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Thanks a lot guys for appreciating this story, I am overwhelmed. 

Important note on page 71.

Next  update hopefully in an hour.

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

Keep showering me with your love guys.

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Important Note on Page 71

Thanks a loads once again guys.


"Can I, please?" She scrunched her eyes in request.

Mukti's lips curved in ear to ear smile, she liked this woman a lot. She had to admit Riya had gut to change Arjun and to fall in love with him. Forget that, Riya went one step ahead, she was fighting for her love. Mukti was not sure till how long she would fight and she hoped Arjun would not over-test Riya's capacity. Mukti nodded, "sure, come sit," she made some space for her on the bench.

"We could not talk much when we met saturday night, I guess I was disoriented.. jet-lag..." Riya apologized as kindly as possible. She could not show her anger no matter how angry she was. 

Mukti scruntinized her for a good moment and then burst out laughing, she could see the amount of difficulty behind Riya's expressions and words. Riya loved Arjun and her, she was acting as his fiance, she must be going through tough time. If she was at Riya's place and Abhimanyu at Arjun's place, she would have beaten him to incognizant state. "You can drop the kindness. I know, the only task you want to do to me would be to yell me and stuff!" Her brows raised.

Riya flushed at being caught. Her cheeks as red as her lips, the very lip she was bitting at that moment. She was perplexed at Mukti's statement,"Am I that obvious?" She asked innocently.

"No, not at being honest but you are obvious at loving Arjun, everyone can see it," she smiled genuinely. "You eyes shine when you look at him, when you see him with him your cheeks get pink with anger, when he stares at you, you blush to no extent," Mukti giggled. 

"You are supposed to be his fiancee, feeling insecure about him from me, then why are you behaving so cool?" Riya bit her lip, feeling weird at such a friendly start. She had thought too literally have a WWF fight with Mukti, she flustered at that thought.

"Insecure about that moron," she threw her head back laughing loudly, she gasped to control the bouts of laughter. "Not in this life..." she flapped her finger "Actually nor beyond fortunately."

Riya jaw dropped, she was simply amazed. This woman talked about Arjun as if she knew him since long, more like a friend or... even a brother, she chided at her thought. "Since how long do you know Arjun? I mean it seems like you know him since childhood?"

"About three years, but it feels like eternity," she joked, agreeing with her.

"How did you meet him?" Riya probed her.

Listening the gnawing in her voice, Mukti pressed her lips in thrill, Riya was a sweetheart. She adored her and she was knowing why Arjun loved her. "Through Raj, who happens to be my brother."

With this new discovery, her eyes rounded, she was stunned. "I never knew." Her mouth hanging down again at the umpteenth discovery.

Mukti closed her mouth. "Arjun has this tendency to do stupid things."

"He is stupid," Riya pouted. "Something happened Saturday night, a week back, something that I should know but no, he is ignoring and has presented you to me as his fiancee," she huffed.

"I wish I could tell you something, but at this moment with this issue going on, he has become his meanest self, he has emotional blackmailed me into this and made me swear on Raj that I won't say a thing," she whined, displeased with Arjun yet replacing Abhimanyu's name with Raj's conveniently or she would be divulging much more information than asked by Riya. "He is grown up but he is the worst grown up kid at times."

"Oh," Riya was disappointed. 

The dull face of Riya rendered Mukti's heart into wariness, she hated it. She should help her some other way. Mukti held her hand, "He took a pledge from me not to tell you anything, but he had not forbidden me not to tell you the gravity. The fiasco is quite serious but not some deadly disease and not such that you would not support him. I am sure you will find about it soon," she assured her.

Riya breathed in relief. At least he didn't have any deadly disease for which he was doing this folly of sacrificing his love, she rolled her eyes." Then why is he not, if is not about me not trusting him?" 

"Because he doesn't want to hurt you. You will support him, I know that. I am fully confident. I earnestly wish I could tell you more."

 Riya gulped and looked at Mukti, whose eyes shew her honesty. "Is it connected to Ashok?" Riya asked hesitantly, yet fear galloping in her heart.

Mukti looked at her not replying in negative or positive,"it will be breaching my promise to Arjun."

But your saying silent on that matter proved me that it is related to Ashok, Riya thought with hope.

"Mukti," Arjun called her from nearby.

"Arjun's call at the wrong time," Mukti sighed, standing up to go and join him. She halted to gaze at Riya, "you are really  nice, I like you, see you around, bye." Mukti smiled.

"Same feelings. Bye," Riya smiled feeling alight as Mukti took some steps away, a thought gnawked her mind that she didn't hesitate putting in words, " Mukti?" Riya stood up.

Mukti stopped and veered toward her, "yeah?" She frowned.

"Are you guys really engaged or whatever?" Riya asked shuffling on her feet, uneasy herself of her question. Not for asking such question but afraid of the answer, even though she doubted the reply.

Love, Mukti thought as she saw in Riya's every expression and behavior, she thinned her lips to control her laughed but gave in. She laughed thoroughly and went away without replying, she had not said anything yet everything through her behavior.

Riya let out the long held breath, that she didn't know she was holding since the initiation of this conversation. She felt alight, she felt fresh, she was sparkling.

She didn't know what was the moot problem but she now knew that he was not going through some deadly disease and that it was not something that would make her not trust him.

She felt really tranquilized. Ultimately feeling fine.

Fine they were not in relation or whatever, but that didn't mean, he could hang around with Mukti all the time, taking her pictures, hugging her or his arm wounded about her shoulder.

She was furious and in trail to kill him.

The first day, she had managed that after cordial conversation along silent confession of Mukti but as the days kept going she was becoming, angry and infuriated.

It had been three days of the commencement of the shoot and he was roaming everywhere with Mukti, eating with her and serving her food, and when it came to Riya, he was giving her very minimal time, except the night time. He faltered though in his mission time and again but he could not give up. She felt angry at that, not this would last longer, she had to know the truth soon.

Right at this moment she was frustrated as how he was guiding her for the photos, touching her arm, for the correct posture.

"Loosen your arm a little," Arjun told Mukti, going for another round of pictures.

"You should stop touching me, she is boiling in anger," Mukti suggested him, as he was guiding her. She respected Riya and her love for Arjun, she didn't want to become a reason behind Riya's pain or tears.

"That is the goal, to put her off-limit," he smirker wearily.

"I doubt, the day she gives up, she will give up on love," Mukti exhaled.

"Life doesn't stop," he commented, convincing himself more than her.

How wrong he thought but she had no argument to oppose him, so she shrugged, tired to put things in his skull head. Sometimes all she wished was to bang his head against a wall, or hit his head with hammer, anything to knock some sense in his mind. But well, she was a peace lover not a violent person.

She pursed her lips, "If it was not for this stupid plan of yours, I would have be enjoying with Abhimanyu, you loser."

"I am giving him some peace, he would be thanking me," he joked, he adored teasing her eyes fuming in anger.

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes. "I am going to washroom," she was about to pass by him, only to be intervened.

Arjun was aware that Riya was seeing them and he hoped this one thing would give her clear message, he hated doing this. He held Mukti's hand and rolled her in, she bumped in his chest, dumbstruck.

"What the hell is this?" she was enraged.

"I am tired of this little games, I can't do more, so hopefully this thing will prevent her from doing anything further," he explained her, lowering down his face and kissed on her cheek.

"That was ruthless act to do. She must be hating you and so do I," she commented, as she was cringing and went away.

"I prefer hate than killing her emotionally," he murmured only to be left startled as the next moment someone held his hand dragged him away.

As the situation actually settled in his mind, it didn't take him long to know it was Riya, he knew her touch so scarletly. "Riya, where are you taking me?"

"Shut up," she said in hoarse angry voice.

He shut up at her tone, she didn't sound her fine self and he didn't want to push her further. He was aware she must be hurt about the kiss he just gave to Mukti but then it was needed, yet if she confronted him this way, how was he going to stay adamant on his decision?

God help me, he prayed.

Reaching a lone, empty alley, she pushed him against the wall and looked at him, her eyes red, tears rolling down. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

"What?" he was confounded and his voice sounded so meek to his own self. He abhorred himself at that moment, tears in her eyes that too because of him.

"Don't behave  so innocent," she held his collar ferociously. "You were kissing her, how could you?" She shook him fervently. 

"She is my fiancee," he replied his trend of the month phrase.

"And I don't believe you," she spat. "You kissed her with these lips," she traced her fingers on his, her eyes still brimming with tears, his breath hitched.


"SHUT UP!  Just stay calm or I won't mind giving you a succession of slaps, which I hate doing, don't provoke me," she warned with her blazed eyes, looking straight in his eyes and he didn't say a word more as he was hypnotized. She pulled him near by his collar, her eyes spitting fire yet her love vivid. "You are mine, these are mine," she claimed his lips in a furious kiss, pouring out her anger, her pain, her torture and eventually her love for him.

Her hands were placed on either side of his head and his arms wounded around waist, to hold her steadily yet passionately. His eyes closed taking all her pain and her punishment, her aggression and her passion. He took it all that she gave, as he molded her body into his.

They never thought their first kiss would be an outcome to an angry moment. She was being a tigress, demanding every bit of him.  The kiss soon transformed in a very intense kiss filled of love.

Her eyes watered again at the kiss, so much was held in her that she felt frustrated, and the kiss just broke that seal. She smooched him again and again yet waited more of him, she nibbled his lips and so did he. She wanted every inch of him.

He felt elated at the kiss, it was heavenly, tears formed in his eyes of euphoria. He needed to cry out loud at this deep emotional feeling. He kissed her fervently this once, ravishing her thoroughly, having forgotten everything.

Out of breath, they parted, their forehead resting against each other, "you are mine, just mine," she said possessively.

"Yours!" He replied in daze and his eyes snapped open as the realization dawned upon him. "I can never be yours," he pushed her away softly.

"I will find out the truth one way or another," she yelped.

"Don't, please don't," he pleaded, still breathless.

She held his arm and pulled him to her. "Then tell me yourself," she ordered him, her eyes requesting him.

"I can't," he averted his eyes.

"You know what, I won't, I won't search for the truth for the meanwhile." She looked at her watch. "We are Thursday about 4PM... hmm, I am giving you till Sunday midnight, you have 80 hours to come clean with me, tell me the truth," she told him clearly. "Because if I find the truth on my own, I don't think I will be able to forgive you easily, but if you do that I will, I know," she sounded sure.

"It will never happen," he said confidently.

"It will," she said with as much as confidence.

"What if I don't tell you," He asked curiously.

"Then, you don't even want to know, right now, I am going really easy on you but then there would be no stopping," she grabbed his collar. "I will know the truth, put you out of the shit that you are so obsessed with and go back."

He gulped down the painful knot in his throat. "You will leave me after finding the truth?" He was baffled.

"No, I will not after finding the truth but after being treated like a random girl," her eyes shone red with rage. She held him by his collar threateningly "And don't you dare kiss Mukti or anyone, you are mine," she plunged her head for another aggressive yet passionate kiss. "Just for your memory." She left his collar, dusting it off.

"I am not yours to claim," he rebuked. Amazed that such a petite girl could be so dominating, had the situation not be so serious he would have laughed at her zest.

"Who are you to lie? huh?" She mocked him. "As this heart of yours," she placed her hand over his heart, on the chest, "It beats erratically in my presence. These lips," she traced her index on it, "They respond to me as if we belong to each other  so just drop the pretense."

"For God sake, I  am engaged," he grasped her shoulder, really drained.

"And I am married to Shahid Kapoor," she rolled her eyes. "Don't touch her or kiss her or actually not even someone else too," she warned him and went away. 

Arjun exhaled deeply at the lioness.

Had he really thought she would leave his trail after the kiss? How wrong he was, she had become even more fierce. Before at least she respected their distance but now it didn't matter her an ounce. She was fierce lioness, unstoppable.

Just as if he crossed a line not meant to, his eyes widened, he had actually crossed the line.

How could he kiss Mukti? Even if it was friendly peck? It was to show Riya that he was moving on with Mukti. He had betrayed her. Wasn't that what he wanted? to make her feel betrayed, make her hate him but why the realization stabbed him so horribly.

Raking his hand through his hair, he left the location to get some much needed breath, he would come back to pick her up.

Mukti paced in the room, blazing like a lion, her hands behind her back, entwined, her eyes glaring nothing in particular but him time and again.

She stopped and gazed at Arjun, she slammed her hand on the desk. "What is the problem with you?" she demanded an answer.

"I am sorry," his head was lowered. He had just came home with Riya and Mukti had come there too, Ashika was pleased to meet her. Mukti along Arjun went in the study room while Ashika got busy pampering Riya. 

Meanwhile, He was getting a good lashing now. 

"Your sorry won't do anything. How can you be so stupid?" she reprimanded him. "Listen Moron, if you want to keep this so called charade on, keep your hands in your pocket and lips in your zone or I will smack you next time," she was really anger, she was not even able to meet eye with Riya the whole afternoon. 

"That was just a cheek kiss," he said embarrassed.

"You did that to make her put off, to show that we were intimate.You idiot, duffer," she picked good amount of books and threw them on him.

He dodged, feeling even more guilty. "I am guilty ok, I feel so awful already. Please stop making me more," he put his head in his hands, as it ached horribly.

"Then stop doing this nonsense. I don't even feel sympathy for a headache in my life like you," she admonished him and left the room, the door thundered at her exit.

He looked at the door, scared at the intensity of the door close yet in sorrow. What was he actually doing? No one was pleased with him. Was he doing the right thing.

The door opened five minutes later, Mukti stood there with a twitch on her lips and her eyes scrunched. "You can be a duffer but I can't stop caring about you. Take this," she handed him hot chocolate along headache pills.

"Thank you," he felt touched and took what offered to him, emptying in a go.

"By the way Riya sent through me. I am going now," she told him and left him, he was a little better but the remorse all the while alive.

"Riya still cares about me no matter how much I have hurt her. What if she stops loving me?" he dreaded the obvious that he wanted.

"I have to make Arjun realize what he is about to lose before it is too late," he sighed and picked up his mobile. Exchanging greetings, he said, "Listen, I need your help,"

"Sure anything," came the cheerful reply.

He explained him everything and then asked, "Can you come here by tonight?"

"Don't worry, I will manage to come there tonight."

"I will wait for you." The tension lines disappearing from his forehead, he felt reassured.

"I will not disappoint you, uncle."

"I am sure of that, you are the best," he chuckled and hung the call, satisfied of his decision, he heaved a relaxing breath.

To be continued...

So here is chapter 15B. What is your take? 
Some revelations happened, so more with each chapter, but at least you know good amount of the things. And, I love you all so much.
What do you think actually happened?
Keep on pouring the guesses some are right to an extent.<3
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
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Awesome fantastic update
cont soon

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There first kiss
Can't believe arjun hurt Riya like that
Update soon

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the first kiss
love it
cont soon

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wow, ariya's first kisss...

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nice  update
love it
waiting  4  next  part

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