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Arshi FF - My Imperfect Mr Perfect (Thread 2 link on index)

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Posted: 17 December 2014 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
Hi guys I'm a new writer. Having read arshi fanfiction for about 2 years now, I finally decided to try writing one of my own. There are so many arshi ff writers who I really and truly admire on this forum (I said arshi because that's the only one I read). I've always wanted to read a fanfiction with arnav as a police officer, and even though I have read some, I personally always had my own character of arnav, which I wished to see portrayed in a fanfiction. So here I am, with the fanfiction. In terms of updates, I will be updating every Wednesday. Now here is the prologue, and I really hope you guys like it...


Running wasn't anything new for me - that's why my Buaji calls me Sanka Devi - because I always run around playing pranks on everyone! But if someone had told me I would be running for my life one day - LITERALLY - I would never have believed them. I mean why would anyone be pushed to a situation where their life is in danger when all they do is run around the house munching on jalebis, or sit down for hours making jabelis for a living?! Well apparently it can happen and I don't think I have any doubts on that now, as I ran for my life as fast as my legs would take me.

I turned back to see a load of goons chasing after me and they were getting too close for comfort. I turned back and ran faster - if that was even possible at the pace I was going. Normally I wasn't one to give up, but as I saw the empty bridge without a single soul on it, I felt a sense of doom engulf me. As I felt them nearing me, I felt my end coming for me. I would have rather died than getting caught by those intimidating men, with God knows what horrible intentions!

I rushed for the railings on the bridge and looked down upon the water below. One look back at the men and I had made my decision. At that moment, the only thought in my head was that I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to my Jiji and Buaji.

And then... I jumped.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 12 (Part I)

Chapter 12 (Part II)

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Chapter 21 (Part I)

Chapter 21 (Part II)

Thread 2

Buddy me if you want PMs Smile

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Note: This is the first chapter. Hope you enjoy it. English translations are in pink.

Chapter 1

A pair of caramel orbs... That's the first thing I saw when I woke up - a pair of caramel orbs staring back at me with an emotion which looked something close to... concern? I felt like those eyes were the most captivating eyes in the whole world. I could feel myself getting lost in their depths, bewitched by their warmth. I don't know how long we were looking at each other for, but it was only a good few minutes later that I came back to my senses and looked around to find myself in an unfamiliar room, with a complete stranger looking at me with a... blank expression? Had I imagined those moments when I had lost myself in the warmth of those eyes? Had I imagined that caring look in those eyes? Surely not... but looking back at those eyes now, I saw nothing - absolutely no emotion. Those molten caramel eyes which had captivated me with their warmth no longer held any friendliness whatsoever.

After a few seconds of thought I decided to finally have a proper look at this person with mood swings as quick as the colour change of a chameleon. He was the definition of perfection! He had a tall, lean body with broad shoulders and enough muscle to warn you of his strength, but not too much to make him look massive. His face had a fair complexion, with features screaming out perfection -even the small scar on his left eye couldn't do anything to change that. His khaki police uniform made him look even more magnificent. And of course last but not least, his molten caramel eyes were...

I was jolted out of my reverie when I saw a glass of water extended towards me. I only realised then, how thirsty I had been. I took the glass gratefully and sipped the water, looking up at this magnificent, mysterious stranger occasionally. It was only when I nearly finished the glass that I realised that I had been so preoccupied in analysing this man that I had completely forgotten about the day's events!

And then all the memories hit me with full force. The goons, the bridge, the helplessness, and finally the jump. After that everything became blurry... I vaguely remembered hearing another splash after I had jumped in - but hardly anything registered in my head because I was panicking with the knowledge that I couldn't swim. I had felt warm hands encasing me as I drifted off into darkness - my last thought being that the warmth of those hands felt very similar to that of my mother's.

"Wh-," my voice came out as a croak as I tried to speak. I tried again, "Who are you? And... where am I?" I questioned him. He didn't answer me and I was suddenly aware of what I was wearing. I was wearing jeans and a kurta top - something which definitely didn't belong to me. I felt the panic seeping in, as I realised what a big mess I could be in! Could he be one of those men who had chased me? Could he be one of those horrible goon/policemen that they showed in those movies? And then another question threw me off even further! Had he... had he... had he... changed my clothes?! Has he seen me in that way?! Was I even safe with this man?! Just because he was good looking - it didn't necessarily mean he was going to be a hero did it? I mean, after all there are so many good looking villains like Sonu Sood too... Could it be that he was the villain in my life! Hai Devi Maiyaa! Raksha karna! Hum aajse Buajike kehnepe gharka saare kaam khud karenge! Kisike gaadiki enginemein shakkar nahi daalenge! Hum jalebiyaan khaana bandh karenge - nahi nahi, hum jalebi khaana bandh nahi karsakthehain, lekin aajse hum ek din mein pachaas jalebiyaan se ek bhi jalebi zyaada nahi khaayenge! Hume bachaiye Devi Maiyaa! (Devi Maiyaa! Protect me! I will do all of the house work as Buaji says. I won't ever put sugar in anyone's car engine! I will even stop eating Jalebis - actually no no, I can't stop eating jalebis but from today I will eat no more than 50 jalebis in a day! Please save me Devi Maiya!)

"Kya bhadbadaarihi ho? (What are you muttering?) ," the stranger asked in a deep voice. I hadn't even realised that I had started to murmer in my tensed state. It was only a few seconds after he spoke that I realised that he had... spoken! He had finally said something! I looked up to see him looking at me as though he was looking at some kind of weird alien. But Khushi Kumari Gupta was too tensed to be lost in his voice, or worry about embarrassment. I realised that I couldn't act weak in front of him. I had to be strong - I thought of all the Salman Khan movies I had watched, trying to recall his fight moves. I had to make Salman proud - being a fan I had to be able to defend myself! I was remembering how to tackle an attacker when the stranger took a deep breath as though preparing himself.

"Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta," he started. What?! How in the world did he know my name?! Definitely a villain stalker - I'm almost certain now that he has been stalking me, secretly gathering all my information and attacking when I least expected it. How else would he have known my name?! Hai Devi Maiyya why does this happen to me? "Tum yeh bhadbhadaana bandh karogi?! (Will stop muttering?!) ," he exclaimed, looking extremely annoyed. I hadn't realised that I had been talking out loud in my nervousness, and I shut my mouth after his outburst. "Look, I'm Arnav Singh Raizada, the police officer who has been assigned to your case- "

"CASE???!!! Kya case?! Kiska case?! Maine koi case nahi diya!! (CASE???!!!What case?! Whose case?! I haven't given any case!!) " I exclaimed. What case was he talking about? My family has never even stepped into a police station and he's talking about some case - and that too about me! My doubts were getting confirmed further and further. I was sure he was trying to trick me so that I would believe him and fall into his trap. But he didn't know he was dealing with Khushi Kumari Gupta here. I would never fall into his trap. What did he think? He could tell me he was a police officer coming to save a damsel in distress, and then he could hand me over to the villain? No way.

"Listen Miss Khu-," he started again.

"Nahi nahi nahi! Aapko kya lagta hai? Hum aapke baat itne aasaanise maanenge? Hum Khushi Kumari Gupta hai or aap hume itne aasaanise dhokha nahi de sakthe. Jab humne koi complainhi nahi ki, thoh case kahaanse aayega? Hume aappar bilkul bi bharosa nahi hai aur hum yahaan aapke saath ek pal keliye bhi nahi rukhnaa jaathe hain! (No no no! What did you think? I will easily believe what you say? I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta and you can't fool me very easily. When I haven't even filed any complaints, where will the case come from? I don't trust you at all and I don't want to stay with you for even a second more!) "

With that I got off the bed and walked briskly with my head held up high, towards the door on my left. Phew! Thank Devi Maiyya that I escaped out of that situation! Well handled Khushi,' I mentally patted myself. I was about to open the door when suddenly a hand grabbed me from behind and I felt myself being turned around harshly, to come face to face with a not so happy Arnav Singh Raizada, who was standing there with his jaw tightened and his eyes spitting fire.

Uh oh...

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Scroll down for chapter 2

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My imperfect Mr Perfect - Chapter 2

Uh oh... Maybe my master plan hadn't worked after all...

"HOW. DARE YOU?" he questioned, his voice booming across the room. "NO ONE - let me repeat - NO ONE gets to talk to Arnav Singh Raizada in that tone and get away with it," he said, with gritted teeth. I stood there frozen, partly due to fear and partly because I was trapped by his firm grip on my arms.

The only other time I had ever felt this helpless before was when my parents had passed away in a car accident and I was only eight years old at the time. I only had my Jiji with me, who was barely a year older than me, and life as we had known it had ended. In a matter of seconds, Jiji and I had become orphans and it had felt like our whole world had come crashing down. The worst part was that I hardly knew what death was and the mere thought of our parents never returning had crushed me. At that moment I had felt utterly powerless. And that feeling was returning now as I stood there, restricted by his strong arms, looking up at him with barely hidden fear. It felt like my life was in his hands - LITERALLY.

I struggled in his grip, trying to get away as far as possible. But he tightened his hold on me, bringing tears to my eyes with the pain of it. Through my clouded vision, I saw his eyes soften a little bit as he looked into my tear-filled eyes, and I felt his grip loosen. But he still hadn't let go. That gave me a tiny spark of hope in my little heart which had silently longed for him to be the hero. My hero. Maybe he wasn't as bad as I thought he was. That look couldn't be fake could it? Wait - where did that come from? My hero? True that I had admired his looks but that didn't mean he was my hero! Khushi Kumari Gupta get a hold on yourself, I berated myself. This is probably what he had wanted to achieve and you are giving him exactly what he wants. Great. I decided to take a moment to clear my head of this confusion once and for all, when he spoke.

"Look," he said in a surprisingly calm voice. I understand you have been through a lot in one mere day, but you need to listen to me.' His voice seemed so soothing at that moment that I really and truly wanted to believe him with my full heart. That was until he said, you have no choice,' sternly, as his gaze hardened. What an arrogant man! And why was he so confusing? One second he seemed like the most understanding person in the world and the next he became a complete aloof stranger! What did he think of himself?! That I was his slave? What did he say again? Oh haan - you have no choice.' I had all the choice in the world and I would show him.

"Dekhiye (Look)," I started angrily, but I was cut off as he swiftly covered my mouth with his hand. As his hand came into contact with my lips, I felt tiny sparks explode all over my skin. My eyes shot up to meet his, and all my anger flew out of the window and I was so confused at these new sensations that I had never experienced before. As we gazed at each other, I saw his eyes carry a very similar shock to mine and those eyes seemed to penetrate deep into my soul - but it only lasted for a fraction of a second. He blinked and all the warmth was gone again. It was as though that moment had never happened. In that instant, I understood one thing about him. He didn't seem to like feeling. If he started to feel, he didn't like to show it. And if he showed his feelings by any chance, he would hide it QUICK. And he was definitely good at hiding his feelings. I sighed. Was it possible to hate someone and lov- no, I mean... like someone at the same time?

He took a deep breath and his gaze and jaw hardened again, as his body became stiff. "Jab mein baath karrahaahun toh beechmein math bolo. Samjhi? (When I'm talking to you, then don't interrupt. Understand?) ," he questioned. I merely nodded as I couldn't speak because of his hand over my mouth. Let me start again. My name is Arnav Singh Raizada and I'm a police officer. Whether you are aware or not aware, it is the truth that your life is in danger and it has been for the past few months. I know you're confused and it's hard to believe, but this is the truth. You will understand everything if you give me a chance to explain. Isiliye chup chaapse meri baat suno (So listen to me without fussing) ." I could only stare at him trying to calm down my nerves. "If I take off my hand will you listen quietly, without creating any drama?" he asked. I nodded, so he took his hand off slowly. As he let go of me, I became aware of our close proximity so I took a step back to put some space between us.

He cleared his throat and started, "as I said, you're life has been in danger for the past few months. Who? What? Why? I can't answer any of these questions but I can only tell you that your life was and is still in danger. I have been assigned by the police to protect you and handle this case. In fact I have been watching over you for these past few months for your own safety. I was doing the same today and I when I saw you jump into the water, I jumped in to save you. By then the goons had already run away... This is my colleague, Aman's house. I brought you here because it's probably the safest place for you at the moment. And... " He struggled for a few seconds as though embarrassed about something. "And... Aman's sister changed your..." I blushed as I realised what he wanted to tell me. This was so embarrassing. "I just wanted to say that there is nothing to worry about," he finished off. Then he looked at me as though he was waiting for me to say something...

Nothing to worry about. Right. "Ummm... voh..." Truthfully I didn't know what to say. How was one to react when they found out that their life is in danger? Or even worse, that their life had been in danger for months AND they had been followed by a police officer everywhere they went, and they had no idea? My mind literally became chaotic with a thousand questions propping up all at once. Suddenly I asked, "How many months is a few months?' And why is my life in danger?" As I spoke everything he said finally clicked, and it felt like someone had suddenly put a boulder on my head!

I didn't realise he was about to answer my question because I was too busy worrying. "Hey Devi Maiyya! Hamaari jaan katremein hain!!! Lekin humne toh kuch nahi kiya! Humne kabhi kisiki burai nai ki toh phir kyun???? Nahi nahi. Yeh nahi ho saktha. Zarur aapko koi galat femi hogi. Haan. (My life is in danger! But I haven't done anything! I've never done anything bad to anyone, then why???? No no. This can't be true. I'm sure you must have had some misunderstanding. Yes.) " I said, turning to him, even though I was talking more to myself than him. He opened his mouth to say something when, "JIJI!!!! BUAJI!!!!! Hey Devi Maiyya, they must be looking for me! By now Buaji would now be calling me all the names in the world! Sanka devi, Parameshwari, Nandkishore, and what not!" I exclaimed, becoming slightly hysterical.

"Dekhiye, hume abhi ki abhi jaana hai. Nahi toh humaari Buaji or Jiji hume dhoondthe dhoondthe parishaan ho jaayenge. Hume bachaanekeliye bohot bohot dhaniyevaad. Hum chalte hai, namaste (Look, I have to leave immediately. Otherwise by Buaji and Jiji will become very worried looking for me. Thank you very much for saving me. I'm going to leave now, bye)," I spoke hurriedly before turning to leave, completely ignoring the way he gritted his teeth at being ignored like this.

"Tum nahi jaa sakthe ho!" he said quietly, but with an underlying warning tone. I swiftly turned around in shock as he said that.

"KYA?!!! Kyun??? (What?!!! Why???) " I exclaimed. What did he mean I couldn't go? Then what about my family! Why didn't he understand? I had to go. When he saw my panicked face, he took a deep breath as though trying to calm himself down.

"Your life is in danger. It has been for months, but they didn't do anything all these months, except follow you. But now they've actually started to attack. There is a very high chance of them coming for you again, and we can't afford to risk that so you have to be kept in a safe place," he explained bluntly.

As he spoke, the reality of the situation kicked in with full force. Until yesterday, my life was completely normal - nothing any more exciting than usual - which was a good thing. And now it seemed like my life was in a complete mess. Firstly, I get chased by a load of goons and nearly die by drowning in the water which I jumped into without any choice. Then I find myself in an unfamiliar place with a complete stranger who tells that he has been protecting me from some kind of danger that I wasn't even aware of until now. And to make things one hundred times even worse, he now tells me I can't even go home to my family! It felt like my complete life had been turned upside down! What will I tell my Buaji and Jiji? Will I even get to see them?! I felt tears sting my eyes at the thought. What will happen now? What was I meant to do? Where will I go? I felt tired all of a sudden and I saw the room spin. And then everything went dark.

The last thing I remembered were a pair of strong arms engulfing me into their warmth in the darkness.

Please like/comment - it would be really helpful for me to know what you liked/didn't like so I can base future updates on what you guys prefer. Also, it would help me find out whether people are even reading this FF or not... Thank you

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Interesting Hug

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interesting start

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Great start dear .cont soon
And pm me when u. Update next

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