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amazing update 

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Thanks a lot guys for appreciating this story, I am overwhelmed. 

Next  update hopefully in an hour or Tomorrow.

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

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Thanks a loads once again guys. I just took some more time as I thought to post the complete Chapter and so worked at one important scene, hope you like it..


"BHAI," Alia squealed on video chat. She was delighted to see Arjun after ages.

"Doll," Arjun chuckled, despite himself, he was talking to her after so long. Sure he chatted with her but this was different where they could talk face to face, It always elated him. "How are you? How is everyone?"

"Superb. You  tell? Bhai, Di went there and you forgot us?" she pouted.

"Me?" He pointed at himself and continued, "And forget you? is impossible. You are my sister kiddo, and I am good." he said heartfully.

"I miss you," she said, tilting her head right side.

"I miss you too kiddo," he said, with hollowness in his heart, he missed the moments spent in London, how happy he was there and he wanted nothing but rewind the time, stay with Riya. "Now tell me, why dark circles under your eyes?" He asked with a frown.

Alia looked at him stunned, she bit her lips, furrowing her brows"How do you always know?"

"We have heart to heart connection, you know?" He winked at her and probed her, "Now come out clean."

"I had a tiff with Aman," she lowered her head.

"Why?" Arjun creased his brows.

"He was talking to Bipasha Aisha, I don't know why she has two name by the way," she huffed, "She is his ex-fiancee, although I know there is nothing between them expect friendship now but it hurt me seeing his hand resting casually on her back," her eyes stung.

Arjun gazed at her, trying to comprehend the situation. "Did you talk to him or burst out?"

"I was too taken by the anger, I..." She sighed.

"Burst," he completed for her but he understood it to some length, didn't Riya burst too so boldy and threatingly too? Everyone had their own way to show their anger. So he knew it was serious matter. "Do you love Aman?"

She looked at him sharply, with her brow narrowed. "Of course."

"Then talk to him. There are off-limits for you as for him, I am sure even he would not like seeing you behave so casually with someone else. If your restrictions are too much for him then maybe this relation is not mean to me."

"I don't want to lose him," she said with tears.

"Would you want to be with someone, when there are only insecurities and pain in your heart? No, right? I want you both to talk out, understand and not keep things within you just for the sake of love. Love is just a word, what love wants to depict is Trust, faith and understanding, along little possesiveness, jealous. You both are supposed to understand each other. If there is not that but just so called love than love itself would be ashamed. Do you want to live in void shell called love but no content there?" He questioned her.

She shook her head innocently.

"Good girl, talk to him and I will pray that he understands you. And I expect you to understand him too, keeping your self-respect intact, not succumbing to all his illogical demands just in the name of Love. Now wipe your tears" he explained her.

"You are so wise," she smiled, wiping her tears.

"Not so," he mumbled as he remembered Riya's words from the previous day and how she had given him an ultimatum. 

"Don't forget to talk to Shree too, he is looking forward to talk to you always, he will be back in hour from his basketball match," she told.

"Don't worry, even I am looking forward to have video chat with him," he assured her.

Whilst, Riya looked at him, standing at the door frame and shook her head, he was one idiotically intelligent person. He could give advice to the whole globe but himself, he was clueless. Let's see what you do by Sunday night.

Yet she was amazed by the way he handled Alia, with him around, she didn't have to worry about her siblings.

Bluetooth fixed around his ear, he stepped out the taxi, a bag in hand that he slung there and taxi driver took out the one in the dickey. As he paid the fair, the taxi went away. He waited for his call to be picked up.

"Sorry for the delay uncle, but there was no flight, had to take train which I got a day late and I am here now," he informed him.

"Chachu!" he corrected him.

"Sorry Sorry," he bite his tongue. "I am here Chachu."

"So let's the fun begin," he chuckled feeling light.

"I promise Chachu, bhai will confess everything to her soon," he assured his chachu.

"I trust you completely. All the best, I will meet you when I come home," he told him.

Disconnecting the call, he sighed and looked at the magnificient house in front him. "I am here."

Although it was Saturday but it was not calm like other days, the scene was no more dramatic than any movie scene. He was trying to button his shirt, while she was not letting him. "Be quick" She dragged him.

"Arey, be patient," he tried to hold her back.

"Arjun we are getting late," she informed him.

"That is what happens when you watch movies at night," he reminded her as he finally succeeded closing his button and put his arm around.

"And who went to bathroom so many times, preventing me to use it on time" she pouted. 

Arjun blushed and raked his hairs shyly, "your mistake Riya!" He said with a frown. Her seduction had not stopped and thus causing him to rush in washroom, he didn't want to embarrass them anymore with his erections, which were never going easy him, around her only.

He was at least thankful that she didn't kiss again or he would have stayed in bathroom only.

They were descending the stairs. "I drive  you crazy, don't I?" She looked at him, he was so close, she could ever inhale his scent without any trouble, oh how she was loved it, it was such an tantalizing fragrance full of aromatic, fresh spicy and special with Arjun's own huskiness.

He was looking at her so intensely, his eyes darkened with passion.

All Riya was to do was to kiss him again, she had not kissed him again after that confrontation. It had been two days. She was too shy too. Even, she didn't know what overtook her then. She was too bold than she could have imagined.  Maybe the jealousy just did that. She could not see Arjun with anyone else than him.. Period. She didn't even want to him with someone else, flirting or being over-friendly, even when they were just friends.

In one word, she was very possessive of him and he belonged to her only.

As she also knew, if not Arjun, then there would be no one for her.

Never again, she would put her heart in the line of fire.

Yet, she knew she would never have to go to that phase as Arjun would not disappoint.

Faith was an important foundation in love and she had full faith in their love that Arjun would tell her the truth on his own before the deadline, Sunday midnight. What she didn't know was how she would behave to the truth.

His parents trusted then the matter could not be too serious. Or could it be?

She knew that he was fine, Mukti assured him but what was the truth, the pain that was hurting Arjun so badly, that he could not tell her and took oath from everyone in family? What was the reality that he had to go to the length to have Mukti pretending as his fiancee? Even the act hurt her, then why was he doing that? 

There was tumult going in her mind, she had no answer to and all she was worried in real was how she would react knowing the truth?

Could that truth be so bad that he hurt her? 

That was what disturbed her. She didn't have any doubt on him but she wanted to know what it that he was behaving this way? and did he have any reason behaving that way?

She hoped that he wasn't going to rile her, make her angry.

As she was thinking about the deadline day, Arjun was thinking on the same line, at first he was thinking to ravish her but then he reprimanded himself yet not able to retract from her eyes. He could not forget what was looming in the corner, he was stuck in a bad mess, and he didn't want her to pull her in.

The situation was not a bed of roses, it was a bed of thorns.

He thought if he should go ahead and tell her the truth. But, she would be hurt and he was sure of that. Yet if he didn't, she would leave him after putting out of the mess, which meant  that she was going to stay here until he was fine.

He didn't know what to do.

Until the disaster in his life, he was planning a life with her in his mind and dreams. It hurt him terribly now.

He was saving money for their future, he had even started going at work with his dad, keeping photography as his side passion, he might open a proper company to cover the events but he thought that for later when Riya would have been him... and again he passed nights thinking what if she didn't want to shift from London and he thought that it didn't matter, he would shift there as long as it meant being with her.

Sameer had joked once, would he not mind going to the girl's country and he had replied, 'No, I would not because there is no life without her,' he knew that because he was experiencing it, each moment being away from her. He knew his parents too would not mind and come there time to time to meet them even if they didn't shift there along them.

His plans had been tarnished just because the maze he was in.

Should I tell her? Should I? Should I not? He questioned himself but looking in her eyes for the response and he saw it... they were saying yes but, he felt the courage sipping out, he was too scared, he could not see her face marred with pain, worst than the current one.

He rose his hand to caress her cheek but...

"HELLO EVERYONE," Came the ever cheerful voice from the entrance of the house.

Arjun and Riya still standing on the stairs, snapping out of their thoughts and moved apart, turning to the door. They went down to have a better look.

There stood a handsome, charming, blue-eyed man, he looked at the same age of Arjun. His black forest hairs were gelled to perfection, giving him a boyish look, dressed in casual to kill clothes. His bag slung on his shoulder as his other bag was laying on his feet.

Riya gasped. "Wow!"

Arjun sprang his head to her, displeased. "Wow?"

"He is handsome... I think I have a crush on him," she said biting her lips mischievously, looking back at him.

He gaped, not believing her. "Here I thought you love me?" He mocked, feeling bitter taste in her mouth.

"See I love you, but I can have a crush on anyone, likewise you too but what matter is we don't stray... And anyways, we are yet to be in relation for me to stray. So I am free bird," she winked at him and looked at the gorgeous man, who was walking toward her.

"Hi, bhai," he hugged Arjun and then turned to Riya, "I am Neil Karan Suryakant Rawte, Arjun's cousin, you can call me NK," he winked at her. 

"Hi, NK," she blushed.

"I am surprised seeing such a beautiful woman in this house," he praised her. "Just tell me you are not engaged with Arjun or something?" He creased his brow.

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Hope you have pressed like on the previous post;)

CHAPTER 16-Continued

"Not at all," she said battling her lashes. She saw it a good opportunity to provoke out feelings out of Arjun. 

"Then, there would be no guilt tripe, May I?" He offered his arm and she effortlessly, accepted it.

Arjun fist his hand and saw them going toward breakfast table, his nostril flaring. He took a few deep inhaling and calmed his mind. Even after knowing that Riya was trying to rile him by the jealousy card, he had succumbed to it.

Yes he could see in her eyes. He admitted she could have a crush but what followed after that was to probe him, to make him jealous. The result was clear, he was JEALOUS and he didn't know how to deal with it, although he knew what she was doing.

He could not even see her pretending with someone else.

And he forgot how she must be feeling seeing him pretending to be engaged. He understood at that moment but what he could do, he was still in dilemma.

Wait a minute, Riya was provoking him but why was NK being so friendly with her? Arjun glared at NK, displeased. But why was he feeling bad? Did he not want Riya to move on? But NK? NOO, he is too immature.

To be honest, he could see her with no one else and would find reason to refute them but would never admit.

"Why are you guys ready?" NK asked her.

"I am here for an assignment, cover the beauty of india for a clothing branch launching here. We have an addition shoot this morning," she explained him.

Arjun came back in the reality and walked to the table like a lion, he hated seeing them interact. "We are late," he held Riya's hand and motioned her to stand up.

"I am not done with my breakfast, you should have breakfast too and also what about NK, we can't leave him alone?" Riya asked innocently, nonetheless, standing up. 

"We will have it on the way, Sunny kaka," he called his servant.

"Yes sir," Sunny came in a gypsy. 

"Pack us breakfast," Arjun ordered him in stern tone, which shocked the servant too but he heeded.

Arjun never acted stern with the staff but he was hating the very moment of his life and had no control over it.

"Sunny kaka, pack for me too, I am going along them," NK said cheekily.

"Neil beta," Ashika came home after buying some stuff from market. "You came and already going?" She frowned as she hugged him.

"Chachi!" He said cheerfully and exchanged greeting with her. "How is uncle?"

"He is good. Now reply, why are you not resting and spending time with me?" She asked him lovingly, erupting Arjun.

Arjun liked his cousin NK generally, but not when his mom showered attention on him and absolutely not when Riya gave him attention. He was once again JEALOUS and he felt he would keep feeling that till NK would be here. He needed to ask him for how long was he here?

He smiled at her. "they are going out for shoot, Riya told me just now, so I want to join them, and if Riya has time to take my pictures?" He looked at Riya.

"Sure, I would love to, my experience says you are photogenic," she joked. "Let's go then."

"No. You should rest at home," Arjun said sternly.

"Hey don't worry, I would not disturb Riya, I will  just wander around till she works," he said casually. "Give me five minutes, I will change and come, I am quite sweaty with the travel," he excused himself.

"Aunty, tell me about NK?" Riya asked, sitting on the chair again, putting her elbows on the table, her face cupped between her hands, as she intermittently ate her breakfast, whilst Arjun stood there stiff, nothing was going according to him.

"He is Ravi's elder brother's son, He and Arjun were born with a gap of a month, the reason NK calls him bhai or Arjun," she told Riya. "He lives in Delhi and came to visit us. He is a nice boy," she said.

"Indeed," Riya nodded with a twinkle, side glancing at Arjun, who was fuming.

"If you guys are done talking about NK, let's go," Arjun said in rage and walked out, holding the  breakfast packed by Sunny.

Riya smiled shaking her head, the truth was not far away. "Aunty I am going, or he would burst," she hugged her and went to join Arjun in the car.

Ashika looked at them with warmth filled eyes.

As Riya sat and buckled her belt, "if he doesn't come in five minutes, we are going," he told her straight-forwardly.

"Arjun!" she gasped, he was being so illogical.

"What?" He looked at her with creased brow.

"I am not going to talk to you if you leave before he comes," she told him clearly.

"So he means more?" He sounded hurt.

"Does it matter to you? Who am I to you except a friend?" She uttered the words and looked out of the window.

You mean the world to me, but he could not express it.

After few minutes, NK came and sat in the car, "I am sorry guys, I am late," he sat in the back seat and notice the tension in the air. "Thanks for waiting for me."

"Had to!" he mumbled and started the car. He loved her so much and could never refute her words.

Without a word, she gave NK's breakfast to him and fed Arjun's, who didn't utter a word but admired her as she managed both of them with the breakfast.

As they were done, "Riya, do you have a boyfriend?" NK asked her teasingly.

"No NK, although I thought I was committed but that was all an illusion, so I am single," she said, keeping her feelings at bay.

"So, you won't mind if I flirt with you?" He asked her.

"I will mind, because after that you would like to be casual relation, harmless fun, and that I condemn," she said seriously.

"So it is ok, if I flirt and straight-away send a proposal for you?" He asked her.

Hearing him, Arjun's foot pressed on the break. He was furious, even that would be less. How could NK say such thing.

"What happened bhai?"

"Just shut up! I don't want to hear a single word from your mouth," Arjun threatened him, his anger palpable.

NK nodded innocently, while the devil inside him jumped in happiness. 

Arjun started to drive again, but seething in rage.

NK's mission was not so far to be fulfilled.

NK remember the conversation that happened two days ago, so vividly.

Ravi had said, "Listen, I need your help,"

"Sure anything," NK replied, happily.

He explained him everything and then asked, "Can you come here by tonight?"

"Wow, Juno in love. Don't worry, I will manage to come there tonight."

"I will wait for you." The tension lines disappearing from his forehead, he felt reassured.

"I will not disappoint you, uncle."

"I am sure of that, you are the best, and stop being a foreigner and call me chachu," he chuckled.

"Chachu!" He raked his hand through his hairs and hung the call, Satisfied of his decision, he heaved a relaxing breath.

NK could not come that day itself as he had said due to impossibility to get ticket to Mumbai and he had informed Ravi, who assured he could wait.

Riya was elated at his words, she could see that soon he would say before tomorrow, he would say. Yet she glared at him, "that was mean."

Arjun looked at her but said nothing, looked back at the road. He was helpless, he could not bear such talks.

"Juno," NK started innocently after few minutes.

"Stop calling me Juno," he reprimended NK.

"Can I talk?" he questioned naively.

"You are talking anyways," Arjun rolled his eyes and Riya giggled.

"Tomorrow is uncle, aunty's anniversary," he said.

"I know," Arjun nodded.

"We have arranged a party for them tomorrow night," Riya informed NK, as Arjun and she had been doing the preparations along his friends.

"Wow, I am so looking forward to it, you know that is one of the reason of my arrival before-handed," NK said enthusiastically.

"I wish you had come that day only to wish and had gone back," Arjun mumbled, Riya heard and she hid her laugh.

Arjun almost forgot to pick Mukti. "Arjun you have to pick Mukti too," she said cheekily.

He swore and changed the direction, fetching Mukti, who greeted them cheerfully, Arjun drove to the location. He was very aloof.  No one spoke the rest of the journey, Even Mukti she was tired and wanted nothing but to sleep.

Arjun parked the car at the location, it was a beautiful fort. "Wow," NK exclaimed. "I have never been here. You have to do my photoshoot here," he said overjoyed.

"Of course NK," She chuckled at him, while Arjun was exploding in anger and only Riya's presence stopped him from punching NK. He wanted to follow them, be by Riya but he remembered his deicision and as usual he went along Mukti to another corner, on the pretext to take her pictures, he had to control himself.

"You are such a sweetheart," he praised her.

"NK, although you are nice but no flirting with me," she informed as they were at a safe distance from Arjun, who was enraged.

"I know, you are my bhabhi," he told her.

"How?" She was shocked.

"Chachu called me here," NK divulged the information.

"Ravi uncle?" She narrowed her eyes.

"Yes! To make him realize what he will lose in his folly." He told her.

She nodded understandingly.

"Won't you ask me why he is doing this?" He asked curiously. "Although, I won't tell you, since it would breaching a brother code."

"No, since I promise him, I would not dig the truth until tomorrow midnight. Besides, I knew like everyone else you would not say anything too," she replied him.

"Nice," he was impressed. "You love him a lot, don't you?"

"Yes," she shied.

"I still can't believe you changed my brother," he simpered.

She giggled.

"See, even now, taking Mukti's pictures, his attention is all on us, he is burning green," he told her, making her blush.

"Stop NK," she hit his arm.

"Riya!" her colleague called.

"Hi," she greeted them and introduced NK to them, "He is NK, my friend."

All hovered over him. "NK, can you do us a favor?" Their Coordinator Lavanya, in India asked them, NK was handsome and he could serve their purpose of the day. She was the responsible for the models. Lavanya was a beautiful in her own way, dressed in casual, her eyes and dimply smile being the main appeals.

"What happened?" NK asked curiously, and to be honest, he didn't like the line of tension on the beautiful face.

"Our male model is unwell and we were looking for a model. Although, we thought to ask Arjun but he seems busy. So we can do half the shoot with you and on Monday ask Arjun, is it ok with you?" She asked him, hesitantly.

"I would love it," he said elated.

"What is going here?" Arjun had  joined them and Lavanya told him everything. Arjun was left fuming once again, why was I not here when we arrived? Oh Yeah, he was hell-bent to ignore her.

He went and stood nearby, while Mukti had gone to washroom.

Riya was feeling gleeful. This was getting interesting.

By the time of the pack-up of the shoot, Arjun was unable to control his mounting anger. He despised the way NK behaved around Riya, make her blush, how she helped him pose. Arjun was a wreck at the moment and what followed was uncalled for. It was not him but his love doing it.

Riya felt being in a roller coaster as some held and pulled her in the emptiness of the fort location. In a blink, she was cornered and here were being ravished, her body was on fire.

"You are mine, just mine," he gritted his teeth and placed his lips over hers, he was hungry for her, for her love. he craved for her. The aggression came out so passionately.

Their second intimate moment was the result of jealousy and aggression too.

Riya groaned and kissed him back, she was elated. She held his hairs and pulled his in more for the kiss, her slender body melting in his.

Tightening his hold on her waist, he ravished her thoroughly, he needed more. He wanted to have access in her mouth, but she was clueless. He slide his tongue in the partition of her mouth, making her gasp, opening her mouth wider, which gave him entrance. He took the full advantage and played with her tongue.

He was no longer in control and he loved her mouth like no tomorrow. He wanted and needed each ounce of her. He wanted her soul like her heart.

As he felt her out of breath, he parted their lips but not his lips from her skin, he glide his lips from her lips to her jaw, to her neck, to her shoulder, he didn't take his lips away for a moment. He was possessed, possessed for her. Without thinking, his mind dazed, he gave her a love-bite,  making her yelp loudly. Her first hickey. She blushed.

She was overjoyed, she felt now everything would be fine and she let him touch her, as she trust him.

But her yelp snapped him to reality, and to the course of his action, he was dumbstruck. What have I done? He was berserk.

He raked his hand through his hairs and without looking at her, said guiltily. "I... I am sorry, this should not have happened, I am sorry." He marched away with tears, but leaving her heartbroken behind.

To be continued...

So here is chapter 16. What is your take? 
There would be so more from next chapter, but at least you know good amount of the things. And, I love you all so much.
What do you think actually happened?
Keep on pouring the guesses some are right to an extent.<3
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
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Awesome fantastic fab update
cont soon

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awesome update 

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Awesome update
Cont soon

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uff...!! arjun is so idiot...again he hurt riya...

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