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Arhi FF- For All It's Worth-EPILOGUE Page84 (07/12/15) | COMPLETE | (Page 76)

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"Oh God, it hurts," he winced as he took a pain killer. "Please stop paining, I have to apologize to Khushi," he tried to relax but it was not going away. "Oh God. I can't wait," with smarting ribs, he went to her room.

At the right place on the wrong time was what happened to him, she was lioness, as soon as he opened the interconnected door, a vase was flung at him, which he dodged. "Khushi, I am sorry," he said, another thing came toward him, and hit him.

"Ouch," he shouted.

Thankfully it was only a flowers.

"SHUT UP!" she shouted and strode to him, holding him by the collar. "I feel like killing you for not trusting me... for hurting me... EHHH" she twitched her fingers. "And I can't do it." 

"I am sorry," he said cutely.

"Say sorry to my sandal, you idiot," she rebuked him.

"Sorry Khushi's sandal,"he said innocently.

It infuriated her further, she was boiling, fuming like a lava. "You," she rushed to her bed and taking the pillow, threw it at him. "I HATE YOU." She jumped on him and scratched him, her anger and pain too deep. "You... I hate you. But you are mine... Mine," she pulled him in furious kiss. 

"Dare you say again Mukti, shakti wakti is your girlfriend, do you get it?" she shook him and he let her, silenced.

"Dare you say rubbish again, I will grind you in milk-shaker," she clutched his hairs.

It hurt but he let her take out the frustration. "You are mine, mine just mine," she kissed him again and he reciprocated it back, pinning her against the wall, passion over taking them.

He stroke his lips against her, his manly one against her soft petal, his hands exploring her back and her neck, pulling her. As he needed entry in her mouth he probed her, pulling her tongue between her lips, which brought her to reality and she bit his lower.

"Aww," he winced. His lip swollen.

"You are mine, get that in your mine, no matter if I am with you or not, but I will not and never allow anyone near you even if she is just a friend pretending," she said furiously. "I HATE YOU!" she shouted and went to the washroom. 

Arnav pouted sadly.

Khushi looked in the mirror with red eyes and tears started rolling down. "It hurts so terribly," she whimpered. "I don't like this distance between us, but you hurt me so deeply. You made me doubt my love. You made me hate myself. I can't forgive you this soon, I can't, you will have to repent, for hurting me, for not trusting me, only then I will be able to trust that this would not be repeated," she sniffed.

"But it doesn't mean I will let him get punished for this, I will save him, I will do anything," she sniffled. "How can I love you so much when you hurt me so deeply? Is it because I know you don't mean it. But the fact won't be changed, you have hurt me..." she was hurt beyond words could express.

She muffled a sob and controlled her emotions, she had to go back to the party as it was still going on. She wiped her tears and looked in the mirror, she looked a ghost, she pouted angrily. "All because of Arnav," she washed her face, cleaning from tears.  She took her concealer and started doing her make up again, she had to look presentable.

As she applied the gloss coat, she looked at her with a positive nod. "You look ok now, no one would doubt any wrong," she took a deep breath. "I have to stay composed."

Coming out, she saw Arnav still there, sitting on the bed, head in his hands. He looked so sad, like a lost kid, her heart went to him but then she sobered. It was him who led them to this.

She chose to ignore him, putting a stone on his heart. She took a shawl and walked toward the door.

"Listen Khushi!"

"What?" She barked.

"I am sorry, really sorry, I didn't mean any of it, I was just stressed. Mukti is not my girlfriend or fiance, she is engaged to Abhimanyu, she is just a friend. I am sorry, I just love you," he said heartily.

She looked at his intently and then averted her eyes. "I can't forgive, the pain you gave me is just too intense. But I promise you I will get you out of the mess created in your life," saying so she left, banging the door behind, making him flinch.

"God. In what situation I am stuck," he was really defeated.

No I won't waste time. Refreshing, he went down. He noticed her with his cousins, smiling over something, but her smile was fake and her eyes were devoid of her usual shine, he was the one to be blamed.

He kept staring at her and she kept avoiding him.

He kept going near her and she kept going away from him.

All were dancing and enjoying, whilst he was sulking, dull over the fact that he was away from her, and that too because of him, he hurt her so tremendously.

At this, he pouted, how am I to apologize if she doesn't allow me to? He complained cutely. He didn't like the distance and his heart wrenched as he saw her bandaged arm,hidden behind her shawl, that she took from her room.

All because of him. He abhorred himself from giving her so much pain. What kind of love was this that he pained her? He admonished himself. "I am supposed to shower her with love, care, peace, happiness and trust. I am ought to spread roses in her way taking the thorns on myself. What I did here?" He jabbed, "I literally killed her." He felt awful.

He wanted to hurt himself for doing that but only she had the right to punish him, he belonged to her.

Now on no more stupidities.

Khushi and he were one and there decisions should be too. They are bound to be together in good phases but in bad phases too. How could he falter at the first step? His heart hurt.

He didn't know what to do? when his eyes flitted to the guitar left recklessly against the couch, she must have left there in anger. His folly, all because of him.

He sighed. Time to apologize. He marched to the guitar and he knew she was looking at him, despite her anger on him, which proved him how much she loved him even after his mistakes.

Grabbing it, he went and sat on the same seat as she was just sometime back, singing for him and he left her in the mid and he was sure he deserved nothing better but he could hope.

Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Yaara, Yaaraa... yaara!

Mujhko iraade de
Kasamein de, waade de
Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare de
Dil ko thikaane de
Naye bahaane de
Khaabon ki baarishon ko
Mausam ke paimane de
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro raha hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main

She looked at him stoically, breaking his heart a little a more. His heart felt so heavy, so insecure, so unsure. He continued strumming the guitar, this time to convey his fear, to make her understand his plight.

If I got locked away
And we lost it all today...
Tell me honestly...
Would you still love me the same?
If I showed you my flaws
If I couldn't be strong
Tell me honestly
Would you still love me the same?

Right about now...
If a judge for life me...
Would you stay by my side?
Or is ya gonna say good-bye?
Can you tell me right now?
If I couldn't buy you the fancy things in life
Shawty would it be alright
Come and show me that you are down

Now tell me would you really ride for me?
Baby tell me would you die for me?
Would you spend your whole life with me?
Would you be there to always hold me down?
Tell me would you really cry for me? (Would you really cry for me?)
Baby don't lie to me
If I didn't have anything...
I wanna know would you stick around?

If I got locked away
And we lost it all today...
Tell me honestly...
Would you still love me the same?
If I showed you my flaws
If I couldn't be strong
Tell me honestly
Would you still love me the same?

Would you still love me the same?

His voice was so smooth flowing so flawlessly.

And he knew she would, she would always love him, even if she hated him for his horrific mistakes. But he wanted to her from her, have the assurance for his insecure heart. He was going through so much, such a misery that he wanted to be cared and loved, most importantly to be understood. 

She gave him a soul piercing look, taking her steps back, tears rolling down.

He sat there with heartbroken look.

His cousins were gaga-over his song, which was sung in a melodious way.

She veered and ran away, his heart droop what if she got hurt again, the moment outside the mansion, ran in his side, he placed the guitar there and almost rushed to his room, ignoring everyone. Neil diverted them.

Khushi entered in her room and locked the door. He could her cries.

He knocked, he banged at the door, he pleaded her, "please, open the door, please Khushi."

"GOO" she shrieked. "I  don't want to see you face, GO."

"No, I won't, No Never." he promised.

He was clueless, he didn't know his song would do this. "Why did I even sing that song? I was supposed to apologize but my heart wanted assurance from her instead of apologizing," he reprimanded himself, his tears streaming down.

I have to see her, he was adamant. And he remembered, of course their interconnected door. Without any further thought, he walked inside his room and thankfully saw that door opened. In a blink, he crossed the edge and he was at her side, she seemed to be too distraught to notice his presence. She was weeping heart-fully.

He went there and knelt in front of her and held her hand, only then she noticed his presence. She snatched her hands and asked in fury as her tears flew from red puffy eyes, her nose was so red, her beautiful face covered so sullen. 

His hand rose to wipe her tears. "I am sorry, I really. Please forgive me, I promise, I will never hurt you again," he begged.

"You hurt me so badly," she sounded so low.

"No baby, please don't," he was pleading.

"You are the one to hurt me, I love you so much and you hurt me. Why didn't you trust me?" She demanded and she hit him on his chest, there was too much in her that needed to be poured out.

He swallowed the knot in his throat. "I trust you. I trust you more than I trust myself," he confessed.

"The why didn't you tell me, why? Why did you hurt me?" She asked looking in his eyes, her eyes so intense with pain. "You hurt me so bad, you killed my love there, I prefer dying that be heartbroken. The words that you spoke there even if fake, they pierced my soul. I felt so cheap," she sobbed.

"Shh, baby, I am sorry, I will make it up, I promise," he swore.

"You, the man I love, hurt me so bad, and I feel like an idiot to still love you, why didn't you tell me? It shows you don't trust me," she hiccuped.

"I am the idiot to hurt you, and I trust you I mean it," he wept along her and soon she was on his lap but none realized, both were broken and needed each other. "I trust you, I do. I just didn't want to see you broken. I knew you would never leave me, you love me too much, even if not as a lover but as friend too, you would have stayed beside me. Do you know how much I suffered thinking what if they arrest me, people would make you suffer too. Say you that you are a friend of cheat, you love a rapist, even though all is a lie. I know that, you know that, my parents know that but no one else would believe. They would drag you too for no mistake of you. I didn't want to see you hurt, I didn't want to see any tears in yours eyes because you single tear is acid on my hurt... and see my unfortune, I am the one to hurt you the most, to almost lead you to...," he wept in the crook of her neck. He could not spell it, she understood.

He continued, "I never meant any of that, I didn't. I just was blinded in the mission to make you hate me, go away, start a new life that I failed to realize you love me, you really love me and if you would leave you would never be you. I am sorry," he cried like a baby.

"Please give me a chance, please, I promise I will make it up, I will never hurt you again. I will tell you everything about me, every damn thing, I will share everything, ever problem of mine with you. I will share your pain too, I will make your life easier, I will always support. Please give me a chance," he pleaded.

Both stayed without words, they only cried for ages, their heart calming in each other's presence. She felt overwhelmed that he trusted her but not to drag her in this mess he did this, albeit it was wrong, so she had to punish him a little, in purpose that he didn't ever repeat it again. She sniffed and said, her voice hoarse, "why did you sing such song after the first song?" She scrunched, her tried face looked somewhat energetic.

"I don't know, I felt so broken, first with the choas with Ashok, then hurting you, then almost your...," he couldn't utter, he averted his eyes and looked back at her, "then our confrontation... I was just too defeated and although I know you love me, but I still want to hear, this restless heart of mine wants some reassurance,some confort... I feel so lost."

"You should be punished. I will give you a chance, I am giving you one week, to make forgive you heartily and say the three words you were asking for reassurance again and again in the song. Whilst for assurance look in my eyes and my presence in your life." Since she didn't want to see him battered. 

"Really?" He was overwhelmed, she nodded. "I will wait for your confession once again, I will. As long as you are with me," he pecked on her forehead.

"Also, I am telling you today, listen carefully," she held his ear and moved closer, "Remember it clearly, never ever repeat this again, I won't be lenient and would not stay back no matter how deep feelings I have for you."

"I will remember it always, because you matter so much to me," he assured her, no more stupidity. He exhaled peacefully.

They both cocooned together, feeling at ease.

"I like us being like this, I forget all my problems," he said.

"Me too," she snuggled in his chest and slept, exhausted.

He kissed her forehead and took her in his room, he tucked her in the bed. A knock came at the door, and he got worried what if his cousins or relatives saw Khushi here, they may pass rude comments. He didn't mean to keep Khushi as live-in, he would soon marry her and whilst she was here too, he would not cross his limits. He really loved her and his love was pure.

"Who is it?" Arnav asked her.

"Bhai, it is me, Neil," came the hushed voice. "I am alone," he whispered.

Arnav sighed and went to opened the door, he was drained out himself but he would cope up, "what happened?" He asked him.

"Arnav, everyone is leaving so, uncle asked me to call you and Khushi," he shrugged.

"She is asleep, she is too tired." Arnav sighed, remorsefully.

"The fact that she is in your room means situation is solved to some length," Neil appreciated it. "I am glad, let her sleep, you come," he dragged Arnav out, who look behind, at Khushi worriedly. "She would be fine without you for five minutes."

Arnav flushed, too embarrassed.

"Where were you gone Arnav?" His most favorite aunt asked him.

"Chachi got a work call," he made an excuse.

"Oh, you and work? But your contract didn't get a renewal after the case? Anyways who will hire you after you act, it is just we are your family that have to bear you, " another grumpy aunt asked, rancor in her tone.

"I," Arnav was speechless, some of his own family members didn't trust him, the reason he wanted to keep Khushi away from this.

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CHAPTER 19: Continued

"Aunty, why would you bear him, he is your son and you love your sons," he heard the most beautiful tone, she was devoid of make-up but looked so good. She had slept but then when she had not felt his presence, she fumbled in her sleep to find him. She woke up as he was not there.

At that moment, she saw raw pain in his eyes and the reality too, the reason why he was doing this to her, this was hurting him and he knew it would hurt her too, but she would show him, in her low times she would be her pillar, like he would be in hers. They were a unity, and they had to balance each other.

"Anyways, uncle and aunty trust their son and trust me Arnav is not the guilty one and even if ever he does a mistake, I am sure his parents would be the first one to punish him. Yet, I am sure all of you know that Arnav would never ever to do this. You would know this too if you ever loved him," Khushi gave a saccharine smile.

Arnav felt so touched, he was awestruck by her bravery. He realized she was much more stronger than him in every aspect. He was blessed to have her in his life. He felt so foolish to what he did.

Indeed a cheerleader when he was down, a gem when in poverty, she made him a millionaire by being in his life. He could have everything in his life if she was with him. She was his wealth, his happiness, his world.  His eyes were stuck on her with admiration.

Her aunt flustered, no one talked against her even if she was wrong. She was high mighty and at the moment, she was so humiliated. "Who are you to say this?"

She went beside Arnav and held his hand, showing that she was with him. "If everything goes as planned than soon, I will be his wife," she gave a proud smile to her, leaving her speechless and everyone stunned, including Arnav. All hustled and bustled, 

Not that, he doubted that but hearing this felt so warm to his core. He squeezed her hand.

"Whatever," she muttered and went away, displeased to be insulted.

"We should leave now," her husband said to change the mood.

"Yes," another person added.

After congratulating them once more, they took their leave.

As everyone left expect the house members and Neil. Arnav looked at her, "The moment you were about to be... I realized my folly but now I comprehended, no matter how big is a problem with you beside me, it will be so small," his tone so intense, he kissed on her forehead, she was glad he was understanding.

Ashika looked at Khushi fondly, she cupped her cheek. "I already loved you even before seeing you because you meant so much to Arnav, I accepted you as my daughter-in-law as he told us he loved but today I feel so blessed that Arnav had got you as a life partner. I am just feeling remorseful that I could not stop him from hurting you. Neil told me everything, please forgive us," she joined her hands.

Khushi took her hands and lowered them. "Aunty, it is your not mistake. To be honest, I am really very angry with Arnav and although Arnav has been wrong to do this to me, but his motive was not wrong, yet he forgot that when two people are in love, it is an oath, a pride to be with each other through happy and sad times and I want to go through all of them with him. I just need time to believe he would not put me in the spot again. It really wrenched my heart even if it was fake."

"Take all your time," she kissed her forehead. "I am waiting the day, you will enter this home as his bride."

Khushi hugged her and whispered, "me too."

Arnav looked at her with a smile.

"I am happy you sorted some of your tensions," Ravi blessed her. "I am as much as your father as his, if he does anything, just complain me, I will pull his ear,"

Khushi giggled as she nodded.

"You won't need that Chachu, she is your own Mary Kom, you had to see how she used him as punching bag," Neil added his bouts.

Khushi shied whilst Arnav flushed.

"Shut NK," Arnav warned him.

"Peace, peace," Neil shew peace sign. "And anyways, I am here to handle him, I am sure, he would remember my punch throughout his life," he twitched his lips.

"What the!" Khushi couldn't bear it. "You hit him, why?" She was berserk.

"He hurt you, and it is my right to warn him," Neil shrugged.

Khushi glared at him, warning him to never do it again. Arnav felt pride to have her, a really tigress.

"Are you fine?" She asked him.

"I am fine," he assured her with a smile.

All retired to their rooms, satisfied. Neil was really glad that Arnav apologized, he really appreciated his efforts. Arnav's parents were relieved that both were together now, it was joy moment for them after long. And Arnav, Khushi, eventhough, they were still not as they wanted to be but this was better than the hell they were going through.

Khushi went to her room to change, her pulse rating high, she was excited to be with Arnav, this time more because he had confessed. He had expressed those words. She felt jittery and happiness flickering on her face.

She didn't wear that shirt anymore as she had him to hold on, when she had the real deal why go for the substitution, she giggled.

She was yet to forgive him but her love could not be suppressed. But she was not going to sleep with him too, not yet, he should know the consequences.

"I have to tell mom dad that we confessed, they don't need to know the details as of yet, she would tell them once they came there.

"Where is my mobile?" She wondered suddenly, she had not checked her mobile since the party had begun. She rummaged around and found it under her pillow. She unlocked it and saw messages by her father. 

Super Dad: you mom is worried for you. Call or message back to assure her. Miss you. Take care.

Khushi smiled and felt really elated to know how much her parents loved and cared for her. That message was around the time she almost met with the accident.

Khushi typed: I am super fine my super dad, I have a good news to share, please come on skype in few minutes.

With peaceful smile and eyes filled with happy tears, she sat on the bed. The day was a roller coaster, so much happened, she had died each moment until she was about to really die, the reality hit him, and he had apologized, he was doing all to make it up to her. Taking the slaps, kicks and punches, her shouts and cries, he had sung for her, he had apologized.

With a puff, she stood up and walked to his room, she wanted to watch his childhood pictures tonight.

The second she entered in his room, her breath hitched with surprise. Her eyes rounded and her jaw dropped down. She was mesmerized in all honesty.

"Arnav!" she gaped as she rotated in the room, capturing the decoration, the balloons, the heart balloons, the sorry banners, I love you banners, candles and a set of two teddy stuck together. One said I love you and the other sorry.

"Yes Khushi," he came to her, wearing the clothes that she had brough for him from London but never gave him as he refused to accept her love. He had found that when he took her clothes everyday. A denim jean with a white T-shirt, along a black coat over it.

She was speechless. "You look good."

"After all It is your choice." He held her hand and both sat on the bed. "This is just a beginning, I promise you to give you peace and happiness throughout our life and not just this once week," he kissed on her forehead.

She giggled happily. Her phone beeped right then. "Mom dad calling on skype," she informed him. "They are impatient since so long to hear from us about our love since ages."

"Let's tell them everything about the case too," he smiled wryly, playing with her hand.

She shook her head, "not yet, let them come here once. They would be too worried otherwise," she blinked her eyes and he agreed.

She pressed on the green slider and she saw them as the voice boomed, "Khushi, mera bacha, how are you? I was so worried and you replied so late," her mother spoke hurriedly.

"Ma I am fine now, we were in the party so phone was not with me," she casually replied.

"Oh ho, and when Arnav was in India and you here, you were stuck on the phone in the parties too," her mother rebuked her.

"Sorry ma, just too much was going on," she held her ears. "I have a good news for you all."

"Wow, finally you guys confessed," Aliya beamed.

"Everyone knows," Khushi was stunned, her mother knew she was aware but Aliya too.

"Yes," Shree winked at her. "You both were too obvious," He said in are-you-serious tone.

"Alright alright," she rolled her eyes. "Yes we confessed."

"So marriage on cards?" Shashank said happily.

"Yes, but before talking about it I want you all here," Khushi said, shyly.

"Aweee, di, you are blushing," Aliya teased her.

"Shut up kiddo," Khushi admonished her.

"Ok ok, sorry. YES WE ARE GOING TO INDIA," Aliya jumped all over the place.

"We knew this was going to come on the way, so I am prepared for it," Shashank complied.

"I want to talk to Bro," Shree spoke.

"Hey Champ," Arnav came in the cam and waved at them.

"I am so happy bhai," Aliya and Shree squealed.

It was a real fun moment, after so long, even though there was mess in their life but it was nothing when they were together.

After they hung the call, Khushi said, "From today, till the day you earn your forgiveness we will not sleep together on the same bed." A bombshell on him, his eyes widened but he relaxed.

"If it is, as soon as you forgive me, that you will come in this room permanently, as it's owner, not that you are not now, but then officially, I have no complains," he snuggled her in his arms. "Should I play some movie?"

"I was planning to watch your childhood pictures but I am too tired, just want to sleep. Take me in my room if I sleep" she yawned and hugged him, dozing off in a blink.

He shook with laugh but then controlled as it disturbed her. Picking her, he took her in her room, respecting her wish. Freeing himself, he went to change in comfortable clothes for sleep. He exited the washroom with the cloth she had brought for him and arranged them meticulously to wear them the next morning.

Coming back, he went to her room, see her sleeping but restless, searching for him, both their situation was the same. He took the fluffy seat and took it near her bed, "Princess," he pecked her head. "Punishing me, is like punishing yourself, I can't allow it. I will look that this situation is never created ever again... I will make sure you never go through such occasion, I will take care that you are always happy, bustling like a cracker," he fall asleep too shortly, the weight of secret fading away, leaving him free.

Throughout the night, he held her hand in his warm one and his head, resting on the bed, ended on her bosom, sleeping like a newborn baby.

With the dawn, Khushi opened  her eyes, fully refurnished, his presence healing the pain, he had inflicted upon her by his sharp words. She found him nestled in her bosom like a baby, she simpered. She admired his face for a long time, he was so innocent and she felt fury for the man who was the cause for pushing Arnav in this.

She was sleeping so uncomfortably on the seat. She cringed, she hated this but she knew he would not be able to sleep without her. "But I can't let him sleep on the bed with me too this soon, just, hmm let's say two more days... no actually one," she bit her lip. "What would we do when my parents come here?" she thought with a pout.

She plopped back, ruffling his hairs, going back through the events.

That day, she had convinced him to go, could she not just tell him not to go? This would have been avoided. She just wanted him to be happy but little did she know in the pursue of that, he would be trapped.

She sighed. How happy she was that day for him, how he was chatting to her till late even in the party and...

She drew in the breath sharply as another memory hit her, how could she forget it.

Sitting upright, she shook him, "Arnav, Arnav."

"Khushi baby, let me sleep," he groaned.

"Arnav, wake up," she said urgently.

Even in his slumber he noticed her inquietude, he woke up startled. "What happened?"

"Arnav, I don't know if this can be given as proof or not but the entire night, till late hours we were on call, although you slept but I was working on project hearing your heartbeats, until the call got cut and that was 1AM of London and that is 5:30 of India. When did you wake up?" She asked thoughtful.

"By 6 I guess," he replied dazed with all the information, he didn't remember anything.

"Then what she is saying is not possible at all," she said with elation. "The time on the pictures shew 2AM but you were talking to me," she said with amazement.

"I don't remember about talking to you," he said apologetically, looking like lost kid.

She felt awful for him, she hugged him, passing her hand through his sleeky hairs. "That is ok, I will tell you," she promised him. "It is so idiotic of me, I should have known it right away, specially when you ignored me, but I was so disturbed that I didn't even think about this. That night, you were texting me like always and after half an hour you called me on Viber, you sounded sleazy as if drunk..."

"Khushi," he slurred as she picked up the call.

"Hey Arnav, Are you drunk?" She asked suspiciously.

"No, I promise, I will never drink. I promised you. I will never break my promise to you," he said cutely.

"Awee, then why do you sound groggy?" She asked him curiously.

"I don't know, I came here and all was fine, my friend offered me a drink Ashok refused him and gave me juice, later on I started feeling uneasy in the atmosphere and so Ashok took me in the room. He thought that it is the party smoke effect," he told her everything, "And I am so sleepy but I want to talk to you, all night," he said dramatically.

"Oh," she believed him as she didn't doubt any foul play.

"I miss you. I miss us. Our little fights, your scolding me, your anger on your nose, your spirit to fight. I want to come back to you," he pouted.

Her heart went  out to him, he always said some of those, but this time the emotions were so naked, she could feel too deep.  "I want to come to you too," she said softly, as she was going to meet him in less than a week. 

"I can't wait it, like really," he said excited.

They talked randomely, till he said, "Khushi,"


"Sing for me," he said sheepishly.

"Ok wait," she jumped out of her bed to close the door. She sat by her window.

Humari chahton ka mit na sakega fasana
Humari chahton ka mit na sakega fasana
Wada raha sanam, honge juda na hum
Chahe na chahe zamana
Humari chahton ka mit na sakega fasana
Humari chahton ka mit na sakega fasana

And she smiled as she heard him breathing evenly, she realized it he was asleep by experience, "Pagal, but cute and all mine," she bit her lower lip, like a crazy person. Putting the earphone in her ear, she settled on her laptop, her heart in peace as he breathed slowly.

She didn't seem to notice till how long she was working, it was only when the call got cut that she looked at the clock and freaked out, 'It is 1am.' she looked at the phone, her screen on their Viber conversation, her lips spread ear to ear, "With you I don't realize when time passes, your presence is like a relief for me, I love you."

"That is what happened," she told him.

He was awestruck at his ownself, even in that state he was talking to her, he grinned.

"Why the grin mister?" She felt offended.

"That even when drugged or anything, I just think about you," he grasped her side of the head, ever so slightly and kissed her temple.

"I am really happy of that fact," she snuggled in his chest.

"So what's next?" He asked her as they entangled their fingers.

She looked in his eyes. "Talk to the police." 

To be continued...

So here is chapter 19. What is your take? 
Some of you were right <3 ;) Hope you liked it.
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
Or bookmark my gallery:

Luv u<333

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candyjan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Well perfect update dear...

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swtsam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
awesome. ...loved it

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spilla IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Amazing update

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shiv456 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 October 2015 at 11:49am | IP Logged
hope police listens to them superb update

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 October 2015 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Nice teaser

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 October 2015 at 12:18pm | IP Logged

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