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Awesome teaser
but what is steve planning against riya ????? Hope she overcomes the problem
is he creating misunderstanding between ariya?????
and is arjun really what he seems to be????
who was kissing whom????
who confessed her love???
n who is lusting riya????
ufff too much of confusion
pls continue soon

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What a teaser
Can't wait for next part
Continue soon

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this teaser look scary 
 waiting 4 the update Day Dreaming

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scary teaser
cont soon

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Di eagerly waiting
Please update soon di

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Guys, my friend had come back and she is fine but her mom is not. Can you pray for her mother's recovery as you have prayed for her to come back. 
I am going to upload the whole part in a go, a super long part; all I really want this once, is, please, it is my hearty wish that we all pray for her unison, at least someone's prayer would be heard of, right?

Thanks a lot guys for appreciating the start of this story. The mystery to some extent would be revealed today.
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"What does she think that I am good man that would let her go scot-free, no never. I am going destroy her and she is going to rue the day she didn't bend to me, just let this wait get over." he sniggered evilly.

He went and stood in front of his computer, where her pictures were saved. "Riya Gupta, I aim to take revenge for the insult I have gone through."

A loud shrill of the door bell snapped him out, he closed the windows and went to open the door.


"Sorry man, I got late," Raj apologized.

"That is alright. Why did you ring the bell? You have the keys right?" Arjun asked him.

"Yes, but I think I have misplaced them," He said sheepishly.

"What had caught you up?" Arjun asked him.

"I just got busy shopping for family." He pointed toward his bags.

"Woah, you know right, only 30kgs is allowed back home." Arjun chucked.

"Of course, I know." Raj retorted. "So how is Riya? Are you still on getting a fling with her?" he asked him. He had known Arjun since a few years and he could see the change in Arjun.

"No, I am not, she is my friend." Arjun said sincerely.

"That is good to hear," Raj said with relief. 

Arjun ignored the look Raj was giving him, since he himself knew, he was behaving strange. He never had, till date, any girl friend. Many girlfriends but none girl friends. Riya was the first and for some reasons Arjun knew the last too.

"Did you have dinner?" Raj asked him.

"No, I was waiting for you," Arjun replied, "your turn to cook, remember?" 

"Oh, how I hate cooking. You still cook decent but I suck." Raj growled.

"Off to kitchen, no excuses will work." Arjun giggled.

"How do you digest food cooked by me?" Raj asked him.

"You are not that bad a cook. As long as it is edible food, I am in for it. Call me, when dinner is ready dude," Arjun winked and went back to his room.

As he entered in his room, he found his forgotten laptop on his bed, that laid there as he went to open the door. He moved on his bed and saw the picture he was working on. Riya was glaring at him and she looked ethereal. "You sure are doing something to me. I am not sure, if I hate it anymore," he sighed and continued working on it.


"Come Steve," His friend, Rocky said, as he opened the door.

"where?" he looked confused.

"Remember, we had planned for strip clubs," He winked back at him.

"Oh yeah how could I have forgotten it, just let me bring my jacket." 

Gathering his essentials, he left with his friends, needing some much needed time. The whole day had been horrific with him; he didn't know those pictures could lead in him in such a bad soup. "what meant to happen did happen, but I will enjoy and take my revenge at the right time," he promised, his eyes shining deviously.

"We are here," Rocky said and they came out of the car. Night Out Club, was their usual spot. They often went there and had their shares of fun.

Paying their money for entry, they made their way inside. There were woman dancing around the poles in short skimpy clothes. Steve drooled over them.

With his friend, they moved to the bar counter. Getting a Vodka each, they sat down, enjoying the strip show as the women took out one cloth at time.

To decent people it would have looked cheap but not for them, it was pleasure. They loved this game way too much. Rocky busied himself in another corner.

After a few minutes, Steve wanted more, he moved to the manager and asked for the stripper in blue, wearing just her short skirt and her bra, he knew soon enough that would be taken off too in front of everyone, but he wanted the rest of the show to be for him.

"She is new in this club," the manager informed.

Steve took an extra hundred pounds note and gave it to him. "Take this and send her in my private room," He had a room reserved in his name, he sure had benefits of being a rich kid.

He went inside his room and settled down. Soon enough the woman entered in the look, he had last scene. "Hey handsome,"

Not in the mood to talk, he pulled her brusqely and started kissing her. Soon she was writhing under him in pleasure.

"Oh you are so sexy Riya," he mumbled with eyes closed, as he climaxed. Riya was completely overshadowing his mind. He was seeing her in the lady beneath him. He really needed her badly.

As he opened his eyes and saw another woman, angrily he yanked out and raked his hand through his hairs. "Shit! the insult today has just intensified my need. Riya, I promise soon it would be you writhing under me," wearing his clothes he left, not caring to look at the confused woman, who laid there, unsatisfied.


Oh she was so happy today, apart few unwanted memories from the day, she was overwhelmed. Their life was getting back on track.

Riya was elated. Her father got promotion. It had been such hardship for them to live in the meager salary that his father earned, "life will definitely be easy now," she sighed.

And she had another reason to be happy to, "Arjun," he was her friend now. And he had protected her from Steve.

"Arjun, I don't know what to make out of you. You are good, but why do you play with feelings?" she was plainly confused. How can a good man play with someone's feelings.

"I should stop thinking about him and sleep," she pushed off the thoughts and switched off the lamp.


Aliya stayed awake, laying on the bed, staring in the ceiling. She was really genuinely happy for her father and knew life was going to get better.

Still she was restless. She may be a teenager, but she really loved Aman. She had had crushes and knew what she felt for Aman it was different. No, the kiss wasn't the start of that emotion, she had felt them before too. The kiss had just intensified her feelings.

She allowed herself to remember that moment. 

Aman was in the basketball team of the college. After their training, he went for a shower and she waited for him in the corridor, pretending to read the notice board.

One by one, all the players left. That wing was mostly deserted. She was sweating with nervousness. It was hard to confess being a woman.

After a few minutes, Aman came out, fresh as a daisy. He had taken his shower and was in casual clothes.

"Aman," she called out, her voice sounded hoarse.

"Oh hey, you are Aliya, right?" he asked wanted to confirm.

She wondered, 'should I be happy he remembers my name or sad that he was not sure.', dismissing that thought, she nodded.

"So, what happened?" he asked politely.

"I.. I..." she looked sideways.

He moved closed and held her hand, "you can tell me, don't need to be afraid," he was looking in her eyes.

"I love you," the voice blurted out on their own accord. She lowered her head, having no courage to  look at him with worry. She knew he had a girlfriend but she had to tell him so she did.

As she got no response, she rose her head, gazing in his eyes. Something magical happened. He lowered his head and kissed her. Kissed her deeply, passionately.

Five minutes later, they parted. Aliya blushed that he was reciprocating her feeling. She was happy.

He moved back, realization dawned him of his deed and looked ashamed. He had a girlfriend and here he was kissing Aliya, sure he felt attracted to her, but he was not a cheater. "I am sorry, I have a girlfriend, this should not have happened," he rubbed his face and went away.

Aliya had stood there broken. Her tears rolling down. Her first most happiest moment and her first most horrible heart break.

That memory always left a bitter sweet taste in her mouth. She still felt her heart fluttering at his touch. She traced her lips, "I wish Aman, you love me back and we have our forever future together." 

While she drifted off to sleep, another soul was really disturbed. Aman was clueless, he didn't know what to do. He was in a relation with his girlfriend but he felt tremendous attraction toward Aliya, since that kiss, he could not get his mind off her. He even felt guilty hiding it from his girlfriend, someone he didn't kiss till date. Today, he felt green in jealousy seeing Alex and her talking and laughing together. "what is happening to me?" he questioned himself.

DAY 10- Wednesday

Arjun woke up with the rays of the day. He woke up earlier than his usual routine. Other days, it was Raj's duty to wake him up because he had this habit to sleep like a log.

But nowadays, dreams woke him up, or rather confusions. He was startled to see Riya in his dreams. Strange dreams he was having nowadays.

He knew he was a man and having fantasies was normal, but what he dreamed about her was out of his character.

Sighing, he moved to the window and opened the curtains. The last nights dream was still etched on his mind.

After a tiring day at work, he was back at home. He entered in the kitchen of Rawte mansion and saw a woman cooking in the kitchen, wearing her slim jeans and green long top, her hairs falling down to her hips. He was mesmerized. He walked to her, hypnotized.

"What are you doing baby?" He asked her, encircling his warm arms around her, enclosing her in his hold.

"Arjun, leave me, I am cooking," she chided him, trying too pry him off.

"Tch, you can't ignore your husband, Riya." he kissed her cheek.

"Husband, let me cook in peace, if you want to eat something edible," she rebuked, whacking his hand off.

"Ha! what a generation, emotional violence on your husband," He pouted.

"After dinner, I will make it up," she winked at him and turned back to his work.

Oh he was sure excited now and giving her a peck, he left to his room.

"Pagal," she giggled.


He came out of his room and saw her wearing his shirt, devoid of any other piece of clothes. His breath hitched. His eyes bulged out.

She moved closed to him and clasped her arms around him. "Told you, will make it up," she winked and moved closer to him, to capture his lips.

And that made his sit with a jolt. His veins were throbbing with Brobdingnagian passion.

Now, he stood at the window pane, trying to reign back peace. His veins slowly calmed down and he pondered with frustration on his dream. 'How come I am dreaming about Riya? That too as my wife. Given that she is beautiful. Given that she is my friend. But marriage? Shit," he cursed as he thought again about the dream, his body reacted to it. He scurried in the washroom, to get the much needed relief.

Meanwhile, Riya woke up late, thanks to her sleeping late by over-thinking about Arjun's character. She was not sure if she could give him a clean chit of being a nice guy or not. She had met him just ten days back and she was not sure to trust him blindly.

Wearing her nicest slim jeans, and green long top, she brushed her long hairs. She dabbed some concealer and powder on her face, followed by a light cot of lip gloss and finally she contoured the inside of her eyes with Kohl. She looked simple yet glamorous.

Grabbing her bag, she left downstairs to have breakfast. Her heart was galloping though to have another session of photograph with Arjun.


They had not encountered each other the whole day as they were busy in their own tasks. Finally they met in their free hour.

"Hi, how are you?" Riya greeted him, he was sitting on a table, with his laptop on his lap. He tilted his head and his breath halted. 

Already, he was having a though time controlling his urges and here, she was standing in the same clothes, he had imagined in his dreams. 'did I sort of had a premonition about her dressing today?' he was confused yet amazed. Mesmerized by her look. She looked divine. 

Suppressing his drumming heartbeat, he spoke, "I am fine, how are you?" He flashed his charming smile.

"I am fine as well, but your wrinkles tell me that you have had a sleepless night. Any worry?" She asked him, in a friendly tone.

"Oh that is nothing." how could he tell her she was the reason for his sleepless night. "I guess I am nervous. Today is the last day of our half shoot, I will then have to work on the editing and the project. I am along in this." He said with a sigh.

Riya nodded, knowing his partned had been put off from this. Suddenly, she remembered something. "Hey, but, we are a group of three now, which means you are in our group and we have two project to work on." She reminded him.

"Oh yeah, Thank God, I had completely forgotten that," he exhaled with relief. 

"That is alright." She smiled.

"Do you believe in horoscopes?" He asked generally.

"No really, although some characteristic matches. I am Leo and I love to dominate, still all the while loving and valuing the persons that matter to me," she chuckled.

"Your husband is going to be in trouble." He joked.

"Not, If I love him. Because, when I fall in love with him, I will give him everything." She said with an immense passion, that he felt bowled over, and envious over that non-existent man.

'Why am I feeling jealous over her dream man?' He questioned himself, and found no answer. He was yanked out of his thoughts as Riya called him.

"What about you? do you?" She asked him back.

"No. I don't." He shrugged as he took her pictures. "What led you  into this field? Not to offend, but asians really don't allow girls getting into photography."

"My parents are very understanding, they never imposed any restriction on us. They just guide us, tell us the way of life but never force them on us." She said proudly.

"Wow." He seemed impressed. "I wish my father understood my passion too. I know it is not an easy field but I know I can make something out of myself in it." He revealed his inner most tension.

She moved closer to him and placed her on his. 

His heart fluttered. He gazed at her.

Looking in his eyes, she said, "Have you ever tried to talk to your father? Sometimes, our parents have expectation from us, that we can't fulfill but what we can do is talk out, right?" 

He looked at her bemused. She was really nice. "You are right, I will talk to him when I am back home." He admitted, he never had a cordial relation with his father, not even a percent than what he shared with his mother. It was time to talk to his father.

"Alright wait for a full fledged discussion, but you should make a call to him." She advised him sincerely.

He admired her and nodded.

For the remaining our they talked and he took her snaps.


"Hi, Again," Riya greeted him.

"hi," he welcomed her with a smile, as he was sitting on a chair, behind the desk, working on his laptop.

"So any progress in the editing?" She asked him, as she sat on a table, with her camera in her hand.

"Yes, although I can fast process them, but I want to be precise, this is a very important project, now even you are connected to it, model wise and project partner wise, I don't want to hamper your success." He said with honesty, looking in her eyes.

"So sweet of you," she acknowledged his hard work.

"Thank you," He simpered.

"You come come," she giggled, making him join too. This was the way Amir Khan said 'you are welcome' in his movie 'Raja Hindustani'

"So you watch Bollywood movies too?" He questioned.

"A lot, I have one shelf of my room filled with that only," she confessed.

"Wow, that is awesome. But, I am more of a Hollywood fan," He conceded ruefully.

"Oh that is like most of the boy and man. Even my dad and brother, at weekends spend their time watching those movies but I am a typical woman, who will stick to romantic movies." She said, with her lips curved in a smile.

"You mean cheesy movies," He remarked with a smirk.

She smacked him playfully. "You will not understand it, unless you fall in love," she winked at him, "your heart will do all the crazy stuff for her." 

"I don't believe." He snubbed off her words.

"We will see Rawte," she challenged, her eyes slitted in pleasure.

"Oh, sure we will see..." he was about to add 'Rawte' too but stopped at the right time. The dream was sure playing havoc.

A flash snapped him out of his thought, "what are you doing?"

"Taking snaps," she replied cheekily and took his pictures.

"why?" He narrowed his brows, his nose scrunched.

"Don't tell me, you want to be in detention for the rest of twenty days," she berated him.

"Oh!" He exclaimed, realizing that he was not here because he opted that decision but because it was a punishment. He had forgotten but doesn't seem she had. She wanted to get rid of him. "You want to escape my company very soon, don't you?" He said warily.

"Why sounding mean?" she asked him, with a frown.

"Nothing, I guess, I am too tired." He cooled his mind.

"ok," she shrugged and concentrated on taking pictures, meanwhile, something pricked in his heart that she didn't feel the hopelessness that he did.

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7:40 PM

"I am hungry," Raj grownled in hunger.

"Oh, eat something." He advised.

"It is your turn to cook," he yelped.

His eyes widened, he had completely failed to remember his turn. He sheepishly looked at him, "how about  I treat you in a  good Indian restaurant?"

"Good food and refusing? never." He said with happiness. 

Getting freshen up, they left to a nearby restaurant that Arjun had seen in his way to her stop.

"wow man, this looks nice," Raj commented, "when did you discover it?"

"While dropping Riya to her stop," he admitted.

"Ahan, what is the matter with her?" He teased him.

"Nothing man." Arjun berated him.

"we will see." He winked at him. 

As they were about to sit down, a voice called out for him. "Hey Arjun," 

Both turned around and saw Riya with her family.

Her family had decided to go the Indian restaurant and she didn't know that she would meet him here again.

"hey, we are meeting again," he smiled.

"yup, meet my family," she introduced her family to him.

"Di, who is he, is he your boyfriend?" Shree said, mouth-in-cheek.

"Shut up idiot," she wacked his arm and said, "he is Arjun, my friend, from  India on the photograpy assignment. I told you mom, right?" 

"Yes, you did. It is pleasure meeting you." Riya's mother smiled.

"Same here, aunty, hope I can call you that," he said charmingly.

"Sure, son," she smiled at him brightly.

"Why don't you join us for dinner?" Riya's father asked humbly.

"I would have loved to but I am here with my friend." Arjun polited refuted the offer.

"We would not like that Arjun, call your friend too," Riya's mother said in a mother tone.

"Sure, aunty, I will love to," Raj jumped in. He was missing his family, so a dinner out with someone from his homeland would be nice and he was sure Arjun was going to love too. He had seen the spark between Arjun and Riya. So what if he wanted to be a cupid. He loved them together.

Arjun relutantly agreed and joined them. As he got to know, Riya's father got a promotion he was elated, he congratulated him heartily, whom accepted happily.

"So Arjun and Raj, where are you from India?" Riya's father asked casually as he filled his spoon.

Arjun was apprehensive to reply but he saw Raj busy in eating, he replied, "We are from Mumbai"

"Awesome, we belong to Mumbai too." Riya's mother replied too.

"Arjun bhai, do you play on PS3?" Shree asked him, hopefully. Although, his sisters often played with him but he wanted a man in his life to play with.

"Oh I love man, the games 'call of duty', 'Assasin's creed', 'Grand Theft Auto V'..." Arjun got at ease with Shree and told him the games he loved.

"Wow, I love Grand Theft Auto. I wish, we could have cheat codes in real life too." Aliya pouted.

"What is the fun to win with cheating?" Shree scoffed.

"Don't tell me you never cheat playing games?" Arjun was stunned.

"No, I don't. First I did but I noticed, I ended losing interest in those games but when I don't, there is a passion in me to solve the levels in the given ressources. It is alright to take help but cheating is not." Shree said, adjusting his spectacles.

"You are awesome little man," Arjun ruffled his hairs and tried to follow Shree's way, next time he played a game.

"Can you and Raj uncle come at our home to play on PS3?" Shree asked, wishfully.

"How can I dude?" Arjun said softly as he fed himself.

"Why not? You should drop at our home sometime." Riya's father said. He knew he had no much time to give Shree and his friends rarely came at their home, as they preferred playing outside games, which Shree loved but he wanted someone to play PS3 and other games too.

Arjun looked at Riya worriedly, she nodded and he agreed, "I will." He smiled. He didn't want to take liberties with her family. 

Soon enough, they were chatting and laughing. Arjun bonded well with them, specially Riya's father and Shree, who was really happy to have found a brother. 

As he talked with Riya's father, he realized how much he missed his father, his scoldings, his glarings.

Going home, he dialed his number. Although, it was late at night, but the need to talk to his father, overpowered him.

"Hello," came a muffled voice.

"Dad," Arjun said, feeling emotions, he never felt before, 'was it seeing the close relation Riya shared with her father?'

"Arjun, is everything alright?" His father asked worriedly, sitting on his bed. His wife too woke up, hearing Arjun's name.

"Dad, I miss you. I know I am a complete brat but I love you." Arjun confessed, his eyes teary.

"Oh Son." His father's voice was laced with happiness. "I miss you too and no matter, how much I scold you, I love you too. You are out son."

Arjun was feeling ecstacy, he talked with his parents and as they bid bye. 'Thank you Riya, this would not have been possible without you.'

Raj sat there seeing the change in his friend and he was pleasantly surprised. He liked his friend this way better.


Riya and Arjun didn't cross each till their detention hour, where again they chatted and took pictures, while she took his pictures and he worked on editing.

"I talked to dad," He said hesitantly

She looked at him, with her twinkling eyes, "I am sure, he must be happy." She challenged.

"He was." He nodded with amazement. "He was elated and so was I. I.I..." he fumbled. She went to him and held his hand, to encourage him. "Unlike, most of son, I never had much closer relation with my father. I was always more close to mom." He said flushing.

"It happens. You know, I heard, that a baby boy is more close to his mom and the vice-versa  for a baby girl. When you grew up, that stayed with you. Maybe, your father was not sure how to approach you too. Sometimes, we human make situations complex." She said in mature tone.

"Are you always this mature?" He asked, bemused. She never cease to struck a cord in his heart.

"My mom said, I was born intelligent," She winked at him, jokingly and he laughed. He loved his company.


The day was not any different from the previous one. They enjoyed their detention. The punishment had become their enjoyement.

"Show me the pictures, please." She requested.

"No, it is a surprise," He said with a glint in his eyes.

"But, they are my pictures." She whined.

"I am not denying, but please wait till monday." He pleaded.

She twitched her lips and agreed, "they better be good or I will smack you in public," she warned him.

"Sure tigress," He smiled and posed for her.


Riya picked her cell and messaged Arjun. "Shree is asking, if you could come over to play PS3?" she asked him, with anticipation.

"Of course, if it doesn't disturb others." Came the instant reply. He was getting sick bored at home as Raj had gone out for his assignment's last touch with his partner.

"No, it will not." She had assured him and forwarded him the address.

After an hour, he had appeared on her door step. He was greeted warmly. He looked around the nice cozy house and appreciated it. He saw Riya wearing peace colored traditional Anarkali suit, and she looked a sigh to watch. If, he thought, she looked beautiful in western, then she surpassed in traditions. 'I will have to ask, if she can pose someday in traditionals.'

"Hey kidoo," he said to Aliya, she looked at him and smiled wide.

"Hi bhai," she called him, just the way Shree had taken to call him. Not everyone had the right to call her that and she had allowed Arjun.

"Arjun, here snacks." Riya mother, Raima, served him samosas and rolls.

"Wow, home made food," He jumped on the food, completely ravishing it.

Soon after, he joined Shree in playing PS3. Aliya too joined them, playing or hooting for Arjun. Shree was angry that she was supporting Arjun, Riya had came in to join in Shree. Shree had won. 

Arjun looked guiltily at Aliya, "Sorry,"

"It is ok bhai, games are meant for one to lose and other to win," she assured him and side hugged him.

He was content to meet them.


Arjun found himself again on the Gupta threshold. Yesterday, as he was leaving, Riya's father had appeared and had requested to come the next day over lunch and he had agreed.

"Hey Arjun," Riya greeted him, admiring him discreetly. She was surely affected by his charm.

"Hey," he said with a wide smile. She was wearing slim jean and blue capri, looking again beautiful. He concluded, it didn't matter, if she wore traditional or western she looked good in everything.

"Come in," she invited him.

Riya's father had greeted him in a family-like manner. They sat for lunch and Arjun was throughouly satisfied. "Aunty, you reminded me mom." He confessed.

"Half of the dishes are prepared by Riya," She revealed.

"Oh wow, Riya, you are an awesome cook. I didn't know." He was stunned. 'She cooks like your mom.'

"I learnt from mom, she is the best." Riya hugged her mom. "Thank you for liking my food." She thanked him.

"Most welcome."

"Bhai, let's go and play football in the nearby park." Shree had requested and all agreed.

They had a fun time playing. Arjun and Aliya were in one time, Riya and Shree in another. It was a tough match and Arjun's team one by a point. It was a really awesome time for Arjun and Riya felt her heart fluttering whenever she stared at him.

Things were chaging, chemistry was happening.

Chemistry was definitely more attractive off books.


Five days had gone since meeting the Guptas for the first time. Arjun had gotten close to Riya's family, he often went there to play games with Shree or have home food. He had accepted Aliya as his little sister, causing him to respect girls more and aunty was another form of his mother. Regarding Riya, he was confused.

Although Raj was the one to accept the offer but he restricted his visit there, he didn't want to be the obstacle between Arjun and his potential in-laws.

Arjun's dreams were still going on strong but he had learned to control his urges in public. He never let Riya realize of his condition.

"I am nervous," Arjun confessed as he took her water bottle and sipped from it.

She frowned but then let it go. "It is ok Arjun, we will tackled it together, right?" she patted his encouragingly and he finally smiled.

"The next to present their first insight are Vishali, Riya and Arjun."

The trio walked on the little stage and arranged the presentation.  "We would like to start by presenting you Indian Tradition in Western countries." Vishali started showing their slide show, while they spoke at their turns. The students appreciated their work, as well as the teachers.

"And now, we would like to move forward to our project 'Inner Beauty'." Riya announced and gave the mic to Arjun.

Vishali clicked on the pictures on slide show. The students gasped and Riya gaped.

Her pictures.

Of course, she knew she was the model but the pictures left her dumbstruck.

Whilst, Steve walked in the corridor of college.

"My day, I am ready to strike. After, they will be done with the project, Riya would be done soon too." Steve laughed maniacally as he traced her picture on his mobil that he took secretly.

He had waited a week, a week of pain, a week of fury. Now it was back to give all back.

The next principal had ordered him to come at college, when other would be presenting their project. He was to see himself along another teacher his project insight, before allowing him to proceed with this high level assignment

He entered in his cabin and apologized profusely about his act. "I am sorry, sir. I just lost my track."

The principal had nodded and let him present his work. He had managed to work on decent project, on green environment. The principal and teacher likes his photography, allowing him to come back.

He was elated, 'My Victory is not far.' he mused. He left the office and marched down the corridor. Stopping in front of the auditorium, where he was also meant to do the presentation. He saw Riya's picture and his member became hard. He groaned. 'I need to put my plan in action soon,' he swore.

"This is how I envision beauty, with no trace of fakeness." Arjun spoke as he looked at the picture, his breath increased, everytime he saw them.

Riya smiled with tears brimming in her eyes, she never knew she was this beautiful. He shew her pictures with smiles, glares, pouts, laughs, showing him a finger, frowning. She looked ethereal, just as he had imagined.

Having done the project, other students presented theirs. Once the class was over, all students left. Riya hugged him. "You are the best." She praised him.

"Thank you sweetheart." He winked.

"You are flirting again?" she complained.

"I asked you back then, chose one, should I flirt with you or women around. You didn't reply, so I had stuck with the first option." He giggled.

"You are incorrigible." She yanked a file on his back and left the auditorium.

That day afternoon, they were the last one in the corridor as the rest left for canteen. Since Freya knew, Riya would join with Arjun she had gone ahead with her partner.

Riya was walking down the corridor and Arjun was behind her, at some distance though. 

"Hey Arjun," Raj called him.

"Hey Man, what are you doing here?" he asked him, "you were supposed to be in the canteen, right?"

"Went to washroom and just saw you." Raj replied.

Arjun nodded and rotated to the direction where Riya was, but she was nowhere to be seen. He was confused, he thought we a frown, "how come she crossed the corridor this soon?" 

Shrugging off, they walked toward the canteen but there was some restlessness set in Arjun's heart. He had inkling that something was not right, there was worry at the back side of his mind and as he entered in the canteen, he looked around, flitted his eyes but he didn't find her.

"She is not here, she in some problem." Arjun gasped.

To be Continued...

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