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|*|| Happy Wala Birthday, Nabila (18shabbo) ||*|

xbeyondwordsx IF-Rockerz

Well-Bred CC Captain
Joined: 21 May 2012
Posts: 5314

Posted: 17 December 2014 at 5:21am | IP Logged


*Her sleepy eyes takes a moment to adjust to the sudden brightness of the afternoon sun. Obviously, according to Nabila Sanam Puri (apparently she's married to Sanam Puri or so she says), the day doesn't start until she starts. Ooops, I mean until she wakes up!! The distant shrill of "Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi" manages to her her out of her bed and reach for the phone from the work desk.*

"Kya hai?"

"Hello to you too, Princess!" Comes the melodious voice of Zoah. Or so Zoah thinks that Appy thinks that her voice of melodious or Zoah thinks her voice is melodious because Appy says so! Hmm What the? Anyway, back to the scene please Wink

"Zo, don't annoy me on my birthday!" 

"It's your birthday today? Shocked Crap!! Are you serious?"

"Do you need a hearing aid, Zo? Sleepy

"Shut up! Arey yaar, Appy and I organised a full blasting surprise! Only we thought that the birthday is on 19th!!

"Toh mein kya karu? Mujhe mera surprise aaj chahiye!"

"Abey ek din ruk nahin sakti thi peida hone ke liye?" Angry

"Bye, Zo! Mere surprise ready rakh, I'm coming thodi der mein."

"Kya thodi der mein? Hamare surprise ki vaat lag gayi teri wajah se " Cry 

"BYE, ZO!!!" And with that, she slams the phone down.

*Few hours later*

"Appy, sab set hai kya?"

"Nahin re, Sanam phone hi nahin utha raha!" Ouch

"What? How dare he not answer your calls? How irresponsible of him! He knew about!" Angry

"Lady, calm! Remember, we're asking for a favour from him. I can't go all how-dare-you-not-answer-my-phone-call on him! Bichara, he's such a softie as it is." Blushing

"You give me his number and I'll sort him out!" 

"Tu chill maar re! I'll handle it. You sort out the other preps ASAP! Mommy anti hi yogi ab."

"Haan, ye karti hoon! Waise bhi woh kitni impatient hai" Stern Smile


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-Koeli_Appy- Coolbie

Graphic-tastic CC,FF Graphicer,AS Shop Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 19 January 2012
Posts: 23797

Posted: 17 December 2014 at 5:21am | IP Logged


*Nabila, walks into a beautifully decorated stable alike setting. What's with all the romance in the air? She thinks to herself as she makes herself comfortable near window table, looking towards the make-believe water fountain. Nature fascinated her and today was no exception. She wonders why Zoah and Appy changed their meet-up plan on the last minute! I'm sure they're upto something. So lost in her thoughts, she almost misses the faint sounds of the voice she could recognise even in her sleep. *

Zaroon - Kashaf, tum itna gussa kyun kar rahi ho?

Kashaf - Zaroon, mujhe aap se baat hi nahin karni! 

Zaroon - Lekin kyun? Shocked

Kashaf - Aap phir se uss thecolorgirgit ko stalk karne lage tumblr pe Angry

Zaroon - Stalk? That's a grave accusation, Mrs Zaroon Junaid! 

Kashaf - I'm still Kashaf Murtaza Stern Smile And no, it's not an accusation. That's all you do on the phone and on the laptop Thumbs Down

Zaroon - Achcha, chalo maan liya. Lekin her work is outstanding! You should check some of the stuff out! Genius, I tell you!

Kashaf - Mr. Zaroon Junaid, how do you know it's SHE? It can be HE Pinch

Zaroon - Well, I did a bit of research on it and it's very much a girl Blushing

Kashaf - We are through this date! 

*Seeing her most beloved fight over her, Nabila couldn't help herself. She follows the direction of the voices and finds her dream come true! Kashaf looks elegant and ever so graceful in a long, black Anarkali. She sighs in happiness. Kashaf looks just SO pretty Day Dreaming Oh and by the way, did we mention that she's in love with just one part of the much loved pairing Zaroon and Kashaf? And no, it's not Zaroon. This crazily, beautiful girl is heads over heels in love with Kashaf Murtaza Blushing *

*Nabila slowly makes her way towards the table, hoping to keep her wit at bay for once as not to spoil the date (though she'd much rather that she was sitting opposite Kashaf on that table in Zaroon's place but life is cruel that way, Disapprove) *

Nabila - Kashaf? 

Kashaf - Do I know you? 

Nabila - *hearing that soulful voice of her beloved, she nearly faints. Just the 4inch platform heels of her shoes saves her from an embarrassment* Hmm.. hi.. hmm *Nabila and stuttering Shocked* Well.. I'm thecolorfulgirgit Blushing

Kashaf - What? Shocked 

Zaroon - Oh My God! Are you serious? Shocked

Nabila - Well.. I don't tend to walk upto people and introduce myself as thecolorfulgirgit Smile

Kashaf - Whoa, girl! I sense sarcasm in your tone Sleepy

Nabila - Oh I didn't mean to be rude but you know, it's hard to keep my talent under-wrap Blushing

Zaroon - Oooh I like your wit! Star

Nabila - Thanks *tight smile* Kashaf, my wit comes from the lady I so admire, so you'll have to deal with it Big smile

Kashaf - Well.. May I have the privilege as to know who this admiring lady of yours is? 

Nabila - It's from someone who keeps Zaroon on his place.


Kashaf couldn't help but grin.


Kashaf : *crossing her hands* I think I already like you.


Nabila - I know you would.


Kashaf - I like the confidence Miss...?"


Nabila - Nabila *blush* and my confidence comes from you know where *gesturing towards Kashaf with her hand*


Kashaf : Now I can see why you like this coloufulgirgit, Zaroon.


Zaroon : Isnt she awesome? And you really have to see her edits she had done on us.


Nabila : I am honored.


Kashaf : Why don't you join us?


Nabila : *surprised* Shocked


Zaroon : Oh come on now, you can do that for us.


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xbeyondwordsx IF-Rockerz

Well-Bred CC Captain
Joined: 21 May 2012
Posts: 5314

Posted: 17 December 2014 at 5:22am | IP Logged


Zoah - So how did you like meeting your favourites? 

Nabila - BlushingDay Dreaming

Appy - Mommy toh gayi kaam se Shocked

Zoah - Achcha hai! Kuch der shanti milegi ROFL 

Nabila - ZO, just be thankful that I've left my belan at home Big smile 

Zoah - Whatever Sleepy Anyway, shall we do the next surprise? 

Nabila - What? Shocked You guys have another surprise for me? ShockedShocked

Appy - Of course, mommy! We love you too much Heart

Zoah - Appy, you needn't flatter her because it' her birthday Angry Besides, the surprise is rather for me! BlushingDay Dreaming

Nabila - Being jealous of me is not going to make you me! And yes, I've just stole that quote from somewhere Big smile Apz, what's the surprise? 

Appy - Well.. here we go - 

*Appy presses a button on the remote she's's holding and a projector screen comes up on the opposite wall.*



Nabila - SANAM PURI ShockedShockedShocked 

Zoah - Like I said the surprise is for me Approve

Nabila - Zo, shut up and let me drool! Day Dreaming

Appy - Abey kya drool? Hello toh bol!

Nabila - Hi...hubb.. Sanam *Nabila stuttering (AGAIN)* 

Sanam - Hi, Nabila! I'm sorry I couldn't be there due to work commitments but I promised Appy that I'd be on Skype to wish you. A very happy birthday, Nabila! Sending a big hug your way Hug

Nabila - Thank you, Sanam! I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to wish me Blushing

Zo (whispers to Appy) - She managed to utter a full sentence without stuttering ROFL 

Appy (whispers back) - Shut up! Stern Smile

Zo (whisper again) - That smile doesn't suit you, Appy. Try something stricter next time ROFL Something like Angry Anyway, back to the scene Tongue

Appy (whispers back) - You wait till this is finished Censored

Appy (to Sanam) - Sanam, we'd really appreciate if you could sing for Nabila and our guest, Zaroon and Kashaf. Please? 

Sanam - Hmm I wasn't prepared for it, but I can't deny the birthday girl!

Nabila is in her personal Sanam/Kashaf heaven hearing this BlushingDay Dreaming






Nabila couldn't hide the wide grin that seems to stretch across her lips. Her husband (well.. dream one anyway ROFL) sang for her! She applauds loudly along with the crowd present.

Nabila - That was beautiful, Sanam Blushing 

Sanam - You're most welcome, Nabila Big smile  I'm really sorry to cut this short but I have to rush to the recording. It was really lovely to have met you Star

Nabila - Thank you for taking time out, Sanam. Appreciate it Heart

Zoah & Appy - Thank you, Sanam. Bye!

Nabila (turning to Appy & Zoah) - Sometimes you both can obnoxious but I do love you both a lot Heart This was such a pleasant surprise! Thank you! Hug

Zoah - Aww Appy ki mommy senti ho rahi hai? Cry 

Appy - We love you too, mommy Heart

Kashaf & Zaroon (after watching the scene from afar comes near the group) - Happy Birthday, Nabila Big smile

Zoah & Appy - 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! DancingParty 


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-Koeli_Appy- Coolbie

Graphic-tastic CC,FF Graphicer,AS Shop Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 19 January 2012
Posts: 23797

Posted: 17 December 2014 at 5:22am | IP Logged

Happy Birthday, Nabila!! Hug
May Allah give you all the happiness in the world!

^^ Bas itna nice message theek hai na?Stern Smile

You're sarcastic and witty! But I'd never have it another way. When I met you first, last year, I didn't know we'd grow to become such close friends (even though you annoy me most of the time Sleepy) You're, undoubtedly, one of the most amazing person I've met! Always stay sassy, girl! 

I love you loads Heart  

PS - I can't do long messages, so this will have to do Ouch

Love, Zoah xoxo

Voice Message
[copy paste on your browser]



Happy Birthday NabilaHug 

Getting old senior citizen. haha...LOL
So where do i start with u? we've been working together since many months and while other captains had their rotations and change of partners, we stick 2geva! Hum saath saath hain. only until Jot decides 2 separate us. Cry 
Anyways no crying on ur birthday...its ya special day hun! and today i wish u a very happy birthday with loads of happiness and surprises!
Best wishes and lots of love from

Happy birthday Nabila Hug Hope you have a wonderful day hun Hug


Words might not be enough to tell you what an amazing person you are, words will never describe how grateful I am to have a friend like you on this forum and yet words are all I have... and so with these words, on this special day, I wish you all the warmth from the day, all the happiness in the world and all the love from the universe...

Wish you many many happy returns of the day.


Happy b'day Nabila!! Have a blast and party hard.

May you have an awesome year ahead.


Happy Birthday Nabz! Tera budday aaya...yay!! Tum jiyo hazaron saal so that you can grace the Crazy Creatives with your presence...Hug You're one of the best people I've interacted with and being very honest, you scared me in the first few months of the CCROFL Khair woh din ab gaye...ROFL 

Happy Birthday JaaniHug Enjoy!!

Happy birthday Nabila Party
Many many happy returns of the day! You are truly great creator! Star
Hope I will enjoy working with you ! Embarrassed

Dear Nabz  Hug
many many happy returns of the day!!!Hug Hope you have a great birthday and may god fulfill all your dreams.HugWish you lots of happiness and a wonderful year ahead!!! EmbarrassedHug

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Temptations. Coolbie

Endearing CC Captain, FF Graphicer
Joined: 25 January 2011
Posts: 41444

Posted: 17 December 2014 at 5:39am | IP Logged

Happy Birthday Captain!Hope you live for a thousand healthy yearsHug

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Nabila! May your birthday & every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love & the sharing of good cheer.

I'm new to the CC team & yet to know you, hopefully we'll be having a good time working together :) 

- Megha

Happy Birthday Nabila!! May all your dreams and wishes come true and may this birthday fill your life with happiness. 

Happy birthday Nabila!!! I've had so much one working with you. You are one of the perfect captains one can ever have. And the fun we indulged in, I'm surely going to cherish it forever! Many many happy returns of the day. May you celebrate this day with all your near & dear ones. Also- may you be blessed with the best & get what you desire. Thumbs Up 
Accha, please keep that cake for me else I'll snatch it away from you. LOL I'm not afraid of this so called Unicorn! ROFL
God bless you! Also, your gift will be reaching you after my exams! LOL

With lots of love & hugs

Many many happy returns of the day Nabila! May God bless you. I hope you have an amazing day. May all your wishes comes true. Have a blast! :)

Happy Birthday Nabila DiHug .

Wish you all the happiness and success in life and may ALLAH bless you with all that is best for you and some more.

Hey Nabi Happy Birthday..may God always bless you..have a wonderful life ahead and enjoy the day with your family and friend..mommy I love you..Big smileHeart

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Nabila.. 

May this year add more and more happiness and prosperity to your life. 
May best health good luck and fortune be with you always. 

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-Koeli_Appy- Coolbie

Graphic-tastic CC,FF Graphicer,AS Shop Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 19 January 2012
Posts: 23797

Posted: 17 December 2014 at 6:38am | IP Logged

Write Up and Compilation
Zoah ki bacchi Tongue (xbeyondwordsx)

Appy - Self proclaimed Maa Ki Ladli Embarrassed (-Koeli_Appy-)

Pm help and Message Collection
Shivu Hug (Temptations.

Bollycurry Information

Jot, Miss Awesome (Angel-Jot.)

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somergasm. IF-Stunnerz

Vivacious CC Captain
Joined: 13 April 2011
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Posted: 17 December 2014 at 11:33am | IP Logged

happy birthday nabzzz! 

Working with you in CC is an absolute pleasure. 
 "Nabz! How do you do this?" "Nabz! How do you do that?", I know I'm the child of annoyance Cool but thanks for putting up with me =P
Stay sarcastic and awesome.Approve Don't you let anything ever change that.
I really hope you had a great day. And I hope you have an amazing year. (:

Love youuu <3


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-RD- Moderator

Crazy Creatives Lead
Joined: 07 February 2007
Posts: 22510

Posted: 17 December 2014 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Happy Budday NabzHug

Have a great day and a blessed year ahead Heart

Tons of Best Wishes Always

PS Great Thread GuysClap

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