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Next Chapter, a MahaUpdate tomorrow, I know I am late but For All It's Worth don't forget to read it tomorrow ;) <3.

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This part is really close to me because there is my belief in that. I am really overwhelmed that you could feel what I have felt knowing that.

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CHAPTER 10: Part 1- MahaUpdate

Later that night, as Arjun took his leave and everyone else retired to their rooms, except Aliya and her mother, who wanted to talk to Aliya since a few days. She had been looking for the right opportunity to have a conversation with her and she finally found one today. She considered it was high time, she knew what was going in her daughter's mind. She was assured it was concerning a man, but she wanted to dwell more. Know in details. Her children were her concern. Her biggest concern.

When it came to Riya, it was different, she knew Arjun well. And Riya's eyes softened to only him. The look in her daughter's eyes when she glanced at Arjun was so pure, so full of love. She was not bothered at all that her daughter loved Arjun, he was perfect for her, but what bothered her was, her daughter had not realized the love. And Arjun was going tomorrow. Would they be able to bear this separation. It would be a tough test for them.

Should she confront her?

The answer was a quick No. She shook that issue away from her mind, and looked at her gloomy Aliya, although she was a bubble ball when everyone were together but she could see something was disturbing her, she even saw Arjun comforting her, while Riya squeezed her hand.

Padma sat on the couch beside Aliya and held her hand. Startling her, she was too lost in her thoughts to even notice someone's presence, when Arjun left and all started to retire in their she assumed she was alone but it was far from the case.

Aliya was not sure if she wanted to talk at this moment, she had anticipated a moment of loneliness but now that her mother was here, she could confine in her, could she? Yes, she always understood her children, never imposing anything on them. Riya was 21, the age that the people in their community married their daughter off but they didn't, since her parents believed in giving their children chance to discover themselves, if their children would come on their own to them to find an alliance, they would gladly do. 

Her parents had lived a life on their terms and they wanted it to be the same for their children, all they wanted was they were happy and stayed away from bad deeds and that they had. Padma and Shashank knew imposing decisions on children just meant separating them from you and they loved too much to have them parting from them. They have their children to take their decision, trusting them to take the right decision.

Without uttering a word, Aliya laid down in her mother's lap, she needed to be close to her mother. It was rare she did that but today she needed the lap of her mother, like no other day. She loved Aman and still it hurt her. Arjun and Riya had been comforting her too, throughout the whole day. She felt blessed to have them all in her life.

"Do you know when you were born, you used to cry a lot? Since you were so tiny, a baby, you could not express yourself, as is the case with every baby, I started to understand you then. Whenever you used to cry, I knew you were hungry, or  you had a stomach pain, whenever you used to lose colors on your face it was when your toy was snatched away," she ruffled her hairs. "Today, this dull look on your face expresses me that your heart is hurt, who is he?" she asked her.

"Mama, you know you are the best," Aliya started, staring at her, amazed at her mother. She had witnessed parents not understanding their children, imposing rules on them but here, her mother was patiently waiting for her to tell her feelings.

"I know, after all I have you three as my children," she winked at her daughter. "Now tell me."

Aliya sighed and told her everything, except the kiss, as it embarrassed her to discuss that with her mother, "I love him a lot and it hurts," she gulped her saliva as tears rolled down.

"Love was never promised to be easy. What have Riya and Arjun suggested you?" she asked her.

"Love doesn't mean being weak to the one you love, one should love with all dignity. Arjun bhai told me to stay away from him, or rather ignore him, if Aman loves me he will come around. They both told me if he confesses his love, I will tell him that I don't want a casual relation with him but a marriage. If he truly loves me, he would accept that," she told her mother.

"They have said right. If someone truly loves you, they won't shy from getting married to and if they refuse getting married, know that they don't love you but your body," she explained her and continued, "And that is the biggest insult to love."

"I understand mama," she smiled.

"Now I want my daughter to be brave. It will be good if he realizes his love or he would be losing a gem." She reassured her, "Now off to sleep," she patted her cheek.

Aliya stood up from her lap and smiled. "Thank you mama," she hugged her mom, placing a peck on her forehead. "Good night," she felt really light at heart. Lately it was becoming really tough for her but this conversation with her mother helped tremendously.

"Good night bacha," she wished her good night and went to her own room, where her husband was waiting for her.

"So, is she fine?" he asked her. Although he was close to his children but he let the talking with the daughters to his wife, since he thought they would be more comfortable talking to their mother. Sometimes issues were such that daughters didn't feel at ease discussion it with their father and he understood it.

"She will be," she assured him and told him everything.

"No matter what, we will be always with them," he side hugged her as they both stood by the window.

"Arjun is to leave tomorrow and it appears Arjun and Riya have still not realized their love," She said.

"I know. Why don't you talk to them?" He suggested.

She shook her head. "They are today's generation. If I try to tell them they love each other, they will repulse back, try to fight it," she explained him. "It will take them more time that way. We would rather give them hints and pray for the best, rather than talking to them and have them refusing their feelings."

"I understand. They will try to refute it saying it is not love but friendship. We should let things on time and we would try to indirectly bring them close," he agreed.

"I was just thinking something," she started, with hesitation.

"What is that?" he asked her as they both sat on the bed.

Padma paused, contemplating on the words to form the sentence. "I know our daughters and son have never broke our trust. But what if ever, one of our daughter gets in physical relation only to have it broken before getting married, would you forgive them?" She asked him.

She could not refuse the fact they were living in a generation were physical relation before wedding had become casual and thus she was afraid too at times.

"To be honest, I hope it doesn't happen. If it does, I would be upset but I will be beside them always, no matter what, I love them," he simpered slightly. "Now enough of children, give time to your husband," he pulled her to him, only to have her blushing.

More than two decades of their wedding and she still could blush like a newly wed, awakening the young man in him. He realized the passion and love between them would never end.


Arjun's last few hours in London, she thought sadly. "Don't be sad, we will be in touch," he ruffled her hairs as he found her looking gloomy, sitting in the canteen for a little beverage. 

He was himself feeling hollow. His chest heavy and his heart stabbing. He didn't want to leave. Far from it. What he wanted was to stay with her day and night, in rain and in sun, in happiness and in sadness, in every phase of life. He didn't want to go but he had to go.

How he wanted to pull her close to him, tuck her hair behind her ear and take her in for a kiss. Tell her how much she meant to her but he refrained. He could not risk their friendship, not right now at least. When he had just started experiencing the change in him.

First he had to prove himself in his eyes and then approach her. He wanted to be assured that he would stay like this as he could not cause her a pain because of his own self.

Riya sighed. The day till now had been perfect. They had presented their projects and it was loved by the jury, they had agreed to give their projects to some known photographing houses in UK and India. The extra-credit thing was a bonus point for them and they were really joyed for that.

Their professional life rocked and Riya was assured she would soon get a splendid internship and a good job, while Arjun was happy for her and satisfied that he was becoming a mature person.

"Yes but it won't be the same," she said, her tone dull.  She quickly stood up. "Freya, we have to go now, I will catch you later," Riya gave a side hug to Freya and looked at Arjun, "Come."

Without asking much, he stood up and followed her. He just felt like spending the last few hours in London with her, since he was unsure when they would meet again. He wanted to bring as much memories of her in reality as possible.

Yes in reality, because in dreams, he had so many memories, memories that made him blush. It was normal ritual for him now to dream about her. Dream about her as his wife, as their children's mother and so much. He wondered earnestly if she did think same about him.

He kept looking at her, walking silently, wanting to capture forever in his mind. She was so innocent and so beautiful. So intelligent and so gorgeous. A deadly combination. She was his death.

Riya noticed the calmness, the peaceful atmosphere but not so peaceful for her heart, since Arjun was leaving London soon and she was afraid they would not meet for a long time. She frightened at that prospect.

"Won't you ask me where I am taking you?" She asked him, as they walked through an alley, out of the college building. She looked at him and found him in stupor, gazing at her. She flustered.

And so much hypnotized he was, he bumped into the pillar and fell on his bump. "Ouch,"

"What were you doing staring at me?" She asked him with a giggle, as she crouched beside him, while he was whimpering in pain. 

"I just wanted to memorize you so that I don't need to much pressure on my mind to remember how you look. I don't know when we would be able to meet again..." so he said with an ache in his heart.

"I will miss you," she threw her arms around him and sobbed.

Arjun forgot his pain from his fall, he was still sitting on the concrete floor and she had bunched herself in his arms. He felt his every nerve, every bit crying in pain, how was he going to leave without her? He removed his hand from his back and embraced her in his hug. "It is Alright Riya, we will meet soon, I have that strong feel," he said with conviction.

His heart fluttered having her so close to him. His body reacted on his own, although he didn't want to feel so in this situation but he had no control on his body around her. It already took him immense self-control to not touch her, to not kiss her and most important not express his feelings. He controlled himself for her because she meant a lot to him.

He bit his lips and held her close to him, "I will miss you too," he had tried to control his tears but seeing her cry and remembering that he was leaving soon, he felt high on emotions.

As Riya came to her senses, she felt a strange feeling, she was bundled in his arms in a middle of alley. Her body pressed against his, his manly chest, scent emanating from him that made her her daze for a moment but a horn, somewhere nearby, snapped her out.

Shyly, she quickly stood up, "I am sorry," she gave him her hand to help.

"Don't be," he assured as he stood up with her support and dusted of his jean. "I can understand," He put his hand around her shoulder and both walked. 

"I was asking you before you fell down... Won't you ask me where I am taking you?" She was curious to know the answer.

"I am looking forward to where you are taking me but I do trust you wherever you take me," he said with a smile.

"What if I take you in a forest and leave you there?" She questioned him cheekily as she walked comfortably in his arms. Not once feeling awkward about the whole situation, she felt at ease with him.

Had it been with someone else, she would have never dared to hug that person in middle of public and special not when he was knocked on the floor but she did with him. It felt all natural.

Her feelings were all muddled up, she didn't know what she felt for him. 

True she had crushes on man around but that was all, since soon they got over. Yet with Arjun, it was something, something more important, something more defined. But what? She didn't know.

Always, she had been a bright student. She found answers quickly but this question was taking more time, more energy. Maybe she had the answer in front of her but she was too lost in her questions and over-working her mind that she could not apprehend it.

"You won't," he said more convinced than her.

Stunned, she was dearly. "What if I take you at a cliff and let go your hand?" She teased him.

He stopped and made her look at him, his hands on her shoulder, "You will fight anyone to save me, even if it is your own-self. When you consider someone your friend, you won't back-stab them," he said with determination.

Riya was bowled over. No one knew her as he got to know her in the last one month. 

"You are very possessive about your relations, be it your family or your friend." 

She was amazed. Raising on her toes, she kissed his cheek. A slight blush on his face, "thanks for understanding me."

"My pleasure," he managed to say, when his heart was galloping in joy. She had kissed him. 

They started walking again, his arm around her shoulder loosely. "Finally, we are here," she announced.

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CHAPTER 10: Part 2- MahaUpdate
Arjun looked up and found a beautiful lake, with swans around the trees. Encircled with flowers. Birds halting on water. The sun reflecting in the water. The atmosphere was so soothing and nerve relaxing. A perfect moment that he would never forget.

Taking his hand, she guided him to the lake stairs. "Is not this place beautiful?"

"Indeed, and I am discovering it only at the last day of my stay here," he said dejected but content that he at last got to see this breath-taking place.

"I am sure, you will come again soon," she comforted him. She took her bag and opened it. "This," she handed him a book.

He took it curiously and opened it with his heart beating. He was surprised, stunned. It was not just a casual book but a scrap book, that she created herself.

It was their journey, their days in each other's life engraved on it. Every single memory along a few pictures. How they fought, how they ended in detention, how they became friend, how he fought for her... It was all about them. His eyes moistened.

"This is the best gift," his voice chocked, he engulfed her in a hug.

"I can't stop saying it Arjun... I will miss you," her own voice breaking. "I never knew you will become this important in my life." she sniffed.

"I will miss you more," even in this tense situation, he wanted to cheer her up, make her smile.

"Nah! Not possible," she chided him.

"And why is that?" he asked her, while parting. He wiped her tears.

"Because I am woman, and woman are right," she giggled throwing her head back, seeing his shocked expression.

"Alright woman, I take it..." He gave up, he could do anything to see her lips curving in a smile. "Someone said right, 'the best curve on your body is your smile,'' Arman told her, finally realizing one of his wish, tucking her lock behind her hair. She shied.

Pushing her shyness away, she told him, "Ok now listen, don't grow your hairs too much, they don't look good on you and keep just little two days beard on your face, you look handsome in that," 

"Oye hoye, Riya Gupta praising me," he winked at her.

"Stupid, I am just advising you," she said nonchalantly.

"You don't need to be shy, you can praise me anytime," he pulled her leg and chuckled, seeing her become red.

"Stupid," she whacked his arm. "Listen to me carefully," she said ignoring his nonsense. "Take care of you... And keep in contact... Don't forget me."

"Hey," he cupped her face, "I can forget myself but not you Riya. I have been living till now but you gave me an existence... I realized who Arjun is because of you. I have mended my relation with dad, who is so happy the way our relation is going on. You have changed my ways. Till meeting you, I have always considered harmless flirting as really harmless but knowing you and your family, being a part of it, knowing about Myriam just thought me how wrong I was. You are the reason of my existence... So how can I forget you?" And he wanted to add, you make me feel that no one else did or would ever make me feel.

"Really?" She asked innocently.

"Really," he assured her.

"I have something else for you too," she said getting happy.

"What is that?" He asked with a big smile.

"Open your palm," he said as she said. She placed something there as he saw it, his face shone.

It was a key chain, with their pictures engraved in it. Best friends written on that. "I am your best friend and only I exclusively. You can make good friend. Nice friend. But I am your only best friend, got it?" she warned him.

"Got it, best friend," he took her in a hug. He was going to miss her badly. "How about a selfie," he said out of blue.

"I will love it," she agreed.

He took out his mobile and took their snap, he sent her too . They were happy but sadness spreading in their heart, mind and body.

"Mom has called you for lunch, remember?" She reminded him.

"Yes, come," he stood and held her hand. 

"Hey beautiful," Arjun hugged Padma, as she opened the door.

"Naughty boy," she spanked his arm.

"Ouch, I am hurt," he feigned a heartbreak, to be rewarded by a slap on his arm by Riya.

"Stop flirting with my mom," she didn't like that. She had started anticipated the flirting and Arjun exclusively for her own-self. Unknown to her own-self. She wanted everything from Arjun directed to her only.

"You tell me this every-time, yet I never stop," he joked with her.

"Shut up and come," she leaded him to the dining table.

Soon enough Shree entered from his school. "Bhai," Shree jumped on Arjun, not ready to leave him. "I love you,"

"So much love on me today?" Arjun pulled his leg.

"So not true, I love you a lot, always," he hugged him.

"Buddy," Arjun sensed Shree feeling so damped. "I will be always with you, even if I am seven seas across."

"Will you chat with me on skype?" he asked her.

"I will everyday," he promised him.

"What about me bhai?" Aliya gushed in the house and rushed to him.

"You get the special package to chat with me whenever you want sweetheart," Arjun hugged her.

"Now let him have lunch," Padma rebuked her children.

"Ok mama," All nodded and sat down to have lunch.

Shashank too joined them as he had taken a half day off to drop Arjun at airport. After a delicious lunch, they all settled down on the couch to have a general discussion. Padma told him, she would pack him some home made food for the journey, with all her prayers.

Shree gifted him Hugo-Boss T-shirt, with his month's pocket money and Aliya gave him a bracelet with his name engraved. He was bowled over.

"You know when did I order this?" She asked him.

"When?" He asked her.

"When you comforted me, you explained me about my life's decision. It had me a better person," she smiled.

"I have learned from the best," he winked at her, signaling toward her sister.

"I will miss you," Aliya said and both of the youngsters hugged him.

"Me too my sweethearts," he said, his heart feeling heavy. "Come soon to India, although I will try to come back here too," he told them.

"We will try to come as soon as we can Arjun," Shashank said, with a smile. 

"I will be looking forward too," Arjun was already looking forward for that. "Shit," Arjun muttered, which was only hearabled to Riya, as she was serving dessert to everyone.

"No cursing Arjun," Riya threatened him.

"Sorry," he bit his lip.

"Now tell me what happened?" As she sat next to him.

"I forgot to do packing," he said embarrassed.

"Ok... You what?" Riya gasped.

"I am not used to it, my mom does for me usually, before I came here she forced me to do it but otherwise, I forget doing it," he said shyly.

"You are a disaster, let's go," she stood up. "Mom, dad, I am going with Arjun, he has not done his packing and he has to leave in about three hours for the airport," she said angrily.

Padma could not help but laugh. Arjun was still a kid and in Riya's anger, she could see her sadness, her pain about Arjun's departure. She was a mother, she had known about Aliya too and had talked to her, who told her everything and also Riya and Arjun's advice. Padma knew Aliya was in safe hand. But Riya was her elder daughter and she wanted to let make her own decisions.

She was guide but she could not hold her finger and lead her all the way. What she could do was to stay beside them to advice them. Nor could she tell this to Riya directly as she would refuse. She really prayed for the best for her children and now, she was fully aware it would be difficult phase for Riya.

Till now, Riya had not experience any separation from Arjun to realize her feelings. She was convinced, once Arjun was gone, Riya would experience changes in her emotions, in her feelings. Love may not be realized when close but it surely does its magic to the fullest when there was distance. But she would have preferred if they had confessed before parting but sometime's separation was needed.

"Hey please take me too, I will leave at my stop," Aliya intervened and Arjun agreed.

Arjun hugged Shree as he would not get to meet him before his departure, Shree had to go to his classes. "Take care champ and keep in touch," he told her.

"Sure bhai, I will miss you, you too take care," Shree hugged him, wiping his own tears.

"Me too," Arjun patted his back and left with Riya and Aliya.

As the bus stopped at Aliya's college, Arjun too stepped out with a confused Riya behind him. "Why have descended at this stop?" Riya asked him.

"I want to see this Aman," he said in a protective tone.

"Really?" Aliya said excitingly.

"Yes," Arjun smiled. He wanted to see the man and gauge if he was a honest man, if he could ever allow Aliya to be with him.

They walked to the gate and Aliya stopped, her expressions dimmed. "There he is in purple T-shirt with his girlfriend," she lowered her head, her heart pricking.

No matter how much she knew this fact and how much she saw them around but it still hurt them like hell. She loved him. A crush lasted 2 months and she was in love with him for over years.

"He is nice looking but I must say a dumb," Arjun said.

"Why?" she frowned, raising her head.

"He has been doing nothing but glancing at our side, he is not even concentrating on his girlfriend," he remarked.

"You think he loves me?" She blushed.

"There are probabilities," he blinked his eyes, "but remember what I said," he told her.

"I will." She said with a wide smile.

"We have to go now," Riya gushed in, as they were running late, she saw Aman too and he looked a good man but again, she could not give her verdict without knowing him personally.

"Take care bhai," Aliya took him a tight hug, afraid to let him go, "You will come back, right?" She asked, not parting.

"I will," he encircled his arms around her, "I will kiddo, after all you all mean a lot to me, I don't think I will be able to stay away from you for long." 

"Since we consider each other siblings, I wish you would have married Riya di, so we all would be able to see each other whenever we wanted but then again you both just consider each other as friends," she indirectly hinted them, as she was told by her parents.

Arjun and Riya blushed, being linked together. It felt good but they shooed that away from their mind.

"I love you, bye," Aliya said as she parted. "Have a safe flight and do keep calling me," she told her him as her tears sprung in her life.

"Only if you stop crying," he wiped her tears and she nodded. "And I love you too sweetheart. Bye."

Riya and Arjun walked back to the bus stop and were gone in the bus that arrives a minute later.

"Who was he?" A voice came from behind her, all too familiar. Aman.

She veered toward him and saw him standing there, with fist formed at his side. He was too jealous.

Aman had been witnessing the scene from far, he didn't notice Riya there and he could not hear. He just saw them talking and hugging. He had left his girlfriend, Bipasha and had strode toward them, only to witness, Aliya saying him that she loved him and he loved her too.

"I thought you loved me... Or you have already moved on from me, that was too quick," he mocked her, his heart hurting.

"I can't believe I love a person like you," she was already upset with Arjun going away from her and Aman's word smarted her immensely. He was in a relation himself and he had to gut to taunt her. "He is Arjun, my brother and I don't think you deserve any more words from me. I have never wanted to move on from you but after your words, I no longer want to stand at the same place as well," she said angrily, with furious tears in her eyes. She walked away.

He tried to stop her, feeling guilty but she was gone. He saw her bumping with Alex. Instead of him, Alex was comforting her. He hand formed into a fist. He was blared.

"Why did you leave me alone?" Bipasha was angered, she saw how he had left her to go to Aliya.

He looked at her exhausted. "I am tired of this. Tired of trying to work between us because our parents want this. I can't keep on going. We are over," he told her.

"Because of that stupid girl," her cheeks heated.

"Don't bring her in between. It is my mistake that I can't feel anything for you, despite you being an awesome girl, I am sorry, I am really sorry I didn't want to hurt you," he said with a deep breathe, as he raked his hand through his hairs.

"You know what, you don't deserve me anyway," she said wiping her tears and left him, she was not going to waste more time on this man, she promised.

"Aliya, now it is just you and me and I am not going to lose you. I am done trying to do things for my parents and now, I will do, what my heart wants," he said placing his hand on his heart, which beat with her name. And he craved for her, to have her in his arms, to kiss her.

Kiss. It reminded him the passionate kiss that they had in the corridor, how they had kissed each other fervently. He moaned at that memory. He loved her. Period. But he had been to stuck in the whole thing by his parents to confess that yet now he broke free.

How jealous he had been seeing Aliya with Arjun and that had cleared his mind that he could not see her with anyone else and he could not lose her. It was time he wooed his lady back and he had been really hurt and had said that she would not stand waiting for him and she was right too. How could he utter such words. He was ashamed. He vowed never to repeat such thing again.

He rushed where he saw them going.

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CHAPTER 10: Part 3- MahaUpdate 

"Help me," Arjun pouted, raking his hand through the maze of his hairs, disheveling them.

"How does you mom handle you?" She asked him and got with him on folding his clothes.

"Like you," he winked at her.

She rolled her eyes and walked to the wardrobe to take the remaining clothes. As Arjun noticed, she was about to open the drawer, he went forward to stop her but he was very late.

"Arjun," she gasped.

"Uh Riya," he was embarrassed.

She burst out laughing. "Oh My God, hahaha," she could not control her splits. "Superman Underwear, like really? and you teased me for my pajama's,"

He was face palmed, too flustered. Since, she was no where to be stop, he cornered her against the wall, her arms stuck to the wall, as their hands stayed their entwined, their body pressing to each other, "Shh!"

And her laugh had vanished, she was hypnotized. He forgot all about his embarrassment. The moment was too perfect, too magical. They were gazing in each other's eyes, in stupor. He was about to kiss her, their breath fanning each other.

A knock snapped them, "Sorry," Arjun mumbled and took his colourful underwears to put in his handbag. He was finding it hard, but he would do anything to regain his focus. He ached to be with her.

Riya was dazled, her face was in the beauty shades of red, she had never been this close to anyone willingly but with Arjun it was different. The closeness, instead of repulsing her, made her crave more. She wanted to mold her body in his. To kiss him deeply. She shook her head.

To think about it, she found it rather exciting, rather pulsating if her spouse, Arjun, was to wear those colorful underwears... Spouse.. Arjun. Her eyes bulged. What was she thinking?

The knock sounded. "Riya," came the voice.

"Dad," she was brought back from her stupor.

Arjun realized that he forgot to open the door, too lost in his thoughts. He went and opened the door, while she went to the washroom to pick his toiletries. 

"Uncle," Arjun smiled.

"What happened, why were you not opening the door?" he asked them.

"Uncle, we didn't hear," he said sheepishly. "I was too focused in getting scolded by your daughter," he diverted the topic, not wanting to embarrass her, regarding their little special moment.

Maybe, if the knock hadn't come, they would have kissed. But it would have complicated everything. He needed some time, to know himself properly and then came to her, with his whole self.

Riya whined focusing on the topic, "And I am right, who forgets to pack his luggage," she was mortified at that.

"We are done, don't worry," he assured her with a smile.

Shashank looked at them and his lips twitched. He didn't pass a comment or a remark as he didn't want to faze them. He was no kid, not to apprehend why it took them time. He had been there, he had been young and he had sneaked little moments too with his wife before their wedding.. 

Any other father from his community would have burst on their daughter but not him. He knew his daughter and he knew Arjun, he trust them. He had seen enough in this life to know who was genuine and who not.

In the first meeting itself, he saw the honesty in Arjun's eyes. A person's word maybe a lie, a person's smile may be a lie but not eyes. Because eyes directly emoted feelings from heart. These two organs were connected deeply. Be it happiness or sadness, it was the eyes that reflect the feelings of heart.

He was just little worried since Arjun was going back, he didn't know how would their relations shape. He just hoped for the best.

"Time to go Arjun," Shashank finally said the difficult words.

Arjun nodded, an immense pain rose in his heart. He was going to miss this badly, how he didn't wish to go back but he had. He had too many things to do before he could attempt to confess.

"I am waiting in the car," Shashank said giving them a moment and left the room.

"Please don't go," she said tearfully.

He walked to her and took her in his arms. "I have to..." he said sadly.

"Take this too, for you, your parents," she gave him a tiffin.

"What's that?" he asked her opening the lid.

"Laddo, I made them," she said as a tear streamed down.

"If they remain till I reach there," he winked at her wiping the tear, his heart hurting.

"Don't." she chided him. "Eat it with your family," she warned him.

"Alright, just one now," he said taking out one ladoo. He split in two and fed her one half and ate the together.

He was eating with his family, she was a part of it, his heart filled with warmth.

"You never made me talk to your parents," she asked.

"To be honest, I forgot about my parents being with you all, it was only back at the apartment that I remembered them. I promise, I will make them talk to you when I reach there," he smiled at her.

Together, they walked to the car, as Arjun wheeled the bag and a duffle bag hung on his shoulder.

She kept staring at him, afraid to move her gaze. Arjun put his luggage in her father' car. "I will miss you," she said for the umpteenth time, she just could not control it.

He closed the dickey as Raj put his bag as well. He said looking at her. "I will too, but we will meet soon. And you know what, if friendship stays even when there is distance it is true friendship, just let's say it is a testing for our friendship, which I am sure it is. Aint it?" He assured her and she nodded, "Are you coming to drop me?"

She shook her head and looked sideways, "I can't see you going," her voice shrilling.

"I will miss you," his heart broke. He had a lot to say but he had a lot to do before that.

"I will miss you too," she hugged him tightly. 

"Oh! I forgot to put the keys in my landlord's office, now he will open after half an hour only," Arjun yelped. 

"Don't worry, I will give him," she said. Shaking her head altogether at his ways.

Arjun said "you are a life savior," he thrust the keys in her hand.

"Now go, before I lock you up," she parted the hug and turned to the other side.

His breath hitched. He wanted to say... He wanted to confess he loved her... Yes he loved her yet it would have to wait.

"I will come back soon but If I can't come, please do come, I will wait for you," he said out of blue.

"I will come," she uttered, the words flowed in natural way. He hugged her and hurriedly sat in the car, craving to stop back but he had to go. She bid bye to Raj too, he acknowledged with a smile.

I will wait for you... I will come... A promise that didn't need many words or assurance, the little words and eyes' assurance was enough.

They promised to meet soon.

A silent promise that it was not just friendship but a lot more. And they would wait to realize that.

She saw with tears beaming in her eyes as the car drove away... Away... Away... Till it disappeared.

As he entered in the empty classroom, not so empty though, as he saw Alex on his knees in front Aliya. "Come on you can do it," she encouraged him.

Aman's heart galloped in fear, no she could not move on this quickly, although she had uttered those words but her eyes said the opposite.

"I will keep you happy, more than love I will respect you, I love you. Please marry me?" Alex said with his smoldering eyes.

Aman saw Aliya's lips curving in a smile and he felt as if she was going to say a yes. "No, she will not," Aman interrupted them. 

"Uh oh," Alex exclaimed. "I will let you deal this on your own. Thanks Aliya.  I am going to propose Emma, bye guys," he took his leave.

A sigh of relief escaped Aman, they were doing a mock proposal. "Is there something more left to say?" Aliya said with anger.

"Yes, a lot more," he said and with one swift action, he had cornered her. "I love you,"

Aliya was dazzled. "What?"

"I love you," he repeated. "I had not kissed you that day in a weak moment but because I had been stealing glances at you. Till that, I have never kissed Bipasha but I did kiss you because you are special. I was with Bipasha because our parents wanted us to try being with each other. We have broken up. Today, I had been so jealous, more than ever but I promise I will never repeat this. I love you," he said and lowered his head, to kiss her, she was in a stupor.

His lips were a millimeter away, when she regained her senses and placed her palm on his lips. "No kisses," she told her, although her heart galloping. "If you really love me, ask my hand to my parents. I want this once to do all the traditional way."

He held her hand that rest on his manly lips, she shivered, "If that is what you want," he kissed her forehead.

"I will talk to my parents today itself. You can confess back too," he said with excitement.

"You made me wait so long," she whined. "I love you too," she blushed and hugged him.

He felt complete. The missing piece fitting in the place.

Aliya thanked Arjun and Riya in her heart, they were right. He loved her, that was why ignoring him worked. She was happy, although she was sad that Arjun was going but delighted that she had Aman, the man she loved.

Instead of waiting by the landlord's office, she went back in Arjun's flat, to feel his presence.

"Arjun," she sighed as she sat on his bed, caressing it,feeling his presence, his aura. "I hope we meet soon." she heartily wished. 

"Arjun, you have stepped away from me a few minutes back and it feels like a part of me is going away..." she just sat there, unaware of the time until her mobile phone chimed. 

She picked up quickly as Arjun's flashed on her mobile. "Arjun," she fought back her sobs. Why did he matter to her like no one else did?

"Don't cry, promise me, it hurts," he said in despair.

"I will try not to," she said as she wiped her tears.

"Now that is like an intelligent woman," he praised her, although his own heart was so in pain. "I have boarded the plane and have settled my self on my seat, the plan is about to land off soon." He informed her, giving her full detail. He already considered her his everything.

He felt it was his responsibility to tell her everything about himself. Riya was stranger to him till a month back but today, she had become an important part of him, a part of his life. He could no longer visualize his life without her presence. He had to meet her soon, be back to her soon, because he belonged to her only.

"I have to go now, the air-host is telling me to switch of the mobile... I will call you as soon as I land there, miss you, bye," he said with hollowness spewing in his entire body.

"Take care, miss you too, bye," she said her heart filling with emptiness.

As she put her mobile on the bed, her hand hit something, her eyes turned there and she saw a few books on photography. "In the rush, he forgot and I didn't notice too," she shook her head and picked it up.

Casually, she flickered through the books and her hands halted, her eyes bulged out. She was baffled. "Arjun," and here she was taking his for umpteenth time in the last few hours.

She was flabbergasted and then realization gushed in her heart, with a satisfying warmth. "He loves me..." she smiled widely as she drew her hand over the countless times Riya scribbled on the pages, in Arjun's hand-writing.

"Do I love him?" She questioned herself. Closing her eyes and every moments with Arjun flashed in her mind and she craved to be with him. To hear him, to smile together, to laugh. She needed him, she wanted hil... She loved him. Her eyes opened wide with the awareness.

The realization set her free, she felt happiness, pure happiness. She laughed with joy. "I love you Arjun," and her smile died, he was going. 

"I have to tell him," She rushed to her mobile and dialed his number.

"The number you are dying is currently switched off," came the automate reply.

"He is gone," she pouted and she looked at another book and she was greeted with the same.

"why hadn't he told me?" She went into retrospection, trying to know the reason as she flipped the pages and the same was adorned on each page.

When they met, he flirted with her and she rebuked him. Then he flirted with Annabelle and she wanted to save her, they were at each other's head and were enemies. Steadily over their detention, as she threw the drink on him and they got punished, they could bear each other. So many things happened and they became friends. Best-friends, she corrected herself. He changed.

The point being he was a flirt, harmless friend as he used to call him himself, she shook her head, but over the time, as he came close to her, he had changed. He had changed into a better person.

"So is he hiding it from me because he thinks he can be back to before, as he had expressed his fear. He wants to fight his insecurities, he wants to make himself worthy of me," she was amazed. "Idiot,"

"Arjun I will give you some time till I can come to you because I want to let you know my Arjun is strong, stronger than you know," she was determined. "I still hope you will come to me before I come to you," she said flickering her finger on her jaw.

"I will do anything for my love, for All It's Worth," she promised herself with love in her heart, increasing every minute.

She went to the washroom and her eyes halted on his T-shirt, the one he wore during the presentation. "If he keeps on doing the packing at last minute, he would leave a treasure behind. Good that he did this once," she blushed as she kissed his shirt, where his heart must have laid.

Taking the shirt, she put in her hand-bag, she used the washroom and checking if he had taken everything, she gave the keys to the landlord.

As she felt the heaviness of her bag, she was reminded two most priced gifts were in there, his books with her name and his shirt. She smiled shyly. She wanted to go to him soon, very soon.

Typing to Mon Amour Riya, 'Plane landed just now. Miss you so much.'

Yes, Mon Amour Riya. As soon as Arjun had sat in the plane, he had called her and then changed her name to that. And he had switched of the phone. After the take off, he had switched on his mobile on plane mode, he went through her pictures, their last selfie and he just wanted to want to fly back to her but he had a goal to accomplish before. He would go back to India and wait for her, in case she came before he could make her way to her but he was sure it would be soon. Because, he simply could not leave without her.

He set their selfie as his screensaver, only to be seen by Raj, who teased him a lot and he could do nothing but blush.

He had never loved anyone like he loved her. Not even himself.

Now he had several goals before he made his confession.

First in his list was to get under an expert for internship, as he was promised by his professors in London, they must have transmitted the report back in his college.

Second was to try to establish his own foot in photography, even if at little level but do something about it. He wanted to provide Riya, although he knew she was capable enough to earn money but he wanted to be a Man, whose wife didn't need to work unless she herself wanted.

Third was the most important... To see if he could stay determined on his promise. To lead the right way and make himself worthy of her.

She was his life, his breath. He would give his every beat For All It's Worth and he was sure, his love was worth more than anything and everything, more than the world. Even though he had haywire ways in past but he was changing and he hoped to get a chance at love, extreme love, For All It's worth.

To be continued...

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Me first...

Awesome update
Loved it
Riya's got wonderful parents who understand their children
Ariya were amazing
Finally Arjun left
This would really be their testing time
So Riya realised that she loves Arjun
She also came to know about his feelings
Aliya and Aman are together
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon 

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Fab fantstic mindblowing super awesome amez update
Cont soon

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Wow...superbb amazing update...riya's got such a sweet and understanding parents...arjun left but for the good...this is their test...finally both realized they love each other...aliya and aman too confessed...update was lovely dii plz plz cont soon wanna know how long distance works for ariya...

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Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon

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