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Arhi FF- For All It's Worth-EPILOGUE Page84 (07/12/15) | COMPLETE | (Page 23)

jeb1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2015 at 5:58am | IP Logged
Can't wait update soon

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2015 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Awesome teaser loved it can't wait for the update thank you for pm.

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Posted: 08 April 2015 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
awesome. ..waiting for the update. ..

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Posted: 09 April 2015 at 2:36pm | IP Logged

Thanks a lot guys for appreciating this story. 

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I honestly hope likes and comments will double with each part, please don't let me down. :)

Revenge time (Mini FF)
Nahi, hum nahi kareinge (OSs)

Keep showering me with your love guys.

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Loads of Love <333

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They were getting used to their life, they missed each other but the driving force was they had to work hard to be together forever. They were always keeping the other one in their mind and heart. So what if they had not confessed to each other. But they mean a lot to each other and missed each other. They were each other's shadow. Always there.

Aliya and Shree talked to Arnav every single day, while her parents too tried to call him whenever they could. Yet, Khushi, she talked to him the whole day. Only when she was busy in something that he called the others.

Arnav till now was able to stay away from parties and everything, he simply didn't feel the need of that anymore. Khushi's thought was enough to attract all his attention, undivided attention.

How he wished their kiss would have happened, that he had tasted her but he was glad time and again that it didn't happen, when he gave himself to Khushi, he wanted to give her everything, a complete man, his love, his care, his understanding, his respect and their bright future.

"Arnav sleep," she said as they were talking on the new Whatsapp addition, the call feature.

"I am not sleepy, keep on talking," he said, tucking a pillow under his elbows. All he wanted to do was to hear her melodious voice.

"Sing for me, then I might keep on talking," she said cheekily.

"Anything for you," he smiled and sung in his sleepy yet soulful tone, "Jisse zindagi dhund rahi hai, kiya yeh woh makam mera hai, yahan chain se bas  rukh jaoun, kyun dil yeh mera kehta hai... kisi shayar ki ghazal, jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal, koi mujhko yun mila hai, jaise banjare ko ghar..." 

Khushi's heart swelled with warmth and happiness, his feelings so clearly to her but not expressing it in three words. She wanted to confess back but not until he said himself in words, or unless they were face to face. She will wait.

He wanted time and she would give him. She loved him too much and trust him. Their love had to win, even if they would have to be patient.

"Beautiful Arnav," Khushi said with a blush.

"Thank you," he said proudly.

"So when is your internship interview?" She asked him as she rolled on her bed, to switch on her laptop, to work on her photos.

"Next week, friday 9AM," he said lazily, his eyes dropping. "You tell, is your interview confirmed?" 

"Yes, my teacher has transferred my pictures to Mr Luke, one of the best photographer, my interview will be two three days after yours, monday or tuesday that is," she informed him.

"I am sure you will get it," he said confidently.

"How can you be so confident?" She said, closing the lid of her laptop, not in mood to work on pictures, she just wanted to hear him speak. She rolled on her bed and took his book, tracing her finger over his hand-written  'Khushi,' she blushed. Even at so much distance, he was near her. His voice was so soothing to her, she loved to cherish every moment with him.

"I am more confident for you than me, myself," he smiled as he relaxed on his bed, his arm stretched and his legs spread awkwardly.

"Do you know Arnav? You don't know your real potential," Khushi said amused at him.

"And Khushi, I am allowing you to unleash the potential in me, as it is, you know me better than I know myself," he said and dozed off.

She smiled and could hear his even calm breathes. She didn't feel like cutting the call, putting on headphones, she got on her work. His breathes tranquilizing her, she loved this and could get used to it easily.

"Ashika, our son has become a better person, he is discovering his own self," Ravi said, he had noticed Arnav's behavior. 

The Arnav that they knew before he departed for UK was a lot different than this, not that they complained, this Arnav was their ideal son. The Arnav that his father had always imagined him to be. He was so happy with his son's development, his son had become so good. Like a dream.

Arnav who preferred staying out more and more, was staying at home. He was concentrating on his studies, working on to get an internship. They were not unaware that their son was trying to get started with his own job. He was changed in so many ways.

His father was so proud of him and so was Ashika happy with him, not just happy but really elated.

An accomplishment for parents were the success of their children, that they were on the right track, that they didn't hurt others and today Arnav was one of those child, who gave that feeling to his parents.

"I agree Ravi. I have always loved Arnav the way he had been before because he is my son but today along love, I do feel proud of him. I wonder what made him so changed?" 

"If I know well, it is definitely about some woman," Ravi said, his eyes twinkling.

"How do you know so well?" Ashika crunched her eyes.

"Because sweetheart," he veered her to him and made her sit next to him, he cupped her face, "I was a bookworm, a nerd but it was your entry in my life that has brought out my romantic and humorous side, I have started to smile more and more than staying alone, I found ways to stay with you... I have become a better person. So, I think it is the same case with Arnav," He smiled.

"I know, when our marriage talks were going on, you used to steal glances at me," she chuckled. "So, you think it is about some woman?"

"Yes, I think so. Arnav has been always a carefree boy, more than staying at home, he had loved to party, stay nights out. Now, he prefers staying at home, to the point that he helps you in kitchen too or also volunteer to do some of my meager works. He is also looking forward at setting his foot in photography field, by covering weddings and events, he is already contacting people around. About the mysterious woman, I think so but still we should talk to him to know more," he hugged her.

"You are right, let's talk to him tomorrow," she smiled.

"Yes and spare some time to your poor husband," He held her hand, making her blush.

"This is too huge for me but so warm," she blushed as she held collar, keeping it close to her skin.

She looked up at the mirror and saw her upper body covered with his shirt and a comfortable legging. She looked very lovely in Arnav's big black shirt, her cheeks reddening, it was as if Arnav had enveloped her in his muscular arms.

She flushed. Deeper.

"Arnav I already miss you so badly, every moment away from you is so painful" she looked at her phone, it was still on call, she plugged her earphones and heard his heartwarming rhythmic breathing. 

She could imagine him sleeping, with his mobile put carelessly near his pillow as he would be sleeping in kung-fu position. She giggled and halted.

"Khushi," he mumbled in his sleep.

'He is dreaming about me," she was so happy, her heart filling with mirth.

Keeping her earphones plugged, she went out, in her room. In the way, she bumped in Aliya, the earphones came out. "Di, I didn't know you have started wearing man's shirt as night dress," Aliya winked at her.

"Shh keep it a secret, or I will tell all your secrets, embarrassing one to Aman," Khushi winked back, she knew everything about Aman, so did her family.

"Alright, I will not tell anyone, not even the owner of the shirt, it is our secret," Aliya conceded happily, apparent to her that her sister loved Arnav. "Good night Di, have nice dreams of the owner of this shirt,"

Khushi was embarrassed she scurried away to her room, while Aliya laughed in glory.

"Anything to be close to you Arnav," she whispered and remembered, the call was still on. "Did he hear me?" She asked inwardly but the call was cut about two minutes back, probably when Aliya and she collided. She pouted. She wanted to hear him and sleep but she could not disturb his sleep.

She sighed and looked at her screensaver. "Love you my man," she simpered and put her phone on charging, near her bed.

Arnav was out most of the day, still made sure to be available for Khushi. He had wished her morning the first thing in the day and so on continued their discussion when she woke up, sending pictures to each other, voice notes and what not. Success had no value if he could not give his time to her. They chatted admist their work. Arnav was looking forward for some proper paying foot-holding and marriages were such events.

He was tired as he came at home by 6PM, "hey mom,"

"You are back early son," Ashika teased him.

"When have I been late Mrs Ashika Ravi Raizada?" He chuckled, hugging her.

She parted and pulled his ear, making him whine, "oh mom!"

"So you will call your mom by her name? call her Mrs Ashika Ravi Raizada?"

"Oww mom, no I will not," he pleaded and  she let his ear go, since she loved him too much to hurt him.

"Good boy," she patted his cheek.

"Mom, I am grown up man," he complained.

"For me you will still stay a kid," she smiled. She remembered how overjoyed she was when Arnav had come back, she had hugged him and showered him with kisses. Arnav was smiling foolishly, being pampered.

"No arguing with you mom," he threw his hand up in defeat. "I am going in my room, call me if you need me." He kissed her head and went to his room since he had an appointment fixed. "Hey kiddo," he said as the skype connected to the video call from his laptop.

"Hey bhai,"  Aliya waved her hand at him, looking more beautiful than ever. It was their first video call.

"Wow kiddo, looking so happy, what is the matter?" He teased her.

"Bhai," she blushed, biting her lips.

"So, it means progress," he said happily.

"Yes, the day you left, we confessed but I told him, I would not be taking a step further until we are married, he has understood and this weekend, he will bring his parents to talk about our engagement at least,"

"Wow kiddo I am so happy, and why has no one told me this?" He kvetched, not too please.

"Di wanted to tell you, but I wanted to be the one to say this to you, when we are face to face at least virtually. Sorry bhai," she held her ears.

"Since I love you so much, I forgive you," he smiled and continued, "I am so happy for you sweetheart, I wish and pray all the happiness in the world for you. May God bless you."

"Thank you bhai," she flushed. "I wish you the same,"

"Thank you," he said without noticing it.

"I hope you will confess your feelings soon," she told him.

"What are you saying? I don't know why you are taking about Khushi," he said averting his eyes and then his eyes widened. 'Shoot, she didn't mention anything about Khushi,' he was face palmed.

She guffawed. "See, I knew it," she winked at him.

"Hands up, you are right detective Aliya," he admitted.

"Good, confess soon before it's too late, before someone swipes my di away," she said seriously, although she knew in her heart that both loved each other but it was fun to have them on toes.

He was mortified, "I will not let it happen, I will make sure to confess soon, as soon as I prove myself worthy of her," he said sincerely.

"Why do you think you are not worthy of her bhai?" Aliya frowned.

"You put me on high pedestal kiddo, but I had been the most careless guy before I met you all. I want to see if I will be able to stay adamant on my betterment, and I want to establish myself, earn money, I want to give her a stable life."

"She is lucky bhai," Aliya smiled. "And I know you will stay put on your decision, do you know why?"

"Why?" He was amazed how these two woman had more faith on his potential, his decision than himself.

"Because, rather than your words, it is your eyes who confess your feelings," she said with honesty. "And eyes emote heart's feelings, you will not be able to betray your own love."

Arnav was positively surprised and felt really elated, so happy. Did Khushi see the love in his eyes too? He wished, he so wished yes. He had become a full romantic man, he mused.

"Bhai," Shree gushed in and strategically took Aliya's place. "I miss you so much, so does everyone," he kept on blabbering.

His mobile beeped, he reached forward for it, 'Talking to my family, miss you,' Khushi had texted.

'Miss you too. Yes, please you come too, I will make you talk to mom. Dad will be home soon later though,' he replied quickly as he tried to reply Shree at the same time.

"Look who is here?" Shree squealed as he let Khushi sit there.

Arnav sighed with happiness, she looked so beautiful, he had just seen her yesterday before he had gone for dinner but still every glance was like the first.

"Hey Arnav, how are you?" She asked happily, as if they were not talking before.

"I am good, and you? uncle, aunty?" He asked her, with a foolish smile on his face.

"We are fine, and we miss you," she smiled.

"I miss you too. Let me make you talk to my mom," He said and took his laptop to the lounge, "Mom, talk to the amazing family I have met in UK," he introduced them to each other, Khushi fought her shyness and Ashika was impressed by Khushi.

'So there was girl, Ravi was right,' she smirked. "Thank you for taking care of my son."

"No aunty, don't thank us, it was out pleasure," she wanted to say about the incident and how Arnav took care of her but could not.

"I am hearing positive about my son for the first time," Ashika chuckled.

"Mom, don't embarrass me. By the way, Khushi is the  one to explain me, harmless fun was not actually harmless," he told her.

"She said right, I am glad that at least her explanation entered in your brain," she mocked him.

"Ouch mom, don't insult me in front of two beautiful ladies," he said dramatically.

"You will never change," she lamented.

"I am Arnav Singh Raizada, after all," he said setting his collar.

"Don't be conceited Arnav," Khushi frowned.

"I am not being conceited, trust me," he said innocently and she shook her head.

They kept on chatting a little longer and then they big bye, whilst Arnav and Khushi proceeded on Whatsapp. "So is this the woman for your change? You love her, don't you?" her arms on the headboard of the couch, she tilted her eyes in questions.

His typing halted, he looked at her shyly and nodded.

"She is beautiful, don't upset her," she patted his cheek.

"Thank you mom, I have to tell you and dad something tonight," 

"Why not now?" She creased her brow.

"I want to tell you both at once," He bit the inside of his cheek.

She looked at him with doubt and said, "I hope it is nothing serious," 

"It is not mom," he assured her.

"Alright, I am cooking your favorite, Alu Palak,"

"You are awesome," he kissed her cheek.

Padma entered in Khushi's room after the dinner. She had seen the changes in Khushi, she was more lost in her thoughts, with a smile, humming romantic songs around. She knew her daughter was bitten by the love bug. She wanted to have a talk with her.

"Mama," Khushi smiled seeing her in her room, and made her sit on her bed.

"I heard you talked to Arnav and his mother, how are they?" 

"They are fine, Aunty is so nice," Khushi placed her on her shoulder.

"My bacha," she caressed her hairs. "Arnav is such a sweetheart, his wife will be lucky," she looked at her daughter with hinting eyes.

Khushi looked at her mother and saw the hint, but she didn't reply to her mother. This only Arnav deserved to know first, about her love. People could make their guesses till then. She smiled and kept leaning there.

Padma simpered, getting the clue that her daughter had realized some of her feelings, she was glad. She would let her handle her own life. As she said and believed always, her daughter was mature enough. She kissed her head, "I am with you for every decision. Now finish your studies and sleep well," she patted her cheek.

"Good night mama," she hugged her mother and let her go.

She called Arnav and talked to him as she traced her book. "Listen, I will call you later, I have to talk to mom, dad."

"About?" She asked him.

To be continued...

If you like my work, then please leave comments because even though I write for passion but your comments really motivate me to write good and update soon. 
Bring it on all the compliments, constructive criticism and advises.

Regarding PMs, see list page 14 with details 
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Luv u<333

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Awesome Update, Love their virtual conversation and both got approval from their parents. 

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Awesome UpdateThumbs Up

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that was beautiful...i m loving it..plz continue soon.

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