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Thanks a lot guys for appreciating this story, I am overwhelmed. 

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

Keep showering me with your love guys.

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She walked to him, her face stoic, raising her hand slapped him. "This is the slap you want to give yourself."

He hardened himself and cornered her against the wall, she gasped out of shock, his fist holding her forearms tightly but not enough to hurt her. He crunched his brows in carelessness. "Do you think I care a damn about you?"

"Yes you do," she smirked and caressed the cheek where she had slapped. "Do you realize what you have asked me to be?? Your mistress." She worded it and saw his reaction from close.

His eyes moistened, he knew what he was doing but it was needed. He wanted to hug her and spill out everything but no, he had taken his stand and with his mother supporting her, he had to be even more evil. She had to hate him. A broken heart was better than a messed life. She would emerge out of this.

He moved back and raked his hand through his hairs, "Stay away from me, don't make me say or do things that I don't mean," he warned her. "You are my friend, my best-friend, let that remain that way only. Don't force me to be my real self to you, my evil self."

"I will do everything for my love, because it deserves it. Next time, instead of putting such a proposition in front of me, rape me," she said looking in his eyes, provoking him.

He held her forearms again, yanking her close to him, too harsh than he wanted but still even in fury he could not hurt her, his hold on her was stinging slightly nothing too hurting. There was just a few centimeters gap between them, his look stony. "How dare you?" he was furious, tears rolling down. "You think me to be so cheap?"

She ignored his hold as he had loosened it. She gave him a hurt look. "The Arjun that I know, would never put forward such an indecent proposal nor hold me so tightly that it hurts." He was livid and lowered his hands to her elbow, his eyes showing his worry. She rubbed her arms as though it hurt her too much, he looked guilty. "But this man standing in front of me is not my Arjun. And if you can propose me to be your mistress, you can do something extreme too," she said crossing her arms over her chest.

He slammed his fist against the wall, she flinched a little but didn't move her stance, he was frustrated for everything. "Stop this Riya. I hate hurting you," he pleaded her, resting his head on her shoulder, rubbing her forearms, where he was holding her tightly. His head nuzzled in her hairs as his tears meddled in her hairs. Parting, he cupped her face,"Listen, I am engaged. Please stop doing all this," he requested.

"Arjun... Kill me," she looked up in his eyes. "Because until I don't die, I will not give up on you," 

He gave her an exasperated look and moved back. "I will make you meet my fiance tomorrow," his stance changed to a stern one and he moved downstairs.

She went back to her room, just near his, they shared a connected door. She wanted to wash her teary face, she was still baffled that he asked her such thing, even if it was for her to hate him. It had hurt her.

He went to his personal gym in the house. "HOW DARE I??? HOW?" He punched the bag, his eyes red with fury.

He shouted, he wept, he cried for what he just did and he realized that he could not repeat any of that again because her prosperity meant a lot to him and this tactic was too cruel.


He punched the bag with his uncovered hands. He punched again and again as the conversation rolled in his mind, his cruel, inhuman behavior flashed in his mind. He felt like a creep, he had said such a heinous words to her.

"I would never forgive myself," he punched the bag as tears rolled down from his blood red eyes.

His jaw tightened in anger directed to his own-self and he continued punching, his knucles blistering and soon, blood start to ooze out and he was numb to the pain, the physical pain. The psychological pain, the emotional pain was too much to feel the little injury that he had been to inflict on his own-self for hurting Riya.


"I offered her such a cheap thing," his eyes were swollen and knuckles bleeding.

He halted suddenly as he felt her. He swung around and saw Riya, standing there with tears. She rushed to him, halting just in front of him, she breathed sharply and slapped him again. "HOW DARE YOU HURT YOURSELF?" she held his collars, pulling him forward.

He was broken beyond measures, hurting her was not a possibility for him, not that way at least. He could not forgive himself for hurling such pervert words toward her.

"I am sorry," he whimpered as he crumbled down on her feet.

"Arjun," she sighed and placed her palms on his head, ruffling his hairs. "Shh, it is ok, I forgive you this once but don't ever say or repeat this again... Now tell me what is going on?" she asked gently.

"It is not ok, I hurt you, I hurt you with my words and actions, I am sorry," he cried as he knelt there, his head lowered in shame.

"Shhh", she hushed him, hugging him to her stomach, as he cried, encircling his arms around her like a baby.

As he stopped trembling with tears, she knelt on his level. "Tell me what is troubling you?" she cupped his face.

As if he touched a hot kettle, he sprang on his feet, away from her, she was left sitting on her knees there. "I should not have behaved that way and I feel guilty. But can you please stop hovering over me, pestering me? I feel suffocated and did such a mean thing," his expressions schooled.

She ignored him and his blabbering. She understood he was not going to tell her, she would have to find on her own. All she knew, he was not going to hurt her the way he did today. He would use another tactic to make her go away. His fiance most probably.

Getting on her feet, she strode out of the room.

Arjun's breath hitched as he saw her leaving, he should be happy but the pain spewed in his body, eating out his heart, which started beating so dully.

He was frozen on his place but what stunned him, left him dumbstruck was her return. She came back holding the medical kit. She sauntered closer to him, loking her eyes with him and held his injured hands. "I know you told me to go but I am not going, I am never leaving you alone when you need me. Had you not needed me, you would not have been standing at the same place, broken heartily, And... And No matter what, you are my friend."

His eyes filled with tears. How could she love him so much? He let her lead him to a chair nearby. "Sit down," she ordered him and he obeyed.

There was too little that he could handle in a day and his quota was done for the day.

Her arrival was a shock.

Her confession was baffling at that moment, something he was looking forward for ages.

And his refusal along words were his sins.

She sat on the other chair, facing him. She held his hands tenderly and her heart went out to him, she looked at him. "Paining yourself would not make the situation alright," she said softly as she wiped his blood carefully.

He didn't say anything just kept looking at her in amusement, adoration.

"You remember when you were leaving, you told me you will wait for me that moment you have confessed more than you thought. You had given me a promise for us together." She applied the antiseptic on the wounds, while blowing and then took the bandage. "I have come here with loads of dreams for my life with my Arjun. And I will not let anyone snatch my Arjun away from me, not even you." she knot the bandage, such a determination possessed her voice that Arjun felt goosebumps.

"Even if it will hurt you more when you know the truth?" He said averting his eyes.

"Yes," she nodded, cupping his face. "I will find the truth and Arjun, trust me, your behaving this way won't be reason enough. Yet the way you are behaving will be reason enough for me to be angry with you." She caressed his hairs.

"I am sorry for everything, please forgive me for putting such a... cheap proposal when I didn't mean a word, sorry for holding you so tightly..." He said with tears as he forwarded his hand to her forearms, "Is it hurting? I am so sorry." he lowered his head but his hands intact on her forearms, rubbing them carefully.

"I am fine, it is not hurting anymore. I forgive you this once and I am not allowing you to repeat it again. I will do my best to find the truth yet I will wait for you to come clean to me," she said with hope and continued, holding his hand, "come for lunch," she kissed his forehead, and left the gym.

"Riya, you know nothing. This pain that is killing me everyday. I can't drag you in dirt because I know you will not leave me alone. I have promised you happiness and there is no happiness being with me," he uttered those words with extreme agony.

Riya paced back and fro in her room, planning strategy to make Arjun say the truth, it was evening and soon it would be dinner time. The whole day, Arjun had been aloof, except when she made him talk to her family, who knew nothing about the whole fiasco. Her parents didn't probe her much, they hadn't ask her if she had confessed to Arjun, because even she knew that they were aware of her love, they were simply giving her time to tell on her own when it would happen. His mother, Ashika, was giving her encouraging looks time and again.

Her heart winced every-time, he would hiss as his hand pained. She felt really angry at him for being a douche, the way he behaved she wanted to scold him but then she could not go away from him too and thus forgave him this once but if he repeated again, he didn't know what was to come, although she knew he would not repeat that ever again. 

With Arjun, she would rather kiss him than scold him but the current circumstances were really nerve twitching and she wanted to lock him in a room with her until he let out the truth.

She stood by the window, her finger rubbing her jaw. "Hmm, what were you telling, you are going to pub, let's see how you go without my permission," she entwined fingers of both hands, curling them in fist and placing them under her chin, as her eyes glinted in mischief. "Arjun, you have not seen the determinated Riya. Not back then, but now, you will see."

She looked at another closed door from the other side in her room, separating their rooms with connecting door. "Arjun, you will be the one to open this door between us," she huffed.

Once she landed in the room and Ashika had informed her about it, she had opened the door, only to find it locked from the other side, she was enraged but she would find out a way.

She placed her hands on her hips and continued, "you know me too well so you should know, I never ever let the one I love let them hurt themselves or let anyone else do it. And you are the man that I love in all possible sense... A way out from me? even not over my dead-body, I would even haunt you as a ghost," she twitched her lips in challenge.

"Your wonderful lips said that I no longer mean anything to you, right? that you wanted to have me as girlfriend after marriage? Huh? I will prove you without saying in words that you didn't mean a single word. You can't mean it." She was confident.

With zest she got back on her plan. Dress to kill. Innocent yet dazzling.

Someone knocked on the door. "Riya come for dinner," Ashika called for her, from the other side of the door.

"Sure aunty," She opened the door.

"Wow, you looking beautiful," Ashika praised her.

"Thank you," she blushed.

"May God bless you,"

The two ladies marched down the corridor to the majestic stairs, they descended and joined Arjun on the dining table, sitting to silently, too lost, to even realize their presence. He looked too drained, in need of sleep.

"What happened son?" Ashika asked him.

"huh!" he snapped out of his thoughts and looked at them, his breath hitched as he looked at her, looking so serene in a red anarkali dress, her hairs left open, just the way he liked, little droops in her ears, her eyes lined with kohl and a mate lipstick, no other accessory on her and she looked divine, his elixir. He could look at her all day, till eternity and even after that if it existed and felt his heartbeat in her control.

"She is looking pretty, isn't she?" Ashika asked cheekily.

Arjun came back to reality and controlled his emotions and looked at them, "Nothing special."

"I am hurt," Riya said blatantly as she knew her pain was his undoing, and she was not going to hide her pain.

"I.." His heart dropped low. How was he to stop this stabbing feeling? "You look beautiful." And here went his plan to drain.

"That is what I thought," she said with mirth and sat down.

He clenched his fist in helplessness, he had to make her go away and the only way he saw was his fiance, he had to wait a day.

"I am home, good evening" came a warm voice but Riya noticed the zeal missing. She had known this man for the last six month and he was never this sullen, something terrible, horrific happened in the household and her heart pained that she didn't know.

"Dad," Arjun stood from his chair and went to hug him.

"Good evening, dad,"

"My champion." He patted his son's back and walked to Riya, who sat there confused as in how to process but stood up quickly as Ravi approached her. "Hey Riya," 

"Namaste uncle," she was about to touch his feet.

"Hey no, don't touch my feet when you have already touched my heart, may God bless you," he placed his hand over her head, lovingly. His eyes shone as he saw her. Over the phone, Ashika had told him about her and he found a hope to see his son happy, opening up to her for both of them to be happy.

"Thank you uncle," she smiled and they hugged each other.

Arjun's heart filled with joy seeing the mesmerizing moment but not a second later, it wrenched in pain. His eyes filled with tears, Ashika patted his hand encouragingly. She was a mother after all and she could not see him in pain.

"Now go freshen up and join us," Ashika ordered her husband.

"Aye Aye captain," he side hugged his wife and went to his room.

Soon Ravi joined them as they were through their dinner. Only Riya, Ravi and Ashika were talking to lighten the atmosphere. Arjun was just staring at her, as if she was an imagination and then with admiration, as soon as she was about glance at him, his eyes lowered to his plate.

Riya would be idiot if she didn't see it. She saw it and there was a satisfaction smirk on her face.

"I am done, mom, dad I am going to pub with friends," he told them nonchalantly.

Ashika's face fell down as she saw what he was doing and so was Ravi's expressions. They had been so delighted to see their son on the right path and they could not see their son going off-track just to prove himself as bad-boy in Riya's eyes.

"Oh, Arjun, would you mind if I join you? As it is I want to spend some time with you. I thought to watch TV and talk but since you are going out, let's stick to it. Can you wait a moment, I will change into something apt for club and join you?" she said convincingly.

Arjun's eyes rounded. Riya in pub; where his friends would be there today. He knew their nature and he didn't want her to be a target of that. Unlike today, he had told her to meet his fiance tomorrow as he was not planning to take her to club but to some restaurant.

"Please wait for me, I am your friend and your guest, should I not get a royal treatment?" She pouted, reminding him how her family and she took care of him during his stay there.

His heart melted, the moments came rushing back in his mind, making him feel even more remorseful and he found himself nodding.

"Great! I will be right back," she smiled ear to ear about to leave.

"No!" he called out as he realized his folly.

"What happened?" She looked at him with innocent angelic eyes.

"Let's watch a movie and talk," his shoulder's slumped.

"Really?" Her eyes lightened up and she rushed to him and gave him a hug. Arjun took a sharp intake of breath at the closeness, he was at the receiving end  of slaps till morning and this was a pleasant change, yet he had no right to enjoy this enchanting moment, yet he did, he inhaled her sweet scent mixed with her own touch.

While Ravi and Ashika smiled seeing the brightness that Riya brought with her. She parted and seeing his parents, she flushed and hugged him again, hiding her head in his chest, where she found protection from the mean world. "Arjun," she whispered.

"Hmm," he said, he was in paradise, unconscious of the real world, all that mattered was her in his arms.

"I am feeling shy, your parents," she bit her lips.

He snapped out and parted, "you are my friend not girlfriend to feel shy," he rebuked her but as he saw her standing there embarrassed, he didn't feel right to let her feel that way. "Mom, dad we are going in my room to watch movie." And took her away without for their response, holding her by shoulder.

As they were out of sight, Ashika chuckled. "He can't hurt her, even if he tries to."

"And that is the way to their happiness, with Riya on lead, he will come out as a winner," he pulled her closed to him.

She inhaled and exhaled deeply, she looked at him. "I am waiting to see them together and happy."

"Me too," he kissed her forehead.

"Why do you always scold me?" Riya whined as they entered in his room. "Arjun, my friend never scolded me."

To be continued...

So here is chapter 14-A. What is your take? 
DO YOU STILL HATE ME? Please don't hate me Embarrassed I love you all so much.
What do you think actually happened?
Keep on pouring the guesses some may be right to an extent.<3
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
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Super fab Awesome fantastic amez update
cont soon

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It was mind blowing updt di
It was flaw less
Loved it to the core
But wht was the
Real reason behind Arjun's
Rude behaviour towards Riya
Eagerly waiting to read more
Please do continue soon

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Sorry double post

Edited by jeharshu - 04 June 2015 at 3:30pm

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Awesome..amazing,,fantastic update dii...loved it...riya is determined to know the truth...i also wanna know the truth about arjun's this changed behaviour...cont soon dii

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continue soon..

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Super fab Awesome fantastic amez update

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