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Thanks a loads once again guys. 
This chapter is split in three parts.

CHAPTER 21A: Last Chapter

After putting a bandage on her neck, the white coat woman looked up, flashing a smile at the worried man. "How is she doctor?" Arjun asked her with tension.

"She is as fit as a fiddle, nothing to worry about," the experienced doctor assured him. He looked so much in love with her patient, who was no less affected. The love was reciprocated from both the sides. May God bless them and ward off any devil eye.

"Are you sure? I mean if it is needed, we can hospitalize her?" Arjun said with concern.

Riya simpered and held his hand, "I am fine Arjun, I really I am, I can't stay here anymore," she pouted.

"You have done enough of orders, now hush," he quieted her tenderly, while she pouted like a berated kid.

The doctor chuckled and said, "As I said, there is nothing to worry, it was a small gash, she didn't even need a stitch, the person didn't have the intention to harm her as of yet, fortunate her. She has the green signal to go home." Saying so she left.

Riya glared him, while huffing. "Sorry for reprimanding you in front of her but your health comes first, more than you being angry on me," he replied sincerely as he tuck back the fringe of her hairs. He slid his hand to her bandage, so tenderly, as if she was a china doll, his fingers lingering, his heart filled with pain and eyes with tears.

Looking the myriad of expressions in his eyes, she cupped his face and said, "It is ok, I am fine. This is nothing to save you."

"This is why I didn't want you to put yourself in the red zone," he stifled a sob. "It hurts more to see you hurt. I am sorry," he wept, putting his head in the crook of her shoulders. "I am sorry," she enveloped him in her arms, comforting him.

"Baby, I am fine," she kissed on his hairs, calming him down. "Everything is alright now."

He rose his head, looking deeply in her eyes, his eyes so seering, so deep, "But what if something happened to you, I could have never forgiven myself." He lowered his eyes to her bandage level, his finger again there, capturing in her pain, her sorrow. "This happened because of me, so sorry," his lips replaced his fingers. "You don't deserve an ounce of pain, so sorry," he murmured all the while, as he placed a trail of kisses, and she moaned, wounding tightly her arms around him.

"It is ok sweetheart," she mumbled through the high density passion, through the naive kisses.

"Oh," he exclaimed, "I said I won't kiss you until you forgive me, but at this moment, I need to feel you so badly, so forget this one," he said and in instance, his lips were over her, both ravishing each other, to feel they made it, they were alive.

They kissed each other, fervently, crazily, forgetting any pain ever existed. Arjun slid his arms around her hip, holding her softly, so carefully as he mouth sought more of her. Riya moaned as she trailed her hands in his hairs, pulling him more in, she wanted every ounce of him. Whilst, he held her lovingly, kissing her passionately nonetheless, ravishing every bit of her.

His hands lingered to the hem of her top and slipped his under it, her body was so cold, but strangely warm for him. He rubbed her bare back to give her some heat.

"Hmm," she groaned wildly, biting his lower.

Wild cat. He thought amused and kissed her as crazily. Caressing her hips. Nibbling each of her lips, so earnestly. Teasingly, he pressed his tongue, between her lips, tantalizing her senses. She rasped, opening her mouth, for him to enthrall.

"Oh!" He mumbled through the kiss and kept on getting enraptured by the delight of the love, as he took complete access of her mouth, their tongue played tango with each other, he memorized each curve of her mouth. She was perfection for him.

She gasped.

Both parted as they were thoroughly kissed, out of breath, her quivering lower lip, rested between him. Breathless, she said, "I will never forget this," her eyes dilating in tizz.

Leaning back, he scrunched his eyes at her as he was still dazzled for a moment, the fact not dawned upon his, but he realized, he chuckled. "I love you so much, princess," he kissed her temple. "And I promise, you will forgive me soon."

"I wish so too," although she had already forgiven him as she could not stay angry at him for longer, specially not when he had done all to keep her from pain, and he had well learnt his lesson, she just wanted to look what he had planned. 

"Ahem Ahem," a familiar voice coughed behind Arjun. 

"NK," Arjun rolled his eyes, and rested his forehead against Riya's.

NK chuckled heartily. He had entered after having a talk with the doctor. And as he entered, he regretted immediately, yet relieved that he didn't witness the kiss, but he was no fool, not to see Arjun's disheveled hairs, or Arjun's frame covering Riya.

He was overjoyed for them.

Arjun stepped back from Riya, who wiped his lipstick covered lips with a smile set on her face, while he rubbed of her smeared lipstick.

Taking a deep exhale, Arjun turned toward NK, with a glare prominent.

"What bro!" NK exclaimed, exasperated, "I didn't see anything. I just am intelligent enough to know what happened," he winked at them, Riya flushed, hiding in Arjun's back.

"You moron!" Arjun picked the first thing that came in his hand, a folded sheet and threw it on NK, who had already scampered away.

Riya vibrated with guffaw. His inside filled with mirth, seeing her happy. He veered toward her, and embraced her. She winced a little, as her neck pained slightly, "Are you fine now?" He tucked back the strand behind her ear.

"Yes," she flashed a big smile, filling him with joy.

"let's go home," He side hugged her, fondly.

They arrived home and his parents hovered over Riya. "What happened to you Riya?" Ashika was so worriedly, her eyes misted.

"Nothing, I am fine, just  a little gash," she acted nonchalant.

But Ravi didn't buy and took the same liberties, he took with Arjun. He pulled her ear, and said, "Don't try to be over-smart," he warned her.

"Awee papa, I am not," she winced, cutely.

His heart overwhelmed, hearing 'Papa' from her. She bit her tongue and looked at him apologetically, her brown orbs, afraid that he would have minded. "Don't," he said warily.

"But!" She tried to speak.

"Don't say sorry, it will be an insult to our relation," he cupped her cheek, who was elated.

"Thank you dad," she hugged him.

"May God bless you," he patted her head.

"Not fair dad, you never pamper me?" Arjun complained.

"Oh yes, you need fair treatment too," Ravi said with realization and pulled his ear as well.

"Oww, it hurts," Arjun hissed, while all chuckled.

"Come here," Ravi took him in a hug as well, not forgetting his wife behind.

All sat on the couch and with Riya beside him, Arjun told everything to their parents. Who were startled. "So Much happened, and you didn't tell us?" Ravi sounded upset.

Riya walked to him and knelt in front of him, "Papa, when we got the lead, we were not sure, we didn't want to crash your hopes; now that all is settled, here we are, telling you everything and from now on, there would be no more hidings."

"Having said all, despite my disappointment, I am proud of you both. Together, you both are a force to reckon on." he was happy for them.

"Ravi is right, it is the mistake that teach us, but they don't define us, and Arjun, you have left long back your mistakes, you both have every right on happiness, like every human." She said with love in her eyes.

"Thank you mom, dad," Arjun placed his head in Ashika's lap. "You are the best mom, dad."

Ashika and Ravi looked at each other with pride in the look, and abundant love.

It was Sunday, the last day, Arjun browsed over the net for some idea to apologize, and he came across something very exciting and that gave him another idea too, something he had experience in for his school project but had not done again since few years. He was so enthusiastic, jumping in happiness.

The oomph factor all planned out.

He would put the later plan first in motion, he was feeling glorious of his plan. 

Oh, he squealed, he had loads to do and such a less time. He was glowing in happiness.

"Riya Gupta, soon to be Riya Arjun Suryakant Rawte, you are in for a huge surprise," he thought with immense mirth. He looked at the connection door, which was loosely closed, he held the handle, "But for that, I have to be away from you for some hours, it is going to be painful." he closed the door and locked it, and the same for the main door.

As soon as he started, he heard a knock on the door, "Ma don't disturb me, I am busy."

"What are you so busy in?" Came the melodious questioning voice.

"Riya, don't disturb me, I am so busy," he said cheekily.

"Open the door," she hissed, not pleased.

"Nooo," he said casually.

She humped and went away. While, Arjun giggled, he knew she would forgive him after this. He had full faith.

He looked at her countless pictures. "Just few hours," he drew his finger on the photo.

"Aunty, where is your son busy?" Riya entered in the kitchen and took the vegetables to cut. Riya's eyes rest on Arjun's door.

"Must be planning how to ask forgiveness from his beloved," she teased Riya.

"Aunty," Riya flustered.

"Ahan, that is not done, you are calling Ravi as papa and me as aunty? Bohut nainsafi hai," Ashika said dramatically.

"Ma," Riya said hugging her dearly.

"Welcome to the family," Ashika hugged her back with a smile. "I always wanted a daughter but good, I didn't have one, because she would have left me one day, but my son is bringing me a daughter."

"You see, I will take your son and away from you," she winked at Ashika.

"Just keep him happy," Ashika patted her cheek.

"Aww Ma," she hugged her. "To be honest, on long run, I want to have my family, no doubt, time to time, I would like to have my privacy with Arjun but I would stay here," she kissed her cheek. "Just keep loving me, don't become a bad, evil, mother in law, just be my ma and I will always treat you as a daughter treats her mother."

"I will be always your ma. You know why, because Arjun's happiness resides in you and once a parent understand this, there would be no ego issues, or dominating issues. In this house, you can live with your wish as openly as in other place, eat what you want, dress as you like, because you will be a daughter of this house and I trust you. I don't want to load you with unnecessary traditions and responsibilities." She simpered, delighted.

"You are awesome," she hugged and said, "now let's prepare meal, I am hungry." She passed her hand over her belly, making Ashika chuckled heartily.

After several hours, around dinner time, Riya was desperate to see Arjun. "Ma! this is height, why is he still busy?" She twitched her lips displeased.

"He must be planning, something really special," Ashika assured him.

"But, what is so special, that he can't meet me, I miss him," she pouted lopsided.

"You are lucky, you are still in the same house. Ravi and I had to sneak at each other," she said with shrug.

"Oh ho, Ma had a love story too," she winked at her. "Ma, tell me what is needed to have a till the end marriage?" Riya asked her, intrigued.

"When both sides are willing, that is needed. Both have to give a little, compromise a little, understand each other. If one keeps on demanding, and other giving, this will fail one day. The only way to make it work, is to respect each other, trust each other, be honest to each other and loyal to each other as to yourself. Pour out your heart and always listen to the other one. This marriage phase won't be easy, a few days or months from now, you will be remorseful that why you married, then, just look at Arjun sleeping and you will know. Because you want to fill each other's life with peace and happiness but your ego is preventing that. Fight for what is right, but don't let your ego come in between little arguments. if you both are not understanding each other's point, just calm down, and then with your love, come to a solution," Ashika said patiently.

"This is so deep," Riya was awed.

"Just always remember, you love each other," Ashika patted her cheek.

"Thank you, Ma. Now let me go and see what is he upto," Riya hugged her and rushed upstairs.

Whilst, Ravi who just came out of his room; had heard their conversation, was truly touched. He went and placed his hand over her shoulder. "You are an exceptional partner."

Ashika looked at him; stunned at first but then smile, "So are you. You always allowed me to do a job, live the way I want and I think this space has allowed me to love and respect you even more. You never found reasons to dominate me. We just worked out to make it work," she kissed his cheek, who smiled deeply and both looked at Riya's figure going far.

Riya huffed to his room. "Enough now Arjun, open the door."

"Not yet," he tried to send her back.

"No, open now," she ordered, frustrated. She wanted to see him.

"Baba, just give me ten minutes," he requested.

"Nooo!" She shrieked. "Now."

"Please wait," he said sternly.

"Oh ouch," she hissed in pain and in an instant, the door was opened.

"What happened?" His eyes clouded with fear, he looked over her, scrutinizing her properly. "Are you fine?"

She shook her head with a pout, "I didn't get to see you since so long, I missed you." She hugged him.

"You scared me but you are sweetness," he hugged her.

"What are you fabricating inside?" She asked impatient.

"A surprise," he replied.

"I wanna see now," she said adamant.

"Ok," he succumbed; "but in my way," he winked at her and took her scarf.

"Are you going to blindfold me?" She asked him, with a frown.

"Yes," he winked at her and blindfolded her meticulously. "Now let's go," he took her in the room. "Just wait here, for me to open the knot," he instructed her.

"Yes boss," she chuckled, waiting excited.

He completed the last bit and walked behind her. "As I open you blindfold, count till three," he explained her. He untied the knot of the blindfold.

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CHAPTER 21B: Last Chapter- Continued 

He completed the last bit and walked behind her. "As I open you blindfold, count till three," he explained her. He untied the knot of the blindfold.




Her eyes opened, she gasped as she saw around, she was dumbfounded in positive way. With happiness, she looked at him, her eyes glimmering with love and pure love.

"Arjun," she smiled earnestly and ran to him, taking him in pouncing hug.

She was feeling so overwhelmed.

The room was filled with darkness, just the walls emanating light.

Her eyes still fixed on his gift. A huge setting on the walls. On one side, there were his pictures, that he took for her, holding his hairs, or doing cute things, formed in a form of SORRY, in a same big frame, illuminated with LED.

And the other wall, left her even more speechless, her eyes glimmered with mirth, their pictures, were settled in I LOVE YOU Riya shape. She was befuddled. "I am so over the moon," she squealed, as tears of happiness shed from her eyes.

He wiped her tears and said, "not tears," he kissed her temple. "So am I forgiven?" He asked lovingly.

"Should you be?" She teased him.

"I hope to be," he replied with a hopeful smile.

It melted her heart. "You were long back forgiven, but mister, no hurting me again," she glared at him.

"Never ever, soon to be Mrs Riya Arjun Suryakant Rawte," and he captured her lips for a kiss.

Oh they were hypocrites, telling Aliya, not to kiss Aman but here, they were insatiable.

They parted. "We should not," Riya uttered the words. "We should control our feelings, our desires, our kisses are becoming so addictive," she admitted.

"You are right, I will wait. Where we waited this much, a little more should not matter," he kissed her temple. "Besides that, we have to set example for our kiddos," he said cheekily.

"Right," she nodded, happily and both cuddled in each other's arm on his bed, starting on the I LOVE YOU illuminated wall, with their so ethereal pictures. They were reminiscing the old moments, laughing over them.

"Let me do your cleaning," Arjun said, caringly, looking at her bandage.

"I am fine," she huffed, rolling her eyes.

He kissed her eyes, "Don't tempt me to shut your mouth in my style," he winked at her, making her flush. "Now come here," He pulled her in his lap. "See here," he said gently.

"You are becoming so dominating," she pouted.

"When it comes..." he was interrupted by Riya, "your health, then yes I will dominate you," she mimicked him.

"Alright, so now you will copy me?" His jaw dropped.

"Yes, after all, now I am going to be Riya Arjun Suryakant Rawte," she winked at him. "Now enough of talk, do my bandage," she said with attitude, making him giggle. "You look good, so carefree," she kissed his forehead and took the medical aid kit from the drawer. 

Armaaan took it from her and removed the bandage, "it is healing, but hope it does soon," his eyes turned sorrowful. "So sorry, I should have been able to protect you," he kissed her injury, making her gasp.

Cupping his face, she said looking in his remorseful eyes, "that is over, the nightmare is gone, now it is time to make our present and future, don't let it go waste with guilt. Yes, use the guilt as to avoid the mistakes in our coming life, but do not make this guilt an obstacle in our happiness," she kissed his forehead.

He simpered elated.

So lovingly, so tenderly, he did her bandage, while she bit her lip to hide the stinging pain.

"You can wince or hiss, so I can be more careful," he berated her, infuriated. And finished her bandage.

"Ouch. Aww. Ohh. Ahh. Ouch. Aye..." she said all the expressions of pain she could remember at the moment, with perfect pained expression.

"Drama queen," he chuckled and tickled her softly, making sure not to hurt her.

"Haha," she guffawed freely.

"My baby," he hugged her, close to his heart, where she placed a warm kiss.

Two days had gone by, Riya's project was about to complete in a day and two, her bandage was removed too, she was fit. After paperwork, with the presence of their confession, Arjun was freed from the charges, Ashok and Raima were sentenced to jail, along with an official hearing within a week, where Arjun would have to give his testimony against them.

The whole family was delighted.

Arjun and Riya was eagerly waiting for her parents, they still had not delved their dates of arrival, while Arjun was distraught about their reaction.

The room was engulfed with darkness except the enlightened walls, with their pictures, in form of I LOVE YOU.

Silence resided in the room, only the rhythm of their heartbeat resonated in the room.

"I know they love me, but they will be angry, and maybe upset too, what if they don't let us get married?" He was laying on the bed, with his head in her lap, as she sat with her back against the headrest. Her one hand ruffling his hairs, the other was entangled with hers.

"I know them, for them, our happiness matters the most and besides that, we did nothing wrong, in fact they will be proud of us, like Ma and papa," she assured him as he played with her fingers.

He halted, and looked up in her eyes, shining in the light of the LED emanating from their pictures. "Are you sure?" He asked unsure.

"Are you doubting me?" She said, arching her brow.

He let out a boisterous burst of laughter, she felt her heart jumping in joy, seeing him so carefree, letting bygones be bygones. And his cachinnation so infectious, caused a cackle from her throat too.

As the laughter subsided, he rose her hand to his lips and pecked it, "my life was so meaningless before you entered in it. Our squabbles, our challenges, our friendship, our cordial conversation, our love for photography and soon our love for each other. Those thousand of scribbles of your name, contained a dream about us, for our life together. Those were no just mere name, it was a life I have foreseen for us, if you allow me in your life, will you?" He asked, earnestly.

"You have got entry in my life long back, we will live each dream, of yours, of mine, our dreams," she tightened their hold. Waiting impatiently for him to propose her, but he had better idea seemed like.

"I am starting again my work in dad's company but before that, I have something important to ask from you?" He looked at her intensely.

"I am happy to hear it, and ask me whatever you want," she pulled his cheek, he glared at her rubbing his cheek, but loving all she performed on him, all she bestowed upon him.

"Do you want us to settle here or in London?" He asked, in casual tone.

She looked at him with bemused gaze, "few days ago, mom and I were having the same discussion," she informed him. 

"What did you say then?" He took both her hands in his hold, close to his heart.

"That, I need to stay with you here, with Ma and Papa," she kissed his forehead. "I am like a common girl Arjun. A dream for good, loving, understanding, caring and respecting husband, kind parents-in-law. I don't care if we are here or in London, I just need you beside me. Just take me to meet my parents whenever I say," she said seriously.

He was amazed. "When you say, princess," he kissed her cheek. 

"Once every month," she said cheekily.

Hearing her, he laughed heartily. "whenever you say, as I already said, I will not even mind shifting there if ever you decide."

"Acha ji, mister, don't be over-flattering, husbands change after marriage, I know it," she said with a twitch.

At her expressions, he guffawed infectiously, that she too couldn't help but smile, "You are here, to take me back on the right track. And I don't even take it to my ego, to be scolded by you, you are an exception, after my parents," he replied looking in her eyes.

"Good boy," she pulled his cheek, while he pouted.

Laughter roared in the room, tensions were over, and happy times were here.

Friday morning, a very bright and shining day was vain in the eyes of this young couple, so in love.

"I am going to miss you," he caressed her cheek, both sat in the car. She was going away, for a whole week, away from him. He didn't know how would he stay away from her for so long.

She had become an important part for him. "You are coming there soon too, won't you, Aman?" She asked friskily as she hugged him.

"Yes Aliya, but It has become a habit to see you at least every second day and I can't wait to have you with me for 24*7," he kissed her forehead.

"Me too," she blushed. "These three years would end soon too, and we will get married," she tilted her head and looked at him, so lovingly, that melted his heart, anything he could for her, gazing in her eyes, he knew it so surely.

"Take care of yourself, WhatsApp and call me everyday, whenever you want, and if it is emergency, even when I am my part time job." He cupped her face tenderly. "I will miss you," he engulfed her once more in his arms.

"I will miss you too," she came out of the hug. "You too take care baby," she simpered at him. "Now let me go and don't make me wait for you. Life is incomplete without you." she kissed his cheek. "bye."

Her eyes moistened. He wiped the tear that leaked, "Don't, or I would not be able to let you go."

She sniffled and said, "I know I said, we will wait for our marriage, but I guess, since we are engaged we can kiss at such occasions," she bit her lips, making him laugh.

"Aww, my baby wants to kiss me," he teased her.

"Stupid," she whacked on his arm, he laughed but at the same time, grasped her carefully from her nape.

"And you have every right to," and he took her in a seering kiss. Something they needed badly.

"Hmm," she groaned, and he ruffled her hairs. "Aman," she mumbled through the kiss.

After a nice, passionate kiss, they moved apart. She was blushing deeply. "Now go, or I will not let you go," he said dismayed.

"Don't be agonized, smile, ear to ear, because that is what will keep me going,"  she kissed his cheek, "Bye..." and she stepped out of the car, while he followed her, they walked to her parents, who had given them some privacy.

And soon they boarded the plane, to give a warm surprise to their daughter, planned by both of their parents.

Friday night, the Gupta family minus Riya, who was already there, arrived in Rawte mansion.

Shree pressed the bell, excitedly, to meet his sister and Arjun, who had become a brother to him so effortlessly, soon to be brother-in-law. He was so elated with this development.

Aliya and Shree, likewise, their parents, always saw their chemistry, their tuning, their love, while they could not till real later. It is said right, from near you won't realize it, but the people far from it, would see all clearly.

"I am so happy, I am done with the shooting," Riya jumped on the bed. "I can't wait for mom dad, Aliya and Shree to come here." She was overjoyed. She loomed her arms around him.

"You look so good, being so cheerful," Arjun admired, as he pushed back the fringe behind her ear.

"Majority of my happiness evolves around you, never make me sad again," she warned him. Although she was sure he would no repeat the mistake again, but the pain she had gone through when he did all was just too heart wrenching, and she was afraid to go through it, ever again.

"Never ever." He promised her, kissing on her cheek. "Now come, have dinner," he lifted her in his arms by her legs; and deposited her feet on the floor.

She stared at him, feeling her heart so affectionate for him, hand in hand, both moved down.

Every happiness was on their feet, if they were together.

Just as they reached down, and were about to sit down, the shrill tone of the bell resonated in the house. Ashika was about to stand up, "Ma sit, I will open," Riya rushed to the door, like a bundle of joy. Arjun giggled admiring her enthusiastic form. She could elevate his moral at any time.

"OH MY GOD!" Arjun heard her shriek and got worried, he sprite into a wild run to her.

Whilst, his parents shared a knowing smile, happy to have arranged this surprise.

"Mom, dad," Riya squealed and hugged them, so delighted, her eyes filled with tears of mirth. "I am so so so very happy," she was overwhelmed.

Arjun's knocked out breath, regained its stability as the person came in his sight. "Aliya, Shree, Uncle, Aunty," he was delighted. He greeted the little ones so gleefully.

"Bhai, finally you confessed," Aliya said gayly.

"Had to," he winked at her and welcomed Riya's parents. "Namaste," he hugged them, as was their routine.

They were a family.

Arjun's parents took the cue and met Riya's family, they were enchanted by them. All spent a cordial time, and finally, all sat to talk, "we brought so many gifts for you," Shree said so sunnily.

"Yes, you are going to love it," Aliya added. Excited to show the gifts selected by them.

"You guys should have dinner and rest, although I am really curious but gifts can be distributed later," Riya patted her cheek.

"But, I was so looking forward to do this," Shree cuddled in her arms.

"Kiddoo," she pulled his cheek, who gave her an annoying look. "Let's at least have dinner, you look so tired," she said ruffling his hairs, he pouted at her mushy sibling love.

"Riya is saying right, the food is served, let's have dinner," Ravi seconded Riya.

Reluctantly, Shree and Aliya too joined them as Riya dragged them with her, making sit each of them at either side of her, Arjun was speechless, he was side kicked. With a grimace, he went to sit in front of her, she would have to pay for forgetting him.

He was up for any cheesy tactic.

Although, all being said, he loved seeing her talk so animatedly. All started to eat, he pretended to eat too, but in reality, there was mischievousness in his mind. He took out his feet from his slipper and slid it to her leg, which was not so far away. He rubbed her ankle with his toe.

She jumped electrified, coughing on her food, her eyes watered. "Di, what happened?" Aliya knead her back, to control her coughs.

"Riya, here," Arjun gave her a glass of water, he didn't anticipate for her to have such a severe cough. 

She drunk the water gratefully, as she relaxed, she remembered what actually happened and she glared at him, furiously.

"Sorry," he uttered in her ear.

"I am fine," she blushed as she was still quivering from his touch.

All regained their places and this, she involved him in their talks too as she had got the message too by his kiddish act. She was bemused. He needed her all the time and wanted to be needed too. In her excitment, she overlooked him.

Too bad, she would never repeat it again, even for a second. Not that she ever forgot him, but she did got sidetracked for a moment.

After dinner, they gifts distributed, all were having a gala time, taking in the glory of the ecstatic time.

"You are sweethearts," Riya hugged her siblings, as she tinkled the locket that the adorable pies gave her. It was heart shaped locket, with Arjun and her photo together inside. And they had given a photo locket to Arjun too but of a book shape.

"Yes, this is a perfect gift," Arjun hugged Shree, and patted Aliya's cheek.

"If there is a perfect gift, than I wonder, what would be called ours?" Shashank said delighted, getting attention from ever present persons, although, all of them, except Arjun and Riya, knew about it, but the moment was special for everyone.

"Really papa, what are you gifting us?" Riya sat beside him, as Shashank engulfed in side hug.

"We, both of your parents, are gifting you your wedding, now it is upto you, if you want the gift within two week or after six months?" Ashika said, cheekily.

"Six months, no never, I can not wait that long," Arjun retorted, baffled.

And he became laughing stock for the family and Riya blushed beetroot, hiding herself in her father's arms

"So it is done, the marriage of the two will happen in two weeks," Ravi announced and all hooted.

"Althought we anticipated this, but now that the moment has arrived, I can't believe, my princess is getting married," Padma kissed her forehead. "I am happy your life partner is none other than Arjun. May your life be filled with happiness."

"Thank you ma," she kissed her cheek. 

But before that, they had to tell them one important news, that they wanted to tell them since long. This could not wait more. Once again, as per their understanding, Arjun and Riya shared a look of worrisome.

Taking a deep breath, Arjun started, "We have to tell you something, something really important. We," Riya stood up and marched to him, her hand on his shoulder, giving him comfort, he held her hand, close to his chest.

"You are scaring us Arjun, Riya," Shashank expressed.

"Raviji, Ashika, I hope everything is fine," Padma put forward her worry.

"Everything is fine now," Ashika assured them. "Let these two tell you this information."

Shashank and Padma nodded, whilst the kids looked thrilled, although concerned.

Taking the cue, both of them, started to tell the reason, one by one, the Gupta's were dumbfounded, speechless.

"I can't believe you both hid from us," Shashank was furious.

"You should have told us," Padma agreed.

Both looked at her parents with guilt, head lowered.

"Papa, I know bhai and di would have told us, had we been here," Aliya defended them, even before anyone could talk.

"Yes, Ma, both of them love you so much, they didn't want to worry you, being so far," Shree said, as he looped his arm around Arjun's waist.

Padma went to Aliya and Shree, who were sitting beside their favorite siblings, and pulled their ears, "already siding up with them."

"Oww, ma, it pains," Aliya was the one, making more noise, for suffering the pain.

"I am really lucky to see so much love between all of you," Padma blessed them. "What do you say Shashank?" She looked at her husband.

"I must say, I felt hurt knowing this so suddenly, but as the kids pointed out, I can see why they did it and I am proud of them," Shashank smiled at them, with pride in his tone and eyes. "Welcome in the family Arjun. And you know, I don't need to give  you any threat or advice like some parents do, because I see love and determination in your eyes. You are not the one to just love, but also to fulfill all the responsibilities, high and lows that came with it. And for the rest, I am confident of my daughter to handle you. She has done a remarkable job." Shashank said earnestly.

Arjun's eyes shone with happy tears, to be accepted. He never knew till a year back that this could be his ultimate happiness.

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Hope you have pressed like on the previous posts ;)

CHAPTER 21C- Last Chapter

The next was a big day, where he would give her a memory to last forever.

"Bhai, I am so excited," Aliya sneaked in his room

"Shh, she can barge in anytime," he shushed her and both sat on the couch.

"Don't worry, I told Shree to make her busy with him," she stuck her tongue.

He rolled his eyes,  "How is your Aman?"

"Bhai," she complained, but the smile prominent. "He is fine, missing me badly and eager to come here as soon as possible."

"I am glad he had come back on the right track," Arjun said gleefully.

"All because of you," she hugged him. "You are the best brother. Every girl should have a brother like you, who don't demean them, don't dominate them, or impose their rules but understand them, care for them, protect them, love them and you are all of that."

He felt myriad of emotions in his heart, these were the gem of people who made him a better person. "It is you all, who made me the improved person that I am today. Thank you."

"We didn't do anything, you were a good person and that is why you realized your worth soon," Aliya chuckled. 

Shree too barged in after a while, making sure to be discreet. "I am feeling so impatient, bhai," He was jumping in happiness.

"Weren't you suppose to look at di from coming here?" Aliya asked arching her brow.

"My second name is not stupid," he huffed, with a grimace, while Aliya threw a pillow on him.

"No kiddos, no throwing the stuff around," Arjun warned them, brotherly.

Both looked guilty, "Sorry."

"That is ok," he smiled, "where is Riya?"

"Aunty took Riya and Ma with her, to get some stuff from market, although Riya was glancing back all the time."

"Come here, and talk slowly still," Arjun instructed Shree. "We don't want your super intelligent sister to find out our planning. She has some awesome timings."

"Yes," Shree nodded and joined them on the couch. "Wow bhai," Shree was stunned, seeing the work on the wall. "Sorry and I love you, incredible," he was really amazed.

"Oh," Aliya was startled, she turned and looked on the wall, she was speechless. "Wow, bhai, this is... mesmerizing. " Her eyes glued to the wall.

"Why have you still not removed the sorry one, although you look really cute?" Shree questioned, curiously.

"So that I remember my mistake and don't repeat in future and for Riya to know, I will never hurt her ever again, not intentionally and try to avoid smarting her unconsciously too. Kiddos, doing mistakes is life, we are human, what matters is we learn from it and don't repeat the same mistakes," his eyes gave the doorway to his heart, so soulful, that they expressed it all.

"Bhai, I am really feeling proud of you. Because most human commits mistake, some worse than you, you were still human, but the real deal is to redempt, to made amends. You did it all. You are changed man," Shree observed.

"What is going on here?" The familiar voice chirped, quizzically, snapping their attention to her. Riya stood there, with a frown.

Arjun gave them a look, how he was right about her timing. "Riya, come here," he marched to her and grasped her hand, and took her with him to the couch and made her sit there. He sat beside her, Shree on his other side. "We all are planning to go for a movie, but I was telling them, I have to talk out with you before confirming the plans," he told her, coming to their main plan.

"Yes di, we all want to go, with mom dad, uncle aunty, it is going to be fun, say yes," Aliya hugged Riya.

"You have become crazier after falling in love," Riya chided her, pulling her ear.

"Di," Aliya pouted, crossed.

"My bacha," she side-hugged her. "Of course, I would go." Aliya hugged Riya, really elated and high-fived Arjun and Shree.

The first step of their plan was done.

The second started not so later, The Gupta's and Rawte's entered in the crowded theater, most of them were from their family from either side that Riya didn't notice as Arjun, Aliya and Shree busied her in their talk.

Riya knew the people from both side, she had met Rawte family on the wedding anniversary of Arjun's parents and her own family a few days after she had landed in Mumbai. They had been delighted meeting Arjun and had even hinted the obvious.

Arjun sat beside Riya, near the end of the row. He held her hand, as if it was the most natural thing, making her blush as her siblings hooted for them, while their parents chuckled. "Arjun, stop embarrassing me." She hit on his shoulder.

"I know you love it, I can read your eyes, and your gestures," he tucked back her ear behind her ear lovingly.

"Arjun," she whined, hugging him.

The movie started, while all of them talked in hushed tones, Arjun and Riya had a silent romance, as he didn't want to embarrass her, these were their private moments. As the interval was about to come, Arjun moved near her ear, "Riya, I need to use washroom urgently," he said uneasily.

"Are you fine?" She asked worriedly, her eyes demonstrating it.

"Yes, just blade is full," he kissed her temple and stood up to go, she looked at him admiringly.

And finally the third and last step came, the final master stroke. The interval started, the screen blackened, and the shock came.

'WILL YOU MARRY ME Riya Gupta?' was written on the screen in white color.

"Oh My God!" she was speechless.

If the previous arrangement was enlightening, heart warming, this was out of the world.

Her eyes filled with tears, she was so so happy that even worlds could not express. She was speechless, her hands on her mouth, happy tears shedding.

Wiping the happy tear, her gaze swiveled to the spotlight, Arjun stood there, with a little change, he was wearing a coat over his casual, looking outstanding.

The sight and the anticipation of the upcoming proposal, conducted her heart to thunder wildly. Her face was colored red with blush. Another spotlight settled on her, she stood up, quivering slightly, high on emotions.

Arjun started to walk up the stairs, leading to her, her breath knocked out. "I, Arjun Suryakant Rawte, propose you today Riya Gupta, to become my wife, my life partner, not just for some months or years but for eternity and you make me believe that. You are the only one to handle me and my haywire ways, which have been sorted for a lifetime," he was near her chair. "Will you make me lucky enough to be your husband? Will you marry me?" He went down on his knee, with a ring a his right hand.

"Yes... yes," she chuckled, with trepidating heart. She was overwhelmed and feeling afraid for her heart to burst.

He slid the ring and hugged her, the whole hall roared with claps and hoots. Riya's eyes widened in further bafflement, their whole families were there. She went crinsom red.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" All squealed together as they were too many to go ahead to felicitate them, the movie was to start again soon.

Riya and Arjun were over the moon and thanked them, flustered by the commotion but giggling in happiness but they were no longer calm enough to watch the movie, they needed sometime along to absorb the news. "I know you won't be able to concentrate on the movie, go on, enjoy, be back home soon, we will be waiting for the proper engagement party arranged and you are still not married." And all laughed on their expense.

While, ignoring them Arjun, whisked her away.

They walked for a while to his car, without a word, he was getting worried, what if she didn't like his way to propose in front of everyone, instead of a private moment. "Did you like it?" He asked her, curiously, as she was so silent, her eyes down.

"I am overwhelmed," she said, her eyes rose to his, filled with tears.

"Baby," he cupped her face. "I did this to make you smile not cry," he lamented.

"I am happy," she simpered, sniffling. "I feel too happy. It is a glory. It is every girl's dream to be proposed in front of her family and the entire world, to know that someone loves her that much is so special. To be acknowledged in front of everyone, it means you accept me as your better half, although I know you have accepted me since long, but this... this..." she was speechless.

"Is out of the world, spectacular," his finger linger on her cheek, "like you, the shine of your eyes, the curve of your lips, the purity of your heart, everything about you. I love you," he kissed her forehead. 

"I love you too," she wounded her arms around his neck and captured his lips for a kiss.

A bright future waited for them.

The final hearing was over, the decision was announced, Ashok and Raima were punished and Arjun was fully freed, even got the chance to put claim against them for the emotional harassment, yet Arjun was over them, he just wanted them to be punished by law and he had let them go without any financial demand.

"Bring the bride," the priest ordered.

Riya was brought down by her sister and cousins, she was glimmering with happiness, her eyes lowered with shyness. A sight to behold. A dream to capture forever. She was the bride and the view would be immersed forever in his mind and heard.

He was mesmerized by her beauty, she was looking ethereal, an angel sent on earth for him. His eyes were only on her, for that night and every moment to come in their life.

Arjun was in love and nothing could change it.

He loved her with all her perfection and flaws. He would do all he could to make their marriage work.

Meekly, with a blush, she slight tilted up his head and saw admiration in his eyes. No other praise could compensate with it.

She love him with all his perfection and flaws. She would work do all she could to make their marriage work.

Before they knew, they were married with all rituals. They were wife and husband, both looked at each other with pride and satisfaction. Now no one could separate them on the name of society as they were since the last two weeks, staying in two different house. It was hell on earth.

Seeing the duo in a eye-lock, Aman looked at Aliya, "I can't wait to have you look at me like this."

"I always look at you so lovingly," she retorted.

"No, by the time, we confessed, you say I love you so rarely," he complained.

"Aww, my baby, wants to hear I love you," she teased him.

He rolled his eyes. 

"I have loved you. I love you and I will always love you," she said with a smile.

"I have loved you too. I love you too and I will always love you too," he smiled widely at her. He side hugged her, just wanting this years to pass away soon, so he could marry her, his sweetheart, Aliya. He was blessed to have her.

That night was the special night for the newly wedded couple, who were already one emotionally, but today, they had gone to another level.

Her legs were wrapped over  him as he moved inside her, his lips playing havoc on her mind, as he devoured her lips and  thrust in her main core. Pouring his love in all ways. They were insatiable.

Both pulling each other more to their own skin, their hands crawling everywhere on each other, his hands' favorite spot bring her peaks. She moaned as he nipped it, but it was slurred in his mouth. He was out of control as he thurst in faster, his mouth moved down to her neck and further down to her extremum, she raked her hands on his shoulder, scratching it, with all the heady passion she was going through. She was groaning, he was sweating and letting out fervent moans.

"Arjun!" She shrieked in pleasure.

"Oh, Riya!" he gasped and finally became to relax.

He laid beside her and took her in a hug. "This was out of the world." his lips on her temple.

"Anything and everything with you is just outstanding," she kissed on his chest, still breathless and trailed up to his chin.

"You have made my world so better," he held her hand to his lips. "We have faced so much. I have changed from a brat to a responsible person. To a jerk to a person who loves his wife a lot. I know I have hurt you so much in the past, but I will make it up to you, you will forget that phase ever existed in out life," his eyes teary.

"It is all over," she wiped his tears. "Let's make new happy memories, void of yesterday's nightmare," she kissed his eyes.

"Thank you, please stay with me always."

"Don't thank me, as now, you have officially binded me with you, and you know I am somewhat very very possessive about my people, you are stuck with me for live" she winked at him, she proppeled on her elbow.

"Oh ho, no way out," he said cheekily.

"Tch! Not for eternity at least," she giggled.

"Nor, I want a way out, I love my somewhat possessive lover," his arms wounded around her waist. "I love you," his hand slide to her nape, bringing her down.

"I love you too," she blushed and claimed his lips, for a frantic roller coaster. Biting and sucking, licking and kissing, they were lost in their private haven.

A new beginning of their life.


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Hope you liked it.
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Awesome ending

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Amazing ending..
Loved it..
Keep writing..
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Amazing ending..

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