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Thanks a lot guys for appreciating this story, I am overwhelmed. 

Next  update- EPILOGUE hopefully in sometime, or TOMORROW.

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

Keep showering me with your love guys.

Regarding PMs, see PM list and details page 20. 
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Loads of Love <333

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Thanks a loads once again guys. 
I am completing this story today, I am so overwhelmed, thanks for making this journey so special. Love you everyone.


There was a hustle and bustle here and there, the woman dressed in the bright red saree, selected by her husband was rushing like storm to complete all the task.

"Riya, hold on," he twirled her inward, she landed on his chest. "Stop running baby."

"How Arjun? It is Aliya's wedding today and only half the work is done," she was exasperated.

"We will do it, rest assured, but you relax," he said softly. "You go and take some nap, Aryan would wake up soon and then he would not leave you a moment to breath. He is a dad's pakka dushman," he grumbled.

"Oh forgot to mention your dear princess Khyati?" She rolled her eyes.

"She is a sweet kid," he said tenderly.

"She is your princess after all, Was Aliya less that Khyati entered in your team," she berated him. "Now let me complete the work," she said seriously.

"No way, sweetheart, go and rest, I will do everything," he assured her.

She looked at him and sighed giving up, she was feeling tired, Aryan was little feverish the whole night and refused to sleep and let sleep, "Alright but call me, if needed," she warned him.

"Sure my tigress," he smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Come,"

"I can go myself," she pouted.

"I know, but I want to have a look at our babies," he giggled.

She smiled,really amused. He was such a kind and awesome person, she was blessed to have him, true in the start, he was tough to handle, but with her love, she managed with flying colors and he never disappointed her.

His phone rung, "When we get away from housework and kids, this phone starts disturbing us," he said disappointed.

"It must be from office," she replied while chuckling.

He nodded and picked it up, "Yeah Sameer," he replied to their main assistant also a photographer and his friend.

"Sir, we got a call this after from Mr Sinha, he wants to prepone the shoot, I told him to get back to him after talking to you," Sameer informed him.

"Sam, this is one of the most important shoot, it is of the celebrities. Prepone it, Raj will handle it," Arjun instructed and looked at Riya, disconnecting the call, "we have done wonders with our photo company, I am really proud of us," he smiled at her. They had established their own company mostly handled by Riya, while Arjun gave time to his father's company along too.

"You know what, together, we will overcome everything," she simpered widely at him.

Together. Hand in hand. They entered in their room in the Gupta house in London, since Aman's family was in London itself, they decided to hold the functions there itself.

"like this miracle," he looked at their two years and three months old twins, put in their united special twin bed. As if sensing her father, Khyati opened her small eyes, a replica of her father and gave a toothy smile to her father. "Papa," she forwarded her arms for him.

"My baby," he said kiddishly and picked her up. "Don't make noise, least your brother wakes up," he shushed her, kissing on her cheek. He looked at Riya, who looked at him with awe and said, "you lay down for a while," he kissed her forehead and walked out. 

Instructing the workers around, he went to Aliya's room. He knocked on the door and entered getting the permissions, "how is my kiddo?" He had become half father when he had become a brother.

"Nervous, cold-feet," Aliya replied with pout, she was sitting by the window. "I have been waiting for this way so impatiently but now that the day is here, there is anxiety," she admitted.

"No worries dear. See me, although I love Riya so much, and I am still as crazy about her now than back then, I was so scared, what if I don't fulfill her expecation, what if I fall? But then I felt it," he looked at her, putting his hand on his heart, "my love so vividly living here," he smiled here, "if you are anxious, think about your love for him."

"You are the best," she side hugged him.

"After all I have the best wife, siblings, parents and most important my kids," he chuckled. "I still can't believe it, I am married and father of two."

Arjun was flooded with work but he didn't even want to disturb Riya, she was overworking herself and he didn't like seeing her tired face, she looked good with a smile, fresh face and eyes twinkling.

"Bhai, you rest, I will take over," Shree assured him as he took the chairs from him.

"No kiddo, you have been doing the decoration since morning, now relax," Arjun smiled at him.

"No bhai, you are more tired than me. You wake at night for the kids, and try not to wake up di too." Arjun gave him a confused look. "I know your habits when it comes to di. And you have been working far more earlier than me. Now you relax and let me handle this," Shree smiled and walked away with the chairs.

He was blessed to have siblings in his sibling in laws. They were so close to him, always sharing their problems. He loved them so much and wished he had sibling on his younger days too, he loved to protect them, yet give them freedom.

In the evening,  along the beauticians Riya got Aliya ready, who was blooming, impatient to be married to Aman, the man she loved so deeply. Their wait was going to be over now.

Before the wedding, Shree introduced his girlfriend Anisha to everyone, his parents were elated to meet her. She was perfect for a geek man, to fill his life with colors.

"I am so happy for you kiddoo," Arjun congratulated him.

"Now soon enough you will be hitched too," Riya teased him, her hand holding Aryan's hand, who refused to leave her, special in the crowd.

"Di," he winced, while Anisha giggled.

"I am so happy for you," she hugged him. "Arjun, where is Khyati?" She asked curiously.

"I left her in the kid area, let me go and fetch her," with mirth, he went away.

Riya's eyes stuck on him, awestruck by him.

Not seeing them for another five minutes, she decided to find them herself as they were full on naughtiness. "Come let's find your sister and Papa." 

"Where are papa and choti?" He asked her, since he was a kid, he could not call her name easily so he took to call her choti.

"They both are together," she giggled as she knew the duo and noticed something, "and see here, they are." she pointed toward the glimmering duo.

Arjun was there in the garden, playing hide and seek. "I found you," Khyati squealed as she found Arjun, hiding beneath a table. She landed on his knee, encircling her arms around him, kissing on his cheek, a sloppy one.

"Smart princess," he kissed her cheek and pulled her on his lap.

"Mama," her eyes widened.

"Riya," he tilted his head and banged it on the table. "Oww."

"So here are my husband and daughter," she twitched her lips and waited for them to get up from the floor. Walking to him, she rubbed his head, "Paining?" He shook his head. "Sometimes, I don't know who is a kid, Khyati or you?" she rolled her eyes.

"Both," Aryan sneered.

"Aryan!" Riya glared at him sternly.

"Sowwy," he lamented, inclining his head cutely and hugging her apologetically.

"I forgive you but no repeating this mistake again," she caressed his head. She always taught them good manners and he always let her take the lead and never stopped her.

A good way to give good education and mannerism was by letting their spouse teach their baby and even scold them, even if they were against it, they should talk in privacy so the kids would know the parents were one team.

Arjun admired them, with Khyati in his arms. His family, his heart swelled with happiness. He got all he desired. A wife, who was also his lover and life. Children, their miracle, who loved him that he would cherish all throughout life. It was all so ethereal.

"Respect elders and care for youngsters," she patted his head. "Arjun, go change yourself and Khyati.

And both obeyed.

Soon enough, with all the ceremonies and rituals the younger daughter of the family, Aliya was married. The atmosphere was really weary, mixed of happiness and hurt over her farewell.

"My Kiddoo is married and the other soon to be engaged," his eyes filled with happy tears as both sat on their bed, post the wedding. The kids cuddled in their arms.

"Mama, I love you," Aryan mumbled in his sleep, "stay with me." He was so very possessive of her.

"I am here baby," she said, amused albeit.

"Don't go to dad, you with him always," he muttered in sleep and dozed off.

"I have gave birth to my own opponent," Arjun was stunned.

"He is your son, possessive of his love ones," she giggled. "By the way, one day your princess will be married too," she teased him as she kissed his lips, as both the kids were fast asleep on their chests. 

"Hey, no, I will bring a in-house son-in-law," he said seriously as he tucked the kids in their beds. He caressed Khyati's hairs, "I will not let her go away from me." He walked back to her.

"A woman's peace and happiness are with her husband like mine. Even my papa loves me like you love Khyati but eventually parents have to let their precious princess let go." 

"You are right, but lets not talk about it. Let us enjoy this phase without thinking about what and why, consequences and results," he kissed her cheek, settling her in his lap, tracing her hip, her breath hitched.

"We are doing a good job with our kids nonetheless," she simpered. "You are an exceptional father."

"And you are the best mom, and even a better wife. My love." He entwined their fingers. "And for this love, I will fight, fight every fiber of my existence because our love is worth it."

"It is." She admitted and let him kiss every inch of her existence as she loved him as vividly.

Their passion would never cease. They were united for the better, for good and bad.

So here is the epilogue. What is your take? I am feeling so heavy, it is ending. I love this FF so much like all of my stories and when they end, they leave a bittersweet feeling. Hope it was as special for you than it is for me.
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
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Luv u<333

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Awesome epilogue..
Khayti and Aryan are so cute..
Aryan is more possissive than Arjun..
Finally Aliya and shree are statlled too.
Can't believe this ff is ending..
Thanks for the pm..
Keep writing 
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Superb epilogue.. Aryan is competitor to Arjun for Riya's love... loved the kids..  
KaViannn Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2015 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
This is the best epilogue of any story i have read.. the story in itself was dreamy, romantic and what not. i am little bit sad that it ended. but every journey must come to an end.. waiting for another ArIya story from you.. a romantic one..
aarushi04 Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2015 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Such a lovely epilogue!!!!
Luvd d cutiepie khyati n aryan...
N ariya undieing luv Embarrassed
_Tabassum_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2015 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Awwwsssmmm Epilogue
Loved It
Awww Ariya had twins Sooo Cute
Thank you sooo much for this wonderful journey
Keep Writing such Super Wonderful stories
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Parts 21
Beautiful Updates
The fact that everything fell into place perfectly was just great
both Arjun and Riya's parents first shocked at their children but again
they had to feel proud on them too
the apology surprise was awesome its something that can stay in Arjun's room for years

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