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Nice chapter...thanks for the PM

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brilliant update

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Update Soon...
Please write a super big update

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Thanks a lot guys for appreciating this story, I am overwhelmed. 

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

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I was mean to post this on Monday but so much is going on, good and bad both. I got a cut on my index finger of left hand :(.

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"How are you going to succeed when you can't even manage to act in front of her as my fiance?" Mukti rose her brow, she was really bemused, this man loved her and still playing this charade game..

"Mukti!" He berated her, warning her.

"I am serious," she replied blowing her fringe.

"I know, even I am in serious condition or I would never have done what I am doing at this very moment," he supplied her with the answer.

"And the only reason I am helping you is because of my brother, Raj, I still don't know why he is friend with a moron like you," she twitched her lips, not too please. "I still hate you for teasing me."

"Yeah show that attitude to Abhimanyu, your boyfriend," he chided her, his eyes fixed in one direction, toward the door.

"Shut up dumboo. Thank him for allowing me to help you out. Now on serious note, you should tell her the truth," she told him.

"I can't, she will be so saddened. I just want her happiness," He said with his heart smarting.

"You are her happiness," she pressed her lips as she replied. She shared a very crazy relation with him, he teased her, he annoyed her but still pampered her a lot. Although they may not have expressed in words but they shared more of sibling relation and she definitely found the current scenario really awkward.

He glanced at her, aloof. Was she saying right? But how would Mukti understand the tumult going in his heart and mind. Riya was his existence, his life and seeing her going through the hell along him? No he could not.

He may sound illogical to others but not to himself, he just loved her too deeply to give her hell. Maybe now she would be hurt by this fiance fiasco but she would learn to live, she would be happy.

Bent on the sink,  she wheezed, her eyes closed, tears rolling down. "Why are you hurting me so much?" Riya was in such terrible pain that no word was enough to describe its depth.

She opened her eyes, which reflected back in the mirror in its red glory, she was smarting so horribly. "Arjun, I know you  don't mean this, but it hurts," she gulped.

With the back of her hand, she rubbed of her tears furiously. "I am trying to be strong, yet seeing you with someone else stabs my heart. Why are you doing this?" Her silent tears turned into weeping.

She cried for some good five minutes until she was able to control her tears. "Arjun, I will not give up, I love you, I do so much that it hurts. I will not give up," she sniffed determined and washed her face, drying it with tissue paper afterwards.

Giving herself one last glance in the mirror, she looked somewhat presentable, she exhaled and left the restroom.

"I am sorry guys," Riya gushed in, Arjun saw her swollen eyes and his heart pricked over and over. He felt pain till the pit of his heart and beyond.

His heart drooped low in the region of its residence seeing the pain reflecting on her face.

"Hi Mukti," Riya said, masking her pain with a smile. 

Oh how, his heart stung at this? he could not express it. He felt like burst out crying. He gulped down the knot formed in his his throat and blinked back his tears.

"Hi Riya," Mukti shook hand with Riya and really admired her for her courage and will to fight back, and especially being the reason for Arjun's change.

They regained back their places and silence overtook on the table. Riya's mobile beeped. 

Arjun- To Be Hubby: Sorry

Riya looked at him with furious eyes and served herself a glass of cold ice water. Soon enough, the waiter appeared with their food. Riya started eating without sparing a glance at Arjun, who sat there fatigued and all he wanted to do was to engulf her in his arms.

After eating their dinner, "Excuse me guys," Arjun excused himself and went out, as Riya eyes followed him.

"He is amazing, ain't he?" Mukti asked her playfully.

"And stubborn like a mule," Riya said desperate.


Arjun came back after a while and sat down. Not so later, the waiter came again with frosted cake piece as their desert her favorite.

Riya took her plate and scrunched her eyes, seeing the upper decoration. In a very cluttered manner 'sorry' was written. She looked up at Arjun, with a frown and her phone beeped, she picked her phone narrowing further her brows.

Arjun- To Be Hubby: I am really sorry.

She twitched her lip at right side in thoughtful manner and typed down a message.

Mon Amour Riya: You will not let me hold your arm, so no need to be sorry and you are right, I am not your girlfriend.

He read it and gave her a pleading look. She looked away annoyed.

Arjun- To Be Hubby: I will let you hold me no matter what.

She closed one eye in suspicion and typed down.

Mon Amour Riya: And what about your fiance?

Her mouth cringed at the word. She hated the it even if it was a lie. She had felt so overwhelmed to see Mukti that she had run away to the bathroom and after good amount of retrospection and encouraging herself, she had gone back to them.

Arjun- To Be Hubby: I will manage that. I am allowing you.

She smiled happily and his heart filled with joy.

How would he take the plan further, when he failed at the very first step. But he could not see a single tear in her eye because of him. He succumbed once again and strangely he didn't mind that, what he really wanted was to see her happy.

Mukti looked at them with an amused smile, she was as good as not being present there and she didn't mind. She would help them a little by taking her leave.

"Baby, I have to go now, mom dad would be waiting for me," she gave him a quick hug and a kiss on his cheek, as she repeated the same with Riya and left.

"She touched you!" Riya blared, poking the fork on the table.

"She is my fiance," he said bemused.

"I don't care," she pouted.

He sighed. "Riya, see, if you can't see Mukti and me together, it is better I drop from coming with you," he said casually.

"Over my dead-body," he was at her side in a blink at her words, yanking her up.

"Don't ever say that," he warned her. She felt touched and nodded. "Good," he left her, little disoriented. "Let's go home."

"Ok," she agreed as she was too drained out. As they stood up, she entangled her arm with him, he looked at her incredulously but laughed despite himself, allowing her to do that as he had given her the permission just a while back.

Sure Riya knew how to grab the opportunity.

The same routine happened that night, Riya insisted watching a movie or talking to him and they ended up sleeping on his bed, in the most decent way. Her fingers ruffling his hairs as he slept peacefully and when he woke up in the morning, he shifted her comfortably. It was such a fine routine that both adored and none touched Mukti's topic.

The following dawn, Raj came at home, Riya was delighted meeting him. "Hey Raj."

"Hey Riya, what a pleasant surprise, how are you?"

"I am good, what about you?" She asked him as both sat on the adjacent sofa, while Arjun was still in his room.

"I am fine. We are going for basketball," he informed her. "Do you want to join?"

"Will there be other girls?" She scrunched her brows.

"No, only we men," he shrugged. "One or twice in a month, we friends gather to play games."

"That is cool," Riya smiled.

"Hey Man," Arjun greeted him with a hug. "Listen, Riya, I will be back most probably by lunch. Take care of you and call me if you need something," he told her gently.

"And someone is forgetting to say bye to his mom," Ashika berated him.

"Mom, I was coming to you. Take care of yourself, I will be back soon," he kissed her cheek and left waving with his right hand.

"He is crazy," Ashika said.

"Cute adorable crazy," Riya blushed as she realized what she uttered.

Ashika chuckled. "That is ok. Even I have gone through this phase. Ours was arranged marriage come love. I used to sneak peak at him, behind pillars and my friends used to tease me till I was red. I used to day-dream all the time," she guffawed at her time, whilst Riya gazed her admiringly.

Riya sat on the side of the couch,"Aunty, can I ask you something?"

Ashika caressed her cheek, "is it even a question to ask," she chided him.

"Are you a housewife on your own will? Didn't you want to work?" She inquired curiously.

"I did work until I was pregnant with Arjun and then, I felt the need to give him my time. Ravi earns enough to fulfill our wishes but still he is glad when I drop by in his office to help him out. I am not really the typical housewife," she winked at her. 

"Do you think Arjun will mind if I work after marriage?" She bit her lips, shyly.

"Not a chance, he has gone after his father but I am sure, even if you earn enough, he would want to fulfill all yours wishes from his income, he is already working on that," she patted Riya's cheek, who was flustered. "I am going in the kitchen to prepare lunch."

"Can I cook lunch?" Riya asked timidly.

"Already taking up the duties of the daughter-in-law?" Ashika teased her but she didn't take it further, as she didn't want to make Riya uncomfortable here. "Come, we will prepare together. Since it is Sunday, I usually prepare one dish along a desert, so why don't you make something sweet as your first cooking in the house," she suggested tenderly.

Riya nodded jubilantly, "I will prepare Kheer, Arjun had loved it when I made it back in London" she informed enthusiastically.

Ashika simpered, Riya's energy was infectious and she felt happy despite the situation. She had come and lightened their house with freshness and happiness. Things were changing around and she had nothing to complain against. She just prayed in all this chaos Riya would not be broken.

"Aunty, where is uncle?" Riya asked as she had not seen Ravi.

"Don't you know, he is the first one to reach at the basketball ground?" Ashika laughed.

"Uncle has gone too?" Riya gaped.

Ashika nodded between the bout of laughter. "He is young at heart. He and his friends join the youngsters too."

"That I see. But next time, we women are going too, now are we?" She asked her.

"Let's do that next time," Ashika agreed and they both felt happy.

Riya and Ashika had prepared the lunch with the assistance of the servants, and they had gone to freshen up. It didn't take much time to Riya and she was back in the kitchen, and saw a servant there. She thought she had to start her search from somewhere and so be it from here. 

If someone knew the in and out of the house were the servants, she had even seen it on the TV shows and it was time to try her luck there. Although, she was aware the servants were loyal to this family but she was family too, right?

"Sarla aunty."

"Yes dear," she replied.

"I want to know something," she said hesitantly, toying with her fingers.

"Sure sweetheart," she smiled.

"What happened last week here?" She asked her.

Sarla, in her late thirties, adored Riya and thought to tell her what she knew. "Ma'am, I don't know much but Arjun had gone to Ashok sir's party and didn't come till next evening. What happened before the evening, I am not aware since I was not on duty that time."

"Does other workers here know about it?" Riya asked her.

"I doubt Riya ma'am. Even if they know they won't say a word," she replied honestly.

"Then why did you tell me?" Riya asked, with a frown.

"Because, I trust you and I like you a lot, you are just like my daughter," she said lovingly.

"Thank you aunty," Riya hugged her, thankful for the little information.

She went to her room in her thoughts, "so Arjun had not returned that whole day.. There is something missing in the tale. Where will I find it? Maybe Mukti?" Her face lightened at that.

As it was, she was convinced that Mukti was not Arjun's fiancee. No fiancee leaves alone her fiance with another woman and she was not wearing a ring too. There was hope and she would not let it slip by, she would run for it and grab it to make it a success.

She had to know about the whole fiasco about that, she had to know what happened that day, the night of Saturday 20th June, a week back. She would have to trail back to that moment in order to reveal the truth.

Arjun was hiding something big from her, that was obvious, even his family were under his oath and now she was on her to the find.


How I am going to interact with her? She wondered pacing in her room, her finger flickering on her bottom lip.

Then her mind shone with realization. "Of course, she is going to be on our shooting outings," she said joyfully, and jumped excitedly.

"I will talk to her as soon as I can," she rubbed her hands in glee. "But..."

What but? Her heart squeezed.

"What if she doesn't say anything as well?" She ate her nail.

You will find some trail anyhow, some clue, some hint, don't give up, her heart did a jig as it told her that.

"Hmm", she nodded her lips pressed in a twitched way. "You are right."

Arjun played basketball distracted. His father, his friends and Arjun's friends were on the court but he had excused himself sitting on the bench outside, too worn out.

He was too distracted to concentrate on the game, his friends were doing so much for him. Raj, Sameer and Azad, his true friends, who stood by side had been trying to cheer him up but he was drawn back in his shell.

Whilst, his friends looked at him with sadness sipping in their heart, "he is no longer the same cheerful Arjun," Azad remarked with sorrow.

"Hmm, but thankfully he is better now," Raj said thankfully. "He looked so horrible two days back, he is recovering."

"Yes, but Raj you should talk to him. It is only people really close to him that can convince him to talk about everything to Riya, only then he will be back fully," Sameer sighed.

"You are right. This lad deserves that lady, but he is too adamant that she would be hurt, little does he know what she would do when she knows the truth later... I have known her, she is fierce tigress. If Arjun is tough competitor, she is no less. She is the woman who changed him, can we except any less from her?" Raj asked with a smile and made his way to Arjun.

"Hey champ!" He slightly sided Arjun, making his own place next to him.

"Hi," Arjun replied absent-mindedly.

"So hell-bent on separating Riya from you?" Raj didn't beat around the bush.

"Yes, as if I have another option?" Arjun shrugged.

"When you love someone, there is always an option," Raj suggested him maturely.

Arjun looked at him and shook his head dejectedly. "I can't!"

"You know she will find the truth on her own, one way or another," Raj pointed out.

Hearing this, Arjun froze but nodded, as he was well aware, "But I will do my best to prevent the reality from her." Arjun stared at him with myriad of expressions. "The situation, the truth is killing me and I don't want her destroy her life, her dreams, her everything. In the state that I am, she would have to fight against the world, bear their insults and humiliation..." His mouth rounded and he blinked his eyes, drinking back his tears. His throat hurt at the pain of keeping the well of tears in himself.

Raj hugged him. "But you know, she will eventually and she is going to be cross with you for hiding such a huge thing from her. She loves you, I know that, her love shines in her eyes for you and she is going to be a hell thing to handle then but leaving your side? Even then?... She will never."

Arjun held his arm and said, "let's hope for the best and that she never gets tears in her eyes."

"I do hope and pray," Raj assured her. "Now come, let's play a game. Or do I need to call Riya?" He teased him, while Arjun looked at him amazed. Raj dragged him to the court. 

The next morning, Riya was dressed for her work, in summer flowery dress, falling til her knees in waves, billowing on her in finesse, wearing leggings beneath them. Her hairs were tied in a simple ponytail, her fringe falling on her forehead. 

Quickly, she smeared sun cream on her face, she preferred SPF 50 one, as it was really sunny that day. Over that, she put her correction cream, to hid dark-circles, she was not getting to sleep much. Applying a quick layer of power to even her face, she smeared her lipstick neatly, filled her eyes with kohl along a slight blush on her cheek, not that she needed any, as around Arjun, or on his mention, there was natural blush on her face.

Nowadays, her cheeks even heated in anger, she remarked dully.

I love you Arjun.

She was blushing at that thought only.

A knock came. "Are you ready Riya?"

"Yes, yes!" She replied hurriedly.

"Don't rush," he advised her, "I will be waiting."

She smiled at his understanding on this matter, she sprayed her favorite perfume, Burberry touch, wound her stole around her neck loosely. Slipping her slender feet in her most comfortable plain sandals, she grabbed her purse and rushed to open the door.

In his casual look, comprised of denim casual fit and navy blue shirt, hairs gelled tad bit, he looked so charming. And his height was perfect for her, he just needed to lower himself a little to capture her lips, but that would take time, she exhaled.

"Come, Mukti is here," he said avoiding his eyes, as he was hypnotized by her look and wanted nothing else than keep admiring her but everyone could not have all the luxury.

She cringed at that name but then she remembered that she had to meet Mukti to find a missing puzzle.

"Yes Let's go," she grabbed him by his arm and marched down.

Mutki looked up as they descended, biting back a laugh. Riya knew well how to claim what was hers, the way Arjun and Riya's arms were locked, there was no doubt in that but she would have minded had she been his real girlfriend, not when she was a fake one.

Anyways, they were a sweet couple and she wished Arjun told her everything but the Arjun she knew, always possessed a tough skull, one he believed something that there was no convincing, except for Riya.

Arjun drove her to her photo shoot set. "Alright, I am joining my team, Arjun come."

"Can we join you later? Mukti and I have never been to this place, let us discover a bit," Arjun smiled, a perfect smile but a fake one albeit.

Riya frowned, her mouth pouted angrily. "Whatever," she stomped and went to take the pictures. Her eyes nonetheless on them, as Arjun took Mukti's pictures and both laughed. Riya's heart burnt.


She snapped out of her gazing. "Yes."

"Is this pose fine in the camera?"

She sighed and got back on her work, she should not get deterred and once she would know the truth, he was going to get the worst from her to treat her this way. She was enraged yet managed somehow to complete that portion of the assignment.

By the lunch time, Riya found Mukti alone. "Hey." 

"Oh Hey Riya," Mukti greeted her gleefully. She wanted to know this woman who had done wonders with Arjun's thoughts.

"If you don't mind, can I have moment of conversation with you?" Riya asked, uneasily, she could not get comfortable with this woman, not when she was the so-called fiancee of Arjun. She muttered some profanities for Arjun's stupidities going on but they loved each other, she knew that and for her love she had to fight. "Can I, please?" She scrunched her eyes in request.

To be continued...

So here is chapter 15A. What is your take? 
Some revelations happened, so more with each chapter, but at least you know good amount of the things. And, I love you all so much.
What do you think actually happened?
Keep on pouring the guesses some may be right to an extent.<3
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
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Luv u<333

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yaar arjun ne aisa kya kya ki riya ko aise dur rakna padraha hai???
i wanna see sherni riya soon who gonna punish arjun for his current behavior
is there anything serious happened in real or was that ashok's conspiracy to get back to arjun
if it's, he is a gone case..
hope riya ll find out the truth soon
awesome update
cont soon

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Awesome super update
cont soon

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Riya is full jelious of mukti..
Now trying to find truth from mukti..
I guess right ashok is behind all this..
May be all this is because of arjun's previous love affairs..
Plz continue soon
Thanks 4 pm

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