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Awesome story must say
ohhh a playboy arjun well nice thought
n riya a multiple nationality
well that's good
loved riya's care n love for her friends
n also arjun annoying riya
riya really is a gem of a person
such a pure soul
continue soon

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Before I start my thanking, I want you guys to take out a few minutes and pray for my friend, who has suddenly disappeared, I don't know where she is, how she is, pls pray that she is fine and would be back.

Thanks a lot guys for appreciating the start of this story.
As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

Keep showering me with your love guys.

Regarding PMs, unfortunately, I won't be sending, you need to follow either my twitter page 
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Loads of Love <333

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Sorry guys, for any mistake you encounter in this update but I am not in right shape of mine, yet I wanted to distract myself from my miseries. I wrote it a few days back, I was meant to add and edit things but I just can't bring up myself too. Please pray for my friend.

chapter 5

2PM, they had an hour break and Riya went to Arjun. "Hey Arjun. What you did mean a lot to me. Although that was the right thing to do." She smiled.

"I admit now, it was the right thing to do." He nodded, feeling somewhat guilty but an odd peace, of having confessed the truth to Annabelle. He realized she didn't deserve to get fooled, but did others deserve.

He remembered his ex-girlfriend, she was had been serious about him and he broke her heart.

He looked up at her and wondered 'why are you making me feel guilty over some useless things?' 

"So ready for the shoot?" She asked him, snapping him out his thoughts.

"Yes, I am ready," Came another voice, Steve entered with his camera.

"Steve, actually I will capture her photos." He informe him.

"What the hell, I am the photographer, not you," he sounded really angered.

"I know man but I also know only I can present her the way I vision her. I have arranged two other models for you, they will be here in an hour," He explained Steve.

"I refuse," Steve worded, as he looked as Riya from up to down.

Since the time, Arjun had suggested her name, he had been nothing but enthusiastic. He wanted to capture this beauty in his lenses.

"She agreed on this condition only," Arjun said, knowing well it was not the truth.

"I will complain about you both," Fuming he left.

"Arjun, why is that you didn't allow him to photograph?" She was bemused. Although relieved Steve would not but she wanted to clarify why he didn't want.

He sighed and thought to come out clean, "yesterday, when he shew me the pictures that I needed to edit, I was perplexed. It was of nude woman."

"You, are yourself a casanova, then why it mattered to you?" Although she had been impressed by him.

"I admit, I am casanova, but I just could not let him expose them to people like this, they deserve respect. I knew, if he was to capture you, he would vision the same way, so I prefer capturing you the innocent way you are." He smiled at her and took his camera out.

"You are not that bad, if you actually let go hayware way, you could be a prince charming of someone," her charming smiled spread on her face and he captured it.

His sealed her words.  'No more hayware ways.' 

"You are beautiful." He complimented her and she frowned at him. He clicked another picture.

"And here I thought not to hayware." She chided him another click.

'oh, let me correct,' his heart thought inwardly, 'no more hayware ways with others'. He smirked, "I am just expressing the truth. You are beautiful. Can I be your prince charming?"

He received a glare and he clicked the picture again.

"You are obxinious as*," she scowled.

"I love the words you use for me," He winked at her and clicked another picture. "Ok, enough of angry pictures now." 

"Oh, so you were saying all this to get my expressions?" She burrowed her brows and flickered her finger on her jaw, another perfect click.

"Maybe," He winked at her and her mouth wide opened, he captured it. "Do you know, when I was kid, I winked at a girl once and my father saw it, he had grounded me for a week, no outing, not games, just school and school to home." He shared one incident of his life.

She guwaffed, "serves you right." He shot it.

They talked and took more pictures. 

"Mr Rawte," they saw the principal entering, with Steve behind him.

Aliya closed her locker and saw Aman and his girlfriend Bipasha. Her heart hurt, she averted her eyes and left.

"Aliya," She heard a man calling her, definitely not Aman, she recognized his voice anywhere. She turned around and saw Alex there, her classmate. "Hi,"

Alex was one of the hotest man in her class, perfect height, perfect skin color, perfect eyes, perfect gelled hairs, everything about him yelled perfection. Yet she knew he was a nice man. Even though, he possessed everything that a woman would die over, he never used it to get a woman. She knew he had a girlfriend, not from this college though and he was serious about her. 

This man next to perfection was one of her good friend.

"Hi," she said politely.

"You looking very pretty today, what is the matter?" He joined her side.

"Did you have a break-up?" She chided.

He playfully slapped on her shoulder, "you woman, don't even say something negative about her," he didn't like people joking over her.

"Sorry, you love her a lot, don't you?" She was amazed at his love.

"Yes. Had it not been her, I would gotten in the wrong company, she always shows me the right path." He said, his voice filled with love and appreciation for his girlfriend.

She  veered toward him, "Never let her go or take her for granted. Someone that makes you smile is to be kept forever." She patted her shoulder.

All the while, a pair of eyes were staring at her intently. "What happened Aman?" His girlfriend Ayesha asked.

"Nothing," and he focused on her.

Whilst, Aliya and Alex walked to their classroom, "How is she?"

"She is good, I wish she was in our college," He sighed.

"Isn't the wait, something romantic? The andreline, the pulse to see her after some wait?" She asked him with twinkling eyes.

"That sure is." He smiled lost in her thoughts.


Mr Gupta sat on his desk working on his current project, he had lost all the hopes for a promotion.

"Mr Gupta, Can I have a word with you?" The manager said, leaning over his cubicle.

"Sure, sir," He went in the cabin, not sure what was on the way.

"Have a seat Mr Gupta." He sat down, he didn't know what to expect. He had seen a lot in the last few years. His life had been smooth at first, he was living a good life with his family, no financial problem but this recent crisis left him broke. It was the savings that they had done which helped them in the dire times.

"Mr Gupta, we have looked over your work and we are pleased to inform you, we are promoting you." The manager smiled. He knew he had been retaining the promotion for quite some time, but he wanted to be sure of his decision.

Mr Gupta sat there flabbergasted, once he regained his posture, he thanked profusely.

"Congratulations again," The manager shook his head and explained his new duties.


Arjun knew this was coming and he was prepared. "Sir, can we talk to you in private please?" He asked the principal.

"No, you have taken away my work so I need to know why?" Steve was red.

"He is right Mr Rawte." The principal said.

He sighed and raked his hand through his hairs. "Sir, I respect Steve but I can't trust him around a decent woman like Riya. I had given him a week to capture pictures and all he came up were nude pictures. I can't let him around her." He said with honesty.

"You are saying as if you are a saint?" Steve rebuked him.

"I may not be, but I can't allow someone to picture a good girl in a vilgur manner." Arjun defended himself.

"Do you have proofs Mr Rawte," The principal demanded.

"I would have wanted to avoid this step but I would show them, if I can keep Steve away from Riya." Arjun said exasperatedly, "Leave Riya." He didn't want her to see them.

"I am not going," She said firmed.

He lowered his eyes. He went to Steve and snatched his harddisk out of his bag. "Sir, it has all the proofs"

"Show me," He said strictly.

Arjun hesitated in Riya's presence. She nodded and turned her head to the other side. He knew she must be aware of the anatomy, but seeing the same images with the presence of three men, didn't sound good to him. He switched on his laptop and connected the hard-disk. As it opened, Arjun went into the 'Student Exchange Assignment,'

"CLOSE IT," Roared the principal, he was mortified. 

Arjun closed it. "Sir, that is why I didn't allow him near Riya." He said.

"Mr Steve, how dare you take this pictures for this assignment. Don't you know in our college, no obscene pictures are allowed."

"Sir, these are my personal pictures." He tried to defent himself.

"Under the folder of 'student Exchange Assignement' and dating last week, you claim them personal." Arjun was startled.

"Mr Rawte is right. I am suspending you for a week." The principal ordered.

"But sir, my assignment, if I am not able to do it, it would destroy my year." He pleaded.

"Mr Steve, after a week when you are back, you will get a chance to do this project alone." He informed him. "Mr Rawte, that while, I am allowing you to work in Riya's group." He left from them.

"I will not let you both go easily, I will ruin your reputations," He yelled and marched out.

"Thank you for keeping me away from him," Riya aknowledged.

"Mention not, I had to." He smiled at her humbly. "Is he the reason why you didn't want to get your photoshot by us?" He questioned her, something that bugged him for some time.

She pressed her lips and then nodded, "yes," she sat on a chair, "He always eyes me lustfully and I keep my distance from such man."

"Why don't you do it from me, as well?" He looked at her intently.

"I did stay away from you, but I also know now that as a friend you can be good," She smiled.

"So we are friends?" He asked.

"Yes," She twitched her lips.

"Let's do it the classic way. Friends?" He forwarded his hand.

"Friends," She put her hand in his warm one.

"So, no flirting allowed with you?" He wanted to confirm.

"No flirting with me and no flirting around," She confirmed.

"This is too much, let me flirt with one category at least," He pouted.

She rolled her eyes and walked toward the exit.

"I will flirt with you in that case." He shouted.

She looked at him with a glare and left. 

He chuckled. He liked her and so now he had a female friend.



"Hey," He welcome her.

"Hi," She smiled.

Both sat down on tables across to each other.

"So have you shortlisted my pictures?" She asked him, with her camera in her hand, capturing random pictures.

"No, I will do now," He put out his laptop and inserted the memory card in.

He opened his recent edited pictures. "Wow!" She exclaimed. "Are these by you?" She admired the sunset, the flower, the water drop.

"Yes," he said proudly.

"Show me, show me," She jumped on his side, he chuckled seeing her excitment. He shew her the pictures he took in India.

"I miss India," She exhaled.

"Why? Don't you go to India once in a while?" He was confused.

"I did go when I was ten." She said thining her lips.

"Oh, and why is that?" He asked her.

"A few years back, some riots happened and dad's new boss lost his ten years old son and he blamed the entire Pakistani and Indian community. He sacked out my father. After that, time was a little tough and we could not go back home." She said with a smile, but her eyes showing the hollowness.

"I am sure, you will go soon," he assured her, "but what I can do right now is to make you travel in India sitting here," He simpered and opened his favorite folder "Majestic India."

She was awed with all his photography.

They didn't even know when the clock struck to 7.

"That would be all for you both," Informed their teacher.

"Time flew so quick," Arjun commented and Riya agreed.

"I love your pictures, they are something so magical. I am looking forward to see how you vision me," she smiles widely.

"Me too. Come let me drop you to your stop," Without any question from behalf she followed him.

As soon as Arjun reached home, he called back him. As he was talking to his mother, he told her everything. "Oh, so this girl is changing you, I so want to meet the angel."

"Mom, I am not changing," He growled. 'And here I was to tell her that I thought not to flirt with anyone except Riya.'

"Oh, you are, and I am so happy." His mother clapped.

"Mom, relax." He calmed her. "She is really nice. But what really intruges me is why she was so determined to expose me to Annabelle. I mean she had warned her once and it would have been on Belle to believe it or not, but she sighed after her success."

"Because she cares for her friend, human mentality is very different and what she did was right too. You broke Belle's heart, it is sad," she reprimanded him.

"that makes me feel guilty," He admitted

"Thats news that you are feeling guilty," she teased him, she knew her son, he was not the one to feel guilty. He always said that it was the foolishness of woman to fall for his charm, so it was highly surprising.

"Mom, stop teasing me, I have to complete my homework, say hi to dad from my behalf. Take care, love you, bye," he rushed the conversation, he hated his mother's teasing. "Let's do some homework with a cup of cappuccino,"

He prepared himself a cappuccino and sat down. The house was empty and Raj was still not back, "I wonder where he is?" he muttered and pressed the on button of his laptop.

He opened his memory card and found over hundred of Riya's pictures, filling his heart with warmth. "You are truly an angel, casting your spell on me, quite dangerous that is,'' He sighed and selected the pictures that he wanted to work on, losing himself in her picture more than once.

Whilst at the other side, Riya was playing a game with Shree, when they heard the door bell. Her father worked at an hour's distance and got often struck in traffics.

They paused the game and went to greet him. "Dad," the trio hugged him one by one.

That was one moment that filled his heart with happiness.

There had been times, very hard times. That he had been frustrated and furious, but when he came at home and his children hugged him, his wife smiling at him, he forgot all the worries.

They were his emotional support and his motivation reason. "Good evening," He wished them and brought the cake forward.

"Cake dad?" Aliya squealed.

"Yes," He smiled.

"What is the occasion?" HIs wife frowned.

"I got promotion," the whole house filled with congratulations and squeals and hugs.

"We are so happy dad," Riya hugged him again.

"And yes we need a proper treat," His wife frowned at him, a smile still on her lips.

"As you wish," He side hugged her, "Let's dinner out tomorrow," All agreed happily.


"What does she think that I am good man that would let her go scott-free, no never. I am going destroy her and she is going to rue the day she didn't bend to me, just let this wait get over." he sniggered evilly.

...To Be Continued.

Don't forget to leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises.

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Me firstPartyParty
Awesome update
Loved it
So finally Ariya are friends
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon

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lovely part dear plz cont
thanks for pm

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Awesome amez fantstic update
Cont soon

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Awwwsssmmm Update
Loved it
Loved the way Arjun was clicking Riya's each n every expression Sooo Lovely
Finally Ariya become friends
Loved their moments
Arjun is changing...
Continue Soon
Waiting for next part

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Fabulous update
this steve is really sick
he's so disgusting just keeps eyeing women lustfully
good that he got exposed
aww ariya are now friends
arjun maybe a casanova but he does respect women
ohh wow riya's dad got promoted
but in the end was that guy steve or alex or aman maybe who wants to destroy riya or aliya ?????
Continue soon
hope u find ur frnd soon

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