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Note: Yeah right, another ;)
Yesterday, Internet was out of work and today too it is slow like a snail. To add to my misery, my sister needs some help with her tomorrow's exam, still she is sitting beside me and grueling my mind :p
Now guys, please don't be misers, do comment and like it. The more feedback I get, the more motivated I am.

At 5PM, both entered in the detention room and looked around to just find each other, not a single other punished student. "Not you!" she groaned and slumped in a chair.

"Good evening students. Since you both breached the peace of canteen you have an extra project," One of their teacher, David said, entering the room. 

"Project?" both looked at each other simultaneously, befuddled.

"Nothing to difficult for cordial people but knowing your track, it will be uphill task. It can end in a day like a week or more," David informed.

"What is that?" Arjun asked, with a frown.

"Ten photographs of you by Riya Gupta and edited by you," he ordered them.

"I am not taking his pictures in my precious camera," Riya was aghast.

"Neither I am editing pictures taken by her," they both huffed and puffed and sat down.

"Suit yourself but until you don't complete this assignment 5 to 7PM, you will be in detention." he left saying so.

"All because of you," she shouted at him, her eyes glaring at him.

"Fun!" he mumbled and sat on an another table behind her, that gave free view of her.

"Shut up!" she rebuked him, frustrated out of her wit.

She had expected to be free early but she was stuck in this mess, just because of this pompous a*s, who had nothing better than to chase her, annoy her. What saddened her more that so far, she had been unable to expose him to Annabelle and it already had been eight days to his stay, that meant she had twenty-two days to bring out his real face, but she could not keep on assuring herself, that she would manage, she had to do something now about it and not wait till the last day.

The day, when he had taken her on the wrong foot, had been really terrible for her. But could she blame Annabelle too, woman or girls, are way too nave, they often can't see behind the sweetness facade. Annabelle too fell for the sweet talks. Had she not known about his talks to his friends, she would have done too.

But, should not she let Annabelle take her own decisions, have her own shares of heartbreaks and then learn from it. No, she could not.

All her life, she had preached to be a good human and she prided that she had been successful to the date but when she was accused by Annabelle she was hurt.

One thing that was an assurance to her, was even if she could not prove him wrong, Annabelle would not be with him romantically because he would be gone, but she didn't want that. She wanted Annabelle to know the real face of Arjun so that she could judge better from next time.

She sighed as she opened the zip of her bag, taking out her books. Since she had two hours to waste, why not actually make them useful.

Arjun sat there, staring at her, she seemed to be in deep thought with a frown sat on her face. He liked her spitting eyes better than frown set on her face. Oh well, he would never admit it.

He twitched his lips and thought to annoy her, since he could not have two complete hours of boredom. Could he?

"Beautiful!" He called her out and received nothing but ignorance.

Riya heard him but she was in no mood to entertain him.

"Ouch I am hurt Beautiful!" He acted to be hurt but still

She fumed and banged her hands on the desk, "what the hell do you want?" her brows narrowed.

He was bowled over with her angry avatar, like always. She stumped him and he enjoyed that. "I am getting bored," he twitched his lip at right side.

"So what should I do?" She gritted her teeth.

"Talk to me." He said innocently.

Oh, as if she would believe his innocence.

"As if I care," ignoring him, she went back to her studies.

"Riya please," He requested but she didn't give any heed. "Riya, you are so beautiful!" He could always annoy her, even if she didn't respond, he was sure, soon she would.

5:15 PM

He was annoyed himself now, 15 minutes of praising and still no reply from her. He was about to continue when he remembered something, 'Oh shit, I have to convince her from my shoot and here I am killing all the scope,' he was palmed face.

He looked at her apologetically, "Sorry,"

That sure gained him a glance, wide eyes, she was startled and her eyes crunched into suspicion. "What do you have under you sleeves Rawte," she asked him.

"How come you know me so well?" He whined.

"Because selfish people like you just know how to get things their way," she said in a disgusted tone.

"Why are you so touchy about it?" he was confused about her reaction. She lived in a UK and still thought so backward, so what if he wanted to have flings.

"And what do you get in breaking girls' heart?" she asked him, and took her attention back to her book.

He was stunned with the question. He wanted to argue and demand her more questions but he could not fluke the last chances.

"Please forget it," he pleaded.

"What.Do.You.Want?" she uttered one word at time, not to pleased with him, to waste her time.

He sheepishly looked at her, "I want you to model for my assignment,"

"Oh of course, Steve asked me, and I am answer is still the same," she said in a no nonsense tone.

"Please Riya, it is a harmless modelling, you can wear your own clothes, please," he begged her.

She looked in his eyes and again said, "No,"

He exhaled and slumped on the chair. "But why?" he demanded.

"I don't think you have any right to ask it, or know it," she said nonchalantly.

How could she tell him that she felt uneasy around Steve, she felt as if he was scanning her, he was undressed her with eyes, because he may find it completely alright with it, being in the same category.

He raked his hand through his hairs frustrated.


"Please, agree na," He was now sitting in front of her on his chair, his hands pressed.

"No," she refused again and concentrated on her work.

He pouted, not knowing how to convince her, since the last half hour, he was convincing her, he had never so much problem before in his life. Girls died over his smile, anyone at her place would have jumped at the chance.

But Riya, she was really different, she did what her heart told and apparently, his charm was not working on her at all, she was as if untouched by it and he felt disappointment on himself.

"Please, Riya, I will pay you as much as you want," He said with puppy eyes.

"What don't you understand in 'no'?" she asked him really irritated.

"That you are letting go an awesome chance. See, I admit, we need a model and you are the best for it, for the way you smile, the way you glare at me, the way you frown, the way are red in anger or embarrassment, your face is full of beautiful expressions, It may give you a scope in modelling" he said in a sincere voice.

She was baffled for a moment, the intensity overwhelming her but then she averted her eyes and then looked back, "I am not interested in modeling at all. By the way, you sure are an expert flirt, are you not?"

He nodded, "I am, but what I just is nothing but the truth. I want you to pose for me, the way you want. I will even not ask you to pose this way or that way," 

"but the photographer is Steve," she reminded him.

"Oh!" he had forgotten that, all he remembered was he wanted to take her pictures and he believed he was to capture her beauty.

"And, I am still not interested," she once again refused.

"But why Riya? It is a very decent modelling, I know you are not a narrow-minded person, who would mind having to model for picture. Moreover, we will pay you." He kept convincing her.

She ignored him and he went to sit on his desk, trying to find a tactic to convince her.

6:45 PM

For about 45 minutes, he stayed mum, to find a solution. Riya was sure a tough cookie and he liked her stubbornness, although he would never admit it to himself, he could never let someone affect him so much.

"Riya, listen," He again went to sit in front of her.

"Now what Arjun. I have refused to you in plain simple words." She said annoyingly.

"Is it because of me? If so I won't come on the shoots," He said genuinely.

"Arjun, you may be a flirt a lot, annoy me to lengths, but you are not the reason," She sighed, rubbing her forehead with index and middle finger.

"Then what is it?" He was really glad, and taken aback that he was not the reason. 

"I uh," She pressed her lips thoughtful, 'would it be any good telling him about Steve's lustful eyes on me,'

"What is it Riya?" he asked politely.

"I want you to tell Annabelle the truth, I will do the shoot for you," She said looking at the other side. She would handle Steve, but Annabelle needed to know the truth and it was the right time.

"You really think I will tell her the truth?" He was amazed at her condition.

"Yes, that is if you want me to be your model for this assignment," she said in a straight tone.

He gave it a thought. Knowing well that Annabelle was just a friend, so if he had to tell her the truth she would not talk to him, but did he want her talking to him rather than have a successful shoot for which, he came here.

He could always get another model. He told himself but he wanted her to model for him. "Ok, but only if you let me take your pictures," He added.

"Done!" Her eyes shone, how could she tell him, he solved her two problems at a time. Annabelle would know the truth, at the same time Steve would be at a distance from her. "But, would not the teacher refuse?"

"No, I will arrange another model, he would take her pictures," he assured her.

"Why do you want take my pictures instead?" she asked him, confused.

"Why do you want me to tell Belle the truth?" Questioning back instead.

"For humanity sake, now you reply," She said.

"Because, he may not be able to capture you the way I vision you," He said, with a shrug.

"I would be looking forward to know how you vision me," she said, not really sure about his plans.

"Trust me, it is going to be a very decent assignment."He comforted her, "so when can we start it?" he asked her.

"As soon as Anna knows the truth," She replied and packed her bag, to go at home. 

He nodded. "Wait, will you go at home alone, this late?" He questioned her.

"Well, Since I am stuck this late here with a jerk, yes I would have to," she took a deep breath.

"I can't let you go home alone," he stopped her, ignoring her comment about him.

"And why is that Mr Rawte? you don't need to be thankful toward me, we just did a trade here. I will pose for you and you will tell Anna the truth." She said, really not getting his behavior.

"For humanity sake," He replied back with her words. "I may be a flirt, but I can't let you go alone at this time." He said firmly.

She looked at him with her eyebrows creased. "It is not late,"

"But, had I not provoked you in the canteen, we would not have been in detention," he said guiltily.

She looked at him, searching any dole play but he looked innocent, "alright,"

They walked to the bus station. They entered in the bus, she sat near a woman, while he said on the same line, on the other side of the aisle.

"Is you house on the way?" She asked him.

"No, it is on the opposite way actually," he replied her.

"You should not have accompanied me, there are people everywhere this late," she reprimanded him.

"I would not have been assured, specially because, as I said before, let's admit, we got detention because of me, so I deserve to make sure you reach home safely today, and till the day I go back," He said with a smile.

"Don't tell me, you wish to extent the detention, till last day of your stay," She face palmed.

"I would not mind, it is good when we actual can talk properly." He winked at her, while she shook her head.

As her stop came, they both stepped out. "I will go from here, you take your bus and go home. Thank you for accompanying me. Take care, bye." She smiled for him. 

"Can you message me, when you are home?" he asked her, worried for some reason.

She looked at him unsure. "Ok, give me your number,"
They exchanged their numbers and went to their way. She informed him once home.


Riya was looking forward for the day, since she hoped today Annabelle would know the truth. She was glad that the game would end and she would be free from doubtful eyes of Annabelle. Although, she was not sure when he would do that.

Yet, she knew it would be soon. The first presentation was almost 6 days away and thus they needed to the photo-shoot soon to work on the pictures, before presenting to the teachers.

Whilst, Arjun was nervous as hell. He was good at ending relations but never at revealing his truth. Whenever, he broke up, he told only the half truth. Till date, no woman knew he was a big flirt and today he was going to admit it.

He saw Annabelle in the corridor, and with galloping heart, he approached her. "Belle!"

"Oh Hey Arjun," She greeted him politely.

"Hi,  I have to tell you something." He said, flushing.

"What is it?" She frowned.

"I.." He breathed deeply and continued, "Riya told you the truth. I am a flirt and since I realized she could understand my mother language, Hindi, I turned the tables."

Annabelle was really hurt. "And why are you telling me this now?"

"Because Riya would not model for me, unless I told you the truth. I am sorry." He said guiltily, he hated seeing her teary eyes.

"You know what, I hate you Mr Rawte," Pushing him away, she ran away.

He rose his head and saw Riya there. She looked happy yet sad for her friend, who had believed on Arjun. She went in the direction Annabelle went.

"Anna," she called her name, as she saw her sitting on far end bench in the college lawn. She went and sat next to her.

"Riya," she looked up and continued, "I am sorry, I didn't trust you." She hugged her and cried. Riya caressed and patted her back, soothing her.

"There is no fault of yours, you are too innocent like most of us and believe on the sugar coated words. I would have too, if I had not heard him. I just pray that men understand, when someone trusts them it is not their weakness but their strength. But everything is fine now, he confessed, right?" she tilted Annabelle's head and wiped her head.

"Yes," Annabelle replied.

"You are one strong woman and let this incident be lesson for both of us. Not every good looking man, or sweet speaking words can be good in real." Both nodded. Riya forwarded her hand, "Friend?"

"Friends," Annabelle smiled widely, promising herself to be more conscious around men and not to believe them straight-forwardly.

Arjun saw them, from a distance and felt sad that Annabelle was crying because of him, but he was happy that Riya explained her and calmed her. 'But didn't girls always cry when I broke up? then why is Riya making me guilty about it?' He questioned himself, not happy the way she was affecting him.

"Riya, you don't have to pose for him," Annabelle said.

"It was a deal, he promised to come out with the truth when I agreed to model for him, I can't back out. But I am happy that you are not kept into darkness." She patted her cheek and they went to the canteen.

...To Be Continued.

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It's awesome update di
Loved Ariya conversation
At last the truth comes out
Anna comes to know
About the Arjun's reality
He was feeling guilty
For what he did
Riya agreed to pose
On the condition
Riya feels uncomfortable
With Steve's
Now Arjun takes her photos
Arjun accompanied Riya
Till her stop
Eagerly waiting to read more
Please do continue soon
Nd Thanks for updating di

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Awesome update
Loved it
Ariya part was nicely written
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon

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arjun told truth to ana..
riya is going to model for arjun's project..
plz continue soon

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superb  dear
love  it
eagerly  waiting  4  next
update  soon

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Awesome fantstic update
cont soon

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Superb update 
Finally Arjun told the truth to Anna 
Bcoz riya was ready to pose for him
Riya is sweet & caring friend
But still not happy with her bcoz she interfere so much 
Fine she want to save her friend from heart braking 
But who doesn't care to understand her she should let go them
Update soon 

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Awwwsssmmm Update
Loved it
Loved Ariya's growing bonding
Finally Riya agreed to pose for Arjun
Loved the way she brought Arjun's truth to Anna
Continue Soon
Waiting for next part

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