against them for the emotional harassment, yet Arjun was over them, he just wanted them to be punished by law and he had let them go without any financial demand.

"Bring the bride," the priest ordered.

Riya was brought down by her sister and cousins, she was glimmering with happiness, her eyes lowered with shyness. A sight to behold. A dream to capture forever. She was the bride and the view would be immersed forever in his mind and heard.

He was mesmerized by her beauty, she was looking ethereal, an angel sent on earth for him. His eyes were only on her, for that night and every moment to come in their life.

Arjun was in love and nothing could change it.

He loved her with all her perfection and flaws. He would do all he could to make their marriage work.

Meekly, with a blush, she slight tilted up his head and saw admiration in his eyes. No other praise could compensate with it.

She love him with all his perfection and flaws. She would work do all she could to make their marriage work.

Before they knew, they were married with all rituals. They were wife and husband, both looked at each other with pride and satisfaction. Now no one could separate them on the name of society as they were since the last two weeks, staying in two different house. It was hell on earth.

Seeing the duo in a eye-lock, Aman looked at Aliya, "I can't wait to have you look at me like this."

"I always look at you so lovingly," she retorted.

"No, by the time, we confessed, you say I love you so rarely," he complained.

"Aww, my baby, wants to hear I love you," she teased him.

He rolled his eyes. 

"I have loved you. I love you and I will always love you," she said with a smile.

"I have loved you too. I love you too and I will always love you too," he smiled widely at her. He side hugged her, just wanting this years to pass away soon, so he could marry her, his sweetheart, Aliya. He was blessed to have her.

That night was the special night for the newly wedded couple, who were already one emotionally, but today, they had gone to another level.

Her legs were wrapped over  him as he moved inside her, his lips playing havoc on her mind, as he devoured her lips and  thrust in her main core. Pouring his love in all ways. They were insatiable.

Both pulling each other more to their own skin, their hands crawling everywhere on each other, his hands' favorite spot bring her peaks. She moaned as he nipped it, but it was slurred in his mouth. He was out of control as he thurst in faster, his mouth moved down to her neck and further down to her extremum, she raked her hands on his shoulder, scratching it, with all the heady passion she was going through. She was groaning, he was sweating and letting out fervent moans.

"Arjun!" She shrieked in pleasure.

"Oh, Riya!" he gasped and finally became to relax.

He laid beside her and took her in a hug. "This was out of the world." his lips on her temple.

"Anything and everything with you is just outstanding," she kissed on his chest, still breathless and trailed up to his chin.

"You have made my world so better," he held her hand to his lips. "We have faced so much. I have changed from a brat to a responsible person. To a jerk to a person who loves his wife a lot. I know I have hurt you so much in the past, but I will make it up to you, you will forget that phase ever existed in out life," his eyes teary.

"It is all over," she wiped his tears. "Let's make new happy memories, void of yesterday's nightmare," she kissed his eyes.

"Thank you, please stay with me always."

"Don't thank me, as now, you have officially binded me with you, and you know I am somewhat very very possessive about my people, you are stuck with me for live" she winked at him, she proppeled on her elbow.

"Oh ho, no way out," he said cheekily.

"Tch! Not for eternity at least," she giggled.

"Nor, I want a way out, I love my somewhat possessive lover," his arms wounded around her waist. "I love you," his hand slide to her nape, bringing her down.

"I love you too," she blushed and claimed his lips, for a frantic roller coaster. Biting and sucking, licking and kissing, they were lost in their private haven.

A new beginning of their life.


So here is chapter 21, the last chapter. What is your take? 
Hope you liked it.
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