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Diii ye kya tha??aapne mujhe heartattack dene ka irada kiya hai kya????ye kaisa teaser tha...jaldi next part dedo dii...waiting

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Awesome teaser loved it can't wait for the update thank you for pm.

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Sad and Shocking Teaser

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Thanks a lot guys for appreciating this story. 

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

Keep showering me with your love guys.

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Loads of Love <333

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Hello guys, I know teaser a was shocking piece but that was the idea for the fiction. From this teaser I weaved this whole story. The story was going with ups and downs and now is another twist in the story, I would even say the story gets interesting now. 
Having said that, according to my outline, this story would end in another 8-10 Chapters.
I hope you will like the part, and you will get a little insight of Arjun's feeling too.
Don't forget to like and comment, I won't be charged without that ;)

If you are reading, liking and/or commenting on my FF, and want PMs, please buddy this account: kashishkPM

Riya was bubbling with excitement and anxiousness as she saw the clouds, the plane flying amidst them. She was really speechless, overwhelmed. She didn't know how to gauge, to evaluate her emotions.

There was mirth.

There was nervousness.

And there was a strange restless in her heart.

The last week had been somewhat odd, somewhat that gave her gnawing feeling of a storm, but she passed it off as her impatient to see him. But...  Arjun had not been himself lately, he was reclusive. 

Five days back, he had not replied to her messages and her calls for about the whole day and the next day he told her, he was out of network. She should have been convinced but she was not. There was an inkling doubt in her mind, no matter how much she wanted, she was unable to wipe it.

The man he knew would fight tooth and nails to talk to the woman he loved, he would do all he could.

And then, their talks had reduced. She was really in anguish but than she cheered up thinking that she would take his class when they are face to face. "Arjun I would not lose you when I know you love me." She was determined. "I hope and pray you are fine," she said holding her hands to the Almighty.

"I love you,"

"I love you more," 

"I love you even more," 

"I love you the most,"

"God. Di you both are still kids," Shree commented, as he entered in the room, stopping Aliya and Aman's I love you session, both were embarrassed. "Now let me talk to Jeeju," he took her mobile.

"Shree," She rebuked him but then smiled, she was happy the way life was going. Aman and her together was their perfection imperfection. She didn't want perfection where there was happiness. With Aman, it was full of events. They had laughs but they fought too. She loved him a lot and he loved her back, she looked at her bracelet and kissed it.

"What have you seen in my di? Like seriously?" Shree asked Aman, tongue-in-cheek, while Aliya whacked him.

"I love her Shree," Aman told him seriously.

"Why?" He huffed.

"She is beautiful not only from outside but from inside too. Aman, you are living a life that you feel it is complete but when you will meet her, you will know that day the missing puzzle fitting in. You will try to refute it, fight it but it will only get strong. If you decide to distance yourself from her, the ache of emptiness will eat you up... And jealous?" Aman chuckled a little, "That will just make you crazy."

"Seems like Di has cast her spell on you," He teased them.

"Shree, stop teasing me," she rushed in the washroom, feeling shy.

"Having teased my di, let me warn you Mr Aman, don't ever hurt my di," he warned him dicreetly so Aliya could not hear him.

Aman could not help but giggle. Siblings love and enmity he would never understand but he really adored it. He saw how much Aman loved Aliya but their enmity was always at the front, fighting with each other, pulling each other's leg and literally getting on each other's throat. He really admired their bond.

"I will never hurt her," he assured the little brother, who was being really possessive.

"Good. And don't tell about our conversation to her," He said with seriousness.

"Haha, sure kiddo," Aman agreed.

He heard the door creak, Aliya was coming out, drying her face. "You can talk now di," he gave her the mobile and sat on her desk chair, reading his book and to annoy her, avoiding her to chat further. She told him bye shyly. "You irritate me a lot," she pouted looking at him.

"As if you don't," He stuck his tongue.

"Wish di was here, she would have scolded you", she whined.

He came and sat next to her, "I wish, she comes back with Arjun jeeju."

"Me too," she agreed as she ruffled his hairs and he let her.

"I don't like you much as well but thank you for giving me another good brother-in-law," his tone was earnest.

"Ungrateful brother," she threw the pillow on him and ran away to his room, as laugh echoed in the space.

Shashank looked at his wife as they both laid on the bed. He was at peace nowadays, first his job was secured, second Aliya was engaged in a good family and third Riya was in India, close to Arjun and he knew confession was going to happen. He was a proud man and father at this given moment.

But she portrayed a complete different expression than hers, she looked worried and something was eating her out, as she looked pale. "What happened to you?"

She sighed and looked at him, "I am worried, we have sent Riya alone to India,"

"She has Arjun there and beside that she has gone with her colleagues," he reassured her.

"You are right but being a mother, I can't help worrying," She snuggled in his arms.

"I get you," he smiled and hugged her, "She will be fine, and our prayers are always with here." She relaxed.

But truth be told, even he was tad bit worried, not because he doubted Arjun but because Riya was his princess and sending her somewhere without his presence was tough but he could not cut her wings or cage her. 

He wanted their daughters to fly as freely as Shree.

And he was proud of their daughters and son.

Riya breathed with her heart pulsating, she was finally in India, in Mumbai, near Arjun, close to him. She collected her baggage and rushed to the taxi, eagerly, with such an earnest feeling, unexplainable. 

"Bhai saab, take me to this adress," she gave him a slip, where she had jotted down the address.

"Yes memsaab," he put her luggage in the car and she sat there.

She called home, although it must be early morning and informed them about her arrival. She had felt her mother heaving a breath of relief. Mothers, she smiled. 

As the car drove through the familiar lanes, the same fragrance engulfing her senses, the stalls, the shops, the crowd. It had been years she came here and she remembered how it used to be, loads had changed but a ton was still the same.

She smiled with enthusiasm. Her happiness uncontrollable, as if her heart would stop beating but no it could not, not this soon. She had a life to live with Arjun. She blushed.

The driver stopped, she handed him the fare, with the Indian currency she had exchanged at the airport.

"Arjun," she flushed as she anticipated his reaction. "He would be stunned." 

With galloping heart, she had entered through the gates, "Ma'am, who are you?" asked the watchman, in his early 50s.

"I am Riya, here to meet Arjun Suryakant Rawte, from UK," she introduced heself, gididily.

"Oh you are Arjun's Riya," He said without realizing the impact of his words, but he stated the truth in the oblivion too. They all knew her as if she was already a moment of the family.

Once Arjun had stopped to talk to him and then they started talking randomly, as was Arjun's habit, about price hike in petrol and women's expense on make-up even though their husband didn't earn much but Arjun had defended saying his Riya didn't need make-up, making the old man smile at the love-struck look on his master's face. "Arjun sir told us all a lot about you. You can go in, I will take your luggage." 

She was blushing deep red at his words, she walked to entrance door. She rang the bell, her heart was thumping so loudly, so loud that it could have been heard at miles. Her cheeks adorning the prettiest shade of her red and her eyes shining with the desire to see him after these long six months.

Soon enough, the door was opened and there stood Arjun, whose eyes widened in shock, he stunned, frozen in the moment, his heartbeat increased, almost out of control, nearing a heart-attack at the surprise. The ecstasy was too extreme. 

She took a moment to look at him and he looked weak to her. He looked as if he had lost some weight and his eyes had dark circles as he didn't sleep for nights. Was he that busy? Or was there something else behind this? Suddenly, she knew she had to find out the truth by the discreet communication of his physical look and eyes.

The fear was overpowering her senses but she shoved it away. "Arjun," she flung her arms around him. "I missed you so much," she expressed.

He stood there motionless and his arm rose to hug her. For a moment, he was lost in the moment, his eyes tearing but something stopped him. He parted even though it broke him. "Why are you here?" He asked her stoically.

She ignored his grumpiness. "I am here for you and of course my assignment," She said with wide smile, she chuckled with happiness. Her heart ready to confess, she could not longer wait, she started "I..."

He interrupted her, as he distanced himself from her. He knew what was coming and he could not allow it. All this was only for this moment, nothing more than that. "Go back, I have gone a lot far in my life." He explained her with straight face.

A week, it had been a week since they were some tensions according to her, where those tensions too much that he had plucked her from his life, from his heart. That he no longer loved her. Didn't she mean anything to him any longer?

Was his love this weak? What had happened? She was clueless.

No his love could not be weak. Arjun Suryakant Rawte had withstood his love even when they were away from each other, he had. 

And before that, he was an incredible friend. She was aware of that and she refused to believe that she didn't matter to this man, for whom a little tear in her eye was like salt on his own wounds, piercing his existence a little each moment.

Colors drained from her face as his words settled in her mind. He had actually told her to go away. She had traveled all this distance for him and he had moved on. "I love you!" She said earnestly, hoping this would change his stance.

"I don't love you. I am engaged." His eyes not meeting here, his posture stiff.

She was flabbergasted, yet in disbelief. She cupped his face, making him look at her and she looked in his eyes directly "Look in my eyes and say you don't love me."

Not faltering by an inching, looking back in her eyes and uttered one word at time, "I. do. not. love. you." 

She pulled back as if she had touched a hot kettle and looked elsewhere, this time it was her, who didn't meet eyes with him. She looked in his eyes again, "you are kidding? You are," she said surely, she didn't believe him, she could not, not over her dead body.

"No, I am not," he said with honesty in his voice, which killed her.

"You are, you can't do this to me," she pleaded. "See this," she took his own books from her bag and shew him.

His breathe hitched and his facade slipped for a moment, but he controlled. He was doing this for her, he could not falter. NO, he could not. He banked his strength and said with all  the calm  he could gather, "This was a moment of stupidity. You were always running away from me, I wanted to know you."

Her jaw dropped in anguish. "So this means nothing?" her tear dropped.

He was at her side in a blink, "This doesn't suit you,"

"You care," she said with hope.

"Of course, I do you are my friend, bestfriend remember but I don't love you. I am engaged and I do love her." He expressed himself.

Her heart drooped in her body. She was amused it still beat after being tarnished. She loved him and he had blatantly flung it away. She still could not believe. His tone was filled with seriousness but not his eyes, they were telling another story. His helplessness.

He forgot, she was his friend and he was an open book to her. The only feeling she didn't realize about him was that he loved him but nothing else from his lips could deceive her. If he thought seeing in her eyes that he didn't love her, she would believe it, he was wrong. His eyes had faltered, they had blinked ever so slightly, enough to be missed by a stranger, not by her. His gesture proved as if it was not the truth.

She would fight for her love, she would For all It's worth. And her love did worth more than the mere word love could describe.

She would fight.

To be continued...

So here is chapter 13-A. What is your take? 
What do you think actually happened?
Keep on pouring the guesses some may be right to an extent.<3
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises.

Regarding PMs, see list page 20 with details 
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Luv u<333

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Awesome update
itna chotasa
loveit[BR plzz dont seperate ariya plzzz ]Cont soon Cry

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Sad Update..
Arjun is really engaged?? 
I know he is lying.. 
Why is he doing this?? Does he not trust Riya?? 
Or is something very serious??
Continue Soon

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oh god shocking update did he lose his job dr or hes dying.i think hes done some mistks that he corrected by getting engaged or just to protect riya from his friends or maybe ahock did something

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