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Next part in a few hours :)

Let's see if there is chance for romance ;)

Thanks a lot guys for appreciating the start of this story. The mystery to some extent would be revealed today.
As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

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Chapter 8-A


"Wow, bhai, you are going to stay with me," Shree squealed, he would have Arjun to stay in his room, "I promise, I will not trouble you much. Riya di said no video games till you are fine."

"I am not disturbed by you at all," Arjun smiled as he laid on the bed. "Ouch," he said, his head hurt slightly.

"Arjun, are you alright?" She asked him, by his in gypsy.

"Yeah, just little smart now and then," he sighed.

"Do you want me to do the bandage again?" She asked worriedly.

"Hey no, I am fine, a glass of hot milk will help," Arjun dismissed her worry.

"Eww milk, I hate milk," Shree commented, he could not have plain simple milk.

"I hated too a lot. But mom used to trick me into having it and soon I used to run all around the house, only to have her pamper me," he laughed.

"I see you love getting pampered," Riya teased.

"It runs in my blood," he chuckled.

Riya was all smiles seeing him happy, she left the two of them and went to have his glass of milk.

"Riya, I am going to make lunch please make sure Arjun is fine." Her mother was stressed for Arjun, and wanted him to feel at home.

"Yes mom," Riya said and took the glass in the room. "A glass of milk for you Arjun,"

"Thank you, come sit," he invited her, to sit beside him.

"Where is Shree?" Riya asked, as she sat down on the other side of the bed.

"I think he has gone to take his book from Aliya's room, he has classes this afternoon?" he asked her.

"Yeah," Riya said gently pressing her lips, her lips twitched.

"Why are you not in Uni?" He creased his brows.

"I could not go to attend classes while you are sick at home," she shrugged.

"Nonsense, I want you to go at attend classes, otherwise our projects would not be completed," he berated her gently.

"Will go from tomorrow, promise," she assured him.

"Good girl." He said happily.

"Did you tell uncle aunty?" She asked him.

"I thought to but they will be hell worried." He thinned his lips. He had contemplated telling his parents but had ended up deciding against it, his pain was theirs and he didn't want to worry them when he was fine.

His parents were one of kind. His mother was the most jovial, he could confide anything to her, but a slight harm to him and she would take the house on her head. She could not handle it.

Once he had gone to a camp trip and he had got a slight bruise, he had casually mentioned to his mom and his parents had ended there to see if he was fine and his mother had pampered him like a new born baby. He was damn embarrassed but well he loved her a lot more than that.

His father was stern and strict to him, often scolded him for his bad ways of life but he was no less immune to him. His pain hurt his father and he saw it, he was not a fool. His father loved him a lot but it was always unexpressed and that didn't give him the courage to approach him.

Until, very recently, when because of Riya, he had talked to his father and poured out his heart. His father had expressed how he loved him and his little hurt smarted him.

A realization had dawned upon. Silent love could not be understood, if you love someone express it. We are human, with given capacity to express, we should use it, rather than play guess games. His father had always assumed his son knew he loved him. Arjun had always assumed that his father knew he respected him but it needed a little assurance in words from both sides.

Now they could have easy talks, even though, his father still scolded him and he found solace in that.

"I can understand," she smiled.

It just needed her to feel in his shoes. He was seven seas across from his parents and he feared worrying them. He was spoiled but nonetheless, he was nice, understanding man. Only, he stopped playing with women's feeling, he would be the ideal.

Now that she thought, since the last few days, he had not even flirted harmlessly with anyone... apart her. But that was alright since she knew his truth. It needed a lot more from his side for her to fall for his charms. And if he got all that, he would be the perfect one for her.

Arjun nodded with a smile. She understood him and that gave him relief. There were very few people that understood him and she did. She did understand him. It felt special.

"Do you want lunch in room or in the dining room?" She asked him.

"I would prefer with everyone downstairs," he said with a smile. He was tired of bed-rest.

"Then let's go," she told him.

She kept an eye on him as he stood up and made their way down. She didn't want him to have vertigo and fall down.

"You know I am fine," he said as he sat down, referring to her attention to him.

"Sure you are," she rolled her eyes, "You keep getting dizzy now and then."

"But.." He was interrupted.

"No ifs and buts, just eat and enjoy the attention. It is not everyday that Riya Gupta will shower you with it," she winked at him.

"Now that is so true," he laughed.

Aliya, Shree and her mother joined them for lunch. It was joyful moment and he felt refurnished. Aliya and Shree's banter, Aliya's picking up a slice from Shree's plate, Shree's anger, Riya playing the referee.

"Aliya is a kid at times," Riya chuckled. Aliya was 17 but still immature specially when at home around Shree.

Riya still wondered how her little sister had fallen in love with someone, not only that she had had her first kiss. She had been shocked but then she understood, it was her age, yet she had explained her. She could not stop anyone from doing anything but she could guide them and that was what she did.

"Were you not the same with Aliya?" He asked her, with a frown.

"No. I was 4 when she came in our family. I was protective toward her and felt jealous when other kids wanted to play with her. She is my doll," she admired her little sister.

"Still protective toward them?" He asked her.

She nodded, "I will never bear someone hurting them."

"Will you go and kick them?" he teased.

"No, I will send you to kick them," she laughed.

"Ha! responsibilities of becoming their brother," he sighed and simpered.

She could not help but be amazed how quickly he had become a part of her small little family and she didn't feel jealous. It was something in itself.


Everyone expect Riya's mother, Padma, had gone to their classes. Arjun felt bored, even though Padma took care of him but he missed Riya, Shree and Aliya, who entertained him fully.

His mobile phone shrilled, he picked up quickly, knowing well, his mother must be calling at this time, "hello sweetheart, missing me?"

"Missing you a lot," she said with a smile. "Can't you come back soon?" she asked him, deciding to pour her feelings.

"You miss me that badly?" he teased her.

"More than you will know," she told him, "I feel restless when you are away."

"What will you do when your daughter-in-law will ask me to move away from you?"

"Make sure, you shift nearby, so that I can see you whenever I want." She was well aware today's generations preferred getting their own house rather than staying with parents. Something with independence, she mused.

"That means you will be 24 hours around me," he giggled.

"Exactly," she rolled her eyes.

An hour later, Arjun was playing games on his laptop when she entered.

"Hey Arjun," Riya gushed in. "You should avoid laptop," she took his laptop and put away, while he whined.

"Hi, I was getting bored."

"If so, I will bunk classes from tomorrow," she warned him.

"Alright, I will just do important work on laptop. How was the class?" 

"Good, everyone was praising you. You have become a hero," she patted his shoulder.

"Wow, finally people recognized my talent." he smiled widely.

"Yup. Vishali and I have been working on the projects. We need more pictures for your project," she informed him.

"Not a worry, now I have the model 24 hours in front of me," he teased her.

"As if I would let you," she chided him.

"You won't refuse either," 

"Alright, you got me here, since I don't want to destroy our assignments," she agreed.

"Nice, then I will tell Raj to bring my camera when he will drop to see me."


A few hours later, Raj came, and they shared a high five along a hug, "How are you man?"

"I am better, how are you?"

"I am fine, enjoying life," Raj said with a smile.

"And enjoying the flat alone?" Arjun mocked.

"Exactly..." Raj said relaxing his bones.

Arjun threw a pillow at him, "Don't you dare touch my things,"

"Chill, I know you." Raj rolled his eyes. Arjun was really possessive about his things and unless allowed, no one had the permission to touch them. If they did, they can except a nice, hurting fight. "Here you first love," he handed him his Canon Pro camera. "Sometimes, I wonder, your wife will be more jealous of this camera than a woman," he joked.

"Not a chance, my wife will be my first and last love," he cleared Raj's misconception.

"Ah! Seems like someone has started to think about getting married," Raj pulled Arjun's leg.

Arjun was speechless as he heard that. He was a man and marriage talks were a big no to him. He had always rubbished them and here, not only he talked about it but had told he would love her more than his passion or anything.

"It should be the aftermath after the head injury," Raj winked at him.

"I guess so," not, it was a heart injury, Arjun corrected in his mind. It was his heart that was not listening his orders since the day he had met Riya.


It was around 2AM, when Arjun's head started throbbing. He woke up Shree.

"What happened Bhai?"

"My head is hurting,"

"Wait let me call di," without wasting a second, he had rushed to Riya's room. "Di,"

"Why are you so worried Shree?" She said sleepily, but concern evident in her voice. It was not like her brother to wake her up in the mid of night. Arjun. Arjun was with Shree. Did something happen to Arjun. "Is Arjun fine?"

"No, di, he is feeling pain," Riya had sprang out of bed, her heart fluttering in fright.

Both of them entered in Shree's room quickly and Riya walked to him, "Are you alright Arjun?" she said inspecting his bandage.

"No, It is paining," he said with a growl.

"Let me bring pain killers," she rushed to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water and was at his side within a minute. She helped him have the medicine. "Shree sleep he is fine now."

Obeying his sister, he had laid down and slept within a few minutes, too tired from his classes and extra curricular activities. He was assured Arjun was in safe hands. 

After a few minutes, the pain subsided. "It is better now," and he noticed her up and down in a cute pajama. "You wear pajama to sleep, I had expected some nice silk nighty?" he teased her. Or was it his heart's desire to see her in that. Well, she didn't look bad at all in the pajama, rather she looked adorable, that he felt like kissing her cheek... no, actually he felt like kissing her tantalizing rose petals.

"I prefer this," she shrugged her shoulders.

"Would you wear that after marriage?" He creased his brow. He would have to see her wear some mind numbing nighties once in a while.

"Arjun, that is for me to know and my husband to find out. It will remain a mystery for you," she winked at him.

Of course, they were not getting married, then why did he want that. He felt it was truly the head bump that was doing this. The question had seemed so natural.

"Sleep now Arjun," she put the blanket properly on him and left the room.

As   she walked to her room, she let her cheek flushing. When he mentioned her nighty and about marriage, she had felt herself heating under his gaze. He was going something to her, she was unaware of.

Part B will be up with an hour or so...

If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
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Awesome update
Loved it
Arjun has become a part of Riya's family
Loved mother-son convo
Ariya talk was superb
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon

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Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon

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Awwwsssmmm Update
Loved it
Arjun is enjoying his stay at Riya's place
Loved Ariya's cute moment
Continue Soon
Waiting for next part

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Hello guys, I am here with the second part of chapter 8 and this half is very special. I have been crying while writing it and I hope it will be a message to people around.


"Aman, when are we getting engaged?" Bipasha asked him excitingly.

"I don't know, our parents will discuss about it later," he said nonchalantly.

While, sitting a few rows behind, the news fell on Aliya's ears and she was angry and hurt, it was as if someone stabbed her heart, she felt beaten and defeated.

As the break time came, grabbing her school bag, she swiftly left the classroom to her home, with tears rolling down no matter how much she controlled.

Aliya came home dejected, she wiped her tears and entered in the house. Pretending a smile, she greeted her mom.

"You are early today, everything alright?" Her mother asked her, giving her a kiss on her head.

"Yes mom, everything is fine, just felt little tired," Aliya pouted, fighting back her tears.

"But sweetheart that is no reason to leave class," she explained her.

"I know, but I was feeling distracted. Maybe after what happened to Di," she made an excuse, "I will be fine, I am going to see bhai,"

Padma looked at her daughter and sighed. Did her daughter really think she didn't see her aloof look? Her fake smile could not fool her. She decided to talk to her later as she could not see her like this but at the moment, she wanted to give her some space.

Aliya went to meet Arjun, in order to keep her mind away from Aman. Giving him a quick hug, she sat beside him asking him about his health.

"What happened to you?" Arjun asked her, scrunching his brows.

She played with her fingers, her eyes lowered, "nothing happened."

"I can see that. Is it about a boy?" he asked skeptically.

Her eyes lifted instantly in shock and then she lowered her heard. "Yes," she nodded hesitantly.

For Riyaa he felt concerned as a friend and something else but with Aliya, it was pure brother possessiveness. He didn't entertain the fact that a boy had hurt his sister. It made him question, did the woman he hurt had pained her family too? 

This Gupta family was sure making him discover loads of things, that he was thankful too, yet made him feet so remorseful. He had was understanding what meant to respect woman. Not taking vulgar pictures was respect but respect was also not crushing someone's feelings.

"Did he hurt you?" His voice sounded threatening. Even in this health, he was energetic enough to go and kick him.

She gaped, getting well that he was ready to give a piece of his mind to Aman like he had done with Steve. She didn't want Arjun or anyone to hurt Aman. She shook her head fervently. "He... I love him," she said with tears, "he is engaged."

"Did he trap you being engaged? Did he give you hints?" He asked with fury.

"No, he never approached. I had approached him to tell my feelings. He has... kissed me," she flushed and continued, "but the next instant, he was remorseful. He apologize profusely and left. He was guilty."

Calm down Arjun, he chanted and sighed. The man meant a lot Aliya and he didn't want to hurt Aliya. "Hmm, seems complicated." He had to find out if the man really loved her. "Be careful Aliya. Man are not honest as woman. When they see a woman loving them selflessly, they may not hesitate taking advantage of them." He explained her.

"It hurts me," she said with tears. "They were talking about getting engaged..."

"Come on kiddoo," he took her in a hug, "everything will be fine. Trust your love but with that trust your mind. Never let anyone play with your feelings, wait until he confesses himself."

"I will," she nodded.

"Can't I go and give him a punch or two?" He asked exasperated.

"Trust me, if you would have received a punch or two from every girl's brother who loved you then you won't have this beautiful face. Who loves you doesn't matter, it is who you love that matters and it is a sad truth." she exhaled painfully.

How many women loved him? and with how many woman did he have affair? countless and he  hated himself for the later questions. He had broken hearts. He had hurt them. If he didn't love them and didn't plan to be serious about them, then he had no right to play with them, that too with women who didn't know about it being a casual relation.

Sure some of it must be serious about him but he had ruthlessly broken the relation along their hearts. Assuming that they won't be hurt because he didn't cross his limit. But the fact was he surpassed his limits in playing with feelings.

What if he had ended up having a relation at a weak moment, that would have given him more encouragement that it was fine to have 'Casual' sex. How can it be casual or harmless when it was hurting other.

Meant or not, no one has the right to hurt another soul, to get what they desire and then leave them in a trash. Sure he didn't use anyone's body but he sure did use souls. Did it make him any better?

"Do you love him a lot?" he questioned her, shoving off his self-guilt for the moment.

"Yes," she said without any hesitation.

"Then be happy, because even if it hurts, you love. Not everyone can love sweetheart," he tried to cheer her up and she did smile.

"You are awesome,"

"For such an awesome praise," he said adding her word, "I shall give you a tip. Ignore him." 

"Will it work?" She asked with a frown.

"Certified by Arjun Suryakant Rawte," of course, Riya had struck a chord in him, without doing anything. She had plainly avoided him and he had been intrigued to know her.

"We will see it," she teased him.

"You can bet on that," he challenged her.

"hmm, ok, if it doesn't work you will marry me," she laughed, pulling his leg.

"I would rather marry your elder sister," he retorted back, without even realizing what he said in the spur of the moment.

"You love her?" She asked him, not so surprised.

He gasped, how come he said that. "She is special," he said twitching his lips at right side.

"I see, you are a confused soul," she said tongue-in-cheek and walked to the door. "Make sure, you get your feelings before some handsome man asks her hand," she warned him and left him, her spirit lifted up.

"Arjun, I hope you are not having any trouble staying here?" Riya's father, Shashank asked him, as they all were eating.

"Not at all, it is heartwarming staying with you all," he smiled at them.

Shashank smiled, "I am sorry, I didn't get much to spend with you." 

"That is alright uncle, everyone takes care of me really perfectly," Arjun dismissed his sorry.

"How about we watch a science fiction movie?" he suggested.

"Wow," Shree squealed. Having two sisters and a mother who dominated the TV, it was not every day that they got to see a science fiction movie.

"I will love to," Arjun agreed.

"But, if you feel any pain, you will go to sleep," Riya warned him.

He gestured courteously, "Yes ma'am,"

"Good boy," she patted his cheek as everyone laughed.

They had an awesome time watching the science-fiction movie on the cable, mostly the men, while the women just liked it. 

Without even trying much, Arjun integrated in their family, more and more with each passing day.


The previous day, when she had come back home, he had insisted her to wear her best dress then he had done her photo-shoot and now he was editing them as she came back from classes, with their projects to show him.

They sat together and discussed about the projects, she praised him again as she saw the pictures he was working on. They shared their inputs, modified the assignments.

"This, you should take it in upper angle, it would look beautiful once edited," he advised her from an editor's point of view.

"Got it," she smiled and jolted down. "Now bandage time,"

She went and brought the needed equipment. It had been a few days since she had been doing his bandage but still she felt her heart thumping louder than usual.

Arjun's heart leaped in joy as she told him that. He loved those moments when she would be so close to him, so close that he could inhale her scent, where he could analyse her with perfection, where he could hear her heartbeat.  Her touch was tantalizing, he just wanted to pull her beneath him and kiss her ardently but he stopped himself. Riya mattered to him, he didn't want to hurt her.

She put the antiseptic about his forehead and cleaned the wound, it was close to be healed. "Does it pain?"

"No," he said in daze.

She exhaled with relief and did the bandage again applying medicine. Once done, she washed her hands and resumed back the work with him.

"Riya, something has been disturbing me a lot. Can I ask you?" He asked her, staring at her.

"What is it Arjun?" She said flickering the pen in her hand and her eyes now focused on him.

"You are not a person that would interfere in other's business. Then why even after Annabelle had shoved you off, you didn't back off? Why you hate harmless relations?" He asked her the questions that nagged him a lot. "I mean it is not like I have been wanting to get in a physical relation but just a harmless relation," 

Riya was not someone to pry in other's lives, she would just warn them once and then leave them on their fate but Annabelle's case was different and Riya knew it.

"It was not just Annabelle, it is the way she is. Had it been anyone else, I would not have interfered, we are in London, relations are casual here but not for everyone. Not for Annabelle, Like Maryam, who believed on a relation more than herself."

"Maryam?" He asked, feeling lost.

Riya nodded, her eyes teary. "Maryam, she was my childhood friend," she saw shew him  a photo in her mobile of her.

Maryam Khan. She was so beautiful, so naive, her eyes as big as a doll but so innocent. Her smile that could enlighten the atmosphere. Her hairs perfect straight to her hip.

Riya turned the screen back to her and slipped in a trance, "we shared our first class together and were together after that. She used to share her lunches with me and so did I. We used to play together and chat for hours. At 18 years old, she fall in love, with a man for whom relations were as casual as you but for her it was life.  He tried to flirt with me while dating her and I had told her, but he had warned her before hand that I had a crush on him. Just like you did. She chose to believe him over me and I was hurt, I thought to leave her on her fate."

"You did right, then what is wrong?" Arjun's heart galloping in an unknown fear.

"Everything is wrong. A year later, she committed suicide," Arjun gasped and Riya's tears rolled down. "She loved him madly and when she discovered the truth she was broken. For him it was so-called 'casual', nothing serious. Her parents had decided to take her in their country and get her married. She loved him too much and preferred ending her life." 

Her voice sounding harsh now "You men don't realize what your sweet words do to woman? do you? You assume that it is their stupidity believing you? but do you know it is their purity to love someone so freely? and such men without a care trample over their feelings, their heart. It was so horrible, she had jumped in front a high speed train. Do you get it? She was..." she sobbed,  "...slashed into pieces. It was so horrible... I was returning from classes when I saw the crowd...  She was unrecognizable..."

Arjun's heart cried out for that soul, he had never expected that harmless flirt could lead to this.

She held his collar and shook him, she was furious and demanded "Do you realize when you flirt with someone that they could have deep feelings for you? Do you realize what can mean to someone else breaking up with them? No you don't"

"I am sorry Riya," he said regretfully, feeling immense remorse and took her in his arms.

She punched him and hit him, but crumpled in his arms, weeping in pain. 

"It was not your mistake," he patted her head calming her.

"I should have tried to prove his malicious ways at time, she would have been alive," she sniffed. "I could not let you do the same to Annabelle."

He felt guilty, he did. More than ever. More than when he had  confessed his truth to Annabelle. He felt guilty for the way he was.

"I promise you from now one, I will never hurt anyone. Never play with anyone's feelings" He held her in his arms as his own tears rolled down.

How he had never considered the women's plight. He had always thought that it was all casual, they would soon get over it but he didn't care about. How could he be so mean. He understood now as Riya and he understood as Aliya came to him yesterday. It had hurt him as much as it was hurting her. How could he have let someone else experience that.

"Real promise?" She asked raising her head.

"Yes, real eternity promise," he wiped her tears and kissed on her temple.

To be continued...


This incident really happened and that had shook me to the core. I personally didn't know her, nor I know the reason of her step but she had committed suicide. No one deserves to end their life.

Agreed suicide is a crime, but do we actually realize the we are the one that push them to that step. We should stop hurting people, we should educate our father, brothers and sons that woman are to be respected. We should not pass of their attitude as it is alright they are boy, some fun is fine and still they would be looking for the perfect bride for their son.

It is alright for our society if a man has a string of affairs behind him but if a woman does the same she would be condemned. Teach them to be human

If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
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Awesome update
Loved it
It was an emotional one
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon

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lovely one...

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