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Arhi FF- For All It's Worth-EPILOGUE Page84 (07/12/15) | COMPLETE | (Page 62)

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Thanks a loads once again guys. 
This chapter, the MahaUpdate, is split in three parts.

CHAPTER 20A- MahaUpdate

The man dressed in the khakee, with a thoughtful look, very apprehensive, sat behind his mahogany desk, a name plate on it Mr Shrivastav Rao, ACP. "Miss Khushi, I understand what you are saying but lawfully it is not taken as an evidence. We have no proof that you were indeed talking, the prosecutor would, in no second, put forward  that there is no one to certify you both were actually talking. We need some strong substantiation," he said understandingly.

Khushi and Arnav looked at each other, with worry, they didn't know what to do. And until they didn't get a strong trail, they didn't want to tell his parents. They didn't want to shatter their hope after given them one as was proved here.

"But then how are we going to save him?" Khushi asked, exasperated. She had been so excited till now as this riddle was to  be solved but another was standing in front of them. She had been so elated and had taken a leave on short notice, convincing them of urgent work.

Rao looked at them reflecting on facts, really quizzical, not so sure how to help the sweet couple, their love for each other was so palpable. Khushi believed the man and was all in to fight for him whilst he seemed to do anything for her. Rao saw honesty in them.

At first, he himself, had been disgusted by Arnav but now, he could see Arnav was not guilty after the proof Khushi provided him, he could see she would not lie to safe him.

"We need proofs and proofs had been collected so far, going by experience, the proofs against them had been manipulated so meticulously that it indicates clearly Arnav Singh Raizada had done all the sins, the rape and the drugs were found with him too," he sighed.

"Then what can be done?" Arnav was losing hope all over again. Khushi saw it in his demeanor, she placed her hand over his, assuring her, and her one touch was enough to exhilarate life in him.

After a long pause, Rao finally replied, "Their confessions. If it happens then no proofs would be needed and you would be saved."

Both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and officer intermittently, Khushi was too silent unlike her character. Her mind was running on miles per hour, brain-storming for a way out, she had to find a solution to free her Arnav.

Whilst, Arnav sat with slumped shoulders, that was close to impossible, they would never confess, they might withdraw the case if he paid them but confess? never.

Khushi took a deep breath, she was fully confident with the plan she had just weaved. "I have a plan but it is perilous and sir, I need your help."

She explained them everything, Arnav went livid and the officer was stunned. "What you are implying is way to risky, so dangerous," Rao was baffled.

"Khushi, he is right, we can't do this, it may lead to more problems," he trusted her, but this could involved further tensions for them, he didn't want any issue for her, getting her included in this.

"Arnav we have to take the chance, even I don't want to do it, as I know the pain but this once this is the right thing to do, " she entangled her fingers with his, caressing his knuckle with her thumb. "Sir, we are not going to hurt anyone, just bring out the truth, and you will be there to supervise, if you judge we are crossing lines than you can stop us. We need to do this, otherwise, we would never be able to save the innocent. Please," Khushi pleaded.

"Miss Gupta," the officer started seriously, "again, what you are saying is really dangerous. Still, I will support you, since It is highly probable that Arnav Singh Raizada is innocent after what you just told me. But all your moves will be under observation by me during that stunt." He was taking this high risk, which could be a threat for his job too, but he could not let an innocent be punished.

"I assure you, we would be careful," Khushi said looking at the officer, who nodded.

"Let's meet up at 6PM tonight then to discuss further," he told them and he let them go, getting on work for their plan as they had just discussed, a lot was on stake.

Arnav and Khushi walked inside the home, worry still gawking him. She held his hand and said, "everything will be fine."

He looked at her, his heart rendered somewhat in some peace. "I trust you."

Her heart galloped in happiness. He was coming around.

Her mother was out to buy some house stuff. Entwining their fingers, he led her to his room. "Arnav!"

"Shh! come," he shushed her softly and they gushed in his room, delved in darkness. "Switch on the lights," he requested.

She followed his word and gaped as the light switched on. Her eyes widened as she captured in the sight. There were sorry banners, flowers everywhere, he had painted the wall with sorries. Her dazed eyes flitted to the table in the middle, she sauntered there, still holding his hand and with her free hand, she removed the cover and huge smile spread on her face.

There was a tray of jalebies 'SORRY Khushi :'('

She found that very sweet, but she was still hurt and didn't want to forgive him soon.

"I am really really really sorry," he told her.

"Good thing, you should be really really really sorry, and even more," she narrowed her brow but kissed his cheek. "But you are mine, this time I may forgive you yet remember next time, there would be no forgiveness. Is it clear?" She furrowed further.

"Yes, for whole life and even after. I almost lost you once, I can't risk any of it again. I promise you, I won't let any tear of sadness enter in your eyes because of me, I won't let your heart be hurt because of me, and even when our low times come, I will make sure to cheer you up, to support you in every phase. I will share everything with you, upside and downs, health and sickness, alive and beyond," he kissed her forehead.

"Always remember this vow, because whatever you give me, you will it ten times back," she winked at him.

"Then I will make super sure to make you happy always," he hugged her in his arms from behind, resting his head on her shoulder, just wanting to feel her warmth.

She swiveled toward him and enveloped her around his neck, she captured his lips for an intense kiss, she was missing him deeply. She was soon against the wall, he reciprocated as ardently, his hands secured on her waist, sliding around her frame and pulling her closer, he glid his hand in her smooth hairs, raking it through them.

Moans and groans were filled in the atmosphere as they ravished each other, 

Out of breath, they parted. "Mine, you are mine."

"Yours, I am all yours for now and for eternity." He pecked her lips again." Am I forgiven?"

"Not yet mister," she pinched his nose. "But we can enjoy the jalebies," she smiled and offered him jalebi, which she was sure was made my him.

He simpered, he would not lose hope, never for her, when she never did. He leaned forward to take a bite and then fed her, both enjoyed feeding each other. Before he had actually joined her the previous night, he had prepared all this. He had gone to sleep quite late at night but this was all worth it.

Although this was planned for morning but then she had come with that night's event, making them rush to the headquarter.

Along working out on the plan, Arnav was putting quality time in pampering her, making it up to her, taking her out for movies, working her for her assignment, even posing for her project.

"Arnav Singh Raizada my soon to be boyfriend," she informed her friends on the shoot.

"Arnav, wasn't he the one roaming with Mukti, I thought he was her boyfriend," Lavanya commented.

Arman squirmed on his feed, while Khushi threw an angry gaze at him but defended him, "they are just friends, she wanted to join us so he gave her company," she smiled.

"Oh that is cool," all were happy for her and they insisted from his to pose for them. They had seen the project Khushi had done on his and they were awed. They had not got enough courage before but now they would not let go this chance. "Arnav, please become our model," one of the crew member asked.

"But," he tried to refuse.

"Please, you will be the right one," Renold, the spot boy requested.

Arnav looked at Khushi, who nodded, giving him the permission. Although a proper confession was due between them, but the truth was undeniable, they were in a relation, only words from her side were left after she would forgive him.

"Oh ho, already heeding to your going to be girlfriend," Lavanya teased him. "But why going to be?" She frowned.

"Because, we are working out things," Arnav smiled modestly. "So what do I have to wear?" He asked them.

"Come," Renold leaded him to the van.

After about ten minutes, he came out wearing the sherwani, half cream, with turquoise embroidery, he looked regal in that. She was dazzled in the moment, and he was elated seeing her in stupor. He prided in that.

No one's gaze attracted him, his eyes were for her only and her for his, it was a perfect moment, creating magic between them, weaving a tinge of ecstacy.

But not so later, she found herself boiling as the female crew were drooling over him.  She pouted but then felt proud as his eyes were only stuck at her, he was posing for her, he was looking this dazzling for her, she blushed.

As long as they were for each other, it didn't matter what other did or thought.

Two days later, in the evening, after her shooting schedule, the police along Arnav, Khushi and NK had chalked out the plan. "Raima Saxena, 20 years old, her parents live in Dehradun, they are not even aware of the fiasco as her name was never mentioned in the newspapers and she is dating Ashok Verma. On 21st June, she had blamed Arnav Singh Raizada for having molested her." Rao informed, reminding the case details.

"I am still not clear about drugs," Khushi asked the fact disturbing her.

"It was found in his wallet, which had three plastic packets, for taste purpose to clients," Rao shew her.

"Anyone can plant it, they had the whole night," NK pointed out the obvious.

"That is for sure, if such a heinous crime could be planned out than this is nothing," Rao scorned.

"True," Khushi nodded.

"According to my resources, she lives with her boyfriend in an apartment, and not in hostel as arranged by her parents nor in Ashok's parents' house, and he is going out for about two days to Delhi, coming back Saturday night, his flight has been booked for tomorrow afternoon, guys, that is the day for us to execute our plan," he informed them, in a stern tone.

"Sir, although I trust Khushi's plan, but I just hope it would not cause her any problem," Arnav expressed his worry.

"Arnav, according to proofs you put forward, even if not valid lawfully, says a lot, based on that, I can say that all would go fine." The inspector assured him.

"Still if anything, God forbids, goes wrong, I don't want her name to be dragged in any of this," Arnav made it clear.

Khushi glared at him, "Arnav, I know we are right and such situation would not arise, but if it does, we are together in this," she was adamant.

He looked at her and said, "I know you are saying right, we are in this together, but dragging you in as well will complicate it further, even if I get sentence to prison, I want you to be out to save me." His eyes sincere.

Her eyes softened at his heartwarming words but still she would not leave his side. "We will see to it later."

NK, who was mostly silently thinking about the case, rolled his eyes at their love. Whilst, The officer looked at the duo and could not help but smirk on the love of them. "You both don't have to worry. I am going to lead this operation on my risk, my gut feelings says that this is the right thing, and once done, no one would ever mention this stunt," he assured them.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other, with a smile, to be getting this support from legal system.

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CHAPTER 20B- MahaUpdate

The next night, it was time to execute their plan, with thundering heart, they were standing in front of a building, the officers were arranging the set up, for Arnav to start. "Arnav, Khushi, we have called a doctor for emergency, trusting you both I am giving you this permission but I can't take risk if she is right." 

Arnav nodded, taking Khushi's hand, he took her in a shaded area, he pinned her against the wall and hugged her. "I am scared," his head rested on her shoulder.

"I am here na, everything will be fine," she ruffled his hairs. She pulled apart and took him in sizzling kiss, to make him come out of the restlessness.

"I love you," he whispered between the kiss, feeling content and ready for the mission. He trusted her plans and would do his best. "Now, since the moment you were about to get hit by the car, I don't know why I did what I did. I never meant to hurt you and see I am the one to hurt you the most. I am sorry, and I promise you I will heed to your plan with utter perfection."

"Arnav, we make mistakes, we all do, even I have my flaws. But important is we repent and not repeat the mistakes, I read somewhere to CORRECT IS DIVINE AND SO IS FORGIVING" she pecked on his manly lips. "I can't wait for you to make up soon for your mistakes, so that we start a new phase in our life," she admitted.

"Even I can't," he simpered with hope. "I can't wait to be together with you, overcoming all this terrible phase," he kissed her forehead.

"Now all the best, I know you will succeed," she caressed his cheek lovingly. "Just know that I am with you, even if we don't succeed this once or no matter how many more times."

"I love you," he confessed again. He knew she would not express back through words but her expressive eyes said it all, she loved him much much more, for being with him after everything he did. He only wished happiness for her, even from his side. He cupped her face, "I will make sure, we move forward in our plan," he smiled as he placed his lips on her forehead and they walked out as it was time to act.

As they walked out the officer walked to them, "We have to start now, an officer is already outside the apartment, he would intervene if he notices anything wayward," he looked at Arnav skeptically, "I hope you don't disappoint me young man."

"I will not disappoint you," Arnav said sincerely.

"Here," he gave him a watch. "It had audio transmitter, recording all the conversation as we hear it at the same time in our van," he told him, pointing at the white van by the pavement.

Arnav took it obediently and clasped around his wrist. 

"And this is the most important one, the video recording pen," He tucked in his shirt pocket, such as it records all the scene.

"Ok sir," Arnav nodded.

"Be extra-careful. Although, I am doing this on my risk, but remember if you attempt anything wrong, not discussed with us, will be rendered against you," Rao warned him.

"I will be at my best," he comforted him and looked at Khushi, who blinked her eyes assuring him.

As Arnav walked inside the building, Khushi settled in the van, the officer gave her the headphones to hear everything.

There was not a single second, where she was not praying for him, his safety was the main concern for her. When she had suggested this plan she was sure of it, she was now too, but what if? What if the 'if' happened? What if things went wrong?

Her heart was galloping in fear but then a voice came somewhere from her heart, 'trust Arnav, he would never let down your trust.'

In the past few days, he had showered her with loads of love and care, not that it was not the case before but now he even found way to apologize too in between.

Secretly, she cherished those moments, and she had forgiven him too but he could make it up a little more too. After all what he had done to her was not a small thing, it was too big and it had hurt her too deeply. She wanted to teach him a good lesson for once and for all.

Out of nowhere, she blushed. Giving him lesson? Yes she was prone to deliver one by putting a stop on their sleeping on the bed, the result being after the first night, where he was sleeping down, they found themselves cuddled and sleeping on the couch.

She sighed, her parents would come around the same time she would forgive Arnav and now she had strong vibe Arnav would be free of charge by their arrival.

Not that she doubted her parents' support to Arnav, they would be with him, but she didn't want to stress them as soon as they arrived here, on the opposite, if they know reaching there about everything and that it had been solved they would be proud of them.

Her thoughts halted as she heart a ruffle and then the knock. It was time.

As he walked to elevator, Arnav thought about Khushi, he knew somewhere she had forgiven him or she would not have informed her parents but still he wanted to make up to her; to hear from her that he was forgiven. He was listen to all her plans because he trusted them and it was also to let her know his faith on her.

He pressed the floor button and passed his hand through his hairs, really uneasy. 'Hope everything goes fine, as planned.' He came out and walked to her door.

Taking a deep breath, Arnav knocked on the door, he had to be prepared for all kind of situation, good ones but the worst one too.

He placed his finger on the peephole, "Who is this?" the voice came from the other end.

Arnav took out his phone and played the recording, that they had managed to record from one of her friends. "Shweta," the recorder boomed.

The door opened after confirmation but Raima was sure in for shock. Seeing the intruider, her face paled and she trembled with fervor. "Arnav," she was frightened. She tried to close the door but Arnav was stronger than her.

He pushed the door and she stumbled a few steps back, Arnav entered and closed the door, his gesture hinting that he locked the door when it was not the fact, in reality he had left it unlocked as per the instruction by Rao.

"Hello Hello Miss Raima Saxena, here we are again," he sneered and entered, while she backed away scared. "Why are you scared? you have accused me of doing this when I didn't so why should I not do this as I am going to be blamed for it anyways," he guffawed, whereas he felt disgusted on his words.

Khushi closed her eyes hearing the poison spewing through his words, even though, they were fake, she hated doing this, but this extreme step was needed.

"No, no, Arnav you can't do it," she was berserk.

"Why not? Didn't you blame me for this? Huh?" He moved closer to her but safe distance between them. "According to police and law, I have raped you already so what difference would it make if I do it in real? Come on, now I won't get the punishment without doing nothing," he snarled. His heart heavy at his words.

"No, Arnav you are a good guy, you never raped me, you didn't even touch me," she finally confessed. "You are innocent, you can't hurt me. I know you love some more than your own self," she sounded confident.

"But that someone left me because of you both. And I won't leave you in peace," his tone steel like, his eyes red, anger visible on his face.

"No please," she wobbled back and crumbled down as she touched the wall, her face filled with sweat. 

"Why and how did you both do this?" He spat.

She was shivering, scared albeit. "Because we want money. Ashok's parents refuse to fund his parties. See when you stopped going to parties, Ashok's mean of money of halted too, which was you. You always paid for the outings. He was so frustrated when you refused to invite to pub, he felt he has lost your string. He wanted money and this time not small parties but one good amount to allow all his expenditures for entire life. We planned this. While you were talking to Ashok, who offered you a juice, I had beforehand mixed a drug in your drink. Drinking which you started feeling dizzy, he took you in a room and left you there. It was later, early in the morning that we entered in your room and created such a scene. Arnav, you were not in the state to even move out of the bed, and when we arrived in the room you had dozed off God knows for how long," she spilled out everything, scared for her life.

"What about the drugs?" His tone filled with venom.

"I don't know from where they came," she replied like a parrot, frightened for her life. Blaming someone falsely was one thing but going through it was way different.

"Your game is over," came the voice from behind Arnav.

Both turned and found the officer, Raima exhaled and rushed to the officer, "save me sir, he is trying to rape me again," she pretended to be the victim.

"We heard everything and we have proofs," the officer rebuked her angrily. He was proud that his instinct was correct.

"Arnav," Khushi rushed to Arnav, with relief, and hugged him.

"We did it," he smiled, and kissed her forehead.

"Yes," her lips twitched against his chest.

"No. This can't happen," Raima held her head, horrified. She was going ballistic.

Rao ordered, "Arrest her," a female officer came.

And a bawling Raima was whisked away.

"I am happy that my decision was correct to support you. Once again, my instinct proved to be right, let's proceed at the police station," he suggested, looking at the duo.

"What about the drug matter?" NK asked them as they met in the station in the officer's cabin. Arnav and Khushi were sitting, whilst NK was standing behind them, as the officer stood by the white board.

"Neel, it must be she doesn't know, it is done by her boyfriend," Rao pointed out.

"So what are we going to do then?" Arnav gulped down the saliva.

"Hmm," the officer pressed his lips and continue, "I have something in mind, but again it is dangerous, way more than the one we pulled today. If today's had gone wrong, you would have been punished more or I would have been suspended, but this once, a life would be in danger," he warned them.

"Sir, we are in for it," Khushi determined.

"That is not a worry, I will have an officer on it," he walked toward his desk and sat on his chair, picking his receiver he dialed a number. "Yes in my cabin now."

Arnav, Khushi and NK waited patiently. A knock blared in the room, "come it." 

The person gushed in, a man in his early twenties, his hairs short yet curled, specs on his eyes giving him a geek look, his physics giving a fresh pass out of graduate style.

"Meet Shree, he is our new undercover officer," and he explained them the plan, as Shree sat on the extra chairs, NK joined him.

"I will do my best," he assured them and all sat to discuss further. "When is he coming back?" NK asked out.

"As I said, tomorrow night, no changes in the travel plans," the officer replied. "Khushi, again, I must say your plan was really dangerous but it paid well, my gut feeling was right."

Khushi smiled, "I knew it, my Arnav is innocent. I had to do it. Crying out that you have been harassed and going through that trauma, even if for a small moment, leaves shivers, It is scary," she was aloof for a moment.

Arnav understood it, it reminded them about the incident caused by Steve and how shaken Khushi was and how her pain shook him and her family. When one went through pain, it was not just person but everyone around connected to them. Arnav entwined their fingers, their gaze crossed and he gave her reassurance, his eyes promised that he would be always with her, always save. She smiled.  

She looked back at the officer, not letting go Arnav's hand. "I didn't want her to go through that but it was important, she had blamed him for the same according to their plan. We had to send Arnav there to frighten her and thank God it worked, I didn't want to scare her more or him to go more closer to her," Khushi confessed, she could not see him with anyone else.

Arnav smirked, she was a sweetheart. All he wanted at the moment was to take her in his warm embrace but the presence of the officer, Shree, NK prevented him.

"Ends wells alls well," NK commented. "I am happy that everything is going well now." He looked at the two of them, Arnav and Khushi with content.

"Now time to nab Ashok. Arnav, you have been friends with Ashok in the past, do you know his routine, about week-end, or something particular, his habit of parties? the club he frequents?" Shree asked for further planning.

"As far as I remember, he is party freak, he will not even go home but straight to club, booze and chill before going home," Arnav replied, recalling their haywire ways. "His usual hangout is exotic club," he provided them all the information.

"That is all the information, we need," the officer said and launched the printer, a paper came out. He took it and placed in the middle, "Ashok's travel details. He would be back tomorrow by 8PM," he announced them.

All agreed to the plan and agreed to meet the next day at 8:15 PM, according to them, by 8:30PM, he would be in the club and they would observe him before going ahead.

That night, Khushi and Arnav sat in his room, Khushi was cuddle in his arms. "If, I had not been a jerk back then, then your parents would have arrived earlier and I would have got married to you then itself," Arnav professed.

"I am still in your arms," she said, in order to lighten the atmosphere.

"But you are not my bride, Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada yet," he pouted.

"I hope that a certain Arnav Singh Raizada would earn his apology for us to complete this step, our dream," she pecked on his cheek.

"Me too, as it is, I promised not to kiss you unless you don't forgive me," he said seriously.

"Ahan, who was the one to kiss me on my forehead and cheek?" She narrowed her brow; pointing toward her forehead and cheek.

"That is allowed, but not on lips or beyond that," he defended himself as he cuddled her.

She swayed her head thoughtfully, "Ok. Then I won't too till then," she mused.

"Will you be able to stay away?" He winked at her, pulling her leg.

"Yeah, except lips, I will kiss everywhere on your face," she pounced on him and kissed every inch of his face except his lips, his breath was shallow at the sweet attack, a moan stiffed out. His eyes dilated but he held her face gently, halting her, he inhaled and exhaled for a few moments, and then gave her a mouthful kiss on her forehead. She was touched, even after seducing him so sensually, he controlled, he was her man and she respected him even more. "So far I have been impressed, flowers, bears, candles, cards, songs, poems and what not. Just the oomph factor is missing."

"Oomph factor?" He asked, with scrutinize.

"Yup, the x-factor, which will make my heart goes ummm," she winked at him. 

"I am sure my love will win over your forgiveness," he was determined.

She simpered with relief. "And I am happy we are close to our goal, tomorrow night Ashok's chapter would end and we will tell uncle, aunty."

There was a pregnant pause, "And I will never let anything happen to you, no matter what. I will not only protect you from this world, from other but also from my ownself, from my own insecurities. I will share my insecurities, my fear, my sorrow and my happiness, my success with you. You mean the world to me. Not only this week, but I promise to make you happy all my life. As your happiness is the reason that I feel elated," he took her hand and placed it on his chest, "can you hear my heartbeat? it goes wild around you, and only around you. We don't even need to kiss, to touch for me to feel this rush of heartbeat, your name is enough to push me to craziness. And I know this will last forever and beyond," he kissed her hairs.

"I love hearing your talks," she smiled, really touched, resting her head on his chest, hearing his hazard wild heartbeat, yet so soothing.

"Is there any chance to have my shirt back?" He teased her. "The one you used to wear while sleeping back in London?" He added.

"No, until I get the real deal permanently," she said cheekily.

"Ah ha, seriously, in our relation, it is so obvious you are the dominant," he admitted.

"As if you didn't know," she stuck her tongue. 

He lingered his hand on her cheek lovingly. "I knew it and I love it, to have you pamper me, scold me and love me so much," he confessed. "All that matters is the trust, respect and love between us, it doesn't matter if you dominate me for the better of me."

She gazed in his eyes and said intensely, "I will never dominate you, unless you do a really big stupidity, and I will not mind you dominating me if I do something foolish. In a relation, what makes it work, is to correct each other's mistake, understand each other and make compromises. The relation that I see with you, is not short termed but for life long, for as long as I live and even after that."

"Me too," he caressed her cheek, he seemed agitated for some reason.

"What happened?" She asked him, sensing his wary.

"I am worried. I know you are here and I have nothing to fear but I feel something is going to be wrong tomorrow," he was berserk.

"Shh!" she cupped his face. "We will make it fine, if nothing works tomorrow then later, we will never lose hope. Losing hope, staying in fear is when someone actually dies, we can't die while breathing," she smiled ear to ear. "By the way, I am happy."

"Why?" He was puzzled. "Because Raima is taken in custody?"

"Yes partly, but mainly because, you didn't have to go closer to her," she was squealing.

"Oww my baby," he pulled her cheek.

"It hurts,'" she glared at him.

"Sorry," he hugged her closer as he kissed both her cheeks.

"Forgiven for pulling cheeks," she smiled.

A pummel sounded on the door, both parted, Arnav went to open. Nk was there, "if you guys are done romancing, come down for a game of ludo." He pulled his leg unmercifully.

"You are so annoying," Arnav rolled his eyes and looked at Khushi asking her to join.

All settled down to play the game, having a gall. After hectic time, it sure was peaceful, the hooting, the noise, the harmless quarrels over the game. It was all perfect.

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CHAPTER 20C- MahaUpdate

The following night, Arnav and Khushi got ready for the D-day, for the plan. Both were stressed out but not letting on their face, trying to be force to reckon for each other. They would be each other's pillar, not letting the other fall, hold the other of one crumbled.

"Have fun guys," his mother patted their cheek.

"Don't worry I will take care of them sweetheart," NK winked at her, taking her in side hug.

"Badmash," she smacked his arm.

"Ouch sweetheart," NK said dramatically.

Although the officer told them not to come but they persisted to be around. Since, Arnav was from an influential background.

So, they had told at home they were all going for hangout, for which his parents were happy.

As estimated, they were in the exotic pub by 8:15 PM, music blared in the place, people drinking and boozing, people dancing, being so intimate. 

Khushi glared at Arnav, "you used to come here, and dance closely to these women?" She gritted her teeth as they walked to a empty corner after nodding at the police officers on position, in their hide-outs. The trio were in darkness now, no one from the crowd could see them but they could see everything clearly, specially the entrance.

"That is past," he hugged her from behind, calming her, which she did as she realized that she was being jealous. "I love you now, I will love you forever."

She sighed and hugged him back.

 "where is Shree?" Arnav quipped.

"No idea," Khushi riposted, with her lip twitched at side, as she flitting her eyes around, looking through the crowd, she didn't attend this kind of parties as she didn't like. Even not for the peer pressure, she always did what she liked. 

NK checked his watch and said, "it is about time he reaches here."

"Let me call him," Khushi suggested and fished out her phone dialing his number but it went to voicemail. "He is not picking up guys," her orbs looked wary, there was fear.

Arnav pulled her in a hug, "Shh he will come, don't worry."

She calmed in his arms. "Everything will be fine," she comforted herself along them.

"Yes, tum ho na," Arnav adored her.

She looked at him with a smile but things soon started to heat up, NK was not showing and they saw Ashok entering. Worry gwaking them, the atmosphere so rigid. The trio kept looking at each other and then Ashok, who danced with a woman.

"Where has Shree been stuck?" Khushi was getting hyper now.

At the precise moment, her mobile vibrated, she took a deep breathe seeing Shree's call. "Hello, where are you Shree? He is here," she muttered, displeased.

"Guys, I won't be able to come, in the way, coming here, I got hit by a car," Shree was wincing but found it necessary to inform them. He was in hospital, doctor attended to him and after that he called them right away.

Khushi was concerned for him, "I hope you get fine soon, don't worry we will handle somehow," she assured him. She looked at Arnav and NK, she said, "he won't be able to come, he met with an accident," hope was puffed out.

Arnav dialed to Mr Rao, who picked right away, although not present but he would stay in contact. "Sir, NK met with an accident," Arnav expressed.

"Oh God," Rao was befuddled. "What will we do now? We don't have enough time to explain someone and send," he  was distraught.

"Guys, we have to lead it out on ourself, although there is security arranged but they are not prepared," NK said, seriously.

"You are right," Rao seconded.

They all started thinking about some plan, they were irritated, in tension. 

"What are we going to do?" Arnav was exasperated.

Their anger boiling as they saw Ashok doing some secret drug dealing with some young aged people.

"I will replace Shree," Nk pointed out.

Arnav was frustrated, he raked his hairs, "Not possible, he had seen you with me before."

Exhaling, "I will go," Khushi said with determination.

"No," Arnav said sternly.

"NK," Khushi signaled NK to leave them alone taking along the phone but keep an eyes on Ashok, he obeyed. Sighing, she looked at Arnav and cupped his face, "Arnav this is important, we have to take benefit of each advantage. And you are here, I know you will intervene. I know you will keep me safe. Please let me do this for us," she said softly.

His throat parched, he was scared. "Khushi, he is dangerous."

"Tumhare saath se, koi daar bada nahi, (with you support, no fear is big). I can win over against the world just by having you beside me. Only you." Her eyes were so intense.

He swallowed and nodded, "I am here," he told her. "Keep you phone nearby and also just signal me if you judge any foul play. Anyways, I will intervene if I see things getting too much."

"Alright," she promised.

NK came back with the phone and gave to Khushi, who explained everything and Rao agreed as reluctantly as Arnav. Khushi's persistence won but he promised to be there as soon as possible. "I should have been there at first place," he complained, "but I am coming now, I will take lead of it. I can't put any of you in danger."

"Ok sir." All agreed and NK gave them some privacy.

Khushi and Arnav looked at each other, heart trepidation. She kissed on his cheek and looked in his eyes intensely, "I love you."

His eyes moistened, she had still not forgiven him and thus this I love you, at this moment heaved his heart, there was dread. "I love you too." He pulled her in a hug. "Be careful."

"I will be." She comforted him. 

Horror brewing in his heart.  He didn't want to let her go, her eyes fixed on his as she walked back, their hands disentangling, gliding away, and they were parted. His heart felt heavy. Her heart felt galloping with uneasiness. But they were doing for each other. She was doing for his freedom. He was doing for her determination.

Khushi went to washroom, disheveled her hairs and smudged her kohl a little, giving her a druggy look. She adjusted her microphone and the spy camera in her purse.

She sighed, took few deep breathes and walked in the party, wobbling on her foot. "JERKS! ALL ARE JERKS!" she swore as she sat on the stool by bar, two seats away from Ashok. "A**holes!" she let out colourful words. She looked at the barman, she whispered but loud enough for Ashok to hear, whose gaze was on her slender figure. "You know! I have been buying from those morons here and heard someone is caught from their gang, what was his name?? Raizada??? AMAN??" Her eyes flickered, "HAN Arnav Singh Raizada, his name is Arnav Singh Raizada, I saw in news and my friend told me about him too! The bloody molester and drug dealer. I will never buy from them again. I WILL CHANGE MY SUPPLIER," she said with a flapping of her hand.

Ashok took the opportunity and approached her. "Hey babes," Khushi cringed inwardly but didn't show it much. 

"Who the hell are you?" she scoffed. "Don't turn my mood off further," she blasted.

"You relax, I heard your talk. We are the one who deals around this area. I assure you Arnav Singh Raizada has nothing to do with us!" he didn't want to let go his treasure. One person pulling out meant losing much more buyers.

"You liar! I know you are saying nonsense," she blared.  "It was on news all over... all over," she stuttered and took a drink, and gulped in a go. "Police.. found drug in his bag. My friend said, he came here every night... he is the one. You liar!" she spat. "I can kill anyone for drugs but not get caught! I will find another supplier," she hiccuped. 

"I am not lying. Arnav Singh Raizada isn't involved. I planned all. Neither he raped nor he had those drugs, I planted all. All of it to create a strong case against him, to send him to jail, for money. We are safe, you can buy from us," he assured.

"You are lying to save your a**" she gritted, to probe him.

He guffawed, "you don't believe me, see this," he shew her the video, where Arnav was sleeping, and they planted Raima in the room, tousling everything and Ashok unclothing Arnav and finally he plotted the drug in the wallet. Khushi was aghast. "Now do you believe," he looked up and saw her mysterious smirk. He had suspicion and his eyes went to the figure emerging behind her from darkness. "Arnav!" Ashok gaped.

Looking back at Khushi, Ashok's eyes were widened. "You!"

"I, Khushi," she replied with smug smile.

He recognized her by her name, Arnav took her name so many times after they patched up."I won't leave you," he grunted and pulling her in swift movement, he swirled her around. Breaking the bottle on counter, he picked glass piece against her throat.

Arnav saw the act, and broke in a run to save her but Ashok had her under his hold. His heartbeat stopped. "Ashok leave her." Arnav was traumatized.

The police surrounded him too.

"No, if I am gone, she is gone," he said with a creepy look.

"Arnav!" Khushi called out for Arnav.

Arnav's heart bled to see her in that state, so vulnerable.

"Leave her, I will give you all you want, money, property, everything, please leave her," Arnav pleaded, he was to give all his wealth.

"HAHA and you want me to believe you. You will hold me back as soon as I leave her. I don't care anymore, all I want now, is to break you. I will take her with me, fu*k her and then go to jail," he laughed like an insane man.

"NO, SHUT UP!" Arnav was enraged and tried to walk to him.

"Stay away you bas***d," Ashok warned him as he pressed the piece of glass on her neck.

"Ahh!" she whimpered in terrible pain, the press of the exertion of the glass piece was making it bleed along Khushi and Arnav's tears

"Leave her please, kill me instead, please leave her," Arnav begged, he was frantic.

Rao arrived right then, "Ashok leave her, we will give you an immunity," he promised him.

"NOO!" he yelled. "You are all liars." He looked at Arnav. "Killing you? That will be no fun. I want to ruin, see you destroyed, you are a loser and I will show it to you. You bas**rd,"

Khushi opened her eyes and looked at Arnav, haziness in front of her eyes. She blinked away her tears and saw tears in Arnav's eyes. How could she be weak? No, not anymore.

She caught Arnav's eyes, and she blinked her eyes. "Ashok I am ready to go with you, this hurts, I can't take it," she pleased.

"Oh, babes, you are so easy, I will have fun with you," he giggled and loosened his hold a little, but not freeing her, "but not just yet, you are my pawn, my guarantee to go out of here," he mumbled.

Smirking, Khushi kicked her elbow in stomach while her other harm held his arm on her throat so he could not pierce her throat. Arnav was by her side in a wink. "Khushi," he sighed in relief and took her behind him. Before the police could overtake, Arnav gave two three rough punches to Ashok, who was still disoriented from her kick.

"Mr Raizada stop we will handle it," Rao overtook, they confiscated Ashok's mobile while arresting him.

Arnav was not satisfied but he backed for Khushi, her neck was bleeding, she was hissing as her hand tried to stop the flow. 

"Khushi!" He held her hand. "Are you fine?"

"Arnav, first aid till ambulance arrives!" NK came rushing with the first aid, he had been livid at the scene.

"I am fine, it is a small gash, no need for ambulance," she gurgled as Arnav cleaned her and did the bandage, tenderly, carefully.

"Shut up!" Arnav gritted his teeth. "Enough of your ordering for the day. I have heard too much and now you need to listen me." He raked her hairs and pulled her near. "You convinced to let you handle him and see where you are. Now you have to listen to me, got it?"

"Yes boss," she saluted and she was taken to the hospital.

To be continued...

So here is chapter 20. And yes no suspense about Ashok and all, I could not keep you on cliff for longer ;)
What is your take? 
Hope you liked it.
If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises. 
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Pls continue soon

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Good to see that everything went smoothly... But I doubt itni easily sab kuch samne aa gaya...!!!!
Kahi kuch garbar to nahi hai???
Anyway, loved their bonding...

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