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Arhi FF- For All It's Worth-EPILOGUE Page84 (07/12/15) | COMPLETE | (Page 33)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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"You can't be serious Arnav," Ashok cringed at the plan of Arnav. How could his friend Arnav Singh Raizada suggest this awful thing. He was disgusted by the idea Arnav have put forward. He had been so excited to have his friend back but he was wrong, utterly back.

"You all want party, so I am inviting you all for dinner at my place," Arnav said with a smile. That was the decision, he took after a great thought. He would not break his friend's heart not his own resolution. Either they take it or throw it, all was on them now.

Khushi's trust meant a lot to him and thus he didn't want to take a risk with it. Although he didn't want to hurt his friends too so he went for middle ground, but his friends didn't sound much happy.

"You are freaking kidding man, party means loud music, dance, booze. Forget that, even bringing my chick at your place will be disaster," Benish added indignantly.

"Guys, that was what party meant for me too but now parties mean to spend some quality time with friends. I have got arranged pool table at home, along music, so we will have dinner and play there," Arnav informed them politely. Really elated on his plan. It was win win situation from every angle.

"Cancel it, we no longer are interested," Ashok sneered.

"Alright, this is so mean of you, If I am even allowed to say it. You all wanted party, so I arranged one but rather than celebrating it the way I am comfortable in, you guys are refusing.  Whoever wants to come are most welcome, I will wait for all of you tonight," he said genuinely.

"I can't believe you has changed this much," Ashok commented, not believing a bit.

Raj smirked, he didn't mind the change in his friend. He was Arnav's close friend and always followed what Arnav did and thus, this change was a good change for him too. He appreciated Arnav.

He was a fresher in the college, when people tried to rag him, it was Arnav who took him in his group, protected him. He was a gem and Raj knew it, but it was Khushi who polished the gem for the world to see him and know the value.

"He is right though. Guys, why do we need a girl by our side? Ain't we man enough to stay with morals and only woman that should be beside us should be the one we love, not lust," he explained them.

"Oh and here we have the blind follower of Arnav," Benish mocked him.

"He is right," Sameer added. "I always told you guys. The number of girlfriends would not make you a man, but the fact that you have one woman, who you love with everything. The one you respect, you care for and would honor with respect in society." He went to stand next to Arnav.

"I am done being surrounded by idiots," Ashok gritted his teeth angry and went away, people sharing his mentality did too.

Only Raj and Sameer, Along Arnav, remained behind.

"Don't mind, they will come around," Sameer assured him.

Arnav looked at him and shook his head, "no, not until a big life changing event happens to them."

"What was your life changing event?" Sameer teased. "I have always told you not to do harmless dating, still you went ahead. You believed harmless fun was nothing but pure fun."

"I just experienced what harmless flings and dating could do to the other party. It can kill someone," he said looking at him, pain seering in his heart as he remembered Myriam's story. "Woman are innocent, they believe easily and that is not their weakness but their strength that they can trust so freely, yet some man like me play with their trust," he said sullenly.

"At least you realized, and we can only explain other, advice them, we can't force anything upon them," Raj said sadly.

"It hurts you know. I don't speak about it usually but it does. My sister loved someone and she was so crazy about him, trust him blindly. He dated her, took her in parties, shew off with her and when time came for marriage, he refused. Two years, she spend in the depression on and off, until  Ranveer came in her life, he taught her to live again, she is married now happy, for three years now and she is starting to trust again but the two years were hell," Sameer said with tears in his eyes.

Arnav understood him, his own eyes teary, he placed his hand on his shoulder, so did Raj. We think that people around us have the perfect life but the case is far from it.

True some people smile in happiness and cry in pain. But often, the people who smile the most are the one who hid deepest pains inside them and those who whined for every little thing, were often the one who got everything. Not every smile is of happiness and not every tear if of pain.

Arnav really wished that people in this world became the reason of someone's smile and not their hurt, their heartbreak. 

"Hi Khushi Gupta," A husky voice greeted her, she rose her head, to be dazzled for a moment seeing the specimen, long height, charming smile and looks to die for. He was hotness defined but love does its wonders. Arnav flashed in her mind and red crept on her face, blushing on his memory. She was back to the world easily.

"Hi sir," she replied with a smile.

"You can call me Devin, as it is I am not that old," he winked at her.


"It sounds divine," he flirted with her.

Khushi reddened, this time because of embarrassment, she didn't know how to reply back. She was unable to judge this person, she thought to give it some time to make an opinion.

"Alright let's get started. Elina Dsouza's photoshoot are to be done by us," 

"The new sensation in the film industry," Khushi gaped.

Elina was a fresher in the industry but she had made her own place, she had become famous over night, and present in every people's lips. She was the best in things she did and the best of the best was, her talent spoke rather than her revealing her body. She simply didn't need that and her audience had accepted the way she was.

"Yes, the one," he said proudly.

"Wow," She squealed.

"This is just a start Khushi, trust me you will meet much more famous people," he assured her, "you are under the best."

Awkwardly she didn't like the words from him, it shouted CONCEITED but when Arnav said these things, it sounded sweet, a tease.

"I am sure Devin," she feigned a smile.

Ashika looked at a stressed Arnav, he had invited his friends over his place for the first time and he was anticipating to see all his friends but he had an inkling doubt about that.

"Come," she held his head and made him sit on the table chair. "What is troubling you?"

"Ma, when I invited them except Raj and Sameer, no one sounded happy, almost as if they were no longer happy to celebrate my success," he told her innocently.

"What matters is to have honest friends, even if they are fewer in numbers and not having tons of friends but no real in their feelings," she explained him, cupping his cheek. "Are you having a second thought about inviting them to the pub?" She asked him.

He looked at her for a moment and shook his head, "No mom, that is not an option for me. I am not saying that I would never go pub and all, I will go but that will be when Khushi is with me." 

She looked at him incredulously. "What if your friend invites you there?"

"I will go, wish them and leave as soon," he told her.

"Won't they feel bad?" she tried to gauge him.

"They might mom but I can't help it. If I go there, they might start by requesting to stop, the next will be request me to dance, then a puff of cigaret or a glass of alcohol and I will be back to how I was previously. Mom I can't let someone request me into things I don't want just to please them," he held her hands.

"I am really happy," she kissed his forehead.

He felt peace hearing his from his mom. The bell rang, he stood up to greet his friends. Raj and Sameer hugged him and entered. Arnav guided them to dinner and waited for others to appear: Vivek, Vicky, Benish, Ashok, Rakesh and so many more.

After a few minutes, his another friends Azad came and that was all. Arnav was upset but he didn't let it show on his face. They had dinner and he took them to the pool table, they played and had loads of fun, even his dad joined them and they had a mind blowing time.

The night as he retired to his room, their was nerve pulling moment. His group didn't show up, he was upset. He laid on his bed and didn't seem to notice his vibrating phone.

Today was the day of the celebration for the first step toward his career but his friend, that didn't show up today just wanted to party in club and not be with him, it hurt him. Those were the people he spent years with.

"Arnav, call for you," his mother came in the room.

Arnav snapped out of his thoughts, he was too lost in his pain to notice the calls on his phone. Hurriedly he took the phone from his mom. Ashika looked at him lovingly, shaking her head, she left to her chores.

"What the! Is the matter with you Arnav?" She flared.

"Khushi, they didn't come," he said like a baby, setting his emotions free. He felt betrayed, he had spent so much time with them but they didn't care for his feelings a bit. He had agreed for the party seeing the sadness of his friends, but what if it was not in some club but at his place, why were they being so illogical?

He was frustrated, he had been always there for his friends, thrown parties when they had wanted, never caring for money because it made them happy but did happiness mean only money? and parties? Were emotions nothing? He loved them all a lot but they were not here even in his happiness, why would they be in his sadness?

He felt hurt spewing in his heart. He didn't know how to explain to someone his heart feeling. He sniffed to keep his tears controlled.

"Let free your tears. It will not make you a less man. A man is someone who accepts he is in pain, who accepts his defeat, who will fight for the win and who will smile at his success, there is nothing wrong in letting out your tears," she said softly, touching a string in his heart.

To be continued...

Working on next part, hopefully tonight. <3

If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
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hajr IF-Rockerz

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Great update 

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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome...but i wudve loved it had Arnav went to the pub n controlled himself...this way he is not sure if he can stay in shudnt be this way...
whether khushi is with him or not...she is always there in his heart, so how does it wudve been him going to the pub, n yet staying just friendly with the girls...

but then atleast he got to see the real face of his some friends...that is also good...these friends who came are his true friends...who wants to cherish some good moments with him not just party on his money...

update part 2 soon, eagerly waiting

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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beautiful update

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swtsam IF-Dazzler

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awesome. ..loved it...

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb update loved it thank you for pm.

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renee.bee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2015 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Arnav should feel happy now he knows who are true friends.
If people can't accept you for who you are then you are better off without them.
Khushi didn't ask him to change he did it on his own.

That's the difference bet people who care for you.

I have had more than my share of such friends.

They are for a particular period of purpose once that is over they forget you.

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shiv456 IF-Rockerz

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Nice update 

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