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Hope you have pressed like on the previous post;)


She halted in shock. She had stopped hoping, so devastated she was, this words were acting as balm. She swiveled toward him, with red eyes, tears rolling down, her lips quivering, her hairs disheveled. She was very upset and angry with him, but this gave her a little hope.

He sauntered toward her, capturing her face in his eyes, reprimanding  himself, he made a pledge never to hurt her, no matter what. He cupped her face and finally confessed, "I. Love. You. I only love you Riya."

"Why?" She sniffled and it turned to full fledged weeping, as she hiccuped, she was overwhelmed. She gave him a tight slap, that echoed in the silence of the night. "Why did you hurt me so much?" She punched his chest, tightly, she slapped him harshly, pouring her pain, her hurt. He took it all, holding her in his arms, as her tears drenched his shirt and his tears fall on her head.

He crumbled on his knees, defeated. His head resting on her belly and she tried to push him. "I am sorry, I have been so bad, I am sorry, I am sorry," he mumbled softly.

She pushed him back, like a tigress, the act made him stumble but he gathered himself, he deserved it. He stood up. "TELL ME WHY HAVE YOU BEEN HURTING ME SO BAD? WHY?" She was feroce. "It hurts so deeply... so badly... It literally kills me... Why?" she wept, in hysteria.

"Please stop crying," he tried to go near her but she pulled herself back, not let him, she fought with him, struggling but he managed to hold her, he hugged her tightly, calming her a little. "I will tell you everything, I promise. As it is, I felt hiding it would save you from pain but I was wrong..." His core shook, she was going to be hit by the car. "I am sorry," he repeated again. 

She shoved him away snarling, "TELL ME NOW!" She demanded and he got it, he had no room for negotiation.

"Come," he held her hand and picked her up in his arms.

"LEAVE ME," she yelped, angrily, she was cross with him. She trashed herself. She slapped, punched and hit on his chest and fact.

"Never, calm down please, I will tell you everything, now," he said and walked inside the gates, she folded her arms against her chest and looked sideways, he smiled despite the situation, the damn mess and pain submerging everywhere she hit, his fast was even bleeding with her blows but he didn't care, it was nothing in front of her agony. 

Through the back way, he took her to the terrace. He placed her on the swing. "Wait for me, I will be back in five minutes."

She averted her eyes, showing her anger, he had said pretty mean stuff and she was not going to be easy on him at all. "I am not waiting," she said warily.

"Please," he said longingly and she pressed her lips annoyingly.

With heavy heart, Arjun walked to him room, he opened his wardrobe, he picked the aid kit and then unlocked his locker, he took out a manilla file, containing the horror of his life. With a sigh, he closed the locker and wardrobe, he went to Riya.

There was no backing out anymore.

She was still sitting there, not looking pleased. 

He went to her and knelt in front of her, he took the antiseptic as he begun saying, "I am sorry. I am extremly sorry but you tell me what should I have done? I have failed you. I have loved you not since today but from a long time, you have become my reason to live... but still I got trapped in this maze," his beautiful eyes filled with tears, he wiped her blood and bandaged it. 

She didn't have heart to rebuke him and she didn't want him to stop speaking.

"I was so happy you know, working to establish my self, saving money to open our own photography agency, to buy a little apartment when we would want a littletime away from family or even if you wanted to shift there. I was even thinking to shift to London if you wanted but all was ruined... All. I didn't find myself worth of you," he sniffed. "I am stuck in such a mess, that you would be dragged too. But still what I did? I hurt you so badly," he put his head on her lap.

She cupped his quite bruised face and asked, "Tell me clearly," she felt fear. Her heart hurt at his bruises, she took the aid kit and did his cleaning, his heart warmed.

He gasped for breath, he looked in her eyes with raw pain, "I have been accused of molestation and drug dealing," he gave her the file.

Her hands halted, Riya's breath hitched, unable to believe her ears, but she completed her task, buying some time, with anxiety gnawing her, still trying to emerge in the words he just uttered. 

Once done, with shivering hands, she opened the file and her heart shattered, there were several obscene pictures: Arjun was kissing a woman, he was holding her arms tightly while she cried, he was forcing her. There was CD too, she assumed the pictures were extracted from the video.

"Tell me everything, every single thing," she demanded, her eyes stoic.

"Remember, I was talking to you the day Ashok came, he apologized and invited me on his birthday in his house, I had agreed," he told her.

She remembered vividly.

The Saturday night, just an hour before he had to leave, he was still in lazying mode, talking to Riya. He was not really excited to go to the party,all he wanted was to have a peaceful night with her.

"Arjun, get ready. What are you going to wear?" Riya asked him as they talked on WhatsApp.

"I don't know. Wait, come on skype, I will show you the clothes section," he suggested and she agreed.

Both logged on skype and he switched on the cam, his heart melted as he saw her innocent face. Although they talked the whole day yet he missed her terribly. I wish that we meet soon, living without you is like hell, his heart beat in agreement.

He saw her smiling widely as she saw him, he was glad that she was happy seeing him... Seeing him. He was over the moon.

"Now show me," she said enthusiastically, feeling like a wife.

"Ok, here," he opened his party wears.

She looked carefully at all the clothes that he had, he had quite a loads. "How about semi-formals, I love them on you," she said shyly.

"Oye hoye, praising me," he teased her.

"Shut up, and obey,"  she said tongue in cheek.

"Your wish is my command," he played along.

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes, highly. "Now listen, wear denim jeans, hmm, you turquoise shirt with a coat." She imagined him in that and the vision was too sexy. Could she allow him like that among other woman. She shook her head sighing, she trust him.

"Now go get ready," she ordered him.

"Ok ma'am," he winked at her. "Should I take the mobile in shower and put it so you can see me?" He pulled her leg.

She gaped, "you have become so shameless, take your mobile but switch of the cam," she said innocently, making him chuckle and switching off the camera. She would wait to get married to him to have that view, she blushed.

Getting ready in semi-formals, he sent her his snaps making her happy. A while later, she hung the call once assured he was ready as her mother called her for help. 

He had gone to Ashok's house. He had planned to leave in half an hour. "Happy birthday man," Arjun congratulated him, along a gift.

"I am happy to see you here," Ashok said with a smile.

"Hey man, here take some drink," Benish said.

"No, he won't, don't force him, give him some cocktail, soft drink," Ashok reprimanded Benish, slyly, only if Arjun had recognized then. Ashok was just playing safe. Innocent at the front and devil on the back.

He was the kind of friend that anyone would cry over faith. A honest enemy was way better than a backstabber friend, only if Arjun knew Ashok's reality.

Arjun had gladly taken the glass, without knowing what hiccus was going to be created. The chaos that would turn his world upside down.

Sipping the content of orange juice, Arjun was messaging Riya, about random stuff. Some woman approached him too, but he refused gently.

After half an hour, when he decided to finally leave, feeling bored, the affect of the drug started to begin. He was wobbling in his march, his view blurry, everything was going around in his mind, speechs slurred slightly.

"Hey what happened man?" Ashok asked.

"Ashok, my head is spinning," Arjun slurred with atrageous pain.

"Oh, you must be feeling dizziness as you are coming in a party after so long. The party smok must be too much for you. Come I will take you in a room," Ashok volunteered.

"No, I want to go home," Arjun refuted, he had promised Riya to call her tonight, as always.

"Arjun, you don't seem well now to go alon and besides it is my birthday, I can't leave right now to drop you, please understand. As soon as you feel well or the party is over, I would take you home," Ashok said gently, although he was at the edge of his patience but he had to take him in a room, not to make other alert of this. "Here lay down," he placed him on the bed.

"I don't remember anything... But I know I can't do this, how can I when I love you. God. If I have done this, I would prefer dying," just as he said this, he received a tight slap.

"just shut up, shut up, you are mine," she said in anger, holding his collar, pulling him for a intense furious kiss, ravishing him, claiming each bit that she could get on in the lip kiss.

After a tango of their tongues, they moved apart feeling breathless. "Mine, all mine," she mumbled with headiness. Biting his lips, pouring her pain and her anger, her aggression.

"Yours, all yours," although he didn't know if she really meant it. "But why are you not reacting to this?" He questioned.

"Later. Tell me what happened the next day?" She demanded him.

He looked at her fondness, he loved her so much. No matter how much slaps he got as he deserved all of them. Instead of kisses, he had earned these. How stupid of him.

"I woke up the next morning, I was naked, just covered by a sheet," he felt ashamed, his head lowered, tears rolling down.

The morning as he woke up with the first rays of the morning, he was laying there, the bed-sheet covering him, and whimper from nearby. He was baffled. What was happening?

He tied the sheet around him. He looked for his clothes and found them scrambled on the floor. He quickly wore them and went to the source of the voice, to be flabbergasted, there sat a woman, Ashok's girlfriend, Raima, in her torn clothes, bruised on her shoulder.

He gasped, leaning against the wall. No this could be happening.

"Why Arjun? I am your friend's girlfriend, then why?" She was weeping badly.

He went berserk, "You are lying nothing happened, no, I am right, this can't happen, I can't do this," he was sure of it. He loved Riya, more than his ownself, he could not betray her. No I can't, he was fervent, raking his hairs, holding them in tight grip, his scalp hurt, to remember the events but all was blank. No I didn't...  No I can't... He chanted, his heart thundering so violently, as if going to burst.

A knock came on the door. Arjun didn't know what to do. She wept more. "I am going to be disgraced for your mistake."

Arjun went to open the door hoping to find Ashok and tell him what was his girlfriend saying. Ashok stood at the door.
"Arjun, have you seen Raima?" Ashok asked worriedly.

Arjun pointed toward the door of washroom. Ashok sighed and went there too be stunned. "Raima," he ran to her and hugged her

"Ashok," she broke down. "Ashok, what will I do now, he raped me. It hurts..." She hiccuped.

"Ashok, I didn't do anything," Arjun defended himself. "I can't do it, you know me right?"

"Have you looked at her state Arjun? How dare you?" As Ashok was about to punch him, he whispered in Arjun's ear, "Nothing happened, I planned all, I made love to her whole night, so aggressively, she was having fun," he smirked at him and continued to hit him, as Arjun stood there stunned, blood drained, pallid but relief that he didn't do anything.

"Why?" Arjun mumbled, as he took the hold of his collar.

Ashok whispered discreetly, "Money. Give me 20cr and this ends."

"I won't," Arjun roared.

"Then welcome to hell," he delivered a punch to Arjun, who fought back, as he was sure of his innocence, more than ever now.

Everyone still there gathered there, police was summoned. 

Police arrived there and arrested Arjun, even though he protested, he shouted that he didn't do anything. "I didn't do anything, trust me."

"All proofs are against you," the officer said and he was dragged in the police station.

Arjun begged the officer to call his father, who came there as soon as he got the news. "Dad, see what they are saying, I didn't do it, I can't do it, you know dad, I can't betray my love..." He was behaving frantically. "Ashok did all this," he confided in his father.

Ravi splayed his hand on his cheek, his heart cried seeing the bruised condition of his flesh. "shh, relax, I know you can't do this." He was sure of his son. "How are you sure it is Ashok and not someone else?" He asked with a frown.

"Dad he confessed,he wants money, he wants 20crores, I was such a fool to believe on him again. Oh God, how am I going to face Riya?" He was in a mess.

"You are not at fault, she would understand," Ravi said encouragingly.

"Dad, if I am not proved innocent soon, she will be dragged in all this, people will taunt her because of me... How could this happen?" he was livid.

"Shh, everything will be fine," he patted his cheek.

"Mr Rawte," The lawyer called.

"Yes," Both looked at him.

"Your son can't be freed before tomorrow, as it is Sunday today, we have to wait tomorrow morning," he said apologetically.

"Arjun, I am sorry, being your father, knowing your innocence, I have to wait till tomorrow," he descended his head.

"Don't be guilty dad, it is not your mistake, my dad doesn't look with lowered head," Arjun told him, controlling his own disoriented emotions. "Dad, what about mom?"

"She knows nothing as of yet," Ravi said tormented.

"Sir, she would know soon, there is media outside," the lawyer informed remorsefully him and Arjun's heart grieved, his father would have to bear so much.

Ravi sighed, getting ready to face them, "Don't worry, don't take tension about me, I will manage everything. All I want from you is to be strong."

Arjun nodded.

"Media hovered around my dad for the news, mom got to know it too, she was befuddled. Mom came later, she was disheartened, weeping, but she believed me, she comforted me. I had to stay a night there but my parents were more worried than me, they spent the whole night outside the station and with the dawn of the day, they freed me," he said feeling so emotionally.

"So this was why you didn't reply me for the whole day?" She asked wiping her tears, he went through so much but hid from her.

"Yes," he nodded, feeling low. "I am sorry," he looked in her eyes, his own eyes shinning with tears.

Riya felt really frustrated, too anger. "So this your reason for having treated me like a trash?" She stood up in a flash. He too got on his feet. "How could you? You broke me... how could?" she grabbed his collars, her eyes red in fury. "You hurt me so much, for this? How could you?" She gave him tight slaps in successions. "I wish you had trusted me," pressing him back, she rushed out.

"Riya!" He called out for her, in despair. Tears smeared on his face, more come on their own accord.

He had failed her again. He crumbled on his knees defeated, failed. He was a looser. A sham on the name of lovers.

"So giving up, after tearing her heart?" A voice came, surprising him. Arjun looked up to find Neil, he got on his feet.

"Neil, I am in no mood to talk," Arjun said, deeply upset.

"You will, you have to listen to me," Neil said stubbornly. He had enough of this. He was forced before to stay shut bound with a stupid promise but not anymore. This man, who also happened to be her brother was getting on his nerved and he would get piece of his mind.

Arjun sighed, not wanting to burst on him, "I want to be alone. And anyways, you must happy  that she hates me now. So you can marry her."

Neil guffawed, not believed his cousin. "Like seriously, you are a fool, to doubt on her love. You were idiot back then to hide all from her for her own betterment and you are wrong now to think I would be happy and she would agree to marry me. Yes she is cross with you but you deserve it fully. You only got some slaps and punches," Neil mocked, he had seen it all and he was there after Arjun saved her from the car, his brotherly feelings couldn't hold him back and he had seen all that took place afterwards. 

He was content that at least Arjun told her everything and her reaction was well-served.

"But the truth is, she still loves you and now be a man, make it up for your heinous mistakes, make her happy, make her the same Riya you fall in love, only you and your love can do that," he said casually, walking away with his hands in his pockets, relieved that Arjun had told her the truth.

"Yes, I will," Arjun thought confidently, wiping his tears. Hope in his heart.

"By the way, chachu had called me here, to help out Riya and she is more like my sister, hurt her one more time and you won't just be receiving a punch from me."

"What?" Arjun was confounded.

"This," Neil said as he gave him a punch in his abdomen, not so light punch. This single punch was equal to all the trashing he received from Riya.

"Oh God, it hurts," Arjun hissed in pain.

"Nothing in front of her suffering," Neil shrugged. "Now freshen up, take pain-killers and make it up to her...," he looked at him threateningly, "And don't you dare hurt her again."

"I will never able to hurt her, as I did all this, I died a little each day," Arjun admitted.

"I may try to believe you only if you would prove it," Neil said nonchalantly and walked away.

Whilst Arjun was still in pain of the punch, "He has a punch of steel. But he is right, I deserve it," he sighed. "Back on mission to woo Riya," he winced as the pain shot up. "Need painkiller," he sighed and walked down with the file.

He was determined he would not waste a moment more, he would start right away. They both had suffered enough and now they would be together.

Together forever.

To be continued...

So here is chapter 18. What is your take? 
Some of you were right <3 ;) Hope you liked it.
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
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Awwwsssmmm Update
Loved It
Finally Arjun told Riya everything
Continue Soon
Waiting eagerly for next part
Thanks for the PM

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superb update dear
thanx frd  pm

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Awesome updates loved them both thank you for pm.

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Finally the truth is out
Update soon

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god arjun took so much time to tell riya all the truth D'oh
after hurting her badly Angry
arjun behaved with riya like jerk Angry
poor riya was really heart broken with arjun's every words Broken Heart
oh god riya tried to kill herself Shocked
finally arjun said all the truth to riya
god that demon jerk ashok traped arjun in all this messed up Angry Angry
just want to kill that jerk Angry Angry
riya was hurt that arjun didn't trust her & her outburst was justify
I just love arjun families they trust on arjun even support him & riya also Hug Hug
now arjun in mission to get his riya back Big smile
hope soon ariya will make ashok to pay for his deed Day Dreaming
continue soon
im really sorry kashish for late comment Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon
Thanks for pm

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awesome update
loved the confession part
waiting for ariya reunion
continue soon
Thanks for the pm

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