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Interesting teaser

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Thanks a loads once again guys. I just took some more time as I thought to post the complete Chapter and was busy too. Have to work a lot on these chapters as they are crucial hope you like it.


Arjun Suryakant Rawte, the son of Ravi Rawte, has been arrested in case of drug dealing and attempt to rape, last week, out on bail now, his hearing has been scheduled for 7th October 2015.

Mr Ravi Rawte, the renown businessman, who has en empire is supporting his son even after this heinous crime done by his son.

However, this has no impact on Rawte Empire. It still stands on top position in Designs Industries, Construction, Furniture industries...

Ravi grumbled as he crumpled the newspaper, outraged at the audacity of the reporter. He dialed his assistant, flaring in anger. "What the hell is this Shekhar, didn't I tell you clearly to stop all kind of news concerning this case, then how come this is published?"

"Sir, I saw the news in morning and made sure, no further news should be published in the magazine, I have given them money to close their mouth and also shot the interaction, so that if they act smart, we can get them caught for bribery.." he told him, honestly.

"Good." Ravi didn't like using money or power but he was helpless when it came to his son's innocence. He went in the balcony ad burnt it. He had also informed Neil to keep Riya away from any newspaper, till now he had managed no such news to come to media but this was something no expected but not unexpected too. Being a high profile person, he was always in the radar. So much for wanting to have a normal life.

"Why are burning or hiding all the newspapers? Hiding the news? Riya has right to know about this?" Ashika finally asked him.

He looked at her, his body showing his defeat. He was tired but he had to fight for his son, who was innocent and he believed him. Some would thing it was his blind love but he knew it was not, it was his faith in Arjun.

His son could be a flirt.

The Rawte heir could be brat.

But Arjun Suryakant Rawte could never be a rapist or drug dealer, he knew it, there was no doubt about it. Forget this, his Arjun, was no longer a flirt and brat too since the time he fell in love with Riya, he loved her more than his own life, he put her happiness before his. Then how could someone trap Arjun such a mess?

"Because, if she finds from somewhere else, she would not be able to bear it, that Arjun had hid this from her, her trust would be broken. I want Arjun to tell her about this, and I am sure he would tell her soon.  Her pain is something he would not be able to bear till long no matter how much he control himself. Knowing the truth, she would be hurt but eventually will forgive him." he sighed.

Ashika nodded, understanding him. She hugged him lovingly, "When you are with me, I am sure everything would be solved soon. Just relax," she kissed his cheek. "Come down, I will arrange coffee for you," she told him  with a smile.

He nodded and told her, "also Tell Ramesh, that his salary has been increased ten percent for hiding this newspaper from Arjun and Riya." Ravi didn't want to worry any of the two.

Ashika smiled at him, he was a little reserved in nature, rarely he opened to people. But once he opened, meant he trust them completely. She felt blessed to have him and so elated that he had accepted Riya and loved her as his daughter. "I am so proud to have you," she pecked on his lips, making him relaxed and went down.

And he was proud to have her too, she had to power to calm him down.

HIs phone rung and he picked it up, "Yeah."

"Chachu, I think you need to talk to Arjun," Neil said worried yet furious.

"What happened?" Ravi narrowed his brows.

"I thought seeing me with Riya would push him to confess the truth but he is being so stubborn..." Neil told him whatever happened, what he saw, he had seen the kiss between them and also how Arjun retreated back, Riya crumbling down, he felt low.

"I will talk to him, but you keep on doing what we agreed on, we have to take be more insistent, if he doesn't relent," Ravi said it with a sigh. He hung the phone and went down, just to see him wife, he wanted some peace.

Alia entered in Aman's room, she was lagging this for too long, she had to talk to him. "Hey Alia," he stood up and took her in a huge hug. "I missed you. What has happened to you? I feel you are so distanced. Why are you feeling so insecure?" He expressed himself.

She was elated that he at last understood her that much. She felt hope that he would understand her insecurities too.

"I," she took a deep breath and taking his hand in her own, she led him to couch and made him sit there, whilst she knelt in front of him. "Aman, I can't see you with anyone."

"What do you mean?" He frowned, not liking the direction the conversation was going too.

"I am talking about you and Aisha. Not only her, I can't see you close with no one, apart myself," she said hoping to make his understand.

He furrowed his brow further, feeling a little fed up, he freed his hand and stood up, "Alia, please stop being so narrow minded, she is my friend nothing more. I thought this days would have put some sense in you."

Alia felt her heart breaking, why he could not understand that she loved him too deeply. She feared to confront him again but she did because she wanted to have a happy peaceful life with him, and not just because she loved him and never express her feelings, it would be a shallow life. She didn't want that.

"Aman, they are my off-limits, I can't see the person I love being close to someone else, and I am sure even you would not want," she said sternly. "I think we should rethink about our decision to stay together, because there is no reason to be together when their would insecurities in me and I would not be able to express them because you would get angry," she said straightly, containing her tears.

"So, this is your love?" he jabbed.

"My love for you is pure, but love without understanding, trust, respect, is nothing. If my love for you is like overbearing restriction, then this has no futur," she said with tears. "I should leave think about and let me know, see you tonight," she said and left, waiting for the night hopeful for a change in him, as they were invited for a common friend's birthday.

Aman stood there thoughtful.

"Why Arjun why?" She whispered, feeling devastated. "WHY?" She yelled with agony as tears rolled down.

Neil heard it and his heart shattered to see her miserable, he had seen her happy, smiling, giggling, even though this phase was filled with obstacles and now she was so distraught, distressed.

She was a sister to him, he accepted in a short spam of time and he would not let Arjun hurt her, not even in his stupidity to save her from bigger pain.

Did Arjun understand the pain he was giving her now was even more worse because he was not beside her? He gritted his teeth and walked to her, he had to energize her.

He sat beside her on the ground and side hugged her. "He is stupid, you know it right?"

"But why does he have to hurt me so bad?" She sniffled, her head resting on his, finding solace in his brotherly embrace.

"That, even I don't know but I am sure, he would come around soon and then, make him suffer, don't accept him easily," he scoffed, really angered for what Arjun did..

"I will, how can he make me cry so much," she sniffled, wiping her tears. "Wait and watch, he would have to growl to have my forgiveness."

"That is the spirit. For now give him silent treatment, and tonight, I want you not to go to his room. Will you heed to your brother's request?" 

She saw hope in the idea and nodded. "I guess, it is time to put some distance between us, so he would understand the pain and how much I am hurt," she agreed.

"Good girl, now get up," he helped her to stand, he wiped her tears.

As they walked to the car, Arjun was waiting by the car, with morose expression, his RayBan glasses covering the organ saying the truth of his heart: his eyes. He was smarting so immensely and he was breaking. He didn't know what to do?

Instead of sitting on the front, Riya sat on the back seat of the car with Mukti and Neil sat on the passenger seat.

Arjun gave her a pained look, but she was not even looking at him, her face had a faraway look. She was looking outside the window and didn't utter a word. She didn't want to cry, because she knew he loved her, she had no doubt on that, even she suspected, everyone confirmed he loved her, but it hurt, a tear rolled down but she wiped it quickly, yet he saw it. His eyes own misted.

Seeing her in sorrow, wrenched his heart. I can't hurt her more but... He was in dilemma he didn't know what to do.

He was being stupid.

He was being idiotic.

And he knew it.

But it was way more better than see her shattered when she would know he was accused to have slept with someone else, she would break seeing the awful pictures. The pictures which had stopped his heartbeat too.

He knew he didn't betray her, he knew he didn't do anything because his love for her was boundless but she would be feel stabbed seeing those, he didn't want to involve her in this terrible fix.

Maybe he was wrong but he was clueless about his decision.

They were back home since few hours. Arjun was restless as the Riya's silence and dull face was killing him. I should have not kissed her, he admonished himself. He had spent the whole time in anguish, scolding himself for his insensitivity. If he could not be with her, then how could he kiss her?

He was enraged against his own self, so damn infuriated. How could he hurt her? Give her hope and the crush them? 

He felt like a monster for doing this to her.

Taking a deep inhalation, blinking back his tears, he decided that he had to make up for that. He would not be able to sleep a wink if she was upset.

Riya's phone rang, she saw her mother's call, she really needed her and as if Padma understood her plight had called her.

"Excuse me," she excused herself and went in her room to talk to her.

"Mera bacha, how are you?" Her mother was happy to talk to her.

"I am good Ma," she smiled despite her pain.

"But you don't sound so, would you not tell me?" Her mother asked her, but Riya didn't want to worry her.

"Ma, I am just tired," she assured her.

"If you say so," not really convinced but she trust her daughter. "So what is going on and any progress?"

Riya understood her indirect question, her heart warmed, "Ma, I hope to give you a good news soon." Although the situation was tensed but she was confident before the deadline given, he would confess.

"That is good news," they continued to talk randomly, she also talked with her father and siblings. She gave advice to Alia too, not to give up.

Meanwhile, Arjun paced in his room, waiting for Riya to pop up, he had planned everything to apologize but as she didn't come till 10PM, he felt worried. "Why did I have to hurt her so much?" he mumbled.

He looked around his room, he had decorated it with white and blue balloons with sorry written on the wall. He also got the cake, which was in refrigerator.

Frantic, he went to the connecting door and opened it, not caring anymore. His heart pricked as he saw her sitting on the bed, not doing anything, just looking in the voice.

As Riya had disconnected the call, she felt a terrible emptiness, she was missing her family. She wanted to meet them.

"Riya," he called for her and knelt in front of her, holding her hand.

Snapping out of thought, she looked at him, her eyes blank and then at their hands, she gently freed her hands and went to stand by the window. "Arjun, I want to  be alone."

"I am sorry," he said inspite of her telling him to leave her alone. He could not. He could not leave her alone, demoralized and weary.

She stood still and turned to him, how could she ignore his plea? He looked so defeated.

"I am sorry for everything, I am so sorry for still not having gathered enough courage to tell you everything, I even don't know if I would be able to... I am sorry," he held his ears, looking so innocent.

She just hummed. He was still not telling her the reason and she didn't know how to behave. "I need time Arjun."

"I will not force you, but please don't stop talking to me, hit me, scold me, beat me, but please talk to me," his tears streamed down in abundance and she hated that sight.

"Ok, I will talk to you but I am still cross with you," she said with a grumpy face.

"I promise you I will make up and I will not repeat it again," not without your consent if it ever happens again, he said the later part in his mind.

It will happen but not with the regret part at the end, she was determined. She nodded.

"Please come for movie," he said earnestly, but she didn't want to be too easy on him.He had a surprise for her.

"Call NK as well," she said firmly.

"But?" He was displeased.

"Either this or not all," she said strictly.

"Ok, let's watch the movie in home theater then," he opted this, as he didn't want Neil in his room, he was irate with him. He decided to apologize later to her again in the way he prepared.

She shrugged, "Ok."

As Arjun chose the movie, Riya sat to have a conversation with Ravi and Ashika. "How was your day?" Ashika asked her.

"It was ok ok," Riya said casually.

"You look quite tired," Ravi said worriedly.

"I am fine uncle, and besides that Neil is here with me to take care of me," she said intentionally, to gauge Arjun and she was satisfied.

Arjun fist his hand, anger bubbling in his core. But then, he knew why she did it, he could understand her so well. Although knowing everything, his reaction was as she wanted.

"He is an awesome boy, apart Arjun and you, he is the only one so close to Ravi," Ashika said lovingly.

Ravi nodded, "I am reserved kind of person, you see."

"But you accepted me so well," she was surprised.

"You are family already," he said sweetly as he patted her head, blessing her as she blushed, understanding the meaning.

All sat in the hall to watch the movie. Their parents sat for too, they were on double couch. Whereas, Arjun, Riya and Neil sat on three seat couch, with Riya in the middle, making Arjun ireful.

He was fuming as he saw Riya and Neil chatting freely. He relaxed as her head dropped on his should half an hour later.

Without giving any hoot to the rest of the people, mainly Neil, he scooped her in his arms and took her to his room. He knew he was being selfish but he had not other way, he could not sleep without her with disturbed mind.

The trio saw the couple leaving and gave thumbs up. "Your turn," Ashika told Ravi, who nodded and stood up.

Arjun tucked Riya in the bed and was about to get under the blanket too when he heard a very soft knock on the door, he assumed which was not to disturb Riya.

Cooing her properly in the blanket, he went to the door. As he opened it, he saw his father, with a serious expression. "What happened dad?"

"I want to have a talk with you."

The severe look on Ravi's face was worrying him, so he followed him out to his study.

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Hope you have pressed like on the previous post;)

CHAPTER 17-Continued

"Hey Sharon, happy birthday," Alia hugged, her moral down but she schooled her expression perfectly.

"Thank you sweety," Alia and Aman gifted her. Both had come together, regardless their argument. He had still not given her a reply. 

Alia and Aman moved toward drinks, they both took soft drinks and sat in corner.

Her inside burnt as Aisha came and hugged Aman, her eyes burnt. And as to make a point, he had hugged her back, keeping his hand on her back.

She didn't matter him.

She controlled her tears.

She went to sit in a corner, distraught.

"Hey sweetheart," Alex called out for her. 

"Hey Alex," she gave him a smile, and a hug, he quickly saw through it.

He sat beside her. "What happened?"

She shook her head, "Nothing."

"You know you can tell me," he said insisting, he was a good friend of her.

She swallowed the lump. "He doesn't love me anymore."

"Who? Aman?" He erupted in laugh.

"This is not funny," she berated him. "I told him, I can't see him with someone else and see he went ahead to have a dance with her."

"Sorry sorry, but the truth is, he loves you but he is taking you for granted which is not good at all." He admitted, looming his arm around her. "He will understand now." He put his arm around her to provoke Aman.

And as he said the words, Aman was beside her in a nanosecond. 

"Told you," Alex winked at her and left them, to deal on their own. And she got the trail.

Alia ignored Aman's presence, feeling too heavy emotions. "What were doing with him? hugging and his around you?" He was boiling.

She was baffled, her tear came out, she wiped it quickly. "This is the height. It is ok, if you go and hug and be close to your friend, who also happens to be your ex-fiancee, but if my friend hugs me and puts his arm around me, then it is wrong. Stop being an hypocrite. Anyways I am done with this party, I am going," she said gravely and marched out.

He saw her disappearing figure, his heart paining and he understood her than, feeling so horrible. How terribly he had behaved when he saw her with Alex and Arjun, few months back then how could he say now that the closeness was fine someone else, he had been so tempestuous and had behaved so meanly with her. He had to make it up to her.  He loved her and just a few months, he had started talking her for granted. The guilt was appalling.

Oh God. She left. He went berserk, rushing after her.

He saw her walking in the corridor, he saw her hand wiping her face. She was crying, all because of him.

He failed. He had promised never to make her cry and here they were not even married and he broke his promise.

Hurrying to her, he went in front of her, stopping her, her tearful face broke his heart in pieces. He held her hand and knelt down in front of her, not caring how much people looked at them.

"I am sorry, so sorry," his eyes looking into hers with remorse. "I feel so ghastly for having behaved this way. I promised you, I will listen to what you want, I promise to understand you, because you matter to me so much, you are as important to me as much as my breathing is important to my heart. I am sorry, I promise you, there will never be a third person between us.  I promise to prevent tears in yours eyes. I love you so much. I take an oath today that I will fulfill all my promises. I will be a better person for you," he said so earnestly.

She held his hand, tugging him up and hugged him, weeping on his chest. "I feel so hurt seeing you with another woman, your hand on her, it kills me."

"I am sorry baby and I assure you, it will never happen again," he kissed he hair.

"You are scaring me dad?" Arjun finally spoke after waiting for a while.

Ravi took a deep breath and asked him, "What do you want Arjun? Do you want Riya in your or not?"

The questioned stunned him, he had never thought to this question. Although, he was trying to distance Riya from him but the reality of it shook him. Riya would never be in his life if he let her go. He felt a horrendous pain in his heart. He looked at his father helpless.

"Tell me Arjun, because I don't want Riya to suffer because of you. One minute you want her away from your life and the other minute you are claiming her," his father's tone was dry now. "Neil told me everything that happened in the fort. He wants to know if you are serious about her, because if you are not then he would fight for her and marry her... that Neil wants to marry with my daughter-in-law, your Riya, because of your stupidity not to confess your love and the mishap," he said bitterly.

Arjun had a gruesome look at this. Riya his only his.

"So if you don't mean to keep her happy, if you want to keep on going with your madness to hide from her than retreat back. You have no right on her anymore," his tone hostile.

Arjun gasped. 

"Think about it finely because if you don't reply me by the end of the Sunday then trust me, I would not let Riya enter in your room or in vicinity," he said sternly.


"You can't play with her feelings if you don't mean to give her any right," Ravi's voice dismayed. "And as your father, I will only say, don't to let her go."

With crushed heart, Arjun left the study room and went in his decorated room, sorry boards screaming on his face. He averted his eyes and looked at her.

She was sleeping there so peacefully. I don't want snatch your peace but at the same time, I feel so selfish," he cried and went to her, he took her in his arms, maybe for last time. He entangled their fingers. "I don't know, I really don't know if I am wrong or right, but your life with me will be filled with insults. I have no evidence to prove my innocence. I would not be able to see people pointing at you and say that you love a criminal, that your husband slept with someone else, that I am drug dealer. If I am unable to persuade my innocence, I would be jailed and baby, I can't see you in that state, he wept in the veil of her hairs as he confessed the truth in his mind, the same words that refused to be uttered from his lips.

As if understanding his pain, she tightened his hold around him, comforting him.

Whole night, he hugged her and cried silently, her hold not loosening even in her sleep.

Their last night together as he taken his decision.

He would move back, giving her way to happiness.

He couldn't not sleep, he was just gazing at her, capturing her beauty as tears were constant. Before she was awoke, he disentangled himself from her and removed all the decorations.

The evening came so fast, as all were busy in the doing the decorations and last minute checking. Riya saw Arjun distant from her since morning. When she had waken up, he had already been ready and out to help.

She tried to talk him once but his replies were curt. She felt angry. She had to talk him.

Enough was enough, he had to reply her.

Arjun was not immune to his surroundings, he watched everything with burning sensation. He loathed seeing Riya with someone else, but he had to stay put on his decision.

The guests would soon start pouring in, Ashika told her to get ready. She rushed in her room to get ready. An idea clicked in her mind. She went to her wardrobe and rummaged it to find the perfect dress. Putting those on her bed, she saw the connecting door, it was slightly open. Of course, last night, he broke that resolve too, this was hope.

She opened the door and went to his side. As she heard the shower noise from the washroom, she realized he was in there. She sat on the bed waiting for him.

Her breath hitched as he came out, wrapped in his towel only. 

Bafflement of Arjun was clearly visible, as he was fumbling on his words. "What... are you... d..oing here?"

"Seeing you, you are hot," she winked at him. He was about to back in the washroom, but her hand held him still. "Don't run."

He looked at her with a raised brow. "You should be ashamed to be here." Keeping his emotion intactt, all he wanted to do was to pin her against the wall and ravish her lips to show his jealousy. He had been deeply jealous to see Neil with Riya but he had stopped himself, for her happiness, making his heart bled.

"Tch... Not ashamed but embarrassed," she blushed but nonetheless, her other hand rose, her fingers lingering on his torso, he gasped at the erotic sensation. "I will waiting for the truth today," she said.

He came back to sense but not pushing her away, "I will not say," he was determined.

Ignoring his words, she continued, "I am going to sing a song and I want you to complete it. Afterwards tell me the truth."

"I will not complete the song," he said firm on his stand.

"If you love me, you will," she said with conviction.

"I don't," he said, pretending to be cold, hurting her but this was needed.

"We will see," holding by his nape, she lowered his head and took him in a heady kiss. "You are mine, only mine," she kissed again and bite his lip to leave her claim.

He let, for the last time, he consoled his heart. A bittersweet pain of the bite left on his lip.

Before they knew, the party had started, only close relatives had come, and they had agreed with them not to say anything to Riya. Arjun felt her presence but ignored her and busied himself with the guests. But as he saw most of the men's gaze upon her direction, he veered to be befuddled, she was wearing the gown he gifted her, she looked so exquisite.

Riya took the mic and said, "Good evening everyone, this is a special day since uncle and aunty got married on this auspicious date. Happy birthday uncle, aunty, hope you have many more anniversaries to celebrate with each other, filled with love, happiness and peace." she hugged them. 

Ravi and Ashika cut the cake, feeding Arjun and Riya, as the servants served the others.

They were given the gifts and soon all sat down for a moment of relaxation, whilst others got on the floor for a dance, Riya even dragged Ravi and Ashika, all hooted for them, Arjun smiled, happy for them.

Just to see the green monster, Neil had asked for Riya and she had agreed. 

Just to provoke him, Riya had agreed. She hoped this would make him realize what he was loosing. And he had the look in his eyes that yelled to kill, she saw it. He clenched so hard the glass and she could not take it, so she excused herself from Neil. His pain was hers, and calmed on its own.

A little later, the lights went out. Dims light switched on, spot light on Riya, she looked regal, holding his guitar. She started strumming the guitar,


Teri galliyan galliyan teri galliyan
Mujhko bhaave galliyan teri galliyan
Teri galliyan galliyan teri galliyan
Yun hi tadpaave galliyan teri galliyan

Aa.. aa.. aa.. 

Tu meri neendon me sota hai
Tu mere ashkon mein rota hai
Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai sila tu mere dard ka

Her gaze fixed on him, he stood rooted.

Mere dil ki duaayein hain..
Teri galiyan... galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan
Teri galiyan galiyaan teri galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaavein, galliyan teri, galliyan..

She ended the note such, waiting for him to continue but nothing came, instead he walked away, toward the garden, his eyes filled with tears. Her heart burst in several piece and tears leaked down, she was boiling in fury.

To be continued...

So here is chapter 17. What is your take? 
So Now you  know why he was doing this, do you think he is right?
Some of you were right <3 ;) Hope you liked it.
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awesome update 

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oh god...!!! so this has waht has who the hell did this with sure his evil frnds...

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Omg did you just left us hanging?? 
Need a quick soon as possible update of next part

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