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awsum one...
update soon

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Teaser is Interesting 

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Awesome teaser loved it can't wait for the update thank you for pm.

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Plz update soon
Thanks 4 pm

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Thanks a lot guys for appreciating this story, I am overwhelmed. 

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

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"You were never like this," She pouted.

He looked at her as she sat on the edge of his bed, she took away her sandals and settled on his bed comfortably, her back against the headboard, as if it was her bed and rebuking him, complaining about his act. "That is the way I am," he shrugged.

Her arms resting at her side. "Maybe," she shrugged as well, imitating him. "But you know my Arjun is not like you," she said cheekily.

"There is one Arjun in your life and that is me," he rolled his eyes.

"But you are not the Arjun that is my friend, who loves me too," she said with a grin, riling him up.

He stared at her as if she got horns and sighed. He rose his hand in helplessness, "let's watch something," he said changing the topic.

"Yes, come," she patted the space on the bed, near her.

He contemplated that, not a good idea, how was he to stay away from her being on the same bed... his bed, where he had fantasied so much about. He gulped, his Adam's apple throbbed. Then, he looked at her pleading face, not a bad idea too, as he didn't want to hurt her further. 

Why couldn't he see her hurt? Because he loved her, the straight answer for his heart.

He breath sharply and got on the bed with her and switched on the TV, stopping on a Bollywood movie, blockbuster, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayeinge.

Arjun gazed at her, adoring her more than the movie. He had forgotten all about his resolve the minute she settled in his bed, settling off all his mission. Before even he realized, his head dropped on her shoulder as he had dozed off. She looked at him with surprise and smiled widely, he was fast asleep, his mouth wide open.

Her heart jumped with happiness and a stupid thing came in her mind. She bit her lip in mischievousness, she felt like a kid, stealing her candies. She rose her hand, closed all the finger except the index finger. She slid her finger in his mouth and he closed his mouth on it, sucking on it she gasped. Her heartbeat erratic. Her body tensed. What was she thinking sticking a finger in his mouth. Her face took the all shades possible of red until it settled to crimson red.

"Riya!" he mumbled sucking on her finger and biting it gently, he moaned.

She flushed all colors of red. What is he actually biting in his dream, she wondered. And, her face heated up more, at this rate she would boil over the limit.

As her breath stabled, she took her mobile and captured a snap of that. She would tell him when they would confess, she blushed again as he suckled on her finger again, moaning her name.

Carefully, she took out her finger to be stunned the next moment. In order to find a comfortable posture, Arjun wriggled around and settled his head in her lap, encircling his arms around her waist. Nuzzling his head in her stomach.

He belonged there only as he let out a slow sigh of satisfaction.

"Arjun, what will I do about you?" she mumbled with a smile and glide her hand in his hairs, ruffling them. She didn't have a heart to disturb him, he was in dire need of sleep. As it is she hated the dark circles under his eyes because of lack of sleep.

"Good morning sunshine," she greeted him next morning, as he started moving, waking her up, he blinked his eyes.

"What time  is it?" He asked as it was the most common scene.

"8AM," she replied him.

"hmm, let me sleep more it is week-end," he hugged her by waist and snuggled his head and dozed off.

"What was that?" Riya frowned.

Arjun was refurnished, feeling relaxed.  He stretched his arms, stiffing a yawn but his movements were restricted on the right side. He groggily opened his eyes, too lazy to leave the comfortable pillow. He scrunched his eyes as he battled to focus around.

He flitted around calmly only to be thunderstruck, Riya sat there, her head dangling from one side to another, her mouth wide open, she didn't look comfortable in that posture.

At that instant, Arjun realized that he was sleeping in her lap the whole night and she would not have got a peaceful sleep. Only so  that he could sleep, she didn't care of her own comfort. He caressed her cheek, how much she loves him, he thought, more than he has thought, he concluded.

What he really wanted to do was to keep looking at her, keeping admiring the enticing beautiful in all its naivety but he couldn't since she needed to sleep sometime peacefully, or she would be cranky to whole day.

He looked at the time it was 9:30, "wow," he murmured, he slept a lot. Since the last few days, he barely could sleep a wink. Most of the time, he would sleep after being too drained out but in Riya's arms he recuperated all his sleep. She was his tranquilizer, his happiness, his peace, his life. He took her hand that was in his hairs and kissed it tenderly. She smiled in her sleep, making his heart skip a bit, he was in a stupor for a moment.

Carefully, he untangled himself from her and as softly as possible, he lowered her in a laying position. He covered her with his duvet. He took a step back and stared at her, she looked angelic and his heart thundered, he could hear it in his heart, she belonged there. With him.

Only if life was easy.

He wished she would never know what was going on with him. If he could not give her happiness, he didn't have any right to hurt her.

After gazing at her for some good moments, he took his clothes and went to take a shower.

There was a lot to happen that day.

A lot that he had to prepare for.

It was going to be a long day.

Half an hour later, Riya opened her eyes, furrowing her brows to adjust to the light. Where was she? She was confused for a moment but when he eyes fell on the mirror, she sighed heavenly, in India, Arjun's room. But, she was sitting, did he make her lay properly? She bit her lip in happiness.

Arjun was standing in front of the mirror, closing his shirt's buttons and then he picked his hair-brush to settle his hairs.

It looked a very domestic moment.

"Good morning handsome," she rotated on the bed, to have her head on her propelled elbow by the end of the bed. Her legs swinging upwards. Her hairs tousled, looking wild, her hand ruffling his hairs, a complete after-love making look, only that it was not the case.

Arjun froze as he saw her reflection in the mirror, she looked like a sirene, a sexy sirene, specially being on his bed, it gave him erotic thoughts, thoughts he was living on, over more than six months.

He looked down and his eyes widened, his erection was working on its own. He gurgled and prayed for it to calm down. Arjun Stop it, not now, he pleaded his lower organ.

Riya looked at him amused, not getting what got him silent. "Arjun,"

Think about... about... about dad... yes dad... and that annoying Shreya mausi... He breathed deeply as that worked and his lower region calmed down at the thought of the woman who pestered him to marry her daughter. Thankfully, she had stopped now.

"Good morning," he replied warily.

"Why mood off early in the morning Mr Rawte?" She pouted, resting her chin on her knuckles.

He exhaled and turned toward her. Oh she looked a beautiful version, he wanted to walk to her and pounce on her, pin her against the bed, in contact with his body. Kiss her senselessly, passionately yet so tenderly and never let her go. "You are hell bent on annoying me, are you not?" 

She nodded enthusiastically. "I love annoying you," she admitting clicking her tongue.

And he could not help but admire her, she was such a kid.

He shook his head and told her, "Now go and get ready."

"Alright," she jumped out of the bed, took his still damp towel and his bathrobe, then, she went to his washroom. She was so swift that he was left dazzled.

"Hey that is my stuff and my bathroom?" He frowned.

"So what, we can share," she said casually.

"She is going to be my death," he banged his head slightly on the wardrobe.

"Arjun, I am going to be your heaven," she corrected him from the washroom. "Now unless you want to see me in your bathrobe, please do bring me my clothes from my room," she told him.

"Yes ma'am," he already felt like her husband and couldn't find himself to refuse her.

Hopefully his fiance fiasco would put her off. Hopefully. Hope was all he had at the precise moment.

Because otherwise, he didn't have it in him to hurt her in way.

Rolling his eyes at her audacity, he walked to her room from the corridor, not using the connecting door, he didn't want to be more beguiling than already, he needed to maintain a limit.

Riya sneaked out of the door, and whined, "You will have to open the door, that too soon," she got busy taking her shower.

Arjun walked inside her room and noticed her bag on the bed, she still  had not arranged her stuff in her wardrobe. On its own accord, his hands started its work and he arranged her clothes in her wardrobe as they were already folded neatly.

His hand held a piece of cloth and as it came in his view, he rose his brow, startled. What is my shirt doing here? He thought. "I will have to ask her," he decided.

Done with her clothes, he took one of her dress along his shirt. He walked back to his room. "Riya your clothes," he called for her.

She opened the door slightly and took her clothes. "Arjun, where are my undergarments?" She stammered.

He flushed. "Do I have to really bring your undergarments?"

"Yes please, or these clothes would look bad, sticking to my body, prodding..." she said shyly.

"Riya!" He groaned.

"Listen, they are in the inside zip of the bag, in a little plastic bag," she told him uneasily.

"Alright, I am bringing,"

She heard him going away and coming back after a minute, "Are you back?"

"Yes, here," he gave her the bag, that weighed like a treasure on his very fragile member. He felt his hand itching to touch her places. He inhaled and exhaled deeply.

"Thank you," 


"Do you know, your towel is doing sensuous things to me wrapped around me body under the bathrobe," she moaned, telling him. She blushing and embarrassed but she could be herself with him, the man she loved, actually bolder than she was in reality. She loved him and he gave her the courage, he was the man, who could never hurt her and she saw the remorse. Has she not seen it, she would not have got the push to do this.

"Riya!" He gasped, his head resting on the wall, his hands fist as his sides

"I feel like it is your arms wounded around me, kissing me all over... This smells like you, so serene," she closed her eyes in delight, electricity running in her whole body.

She went silent, as her body quivered and her legs trembled. The thought only sent her over the edge, what would happen when they would actually do it? She was breathing heavily.

Sighing, she wore her clothes, comprising her slim jean and a long beige tunic to go with it, he chose for it. She came out, while he quickly entered the washroom and locked the door, his breath erratic. He needed to release himself.

She chuckled and went in front of his mirror, she took his hair-brush and used it as her own. "Arjun,"

He didn't reply for a moment.

"Arjun," she repeated again.

"Yeah," his words were stuttering, his breath shallow. He was still not done but replied her nonetheless.

"I am using your hair-brush, oh, and I used your toothbrush, it felt so epicurean, your toothbrush touching my teeth, my tongue..." She really didn't know she had that boldness in her, he brought out that in her. The blush prominent but her words flowing smoothly.

She heard a gasp and smiled widely. He had come hearing her words, she felt proud, too proud for a first time.

After a few minutes, "What is wrong with you?" He flung open the door, furious.

"I? What did I do?" She asked innocently.

"UH HUH! Stop doing what you are doing," he huffed and took the shirt from his wardrobe, the one he took from his luggage, "what was doing this with you?"

She walked to him and snatched it, "this is mine."

"This is not, it is mine," he  tried to pull it back but she hid behind her back. "Give it back," he sneaked his hand on her back to take it, but she backed away, wriggling and refusing.

"No, no, no... It is mine," she said stubbornly.

"Riya!" He scorned.

"What don't give me that look," she struggled in his arms, as her twins brushed against his chest, he gasped.

"How can it be yours? It is a man shirt?" He tried to reason out as she backed back.

"It belongs to me as it is of the man, who loves me and I love him back... and I sleep wearing it," she mumbled, as she was cornered, their breath mingling.

He took a sharp intake of breath, imagining her in his shirt. He looked in her eyes intently, the shirt forgotten. "Riya," he uttered the words in daze.

"It is mine," she repeated, dodging, she fled out of his arms and he scoffed loudly, he was at the urge of kissing her.

She entered in her room and closed the door, her back resting against it. Her heart was galloping with after excitement, she wanted and needed that kiss badly, but not this soon. This would have to wait.

The whole day, Riya spent with Ashika, first they had lunch out. Then, she went for shopping for kitchen ingredients and some shopping for themselves. Arjun was out for his assignment, that he was doing for her, even when he refused to aknowledge his love for her.

In the evening, Riya and Ashika exchanged a look, Ashika blinked her eyes assuring her, Riya was going to meet Arjun's fiance. Her heart was beating over time, she didn't know anymore what to expect out of the meeting with this mystery woman.

Truth be told, she still didn't believe over his fiance talk as he didn't have any ring, he didn't even mention her name and he still loved her. What if he didn't say but he did. He was not able to refute her wishes. He tried but he failed miserably.

In all that what she understood was simply he wanted to keep her away from what was happening in his life.

"Are you ready?" Arjun asked coming down, wearing his regular fit jean, white t-shirt along his brown leather jacket completing the ensemble. He looked ravishing.

He was squirming a little, not too sure of his action but he had to do it, for her.

"I am ready, but... you look ready by the look yet not by the expressions." She winked at him.

"Stop overthinking," he commented and grasped her arm softly. "Let's go." He hugged his mother, "Take care, bye mom."

"Are we not going to the club?" She asked him, coming out of the car.

"No, I will not want to take my fiance there," I will never take you there, specially at this messed up moment, he thought.

"Ok," she entangled her arm with him and she let him led her.

"Riya," he looked at her stunned. "We are going to meet my fiancee, she is not going to like this, we need to maintain the rightful distance," he said,as his heart felt heavy.

She glared at him and disentangled their arms. She huffed and puffed, going inside the restaurant. He sighed, following her like husband who disappointed his wife badly.

"Come," he led her to their private dining room.

She gave an appreciating look to the surrounding. It was a glass walled cabin from inside but a mirror from outside, giving them full view on the outer restaurant but with full privacy to them. It had a round table with white  clean cloth covering. A beautiful flower arrangement in the middle of the table. The culinary for the dinner were already arranged on the table.

A perfect arrangement for a couple and she was a third wheel.

No, the mystery woman, fiance was the third wheel. She scrunched her eyebrows.

She blew out as she sat not too pleased. "Are you going to be grumpy all the while?" He asked her.

She pointed the fork toward him and gritted her teeth, "Yes."

The servant came to take their orders and left.

"When is going to come your fiance?" she asked bitterly.

He felt awful. "Soon..." He paused as someone entered, "She is here" he pointed toward the entry in the room and stood up..

"Hey sweetheart," the woman hugged him.

"Hey baby," he hugged her back. "Riya, meet Mukti my fiance and Mukti meet Riya, my best friend," he introduced them, his arm still wound around her waist.

She gave him a blazing glare. He fumbled on his feet and freed himself from Mukti. He couldn't bear the look that she was giving him. Her eyes evoked her pain, the betrayal and he could not take it.

His heart sunk at her averting his eyes, "excuse me," Riya excused her eyes and left the room.

Oh God. His eyes moistened, he had made her cry.

To be continued...

So here is chapter 14-B, the chapter 14 is completed. What is your take? 
DO YOU STILL HATE ME? Please don't hate me, revelations would happen slowly Embarrassed I love you all so much.
What do you think actually happened?
Keep on pouring the guesses some may be right to an extent.<3
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
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Wonderful update dear
Continue soon
Waiting to read more of it

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Awesome update
Cont soon

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